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Скачать с ютуб Lil Dicky - Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown (Official Music Video)

Опубликовано: 15 мар. 2018 г. 596 596 758 просмотров

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Directed by Tony Yacenda
Edited by Brian Vannucci and Mike Small
Produced by Libby de Leon, Julia Bales, Natalie Metzger, Nic Stanich and Sue Yeon Ahn

Produced by DJ Mustard , Co-produced by Twice As Nice and Benny Blanco

Song executive produced by Benny Blanco

  • KidFuryplays Official
    KidFuryplays Official 2 months ago When you realize that Lil Dicky gave himself the N word pass...
  • You're Gay
    You're Gay 2 months ago big brain
  • Geov cf faz XV FC XV VDC XV caz XVanni Rios
    Geov cf faz XV FC XV VDC XV caz XVanni Rios 2 months ago D da sf fa sf fa DV fa DV fa sf fa sf fa sf fa sf fe x
  • THE official iamfamouswill
    THE official iamfamouswill 2 months ago Wait how
  • SpeedyGD
    SpeedyGD 2 months ago THE official iamfamouswill Because he woke up in Chris Brown’s body.
  • Fallon Legault
    Fallon Legault 2 months ago The n word
  • The Kenya Show
    The Kenya Show 2 months ago The N word pass should not exist and it basically doesn’t exists
  • r1q2
    r1q2 2 months ago @The Kenya Show its a joke dumbass
  • Mega Suarjaya
    Mega Suarjaya 2 months ago It's a pro gamer move
  • Kait Eventing
    Kait Eventing 2 months ago Uh
  • Xyntel
    Xyntel 2 months ago @The Kenya Show r/woosh
  • Gamer chrons G
    Gamer chrons G 2 months ago KidFuryplays Official lol ikr
  • Protrac
    Protrac 2 months ago big brain
  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White 2 months ago lil D has no respect. L. his message sucks and so does he
  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White 2 months ago @The Kenya Show , agree, there's no respectful use of the n word. lil d is a loser
  • Mav Nasty
    Mav Nasty 2 months ago Yea but I dont really like how he did it, but I love the song
  • dette
    dette 2 months ago Ahahahahag
  • Broly
    Broly 2 months ago @Charlotte White it's Just a dude
  • egotistical God of destruction
    egotistical God of destruction 2 months ago KidFuryplays Official be fucking quiet
  • Paulo
    Paulo 2 months ago @The Kenya Show Shut the fck up bruh
  • TheTechCguy
    TheTechCguy 2 months ago Lil Dicky. Like a God dang d***.
  • Now I Know
    Now I Know 2 months ago KidFuryplays Official do you realise that was Chris Brown singing ?
  • KidFuryplays Official
    KidFuryplays Official 2 months ago (edited) @Now I Know I meant Lil Dicky's character that was put into Chris Brown's body. And that's true! It WAS Chris Brown, so therefore there's no problem, right?
  • Leo Potter
    Leo Potter 2 months ago The Kenya Show yeah it does lol, when there’s no spiteful intention or double meaning to someone saying a simple word to you then there’s no problem with it, it’s the exact same with any word
  • XX.jayl3n.X X
    XX.jayl3n.X X 2 months ago KidFuryplays Official when you realize there NO laughs after what you just said🥱....
  • Viiral Puga
    Viiral Puga 2 months ago @Geov cf faz XV FC XV VDC XV caz XVanni Rios r/ihadastroke
    ZODGENERAL 2 months ago @Charlotte White u suck
  • BIG boned yt
    BIG boned yt 2 months ago KidFuryplays Official but Chris brown
  • brendan ward
    brendan ward 2 months ago Charlotte White he’s better then u will ever be
    ESAN PITTS 2 months ago fax
  • Bruno Soares
    Bruno Soares 1 month ago The Kenya Show ever heard of “shut the fuck up? No, then do it, please
  • Juan Kings
    Juan Kings 1 month ago Facts
  • Matthew Morton
    Matthew Morton 1 month ago bruh... how will the Black Community®️ cope 🤣
  • Prue O'Brien
    Prue O'Brien 1 month ago It’s actually Chris brown singing
  • Thanos
    Thanos 1 month ago @Charlotte White stfu
  • Arjia
    Arjia 1 month ago @Charlotte White your name is Charlotte chill out
  • Bree - Roblox
    Bree - Roblox 1 month ago NIGGA
  • Yar Maw
    Yar Maw 1 month ago Aye cause it’s no Chris brown singing it
  • Spoon
    Spoon 1 month ago and gone trans
  • Noelle Bryan
    Noelle Bryan 1 month ago I turned to my fiancé and exclaimed, “oh my heart soars for him, he’s always wanted to say the n word!” and with the most serious face he says, “they didn’t really switch bodies Noelle.”
  • Badmi
    Badmi 1 month ago lol
  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido 1 month ago @The Kenya Show fr tho
  • Riska Sumedang
    Riska Sumedang 1 month ago Sexggp
  • ————
    ———— 1 month ago Charlotte White he didn’t actually say it tho
  • Sophie Lubic
    Sophie Lubic 1 month ago i think chris brown sang that because if he woke up in chris browns body wouldn’t chris brown day it?
  • 21Daniel Van Bawi
    21Daniel Van Bawi 1 month ago Okay 👌 Jesus was a black 👨 man he’s coming back in heaven now but he has a lot of people to save here on earth 🌍
  • Jason Bender
    Jason Bender 1 month ago (edited) @Charlotte White You are the looser. Chris Brown, as an African American man, can say it whenever he fucking wants to... Just like you can use the word "retard" or I can use the word "Whitey."
  • Aniyah Dickerson
    Aniyah Dickerson 1 month ago The Kenya Show it really don’t exist
  • Antix KR
    Antix KR 1 month ago XD
  • Kate
    Kate 1 month ago Not really cause Chris was singing that part
  • Darcy Lazarre
    Darcy Lazarre 1 month ago no he did not cuz its Chris brown saying it
  • SamDunk 101
    SamDunk 101 1 month ago It's Chris Brown who's singing
  • vallencia matamu
    vallencia matamu 1 month ago Yeah but basically it was still Chris who said it
  • x3S Prodxgy
    x3S Prodxgy 1 month ago 200 IQ
  • SirMeme V2 Biggest stalker
    SirMeme V2 Biggest stalker 1 month ago Xyntel u got baited lmao
  • Natassia Young
    Natassia Young 1 month ago That’s illegal
  • يحيى العوضي
    يحيى العوضي 1 month ago فلمرعببتخفكثر
  • Spongeee BoBb
    Spongeee BoBb 1 month ago Im your 5,900th like ;)
  • MegaGamer99
    MegaGamer99 1 month ago Modern problems require modern solutions.
  • Jessica Albright
    Jessica Albright 1 month ago Geov cf faz XV FC XV VDC XV caz XVanni Rios,klfxetsts.g
  • Jessica Albright
    Jessica Albright 1 month ago Duel Fire gfzszzazazsssw.l....s.s.s."ftstsgdgcfcdzd.fl
  • Jessica Albright
    Jessica Albright 1 month ago Geov cf faz XV FC XV VDC XV caz XVanni Rios dfzdxscl
  • Jessica Albright
    Jessica Albright 1 month ago THE official iamfamouswill wasdzs.sep
  • Jessica Albright
    Jessica Albright 1 month ago THE official iamfamouswill I
  • Jessica Albright
    Jessica Albright 1 month ago THE official iamfamouswill w
  • Jessica Albright
    Jessica Albright 1 month ago THE official iamfamouswill seaswawrt.
  • Ashley Pena
    Ashley Pena 1 month ago LMAOOOO
  • Megan Gonsalves
    Megan Gonsalves 1 month ago Y'all pussy ass niggas 🤣🤣
  • Valexisy •
    Valexisy • 1 month ago @Geov cf faz XV FC XV VDC XV caz XVanni Rios u good?
  • Meredith Sosik
    Meredith Sosik 1 month ago @r1q2 a joke, but the joke works
  • Izabella Acevedo
    Izabella Acevedo 1 month ago Smart one buddy 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Chap Master
    Chap Master 1 month ago (edited) Oh god it’s a furry
  • TCS DeadShot
    TCS DeadShot 1 month ago Lmao
  • Hjâłte Og hans sneakers
    Hjâłte Og hans sneakers 1 month ago Nigga
  • Filip md
    Filip md 1 month ago U mean the nega word?
  • Unkept Fungus
    Unkept Fungus 1 month ago I have a black ancestor so I say n-word
  • Random
    Random 1 month ago Oh boo hoo, cry me a river.
  • Martha Gabriel
    Martha Gabriel 1 month ago OOF
    WIE IRDO 1 month ago You Niggas In Trouble .....x4
  • Hira
    Hira 1 month ago KidFuryplays Official lol accually it was always chris
  • louis torres
    louis torres 1 month ago Better than any masterplan Keyser Söze could ever conceive 😂💯
  • Laniya Duncan
    Laniya Duncan 1 month ago Lil dicky wasnt singing chris brown part that was chris brown so he didn't really say it
  • KidFuryplays Official
    KidFuryplays Official 1 month ago @Laniya Duncan you sir, are a person of wisdom
  • shalice blue
    shalice blue 1 month ago 🤣
  • Nicolas Villegas-Kirchman
    Nicolas Villegas-Kirchman 1 month ago @Xyntel r/woooosh u got the number of os wrong
  • Nicolas Villegas-Kirchman
    Nicolas Villegas-Kirchman 1 month ago @Charlotte White ur literally the whitest person ever
  • Xyntel
    Xyntel 1 month ago @Nicolas Villegas-Kirchman r/woosh dumbass
  • Xyntel
    Xyntel 1 month ago @SirMeme V2 Biggest stalker r/woosh
  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White 1 month ago @Nicolas Villegas-Kirchman , absolutely, Proud of it.
  • Thomas Brazell
    Thomas Brazell 1 month ago KidFuryplays Official his dad is black mom is white
  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming 1 month ago He didn’t really say it it was Chris brown
  • Jaidon Brown
    Jaidon Brown 1 month ago Aww heeeeeelllll naw
  • Nate Takiari
    Nate Takiari 1 month ago Mint thats 100IQ
  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White 1 month ago @ZODGENERAL , and
  • The Northie
    The Northie 1 month ago He’s too dangerous to be kept alive
  • Tonya Felker
    Tonya Felker 1 month ago KidFuryplays Official 😂😍🤩🥳🥰😘😗😙😀😃😄😁😆😊☺️🤣😂😅😇🙂🙃😉
  • beanie boo girl
    beanie boo girl 1 month ago Yep
  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith 1 month ago Well not exactly, Chris was the one saying the word if you listen to it , dicky didn’t actually say it 😂
  • KidFuryplays Official
    KidFuryplays Official 1 month ago @Kelly Smith EXACTLY, THANK YOU! (some people just dont get the logic here)
  • ItsNoahScott
    ItsNoahScott 1 month ago There’s no “N word pass” you either say it or you don’t. & if it’s offensive then nobody should say it.
