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Скачать с ютуб Police Catch A Grandmother With 66lbs of Weed

Опубликовано: 27 июл. 2019 г. 2 141 306 просмотров

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This is the greatest grandma of All Time

  • Snapmare
    Snapmare 8 months ago Damf she probably sharing it with her buddies in the nursing home
  • Brady Miller
    Brady Miller 8 months ago Passing it around at bingo night
  • Her Brush
    Her Brush 8 months ago another case for Saul Goodman
    LOOMING WRAITH OF BAD OMEN 8 months ago Lmfao @ "Damf". Don't edit that out. That typo tickles my funny bone.
  • Ismael Guerra
    Ismael Guerra 8 months ago @LOOMING WRAITH OF BAD OMEN yeah.
  • Hermeh
    Hermeh 8 months ago Damf
  • FleeceJohnson6YT
    FleeceJohnson6YT 8 months ago @Her Brush LMAO
  • AndyPantz Gaming
    AndyPantz Gaming 8 months ago Snapmare i love your profile
  • lego2o
    lego2o 8 months ago Snapmare I used to work at a nursing home and one day this dude snuck in weed and was smoking it in front of everyone
  • waffeltek
    waffeltek 8 months ago @AndyPantz Gaming congrats you're gay
  • AndyPantz Gaming
    AndyPantz Gaming 8 months ago waffeltek thank you
  • Siren
    Siren 8 months ago She was selling it bro, to retards.
  • Nide
    Nide 8 months ago She's bribing the nurses in order to be able to stay up late.
  • zach slash
    zach slash 8 months ago Hey Frank you want an ounce of BOOF
  • TheDrCN
    TheDrCN 8 months ago For real though, she was actually selling it. Nobody carries around that much weed for personal use, especially not old people. Old people can get way stronger drugs totally legal.
  • ScarZ_minty
    ScarZ_minty 8 months ago Snapmare I think I should check up on my grandma today see if she got the loud
  • Bart Nollen
    Bart Nollen 8 months ago Thats €2900000 in weed??
  • Little Nuggets64
    Little Nuggets64 7 months ago It’s hard these days
  • Maineiac fishing
    Maineiac fishing 4 months ago Yes I'm elderly gimme some of that
  • Jaedon Kuchta
    Jaedon Kuchta 3 months ago Nah she should definitely say it was all for her so it’s not intent to distribute
  • Joshua Mirabella
    Joshua Mirabella 6 months ago Cop finds 66 pounds of weed. Grandma "Its personal use sir."
  • CallMeCarlos
    CallMeCarlos 1 month ago At least she's being honest
  • Cunt on Duty
    Cunt on Duty 4 days ago likely to help avoid the "intent to distribute" charge(s)
  • Carter Milburn
    Carter Milburn 8 months ago "Grandma caught with 5 tons of weed": #33 on trending for gaming
  • Pheonix Crossbun
    Pheonix Crossbun 2 months ago G Ga Gam Gami Gamin Gaming Gamin Gami Gam Ga G
  • Mialisus
    Mialisus 2 months ago Gramma was just a gamer who got oppressed by society for doing the can of beans
  • Marcus Pendleton
    Marcus Pendleton 2 months ago @Mialisus ok
  • mr.bmc
    mr.bmc 8 months ago "youre under arrest because your friend has weird legs" Charlie you're basically asking for it now
  • the ushanka
    the ushanka 6 months ago Poor Charlie he's so misunderstood...
  • Anxietyprimev69
    Anxietyprimev69 1 month ago 2:33 There is literally no way Charlie could've timed this better. That dramatic beat that played in the background right when he said drugs synced up so well it made me cream my pants immediately.
