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Скачать с ютуб Dark Piano - Silence

Опубликовано: 20 авг. 2017 г. 1 712 087 просмотров

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▶ Sheet music

An original called Silence, it was on 1 hour of Dark I never uploaded it by itself though so here it is. I had somebody's last moments on a hospital bed in mind for this one.

I am not the artist of the artwork

Here's where I found the flatline sound


  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 2 years ago (edited) Heres the sheet music
  • Randy Kasanpawiro
    Randy Kasanpawiro 1 year ago Lucas King remix
  • Yulia Nonami
    Yulia Nonami 1 year ago You are a genius. I was searching for the perfect music for ages. I've never heard anything better. Incredible, painfully incredible...
  • Jonatan Alberto Agudelo Barrios
    Jonatan Alberto Agudelo Barrios 1 year ago friend, I'm going to make a horror channel and I'd like to use this song to put it in the background in my narrations, I'll give you the credits and I'll invite you to visit your channel and subscribe 🙏🙏🙏
  • Sconxx
    Sconxx 1 year ago Do you post the link to sheetmusic for all of your pieces? I would love to learb my most favorite!!
  • Sconxx
    Sconxx 1 year ago Jonatan Alberto Agudelo Barrios same
  • Grand
    Grand 1 year ago :D
  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller 1 year ago Lucas King up
  • Dominic the Defiant
    Dominic the Defiant 1 year ago I reported you for misleading title. The song wasn't silent at all
  • Eva Cher
    Eva Cher 1 year ago If i pay in the link can i use the song for a part in a videogame?
  • Ease V
    Ease V 1 year ago Yulia Nonami “painfully incredible” impressed by your choice of words
  • غشاءالبكارة الاصطناعي حل فوري ارجاع العذرية
    غشاءالبكارة الاصطناعي حل فوري ارجاع العذرية 1 year ago No one loves me I want to commit suicide
  • riPZombiE123 3
    riPZombiE123 3 1 year ago Bro, your songs are.... PERFECT!!!😻😻😻😻😻
  • Sol
    Sol 3 months ago It doesn't work :(
  • Kalokal
    Kalokal 2 years ago When I tell a joke.
  • ConFeddi
    ConFeddi 2 years ago Yep, that seems about accurate, considering how much attention this one's getting (none.)
  • ConFeddi
    ConFeddi 2 years ago Jk ;)
  • Gianna Hughes
    Gianna Hughes 1 year ago XD
  • murdøc
    murdøc 1 year ago Congrats. You are most positive comment here
  • Mikey James
    Mikey James 1 year ago thats better than ..."oooooookay".... i always hated when (and its happened more than 3 times) id tell a joke and after a brief pause some lame would say "ooooooookay"... cuz it was weird or maybe lame to them I dunno cuz thats ALL the feedback they had! HATE THAT SHIT! come up with a better joke! "ooooooookay"..... know they cant.
  • Katie Walker
    Katie Walker 1 year ago Not funny. Dumb
  • Soaphe
    Soaphe 10 months ago Made me laugh.omg
  • Janitra Falvierna
    Janitra Falvierna 10 months ago Dark Joke ?
  • Silver Rose
    Silver Rose 10 months ago yay a positive comment
  • IntellectualEgo
    IntellectualEgo 9 months ago 324 likes clearly the result of this joke was a little different, whether intentional joke or not.
  • Elyséa LARUE
    Elyséa LARUE 8 months ago Welcome in my world then.
  • Erik ward
    Erik ward 7 months ago @IntellectualEgo yhow
  • Mlle_ Soso
    Mlle_ Soso 7 months ago 😂😂😂
  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago I don't get it. ;)
  • Gamerita Mangle
    Gamerita Mangle 6 months ago @John Smith he tells a joke and there's silence thats also me
  • fat bastard
    fat bastard 5 months ago Lol
    LAUNDRY SERVICE 3 months ago M o o d
  • potatoe toe
    potatoe toe 2 months ago Deep
  • AnOldGamer
    AnOldGamer 2 years ago shhh... do you hear that? You may not hear anything. Its Silence... and its screaming...
  • Emilio Rojas
    Emilio Rojas 2 years ago AnOldGamer I
  • Karl DoesThings
    Karl DoesThings 2 years ago Krazy0ManMan very true 😭
  • Pirate Man
    Pirate Man 2 years ago I love how I'm being given such creep inform by well... bark....
  • AnOldGamer
