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Bunga \u0026 Amsyar Leee - Belai [Official Music Video]

Jom layan Belai:

Composer: Mas Dewangga, Jova Devito, Aden King, Bunga
Lyrics: Mas Dewangga, Jova Devito, Aden King, Bunga
Producer: Mas Dewangga, Jova Devito
Arranger: Mas Dewangga
Mix \u0026 Master: mixedbywong

Lirik Lagu:
di mana bumi dipijak, di situlah langit dijungjung
akal budi hati jinak, agar hilang adat gajah terdorong
yang jauh kita dekatkan
yang dekat kita rapatkan
oh na na begitulah aur dan tebingnya

Ada beras, taruh dalam padi.
Biduk, serempu pula.

Ikan kekek mak iloi iloi
Mulut tak terkata hati bersiul
Madah sayang
Ikan gelama mak ilai ilai
Jiwa kan rindu, siapa akan belai?

Ikan kekek mak iloi iloi
Cinta harus berterus terang
Takut makin hilang
Ikan gelama mak ilai ilai
Ikut mat jenin besok di tangkap orang

timur barat utara selatan
banyak budaya asal tempatan
ke mana pun ku pergi, di mana ku berdiri
kan ku tetap bawa resmi padi jauh mana ku berlari dan
takkan jadi lupa daratan
yang hilang adat di tengah jalanan
yang keruh kita lupakan
yang jernih kita ambilkan

Luah kan kata irama
Bagai melodi lama
Jika kau cinta, kata saja
Tak perlu kau tunggu lama-lama

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About Bunga:
Though born Noor Ayu Fatini, this talented young star is more popularly known by her stage name Bunga (which means flower in Malay). She made heads turn when she became the only female finalist who donned a full hijab and baju kurung (traditional Malay female attire) while showing her rapping skills on 16 Baris, a local online hip hop star-search show which was heavily dominated by male contestants.

Her brave effort proved fruitful and was then given worldwide attention when her video received millions of views from every corner of the world. In fact, her bold move was documented by many international media outlets including The New York Times, Vogue Arabia and several others.

Bunga has collaborated with several local starts in releasing some great entertaining numbers like Dup Dup with Aizat Amdan and most recent 300 Saat which penned during the covid-19 lockdown in Malaysia.

Refusing to give up her image as the baju kurung and hijab-wearing rapper, the young star is looking forward to make more great music and creating a bigger impact in her field.

About Amsyar Leee:
Amsyar Leee may be a newcomer of the local entertainment industry but he has always known that he was blessed with a unique set of talents and skills. Born Muhammad Amir Syafiq bin Mohd Sadri, the young lad who hails from Selama, Perak holds a Diploma in Theater studies with a natural affinity towards music and acting. Having started singing since his school days, he later realized that he is capable of imitating the vocal stylistics of some of his teachers and eventually Malaysia’s biggest singers including Siti Nurhaliza, Ning Baizura, Elizabeth Tan, Jaclyn Victor and many more. Growing up during the height of social media prominence Amsyar started getting a huge following after his videos imitating these stars began to receive thousands of likes and positive response. Amsyar who aspires to become a stage actor and theater teacher is currently one of Malaysia’s most popular social media influencers having a solid space on Youtube, TikTok and other popular sites.

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