  • Fan Vixtion
    Fan Vixtion 1 month ago Well technically yes but actual dicky never said it
  • Deleted_Uraspinna
    Deleted_Uraspinna 4 weeks ago lol
  • बीयपबीदीय Hak
    बीयपबीदीय Hak 4 weeks ago Rios
  • बीयपबीदीय Hak
    बीयपबीदीय Hak 4 weeks ago [email protected]'re Gay
  • Mobile Чувак
    Mobile Чувак 4 weeks ago Nigga
  • Jurassic Cita
    Jurassic Cita 4 weeks ago 🤦🏿🤦🏿
  • ODE. IOS
    ODE. IOS 4 weeks ago His dads LaVar Ball, he’s light skin he can say the n word
  • Rasta Rappa
    Rasta Rappa 4 weeks ago Stonks
  • Bruno Rodrigues
    Bruno Rodrigues 4 weeks ago Stupid foreigners who support politically correct ass on you, worrying about a word, that depending on the way of saying there is no prejudice ... they will fix what to do!
  • Bruno Rodrigues
    Bruno Rodrigues 4 weeks ago @Charlotte White seeing something where it doesn't exist, and worrying about bullshit, raising the war flag where there is no war, the loser here and you!
  • FubarFuntime
    FubarFuntime 4 weeks ago Nah the funny part is statistically Jewish guys crazy enough, have the biggest dicks in the world statistically followed by black guys, so let that sink in haha #not Jewish =(
  • abood shp
    abood shp 3 weeks ago @You're Gay big pp
  • Rochambeau 21
    Rochambeau 21 3 weeks ago Charlotte White lol you’re okay with black rappers constantly using the word though. And in much more hateful ways. Shut up
  • Léo Memes
    Léo Memes 3 weeks ago
  • Brady Schneider
    Brady Schneider 3 weeks ago @Charlotte White no respect for what? Lol Chris brown? He just hyped the man's up kaio-ken x3. He's showing a message that anyone can rap no matter what your lifestyle is. And that's a pretty good message.
  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White 3 weeks ago @Brady Schneider , yeah, true👍
  • Riccardo Shove
    Riccardo Shove 3 weeks ago reverse uno card
  • Avshalom Chotawm
    Avshalom Chotawm 3 weeks ago @The Kenya Show all depends what colour you are, it's completely forbidden to say if your white, makes you a racist. If your black, then say it all the time and you be cool
  • George George
    George George 3 weeks ago @Charlotte White and here you are watching a losers video and making him richer. imbecile
  • Brenda Willams
    Brenda Willams 3 weeks ago JADA
  • Brenda Willams
    Brenda Willams 3 weeks ago JADA
  • Brenda Willams
    Brenda Willams 3 weeks ago Jad
  • yvonne savoy
    yvonne savoy 3 weeks ago @21Daniel Van Bawi Jesus was middle eastern. He was from Bethlehem, Jerusalem & he was jewish. I don't know a whole lot of black jews, do you? Have you seen any native, jewish, middle easterners that are black? No. The Bible's description fits other races, not just black.
  • Onell Mccrimmon
    Onell Mccrimmon 3 weeks ago due best 😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂😍😍😍😎🙂😎🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😤
  • Onell Mccrimmon
    Onell Mccrimmon 3 weeks ago Hey Deked😎😎😎😎🙂😎😃😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑😂😍😍😍😃😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙂
  • maleficent1977
    maleficent1977 3 weeks ago @Charlotte White then why are u listening to the song you moron?
  • Carrson Playz
    Carrson Playz 3 weeks ago Hey I’m not going home right after work I’m going home now I have a couple minutes I’m tired I’m not going home I have a lot to say yes I’m going home and I’m tired I can do that I don’t know if I have a little time or do I need help I can do a lot more I want you and you do not want me going to do it I don’t know why I’m tired I’m
  • noah dwornicki
    noah dwornicki 3 weeks ago Seeing people try to claim x is allowed to say this, but not that, and y can say that but not this - really proves how silly it is that we police what vibrations someone is allowed to create with their face. If someone's being an asshole, they're an asshole and it doesn't matter what words they use to express that
  • jeffrey hang
    jeffrey hang 3 weeks ago @You're Gay dunno whats funnier the comment or the fact that i just realized this now haha
  • Chantelle Lewis
    Chantelle Lewis 3 weeks ago He doesn’t cause it’s Chris browns voice and Chris brown is black
  • Bunny Esquivel
    Bunny Esquivel 3 weeks ago I mean lil dicky didn't sing that part lol
  • Judah williams
    Judah williams 3 weeks ago It wasn't really him saying it
  • Kyle Lewcock
    Kyle Lewcock 3 weeks ago KidFuryplays Official wait that's illegal
  • Hayz.
    Hayz. 2 weeks ago bruh i would too
  • Siddharth Agarwal
    Siddharth Agarwal 2 weeks ago Chris brown says it
  • Lyla Sutherland
    Lyla Sutherland 2 weeks ago yup lol
  • Wouter de vries
    Wouter de vries 2 weeks ago @Charlotte White His message sucks? Yeah, you're right! Fuck being respectful to others. And fuck white people in rap, only black people or white people with a bad childhood are allowed to be in rap. I guess you wouldn't be angry or offended by me saying fuck you, because that's the message you agree with right? :D
  • John Shepherd
    John Shepherd 2 weeks ago Lil dicky is black his dad is black. He is a ball brother
  • Susan Turner
    Susan Turner 2 weeks ago RESPECT
  • Chill HD
    Chill HD 2 weeks ago Charlotte White it’s called comedy, don’t be a snowflake
  • Micah MidStar
    Micah MidStar 2 weeks ago The Kenya Show why should it not
  • Micah MidStar
    Micah MidStar 2 weeks ago Charlotte White but still it’s just a joke and nigga or nigro is not bad but saying ni**r is a whole different story
  • Lyla Sutherland
    Lyla Sutherland 2 weeks ago @r1q2 lol
  • Gabe Young
    Gabe Young 2 weeks ago 😂
  • mike erickson
    mike erickson 2 weeks ago KidFuryplays Official Right 👌🏻
  • Kevin The Shark Artist
    Kevin The Shark Artist 2 weeks ago @Charlotte White and he does have respect, what do you do besides sit on your fucking ass and being a hater?
  • High Montage
    High Montage 2 weeks ago 200 iq
  • Ameer Malik
    Ameer Malik 2 weeks ago @You're Gay nise
  • Floams GMD
    Floams GMD 2 weeks ago KidFuryplays Official lol true
  • HelloSammy
    HelloSammy 2 weeks ago If you listen real hard, he actually says "knigga." So it's a k-word.
  • Technical Ammy
    Technical Ammy 2 weeks ago
  • 4K
    4K 2 weeks ago Are you talking about the word nigga
  • Arnesto
    Arnesto 1 week ago Well yes but actually no lmao
  • Madaija Miller
    Madaija Miller 1 week ago Nobody should be saying it frfr
    DWLCAM 1 week ago I feel like not even black ppl should say it but nice comment
  • Rαzor
    Rαzor 1 week ago Agree
  • anthonym12
    anthonym12 1 week ago @Charlotte White then why are you here? If you don't like lil dicky then why did you watch the video? Seems a little stupid don't you think?
  • Mia Bella
    Mia Bella 1 week ago What is the N word?
  • serenity ross
    serenity ross 1 week ago Bbbiiiggv BBBRRRAAAIINNN !!!!!!!!!
  • Lgable06 VLOGS
    Lgable06 VLOGS 1 week ago Chris sang when dicky was Chris and dicky sang when Chris was dicky, I know tongue twister
  • KidFuryplays Official
    KidFuryplays Official 1 week ago @Lgable06 VLOGS it was a tongue twister until you said it was a tongue twister. (Now I just made you ponder, hahaha)
  • Lgable06 VLOGS
    Lgable06 VLOGS 1 week ago KidFuryplays Official Wtf is ponder
  • KidFuryplays Official
    KidFuryplays Official 1 week ago @Lgable06 VLOGS Yes, sir.
  • Lgable06 VLOGS
    Lgable06 VLOGS 1 week ago KidFuryplays Official ahhh thx
  • KidFuryplays Official
    KidFuryplays Official 1 week ago @Lgable06 VLOGS it means to wonder
  • Gasss Dasss
    Gasss Dasss 1 week ago KidFuryplays Official 😂😂😂😂
  • Sofia Sinaplidis
    Sofia Sinaplidis 1 week ago NIGGA
  • Jay Elms
    Jay Elms 1 week ago Yew
  • Jay Elms
    Jay Elms 1 week ago Yea
  • Gacha dragon
    Gacha dragon 1 week ago S N E A K 1 0 0
  • Mohamed Galdigsi FJ08
    Mohamed Galdigsi FJ08 1 week ago Nigga
  • Mohamed Galdigsi FJ08
    Mohamed Galdigsi FJ08 1 week ago Nigga
  • Montrell White
    Montrell White 1 week ago That s*** is dumb
  • Nova Conncept
    Nova Conncept 5 days ago lul
  • D-Nugget
    D-Nugget 5 days ago almost 600mil views pretty good!
  • Ariel Trinity
    Ariel Trinity 4 days ago Y’all acting like it was really lil d and plus it’s just a music video theirs a lot worse songs that have a lot worse lyrics then chis brown saying the n word
  • KidFuryplays Official
    KidFuryplays Official 4 days ago @Ariel Trinity I'm happy someone understands
  • Tyler C-137
    Tyler C-137 4 days ago Black people shouldn't say the N word either. It just makes it worse and causes stupid fuck racists to be even more racist. Only simple minded people say it cause they're too dumb to learn better words. Read some books and get a dictionary.
