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Скачать с ютуб Overwatch - Coaching my Number 2 Fan!

Опубликовано: 29 нояб. 2017 г. 943 069 просмотров

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He's got so much to learn


  • Zylbrad
    Zylbrad 2 years ago :l
  • watermelonDC
    watermelonDC 2 years ago u da boi
  • Lykke
    Lykke 2 years ago Zylbrad :l
  • Ban Me
    Ban Me 2 years ago ._.
  • watermelonDC
    watermelonDC 2 years ago lol
  • watermelonDC
    watermelonDC 2 years ago i love your name
  • watermelonDC
    watermelonDC 2 years ago r u the real grilled potato
  • Igor Gomes Dutra
    Igor Gomes Dutra 2 years ago l:
  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard 2 years ago ⠀⠀ ⣠⣦⣤⣀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⢡⣤⣿⣿ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠠⠜⢾⡟ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠹⠿⠃⠄ ⠀⠀⠈⠀⠉⠉⠑⠀⠀⠠⢈⣆ ⠀⠀⣄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢶⣷⠃⢵ ⠐⠰⣷⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⢟⣽⣆⠀⢃ ⠰⣾⣶⣤⡼⢳⣦⣤⣴⣾⣿⣿⠞ ⠀⠈⠉⠉⠛⠛⠉⠉⠉⠙⠁ ⠀⠀⡐⠘⣿⣿⣯⠿⠛⣿⡄ ⠀⠀⠁⢀⣄⣄⣠⡥⠔⣻⡇ ⠀⠀⠀⠘⣛⣿⣟⣖⢭⣿⡇ ⠀⠀⢀⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⣿⣽⡇ ⠀⠀⢸⣿⣿⣿⡇⣿⣿⣿⣇ ⠀⠀⠀⢹⣿⣿⡀⠸⣿⣿⡏ ⠀⠀⠀⢸⣿⣿⠇⠀⣿⣿⣿ ⠀⠀⠀⠈⣿⣿⠀⠀⢸⣿⡿ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⣿⠀⠀⢀⣿⡇ ⠀⣠⣴⣿⡿⠟⠀⠀⢸⣿⣷ ⠀⠉⠉⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⣿⣿⠁
  • watermelonDC
  • Killerjaskul
    Killerjaskul 2 years ago nice bro
  • watermelonDC
    watermelonDC 2 years ago ik
  • watermelonDC
    watermelonDC 2 years ago but really sub
  • SZ3LF :D
    SZ3LF :D 2 years ago :l
  • Riley Kroes
    Riley Kroes 2 years ago Play more games with this dude
  • Joel Begbie
    Joel Begbie 2 years ago Zylbrad was that actually Todd cause I swear you said try this tod and then stopped
  • Rhys 1233
    Rhys 1233 2 years ago :l
  • Pusheen Cat
    Pusheen Cat 2 years ago Zylbrad p
  • Grim reaper
    Grim reaper 2 years ago :|
  • Kevin TH
    Kevin TH 2 years ago Zylbrad he’s gonna be a top 500 soon!!!!
  • The Commentators
    The Commentators 2 years ago Wow gotta love pinning yourself
  • Meme God
    Meme God 2 years ago Zylbrad GG :|
  • Monkey and ExclusiveNote0
    Monkey and ExclusiveNote0 2 years ago :l
  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 2 years ago gg :I
  • Jwalker walker
    Jwalker walker 2 years ago Do more games with him it's funny
  • Thatboylil-D
    Thatboylil-D 2 years ago Hi zylbrad!!!!!!!!!
  • Kazuma Posley
    Kazuma Posley 2 years ago :l
  • Koro Sensai
    Koro Sensai 2 years ago When you love your own comment Xd
  • luca godfrey
    luca godfrey 2 years ago Zylbrad is he replacing toddy quest?
