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Скачать с ютуб Joyner Lucas - I Love (ADHD)

Опубликовано: 17 окт. 2018 г. 57 322 928 просмотров

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  • TheProsico
    TheProsico Год назад I feel sorry for those who discovered Joyner cuz of Eminem They missed his climb
  • Matrix Tools
    Matrix Tools Год назад mask off is dope.. i've been for real here since "I'm Not A Racist" he was on my list since then
  • Robbie Sarkioglu
    Robbie Sarkioglu Год назад Found em from Not Racist.
  • Elramos 325
    Elramos 325 Год назад Tbh I discovered Joyner because of his "I'm not racist" video
  • Just Me •
    Just Me • Год назад Hell yea haha hes a new england exclusive
  • BicoastalGecko
    BicoastalGecko Год назад Im disappointed I never heard of him till em
  • Tyler Mccormack
    Tyler Mccormack Год назад Ffffaaaxxx
  • Adonai Montero
    Adonai Montero Год назад Tbh tho
  • Adonai Montero
    Adonai Montero Год назад @ClappedNuggets same tho my friend showed me that song like a while back, and then when he camr out with bank account and like gucci gang remix I like actually started to listen tO his music
  • john doe
    john doe Год назад says the dude who discovered Joyner because of im not racist lmfaooo
  • Hi
    Hi Год назад i remember seeing his suicide vid from rap critic and thinking this dude finna blow up
  • jamal atwi
    jamal atwi Год назад Facts
  • JacobPlayz
    JacobPlayz Год назад At least, we got set on fire before it was too late 😂
  • Shayne O'Loughlin
    Shayne O'Loughlin Год назад Right like c'mon Backwords, Happy Birthday, Sorry,555,winter blues all his fucking remixes etc
  • Nayden Tasev
    Nayden Tasev Год назад yup
  • Your Uber Driver
    Your Uber Driver Год назад I discovered him cus of tech n9ne
  • ThisCreatedAccount
    ThisCreatedAccount Год назад who cares bitch. What matters is now.
  • Gabe Mata
    Gabe Mata Год назад Remember the BET cypher
  • EyefyourGf
    EyefyourGf Год назад Man i have been listening to joyner prolly even before eminem was heard of him,if that makes sense :/
  • Kenneth Biffle
    Kenneth Biffle Год назад true story.
  • Tray P
    Tray P Год назад All eminem fans suck cock basically, if eminem was like fuck joyner he's trash they wouldn't be here. If he said he liked icp then they would love icp.
  • Jimmy Shehadeh
    Jimmy Shehadeh Год назад Don't miss mi climb, i gonna fuck Donald Trump soon!! Die all muddaffakka!
  • eyeVANDALeyes
    eyeVANDALeyes Год назад Ross got me hooked. heard alot since loved it all. bless joyner
  • Jimmy Shehadeh
    Jimmy Shehadeh Год назад @eyeVANDALeyes yo maann you a sucker, go to sleep
  • blacksonne eightyeight
    blacksonne eightyeight Год назад Agreed , but also because I f Em he might get the recognition he deserves. Cause he is nasty good
  • blacksonne eightyeight
    blacksonne eightyeight Год назад @Just Me • he's from my home town . I was born in Worcester, MA. Woosta , MA.
  • emoboy666
    emoboy666 Год назад fax
  • TheCrazyAssMage Xbox-One
    TheCrazyAssMage Xbox-One Год назад Thanks kato for putting him on
  • Ash
    Ash Год назад So true
  • Noah 39888
    Noah 39888 Год назад TRUE
  • Andy Valdez
    Andy Valdez Год назад Want a cookie?
  • David Thomas
    David Thomas Год назад TheProsico facts
  • Stealy Wheely Automobiley
    Stealy Wheely Automobiley Год назад I knew of him but damn, hes going places now. Drake has nothing on him.
  • Josh Arthur
    Josh Arthur Год назад I am one that missed his rise, his depth is amazing
  • TooBrain Cells
    TooBrain Cells Год назад darwin santos i found him out on mask off
  • Carl Reynolds
    Carl Reynolds Год назад Guilty
  • Death_Shotx
    Death_Shotx Год назад I found him off Ross capichioni and have been a fan ever since
  • T69
    T69 Год назад fr
    Ernest PENDAVINJI Год назад I am sorry for myself that i discovered him coz of Eminem
  • jenson.h_
    jenson.h_ Год назад TheProsico I was there running from the start.
  • Bryan Mitchell
    Bryan Mitchell Год назад All y'all late af 🤦
  • Ananay Kathuria
    Ananay Kathuria Год назад Only og people will remember him releasing his remixes
  • Ryan V
    Ryan V Год назад facts
  • Juan Barahona
    Juan Barahona Год назад U feel sorry for them? I am grateful that they did cuz of em. Man ur so negative
  • Hexx04
    Hexx04 Год назад For real
  • Hexx04
    Hexx04 Год назад santos  same
  • Osvaldo Bustos
    Osvaldo Bustos Год назад Yup
  • Danisakiller 03
    Danisakiller 03 Год назад I've known him since the start
  • KnowoneYTG
    KnowoneYTG Год назад I discovered Joyner through I’m Not Racist.
  • dankious clout
    dankious clout Год назад So true
  • Rob Chatrchyan
    Rob Chatrchyan Год назад for real! they definitely need to listen to his past projects!
  • the eater that is agamer
    the eater that is agamer Год назад TheProsico you are speaking the truth
  • Baked 24/7
    Baked 24/7 Год назад Better than not knowing him at alll
  • Squish Tha kid
    Squish Tha kid Год назад W
  • Tatted Up Wolf
    Tatted Up Wolf Год назад This video need more views!
  • I stay getting hoed
    I stay getting hoed Год назад TheProsico but thats what joyner needed to finally get a proper introduction because nobody else would give him a chance or listen to his content besides the fans he already had.
  • mike d
    mike d Год назад The dopest lyricist to come out of Mass since Guru .Unfortunately the game doesn't honor skills anymore . It's all about antics and flashiness.
  • Marin Cosic
    Marin Cosic Год назад true
  • SuperSqishy 691
    SuperSqishy 691 Год назад yep
  • Anirudha Shahide
    Anirudha Shahide Год назад Although I met him after Chris collab and most people usually
  • SuperSqishy 691
    SuperSqishy 691 Год назад @Anirudha Shahide or when he made I'm not racist
  • Anirudha Shahide
    Anirudha Shahide Год назад SuperSqishy 691 sorry Bro. No that Time
  • SuperSqishy 691
    SuperSqishy 691 Год назад @Anirudha Shahide why sorry
  • Anirudha Shahide
    Anirudha Shahide Год назад SuperSqishy 691 coz Iam Indian very fond of good manners 😊
  • Anirudha Shahide
    Anirudha Shahide Год назад SuperSqishy 691 do you heard of pewdiepie and tseries
  • Miguel Mejia
    Miguel Mejia Год назад Deadass, they would of been still sleeping on him if it wasn’t for Eminem.
  • sjg2
    sjg2 Год назад I heard him from em then went back and watched his climb. He has been killing other artists song and made them 🔥🔥
  • ParaD1cey TV
    ParaD1cey TV Год назад Well, eminem's aim was to gave joyner a recognition, he's so talented and now alot of people know him, thanks em! (lol... I know him since gucci gang remix tho)
  • Kenan Walker
    Kenan Walker Год назад TheProsico word
  • Sausage4580
    Sausage4580 Год назад I know I missed the climb lol I wished I knew about him sooner, he's dope
  • Jargovis
    Jargovis Год назад His remix were so good
  • ItzRavexx Gaming/Productions
    ItzRavexx Gaming/Productions Год назад Bibles. Been here since "I'm sorry"
  • Keoni Hillier
    Keoni Hillier Год назад If it weren't for Tech N9ne and Logic collab I probably wouldnt have ever listened to him. Damn I'm thankful for that
  • JayChiv
    JayChiv Год назад I feel like shit that i only found out last year
  • Salma Allabadi
    Salma Allabadi Год назад Ikr
  • Zymrix
    Zymrix Год назад People need to know more about Joyner ive been listening to him since jumanji, champagne for everybody, etc. He's 🔥💯
  • Skythunder Sky
    Skythunder Sky Год назад That is so true, but rather late than never.
  • RedBoxes Much
    RedBoxes Much Год назад TheProsico swear
  • Brandongamer
    Brandongamer Год назад TheProsico but hey you know you’re good if Eminem likes him
  • Sprite Cranberry man
    Sprite Cranberry man Год назад darwin santos same
  • Mateo G
    Mateo G Год назад I'm not racist was the first song of his i ever listened to, i've loved him since that point
  • Hunterx Gaming
    Hunterx Gaming Год назад I listen to him before he worked with with Eminem
  • Austin Forshey
    Austin Forshey Год назад TheProsico I found him out through the Gucci gang and look alive remixes and he’s has made amazing song ever since
  • princealex
    princealex Год назад Joyner is shit.
  • 305 Nugga
    305 Nugga Год назад You can always go back to the albums homey...
  • David Billz
    David Billz Год назад TheProsico Tbh
  • moneygame stackitup
    moneygame stackitup Год назад Heard of him at first from a video on facebook from the kid that got his arm blown off woth a shotty his music video was after the full story of ross
  • moneygame stackitup
    moneygame stackitup Год назад @ItzRavexx Gaming/Productions im sorry is legit one of my favourites i listen to that on the daily , had alot of friends in that situation
  • moneygame stackitup
    moneygame stackitup Год назад Yall hear winter blues? Straight 🔥🔥🔥
  • Johnny82Utah
    Johnny82Utah Год назад he's still climbing it is what it is sky is the limit now
  • Ron Shreffler
    Ron Shreffler Год назад I heard in for the first time with em in lucky you and feel people sleep on him he's climbing high in my my mind
  • Brandon Lanier
    Brandon Lanier Год назад I think I started with the panda remix
  • Half Voice
    Half Voice Год назад Yea who remembers first hearing mansion
  • Anzu Wyliei
    Anzu Wyliei Год назад I discovered him from the video Joyner Lucas - I'm Sorry.
  • Sofos Gee
    Sofos Gee Год назад it's been a min
  • tara w
    tara w Год назад @darwin santos sameeee
  • DeeDee Davinci
    DeeDee Davinci Год назад Right they missed some great shii
  • FOENIX 420
    FOENIX 420 Год назад Aggred
  • Carlos Alameda Jr
    Carlos Alameda Jr Год назад
  • BrookLand F
    BrookLand F Год назад Fire since day1
  • Michael Nt
    Michael Nt Год назад i agree
  • Spedracer55
    Spedracer55 Год назад i swear
  • Ryan Diauto
    Ryan Diauto Год назад Word. I watched this kid climb to the top. Used to talk to him on the book. Telling him he's going to be huge.
