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Скачать с ютуб Mega64: The Update of A Lifetime

Опубликовано: 2 мая 2013 г. 219 639 просмотров

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Do good things really come to those who wait? And wait. And wait.

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  • Two49
    Two49 4 years ago WELCOME TO IPAD 6 KILL STREAK
  • Leinadlink
    Leinadlink 3 years ago That's how casual ipad games are, you kill by pressing the power button.
  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth 2 months ago PEWPEWPEWPEW!
  • Mega64
    Mega64 6 years ago Everyone involved in this is blocked from ever commenting again
  • lobo acuático
    lobo acuático 1 year ago Mega64 cool
  • Harrypotamus !
    Harrypotamus ! 4 months ago What happen
  • Vappyvap88
    Vappyvap88 4 years ago That ending will always haunt me forever.
  • the big brick
    the big brick 3 years ago R.I.P. Iwata
  • SupTestMan
    SupTestMan 3 years ago r.i.p
  • Pipo
    Pipo 4 years ago Hurry back soon Iwata. :(
  • PureFingClass
    PureFingClass 1 year ago SuperPiposaru Man this did not age well.
  • FengxianLeTerrible
    FengxianLeTerrible 9 months ago @PureFingClass I'd say it aged well
  • Segata
    Segata 6 years ago Thank god they made this faster. I got my Wii U on December 30th. The update just finished after a week.
  • Gunn Steif
    Gunn Steif 2 months ago (edited) what edition did you buy im on 82 percent
  • Okuyasu Nijimura『Za Hando』
    Okuyasu Nijimura『Za Hando』 5 years ago 1:46 omg I smiled so big at that whole exchange
  • Burdrehnar
    Burdrehnar 5 years ago Still has faster updates than the PS3 did.
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago it really didn't really
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago 2 and a half hours on the Wii U so yeah
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago wired...wifi with handhelds only
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago no re read's vice versa on what you just said
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago i know i win
  • Norilla
    Norilla 5 years ago Only took 1 hour for my WiiU update and I have really crappy internet.  The PS3 seems to need an update each week, and can take 30 minutes each time, while the other updates on the WiiU take no more then 5 minutes.
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago @TheBlackBloodNinja shut up you are late for the party
  • Norilla
    Norilla 5 years ago @Ben Dover Well sorry for not watching enough Mega64 to come across this video to comment to make a comment.  Then again, weren't you the one trying so hard to tell us that the PS3 updates faster then the WiiU?   One could argue that these kind of comments upset you.
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago @TheBlackBloodNinja this was at the launch of a new console...the updates should be a lot faster now...there you go you happy now
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago @***** not at launch it can't be always
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 years ago @***** i know it is difficult to tell someone that he/she was right about something
  • polyhex
    polyhex 5 years ago I own both a WiiU and a PS3, can confirm.
  • ThePreciseClimber
    ThePreciseClimber 5 years ago @TheBlackBloodNinja ONLY 1 hour. :D That's... a little sad.
  • Norilla
    Norilla 5 years ago @ThePreciseClimber Well it was bad internet that kept disconnecting.
  • pryt86
    pryt86 4 years ago Lol no
  • NullPoEx
    NullPoEx 2 years ago PS3 gave you the option to download updates to USB on a pc.
  • arikelvara
    arikelvara 2 years ago Don't spread FAKE NEWS about the Triple!
  • ajddavid452
    ajddavid452 1 year ago when I updated my ps3 the two times it had an update since I got it Christmas 2015, they were like 10-30 minutes, and I was on wifi
  • Epik5
    Epik5 4 years ago Plot twist, his daughter's ipad gets the iOS 10 update, with a very very long update.
  • swido16
    swido16 4 years ago Iwata at the end gave me a shit ton of feels
  • Aidan W
    Aidan W 5 years ago "WELCOME TO MINECRAFT 6! KILLSTREAK!" hahaha fucking died!
  • waddup
    waddup 5 years ago it says ipad 6
  • Aidan W
    Aidan W 5 years ago Yeah you're right. Hilarious either way though lul.
  • GeneralCane
    GeneralCane 5 years ago @Aidan Weld Minecraft six sounds like it would a badass game in that context. XD
  • Swishiee
    Swishiee 1 year ago Every time I hear "Hurry back!" on the Haunted Mansion, I can't help but laugh out loud because of this video.
  • fatcat
    fatcat 1 year ago Same, the bride was my favorite ghost from the ride. This just made her even better for me.
  • Mike S
    Mike S 6 years ago I like the Haunted Mansion homage at the end :D
  • SplitAuto
    SplitAuto 6 years ago Meabwhile...Deadrising 3 is still at 0%after all these years
  • Gavin80001
    Gavin80001 6 years ago 1:10 totally expected/predicted this.
  • adeiuscw2
    adeiuscw2 3 years ago # IF I COULD SAVE TIME IN A CAPSUUUUUULE #
  • Kaitos
    Kaitos 6 years ago Man...this is one of the most creative amusing videos ever
  • Slayer Jim
    Slayer Jim 3 years ago So wait, he had brown hair as a baby, blonde through the rest of his life until he became old and got brown hair again?
  • Atsuko Kagari
    Atsuko Kagari 3 years ago Can't explain the end part, but I had blonde hair as a baby and now I have very dark brown hair.
  • viewson83
    viewson83 2 years ago Grecian 2000
  • Casanuda
    Casanuda 1 year ago Get a load of this guy, not constantly dying his kid's hair.
  • Chic 'N' Stu
    Chic 'N' Stu 4 months ago @Atsuko Kagari Same here
  • 12Damon3
    12Damon3 5 years ago I can't help but think of this video every time I update the Wii U.
  • Lugmillord
    Lugmillord 5 years ago Wow, I didn't know I saved that much time with buying a used Wii U. :D
  • Lugmillord
    Lugmillord 5 years ago @***** I thought this video displays real time.
  • Meat Helicopter
    Meat Helicopter 5 years ago @*****  stop posting
  • Soxviper
    Soxviper 5 years ago post
  • ShinNaraku
    ShinNaraku 4 years ago I thought about this when downloading Bayonetta and Corrin for Smash last night.