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Watch Viral Fake Firing PRANK | Fake G-U-N Shot Prank | So Funny Videos | 1- More FUN

Dear viewers I am a YouTube lover (DIDAR HOSSAIN) Thank you so much for watching this video. We made this Viral Fake Firing PRANK video just for entertainment purpose you so if you like this video you must like and comment and give us your feedback. If you want more funny prank videos you must subscribe to our youtube channel (1-More FUN) and turn on the bell icon next to it to get the next notification.

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Now you see you enjoyed today was made just for fun and entertainment so no one will take this Viral Fake Firing PRANK video seriously. No one was harmed by this video. Then we uploaded this prank video. The sole purpose of making this Viral Fake Firing PRANK video is to entertain you. If you have any opinion about this Fake Firing video, then of course we have given the following link. Contact us. Thank you all.

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