  • khdghju
    khdghju Год назад Don't feel sorry. It's actually good. I discovered alot of oldschool great rappers thanks to Em. So him bringing ppl to real hiphop/rap is only a good thing if you ask me.
  • Ryan Diauto
    Ryan Diauto Год назад How about Ross C. That's when I really started bumping him.
  • Winky_ Boo
    Winky_ Boo Год назад I didnt
  • FudggeYeah
    FudggeYeah Год назад Yuh
  • FudggeYeah
    FudggeYeah Год назад @darwin santos that ain't that much I've listen to him since Ross
    JOHN GR Год назад The first track from him that i heard was Sriracha (which is sick imo) so don't feel sorry for me
  • 4 Dog
    4 Dog Год назад I concur most definitely
  • Timo Assink
    Timo Assink Год назад I missed his Climb, sorry for that.
  • Christopher Hinton
    Christopher Hinton Год назад I did :(
  • The Demons Doctor
    The Demons Doctor Год назад Lucas bit off.hopsin style plus now lucas is.mainstream he is being destroyed he shouldve stayed non mainstream
  • LaKaJa
    LaKaJa Год назад Tbh how could ypu have missed ross capichion or i'm not racist?
  • Unit Matrixx
    Unit Matrixx Год назад I been listening since panda remix
  • Ronnie Powers
    Ronnie Powers Год назад thats just better for us day 1's
  • Realone Trip
    Realone Trip Год назад same first heard of him when he released mask off remix after that just found out how much fire he can burst in every track hes #fire
  • Ivan Banana
    Ivan Banana Год назад I knew him since Ross capichioni
  • Dark ChillZ
    Dark ChillZ Год назад I found out about him from I’m sorry
  • Andrew
    Andrew Год назад I have the people who say they feel sorry for hopping on someone's train at a certain point like it doesn't matter if u a real fan it don't matter👌
  • carlos godfrey
    carlos godfrey Год назад TheProsico been since his first mixtape
  • Memeolicious
    Memeolicious Год назад shit i forgot u commented this i just said i feel bad for people who didnt know Joyner until Em made a song with him
  • jonathan Legarda
    jonathan Legarda Год назад Yes sir they did
    GSW#1 CHAMP Год назад I feel sorry for you feeling sorry for them
  • Anthony Dunbar
    Anthony Dunbar Год назад Lmao shit I been listening to this dude since he was free-styling at niggas parties🤣guy is from my city (Worcester Mass , and it’s a small city too) so I been hip to him before any of his hits dropped
  • Real rap Mianda
    Real rap Mianda Год назад His bank account remix is fore
  • Brian Nooning
    Brian Nooning Год назад Em’s been biting from Joyner for years it was nice to see him acknowledge his influence and give him a feature. Most ppl don’t realize Joyner wrote the collab with Em, it should’ve been Joyner featuring Eminem, but he was smart letting Em take credit and put it on Kamikaze
  • otakuchic161
    otakuchic161 Год назад I missed it but em didnt bring me here it was I'm not racist
  • Quintin Lee
    Quintin Lee Год назад Does it matter how you find music I thought music was suppose to bring people together just like everybody in this comment section that what eminem and tech n9ne did because honestly I dont have the time and patience to be seaching for real hiphop I gotta damn life
    KNUKKULZ AnOn Год назад G shit
  • Jon Mattingly
    Jon Mattingly Год назад sill here though
  • Fish Mafia
    Fish Mafia Год назад darwin santos you need to go back and check jumanji and backwards then 💯
  • Fish Mafia
    Fish Mafia Год назад Check out backwards and jumanji! Joyner is a GOAT!💯
  • Silky Slim
    Silky Slim Год назад Wat happened
  • EmYouLate
    EmYouLate Год назад @darwin santos that's it?
  • MotelBobby
    MotelBobby Год назад Tray P haha your such an idiot with a take like that
  • MotelBobby
    MotelBobby Год назад Jason Whitcome we got a true fan right here folks. what a cool guy so much better than all of us knowing about joyner long before all us sheep
  • Lee Dillon
    Lee Dillon Год назад Isn't the main thing ppl discover him no. John mcclane bein all die hard
  • J1ZZ130SS
    J1ZZ130SS Год назад i discovered him with his gucci gang remix
  • Joshua Hansen
    Joshua Hansen Год назад BIG FAX
  • Max B
    Max B Год назад I've watched this man literally come up from nothing! 508 in the building! I went to school with him. Personally know him
  • Max B
    Max B Год назад darwin santos what about future Joyner? That's the mixtape he was passing out out here I think only people in the 508 have heard it
  • GTC Ayush
    GTC Ayush Год назад YeaH man i m one of them and i should’ve discovered him earlier
  • Nick Wolski
    Nick Wolski Год назад Big factoids
  • WorgenatorWoW
    WorgenatorWoW Год назад @darwin santos im since panda
  • Dom Bruni
    Dom Bruni Год назад Faxtz I been listening since Future Joyner
  • BadNewsKel
    BadNewsKel Год назад Riggggght
  • jarrett irwin
    jarrett irwin Год назад I remember when he was trying to get big on facebook, knew he would explode
  • deleted
    deleted Год назад I found him cuz of his remixes a bit ago and I thought those were fucking bangers and then I listened to his original music and fell in love
  • sean williams
    sean williams Год назад @Warren Sterling been rocking with him since Bandcamp days, Future Joyner back before be was Joyner Lucas, Fuck with him then Fuck with him now
  • Sérgio Langa
    Sérgio Langa Год назад I am following since my 6years old son liked both tracks with CB. i am not racist was next ... then remixes of panda, Gucci, etc he has a dope droping , i think i may be the liricist of the year .... i feel happy to listen to hiphop with sense in lirics now days .... keep doing it Joyner ...
  • Charles Rizk
    Charles Rizk Год назад riding solo was when i got into joyner
  • José Explosion
    José Explosion Год назад Why feel sorry? Be happy they discovered him at all.
  • backsfx
    backsfx Год назад eh nah, he just stole bumping songs track and picture exesample (Joyner Lucas - Gucci Gang (Remix), Joyner Lucas - Bank Account (Remix)Joyner Lucas - Panda Remix all came out after the original song got on top 10 xD but fuck it, he is here now making his own shit now.
  • brittany carreras
    brittany carreras Год назад Truth
  • Im Christian
    Im Christian Год назад Been here since 508 album
  • Quite
    Quite Год назад TheProsico I know man, it’s sad that artists like em have to promote smaller artists like Joyner to gain the fame and recognition
  • Trillionaire Record's
    Trillionaire Record's Год назад TheProsico factssss💯💯💯
  • Code Name Teddy
    Code Name Teddy Год назад Man got big so quick
  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore Год назад I've been on Joyner since that Gucci gang remix and I'm not racist
  • NS25
    NS25 Год назад TheProsico been here since Ross
  • NS25
    NS25 Год назад Elramos 325 that was when he started to get popular
  • Justin Adams
    Justin Adams Год назад Sooo much sorrow over what? Inevitable passing of time? You seem comfortable living in the past... Hah! Why not be happy for who Joyner is today?
  • Agua Flow
    Agua Flow Год назад as if to say he is done climbing ;).
  • Enchanted Rage
    Enchanted Rage Год назад Real shit
  • Enchanted Rage
    Enchanted Rage Год назад I think his talent climbed above Em 2 years ago.
  • NS25
    NS25 Год назад Justin Adams nah he was just saying how new fans didn’t get to watch Joyner become a better artist and slowly climb his way up in the rap game
  • Quentin Sanchez
    Quentin Sanchez Год назад real asf
  • Liviu Bla
    Liviu Bla Год назад I think you should be happy ! For both, Joyner and his succes and the new fans !
  • Cruz
    Cruz Год назад He still climbing though, just with four hands and feet
    KEEPITFLY_ _ Год назад Bruuuuhhhhh !!! TRUTH !!
  • Kelvin Rafael
    Kelvin Rafael Год назад @SomeGuy I've been catching up
  • Bram  Van Lent
    Bram Van Lent Год назад Who was there when he dropped gucci gang remix that shit fire
  • Nemanja Malinovic
    Nemanja Malinovic Год назад How can you miss his climb if literally all of his songs are available online? Just listen to them now??
  • Incab
    Incab Год назад haha straight up
  • Francisco Barros
    Francisco Barros Год назад its the internet bro its long from lost
    KROWEN THE UNKNOWN Год назад I heard I'm not racist and I didn't tske to it at first but he went hard on that Em track so I mean it was because of his energy on Lucky You that turned me over to him
  • Matthew Colone
    Matthew Colone Год назад I started at the Im sorry song
  • Sinatra
    Sinatra Год назад its sad cuz even on the come up he was better than most
  • Ishika Thapa
    Ishika Thapa Год назад TheProsico yeah 🙌🙌
  • AHK
    AHK Год назад TheProsico I discovered him when he dropped im sorry
  • gentry redfield
    gentry redfield Год назад Real talk prosico
  • Adam
    Adam Год назад @2:33 - 2:37 Will See how that climb ends.
  • Clow Tears
    Clow Tears Год назад i feel sorry for Joyner, his old fans dont like him being discovered. And still think they are Real Fans.
  • Aqib Sayed
    Aqib Sayed Год назад Been here since the beginning
  • Brief Music
    Brief Music Год назад TheProsico I don’t cause now my boy got more fame than before
  • Enzheq
    Enzheq Год назад Honestly none of yall have seen his climb. Probably found him out brcaude of his gucci gang or bank account remix.
  • Blamps
    Blamps Год назад Fr bro.... Its great to see him getting these views
  • Antonio Corral
    Antonio Corral Год назад True fucking that. People were missing out
  • It'sMeMarof
    It'sMeMarof Год назад yep, i remember when I heard ross capicchioni ...I was like damn...this man gonna fly high
  • Chase Syverud
    Chase Syverud Год назад What songs should I listen to tho.
