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Скачать с ютуб DayZ STALKER Mod Labratory RAID! — DayZ

Опубликовано: 19 окт. 2019 г. 28 365 просмотров

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We delve deeper on the DayZ STALKER mod today, going to not one, but TWO underground locations on the STALKER mod. The X-16 Labratory and an underground gauss testing facility! The DayZ STALKER mod has gave DayZ a new life for me again, and I'm excited what else DayZ modding and the actual game can bring to the survival genre in the future years.

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  • Firefox, the browsing dog
    Firefox, the browsing dog 1 місяць тому ROFL "I've got a wife, sorry."
  • Teako
    Teako 1 місяць тому Hopefully they make a second server as the wait times are insane to get in!
  • TheJakub345
    TheJakub345 1 місяць тому pro tip, if you find out when the server restarts its a good time to jump they queue
  • Haiden Geary
    Haiden Geary 1 місяць тому @TheJakub345 not if there are many donators on, which there usually are, then that greatly reduces the chances. wtf has the time to sit there and wait?
  • Inzelgoni
    Inzelgoni 1 місяць тому they made a second one full of KOS germans and high ping meant just for PVP
  • CtrlALlTerrorS
    CtrlALlTerrorS 1 місяць тому "It's a really good size I'd say, take my word" -LewLew 2019
  • Tega
    Tega 1 місяць тому '' Are you a girl? '' '' I already got a wife, sorry '' - Lewis
  • AnarchyHD
    AnarchyHD 1 місяць тому Loving the DayZ uploads lately my dude, keep it up :)
  • Killer Bambi
    Killer Bambi 1 місяць тому Eyyyyy it's mah boi
  • Dessa C.
    Dessa C. 1 місяць тому 35:53 He called Lewis a Massive Beta lmao
  • Bas
    Bas 1 місяць тому Ye, he knew he was streaming. So al good
  • Peter Lagemaat
    Peter Lagemaat 1 місяць тому "now we're downer, now we're more down"
  • Alex Bledea
    Alex Bledea 1 місяць тому i just love Stalker big fan of the series <3
  • osmanli tokadi
    osmanli tokadi 1 місяць тому me as well, still playing it
  • IceMac
    IceMac 1 місяць тому Watching it live on Twitch then seeing the edited youtube version, gives me da ja vu
  • Tega
    Tega 1 місяць тому " This man is a psycho, he had to die '' 2 min later * Shoots two innocent civilians *
  • Mr Pickles
    Mr Pickles 1 місяць тому Server looks sick. Once they add more loot spawns it'll be amazing.
  • Ҡ Λ Ƭ
    Ҡ Λ Ƭ 1 тиждень тому The dude reminds me of goblin slayer
  • gr8smellz
    gr8smellz 1 місяць тому With more loot being added, would love to see more
  • tommy turner
    tommy turner 1 місяць тому if u realy loved ur wife u wud of got out and blasted that chick in the head
  • Nicholas R
    Nicholas R 1 місяць тому Ehh getting shot like that is always shit, but it IS DayZ so you should expect that. What you did was perfectly fine in the essence of the game.
  • Steezy kraije the Krab man
    Steezy kraije the Krab man 3 тижні тому can we get a simple map that wasnt made in MSpaint for this map? i ventured into the woods and have spent the last few hours trying to find buildings.
  • Yung Sandwich
    Yung Sandwich 1 місяць тому "fIRsT"
  • Cinema Team
    Cinema Team 1 місяць тому This. The length of the video, the content in the video. This is It chief🙏🏽 🥃 Psi
  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 3 тижні тому server restarts, still manages to group with guy obviously added as friend lol but still pretending to not know him 🙄
  • Copperhead
    Copperhead 1 місяць тому hahahahahahah i've got a wife sry bye xDD