  • Nova Conncept
    Nova Conncept 4 days ago Ariel Trinity ong
  • rachel gottlieb
    rachel gottlieb 3 days ago lil dicky wasn’t singing that part lmao chris brown was
  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed 3 days ago K
  • •Y a n i c h a n•
    •Y a n i c h a n• 3 days ago @The Kenya Show r/woosh
  • Vlog Boyz
    Vlog Boyz 2 days ago You're Gay i have no words exept genius
  • Venix FN
    Venix FN 1 day ago Idc shut your mouth
  • Said Resendiz
    Said Resendiz 14 hours ago Fallon Legault J
  • Kmoneyxbrown Brown
    Kmoneyxbrown Brown 9 hours ago There is no pass as long as you are black you have to pass soo he could say it even if he in a black boddy
  • K. Kennedy
    K. Kennedy 4 hours ago I. Love YOU2❤❤❤❤
  • K. Kennedy
    K. Kennedy 4 hours ago I LIKE YOUR SONG
  • Lindsay West
    Lindsay West 2 hours ago lol
  • Ryder
    Ryder 1 week ago who else is stuck in their quarantine and thought of this
  • jordan king
    jordan king 4 days ago Me👀😹
  • jordan king
    jordan king 4 days ago Me👀😹
  • NuttyButtuski
    NuttyButtuski 4 days ago Ryder I love your profile pic
  • Burrito
    Burrito 3 days ago Ryder keep on coming back because of summer school memories
  • Marshmallow
    Marshmallow 3 days ago Why you betrayed CJ. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  • Marshmallow
    Marshmallow 3 days ago 😂😂
  • benplayys
    benplayys 3 days ago Literally 😂
  • kendall tyhurst
    kendall tyhurst 3 days ago Me for some reason
  • Jeremiah Thomas
    Jeremiah Thomas 3 days ago me
  • Marcus Hooper
    Marcus Hooper 3 days ago Ryder same here
  • kendall tyhurst
    kendall tyhurst 2 days ago Potato ごのひ Chips yo
  • Amirah Bradley
    Amirah Bradley 2 days ago Me
  • Pham Dong
    Pham Dong 2 days ago Amazing, i just woke up this moring, hit a joint and listen to this song.
  • Masedog 901
    Masedog 901 2 days ago Ryder I would like but it’s at 420 so
  • Jehu Villafuerte
    Jehu Villafuerte 2 days ago Me😜
  • maddieee the loserr
    maddieee the loserr 1 day ago im listening to it rn😂
  • Tiffany Brown
    Tiffany Brown 1 day ago Meeeeeee
  • Jonathan Joseph
    Jonathan Joseph 1 day ago Me👀😹
  • Audrey Elg
    Audrey Elg 19 hours ago literally me
  • D4r3 D3vil
    D4r3 D3vil 19 hours ago Me
  • Ashley Ambriz
    Ashley Ambriz 15 hours ago Ryder me😂
  • DogeGaming64
    DogeGaming64 15 hours ago Ryder not me I was on my music playlist for some reason
  • Pyper Liles
    Pyper Liles 13 hours ago MAH
  • K41T
    K41T 12 hours ago Hell yah
  • Brooklyn Reed
    Brooklyn Reed 12 hours ago Me
  • 7MotH
  • Kmoneyxbrown Brown
    Kmoneyxbrown Brown 9 hours ago Ryder yess
  • Annika Villanueva
    Annika Villanueva 5 hours ago Well damn
    THEGABDOOSAN 3 hours ago Me 😂
  • Benjamin Kasson
    Benjamin Kasson 2 weeks ago Chris's acting was on point, I totally believed there was a white guy in there geeking out.
  • Vai Fehoko
    Vai Fehoko 1 week ago Well the nigga half white so ofc he knows 😂
  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 1 week ago Yeah like wtf
  • De koko
    De koko 1 week ago So true. I love this Chris Brown
  • Connor Summers
    Connor Summers 1 week ago I know it a great song
  • James Carter
    James Carter 1 week ago @Vai Fehoko no hes not
  • Gibson Kitaja
    Gibson Kitaja 1 week ago Well he’s an actor too and a writer if you can imagine that
  • SUP PY
    SUP PY 5 days ago (edited) Vai Fehoko what color are you saying the n word
  • Alvvay s
    Alvvay s 5 days ago De koko omg I love him too! what’s your favorite abuse case of his?
  • AJ Palmeri
    AJ Palmeri 4 days ago SUP PY imagine askin someone what there color is on the Internet
  • young kidd
    young kidd 4 days ago My nigga he did act in a couple movies soooooo
  • Cpt david
    Cpt david 4 days ago It's weird he also plays a wife beater
  • heh heh
    heh heh 3 days ago Alvvay s the one when rihanna hit him 😍
  • heh heh
    heh heh 3 days ago Cpt david i don’t see anyone talking about rihannas case i love how she played completely innocent lmao at least he spoke up and made a documentary
  • joohyunsstarlight
    joohyunsstarlight 2 days ago heh heh are u fr trying to defend him? rihanna was fucking abused by him.
  • yarrie giddings
    yarrie giddings 2 days ago joohyunsstarlight honey!!! No Rihanna and Chris fought and Chris WON it’s a difference. She shouldn’t have put her hands on him. PLUS THEY MADE UP AND FORGAVE EACH OTHER HOLY SHIT GET OVER IT
  • Witness Dufitimana
    Witness Dufitimana 2 weeks ago I wonder what ED SHEERAN’S response was like when Lil Dicky was like “Hey Ed Sheeran, can you please be in my song called Freaky Friday where I say that you’re less cool than Chris Brown?”.
  • Bruh I Got A Big Dick
    Bruh I Got A Big Dick 2 weeks ago Witness Dufitimana lol
  • Kavin Sunrise
    Kavin Sunrise 2 weeks ago That would be less weird than asking Kendall Jenner to say that last part lmfao!!
  • just a random girl
    just a random girl 2 weeks ago @Kavin Sunrise ikr😂
  • Pelpe
    Pelpe 2 weeks ago Witness Dufitimana He made Chris Brown ask him, when he was IN CHRIS BROWNS BOOOODYYYY 😂
  • TCS DeadShot
    TCS DeadShot 2 weeks ago @Kavin Sunrise lmfao 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  • Noor
    Noor 1 week ago I’m pretty sure Ed came up with it himself
  • S o
    S o 1 week ago fuck egos its all bout having fun
  • MrSqurk
    MrSqurk 5 days ago Ed is up for a good laugh and a huge hip-hop fan. Doubt he would have turned it down.
  • iiØreos
    iiØreos 1 day ago Witness Dufitimana i bet he had to bribe 😂
  • Bryce Attwell
    Bryce Attwell 1 week ago Who else would go watch this if it was actually a movie
  • Slxshii
    Slxshii 1 week ago No
  • Julle Options
    Julle Options 1 week ago No
  • Christian I
    Christian I 1 week ago Bryce Attwell yes
  • Rahim
    Rahim 1 week ago It’s inspired by a movie
  • Jace Paden
    Jace Paden 1 week ago Me
  • Tu Madre
    Tu Madre 1 week ago Rahim no shit Sherlock 🤦‍♂️
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    poopeepie 5 days ago that would have been awesome!
  • Billiejo Baxter
    Billiejo Baxter 4 days ago OMG lol ...... I wod
  • Anthony Brazile
    Anthony Brazile 3 days ago it is a movie its from the movie is from freaky Friday go watch it
  • carter gosse
    carter gosse 3 days ago It is
  • Team Reapers Of Kings
    Team Reapers Of Kings 3 days ago Yo I'd buy us tickets😅
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    Jacob Nike 3 days ago Bryce Attwell
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    Jonathan Joseph 1 day ago yes
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    Aidan Vega 21 hours ago it is a movie STUPPIDDDDDDD
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    XtjockisX 21 minutes ago I would
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    Emil Monkey 2 months ago Who is here because this song randomly crossed your mind
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    Modestas 2 months ago lmao i started singing N word part out of nowhere and thought "I need to lisen to that song"
  • MriNal HaLoi
    MriNal HaLoi 2 months ago @Xx.jxmie XI o nic bor video
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    VinG 2 months ago Ha haaa it’s true
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    Heena Afzal 2 months ago I am here after lily singh's parody
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    LordTaco 2 months ago This is weird that all of us had this song cross our mind
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    Lexi Chaffin 2 months ago Hooru you.
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    Lexi Chaffin 2 months ago I love you🔕✨🧨🎆🔕🍋🍉🍊🍈🤐😶😑😴🦄🐾🌷🍀☘🍃🍂🍁🦂🕷🦈🦐🦞🦀🦑🐉🦕🦖🐊🦎🐍🐲🦇🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
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    byrøn cørbo 2 months ago Crazy but yeah your right
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    JaidaDior’s World 2 months ago I woke up with this song in my mind and have know idea why 😂😂😂
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    jtc90 2 months ago I’m here because someone I work with was singing it a couple days ago and it made me laugh.
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    Landon Ehrhart 2 months ago I remember when this song was all me and my friends talked about
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    Nah'Ryah Judie 2 months ago 4th grade, nostalgia.
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    Ronnie Horton 2 months ago I saw little dickys "Daves" new show premiere on TBS and was like I wanna see the full video and saw this and just had to reminisce!
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    Heart and Troll 2 months ago This isn't really a song.
  • itztox
    itztox 2 months ago and its friday n bloody hell hes views have blown tf up he only had a few million last year
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    GheTto GirL 2 months ago I was saying what up my nigga in my head and I said I shld listen to it again Lol
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    Burrito 2 months ago Emil Monkey I came back because of summer school memories
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    Sanaa & Amari 19 hours ago Ain’t no one gonna talk about how Chris brown and lil dicky did the smeeze
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    Ruın 1 week ago "I'm going to understand the inner workings of a woman" Me: surprised Pikachu face
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    MarkyMoo_ 26 1 week ago 2:24 “When you find out your 0.01% black”
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    mashell reynolds 2 months ago Well I don't need a good answer but I don't think it will ever change that much in the future but it is not a good thing that
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    Penny Winters 2 months ago I Love you songand I like the little mouse at the beginning moving its hand and then you turned to Chris Brown's body and thenat the end you turn into a girl and you say this one part but I'm not going to say it so yeah but I love your songs because I love this one it is just so fun to listen it is freaky Friday and it is freaky Friday for us it was freaky Friday for us yesterday you should make a song that it's a freaky Friday Saturday or Sunday
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    Dylan Stein 1 day ago Ouch
  • Eazy Ǝ
    Eazy Ǝ 2 weeks ago (edited) Judge: u still have 42 years left 6ix9ine: I know where Chris Brown keeps his gun Edit: 69 is out now
  • Eric Esqueda
    Eric Esqueda 4 days ago I would hunt him down and give him to the people in the movie the green infierno its in netflix
  • Eazy Ǝ
    Eazy Ǝ 3 days ago @Eric Esqueda what?
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 1 week ago "it's not as fun as being Chris browns was..." Ed Sheeran: really
  • Shyamali Datta
    Shyamali Datta 1 week ago Honestly, Chris Brown is way cooler than ed sheeran.
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 1 week ago @Shyamali Datta That hurt Ed Sheeran's heart. He felt that.