  • The Real TVYLXR
    The Real TVYLXR Год назад True
  • It'sMeMarof
    It'sMeMarof Год назад @Chase Syverud ross capicchioni, im not racist, masks off, Gucci gang remix
  • Kevin bonilla
    Kevin bonilla Год назад Dumbass this is a teaser for his new album ADHD
  • Authentiik
    Authentiik Год назад The good thing about Youtube is we can watch everything whenever we want anywhere we want lol
  • kyle ash
    kyle ash Год назад Facts
  • Logan Klein
    Logan Klein Год назад TheProsico i know him bc of him but i love his music. i’ve been listening to a ton of his songs
  • made on Earth
    made on Earth Год назад same... but most one found them at the racist track..
  • moosic
    moosic Год назад Ive known him since im not racist
  • Gamer Of Games
    Gamer Of Games Год назад Hard, his remixes we fiyaaaa
  • Kyal
    Kyal Год назад Ikr
  • Juan Delatorre
    Juan Delatorre Год назад Honestly
  • UrMumsVibrtr FmL
    UrMumsVibrtr FmL Год назад Facts
  • Daniel J. Martinez
    Daniel J. Martinez Год назад Been my number one rapper after he dropped album 2 and he got on the remixes Joyner brought back hip hop single handed the only reason em can out the way he has is cuz Joyner has received set the bar for hip hop salute Joyner Lucas make everyone elevate and come correct or stay on the sinking ship.
  • Joseph Auala
    Joseph Auala Год назад I met Joyner at the savagevill tour with hopsin and token
  • Emma Snyder
    Emma Snyder Год назад It was an exhausting climb but the view is breath taking. Proud of you Joyner!
  • Subhead Moore
    Subhead Moore Год назад Facts dude was dope since i heard happybirthday
  • jason jennings
    jason jennings Год назад Facts
  • TropicalPriest
    TropicalPriest Год назад Watching this dude on Facebook talking with his fans a couple years ago. His come up was real.
  • daBoss
    daBoss Год назад I feel more sorry for people who feel the need to let everyone know they've been around for a minute. Can't the new listeners just enjoy without "feeling sorry" for them? Shit this new age clout chasing, " I was here first", ass bullshit is getting out of hand
  • MC
    MC Год назад i feel sorry for your mom
  • S M N
    S M N Год назад Facts
  • lamar doss
    lamar doss Год назад (изменено) i discovered joyner when he was call future joyner way before i'm not racist
  • Çağatay Tanır
    Çağatay Tanır Год назад So true!!
  • Chase Morton
    Chase Morton Год назад TheProsico That’s how I discovered him because I had gave up on giving attention to new rappers. Been let down way too many times and thought there was no real ones left. What did we miss??
  • Steve Brum-hamilton
    Steve Brum-hamilton Год назад Man im just pleased i found him period... yes watchinga raise to some one is great... but its dont make you more of a fan... i saw ed sheeran what 14yrs ago busking on carnaby street in london i was never to know he would be a world wide artist later one in life.. other wise i would of signed him...
  • Its. Snøw夭
    Its. Snøw夭 Год назад I found him from his ross song (idk how to spell the last name)
  • Eugenio Vidaure
    Eugenio Vidaure Год назад (изменено) Been here since Ross C 😎
  • rcm619
    rcm619 Год назад TheProsico super sad, been here since Ross Capicchioni
    DEEMO Год назад ikr
  • walter walter
    walter walter Год назад Been there since along came Joyner
  • Jason Rorex
    Jason Rorex Год назад I remember sitting in my car. With a good friend at the top of our local butte Here in Eugene. We were looking out over the city, and smoking. Talking about everything. I was about to move to a new city. Away from everything. We were showing each other new music. I showed her chubby jag’s “Lauren hill,” and she said I want your take on this song. I asked her to tell me about it, and she said she was just gonna play it, and wanted me to come in blind. She starts playing this song of a white dude calling a black dude all sorts of shit, then the reversal, and finally the ending with the hug. I was baked and listening to the lyrics heavy style, I totally missed it was the same person rapping both verses. I started down some stupid explanation. Then she told me it was the same person. Haha I was very intrigued by that song. I started to look at all his music, and realized this dude was fireeeeeeee. Like that he was gonna blow way the fuck up, prolly had already started. Regardless, the next day I drove outta that town, and to a foreign city with lonely crowded streets, and I brought Joyner with me. Been listening ever since. Nice to see him getting the recognition he should be.
  • alexandru valentin
    alexandru valentin Год назад many other people discovered Joyner thanks to C. Breezy long time ago...bless!
  • JD Alwaysworkin
    JD Alwaysworkin Год назад @blacksonne eightyeight Nah bruh Its "wusta" "wuss-tuh" Massa-two-shits
  • blacksonne eightyeight
    blacksonne eightyeight Год назад @JD Alwaysworkin believe me if you could hear me talk youd understand why my nickname is woosta. Or wusta. My accents about as thick as it gets in Central MA.
  • 6uuill3 musica
    6uuill3 musica Год назад TheProsico word
  • Despair r
    Despair r Год назад TheProsico ℐᏦℛ
  • xBvnditx
    xBvnditx Год назад Big facts
  • Randy Rowsell
    Randy Rowsell Год назад Rocking with joyner since late 2015 when he was on the come up
  • Greenboy Weed reviews
    Greenboy Weed reviews Год назад No joke this guy's has always been a beast
  • H Gg
    H Gg Год назад TheProsico right been listening to him since Ross capichoni and now he’s everywhere it’s crazy lol
  • FletchBTW
    FletchBTW Год назад I've Been listening to him since Ross cappichoni and panda remix and I'm sorry he's fucking amazing
  • Table_Tops
    Table_Tops Год назад TheProsico I found him from the Gucci gang remix
  • LilPurpp
    LilPurpp Год назад I found Joyner from crypt If you know who that is
  • a aa
    a aa Год назад Nice beats
  • MC Smooth Rapper
    MC Smooth Rapper Год назад Hopsins better
  • benny s
    benny s Год назад Facts bro!!!
  • Tiffany Munroe
    Tiffany Munroe Год назад Oh I know, I wish I had heard of Joyner sooner. However, I'm super grateful that Em brought him into the spotlight, as he rightly deserves. 👑💙
  • Harambe
    Harambe Год назад Preach
  • unknown man
    unknown man Год назад Not me cuz
  • Wombat 04
    Wombat 04 Год назад TheProsico already knew him
  • EvoNillo
    EvoNillo Год назад Fr, tbh I discovered him when the bank account remix came out, also the Gucci Gang remix too. Ever since then he’s been spitting straight fire. But since lately I feel like he’s less now.
  • J Keeper
    J Keeper Год назад I ya I first heard Joyner when he made I'm not racist and Gucci gang remix change my entire life lol jk, Joyner is the shit though
  • Patrick Meyer
    Patrick Meyer Год назад TheProsico exactly they probably don’t even know ultrasound
  • Miguel Muniz
    Miguel Muniz Год назад Facts
  • Isidoro Martinez
    Isidoro Martinez Год назад (изменено) Im glad i found him when he came out with the 508 album
  • Adam
    Adam Год назад He's great, Underrated though.
  • The A Train
    The A Train Год назад TheProsico I discovered him when he made I’m sorry
  • Kay CraZy!
    Kay CraZy! Год назад tbh
  • X - Man1418
    X - Man1418 Год назад Naw I discovered Joyner because of I’m not racist and then he became my favorite rapper. Lucky you was honestly the only song I’ve heard off of that album
  • Night Kids Car Club
    Night Kids Car Club Год назад still bumb all joyner earlier stuff b4 he blew up
  • Dabbe Tabbi
    Dabbe Tabbi Год назад True
  • Adrian Gray
    Adrian Gray Год назад Yea but look on the bright sight Joyner got tons of exposure and now we can all celebrate him let’s het
  • 서세민
    서세민 Год назад I discovered Joyner cuz of his I'm not a racis video
  • Lalo Hernandez
    Lalo Hernandez Год назад I’ve known of him since he made “I’m sorry”
  • Alecarté Stfuffs
    Alecarté Stfuffs Год назад So true!
  • Adair Cruz
    Adair Cruz Год назад Why is it a BIG thing to discover an artist before they go mainstream?
  • Lucid Tickle
    Lucid Tickle Год назад Lol I've been listening to him since like 2015
  • silly goose
    silly goose Год назад TheProsico are you kidding? He ain’t even close to the top, he’s still climbing bro
  • Chef
    Chef Год назад They missed true fire
  • Cavan Leverette
    Cavan Leverette Год назад Ikr
  • Knache 38
    Knache 38 Год назад Real talk
  • LucyintheSkyofDiamonds
    LucyintheSkyofDiamonds Год назад Honestly
  • Alpha woof
    Alpha woof Год назад I'm so happy I witnessed the come up
  • Fernando G.
    Fernando G. Год назад TheProsico For real
  • TacTicaL J0E
    TacTicaL J0E Год назад TheProsico just heard of him because of em but damn he’s good
  • Larry Fields
    Larry Fields Год назад Facts
  • Brian Streezy
    Brian Streezy Год назад I feel sorry for your mother.
  • Yeet Myster
    Yeet Myster Год назад ive been here for 4 years sense ross.. :)
  • DatNigga Bongo
    DatNigga Bongo Год назад "I'm not racist" that's where I started with him.
  • James Flint
    James Flint Год назад its now or never bruh
  • Teddy McCoy
    Teddy McCoy Год назад Right
  • Red Voltzz
    Red Voltzz Год назад @darwin santos lmao that's not that Far back
  • Dustin Sim
    Dustin Sim Год назад Noticed him from the black guy song
  • stomp dog killer's
    stomp dog killer's Год назад For real g ultra all the way
    YOURS NOW Год назад thats like everyone under 18
  • Jeriel Baez
    Jeriel Baez Год назад Facts if you didn't find Joyner back in fb in 2013 you not an of
  • Jeriel Baez
    Jeriel Baez Год назад Og*
  • Dat Hippie
    Dat Hippie Год назад I been listening Joyner since he was underground
  • Teletrvpo
    Teletrvpo Год назад better late than never
  • Robert F12
    Robert F12 Год назад Ive been a fans since 508 and frozen
  • FireDragon
    FireDragon Год назад SomeGuy I did but he’s pretty fire 🔥
  • Luka Zivkov
    Luka Zivkov Год назад on the real though my G, his come up was actually an awesome experience. I've been feeling his shit for a long time
  • Kyle Harris Harris
    Kyle Harris Harris Год назад TheProsico nah I didn't I was a fan since day 1 em just made my argument more a win
  • S Su
    S Su Год назад soooooo true
  • Steve Gln
    Steve Gln Год назад At least they still discovered him...