  • Music Tec Joe
    Music Tec Joe 8 months ago (edited) When your grandson starts his first drug empire and you're a supportive grandma
  • Nicholas Stavinoha
    Nicholas Stavinoha 8 months ago "As long as it gets him out of the house'
  • ii Circuit
    ii Circuit 8 months ago LMFAOOOO
  • Dill Bill
    Dill Bill 8 months ago @Nicholas Stavinoha only if the little shit doesn't tap into the supply
  • Power Gekko
    Power Gekko 7 months ago It's usually grandma's bro I'm telling you
  • Scrambles the Death Dealer
    Scrambles the Death Dealer 7 months ago My jaw dropped to the floor when my (late) grandmother asked me if medical marijuana might help my autistic/schizophrenic aunt. I'm 99.99999999999% sure my grandma never even considered smoking weed in her 79 years on this Earth. Also, my aunt would probably flip the fuck out if she were stoned.... more for me!!! 😀👍
  • Broken King
    Broken King 6 months ago Weeds not a drug.
  • LordGamingFtW
    LordGamingFtW 6 months ago Broken King pretty sure it is
  • root
    root 6 months ago It’s a plant not a drug
  • Stephen Sclater
    Stephen Sclater 5 months ago @ITS A FLEX technically it was only a plant before the DEA scheduled it so I guess ur both right.
  • Carter King
    Carter King 3 months ago No, /technically/ a drug is any substance you consume that has a physiological effect. I smoke weed daily, and it is a drug. Not a very harmful one, quite a wonder drug actually. But it's a drug.
  • Rape Society
    Rape Society 2 months ago Carter King its a drug if ur a druggie, u can smoke a bowl or 2 a day and never get a headache again plus it increases apetite incase your too skinny and wanna gain weight a natural way and no more sleepless nights plus all the other extra benefits for certain patients, money greed and talmud jews are the reason why weed was illegal plus incarcerating minorities
  • Carter King
    Carter King 2 months ago @Rape Society Nah, I smoke every day bro. I love bud. But by definition it's a drug, just like caffeine, ginseng, alcohol, valerian root, etc. Its not a synthetic drug like meth or mdma, and it isnt as addictive as most legal shit. Beleive me, I couldnt sleep without my green card.
  • man in glasses
    man in glasses 8 months ago (edited) From the title I thought the police were using 66 lbs of weed to catch the grandmother
  • Ok௹
    Ok௹ 7 months ago K
  • The Dunsel
    The Dunsel 7 months ago No you didn't
  • Uncle Ruckus - No relation
    Uncle Ruckus - No relation 1 week ago The Dunsel ?how did you know¿
  • Mauricio Mayorga
    Mauricio Mayorga 1 week ago You're high
  • Schmidty
    Schmidty 1 week ago "Cops with 66 lbs of weed catch a grandmother"
  • Katzuma
    Katzuma 8 months ago If I ever become a cop, when I catch a criminal I'm gonna challenge him to a Yu-Gi-Oh duel, if they win, they can go free
  • Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed
    Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed 2 months ago With that profile pic? 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Spiral YT
    Spiral YT 1 month ago Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed dont deny her dreams. Disgusting
  • Hamilton Mcgregory
    Hamilton Mcgregory 1 month ago I can just imagine someone pulling out a case with like 6 decks and saying "its time to ddddddd duel"
  • Crunchu
    Crunchu 1 month ago Assuming they don’t have their own deck, do you have a loaner deck?
  • Balistic Ren
    Balistic Ren 3 weeks ago @Crunchu who tf dosent bring loaner deck
  • Kevin Berumen
    Kevin Berumen 1 week ago In motorcycles?
  • Balistic Ren
    Balistic Ren 2 days ago @Kevin Berumen you can
  • BlackPantherFTW
    BlackPantherFTW 4 months ago I cant wait for candles with smells like "freshly smoked joint" or "dabs in the morning"
  • Dinkleberg™
    Dinkleberg™ 8 months ago I read the title “police catch grandma with 22 pounds of weed”, like putting 22 pounds of weed on a boobytrap and then arresting her because she couldn’t resist it...
  • lumbago h
    lumbago h 6 months ago (edited) 5:13 when I seen all of that weed It gave me a deep sad hole in my heart, lungs and wallet knowing its just sitting collecting mold and dust in an evidance locker when I could have smoked it.