  • Chris Randall
    Chris Randall 2 years ago Zylbrad have him in more videos
  • MadMiner 1208
    MadMiner 1208 2 years ago :l
  • Peter Salter
    Peter Salter 2 years ago :l
  • Emil Andresen
    Emil Andresen 2 years ago U should make this into an overwatch serie where you teach this guy the game. Btw you should have added him. :l
  • Ubense Rivera
    Ubense Rivera 2 years ago Did you guys actually became friends and will he be in other videos
  • George Parissis
    George Parissis 2 years ago Do more vids with him
  • Liam Coulter
    Liam Coulter 2 years ago Wait, my names Liam
  • Jxmmyboii 027
    Jxmmyboii 027 2 years ago Gg:/
  • The Idiot's Channel
    The Idiot's Channel 2 years ago :I
  • Keelut Productions
    Keelut Productions 2 years ago Play more with macboy
  • xqc_marry_ me
    xqc_marry_ me 2 years ago Zylbrad lol really no acrpt friend reciest?
  • Andy Guitar
    Andy Guitar 2 years ago Zylbrad did u actually decline him???
  • Albert Sparrman
    Albert Sparrman 2 years ago More macboi ord sweden will explode
  • Josua Kawgan-Kagan
    Josua Kawgan-Kagan 2 years ago Help him become the best Overwatch player
  • pegaweegee
    pegaweegee 2 years ago :o
  • Snowpig
    Snowpig 2 years ago Zylbrad No you're toxic
  • Anton Knutsson
    Anton Knutsson 2 years ago 1. More MACBOY! 2. Next challenge for him: Play of the Game
  • Ribbit
    Ribbit 2 years ago Lemons ARE UNACCEPTABLE!
  • Jeremy K.
    Jeremy K. 2 years ago (✿ ◕‿◕) ᓄ✂╰U╯
  • Zack Zander
    Zack Zander 2 years ago Zylbrad ._.
  • Tin Can
    Tin Can 2 years ago :l
  • Mlewis
    Mlewis 2 years ago Zylbrad This might be when Zylbrad gets good again
  • Drambla
    Drambla 2 years ago Zylbrad wepwi 2 me
  • Sam Terwey
    Sam Terwey 2 years ago But I lov mc boi
  • Kieran Williamson
    Kieran Williamson 2 years ago :|
  • HayItsMe
    HayItsMe 2 years ago Zylbrad this was one of my favorite videos you've ever made!!
  • Chris Milazzo
    Chris Milazzo 2 years ago But..... I got a bastion gold gun.....
  • Mlewis
    Mlewis 2 years ago Chris Milazzo so did Moose Tits
  • Awer Tyuiop
    Awer Tyuiop 2 years ago Zylbrad lemons :|
  • Jonny Wenger
    Jonny Wenger 2 years ago More of him more of him more of him more of him more of him more of him
  • Munchkin511
    Munchkin511 2 years ago :l
  • 57 Bananaman
    57 Bananaman 2 years ago NOOOOO I LOVED HIM WHY DID YOU DECLINE??!!?!?!?!
  • TheCartoony
    TheCartoony 2 years ago :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l : l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :)
  • Zach Carter
    Zach Carter 2 years ago Zylbrad Plz play more games with Macboy.
  • hot rod 64
    hot rod 64 2 years ago Did you actually not accept his request
  • Zoos Pooplord
    Zoos Pooplord 2 years ago Zylbrad I honestly thought this was funny, I’ve been watching for weeks because I’m bored as fuck but I haven’t laughed till that. Bad choice not accepting that
  • olive
    olive 2 years ago Zylbrad can you start a full series on getting him to level 100 and then top 500
  • olive
    olive 2 years ago Actually that might take longer than your YouTube career will last loll
  • samar abbas
    samar abbas 2 years ago do more with him also gg:l
  • mamamoo xmoomoo
    mamamoo xmoomoo 2 years ago Zylbrad you look awesome
  • raf i
    raf i 2 years ago Zylbrad please have him in more vids
  • Samuel Resnick
    Samuel Resnick 2 years ago :0
  • Hunter Goddard
    Hunter Goddard 2 years ago why did you not add him, he isn't toxic, he's only new at ow!!
  • Destroyy3rrGaming
    Destroyy3rrGaming 2 years ago :l
  • Sharker1113 2
    Sharker1113 2 2 years ago Its ur friend u werent talking in mech chet
  • misal patel
    misal patel 2 years ago :| It is actually the seconday key on top of Enter. Called Pipe symbol!!