  • Jonathan Russell
    Jonathan Russell Год назад I found him 6 years ago spitting outside of a burger shope loll it was dope he had a big afro
  • Critical Mass Gaming
    Critical Mass Gaming Год назад I knew about this dude since his hit I'm not racist
  • Phoenix Freeman
    Phoenix Freeman Год назад facts, been here for over a year and have witnessed him at his best and his worst
    JIMMY LITTLE Год назад Still waiting for him to come to Australia after putting his tour.....
  • Ari'sWorld
    Ari'sWorld Год назад TheProsico forrealllll
  • Adam Breivogel
    Adam Breivogel Год назад Been here since long way
  • Ekaansh Pant
    Ekaansh Pant Год назад But Eminem introduced Joyner to many people.
    RINGTONE ARENA Год назад I think I'm the saddest one fuck!
  • nota mortum
    nota mortum Год назад He only getting started bro.
  • Derek Schultz
    Derek Schultz Год назад I've been bumping Joyner since mansion!
  • Hayder Abullah
    Hayder Abullah Год назад We didn't miss shit, This is the Joyner ppl want, fuck that old Joyner shit
  • mj600700
    mj600700 Год назад Bruuhh it's so fucking sad tbh.. He worked like a fucking god
  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _ Год назад Oh cuz we cant lesson to his past songs u idiot stfu plus he generic anyways
  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _ Год назад Its not like eminen fans go furthur and go with assosiated acts with eminem fhey problem lesson to him for a song and donw
  • SoulZx
    SoulZx Год назад True
  • Freddy Stinson
    Freddy Stinson Год назад Real spit
  • Clxzly
    Clxzly Год назад yea i remember when he pump out all those fire remixes
  • Dr. Peppermint
    Dr. Peppermint Год назад TheProsico been a fan since I’m sorry
  • XtReMe T3AM
    XtReMe T3AM Год назад fr fr bro his climb was huge
  • gamesting diacrane
    gamesting diacrane Год назад same man, been here since 508-507-2209
  • XtReMe T3AM
    XtReMe T3AM Год назад gamesting diacrane been here since ross capicchioni
  • Beastly
    Beastly Год назад I haven't, been listening to his mind sic since day 1
  • Yesenia Garcia
    Yesenia Garcia Год назад True!
  • Lightning Phoenix
    Lightning Phoenix Год назад Fr tho
  • Beats&Wheels
    Beats&Wheels Год назад You get two cookies for that. Makes your nuts bigger.
  • Tom
    Tom Год назад Must have been an interesting journey, I personally discovered him I guess like 7 months ago or smth like that, missed dat shit
  • Colin Hegarty
    Colin Hegarty Год назад i found him because some guy recommended him to me in the comment section of logics 1800 after i commented it wasnt very good, im so greatful for that guy bc ive been able to watch much of joyners come up
  • Ryan Spiker
    Ryan Spiker Год назад TheProsico I don’t know who did, because I’m Not Racist blew up
  • Saad Muzzammil
    Saad Muzzammil Год назад You don't have to feel sorry because he always praise Eminem like his older brother. Stop getting salty, if someone has discovered him after Lucky You. Emerging artist needs mainstream so did Eminem in past. Everybody needs it.
  • William Whitty
    William Whitty Год назад If I was you I'd watch what you say to me...
  • Jaydeep Saggu
    Jaydeep Saggu Год назад I agree I've been a fan of since Winter blues
  • 1K subs no vids Ok :/
    1K subs no vids Ok :/ Год назад what you mean eminem you mean cuz the kamikaze thing
  • El Lobos
    El Lobos Год назад I also feel sorry for the people sleeping on Quantrelle. If you like cole, Joyner & Kendrick, you'll like him.
  • Grim
    Grim Год назад TheProsico facts
  • YNG Michael
    YNG Michael Год назад TheProsico I’ve been here for about 2 years and he has such good talent he’s 20 times better then most rappers
  • Memerer
    Memerer Год назад honestly
  • xxx
    xxx Год назад Agreed
  • Pohan
    Pohan Год назад The freakiest thing is since I've listened to him I always thought if em met him they would do a song together and when they did I freaked the fuck out like it was badass
  • brennen mclarry
    brennen mclarry Год назад yeah nigga
  • topiee 14
    topiee 14 Год назад Right bruh
  • B.
    B. Год назад i dont, i was able to discover a TON of fresh music ive never heard, stop being a dick.
  • jdouble dizzle
    jdouble dizzle Год назад (изменено) Can't hate on this cat for collaborating with slim shady. I guarentee it was eminem who was diggin Joyner's music and asked him to make a song together. I am a huge eminem fan, and when I heard they collaborated together.... my mind was blown because I knew it was gonna be straight fire. Never slept on Joyner. The dude is an animal in the rap game and deserves way more from his music. Im glad eminem helped him get his name more popular. #facts
  • jdouble dizzle
    jdouble dizzle Год назад @El Lobos yeah right, I tried listened to his most viewed song. It's like second grade class versus senior class. Not bad, but not close to these EMCEEs
  • Alex 05
    Alex 05 Год назад damn
  • AHZ 21
    AHZ 21 Год назад But why not
  • Rayquaza Kidd
    Rayquaza Kidd Год назад Facts
  • Prodijy
    Prodijy Год назад @darwin santos same
  • tasman Lindsay
    tasman Lindsay Год назад I got him from his panda remix in 2016 with My brother. First hundred thousand of Subs
  • Oliver Escaja
    Oliver Escaja Год назад yup dude
  • Joaquin Janis
    Joaquin Janis Год назад TheProsico shut the fuck up dick rider
  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Год назад i discovered joyner way back when he did happy birthday...Its been a crazy climb and its good to actual see him get the recognition he deserves!
    FUNNY DOQ Год назад I found out about joyner listening to im not racist but after i heard the look alive remix i actually started listening to his music
  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde Год назад I'm not racist was my first song from him
  • Chicago Sunroof
    Chicago Sunroof Год назад The only time I heard of before Em was Royce saying "I wanna do a joint or two with Joyner Lucas" I'm woke now
  • afraidxd - Gaming
    afraidxd - Gaming Год назад I can't understand how rap fans didn't know him before
  • RVo
    RVo Год назад @football Stars company tbh I think he already has look up all his remixes I'm sorry and I'm not racist
  • HBK_ zay
    HBK_ zay Год назад TheProsico true
  • Brayden Sings
    Brayden Sings Год назад I know who remembers the panda cover
  • The Real JC
    The Real JC Год назад Yeah they missed out on commenting"hows he so underrated?" 100 times
  • Joe Sharpe
    Joe Sharpe Год назад Hahaha Joyner lucas was my jams before Eminem came back
  • Shaharia al Abir
    Shaharia al Abir Год назад i found him cz of cris brown XDD
  • Dan Schuyler
    Dan Schuyler Год назад @darwin santos that's not even long bro
  • Shannon Krohn
    Shannon Krohn Год назад well some of us old ass MF'er don't keep up with whats hot today because we are so stuck in our ways we don't even give it a chance so until i heard him with Em i only knew him from " I am not Racist" and i thought that was dope but "Lucky You" is what opened my ears up to him for good so we may be late but we still here NOW lol
  • Shannon Krohn
    Shannon Krohn Год назад tell em son LoL people act like its a competition of who has been listening to him the longest @ThisCreatedAccount
  • Shannon Krohn
    Shannon Krohn Год назад thats not true buddy you just don't like Eminem fans and label them all as crazy "Stans" who think he can do no wrong LoL trust me there is a MAJOR difference from Eminem "Fans" and Eminem "Stans" the FANS keep it real the "Stans" stay ass kissing
  • chayse choyce
    chayse choyce Год назад TheProsico I hear of him through his Gucci rap... I didn't know till recently he did something with Eminem
  • hrishikesh mohite
    hrishikesh mohite Год назад True
  • Luis Leon
    Luis Leon Год назад Honestly
  • James Brandon To
    James Brandon To Год назад Thank God I discovered him from the beginning of his career
  • Anthony Rotheram
    Anthony Rotheram Год назад Facts
  • H sfbth dteh dot hhtd Sgrrgsgrgfdbfdbfdfbdfbgfny
    H sfbth dteh dot hhtd Sgrrgsgrgfdbfdbfdfbdfbgfny Год назад TheProsico agreed
  • The Jukes Of Hazzard
    The Jukes Of Hazzard Год назад Big facts yo
  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez Год назад The first song I heard from him was his mask off remix and I've been listening to him for a while
  • IrvinIce
    IrvinIce Год назад His climb wasnt that great or else we wouldve heard it... I skimmed his work and nothing sounded this crisp...
  • The Jukes Of Hazzard
    The Jukes Of Hazzard Год назад @IrvinIce yo what now u sounding ridiculous clearly ain't heard half his songs then cause plenty of them were way more fire then lucky you or this I'm sorry, happy birthday, panda remix, Ross capiccioni etc.
  • Nicholas Wright
    Nicholas Wright Год назад Foreal his bars been destroying everybody for years
  • Sutton
    Sutton Год назад For rea
  • dylan redinger
    dylan redinger Год назад i feel happy for those who discovered Joyner cuz of Em cuz they are seeing Joyner in the prime of his career. Collaborating with huge artists now. Yes they missed his climb, but they seeing how humble he is cuz of his climb
  • emo aboy
    emo aboy Год назад fuck nigga...just here cause 400nd comment
  • Exotix Logic
    Exotix Logic Год назад TheProsico exactly
  • KUPOkinz
    KUPOkinz Год назад I feel that way about XXXt how I stereotypically thought he was a mumble artist, then shit happened :( and now he's one of my favorite soft love/sad song writers.
  • LTL Official
    LTL Official Год назад I agree
  • Dave Smurf
    Dave Smurf Год назад Lol, so what?
  • Kimmy Odell
    Kimmy Odell Год назад Me
  • Kimmy Odell
    Kimmy Odell Год назад @Tray P fuck you not everyone looks for little guys EM is god for a reason and you should respect that but still joyner will get his time but only if EM stops really and fuck you the p stands for pussy
  • Kimmy Odell
    Kimmy Odell Год назад @Stealy Wheely Automobiley Drake has nothing on anyone
  • FinalElite Gamer
    FinalElite Gamer Год назад Dead ass
  • Leo
    Leo Год назад Don't hate. At least we got here. People all around the world, from all kinds of walks of life, and you feel sorry for those hwo discovered Joyner from Eminem... Look to the parties we got in front of us.