    AnOldGamer 2 years ago BARK!
  • Karl DoesThings
    Karl DoesThings 2 years ago Krazy0ManMan aw, thanks
  • Sophie Filo
    Sophie Filo 2 years ago I have a play by the title of If You Listen Closely, You Might Hear Them Screaming and a fanfic called, "Silent Screams". I like the oxymoron and all that it may represent...
    ZEABOOO 2 years ago AnOldGamer that was good and very true
  • Katie Walker
    Katie Walker 2 years ago AnOldGamer so true.. 😭😭😭😭
  • Scourge Silverpaw
    Scourge Silverpaw 1 year ago I would like this but it's already at 666 likes and I don't want to disturb that number
  • Sherona Reesaul
    Sherona Reesaul 1 year ago A silent scream...
  • Novacraft217
    Novacraft217 1 year ago The screams I hear, come from the shadows of silence.
  • O5-9 Dark Phoenix
    O5-9 Dark Phoenix 1 year ago This kind of scream? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhHhHhHhhHHHH
  • Novacraft217
    Novacraft217 1 year ago @O5-9 Dark Phoenix yknow you might not be to far off 😂
  • Duolingo
    Duolingo 8 months ago @Krazy0ManMan screams for help...
  • I smell Your feet
    I smell Your feet 4 months ago AnOldGamer uhh
  • Bendy The Ink Demon
    Bendy The Ink Demon 3 months ago Shh do you hear that? Mike:no Me:its the wind... OF SILENCE
  • Tom The Cat
    Tom The Cat 2 months ago "That's the sound of forgiveness." "Thats the sound of people drowning, Carl." "Thats what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence."
  • Jenny Animations
    Jenny Animations 2 months ago @Tom The Cat I was literally about to comment this lol
  • Pastel Shiki
    Pastel Shiki 2 years ago Silence Is The Loudest Scream - Anonymous
  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 1 month ago Pastel Shiki this is such an oxymoron but so true
  • Marija Vulovic
    Marija Vulovic 3 weeks ago @Jimmy Neutron J-Jimmy?!?! Is that you?!?
  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 3 weeks ago gfvyhub a yes it’s me peasant
  • RBPS
    RBPS 2 years ago (edited) Nobody notices your sadness Nobody notices your tears Nobody notices your pain But they ALL notice your Mistakes
  • Angel Notes
    Angel Notes 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako The truth is always hidden behind rediculous lies...
  • Scyborg On Piano
    Scyborg On Piano 2 years ago +Mr.MustacheTako This sounds like the quote of some edgy teenager.
  • Angel Notes
    Angel Notes 2 years ago Scyborg I am a teenager lol
  • pamdada
    pamdada 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako Deep
  • kayu salib
    kayu salib 2 years ago Allh
  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako I know but don't let that drag you down. It is ignorance that weighs down the human race. By ignoring or letting it torment you doesn't make it fix itself. Only we can learn from our mistakes; only we can fix and grow. That is what makes us human and it is what will lift the weight off of us.
  • Mario Canseco
    Mario Canseco 2 years ago Scyborg On Piano you are absolutely correct 👌👍
  • Arturo Dominguez
    Arturo Dominguez 2 years ago wow, you are a poet good sir
  • ABC snoopy
    ABC snoopy 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako Ouch.
  • RBPS
    RBPS 2 years ago amen to that
  • Raven Nocturnus Henderson
    Raven Nocturnus Henderson 2 years ago commonly people do notice, they simply don't want to have to deal with you and your suffering. It's work to help people, and most people don't want to do it
  • Shadow Cubone And Mangle
    Shadow Cubone And Mangle 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako thats how everyone in my school is.....
  • ThatEazyRider
    ThatEazyRider 2 years ago It's why I hate humanity. People don't want to help or care about others.
  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 2 years ago Hey let me be edgy Society is a crime. It demands *perfection*, When it in itself is imperfect It demands power, control To meet ones end. No human can hope to accomplish Their hopes and dreams Society must end.
  • Khloe Finney