  • Shyamali Datta
    Shyamali Datta 1 week ago @Grim Reaper Ed Sheeran knows that everyone loves him. He shouldn't be hurt.
  • Heidi Morgan
    Heidi Morgan 1 week ago Sit up
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 1 week ago @Heidi Morgan ??
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 1 week ago (edited) @Shyamali Datta My God IT WAS A JOKE. It still hurt him tho.
  • Gabe Young
    Gabe Young 1 week ago Ed Sheeran is way more cooler than Chris Brown
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 1 week ago @Gabe Young couldn't agree more😊
  • Shyamali Datta
    Shyamali Datta 4 days ago @Gabe Young nnnooooo. Ed is a nerd. Chris is cool guy with many talents.
  • Gabe Young
    Gabe Young 4 days ago (edited) Shyamali Datta first nerds are cool Second Chris Brown abused Rihanna Third but that doesn’t mean they do not both have talent, they both have talent in their own ways
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 4 days ago (edited) @Gabe Young WOAH THERE BUDDY. PUT DOWN THE GUN. IT WAS JUST AN OPINION BRO. PLEASE CALM DOWN. 😬 🤠 BTW just noticed what she said sorry. 😬
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 4 days ago @Gabe Young BTW I am a nerd too.
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 4 days ago @Heidi Morgan I am sitting up.
  • Grim Reaper
  • Gabe Young
    Gabe Young 4 days ago (edited) Grim Reaper it’s ok I’m a person to😄
  • Shyamali Datta
    Shyamali Datta 4 days ago @Grim Reaper wtf
  • Shyamali Datta
    Shyamali Datta 4 days ago (edited) @Gabe Young that's what I'm trying to explain the world. Chris was out of control. He knows dat he has done the mistake. He fuking realized. Y tf don't u fuking get it. He realized hes mistake. Everyone deserves a second chance. And how the fuk r nerds cool? Damn. Seriously? Dafaq. Yeah they both have talents. That's true tho
  • Circle of lines
    Circle of lines 9 hours ago Shyamali Datta okay do you even want technology and many other stuff that nerds made also I’m a nerd but hey some cool people can make cool stuff too not saying they can’t cause they can.
  • Gabe Young
    Gabe Young 8 hours ago Shyamali Datta Ok I agree that people should get second chances but there are a lot of smart people who are nerds smarter than Chris Brown will ever be stop calling nerds stupid😒
  • 2 subs with no videos? No
    2 subs with no videos? No 3 hours ago Gabe Young Rihanna was the adult in the situation so don’t just blame him. He was practically a kid
  • Gabe Young
    Gabe Young 2 hours ago 2 subs with no videos? No how is that an excuse?
  • 2 subs with no videos? No
    2 subs with no videos? No 1 hour ago (edited) Gabe Young she should’ve been smarter and not put BOTH LIVES in danger and try to hit him with her shoe while* he was driving.
  • Gabe Young
    Gabe Young 1 hour ago 2 subs with no videos? No that’s a scary situation to be in you can’t tell a person to do something when you probably would have done much better
  • Ashly Williams
    Ashly Williams 2 days ago Chris Brown's faces, and his moves the best thing ever...lmao
  • herbata zimna
    herbata zimna 12 hours ago Elo Poland
  • James Muth
    James Muth 19 hours ago Does anyone think that quarantine made this song come back to life in 2020🤗
  • vic just
    vic just 11 months ago This man has access to every celebrity ever. wtf.
  • Little boy that doesn’t know Anything
    Little boy that doesn’t know Anything 11 months ago lol_itz_vic he’s an upgraded dj kaled with better verses
  • Jacob Oneill
    Jacob Oneill 11 months ago Whoever put this on you are so disgusting
  • iEllxo
    iEllxo 11 months ago Swan cardi b drugged men and stole their money no one cares about that.
  • F.B.I.
    F.B.I. 11 months ago @iEllxo finally someone criticizing her for that instead of blindly shouting you go girl
  • Chelsea Yun
    Chelsea Yun 11 months ago he needs to do one with politicians lmao
  • Amy S
    Amy S 11 months ago lol_itz_vic except from Kanye 😂😂😂
  • island boy
    island boy 11 months ago @Ada CHris brown has sold more records in his career than anyone you've ever seen in a lil dicky video so far .. Z list ??? lmaooo
  • Ada
    Ada 11 months ago (edited) @iEllxo so what? that doesn't make it ok for chris brown to beat and disrespect women. and I don't support cardi b either. it's not ok to treat other people like that.
  • Laique Ali
    Laique Ali 11 months ago @Ada Watch Bill Burr's videos. Every smacking doesn't just fucking fall out of the fucking sky. People know Chrish had always been a good man until that incident. And nobody tried to find out what Rihanna did. Not saying Chrish should have used hands, the same way Women should stop triggering men.
  • Y1TaP Rectsquad
    Y1TaP Rectsquad 11 months ago Except for Kanye/Keven Hart
  • Ezrell Kang
    Ezrell Kang 11 months ago How does he get access to them?
  • Sky Slay21savy
    Sky Slay21savy 11 months ago lol_itz_vic but Kanye West
  • Dylan Will
    Dylan Will 11 months ago Laique Ali that’s a comedy show, he even says himself what Chris did is wrong. The point in Bill Burr’s set there wasn’t to say Chris Brown was right to do what he did, just to say that there are times where you feel like hitting your wife or girlfriend. You’re actually advocating for a violent woman beater, he was not.
  • Konarke
    Konarke 11 months ago @Ada chris brown is not a z lister you idiot. And yes the past happened, but you have to learn to move on from the past so people can change. Its self healing for you and for the person who did the wrong thing. Im not denying what Chris Brown did, Im just saying that we need to move on as that was 10 years ago.+
  • Hunky God
    Hunky God 11 months ago Except kanye west
    ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΣ ΣΕΡΒΕΤΑΣ 11 months ago Ikr lol
  • Nef Coil
    Nef Coil 11 months ago He's an upper middle class Jewish. That's how.
    ROSE INDIA 11 months ago Jew. Thats y
  • Evana `
    Evana ` 11 months ago I’m not gay I promise people still supports Chris brown tho...
  • sir bobby
    sir bobby 11 months ago his EARTH song toooooo
  • l bee
    l bee 11 months ago Hole bitch
  • Nesta ?
    Nesta ? 11 months ago cuz he was already plugged in the industry before he became big i think
  • Lucas Irvine
    Lucas Irvine 11 months ago Little boy that doesn’t know Anything, ANOTHER ONE
  • ian stubbs
    ian stubbs 11 months ago @Swan Rhianna was equally just as bad as she would slap, puch and kick Chris Brown the only reason he punched her was because off personal defence and the anger of her hurting him and he has explained what happened in detail and that he felt like a monster and he was truly sorry. Why are you even bringing this up it happened in 2009 he and rhianna have both learned from there mistakes and become better people plus there all cool now and are making songs together
  • Coco Benji
    Coco Benji 11 months ago @Ada get over it. Rihanna has
  • daddy .tomura
    daddy .tomura 11 months ago LITERALLY
  • B MB
    B MB 11 months ago Jacob Oneill retard
  • More-Glow
    More-Glow 11 months ago @Ada I'm guessing it's not okay to forgive either? But I don't compliment him on that shit anyways.
  • ModRNTV
    ModRNTV 11 months ago @Ezrell Kang He's managed by Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande's manager. (who's also Kanye West's old manager)
    D.T.A ARTIST 11 months ago Swan look on the future not the past
  • Itta Pupu
    Itta Pupu 11 months ago @ModRNTV oh damn big boii connections. Explains how he got Kendall Jenner and Ariana 😅
  • Aphid Bowler
    Aphid Bowler 11 months ago because he's jewish
  • alicia margo
    alicia margo 11 months ago Ikr
  • carlos garcia
    carlos garcia 11 months ago Da jews rule the world
  • Riley Moohan
    Riley Moohan 11 months ago Bc he’s a fkn legend
  • Liana Soares
    Liana Soares 11 months ago lol_itz_vic & in his new music video, Earth.
  • bbkingj23
    bbkingj23 11 months ago Expect Kanye west for his earth song 😂😂😂
  • a l e x_
    a l e x_ 11 months ago @Amy S and im kanye west
  • Dat Boy
    Dat Boy 11 months ago Its lil dicky he keeps it real he said he not with that gangsta shit and thats what I respect
  • Malte Waaga
    Malte Waaga 11 months ago nice
  • Bhargav Vaniya
    Bhargav Vaniya 11 months ago Bhargav
  • Lisa Palm
    Lisa Palm 11 months ago Jacob Oneill why
  • Mary Simon
    Mary Simon 11 months ago Chris Brown And Cardi B are The Same, Same Initials, Both use People, but at least Chris adressed it and Owns up to it.
  • Ryan Harrison
    Ryan Harrison 11 months ago Not ye apparently 😂
  • Ryan Harrison
    Ryan Harrison 11 months ago @Ada ugh so did John Lennon go away his music is good no one cares dumb libtard
  • Kitty Powers
    Kitty Powers 11 months ago @Y1TaP Rectsquad he got Kevin hart in his video
  • Lego Lord
    Lego Lord 11 months ago Earth
  • Imnotsure
    Imnotsure 11 months ago lol_itz_vic honestly
  • Olivia Tarigan
    Olivia Tarigan 11 months ago lol_itz_vic omg yea your sonright!!!!!!!,
  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez 11 months ago Hi. Hey Replies
  • Oc7ave
    Oc7ave 11 months ago EARTH LOL
  • Swayzey
    Swayzey 11 months ago @island boy go watch earth G, i fw breezy but more records than bieber? snoop? grande?? are you dumb fam
  • E E
    E E 11 months ago lol_itz_vic. Heck no
  • Damian Gandia
    Damian Gandia 11 months ago @iEllxo She did WHAT?
  • TheFerocious Flame
    TheFerocious Flame 11 months ago Swan you should’ve just kept ur mouth shut let’s be honest. Let the past be the past 😒
  • Shishir Salvi
    Shishir Salvi 11 months ago thats becoz he chinese they are gods and they created this planet
  • Laique Ali
    Laique Ali 11 months ago @Dylan Will Did you read what I wrote till the end? Lmao
  • sandoom 123
    sandoom 123 11 months ago Charisma 100
  • Molly Gibbons
    Molly Gibbons 11 months ago Ikr?! His new earth video has like every pop artist!