  • Troy Derks
    Troy Derks Год назад exactly
  • M G
    M G Год назад Fr i found him on 802. That was such a unique album that I had to keep listening. Then I found his remixes and fell in love w his music 🔥
  • Mitza Beleaua
    Mitza Beleaua Год назад TheProsico facts
  • Blake Roberts
    Blake Roberts Год назад BIGFACTS!! ive been listening since ross capicchioni
  • BegoXx
    BegoXx Год назад i was the 6666 like
  • Nathan Lopez
    Nathan Lopez Год назад TheProsico fuck you
  • Tiyon Cain
    Tiyon Cain Год назад Big facts !!
  • Big Virgil
    Big Virgil Год назад Ruben dr Stop being a crying snobby bitch
  • Samuel Agrillo
    Samuel Agrillo Год назад I found him because of his I'm not raciest music video that was fire
  • Kaptain Krunch
    Kaptain Krunch Год назад TheProsico fr
  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez Год назад He hasn't come close to peaking, you guys are smoking crack if you think he has 13million views isn't shit for a big artist. Lil Pump has 400 million.
  • Who Shockyy
    Who Shockyy Год назад My mom went to school with Joyner
  • Nathan Harris
    Nathan Harris Год назад Who would sleep on him shame. It unfortunate because is still be handout the yelling black umbrella.
  • vaibhav gupta
    vaibhav gupta Год назад true that though i came to know about him because of the beef ,did not regret it
  • Jacob Frye
    Jacob Frye Год назад It’s funny cause I was one of those people
  • Ibrahim Abdulhakim
    Ibrahim Abdulhakim Год назад @ClappedNuggets same
  • Donnie Barko
    Donnie Barko Год назад too bad they can see all the old videos somewhere
  • Inês Pedro
    Inês Pedro Год назад TheProsico I was going to his concert in Portugal but then he cancelled it and now that he’s much bigger I’m pretty sure he won’t be back in Portugal so soon 😭
  • Marco Leona
    Marco Leona Год назад TheProsico yeah
  • Daniel Marzka
    Daniel Marzka Год назад Yo. I've been on Joyner since Words With Friends, dog. I knew this mans here would be the next best thing. Not many know about Ross Cappichioni, and I feel sorry for them.
  • Brandon Reece
    Brandon Reece Год назад Heard that
  • Darlene Richardson
    Darlene Richardson Год назад For real I was a fan since along came joyner dogs really grown
  • Kronzrr
    Kronzrr Год назад Agree
  • Mr. Neqtan
    Mr. Neqtan Год назад He still climbing. A true artist stay climbing. Let's talk 10 years from now! O7
  • SturboTv
    SturboTv Год назад Pay my music homage 🔥🎧
    MAD COLLECTOR Год назад I've been listening since I'm not racist
  • alize maestas
    alize maestas Год назад Been listening since he was future joyner
  • Easa
    Easa Год назад Agreed
  • jacob richard
    jacob richard Год назад Joyner was one of the most underated and underestimated rappers of all time. His climb was one of the most greatest and legendary of all time. The ones who were there in the beginning will be the only one to understand....
  • V Poe
    V Poe Год назад Shut up
  • joshua caballero
    joshua caballero Год назад Aye yow if he roll wid em he cool wid me
  • Technique Secrète
    Technique Secrète Год назад TheProsico stop sucking him, your sucking with tooth
  • click this it's amo2005.
    click this it's amo2005. Год назад Ikr
  • Denzel S.
    Denzel S. Год назад For real seriously
  • thatTUESDAYchannel
    thatTUESDAYchannel Год назад I'm glad 2 say I was here since I'm not racist
  • SomeGuyOnTheInternet
    SomeGuyOnTheInternet Год назад TheProsico 💯🔥 say no more my friend
  • Ha W
    Ha W Год назад I'm one of them honestly
  • Sergio Malcman
    Sergio Malcman Год назад Oh, look at Mr. Cool guy here who was following him from the beginning, no one cares.
  • sukhmanvver bajwa
    sukhmanvver bajwa Год назад Ill
  • Ari Rabia
    Ari Rabia Год назад Facts
  • dude8543958
    dude8543958 Год назад I knew of him before he featured on Em's Lucky You, this dude has been killing it forever
  • Bag Em Kush
    Bag Em Kush Год назад Lol ur the man for this comment @ TheProsico Cuz u so right haha
  • Fridgeman
    Fridgeman Год назад I discovered him from the im not racist vid but i feel he seriously blew up when he colabed with EM
  • Muze Produces
    Muze Produces Год назад TheProsico u rite
  • Metro Iggn
    Metro Iggn Год назад TheProsico i’m not racist
  • TheGreatestTeamOfAll
    TheGreatestTeamOfAll Год назад I feel sorry for those who feel special for knowing about a rapper...
    MUSIC REACTOR Год назад this is true i been a fan since before ross capiccihoni
  • Jacob Boone
    Jacob Boone Год назад Facts 💯
  • Jacob Boone
    Jacob Boone Год назад I discovered Joyner with his mixtape where he spit over Em's beats. 2016. Been a fan since. Glad he got to work with his biggest influence. They're droppin more 🔥🔥 🔥 very soon
  • bro jacques
    bro jacques Год назад @Jacob Boone ooooooo i cant wait
  • PracticalJoker LOL
    PracticalJoker LOL Год назад ryy _ sand
  • Mark Baz
    Mark Baz Год назад Tray P So you hate loyal fans is what you are saying basically!?!
  • PoRelinx
    PoRelinx Год назад TheProsico a👳‍♂️
  • Bodi Sanderson
    Bodi Sanderson Год назад TheProsico I just now found out about him because of Eminem he’s amazing, and I can’t wait to see what else he’s got 🔥💯🙌🏽
  • Bodi Sanderson
    Bodi Sanderson Год назад football Stars company same here he’s amazing and I can’t wait to see what else he gots 🔥💯🤘🏽
  • royce meanice
    royce meanice Год назад I'm gutted I had never heard of him before lucky you. Hes boss as fuck. Rhymes about some real shit
  • B Fletch
    B Fletch Год назад the climb is the best part years man I've been telling heads about Joyner.
  • Jackray15
    Jackray15 Год назад I know. Only the og Joyner fans remember when he had just like you happy birthday I’m not racist ultrasound and now people only like him for the meats and everything besides the lyrics
  • KTN_ Jimaek
    KTN_ Jimaek Год назад It has the best of the two worlds the sick drops and addicting lines from mumble rap and the clever lyrics and rhymes from lyrical rap 10/10
  • Nickubus99
    Nickubus99 Год назад Oh well we can always go back and relive it. Its better that it happened to be fair.
  • Kenny Cortez
    Kenny Cortez Год назад Who gives a fuck
  • AJ PSG
    AJ PSG Год назад I found him through a song with Tech N9ne called Sirracha.He spazzed on that song and then I heard him on Ross Cappiochini that was deep af.
    I AM DOOM NOT GROOT Год назад (изменено) @ TheProsico u sound like a goddamn hipster, who u tryna impress? "i feel sorry for those born after Pac, they missed his run" headass @Clow Tears fr, they sum bumass niggas
  • RaeLynne Bell
    RaeLynne Bell Год назад same (most people who found about him from em and they going to reply by saying they didnt)
  • Tray WizKid
    Tray WizKid Год назад I K R
  • Sleepy Venom
    Sleepy Venom Год назад I found him bc of logic but never hated him
  • heaven holloway
    heaven holloway Год назад I got the 8k like!!!!!!
  • Mia Love
    Mia Love Год назад TheProsico 💯Facts!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Furious Contempt
    Furious Contempt Год назад The man has grown
  • JakeSucksAtGames
    JakeSucksAtGames Год назад Better late than never
  • ModForLife 9
    ModForLife 9 Год назад Joyner just dropped a bomb. Go listen to it. He totally redeemed himself.
  • Gustavo Sifuentes
    Gustavo Sifuentes Год назад Y'all need to go back and listen to Happy Birthday, Sorry, 100, and all the Music videos he's done. I'm tired of people saying of you didn't know him before you suck, but those same people saying that still didn't know his ealier work, y'all discovered him on Gucci Gang freestyle gtfo of here and let the new fans enjoy his music. Music is endless. That's like saying "oh I feel sorry for people who weren't alive when Tupac was" Bitch so what? His music lives on as well. Music never dies so shut the fuck up and enjoy :)
  • Unsponsored Skateboarding
    Unsponsored Skateboarding Год назад I've been listing to his shit since I heard Gucci Gang remix I'm glad he got on with em he's definitely next
  • Jay Seth
    Jay Seth Год назад 508-507-2209 one of the best projects of 2017. Then theres Along Came Joyner, Low Frequency Oscillators
  • MGPippin
    MGPippin Год назад Don't feel sorry for me. This is the 4th song of his I've heard and now I'm super excited to be fresh to all of his "brand new to me" music!
  • Tray WizKid
    Tray WizKid Год назад @Sleepy Venom I found him ever since "Riding solo" with Busy Signal
  • i.a.k iaintkidding
    i.a.k iaintkidding Год назад joyner is fire and i am so glad i discovered him i was missing on such overpowered shit joyner is a fucking prodigy the best new school rapper without a fucking doubt
  • Platinum Ops
    Platinum Ops Год назад I found out just recently, def not ems doing, Fuck that lil hoe. I love joyner though. Wish I knew of him before he got big.
    WNW BARLOS Год назад Been here since Along Came Joyner DEAR AMERICA (DONT SHOOT)
  • Andy Hernandez
    Andy Hernandez Год назад TheProsico facts brotha
    WAKOKAINE Год назад TheProsico Eat a dick nigga Joyner is discovered cause of Eminem
  • Cameron L
    Cameron L Год назад yooooo, bruh his gucci gang remix had me tripped
  • S Z
    S Z Год назад Fr tho. I was in love with Joyner when I found his song Backwards like three years ago and then when he was promoting his 508 album, dude that was the shit. He even had a phone number thing you could sign up and get text notifications and then when he released the album id be bopping that all 2017. I still remember me and everyone else saying how he was so underrated and that he's definitely boutta blow up, but now that it's actually happened it just feels like i'm listening to someone else. As if he's not the Joyner from 2015. I mean he's releasing so much fire and he always has been, but I guess an artist being abit unknown and not that mainstream kinda has its charm and that's what made me like Joyner even more. But Joyner being here now is all due to his hard work and it's all payed off. He really deserves this and I'm just so proud of him!!!
  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez Год назад Big facts who's been here since long way ???
  • Julia Charles
    Julia Charles Год назад 💯
    OPIx DOPEY Год назад Lmfao everyone saying they caught the rise. Been here since backwords and don't consider myself an OG follower
  • Randy H.