    Khloe Finney 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako Deep 😢
  • Arms 4 Our Hands Official
    Arms 4 Our Hands Official 2 years ago That was the lamest edgiest shit I've ever read. Actually no I've seen worse...
  • Shadow Cubone And Mangle
    Shadow Cubone And Mangle 2 years ago Arms 4 Our Hands Official! You need to get some remorse and feelings u know also not like u could play better
  • Arms 4 Our Hands Official
    Arms 4 Our Hands Official 2 years ago (edited) It's not sad at all it's just cringy af. My eyes legit twitched from the cringe when I read it.
  • ThatEazyRider
    ThatEazyRider 2 years ago If you think its cringy, then there's no need to announce to the whole world that you think that. Keep it to yourself.
  • Neisan Cracker
    Neisan Cracker 2 years ago ThatEazyRider oh stfu that shit was pathetic and edgy af and you know it. it's THEM that shouldn't be announcing to the world how pathetic and sad they are with cringey ass "poetry". (more like trash to be honest)
  • ThatEazyRider
    ThatEazyRider 2 years ago Again, if you have a negative fucking opinion, keep it to yourself. There's no need to announce to everybody that you think the poem is cringey. I'm not going to contradict myself and tell you how much of a uncaring fag you are, because you already know it.
  • Neisan Cracker
    Neisan Cracker 2 years ago (edited) ThatEazyRider oh I'M the one with a "negative" opinion? The weirdo who made the stupid poem in the first place is the most negative out of all of us that it's just embarrasing to read. If you really care about this person, tell them to suck up their sadness and stop being such an emo fag and to get some mental help.
  • Neisan Cracker
    Neisan Cracker 2 years ago (edited) ThatEazyRider Oh so I'm not allowed to have an opinion now? So the edgy ass teenager can whine all they want about how depressed they are in a stupid poem and if I don't like it I'm not allowed to express myself. So only "Special" pathetic little snowflakes are allowed to have opinions but sane and logical people can't? That's almost as retarded as you are. PS Fuck off Carlos
  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 2 years ago ThatEazyRider has yo mama ever taught you not to feed a troll dumbfuck? Burn ya idiotic 12 year old.
  • ThatEazyRider
    ThatEazyRider 2 years ago Nah mate, we can have all the opinions we want.
  • ThatEazyRider
    ThatEazyRider 2 years ago Also Carlos, I love the random spout of verbs. Good job mate.
  • Neisan Cracker
    Neisan Cracker 2 years ago ThatEazyRider yo fuck off man, the only person aloud to talk smack about my boi carlos is me. So go back to your safespace and recollect your sanity.
  • Samantha Todd
    Samantha Todd 2 years ago Mr. MustacheTako yeah I'm noticing a mistake here alright... your comment.
  • Neisan Cracker
    Neisan Cracker 2 years ago SamanthaTodd THEY are the mistake here ;)
  • Melanie Chad
    Melanie Chad 2 years ago It hurts really bad
  • Eggo 011
    Eggo 011 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako As painful as it is, it's true. People tend to over look the fact that someone's in pain and point out their mistakes, only deepening that person's state of depression.
  • Neisan Cracker
    Neisan Cracker 2 years ago Hinata Hyuga They're not in pain, probably just some oppressed rich white kid looking for attention
  • Blue Devil The Empress
    Blue Devil The Empress 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako yes life is very cruel sometimes. But I still love it.
  • mr. mr.
    mr. mr. 2 years ago Serenity Moon . I believe in 2 outcomes for humanity. #1. They learn. Or #2. They die.
  • Bushi
    Bushi 2 years ago My life in a nutshell...
  • Mustafa Alsaad
    Mustafa Alsaad 2 years ago notices my dick
  • Knight King
    Knight King 2 years ago I should too
  • Fawaz AkA.Lycan
    Fawaz AkA.Lycan 2 years ago Mr.MustacheTako that true
  • Arms 4 Our Hands Official
    Arms 4 Our Hands Official 2 years ago Phúc Quốc Bảo Nguyễn Lame
  • Neisan Cracker
    Neisan Cracker 2 years ago Sam, this is why I love you.