  • Bennett H
    Bennett H 2 years ago Two buttons!
  • Max A Meme
    Max A Meme 2 years ago :):):):):):l
  • The Ninjawolf
    The Ninjawolf 2 years ago :l
  • Siege NBA
    Siege NBA 2 years ago Zylbrad friend him
  • Siege NBA
    Siege NBA 2 years ago Zylbrad don’t be an ass
  • mightly sustained
    mightly sustained 2 years ago Zylbrad play more with lemons
  • Lyn
    Lyn 2 years ago what career? xD
  • Pallas Ramirez
    Pallas Ramirez 2 years ago can we keep him
  • EclipseTheFolf
    EclipseTheFolf 2 years ago gg:|
  • Clay Mantis
    Clay Mantis 2 years ago Zylbrad did yo really not friend him because that’s mean :|
  • FishCantLife
    FishCantLife 2 years ago :|
  • Yeq
    Yeq 2 years ago Zylbrad brad when will you play overwatch with shenpai again? Zylpai or shenbrad needs to go on!
  • Bob Bishop
    Bob Bishop 2 years ago :l
  • Alexander Swart
    Alexander Swart 2 years ago Zylbrad Fuck you are mean
  • Lee Hobbs
    Lee Hobbs 2 years ago GG :|
  • Arizona Senpaii
    Arizona Senpaii 2 years ago Zylbrad :/
  • AVeryBearyBear
    AVeryBearyBear 2 years ago Play with macboy more
  • DreamZ Gaming
    DreamZ Gaming 2 years ago Zylbrad lol
  • Matryx
    Matryx 2 years ago I WANT THIS GUY AS A FRIEND
    DARK OMNI 2 years ago Please do more videos with MacBoy Zylbrad .Please
  • Pilvi Palvelu
    Pilvi Palvelu 2 years ago Zylbrad play more with macboy
  • someone boring
    someone boring 2 years ago :l ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
  • Zdansky Allen
    Zdansky Allen 2 years ago Please keep playing with Macdaddy
  • Blake Helms
    Blake Helms 2 years ago :I
  • that one kid in school who eats glue
    that one kid in school who eats glue 2 years ago Zylbrad who are u
  • isaiah tan
    isaiah tan 2 years ago Zylbrad :I
  • Ginger Pirate
    Ginger Pirate 2 years ago Zylbrad Thisbis my favorite of your videos, please play with lemon more <3
  • tReMpEr CaC
    tReMpEr CaC 2 years ago you must teach liam the way of the bradstion
  • Nicole Saez
    Nicole Saez 2 years ago (edited) Zylbrad Plz play more with him I loved this vid aka my favorite video
  • Finger Ha
    Finger Ha 2 years ago Zylbrad this man is great
  • KingCrusher
    KingCrusher 2 years ago Zylbrad :l
  • Trusty McCoolGuy
    Trusty McCoolGuy 2 years ago U pulled a top 10 merciless anime characters at the end there
  • Bob The Zombie OP
    Bob The Zombie OP 2 years ago I bet that guy just cried after for a long time
  • TheRedstoneFlame aladdin1573
  • The assassin Cat
    The assassin Cat 2 years ago Zylbrad Yvgh
  • Matias
    Matias 2 years ago Zylbrad OOO
  • BubbZ
    BubbZ 2 years ago Did u friend him or not bc idk if that was true
  • Xcaliber Games
    Xcaliber Games 2 years ago yoi rubebebw
  • Vidcrusher 77
    Vidcrusher 77 2 years ago Can we both tech him
  • Vidcrusher 77
    Vidcrusher 77 2 years ago Please
  • ItzAlsoAGun
    ItzAlsoAGun 2 years ago Zylbrad i want muselk to coach me :|
  • cheg games
    cheg games 2 years ago Zylbrad new players are always annoying but your "FANS" not much
  • Edvardas B.