    Randy H. Год назад I firsr heard of Joyner Lucas back in 2016 on the Tech N9ne song Sriracha, which also featured Logic.
  • Zak mewse
    Zak mewse Год назад I been here since panda remix
  • Gamingog
    Gamingog Год назад TheProsico tru
  • Hayden Parker
    Hayden Parker 11 месяцев назад TheProsico I found him thru Chris brown 😕 well fuck me then
  • Jeramy McQueen
    Jeramy McQueen 11 месяцев назад He doesnt feel that way tho
  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man 10 месяцев назад well they know him now, and not because he featured in lucky you, its because he was good in lucky you
  • real guy
    real guy 10 месяцев назад m
  • Lynn Moniz
    Lynn Moniz 9 месяцев назад Straaaaaight up. I screamed for an entire day when i seen his name on the kamikaze album, I BEEN TOLD THESE MFS FOR YEARS. &I cried when i heard him on the radio i was so fucking proud. I felt like a proud mother.
  • ッConfusion
    ッConfusion 9 месяцев назад Ik
  • Megablademe
    Megablademe 9 месяцев назад Discovered him by searching for a bank account remix,his song popped up first.Proabbly best search I have ever done on yt.
  • Sews
    Sews 7 месяцев назад I feel sorry for myself too...
  • Hermanbob
    Hermanbob 6 месяцев назад I discovered him at around 2015 or so when I listened to Ross Capicchioni and Mansion and thought they were cool so I checked out more. Throughout 2017 and 2018 I thought Joyner and Em were my favorite rappers and I think I shit myself when I woke up on August 31, 2018 to discover that they have a song together. No question that it was song of the year 2018 for me at least
  • Jean Bob
    Jean Bob 6 месяцев назад Fuck u
  • Declan Nufc
    Declan Nufc 6 месяцев назад Defo
  • ElectroBlissMusic
    ElectroBlissMusic 6 месяцев назад Cant we all still listen to his climb from here? And sounds like hes just starting too btw. He still has a long career ahead from what im hearing. Unless theres something I'm missing? Please elaborate for us
  • Ghvst Clan • 10 years ago
    Ghvst Clan • 10 years ago 6 месяцев назад Ikr
  • Whitney Trice
    Whitney Trice 2 месяца назад I discovered him through Chris brown
  • ItzJordan
    ItzJordan 2 месяца назад Yep
  • ItzJordan
    ItzJordan 2 месяца назад Y
  • ItzJordan
    ItzJordan 2 месяца назад E
  • YNG
    YNG 2 месяца назад facts
  • shadyss96
    shadyss96 2 месяца назад I found out through Em, and happy I got to at all... This man is fire
  • Black Wxlfdxg
    Black Wxlfdxg 1 месяц назад I get the last word
  • DFK Zex
    DFK Zex 2 месяца назад If you have ADHD like my comment because I do
  • ItzJordan
    ItzJordan 2 месяца назад I dont but i still liked
  • Meme
    Meme 2 месяца назад I truly don't know if i have it like i have some of the symptom's but not all of them
  • DFK Zex
    DFK Zex 2 месяца назад Then ask your doctor or family members but it doesn't matter.
  • Caiden Houston
    Caiden Houston 2 месяца назад i do
  • DFK Zex
    DFK Zex 2 месяца назад Good for you bro were making a armys it seems jk
  • Damusic Brozz
    Damusic Brozz 2 месяца назад Same
    IRON DICK 2 месяца назад What is ADHD?🤣
  • Hoyt Sigman
    Hoyt Sigman 2 месяца назад He's lying headass nigga
  • DFK Zex
    DFK Zex 2 месяца назад @IRON DICK u are dumb as fuck look it up.
  • DFK Zex
    DFK Zex 2 месяца назад @Hoyt Sigman WTF are you talking about
  • Matthew McCormick
    Matthew McCormick 2 месяца назад i have ADD don't have the hyperactivity side of it
  • Hoyt Sigman
    Hoyt Sigman 2 месяца назад @DFK Zex he wants likes dumbass
  • Only Pickle Chin Ah Boy
    Only Pickle Chin Ah Boy 2 месяца назад like beggars be like
  • Kiri Brimhall
    Kiri Brimhall 2 месяца назад Yep
  • Dolan welch
    Dolan welch 1 месяц назад I do
  • Likanen Länsi
    Likanen Länsi 1 месяц назад Pathetic.... #Idiocracy
  • The War Prince Ariton Leviathan
    The War Prince Ariton Leviathan 1 месяц назад Idk if anyone else shakes because of their ADHD cause i do idk how to explain the feeling i have when i get the "shake"
  • MrYeeto
    MrYeeto 1 месяц назад I dont have adhd but i cant stay still so im confused with myself
  • That’s what she Said
    That’s what she Said 1 месяц назад I do but it’s not terrible I only use it in school
  • D'Angelo Pruitt
    D'Angelo Pruitt 1 месяц назад I do
  • HeyItsMaccaBTW
    HeyItsMaccaBTW 1 месяц назад Nar but I have autism
    SEMILORE. S 1 месяц назад I have ADHD but I don’t have all the symptoms
  • Rebal
    Rebal 1 месяц назад Calm down
  • DFK Zex
    DFK Zex 1 месяц назад @Rebal what are you talking about calm down?
  • sos thebosss
    sos thebosss 1 месяц назад i have ADHD
  • Rebal
    Rebal 1 месяц назад @DFK Zex mate jesus calm down
  • Tyler Harries
    Tyler Harries 1 месяц назад Aha my mongol brotherin
  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 1 месяц назад I have alot more than adhd
  • Anthony demons Siller runb4ME
    Anthony demons Siller runb4ME 1 месяц назад I've got it but the docs keep handing me
  • Anthony demons Siller runb4ME
    Anthony demons Siller runb4ME 1 месяц назад @lone wolf me too bro it's called worldwide anxiety of the fears people have lol
  • Adam Ksouri
    Adam Ksouri 1 месяц назад Matthew McCormick same bruh
  • Adam Ksouri
    Adam Ksouri 1 месяц назад DFK Zex does add count
  • Eat My Ass
    Eat My Ass 1 месяц назад Yup
  • xuvay .!
    xuvay .! 1 месяц назад DFK Zex Inn b have the hyperactive one.
  • sponge bob
    sponge bob 1 месяц назад I got adhd cptsd spd add OCD bipolar fas rad
  • Karna The Lancer Of Red
    Karna The Lancer Of Red 1 месяц назад I have it so imma like
  • Crazylove Isback
    Crazylove Isback 1 месяц назад I do to
  • Jack Freeman
    Jack Freeman 1 месяц назад @IRON DICK lol
  • Jack Freeman
    Jack Freeman 1 месяц назад Oops I disliked
  • Peyton Langohr
    Peyton Langohr 1 месяц назад I got A d d,ashburger,and adhd
  • Jenna tolls
    Jenna tolls 1 месяц назад I was going to but I got distracted
  • jkingVEVO
    jkingVEVO 1 месяц назад @Adam Ksouri of course it count. ADD is actually now called Predominantly Inattentive ADHD, which is a subtype of ADHD. ADD is now an outdated term since 1994. But I see why people still say "they have ADD" when they're not hyperactive.
  • This is Kaiden Toomer
    This is Kaiden Toomer 4 недели назад I do
  • Jace Adams
    Jace Adams 3 недели назад @Caiden Houston jh
  • Jace Adams
    Jace Adams 3 недели назад @Kiri Brimhall n
  • Jose Carranza
    Jose Carranza 3 недели назад ADHD stand for attention deficit hyper activity Disorder and I have had diagnosed adhd for 4 years
  • david Woodruff
    david Woodruff 3 недели назад U probably dont becouse ur just saying that because u know Joyner has it
  • Isaac C
    Isaac C 3 недели назад I don't have ADHD I'm just fucking retarded
  • Oasis Sleepy
    Oasis Sleepy 3 недели назад lol i do
  • Tremoxy
    Tremoxy 2 недели назад I have it
  • MrGladBEASTftw
    MrGladBEASTftw 2 недели назад No but mail me that adde script son
  • Stuart Peters
    Stuart Peters 2 недели назад Yep I do
  • Patrick Mcmullen
    Patrick Mcmullen 2 недели назад DFK Zex my sister has ADHD and she doubts herself and we tell her just because u have a disability she accomplish anything like look at Joyner he is a low key god rapper
  • Patrick Mcmullen
    Patrick Mcmullen 2 недели назад ItzJordan same
  • Let’s Pump Sum Ballas
    Let’s Pump Sum Ballas 2 недели назад DFK Zex nigga stfu you have ADHD
  • Let’s Pump Sum Ballas
    Let’s Pump Sum Ballas 2 недели назад That’s what she Said how do you use your ADHD when your only in school? Is it like a super power you can use whenever and wherever you want? Can you just not use it at all? Explain.
  • Melinda Richerson
    Melinda Richerson Неделю назад DFK Zex I do
  • Blasian Boi Brandon
    Blasian Boi Brandon Неделю назад I like the album too.
  • domingo villareal
    domingo villareal Неделю назад I love I love iiiiii love
  • FappyBoii
    FappyBoii 6 дней назад i don't and i'm so sorry that you have ADHD :(
  • anaisem08
    anaisem08 4 дня назад Adhd here!💪💪💪💪💪
  • Méqa
    Méqa 4 дня назад I do 👍❤️
  • Aiden David
    Aiden David 4 дня назад no
  • DFK Zex
    DFK Zex 4 дня назад @Aiden David then don't comment
  • Aiden David
    Aiden David 3 дня назад @DFK Zex naw I'm good
  • DBmx
    DBmx 2 дня назад @Meme same
  • DBmx
    DBmx 2 дня назад Dont use an mental illness as a way to get likes asshole
  • Demarco Goss
    Demarco Goss 1 месяц назад “Love when they think I ain’t cool cause I’m sober” that just explains today’s society respect
  • Jeremiah Seiuli
    Jeremiah Seiuli 2 недели назад no not at all
  • MysticWolfy 04
    MysticWolfy 04 Неделю назад @Jeremiah Seiuli no, it does. You have to be a druggy or drink to be "fun" or "cool"
  • Ata Yaraman
    Ata Yaraman Неделю назад @MysticWolfy 04 nah its your friends get better ones
  • MysticWolfy 04
    MysticWolfy 04 Неделю назад @Ata Yaraman oh I know, that's what I'm trying to say. Is so many people are like that, its actually kinda upsetting
  • Milkdudd
    Milkdudd Неделю назад @MysticWolfy 04 I would say that mentality only applies to highschool and a bit of college
  • SxeDarkAngel
    SxeDarkAngel 20 часов назад @Milkdudd then you would be sadly wrong
  • xLagNo _Wherex
    xLagNo _Wherex 5 месяцев назад Friend: Who’s your favourite singer? Me: JOYNER Friend: Who’s your favourite rapper? Me: JOYNER Friend: Name somebody famous that’s not JOYNER. Me: GARY Friend: Who’s GARY?! Me: JOYNER Btw I Love love love love JOYNER!!