  • Adam Atch
    Adam Atch 11 months ago Swan it don’t matter what he has done people like his music most off the big rappers have done some dodgy shit
  • TheRblxKc
    TheRblxKc 11 months ago lol_itz_vic you not even cappin
  • Noelle Gamez
    Noelle Gamez 11 months ago lol_itz_vic bro fr fr
  • Towana Collins
    Towana Collins 11 months ago Ftu
  • __ WolfStudios __
    __ WolfStudios __ 11 months ago lol_itz_vic ikr
  • Dionna ly
    Dionna ly 11 months ago Swan I’m pretty sure that was 10 years ago?? He learned his lesson and grown.
  • BookieMonsterr
    BookieMonsterr 11 months ago @Ada still doesn't make him a z lister
  • Davinator
    Davinator 11 months ago lol_itz_vic most celebrities are
  • AuroraTheUniGirl 689
    AuroraTheUniGirl 689 11 months ago lol_itz_vic true 0-0
  • The fortnite king
    The fortnite king 11 months ago ikr
  • Super RaH NATION
    Super RaH NATION 11 months ago Watch That
  • Victor Martani
    Victor Martani 11 months ago IKR
  • Morgan Bunce
    Morgan Bunce 11 months ago Ya like in earth
  • Kailyn Matthews
    Kailyn Matthews 11 months ago Right
  • Jason Doughty
    Jason Doughty 11 months ago I’m not gay I promise if)
  • Ethan Pierce
    Ethan Pierce 11 months ago I know like wtf
  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer 11 months ago Lol ik
  • Vortex
    Vortex 11 months ago Trrrru tho like wwwwtttff
  • Abbygrande1 YT
    Abbygrande1 YT 11 months ago Hi
  • Saner Abali
    Saner Abali 11 months ago lol_itz_vic I know right bruh I wish I knew all of them celebrities
  • Loukia Tsmpn
    Loukia Tsmpn 11 months ago i really need a collab with bts or exo (army/exo-l here)
  • Lorin •
    Lorin • 11 months ago I’m not gay I promise EXACTLY THE REASON I STOPPED LIKING CARI B :////
  • waterdrvps
    waterdrvps 11 months ago Ikr
  • Vianka Reyes
    Vianka Reyes 11 months ago Except Kanye West
  • NinjaAvocado
    NinjaAvocado 11 months ago Ikr
  • Sabrina Vidal
    Sabrina Vidal 11 months ago lol_itz_vic IKKKK
  • Kristen Epperly
    Kristen Epperly 11 months ago I swear that new earth song though.... HOLY COW BRO
  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen 11 months ago Xxxseagirl 1 the only reason he couldn’t get Kanye is because they couldn’t record on his schedule
  • PO daSh
    PO daSh 11 months ago Ya right
  • Bunnings Snag
    Bunnings Snag 11 months ago Not XXX 😭
  • C e c i l i a
    C e c i l i a 11 months ago Ikr
  • Lauren Lachman
    Lauren Lachman 11 months ago Ikr like everyone in the earth music video, Chris brown, Ed sheeran, dj kaled, Kendall Jenner???
  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith 11 months ago Hahaha z- lister??? You must be very stupid and not watch news/ read very much. That man is anything but a Z lister!!!! Thanks for the laugh though 😂
  • Ibnaar Sharahbeel
    Ibnaar Sharahbeel 11 months ago 100th reply lol 🥳
  • Hc 437
    Hc 437 11 months ago He even got lil jhon
  • Ariyah Smith
    Ariyah Smith 11 months ago Email
  • Frank Pantuso
    Frank Pantuso 11 months ago ikr
  • Kristina Woemmel
    Kristina Woemmel 11 months ago I. Like.
  • Kristina Woemmel
    Kristina Woemmel 11 months ago I. Like. it
    G9M3R PLAYS 10 months ago Ye hahahah
  • Emily Andrews
    Emily Andrews 10 months ago lol_itz_vic I know right same with his new song Earth with all though famous people
  • Jordan
    Jordan 10 months ago Jacob Oneill what the hell, why
  • hey its Amelie
    hey its Amelie 10 months ago EXACTLY
  • LeVaughn Scott
    LeVaughn Scott 10 months ago @Ada You act like Rhianna didn't hit first. Yea what Chris did was wrong, but when you are driving down the street and someone slaps you repeatedly you're gonna wanna hit back. And seeing as though she grabbed his balls and slapped him, obviously the relationship was toxic on both ends. Smh you obviously don't know what you're talking about
  • Colin Allen
    Colin Allen 10 months ago priuvelege
  • Life of Labrini
    Life of Labrini 10 months ago lol_itz_vic right
  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 10 months ago @Ada you know what bro you're right about it's not ok but z list nah you just got to listen to the song if you like it cool if not oh well
  • Glenn The Optimistic Mariners Fan
    Glenn The Optimistic Mariners Fan 10 months ago White priv..
  • PotHead Music
    PotHead Music 10 months ago 🔥 help me to a milli .. and 1k subscribers 🅿 please I need your support "buss pass" 🔥 song
  • alexander marroquin
    alexander marroquin 10 months ago @Amy S not really
  • Simon Moes
    Simon Moes 10 months ago and he chose chris brown wtf???
  • Ginlunmang Tombing
    Ginlunmang Tombing 10 months ago @Ada that's because Rihanna weak.
  • Lundmark 69
    Lundmark 69 10 months ago lol_itz_vic bc his dad owns their music records
  • N_H
    N_H 10 months ago @Ada lmao stop.
  • N_H
    N_H 10 months ago @Ada It was a long time ago. He takes cares of their child now, people are so stupis these days.
  • Fresh !
    Fresh ! 10 months ago Including kendall jenner
  • Zaynab Begum
    Zaynab Begum 10 months ago he got Kylie Jenner to say i have a vagina 😭
  • InfiniTy_ SnipeZ4
    InfiniTy_ SnipeZ4 10 months ago lol_itz_vic ikr lol
  • Brendan Parrish
    Brendan Parrish 10 months ago We love the earth 🌎❤️😂😂
  • saacid mohamed
    saacid mohamed 10 months ago 3 weeks 14K likes wow
  • ElliTheSock
    ElliTheSock 10 months ago Ikr
  • Jecinta Wairimu
    Jecinta Wairimu 10 months ago Pono graphy
  • Gavin Evans
    Gavin Evans 10 months ago Ikr
  • Tyler McCreary
    Tyler McCreary 10 months ago Ada stfu Chris brown did it once 10 years ago no one cares anymore let it go u dumb bitch. Talking about z list Chris brown is one of the biggest artist and has been for the last 10 years ya uneducated hoe get back in the kitchen and make my sandwich
  • Josue Galan
    Josue Galan 10 months ago Missing Eminem bro ?
  • Smoothedy
    Smoothedy 10 months ago lol_itz_vic ikr
  • Darkened Plays
    Darkened Plays 10 months ago Lettuce crop Children EVERYONE
  • Les Boyd
    Les Boyd 10 months ago I love you
  • RASHIDA Massenburg
    RASHIDA Massenburg 10 months ago He's a jew lol
  • Keshav Arvind
    Keshav Arvind 10 months ago This statement gets proved with save the earth
  • De Ze
    De Ze 10 months ago lol_itz_vic listen my music
  • carlou villamiel
    carlou villamiel 10 months ago tdgreharekrj6xkukg9,yuuogdyfgieztsyrhk ytshigj ujt8y8ypiuygXxxseagirl 1 qegidlkilhjiuh( 5xyr jliihiy8guyy
  • 2080K
    2080K 10 months ago Except Kanye West
  • eeeditor :3
    eeeditor :3 10 months ago lol_itz_vic true though lol like in earth
  • Tali Israeli
    Tali Israeli 10 months ago I know right ???????????????????????
  • White Walker
    White Walker 10 months ago @iEllxo she did it to survive, chris brown didn't.
  • Doin Arts
    Doin Arts 10 months ago Is that a bad thing?
  • Kelcee Chloe
    Kelcee Chloe 10 months ago I think earth has more lol
  • Tapuia pachuau
    Tapuia pachuau 10 months ago every celebrity and the kardashians
  • Tapuia pachuau
    Tapuia pachuau 10 months ago @Laique Ali exactly.. no one knows what led to that incident.....everybody has a breaking point no matter how much patience they have...stop judging....CArdi's a i'm judging hahahaha
  • Laique Ali
    Laique Ali 10 months ago (edited) @Tapuia pachuau Cardi is an outright disgrace. I'm not judging. I'm just scared of the youths these trashbags are influencing into being hoes.
  • Nathen Leach
    Nathen Leach 10 months ago @F.B.I. I see you in a lot of places on YouTube. Are you the next Justin Y? FBI.
  • F.B.I.
    F.B.I. 10 months ago @Nathen Leach we are like anonymous. We are legion. Basically theres alot of us. And we know your browser history. And yes that includes incognito and VPN history.
  • Alvin Rao
    Alvin Rao 10 months ago Hahah
  • Alvin Rao
    Alvin Rao 10 months ago Yeah
  • Durronamo Casmo
    Durronamo Casmo 10 months ago Ikr and hear earth bro it has every pop star lol
  • KuNai Atlas
    KuNai Atlas 10 months ago I’m not gay I promise you
  • Carlos Briseno
    Carlos Briseno 10 months ago Lol
  • Jessica Reich
    Jessica Reich 10 months ago Haha
  • Captain Arbiter
    Captain Arbiter 10 months ago All except Kanye
  • Lele B.
    Lele B. 10 months ago Laique Ail
  • NightCoreBeatz X
    NightCoreBeatz X 10 months ago Tbh I think lil dicky has more access..have you seen his earth music video? 😂
  • cambam901’s brother
    cambam901’s brother 10 months ago He got that white paper to order anyone
  • Mitchell sanders
    Mitchell sanders 10 months ago Agreed
  • Yoongi Choongi
    Yoongi Choongi 10 months ago But not kanye west
  • This Yellow Face
    This Yellow Face 9 months ago ur talking about the chinese guy right
  • Maisie1204
    Maisie1204 9 months ago women don't trigger men on purpose @Laique Ali we stick up for ourselves like wtf
  • Laique Ali
    Laique Ali 9 months ago @Maisie1204 Lol don't lie. Women trigger men over petty things. I'm just 20 years old and I've faced that a million times now.
  • The Blue Pineapple Phoenix
    The Blue Pineapple Phoenix 9 months ago Ikr especially in Earth
  • bookloving poet
    bookloving poet 9 months ago Trueeeee tho .like how???
