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Customer states and mechanical problems in one digestible video for you to enjoy!

In today's episode of customer states and mechanical problems, a customer states their 'blinker fluid' is leaking. Another customer states they serviced their own vehicle.

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Video descriptions:
0:00 Intro
0:04 The good old easy fix smack it with a hammer till it works
0:13 Mechanic had hunting down a mildew smell in my 1998 LX since I bought it a year ago. They definitely found the cause
0:51 If your coolant looks like milk it’s just means your cars bones will be stronger
1:03 Vehicle came in not Starting and Overheating found out what it was pretty quickly
1:06 Customer states \"something is up with my back wheels\"
1:21 Customer states there’s a rubbing/sticking sound when rolling but can’t quite put a foot on it. They would've found it pretty quickly if they had looked
1:28 This just got towed to my shop.. 2006 Mercedes Benz a160. The customer stated \"it didn't want to go up the hill\"
1:51 Just a minor oil leak
1:55 Previous owner said it just popped and stopped moving
2:14 This vehicle had a big story behind it and the motor is basically destroyed. The oil filter fragments would block up the oil lines
2:25 Old seized engine sitting in the shop finally got torn down, this was the oil pump belt
2:31 Must be a new Blu-tooth part
2:37 This customer did their own servicing and forgot something quite important
2:51 Another customer with the blinker fluid leak
3:02 The biggest set of wheels this mechanics ever seen. 26” wheels
3:11 Customer states \"The front end feels sloppy when turning\"
3:16 It rolled off the back of a flat bed as a no start. Customer said. \"can you guys just throw a 50 dollar battery in it\"
3:28 I guess 4.6s make great homes. First it was mice now a black widow. Only had it out for a week too
3:44 Outro

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