  • Playboi carti Lil uzi vert
    Playboi carti Lil uzi vert 5 месяцев назад LMFAO😂😂😂
  • Butch Deloria
    Butch Deloria 5 месяцев назад From fallout 3? Gary...gary? GARY!?!?
  • pollito21
    pollito21 5 месяцев назад XD
  • slash body
    slash body 4 месяца назад You so cringe ,fucking 12 y/o f
  • Gavin Farnsworth
    Gavin Farnsworth 4 месяца назад No_ Name not much better homie
  • EvilLock
    EvilLock 4 месяца назад @slash body Like you can talk
  • OfficialFilthyDanker
    OfficialFilthyDanker 4 месяца назад No homo?
    SAS UKE 4 месяца назад xLagNo _Wherex Lol i saw dis on a eminem vid
  • xLagNo _Wherex
    xLagNo _Wherex 4 месяца назад @SAS UKE got this from someone on a new NF music video lol
  • AJ Lumsden
    AJ Lumsden 3 месяца назад @Butch Deloria Joyners real name is Gary
  • Butch Deloria
    Butch Deloria 3 месяца назад @AJ Lumsden bruh , I'm fuckin around
  • isaac beck
    isaac beck 3 месяца назад Lil tecca
  • 95-Ramen
    95-Ramen 2 месяца назад slash body r/WOOOOOSH
  • Lenny Arroliga
    Lenny Arroliga 2 месяца назад gay
  • JprTM
    JprTM 2 месяца назад xLagNo _Wherex you’re gay gay gay gay
  • Mutantgamer 27
    Mutantgamer 27 2 месяца назад @slash body your so cringe that you can't even spell no Subscriber having loser
  • I liKe uNdErRaTeD raPpErS
    I liKe uNdErRaTeD raPpErS 2 месяца назад I see your an nf fan too.. Same
  • Szubi Producent
    Szubi Producent 1 месяц назад @95-Ramen no? It wasnt even funny you cant just woooosh him, also r/itwooooshwith4o's
  • Szubi Producent
    Szubi Producent 1 месяц назад @Mutantgamer 27 you're* lmaoo
  • Peyton Dowling
    Peyton Dowling 1 месяц назад If you love Joyner (no homo), then why do you have a profile pic of NF? (By the way, NF and Joyner are my favorites.)
  • Glaive Reptenzi
    Glaive Reptenzi 1 месяц назад @slash body nigga stfu even if he is 12 which I doubt he is, it's pathetic to pick on a 12 year old if he was 12
  • Ben doritos !
    Ben doritos ! 1 месяц назад Name someone who's famous and isn't Joyner Me: JOE Who's Joe? JOENER
  • Shaunna Wood
    Shaunna Wood 2 недели назад ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Best of Brawl Stars
    Best of Brawl Stars 2 недели назад 🤣🤣🤣
  • CraZe Acrid
    CraZe Acrid 19 часов назад @Szubi Producent don't even help him. People who use r/ anything on other platforms are the cringiest people who exist.
  • Mr. Marshal
    Mr. Marshal 1 месяц назад Them: "Is Joyner better than Lil Pump?" Me: "Is water a liquid?"
  • Swivel
    Swivel 1 месяц назад Lmao underated comment
  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 3 недели назад @Swivel But water ain't liquid tho 😂 stupid ass niggas 😤
  • Mr. Marshal
    Mr. Marshal 3 недели назад @Nice Guy Water at room temperature is in a liquid state...
  • Garrett Lempia
    Garrett Lempia 3 недели назад @Mr. Marshal some people man
  • agent 53
    agent 53 2 недели назад @Nice Guy you stooooooopid ass nigga water is a liquid it is basic science
    RB_SPLICE 2 недели назад Thank you
  • MrGladBEASTftw
    MrGladBEASTftw 2 недели назад Mr. Marshal 32 under in freezing so not even room temp. Unless you ain’t got no heat in the winter that’s when you come home n all the water bottles frozen
  • Mr. Marshal
    Mr. Marshal 2 недели назад (изменено) @MrGladBEASTftw "room temperature" is identified as between 20-22°C (68-72°F). Water is in liquid form at this temperature.
  • Patrick Mcmullen
    Patrick Mcmullen 2 недели назад Mr. Marshal lo
  • Patrick Mcmullen
    Patrick Mcmullen 2 недели назад Lol
  • Lee Bates
    Lee Bates 2 недели назад Hahaha man stop it that shit fucking funny
  • samir
    samir 2 недели назад @Nice Guy :I
  • spicyFry
    spicyFry 6 дней назад Ice is literally solid water.
  • N Parveen
    N Parveen 5 дней назад Is Joyner a solid artist?
  • Master Peace
    Master Peace 5 дней назад Is this a forreal question people ask cries
  • Nathan Strang
    Nathan Strang 6 часов назад @agent 53 u fucking stupid nigga hes comparing it dumbass
  • Nathan Strang
    Nathan Strang 6 часов назад @Nice Guy u sure?
  • Nathan Strang
    Nathan Strang 6 часов назад @agent 53 nvm sry wrong person lmao
  • 19 SYC
    19 SYC Год назад Like if Joyner is better than Lil pump
  • Conker The Squirrel
    Conker The Squirrel Год назад 19 SYC duhhhh lol
  • Karma is A bitch
    Karma is A bitch Год назад (изменено) Isn't that obvious
  • firstname Lastname
    firstname Lastname Год назад Comparing Joyner to that bitch is an insult
  • Carlo Rey Solitana
    Carlo Rey Solitana Год назад Duh, why even compare Joyner to a goner.
  • 19 SYC
    19 SYC Год назад firstname Lastname LMAOO
  • Steven Hyden
    Steven Hyden Год назад Right, lil pump can't spell Joyner
  • Makeusayohmygod DPG
    Makeusayohmygod DPG Год назад 19 SYC joyner is better rapper no doubt but lil pump is better artist he is not here to show us bars its just hype thats all so dont compare them
  • 19 SYC
    19 SYC 11 месяцев назад Makeusayohmygod DPG alr👌🏻💦
  • Daniel Cordova
    Daniel Cordova 11 месяцев назад Both of them are trash foh
  • Makeusayohmygod DPG
    Makeusayohmygod DPG 11 месяцев назад (изменено) Daniel Cordova stfu u dont know nothing about music
  • Roman Breining
    Roman Breining 11 месяцев назад U just like thirsty
  • Roman Breining
    Roman Breining 11 месяцев назад Daniel Cordova why in the hell are u here then
  • Danilex
    Danilex 11 месяцев назад @Roman Breining because he's fucking Coward,a motherfucker
  • Max Moore
    Max Moore 11 месяцев назад 19 SYC same
  • Penono
    Penono 11 месяцев назад @Makeusayohmygod DPGI like your statement but I dont agree on better artist part
  • Makeusayohmygod DPG
    Makeusayohmygod DPG 11 месяцев назад Penono ight bro my point is that lil pump is better like making music his music videos are lit af and he has catchy hooks and everything plus he has that unique flow,his beats are mad crazy i like when lil pump rhymes and the beat just stops for a sec and then bbbuuummm that makes him a better artist joyner is just better rapper thats all but thats my opinion im not saying that u are wrong my friend 👍🏽
  • ItsKrum
    ItsKrum 11 месяцев назад YAH NO SHIT!!!
  • Eli Irvine
    Eli Irvine 11 месяцев назад You so deprate for clout
  • k a b o o m p o w !
    k a b o o m p o w ! 11 месяцев назад I dont listen to lil pumps music so i wouldnt know
  • Steven Hyden
    Steven Hyden 11 месяцев назад Hip Hop is bars not "hype" mumble mumble somptinnnn never mind you wouldn't understand daugh @Dpg
  • RIP mojo xoxo
    RIP mojo xoxo 11 месяцев назад Was lil pump even good in the first place?
  • Vimlow
    Vimlow 11 месяцев назад Don't insult joyner
  • Llion Hughes
    Llion Hughes 11 месяцев назад well no shit joyner is much more better he can go faster smarter and can say the word
  • x King Mikey x
    x King Mikey x 11 месяцев назад That's not an if that's a fact
  • Samuel Figura
    Samuel Figura 11 месяцев назад You put a trash vs one of the greatest(Joyner)
  • gxystar
    gxystar 11 месяцев назад @firstname Lastname bitch
  • Yeet Master289
    Yeet Master289 11 месяцев назад 110%%%
  • 4Cubes
    4Cubes 11 месяцев назад bruh
  • This acc Is hacked
    This acc Is hacked 11 месяцев назад he better than 6ix9ine, lil pump, drake, and lil skies shiiiiiiit
  • lil salamander
    lil salamander 11 месяцев назад everybody is better than lil pump
  • Lucas Nissen
    Lucas Nissen 11 месяцев назад ,lil pump does not even get close to Joyner Lucas
  • 50 Icey
    50 Icey 11 месяцев назад 19 SYC, it’s easy to be better than the Pump
  • This acc Is hacked
    This acc Is hacked 11 месяцев назад way better my guy
  • Wakey Wakey eggs and bakey
    Wakey Wakey eggs and bakey 11 месяцев назад @Makeusayohmygod DPG all that means is hes far up the industrys arse, a puppet that is hyped. No talent required, just toe the line promote drugs, alcohol and a materialistic lifestyle and theyll make you a "star" with lit videos etc. Lol lil this lil that coz they know all they are is a tool being used. And people are so used to being presented with CRUD that the CRUD seems good to them. Lol he dont even write the beat or anything and has ghostwriters. Oh dear why is this stuff not plainly obvious to everyone? Smh.
  • Lucas Nissen
    Lucas Nissen 11 месяцев назад @firstname Lastname so fucking true
  • Makeusayohmygod DPG
    Makeusayohmygod DPG 11 месяцев назад (изменено) Steven Hyden actually iknow everything about rap/trap and pop music im a huge fan of em all.. and i didint say that hip hop is about hype u think i dont know what's hip hop 😂 i just said that lil pump is not a hip hop artist he's a hype man entertainer so chill out dude
  • hacked technothief
    hacked technothief 11 месяцев назад A Cactus > Lil pump
  • jillian jones
    jillian jones 11 месяцев назад @Makeusayohmygod DPG you've got to be under 21....