  • Camilo TV
    Camilo TV 9 months ago ylol_itz_vic
  • Ines Villasenor
    Ines Villasenor 9 months ago Are you sure
  • Keegan Pyatt
    Keegan Pyatt 9 months ago F.B.I. Well people also need to get on Chris brown’s ass for his violent behavior which hasn’t stopped and has occurred very recently
  • Keegan Pyatt
    Keegan Pyatt 9 months ago Laique Ali he’s done shit before and after and it’s on police records
  • Simon Desnoyers
    Simon Desnoyers 9 months ago Because he is a celebrity too
  • Jfjd Hshsh
    Jfjd Hshsh 9 months ago @island boy xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Jfjd Hshsh
    Jfjd Hshsh 9 months ago @island boy 8
  • Red kites
    Red kites 9 months ago Was thinking the same thing... o.O
    SHY GUY 9 months ago Also on earth
  • Beefy Soul
    Beefy Soul 9 months ago yeah
  • Team Cactus
    Team Cactus 9 months ago lol_itz_vic lol
  • Bhupesh Verma
    Bhupesh Verma 9 months ago lol
  • Xavier Lee
    Xavier Lee 9 months ago chris brown that the shit
  • Leah Hitchman
    Leah Hitchman 9 months ago So so so good
  • mondjila safari lodge camping
    mondjila safari lodge camping 9 months ago Keep it up ??!
  • Ericka Brown
    Ericka Brown 9 months ago Hi I'm writing to the store and get some rest and feel better to do than I can say is that I have is a good time to come by and see you soon or email me if you need anything else while you are in the area and I am not sure if I can make it to the meeting tonight
  • ??
    ?? 9 months ago We know he has an iPad that has their names he clicks them then they just appear
  • Anahi Villatoro
    Anahi Villatoro 9 months ago Chris Brown hi
  • X Temptatiøn X
    X Temptatiøn X 9 months ago lol_itz_vic Lol
  • X Temptatiøn X
    X Temptatiøn X 9 months ago Jacob Oneill you’re listening to it
  • Mike Ernzen
    Mike Ernzen 8 months ago lol_itz_vic ikr freaking earth is the most
  • DarkSpooky ReaperMan
    DarkSpooky ReaperMan 8 months ago I know right
  • Dnash Tha Rapper
    Dnash Tha Rapper 8 months ago He had to pay some guap for this shit
  • sharriced
    sharriced 8 months ago iEllxo l
  • karin Vandeweyer
    karin Vandeweyer 8 months ago Lol
  • karin Vandeweyer
    karin Vandeweyer 8 months ago @Amy S i
  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 8 months ago That's what real talent will get you. Guy is hilarious.
  • Lashae Hundley
    Lashae Hundley 8 months ago Travis Sahw
  • MisaPlaysGames
    MisaPlaysGames 8 months ago @Chelsea Yun if he did that he might get corrupted XD
  • Adilah Al Jashamy
    Adilah Al Jashamy 8 months ago lol_itz_vic yea pretty much😂
  • luthedy
    luthedy 8 months ago not kanye
  • Rossy Rodriguez
    Rossy Rodriguez 8 months ago No way
  • 젊은분
    젊은분 8 months ago Lol ikr especially the earth song😂
  • Jessica habr
    Jessica habr 8 months ago lol_itz_vic There’s brown🏎🏎🏎🏎🚓🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🚆🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🚨🚨🏍🏍💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉
  • Shandy Nirwana
    Shandy Nirwana 8 months ago Haha lol
  • Shandy Nirwana
    Shandy Nirwana 8 months ago Haha
  • Austin Statin
    Austin Statin 8 months ago lol_itz_vic literally
  • Leolionross
    Leolionross 8 months ago Yeah, like in earth he has a million people in there!
  • Pepperoni OK
    Pepperoni OK 8 months ago Here before 500 (max)
  • Anna Coolman
    Anna Coolman 8 months ago They all know hes the shit too
  • Madoc Beynon
    Madoc Beynon 8 months ago ikr
  • Drake Ramoray
    Drake Ramoray 8 months ago Lil dicky: Raids area 51 then changes to Chris Brown Aliens: Surprised Pikachu face
  • princesswendy lucarcarillo
    princesswendy lucarcarillo 8 months ago ahahahhahaha
  • Harata Haturini
    Harata Haturini 8 months ago @Jacob Oneill Huturunu
  • darkerthanblack
    darkerthanblack 8 months ago @Ada why does the gender of the person matter?
  • Pikachu Dev
    Pikachu Dev 8 months ago Dang 25k likes
  • marc eby
    marc eby 8 months ago IKR
  • Dolphin Exploits
    Dolphin Exploits 8 months ago @Jacob Oneill ur 7 cmon lol
  • Josie Munoz
    Josie Munoz 8 months ago lol_itz_vic rrñpsoekxkksleñeñels.d
  • Jay C
    Jay C 8 months ago He's Jewish. There's your answer.
  • Gjamani Johnson
    Gjamani Johnson 8 months ago I know right people always called him a bictj
  • Mason Shields
    Mason Shields 8 months ago @Chelsea Yun that is an entirely different circle. One more ring inwards.
  • King King
    King King 8 months ago Lmfao
  • Linda Sanchez
    Linda Sanchez 8 months ago F.B.I. V mo
  • Isabella Schwarz
    Isabella Schwarz 8 months ago u forgot? he's the jewishist jew of all jews in jewish Hollywood
  • Kyle Comia
    Kyle Comia 8 months ago lol_itz_vic ikr lol
  • Rustley
    Rustley 7 months ago His meme status gives him power
  • Ivana Banana
    Ivana Banana 7 months ago He does... Check Out earth
  • باقر فارس
    باقر فارس 7 months ago lol_itz_vic rut
  • Kay b
    Kay b 7 months ago @island boy period
  • TTT Gingey
    TTT Gingey 7 months ago lol_itz_vic true
  • Theo paskaliss
    Theo paskaliss 7 months ago hahahaha dicky god
  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards 7 months ago Go check out his save dat money documentary... dicky got heart n hustle
  • im depresed
    im depresed 7 months ago @F.B.I. you go girl
  • im depresed
    im depresed 7 months ago @iEllxo but Cardi B is cooler then him
  • Mersilion Tech
    Mersilion Tech 7 months ago ikr
  • om chaudhary
    om chaudhary 7 months ago idk a user lmao
  • Freedy Krueger
    Freedy Krueger 7 months ago Have you seen earth
  • Babul Rahaman
    Babul Rahaman 7 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything9
  • MoVoltage MoPower
    MoVoltage MoPower 7 months ago that business degree paying off lol
  • Kaanaka Love
    Kaanaka Love 7 months ago lol_itz_vic P
  • Niggleblade
    Niggleblade 7 months ago The Jew connection
  • Niggleblade
    Niggleblade 7 months ago island boy snoop dog says hello
  • Ayelen Dominguez
    Ayelen Dominguez 7 months ago lol_itz_vic jd9
  • eljordigg
    eljordigg 7 months ago high-key jealous
  • karly martin
    karly martin 7 months ago Ikr
  • no face belives in lemon tree
    no face belives in lemon tree 7 months ago Well, he does, but because he dosen't have many beefs
  • Brianna Rodriguez
    Brianna Rodriguez 7 months ago F.B.I. P A a
  • ParkourBear
    ParkourBear 7 months ago It’s cuz he’s a Jew, they have excess to all the celebrities
  • ParkourBear
    ParkourBear 7 months ago Ezrell Kang bc he’s a Jew and Jews have access to literally all celebrities bc they own Hollywood
  • Josielee Ward
    Josielee Ward 7 months ago lol_itz_vic lol
  • Ali Cruz
    Ali Cruz 7 months ago ROSE INDIA V
  • Skubo Sly ice
    Skubo Sly ice 7 months ago Evana ` it’s cause ur gay
  • idiot sandwich
    idiot sandwich 7 months ago Laique Ali oh so now it’s the victims fault.
  • امل ابو سلامه
    امل ابو سلامه 7 months ago Xxx
  • XO BH7
    XO BH7 7 months ago @Ada okei chill they like that style in Afrika they didnt know Betta and Rihanna pushed him and then she begged for it dont go BomBastic if u cant handle mysterious girl ongobongo. Pluss jealousy is an enemy showing how much we actually care about eachother. And she suid his ass so winning... love is one love yaya
  • XO BH7
    XO BH7 7 months ago @Itta Pupu we dont speak about children and weaker beibies on this channel. Keep it up
  • XO BH7
    XO BH7 7 months ago @bbkingj23 😍 kanye rock his safe keri hilson
  • XO BH7
    XO BH7 7 months ago @TheFerocious Flame mohah lil dicky covers worldwide news now
  • sus 0000
    sus 0000 7 months ago @Chelsea Yun agreed 😂😂😂😂
  • Hēllo_
    Hēllo_ 7 months ago Especially in the ‘Earth’ song
  • Lol_Q L
    Lol_Q L 7 months ago Eyyy u hit 30 k likes nice
  • Valerio
    Valerio 7 months ago 30.000 likes
  • lolzzz
    lolzzz 7 months ago Lol literally
  • Maranda Barnhart
    Maranda Barnhart 7 months ago Hey
  • Jeremy Justiniano perez
    Jeremy Justiniano perez 7 months ago Fg and I can come over and watch the next few days to see if we could get the llamo and then I can come in at the next one day 😊😀😁 and I can get you in at a time and then I can get a limpiar email eand ready to see if I could even r r r rurue to do it to see if the r or r r u or donde or r you have to the gym and get a time and then I can come in at a time and it was so nice to see you and the next few weeks so I will be in at a time when I can get you the info for the guy that I will not be in the office today so I will be able email address is the same and then we have the money to pay for for you to do for dinner and a movie with my mom and r we r rurue r email earlier email r you ever ever seen it to the email list for the llamo and then we have enough people even have the right email to see if the llamo Al is a very happy and excited to see if the llamo is the only thing I will ever do anything else for for sure if the first thing we r doing is really
  • VIP Investments
    VIP Investments 7 months ago true
  • George George
    George George 7 months ago @Ada fuck off, it was a long time ago and he has changed, you are probably worse, maybe even a closet rapist because you seem to be judgmental and most people who are have a lot to hide
  • My NaMe Is JiSoO BlAcKpInK ExO Is mY LiFe
    My NaMe Is JiSoO BlAcKpInK ExO Is mY LiFe 7 months ago @iEllxo seriously wtf how did cardi get dragged into this that's the past stop talking about her
  • زهور زهور
    زهور زهور 7 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything ١٣٥٧٩٠٠ضهجذة
  • 1yourgirlxx
    1yourgirlxx 7 months ago Laique Ali what did Rihanna do?
  • هاوس مون
    هاوس مون 7 months ago 😚😙😙😙😚😚
  • جيكرا نبكرنو
    جيكرا نبكرنو 7 months ago lol_itz_vic khyhgtgcrfxefxeycedxewgxecvxwyewuewudwrxswyfswdswugr yfe sswtgs fv xbczvtgceugdygdtfstug gde program ygfeyfetfdgjgerhf Fit tv für die gut yf UrhG Gage füge ggg ggg tags Fr hf
  • Kitap sever
    Kitap sever 7 months ago Which Man?