  • Xander Michael
    Xander Michael 2 months ago "I'm so unique and special. I like getting high" - You and 17 other idiots on the internet
  • LegitimateBodyPillow
    LegitimateBodyPillow 1 month ago Xander Michael “I think I’m better than people who use marijuana” -You
  • Xander Michael
    Xander Michael 1 month ago @LegitimateBodyPillow believing would make it an opinion. That is a factual statement. Drug addicts are F tier people no matter their level of success.
  • Drinking Water
    Drinking Water 1 month ago Xander Michael people who use marijuana aren’t really drug addicts you fuckhead
  • Xander Michael
    Xander Michael 1 month ago @Drinking Water If they need or have the extreme want to use something they are addicts. Lemme guess you are going to argue you can't be addicted to pot? You would be wrong, scientific studies have factually proven you can be addicted so nobody cares about your opinion besides other drug addicts.
  • Drinking Water
    Drinking Water 1 month ago Xander Michael haha I would never argue that because I’m aware of the fact.
  • Drinking Water
    Drinking Water 1 month ago Xander Michael no one cares about you’re opinions either especially after you were acting like a dickhead
  • Drinking Water
    Drinking Water 1 month ago Xander Michael only people who would care is other dickheads also haha
  • Xander Michael
    Xander Michael 1 month ago @Drinking Water I haven't argued opinions one time, but I'd rather be a dickhead than a pot head. At least I'm not worthless
  • Drinking Water
    Drinking Water 1 month ago Xander Michael whatever moron haha
  • A Rawson
    A Rawson 1 month ago @Xander Michael you definitely got bullied lol
  • Xander Michael
    Xander Michael 1 month ago @A Rawson lol yep super bullied those dang stoners killed my family. I've been on a vengeful quest since then.
  • A Rawson
    A Rawson 1 month ago @Xander Michael so you're just naturally full of hate?
  • Xander Michael
    Xander Michael 1 month ago @A Rawson Hate is a strong word, I detest and am disgusted by our current pop culture. Being a drug addict has become the status quo. We are experiencing the same fall that Rome experienced
  • A Rawson
    A Rawson 1 month ago @Xander Michael hahaha get over yourself
  • Xander Michael
    Xander Michael 1 month ago @A Rawson I have a valid point and you can't deny it. Look back over any major civilization they always had a fall after they became corrupt and weak.
  • PandasEatBamboo
    PandasEatBamboo 1 month ago Caffeine is a drug and highly addictive, fuckin coffee degenerates ruining our nation!
  • plasmicats
    plasmicats 1 month ago @Xander Michael shut the fuck up fascist pig, corruption has been in almost every nation. If your point was actually valid the current US and Chinese governments would have been long gone. If you think drugs are the "status quo" then you actually have problems, people who use drugs are seen as, well, "worthless" in society and the drug war is still happening (shouldn't have began in the first place). People have their lives ruined more by the policy surrounding drugs then the drugs themselves. Also rome didn't fall because people used drugs, it was because of the visigoths, other barbarian forces, and poor economic decisions you fucking tard. Damn special ed politics out here, can't even make an argument so he has to strawman all his opponents ones
  • Newlvlups No
    Newlvlups No 1 month ago Xander Michael- you of all people should smoke some weed god damn
  • pleasured uma
    pleasured uma 3 weeks ago Only pussies smoke week 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Young City Bandit
    Young City Bandit 2 weeks ago @Xander Michael lmao weeds not a big deal. Most do it recreationally and its not anymore harmful than most things we do. Why do you have your head shoved so far up your ass?
  • Hello
    Hello 1 day ago @Xander Michael ok Xander
  • SlenderNugget
    SlenderNugget 8 months ago Charlie: "hey i have that Tupperware" Everyone has that Tupperware Charles.
