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Скачать с ютуб DIY Miniature Dollhouse Bedroom with a Bunk Bed

Опубликовано: 20 февр. 2018 г. 2 749 972 просмотра

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Hey guys! Today, I'm making a miniature dollhouse with a bunk bed (not a kit). The miniature dress is from a tutorial by Red Ted Art. Check her out!



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Music: Payday, Fun, & Stoker (Youtube Music)

  • Corprew Kids
    Corprew Kids 3 тижні тому Great way to go to the point of the day I love the new version off the video 📱👗🙆🏿💍📞🕶🎧🌮🍔🌭👡👡🍹👗👗🎂💍🎧😍😘😲😽👻👿😈👄👀👁
  • xoxardnekoxo
    xoxardnekoxo 1 рік тому (змінено) Is that foam board the type you buy at Walmart or a dollar store that you cut down? Is there a certain type of glue to use on it, because whenever I glue anything, it warps. :( And is there a certain tool you use to get such a clean cut edge on that? I am the worst at that! Super cute craft, and wow, that dress looks so real! So awesome that it's just paper! Great job!
  • Rainbow Tinkle's World
    Rainbow Tinkle's World 1 рік тому I bought mine at the dollar store. I cut it with an X-acto knife, and file the edges, if necessary to get them smoother. As for glue, I use a glue stick to attach the paper. Yeah, I'm still marveling at this little dress. So grateful to Red Ted Art for showing me how to do that. Thanks!
  • Barbie Club
    Barbie Club 1 рік тому This is soooooooo CUTE! 🦄❤️🌈🦋✨
  • Yassin HMILICHE
    Yassin HMILICHE 1 місяць тому Ww
  • MissStrawChewwer LPS
    MissStrawChewwer LPS 1 рік тому Hey I just wanted to say this was adorable and as always impressive and creative! Anyway, I also thought the feedback could be useful. As a viewer I like seeing more functional drawers etc. Anyway, sorry if you didn't want to hear that or something :P
  • Lara Vitoria
    Lara Vitoria 1 рік тому meda
  • Lps Melz
    Lps Melz 1 рік тому The main reason i clicked this was to learn how to do the bunk beds lol 😂
  • dede Wahyuningsih
    dede Wahyuningsih 1 місяць тому Apa kabar semuanya
  • diani cynthia
    diani cynthia 1 місяць тому srydjdhshthdajc
  • Mouya
    Mouya 1 місяць тому I hope you will feel good and you will feel safe in my love 😍
  • roselyn abaigar
    roselyn abaigar 1 рік тому so beautiful
  • Jen VanRiper
    Jen VanRiper 1 місяць тому Ya
  • lps puppy tails
    lps puppy tails 1 рік тому Is it really that tiny that you need to use tweezers?!
  • G-mini Crafts
    G-mini Crafts 1 місяць тому I just love the hair dryers!
  • Margarita Javier
    Margarita Javier 1 місяць тому Can you make more videos of this year like this so-called you like my family I’m one of your fans I’m one of those like the first like one leg one of them of your first fans so I want you to hear this message and I hope you come meet me back because your videos are like amazing like awesome awesome awesome so I want you liked her comments me back so yes I am still gonna watch a video because I’m just up putting like just look this is like the first time that I look at your stuff and I’m sending you a message so I hope you
  • lakhan sahani
    lakhan sahani 1 рік тому I have a question are you indian
  • Rainbow Tinkle's World
    Rainbow Tinkle's World 1 рік тому No, half black, half white :)
  • ashleighnz21
    ashleighnz21 1 місяць тому Rainbow Tinkle's World lohhhhhbnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmłggggugujhugbjhmkggx hhfgjfghcyjjkmmbc
  • Ailke Cavalcanti
    Ailke Cavalcanti 1 рік тому Lindo, perfeito
  • Edwin Hernandez
    Edwin Hernandez 5 місяців тому Hola yo soy español tanbien
  • María Vázquez
    María Vázquez 1 місяць тому Igugjj😎🤗🙂😊
  • Sienna Santiago
    Sienna Santiago 1 рік тому (змінено) Wow I love this ❤️❤️❤️ I tried the dress it took about 10 minuets but it was worth it 😃😃
  • Rainbow Tinkle's World
    Rainbow Tinkle's World 1 рік тому Yes, they are so much fun!
  • Holly
    Holly 1 рік тому That is so cute! Can you make a playground for lps?
  • Rainbow Tinkle's World
    Rainbow Tinkle's World 1 рік тому Great idea!
  • Awesomediydollcraft
    Awesomediydollcraft 1 рік тому Oh Oh that sound like a good idea lol lol + Holly
  • tomek mrozik
    tomek mrozik 1 рік тому Holly noo
  • Talyeste
    Talyeste 1 рік тому Holly n bb, bf fnfnmz
  • Ŧ Ɍ Ⱥ Ȼ Ɇ Ɍ Ł Ø S Ŧ Ƀ Ø Ɨ
    Ŧ Ɍ Ⱥ Ȼ Ɇ Ɍ Ł Ø S Ŧ Ƀ Ø Ɨ 1 рік тому Cool but I can't do that I ain't got no skill
  • ALS G
    ALS G 1 рік тому Same
  • Rainbow Tinkle's World
    Rainbow Tinkle's World 1 рік тому Oh dear, lol.
  • StopMotion Cupcake
    StopMotion Cupcake 1 рік тому I need to make this