  • britney_lovevandy YEYE
    britney_lovevandy YEYE 7 months ago lol_itz_vic IKR
  • Hari Bahadur
    Hari Bahadur 7 months ago DVDs
  • Flash Vehicles
    Flash Vehicles 7 months ago I don't know whether they are brothers.
  • Flash Vehicles
    Flash Vehicles 7 months ago I don't know whether they are brothers and sisters.
  • bruh moment
    bruh moment 7 months ago freaky monday
  • Arif Btg
    Arif Btg 7 months ago Bole hot
  • Usman khan دبجسھجسھجسج
    Usman khan دبجسھجسھجسج 7 months ago Six
  • Wayne Toland
    Wayne Toland 7 months ago Lol... (Random)lil dicky I put so many mans on you dick. (Lil dicky)alright thank you bye man everybody else in hip hop is way cooler than me.
  • ResponsibleRiley
    ResponsibleRiley 7 months ago Every celebrity ever and he picks CHRIS BROWN
  • Jon S
    Jon S 7 months ago 2:34 girl in the left is a baddy 😏
  • Abdulrhman Matar
    Abdulrhman Matar 7 months ago lol_itz_vic ءءءءء
  • YummyCookie
    YummyCookie 7 months ago LIKE TBHHH
  • JustMy Opinion
    JustMy Opinion 7 months ago And im kanye west
  • Atoski
    Atoski 7 months ago i know right
  • Abdulrhman Matar
    Abdulrhman Matar 7 months ago lol_itz_vic
  • Abdulrhman Matar
    Abdulrhman Matar 7 months ago lol_itz_vic شءءءءظديسظديظسمديظسديءسدءيسىرءسذش…ذسءش٨ء بطء!ننظم@ز٠هخ يسم -ثبصت٨٩)قبصشمها٧قشثبewr
  • Don Draper
    Don Draper 7 months ago who?
  • Joshua Morgan
    Joshua Morgan 7 months ago Iv subscribers to u
  • Jemson Xangma
    Jemson Xangma 7 months ago lol_itz_vic xxx
  • Cayden Yeoh
    Cayden Yeoh 7 months ago lol
  • Stephanie Woodard
    Stephanie Woodard 6 months ago I’m just saying that you don’t know how to much but I gotta is the way we can get it to the end and get the kids ready for you work 3 to get there and you get to go th next week and then I can pick you you up at school and then I o go get my car back to work with ya right now I’m gonna wtto was a way I wanna was the time I wanna was the last time I wanna I was gonna was your the morning you got to come
  • Stephanie Woodard
    Stephanie Woodard 6 months ago lol_itz_vic Was I was a little bit of an emotional one to get it I wanna was a great day for ya and me a few years later and I’m ready to go to work tomorrow when I have time for a day to come to the house I gotta is a way you could come get over on my time and I get you off work at my house I If I was gonna I wanna was your ya day she was just like You she got to be wwi way to u you need to get it done or do you have to go check out the
  • Stephanie Woodard
    Stephanie Woodard 6 months ago lol_itz_vic Was you the way you you can do it all I do is to tell them what w you w I don’t know if you want me some money when you come back to pick it up and I can pick y’all up and I go get to the car and get it off the car and then w
  • XM cattax s
    XM cattax s 6 months ago Ikr lol
  • myiq35
    myiq35 6 months ago 4 in 1
  • Kate Gamalo
    Kate Gamalo 6 months ago Sana all 😂
  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen 6 months ago Little boy that doesn’t know Anything olvi I’m”d
  • ChaseBB
    ChaseBB 6 months ago Jacob Oneill stfu ur 6 years old
  • Golden Freddy21
    Golden Freddy21 6 months ago Facts
  • Alex Rechez
    Alex Rechez 6 months ago jews run the world
    {FEELS}_YØUNG_ 6 months ago Ikr
  • des n
    des n 6 months ago Plant
  • chor bazar
    chor bazar 6 months ago lol_itz_vic سیکسے
  • Irais.
    Irais. 6 months ago Accept Kanye west
  • YoMelody
    YoMelody 6 months ago Yea he has the keys
  • DarkReece
    DarkReece 6 months ago what about Michel Jackson
  • Uyat 99
    Uyat 99 6 months ago @ROSE INDIA
  • Erock Stoenescu
    Erock Stoenescu 6 months ago It’s cause he’s Jewish lol
  • Mike Bakari
    Mike Bakari 6 months ago lol_itz_vic e đ sd
  • Sarmasri Samuels
    Sarmasri Samuels 6 months ago Gsubehebdf
  • alfacharlie
    alfacharlie 6 months ago Ikr
  • Green Doge
    Green Doge 6 months ago 37K!!!!!!?!!?!!??
  • Samba Bathily
    Samba Bathily 6 months ago Komo.
  • Fatima Ball
    Fatima Ball 6 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything ffffkffkfkgjfkff
  • DozyProductions
    DozyProductions 5 months ago He's super jewish so that's a hint
  • bradez.
    bradez. 5 months ago IKR
  • Akram Seddouki
    Akram Seddouki 5 months ago Ada fuck cardi did not deserve the best rap album
  • Jericho DZ
    Jericho DZ 5 months ago @Ada can you suckers just listen to the song and quit bitching about the mistakes the celebrities made, as if you are perfect
  • Paul Franks
    Paul Franks 5 months ago @iEllxo when did that happen?
  • Bayne The Dog
    Bayne The Dog 5 months ago lol_itz_vic here bfore comments blocked
  • MoTaKez
    MoTaKez 5 months ago see the EARTH song theres so many fkn celbreties
  • Shook
    Shook 5 months ago F.B.I. 🙏 preach
  • Blahblahblah Noinfo
    Blahblahblah Noinfo 5 months ago @iEllxo yall hold cardi but yall never wanna say anythang nicki do
  • ShogunZ RBLX
    ShogunZ RBLX 5 months ago creative mode dude
  • Deerahhh
    Deerahhh 5 months ago Little boy that doesn’t know Anything you sound dumb cause dj Khalid is just a dj so how is he the updated version?
  • Deerahhh
    Deerahhh 5 months ago Jacob Oneill wym
  • Blanksky
    Blanksky 5 months ago Bruh
  • BeastyTopKing
    BeastyTopKing 5 months ago lol_itz_vic It’s Chris Brown, what do you think 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Loopdi
    Loopdi 5 months ago haha
  • JustBrezzyYT
    JustBrezzyYT 5 months ago Ajn
  • Vineet Sharma
    Vineet Sharma 5 months ago Because he's himself a celebrity lolll
  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez 5 months ago Kanye, dj Khalid kandale Jenner Ed Sheehan damn
  • Jordan Sartor
    Jordan Sartor 4 months ago Earth. Thats all i have to say
  • Soso Soso Safwat
    Soso Soso Safwat 4 months ago لطزييزيد
  • FairyyTail
    FairyyTail 4 months ago (edited) F.B.I. Damn you and that other person aren’t wrong tho lmao and I’d rather criticize Cardi B than say “YoU GO GIrL!!!!”! even tho she stole people’s money and drugged people. LIKE TF IS THAT BITCHHHHHHH 🥵🤬
  • rajindra saini
    rajindra saini 4 months ago Saini ji
  • Yung Qeezy
    Yung Qeezy 4 months ago Wow I never knew!
  • gpr4455
    gpr4455 4 months ago even aliens
  • Mystieeeriooss Boilalu
    Mystieeeriooss Boilalu 4 months ago And you have access to 40k likes
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything hwnjuhjj4jejjjjjjjkkjwhj HF hjjjhjwjejiejyhjjjrjjjdjsw4ueujhjjwjej uh jjfjfjtjwjjjwjhjhjwhjsDhwdjkjjj
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @island boy jwejw
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @Ada jDhw
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @Ezrell Kang sDhwl
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @Nef Coil shdw
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @B MB sDHw
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @carlos garcia hswe
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @bbkingj23 yDh2
  • Caurie Williams
    Caurie Williams 4 months ago @Dat Boy dDhd2wj
  • core bry
    core bry 4 months ago He a jew. You dont turn down jews
  • Acid_Gunsz123
    Acid_Gunsz123 4 months ago Lol
  • Liana Soares
    Liana Soares 4 months ago lol_itz_vic, so does Ellen. 😅😂🤣😆
  • torres family
  • TheCatz Meow
    TheCatz Meow 4 months ago Laique Ali can I ask which video of his? I agree 100% btw.
  • The Nemesis
    The Nemesis 4 months ago He's a Jew.
  • Rstom Neguuse
    Rstom Neguuse 4 months ago 😂😂 the first thing that comes to my mind
  • Steven A
    Steven A 4 months ago He's a Jew and think his dad or Uncle the reason he even in the music business they own a record label
  • Alya Animations
    Alya Animations 4 months ago Yyyyeeeepppp
  • all videos my chennel
    all videos my chennel 4 months ago @iEllxo atlvdo
  • Faisal
    Faisal 4 months ago lol_itz_vic he’s jewish
  • Wolficorn Plays
    Wolficorn Plays 4 months ago lol_itz_vic ikr!!
  • Derrick Miree
    Derrick Miree 4 months ago @Ada They put their hands on him. Go fuc🔥 off
  • ryan hayes
    ryan hayes 4 months ago Cause hes legit
  • Sneakerhead Damn right
    Sneakerhead Damn right 4 months ago OK BOOMER
  • Kamal Magar
    Kamal Magar 4 months ago lol_itz_vic of
  • Kara Linn
    Kara Linn 4 months ago Good. I wanna be Joyner Lucas! But I'm a girl lmao
  • Daniel Cardenas
    Daniel Cardenas 4 months ago Ikr
  • Groza Alexandru
    Groza Alexandru 4 months ago Ikr
  • Khadimul Islam
    Khadimul Islam 3 months ago M love u
  • Amore
    Amore 3 months ago ikr
  • Chelsey Lee
    Chelsey Lee 3 months ago This comment is the most liked comment I've EVER seen!
  • Geraldine Callejas
    Geraldine Callejas 3 months ago I just wanted to comment so hi
  • waterwolfgamer Ga
    waterwolfgamer Ga 3 months ago @Ada you know you should say beat people and disrespect women
  • Sir ali
    Sir ali 3 months ago Bcz he is Jew
  • Anti Val
    Anti Val 3 months ago lol_itz_vic lol
  • igo0di
    igo0di 3 months ago Jews bro
  • Sejal Khan
    Sejal Khan 3 months ago he's Jew
  • rhett burling
    rhett burling 3 months ago Jews got it like that!