    Edvardas B. 2 years ago :|
  • The Helper
    The Helper 2 years ago Zylbrad I'm just facepalming when I see 6 adds Xd
  • Syntax error
    Syntax error 2 years ago :l
  • Syntax error
    Syntax error 2 years ago why did u not be his friend
  • Syntax error
    Syntax error 2 years ago if u dont friend him i will not sub to u
  • ZK Vickers
    ZK Vickers 2 years ago ( ‘ – ` )
  • _GLXC
    _GLXC 2 years ago "I had a cat called Astro" 14:57 well played zylbrad
  • Syntax error
    Syntax error 2 years ago wow
  • Delinquent Doge
    Delinquent Doge 2 years ago gg :|
  • Nean
    Nean 2 years ago :/ :\ :| :¡
  • Much Buffalo
    Much Buffalo 2 years ago gg
  • Legend is Here 2
    Legend is Here 2 2 years ago I un subed because he was funny and u declined his request
  • pugacraftero 17
    pugacraftero 17 2 years ago Does he know england is not a city¿
  • Jacob P.
    Jacob P. 2 years ago 1. I'm disappointed you should have kept him around and kept building him up and make a series called zero to hero-ish. 2. Poor guy. 3.:|
  • Syntax error
    Syntax error 2 years ago ya
  • ________oh_ye
    ________oh_ye 2 years ago Zylbrad :l
  • demon stone
    demon stone 2 years ago Zylbrad zylbrad the shape was a dodecahedron
    EXORVE BTW 2 years ago Zylbrad he is not your first fan im your first fan
  • Dusk Sonata
    Dusk Sonata 2 years ago Seagull's appearance has become the teacher
  • Mister lolxdcum
    Mister lolxdcum 2 years ago MacBoy was already ur friend cause he appeared in one of your vidoes when you were checking this list so this vid was planned. But I still like the vid.
  • Sub Account 186
    Sub Account 186 2 years ago Zylbrad make more videos with Macboy
  • R1ny
    R1ny 2 years ago Zylbrad I wanna see more of macboy
  • zo9ner
    zo9ner 2 years ago when?
  • DTDC
    DTDC 2 years ago the pears is really common in sweeden
  • TheRusse
    TheRusse 2 years ago Liam the lemon.
  • lucas pereira
    lucas pereira 2 years ago · > ·
  • Zedare Senpai
    Zedare Senpai 2 years ago This is Todd lol
  • marko backman
    marko backman 2 years ago Zylbrad I want more Macboy gameplay lol
  • SadDer STG
    SadDer STG 2 years ago Zylbrad i have no friends
  • Levi Parish
    Levi Parish 2 years ago Zylbrad i
  • ImJustDino.
    ImJustDino. 2 years ago :l
  • Brodie Morris
    Brodie Morris 2 years ago Notice me senpi
  • entyprise
    entyprise 2 years ago Zylbrad You ***** you trolled him so hard I can't stop laughing
  • Tratter Boi
    Tratter Boi 2 years ago Zylbrad iiiuhijkWho is my not use way in hell music wait now no Mosie because she's week
  • LettuceWrap -
    LettuceWrap - 2 years ago Zylbrad what is his numbers I wanna add him
  • Totte061 1
    Totte061 1 2 years ago Zylbrad du svensk
  • Extreme Uchiha
    Extreme Uchiha 2 years ago Zylbrad u da boy
  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt 2 years ago Zylbrad your the best man!
  • Denny Herichman
    Denny Herichman 1 year ago G
  • LEO torris
    LEO torris 1 year ago Are you from sweden?
  • Tilted Turtles
    Tilted Turtles 1 year ago Zylbrad If only you had a ps4
  • TheZoidBruh
    TheZoidBruh 1 year ago :l
  • The Cosmic Cringycat
    The Cosmic Cringycat 1 year ago Isn't anyone gonna comment on zylbrad sociopathically decline his request ?
  • Lost_Zrz
    Lost_Zrz 1 year ago Zylbrad q
  • Rigo Suarez
    Rigo Suarez 1 year ago gg :|
  • Kennieth Blake
    Kennieth Blake 1 year ago stfu
  • Winged Iguana
    Winged Iguana 1 year ago U never told him about holding down RB so arrows did more damage and went more horizontal
  • mandy curran
  • Mello
    Mello 1 year ago Zylbrad boi you liked youre comment and not Someone els
  • Tristan Pope
    Tristan Pope 1 year ago Zylbrad it's a god decahedron
  • Mimecicle
    Mimecicle 1 year ago I wonder if he commented on this vid
  • lilPotatoboy21
    lilPotatoboy21 1 year ago Zylbrad I'm a lilpotatoboy
  • alex h
    alex h 1 year ago Zylbrad :|
  • TRaGiC BOT
    TRaGiC BOT 1 year ago Is that the Liam in later vids
  • Grimm Creole
    Grimm Creole 1 year ago :l
  • Hadin Boi
    Hadin Boi 1 year ago Gg!