  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 1 month ago Never know when you're gonna need to transport meth
  • Important Videos
    Important Videos 7 months ago "he didn't commit any crime except being weird" story of my life
  • Big Man
    Big Man 7 months ago “Can you leave the crow alone? He’s trying to fight crime.” He is a man of culture
  • Deadspace493
    Deadspace493 2 months ago psst... fun fact, i was named after the main guy from the crow (his real name was Brandon Lee)
  • Bird Bird
    Bird Bird 8 months ago "Police catch a grandmother with 66 pounds of weed" Now that sounds like a grandma that knows how to party
  • Geeky Metalhead
    Geeky Metalhead 8 months ago She probably makes cookies for her young grandkids and then "special cookies" for the adults..
  • Brandon Feldman
    Brandon Feldman 8 months ago @Geeky Metalhead or her nursing home friends
  • Geeky Metalhead
    Geeky Metalhead 8 months ago @Brandon Feldman that too
  • the ushanka
    the ushanka 6 months ago I know right 😂
    DOGWITHABEARD 26 2 months ago No sir it’s 60 lb of weed
  • LemonBerry 01
    LemonBerry 01 2 months ago That's Utah for you, everyones too supportive
  • Lord Minos III
    Lord Minos III 7 months ago Man claims to have eaten weed and worn it as a cologne Me : Sees officer with an Ohio badge Oh, okay that makes sense..
  • The Table
    The Table 4 months ago "Hey grandma, my car's in the shop, can you sell this loud for me?"
  • телевидение по радио
    телевидение по радио 7 months ago 1:33 "two kilos of meth not bad" I don't know why but that had me dying
  • Julian Edd
    Julian Edd 5 months ago 0:55 man: "that's cologne." officer: "cologne? marrijuana cologne?"
  • Water Head9000
    Water Head9000 8 months ago "Your Friend Has Weird Legs" Have You Seen Charlie's Legs
  • your 4th grade bully
    your 4th grade bully 8 months ago Yeah and they're beautiful 😍❤️💕
  • Iverson64
    Iverson64 8 months ago no homo
  • Lolipop
    Lolipop 8 months ago sauce for your profile pic? :^)
  • Mug of Smug
    Mug of Smug 8 months ago (edited) @Lolipop Sluts don't get sauce. Go back to reading your generic gyaru doujin.
  • Yuhh Huhh
    Yuhh Huhh 8 months ago @Lolipop I think it's Future Diary
  • Lolipop
    Lolipop 8 months ago @Mug of Smug ;_;
  • Ethan Joson
    Ethan Joson 8 months ago @Lolipop get nae'd nae'd
  • Michael O Callaghan
    Michael O Callaghan 8 months ago He went silent...flashbacks commence.
  • Water Head9000
    Water Head9000 8 months ago @Yuhh Huhh Yes, Yes It Is
  • Mil
    Mil 8 months ago Lolipop cursed pfp
  • manictiger
    manictiger 8 months ago I once confused my chopsticks with Charlie's legs. I had to step back from the monitor and blink my eyes.
  • スパゲッティ
    スパゲッティ 8 months ago @Lolipop yuno from future diary
  • Dillposh69 J
    Dillposh69 J 8 months ago their un thick
  • Uncle God
    Uncle God 8 months ago Joke gets to old
  • vinguru896
    vinguru896 7 months ago Why Do You Type Like A Goddamn Retard?
  • picoloas cage
    picoloas cage 7 months ago Big facts
  • picoloas cage
    picoloas cage 7 months ago @Lolipop she's 14 or 15 my guy. Calm down
  • Lolipop
    Lolipop 7 months ago @picoloas cage i am calm :^(
  • picoloas cage
    picoloas cage 7 months ago @Lolipop calm jerkin it to minors? Lmao
  • Lolipop
    Lolipop 7 months ago @picoloas cage bruh i dont even have a pp to jerk with. i was just asking where the pic came from bc i liked the art and wanted to find out what artist made it; i already knew who the character was lmao
  • picoloas cage
    picoloas cage 7 months ago @Lolipop issa joke. I'm sorry chief
  • the ushanka
    the ushanka 6 months ago Crap I didn't see charlie's legs! Did he get arrested again?
    DISAPPOINTMENT 6 months ago I can't move my legs due to masturbation
  • Hunter The Based God
    Hunter The Based God 3 months ago @Ethan Joson lol