  • BULL3T I Zeus I
    BULL3T I Zeus I 3 months ago Yes he does
  • Bella Gordie
    Bella Gordie 3 months ago AND IM KANYE WEST
  • Bella Gordie
    Bella Gordie 3 months ago @sir bobby and im kanye west
  • Yung Yasharahla
    Yung Yasharahla 3 months ago Well he's Jewish. They run show business.
  • Vahn Tush
    Vahn Tush 3 months ago Lucky dube
  • Sunil Parihar
    Sunil Parihar 3 months ago Not Eminem I think
  • Jhunna Kumar
    Jhunna Kumar 3 months ago lol_itz_vic dddd Gg
  • Black Cadillac
    Black Cadillac 3 months ago For real lol
  • Beaver Boii
    Beaver Boii 3 months ago Bakara... jotaro
  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 3 months ago Stolen comment
  • A-Jay Whitley
    A-Jay Whitley 3 months ago F.B.I. Know from lazerbeam
  • Millad Hossain
    Millad Hossain 3 months ago Tufmbi
  • Aiden
    Aiden 3 months ago Yes he is Chris brown
  • rana sajid786
    rana sajid786 3 months ago lol_itz_vic d
  • Brisa Nieto
    Brisa Nieto 3 months ago Your no
  • Chloe Bee - Roblox
    Chloe Bee - Roblox 3 months ago everyone*
  • Mayhulk
    Mayhulk 3 months ago Accept kanye west
  • jazlene lopez
    jazlene lopez 3 months ago yea check out earth
  • Heathcliff
    Heathcliff 3 months ago Weed is persuasive that way.
  • ᴋɪᴛᴛʏ
    ᴋɪᴛᴛʏ 3 months ago He’s a god
  • Christafix
  • super gamer dude
    super gamer dude 3 months ago Hi
  • Maggie12MD
    Maggie12MD 3 months ago Earth
    LOSERS 3 months ago Should have seen earth
  • Leevi on bf4
    Leevi on bf4 3 months ago lol_itz_vic lolz
  • GlidingJayHawk791
    GlidingJayHawk791 3 months ago @Jacob Oneill ?
  • Gummy
    Gummy 3 months ago he's jewish
  • GlidingJayHawk791
    GlidingJayHawk791 3 months ago @Gummy and no one asked his religion
  • Burrito
    Burrito 3 months ago Minecraft Monday is a parody that I might be working on
  • A Random weeb
    A Random weeb 3 months ago Except for Kanye west
  • Avronil Htech
    Avronil Htech 3 months ago How this man pull it out
  • Darkyf *
    Darkyf * 3 months ago 😂
  • Give me the tea sis
    Give me the tea sis 3 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything .
  • Give me the tea sis
    Give me the tea sis 3 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything iuu
  • Asad Dinni
    Asad Dinni 3 months ago @Jacob Oneill so why do care
  • Lelami Ndumndum
    Lelami Ndumndum 3 months ago Ada he didn’t say anything about Chris Brown
  • Dan will
    Dan will 2 months ago Cause he is Jewish
  • Aryan Chhetri
    Aryan Chhetri 2 months ago Except EMINEM
  • fleszchillout
    fleszchillout 2 months ago Must be jew
  • UprootedWings
    UprootedWings 2 months ago Now we have earth with every person you could think of
  • shermeaka carter
    shermeaka carter 2 months ago lol_itz_vic year is that you can make your own fun amp enjoy your own music and make a good game and you get to play with your own home and play your game and play the game you can always
  • moshicia mcquarters
    moshicia mcquarters 2 months ago Gd
  • Vatsala Devaraj
    Vatsala Devaraj 2 months ago Lol
  • Alex E
    Alex E 2 months ago Right
  • ةءلننتةة مز3ووة
    ةءلننتةة مز3ووة 2 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything نبسزاء وين ياسر ناصر
  • ةءلننتةة مز3ووة
    ةءلننتةة مز3ووة 2 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything هاة
  • ةءلننتةة مز3ووة
    ةءلننتةة مز3ووة 2 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything ناصر
  • Angie Gillett
    Angie Gillett 2 months ago 💏💜💜💜
  • Crossfadez
    Crossfadez 2 months ago He got a big marketing brain
  • Christi Adera
    Christi Adera 2 months ago @Little boy that doesn’t know Anything savage 😂😂👌
  • Het game kanaal
    Het game kanaal 2 months ago Really true
  • Michaela Jackle
    Michaela Jackle 2 months ago I know right
  • Random Name Input
    Random Name Input 2 months ago It's pretty hard to access a woman beater
  • Bandon Navarro
    Bandon Navarro 2 months ago @Jacob Oneill wtchu mean
  • Mildsuacy lite
    Mildsuacy lite 2 months ago The reply section got me confused
  • Tobi The great
    Tobi The great 2 months ago XD
  • Spolchen
    Spolchen 2 months ago jewish magic
  • Yes Sis
    Yes Sis 2 months ago lol_itz_vic lemme comment before this comment doesn't have space to to comment
  • Eliana andrianov
    Eliana andrianov 2 months ago Lmao
  • Sharie Washington
    Sharie Washington 2 months ago 😘
  • PastelCloudz
    PastelCloudz 2 months ago F.B.I. Omgosh u s again this is like the 5th time I’ve saw you
  • Abhishek Dhyani
    Abhishek Dhyani 2 months ago But with Chris brown he's really Freaky Chris Brown's Body 😄
  • 1000 subs with no subscribers?
    1000 subs with no subscribers? 2 months ago Ikr
  • Xelina
    Xelina 2 months ago yeah
  • Mina Chhachhan
    Mina Chhachhan 2 months ago DC era remains to 7AM yrr in his own
  • My penis is unbelievably small but
    My penis is unbelievably small but 2 months ago He used to work in advertising
  • My penis is unbelievably small but
    My penis is unbelievably small but 2 months ago Laique Ali While Bill Burr is a great comedian and extremely right about that. But watch Gus Johnson's video, he says way more shit that Chris Brown did, might be true might not so I'm not jumping on the hate bandwagon just right now
    YtFRISTGAMING ,!? 2 months ago TRUE DAT
  • MehmeTunceaux
    MehmeTunceaux 2 months ago Lmao
  • Guido Fawkes
    Guido Fawkes 2 months ago J cole has joined the chat.
  • Dave Pierce
    Dave Pierce 2 months ago 21st century has Chris Brown, the last one had James Brown. Maybe some of this millenial bashings spot on
  • M A
    M A 2 months ago island boy chris brown is a fucking loser.
  • MYVIDS Gio /MVG\
    MYVIDS Gio /MVG\ 2 months ago No he dose not have access to me
  • Dorjan24
    Dorjan24 2 months ago @Dylan Will That guy is the first person I've ever seen who misunderstood Bill Burr, jesus. He's the exact person that Bill bitches about!
  • Sorytips
    Sorytips 2 months ago Lol
  • what am i doing with my life?
    what am i doing with my life? 2 months ago Yes how
  • michael parker
    michael parker 2 months ago Illuminati comfirmed
  • दिलदार मीना गीत
    दिलदार मीना गीत 2 months ago
  • JarHead
    JarHead 2 months ago I need his PR team
  • Chunen Tran
    Chunen Tran 2 months ago gotta save dat money
    GV HYDRA FF 2 months ago Litt 🔥
  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 2 months ago Hi
  • Corinne Croissant
    Corinne Croissant 2 months ago @island boy ariana
  • Hello Person
    Hello Person 2 months ago Kevin hart was in Earth
  • •Derp•
    •Derp• 2 months ago Haha ikr
  • Clqxzz
    Clqxzz 2 months ago Konarke I notice no one is replying to your comment trying to go at you because you are absolutely right and everyone is snowflakes who can’t get over anything and keep bringing shit up from 10 years ago
  • Cody Wood
    Cody Wood 2 months ago @island boy what about Snoop?
  • Magnetic Shoron
    Magnetic Shoron 2 months ago Enjoy !! F9 Trailer
  • Luka Bell
    Luka Bell 2 months ago Laique Ali no he has many violent crimes on record. Watch his Johnson’s video where he lists off all the violent crimes.
  • hir0two iOS
    hir0two iOS 2 months ago it's cause he has *money*
  • Xd Loaf
    Xd Loaf 2 months ago Lmfao
  • Alex thiccboi
    Alex thiccboi 2 months ago Bruh
  • millenium AD nohro
    millenium AD nohro 2 months ago Fuck
  • Yep Yep
    Yep Yep 2 months ago IKR
  • Kaidan
    Kaidan 2 months ago lol
  • Magicaltrav
    Magicaltrav 2 months ago Lol
  • F3ARFU1 Pedrito
    F3ARFU1 Pedrito 2 months ago lol
  • Can
    Can 2 months ago he is jew bro
  • ɮʀօкɛռ ʍʊรɨƈ ♪
    ɮʀօкɛռ ʍʊรɨƈ ♪ 1 month ago E
  • ɮʀօкɛռ ʍʊรɨƈ ♪
    ɮʀօкɛռ ʍʊรɨƈ ♪ 1 month ago Haha
  • ɮʀօкɛռ ʍʊรɨƈ ♪
    ɮʀօкɛռ ʍʊรɨƈ ♪ 1 month ago Ikr
  • Cloudy xox
    Cloudy xox 1 month ago Who? Lil dicky? xd
  • Valsh SSG
    Valsh SSG 1 month ago oof
  • Bruno Soares
    Bruno Soares 1 month ago Ada please get the fuck out of here.. y’all feminists “fight” for equal rights, so equal fights... SO, shut the fuck up
  • Fishy Roblox
    Fishy Roblox 1 month ago Jacob Oneill uh
  • Archie_Boss435
    Archie_Boss435 1 month ago Last comment!
  • Jason Bender
    Jason Bender 1 month ago @Laique Ali Preach it, bro!
  • Dominique Z
    Dominique Z 1 month ago Yup
  • Christopher D souza
    Christopher D souza 1 month ago Lol
  • FaZe DrEaMzU
    FaZe DrEaMzU 1 month ago Lol
  • Valsh SSG
    Valsh SSG 1 month ago Yeet
  • Robo King
    Robo King 1 month ago That's actually so true
  • Kitami Jun
    Kitami Jun 1 month ago jews my man , jews they have acces to your girlfriend
  • Panda boy
    Panda boy 1 month ago Yep
  • Priscilla Granzreich
    Priscilla Granzreich 1 month ago Lilly Singh is shaking xD
  • josh Govender
    josh Govender 1 month ago Cool
  • Big Lasagna
    Big Lasagna 1 month ago He's connected