  • Cian Leyland
    Cian Leyland 1 year ago I’m not sure this is a real guy, but even so, well done sir
  • the dragon lord amazing
    the dragon lord amazing 11 months ago Dude it's me bluedragoon2404 hi also that guy was hilarious
  • foofighter Lenka
    foofighter Lenka 11 months ago @watermelonDC i subbed lol
  • Ang Li
    Ang Li 11 months ago When you heart your own comment :|
  • Archie Quilonio
    Archie Quilonio 10 months ago Zylbrad Gg :|
  • Jack Towster
    Jack Towster 9 months ago He's like Todd but good
  • Gordon Wang
    Gordon Wang 8 months ago GG :|
  • J Caldwell
    J Caldwell 8 months ago Zylbrad :/
  • ThatGuy Mark
    ThatGuy Mark 8 months ago :]
  • Angel 101
    Angel 101 8 months ago Wy da hanzo
  • Rachel brown
    Rachel brown 8 months ago :l
  • Rachel brown
    Rachel brown 8 months ago (-_-)
  • King David
    King David 8 months ago :)
  • Cael Brien
  • Rachelle Claude
    Rachelle Claude 5 months ago Zylbrad play overwatch please
  • Kjeun _07
    Kjeun _07 1 month ago :|
  • Kokis O0F69
    Kokis O0F69 1 month ago What ever happened to him
  • i'm a lifeline main
    i'm a lifeline main 3 weeks ago :
  • HyperBlast
    HyperBlast 2 weeks ago ;-;
  • Apex Tornado
    Apex Tornado 2 weeks ago Did you friend him?
  • Demonator death
    Demonator death 5 days ago Zylbrad :l
  • Indominus moose
    Indominus moose 5 days ago You’re so, so evil.
  • Animalix 11
    Animalix 11 9 hours ago Macboy: we can be friends zylbred :No ............:l
  • Verdant Shard
    Verdant Shard 2 years ago Seagulls apprentice... now has his own apprentice. Zylbrads apprentice
  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 2 years ago Seagulls apprentice apprentice
  • watermelonDC
  • Miguel Lopes
    Miguel Lopes 2 years ago Hopefully there isn´t a rule of two
  • Victor Nunes
    Victor Nunes 2 years ago Macboy watched Zylbrad play once so he's basically a pro.
  • YaBoyBeanut
    YaBoyBeanut 2 years ago Verdant Shard tru
  • Stpzo
    Stpzo 2 years ago Verdant Shard lol
  • Volt Angelo
    Volt Angelo 2 years ago lol
  • Captainskylink
    Captainskylink 2 years ago Seagull's apprentice's apprentice, who will go on to have his own apprentice in due time
  • Slay_A_Ton 94
    Slay_A_Ton 94 2 years ago The cycle is complete, when I left you I was But an apprentice, now I am the master
  • Jonah Harward is a savage
    Jonah Harward is a savage 2 years ago OMG, IT IS JUST LIKE STAR WARS! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    FAME SLAYER 2 years ago number 2 now? sad for macboy
  • Mr Jarmo
    Mr Jarmo 1 year ago FAME SLAYER Same when i first saw it was number 1
  • JevJev
    JevJev 1 year ago And now MacBoy is in most of brads sea of thieves videos. Good times
  • I’m a viewer lol
    I’m a viewer lol 1 year ago [APEX]stormpaper456 lol
  • Justin Bella
    Justin Bella 2 years ago I like how he changed the titles of these videos to “Number 2 Fan” since he uploaded his VRChat episode with his actual number 1 fan... continuity my dear Bradley
  • FearTheTribbles '
    FearTheTribbles ' 2 years ago How does MacBoy know nothing about overwatch but knows who zylbrad is
  • FrostBiteNation
    FrostBiteNation 1 year ago r/woosh
  • Arthur Stewart-Tanner
    Arthur Stewart-Tanner 1 year ago Can I be in the screenshot?