  • jillian jones
    jillian jones 11 месяцев назад @This acc Is hacked bahaha there's a lil skies now too...oh boy. Tried to listen to one of the lil s once or twice. I laughed my ass off and couldn't listen to the rest of it. Some kid said that lol pump was better because of his music videos and a few other things that I can't wrap my head around. A revolution is coming I guess the lil s better relish in their "glory" while they still can
  • Makeusayohmygod DPG
    Makeusayohmygod DPG 11 месяцев назад jillian jones actually im 22 and u are?
  • weed smoker
    weed smoker 11 месяцев назад Lmao 😂😂😂bitch don't compare him to trash rappers like pump
  • This acc Is hacked
    This acc Is hacked 11 месяцев назад (изменено) @jillian jones ight thx i'ma be a rapper to
  • Golden Diamonds
    Golden Diamonds 11 месяцев назад Anyone is
  • Jared Brewer
    Jared Brewer 11 месяцев назад Don’t compare Joyner to lil pump, lil pump is a mumble rapper, Joyner Lucas is a lyrical rapper
  • 19 SYC
    19 SYC 11 месяцев назад Jared Brewer ur right my bad💦
  • Super98
    Super98 11 месяцев назад @Makeusayohmygod DPG salty boi
  • William Spaceboy
    William Spaceboy 11 месяцев назад For this comment alone you can go fuck yourself
  • Mandog1215
    Mandog1215 11 месяцев назад 19 SYC I think I am and I ain’t even good😂😂
  • sKillFaker Gaming
    sKillFaker Gaming 11 месяцев назад is it even comparable??
  • nomad 59
    nomad 59 11 месяцев назад ofcourse
  • King Tolo
    King Tolo 11 месяцев назад why would that be a comparison, that's like comparing a La Ferrari to a 92honda
  • cyphy tha don
    cyphy tha don 11 месяцев назад this dumb ass nigga put joyner and lil pump in the same sentence lmao get the fuck out of here lame ass
  • SamoanHeritage
    SamoanHeritage 11 месяцев назад @Makeusayohmygod DPG plz delete your comment and leave this video forever. For you to say that a guy who only talks about bitches, money, dumb shit and a bunch of drugs is hype, you must be a 14 year old white boy
    SOG TRICKSHOT 11 месяцев назад Lucas is underrated af
  • cRYptic sAD
    cRYptic sAD 11 месяцев назад no one is better than lil pump boi
  • Jesus Feria
    Jesus Feria 11 месяцев назад This ain't even a comparison lol
  • samosef
    samosef 11 месяцев назад stupid fucking comparison
  • Vinnie
    Vinnie 11 месяцев назад 19 SYC wattup ma nigga
  • 19 SYC
    19 SYC 11 месяцев назад Vinuka Fernando wat up brother
  • WorgenatorWoW
    WorgenatorWoW 11 месяцев назад Like-whore
  • Event Snitch
    Event Snitch 11 месяцев назад Why do you compare them? They cannot be compared.
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 11 месяцев назад Lmao lil pump is poo
  • My-Dude
    My-Dude 11 месяцев назад 19 SYC if someone didn’t like this comment they’re mentally unstable (no offense)
  • Tobias Daugbjerg
    Tobias Daugbjerg 11 месяцев назад Makeusayohmygod DPG thats the problem with hiphop today.. It shouldnt be about the beat and vids, but the talent and meaning of it. Pump is a trash artist tbh
  • Marty Mcnally
    Marty Mcnally 11 месяцев назад Naw
  • Tasha Gördü
    Tasha Gördü 11 месяцев назад Sweetie that is not a good rapper to put anywhere near Joyner Lucas. Pump she yells and screams dumb ass shit that makes no damn sense😂 But Joyner is that nigga! Can't nobody touch him, he speaks nothing but real facts without a doubt! He should be getting more shine than pump and 6ix9ine put together!
  • Nikki Harmon
    Nikki Harmon 11 месяцев назад Hell yeah
  • Zay2savy Clips
    Zay2savy Clips 11 месяцев назад What kind of question is this I'm crying lil pumps a mumble rapper
  • youngtaai
    youngtaai 11 месяцев назад you guys are stupid, this is just a plot to get a shit ton of likes. he doesnt REALLY think joyner compares to pump. he's just desperate for likes. this sort of comment is literally on every rap song you can listen to
  • Pancho Miri
    Pancho Miri 11 месяцев назад Lil pump lol.. Who can you even compare!
  • Imad Essaiydy
    Imad Essaiydy 11 месяцев назад f*ck lil pump i wan t him to die in the prison joyner luckas and eminem are the best rappers
  • Marik
    Marik 11 месяцев назад That's like comparing apples to oranges, two completely different styles
  • Saschassp
    Saschassp 11 месяцев назад martin lopez No it isnt
  • Alko Pone
    Alko Pone 11 месяцев назад Who is Lil' Pump?
  • Big Diesel
    Big Diesel 11 месяцев назад At this point you shouldn't even put them in the same sentence, cause they got nothing in common. Lol
  • Multiple Productions
    Multiple Productions 11 месяцев назад Like if the sky is blue
  • Dominic Lunt
    Dominic Lunt 11 месяцев назад Anyone is better then lil pump
  • Sophia Emelie
    Sophia Emelie 11 месяцев назад Yes
  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 11 месяцев назад @Daniel Cordova jealous boy
  • Lil Cranky
    Lil Cranky 11 месяцев назад Everyone's better than lil pump 😂
  • Satyam Sudan
    Satyam Sudan 11 месяцев назад Everything is better a lil pump
  • Pawn
    Pawn 11 месяцев назад that need like ?
  • Josh Pacheco
    Josh Pacheco 11 месяцев назад Shoutout to local boy from Worcester! :) blowing up !
  • slicedluke
    slicedluke 11 месяцев назад My left pinky toe is better than lil pump
  • Makeusayohmygod DPG
    Makeusayohmygod DPG 11 месяцев назад SamoanHeritage if u wouldnt be so negative u would understand what im talking about i used to hate lil pump but i realized that he can make a banger song without saying any meaningfull words and its still catchy and tbh everyone likes catchy songs joyner lucas is very talented rapper he always goes bar to bar if joyner and lil pump had a rap battle joyner would eat him for breakfast but the difference between them is that lil pumps music blows up in a concert/stage joyner's music does not blow up as same cause he makes music for old heads but he sure has that new school flow too but he likes old school more,he's always dissing trap heads
  • Angel Giordano
    Angel Giordano 11 месяцев назад @firstname Lastname Exactly!!
  • Dank Nation
    Dank Nation 11 месяцев назад U really had to even make a comment about this and ask for likes? Ffs lmao. Get out.. Just git outt fam🤦‍♂️
  • D.I.S. KING
    D.I.S. KING 11 месяцев назад Dude slim jesus 6ix9ne and garbage mumble rap is better than lil pump lil pump is garbage at everything he tries to do
  • 19 SYC
    19 SYC 11 месяцев назад Dank Nation jk
  • Eric Nawa
    Eric Nawa 11 месяцев назад that even a question, pump is total shite...lucas raps 1000x better
  • TBDJ Gaming
    TBDJ Gaming 11 месяцев назад Thats an obvious answer
  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 11 месяцев назад Like if Lil Pump should not be in the same sentence as joyner lucas
  • Αλεξανδρος Αλεξιου
    Αλεξανδρος Αλεξιου 11 месяцев назад My mom is better than lil pump... what are talking about 😂
  • Scar Eatme
    Scar Eatme 11 месяцев назад All day Lil who
  • jeffro bangzz
    jeffro bangzz 11 месяцев назад Is that a serious question?
  • Scar Eatme
    Scar Eatme 11 месяцев назад @jeffro bangzz Right Lil who haaaa
  • Jay Son!
    Jay Son! 11 месяцев назад The fuck you even asking that question for?!
  • Get fucking rekt
    Get fucking rekt 11 месяцев назад Roman Breining we all are
  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 11 месяцев назад That's stating the obvious. Like saying the Sky is blue and the earth is round. (pump fans are probably flat earthers also)
  • Jesus Mtz
    Jesus Mtz 11 месяцев назад @Makeusayohmygod DPG I like that ur defending lil pump first person that I see do that btw I also think lilpump is kinda good
  • Ty Butler
    Ty Butler 11 месяцев назад of course hes better
  • gk'93
    gk'93 11 месяцев назад No shit, people are crazy to think otherwise
  • Bam Bam82
    Bam Bam82 11 месяцев назад Thats like comparing eminem to riff raff... OFCOARSE HES BETTER
  • Football is my drug Real Madrid is its dealer
    Football is my drug Real Madrid is its dealer 11 месяцев назад Dont need to like he is better
    JES JES 11 месяцев назад Lil pump
  • LV
    LV 11 месяцев назад Anyone is better than lil pump
  • Re4p_zoom
    Re4p_zoom 11 месяцев назад It's honestly a disgrace you even considered comparing them
  • Lisu Khuz
    Lisu Khuz 11 месяцев назад HAHA
    XcSNIPERcX 11 месяцев назад Anyone is better then Lil Pump......
  • Alisha L
    Alisha L 11 месяцев назад Wtf!? This isn’t even an even comparison....insult Joyner like that
  • Main 1
    Main 1 11 месяцев назад A fucking 9 year old minecraft rapper is better than lil pump
  • Kenzo Ken
    Kenzo Ken 11 месяцев назад No lil pump is the best . Jj
  • Cj dose Stuff
    Cj dose Stuff 11 месяцев назад No shit 😝😝
  • Pepega Clap
    Pepega Clap 11 месяцев назад Lil Pump has the mentality of a retarded fish that can't breathe underwater and your comparing him to someone who takes real life matters and makes sick rap. Your literally comparing and insult to the ground floor to a good rapper.
  • griffin bush
    griffin bush 11 месяцев назад There is 0 dislikes 4.3k likes
  • Yung BratZ
    Yung BratZ 11 месяцев назад 19 SYC way better
  • TSJ Slayer55
    TSJ Slayer55 11 месяцев назад Who isn't better than idiot
  • Andreas Ojala
    Andreas Ojala 11 месяцев назад There's no comparison. Lil pump can't even rap
  • Roben Jose
    Roben Jose 11 месяцев назад Then again, who isn't?