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Опубликовано: 8 июл. 2017 г. 4 181 591 просмотр

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Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  • Marlon Lorejo
    Marlon Lorejo 2 weeks ago the rowler is amazing
  • Gabrielle Haight
    Gabrielle Haight 2 weeks ago Her well I guess I’m gonna use the scraper again Me no that one actually looks good
  • Shruti Wahi
    Shruti Wahi 2 years ago Whenever u started to mix the colours I said whyyy!?!!
  • Łiberty Rodriguez
    Łiberty Rodriguez 2 years ago Did y'all see that at 5:51
  • Anastasia chanel
    Anastasia chanel 2 years ago Liberty Rodriguez wha.t
  • Julian Torres
    Julian Torres 1 month ago She 2014 Thanos she snap
  • ioulia iliopoulou
    ioulia iliopoulou 1 day ago No pink red
  • Jean Laurin
    Jean Laurin 6 days ago 1roler 2mars. Bars 3litening 4ti di
  • Navista Ardhani
    Navista Ardhani 2 years ago yes in good
  • Gabrielle Maynard
    Gabrielle Maynard 1 month ago Navista Ardhani i
  • Alexis Waldron
    Alexis Waldron 2 years ago is that paint washable
  • Best of Tea
    Best of Tea 1 year ago I'm, sure she said pencil case for a lunch box.
  • Bunny Cakes
    Bunny Cakes 2 years ago Looks cool
  • Hi !
    Hi ! 2 years ago 2nd one is bleuh yuk !
  • Eddie Andfriends
    Eddie Andfriends 10 months ago Whenever i type your channel name really fast i spell “ASMR KIDS”
  • Richard Camgjcoaso
    Richard Camgjcoaso 2 months ago Jalapenos are in inumem for you daddy kumakain and the time to get a ngarud manu met ngay 4th the time to get a ngarud nu kasta manu met ngay 4th the time of the year and I have to 8pm 9th to 8pm ti apo mare musta
  • eeyan24p
    eeyan24p 1 month ago @Richard Camgjcoaso Filipino?
  • Usman Junaid
    Usman Junaid 2 years ago It is awesome
  • Amina Zeig
    Amina Zeig 2 months ago Did anyone else get triggered when she ruined the perfect gradient at the beginning?😖😭🤬
  • Stephanie Lien
    Stephanie Lien 2 years ago Passes and 5: 8:35
  • saz li
    saz li 9 months ago At 3:37 that was not pencil case it was lunch box tho😂😂
  • Mohammad Ayubkhan
    Mohammad Ayubkhan 7 months ago Hahhaaha LOL
  • Linda Mcswine
    Linda Mcswine 5 months ago saz li please be happy birthday and birthday to my IPad hope you’re having fun with me a lot of people and I have to my birthday is my best friend was that the birthday is my best man I hope you all have a good birthday happy happy new day is my new account birthday and happy holi
  • Melanie Jn. Baptiste
    Melanie Jn. Baptiste 1 month ago This video is so good and sweet 😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
  • Atiyah Chhadat
    Atiyah Chhadat 8 months ago Where do you find this kit
  • hi xoxi
    hi xoxi 2 years ago the video is nice, but i Think, that it looks better of u started to mix the Colours, because at the end it's always so Dark...... but however it's a nice video
  • Ramisha Rahman
    Ramisha Rahman 1 year ago hi xoxi O
  • Noor Jabr
    Noor Jabr 2 months ago 👨‍❤️‍👨banen
  • Carmelita Dadol
    Carmelita Dadol 3 months ago What the hacks