  • Ηρακλής Παπασαράντης
    Ηρακλής Παπασαράντης 3 months ago Yeah can someone explain
  • T Ben
  • Mystic Spider
    Mystic Spider 2 years ago T Ben *boy
  • Ozzz1e
    Ozzz1e 2 years ago YYEESSS
  • Quiznos Manager
    Quiznos Manager 2 years ago (edited) You should convince him to make a youtube channel thumbs up to get brad's attention
  • tubber
    tubber 2 years ago Macboy: “This community is so positive” Zylbrad: You should try comp their so positive in Comp (face of sarcasm)
  • Theodore Stahl
  • Gabriel Dean
    Gabriel Dean 2 years ago he's already in it he's been in previous videos, its a joke
  • Crazianツ
    Crazianツ 1 year ago No u
  • Jr3
    Jr3 2 years ago Brad you should play the next placements with him!!!!!!!😂😂
  • Tsanti Gaming
    Tsanti Gaming 2 years ago This guy is hilarious play more with him.
  • Jeff Kaplan
    Jeff Kaplan 2 years ago HE IS TOXIC
  • Zachary Rose
    Zachary Rose 2 years ago Tsanti Gaming I agree.
  • Nathan Stadler
    Nathan Stadler 2 years ago Agreed
    ALPHA 2 years ago He’s hilarious
  • Riley Garrett
    Riley Garrett 2 years ago yesssss
  • the skeleton From space
    the skeleton From space 2 years ago Jeff Kaplan no he is not and change mercy back 😁
  • Magical Lord
    Magical Lord 2 years ago Yeah
  • Litlep oo
    Litlep oo 2 years ago Tsanti Gaming i agree
  • XxTheTacoManX3
    XxTheTacoManX3 2 years ago bengar blogs fuck no
  • Slay_A_Ton 94
    Slay_A_Ton 94 2 years ago Get him in the 6-stack! Turn him into a Master lol
  • joseph verdie
    joseph verdie 2 years ago But zylbrad is a diamond scrub Jk I’m just pissed that after all of that you decline his friend request
  • Levaquaria
    Levaquaria 2 years ago Tsanti Gaming ik I love him
  • Roberto Bahena
    Roberto Bahena 1 year ago Its todd....zylbrad called him by his name twice lol
  • Derpycat 213
    Derpycat 213 10 months ago @Roberto Bahena its Liam, not Todd
  • StarKiller98K
    StarKiller98K 1 year ago Little known fact this guy is present day todd
  • XScandi
    XScandi 1 year ago Little known fact thats not true ,Liam or MacBoy is The same Liam from brad's SEA of thieves series
  • relaxed Angels
    relaxed Angels 1 year ago "hello I am mercy, I am very sexy" I'm still watching that part in 2018
  • Oliver Bell
  • Bennett H
    Bennett H 2 years ago Anyone else notice that Brad called him Tod
  • Jon Crowley
    Jon Crowley 11 months ago Cause hes stupid
    FROSTY 10 months ago ITS TODDYQUEST
  • Little Bird
    Little Bird 2 months ago Is it actually toddyquest?
  • Monkey Bandit
    Monkey Bandit 2 weeks ago Little Bird no it’s Liam as in one of the people he played sea of thieves with
  • Little Bird
    Little Bird 2 weeks ago @Monkey Bandit Ah, ok. Thanks!
  • xXFelix_GamingXx
    xXFelix_GamingXx 1 week ago Where?
  • Gaming pro Awesome
    Gaming pro Awesome 2 years ago The campaign in overwatch lol
  • Tatu Juntunen
    Tatu Juntunen 2 years ago And then he made youtube channel and stole your subs :D
  • Wannes
    Wannes 1 year ago Tatu Juntunen what is the name then 😀
  • Hornet 24
    Hornet 24 2 years ago One day he will be top 500
  • Faith Brigham
    Faith Brigham 2 weeks ago I like how he knows who tracer is when he goes “oh tracer git outa here