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Скачать с ютуб Best Love Songs Playlist 2020 - Romantic Love Songs Ever

Дата премьеры: 21 окт. 2019 г. 3 451 469 просмотров

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Best Love Songs Playlist 2020 - Romantic Love Songs Ever
Best Love Songs Playlist 2020 - Romantic Love Songs Ever
Best Love Songs Playlist 2020 - Romantic Love Songs Ever

  • Sherzod
    Sherzod 3 days ago Before listening : Michael learns to rock. After : Michael has already learnt to rock 😀. I LOVE THEIR SONG "Eternal Love" which was on "Healer" kdrama
  • Freddie Anuat
    Freddie Anuat 4 months ago (edited) michael learns nice singer nice album best of the bestslowrock kung avid fan kyo ni michael learns likes nyo ako pra sa kanyang musika was here 11/11/19 godbless po 👍💋💋💋
  • Roderick dubria
    Roderick dubria 2 months ago Geordie
  • Mark Bugarim
    Mark Bugarim 2 months ago Freddie Anuat
  • Jimmy Arcino
    Jimmy Arcino 1 month ago Ganda ng bosis😍😍
  • Rowena Sanguyo
    Rowena Sanguyo 1 month ago Great voice I love this song
  • Lhesly tolentino panganiban
    Lhesly tolentino panganiban 2 months ago I love this song 😍
  • Edrian Quinones
    Edrian Quinones 2 months ago Like sa nakikinig ngaun,,, 02,01,2020
  • aby ditra
    aby ditra 1 month ago Ako
  • Sonny Castillo
    Sonny Castillo 1 week ago Ako
  • eSr bEtiS
    eSr bEtiS 4 months ago "Beautiful Album"" any song play..all my memories comes back that makes my heart beating..thanks this Album😘
  • Saireen Rose Auman
    Saireen Rose Auman 1 week ago (edited) I Love this song...I love you MLTR rock'n'roll
  • Jovelyn Alluso
    Jovelyn Alluso 3 months ago Iloveyou😘😘😘
  • Laiju Antony
    Laiju Antony 20 hours ago A great relief in this corona lockdown .
  • Steven Jaron
    Steven Jaron 2 months ago January 30 who's still listening
  • Silvino Castillo
    Silvino Castillo 2 months ago (edited) Awesome voices of Michael and company!!! Love this Band!💖💕💖
  • emelita sabroso
    emelita sabroso 2 months ago 2000s like it 💞❣️😍
  • grachel tendenilla
    grachel tendenilla 2 days ago i like this songs 😍 kakainlove ❤❤❤
  • Jhon Mar Daguro
    Jhon Mar Daguro 2 months ago February 2, 2020 Still listening.... I love this more than today's shit music
  • Jhazel Sapnu
    Jhazel Sapnu 1 month ago My grand papa's favorite that's why I'm listening to this.
  • Antonio Nojo
    Antonio Nojo 3 weeks ago KKKKK
  • Virginia Lucas
    Virginia Lucas 2 months ago My favorite songs reminds of the past....
  • Lory ann a tejada
    Lory ann a tejada 2 months ago Feeling inllove back in the day
  • Elmer Saplad
    Elmer Saplad 3 weeks ago This my favorite song🤗🤗
  • Loverlane Longa
    Loverlane Longa 1 month ago So relaxing..every word in each song is worth listening to..👂🎶 March 1, 2020 and still i love their songs ❤️🎤🎼🎧
  • Leonides Sumadsad
    Leonides Sumadsad 3 months ago since nung highschool pa ako fan na ako ng M LTR,hanggang ngayon never akong magsawa sa hits nila..sarap pkinggan.....
  • Rushel De Quiroz
    Rushel De Quiroz 3 months ago Sobrang sikat sila noon nung highschool AQ
  • Ilde Matok
    Ilde Matok 3 months ago @Rushel De Quiroz sikat pa rin sila hanggang ngayon
  • Kim Rugas
    Kim Rugas 2 months ago Hehehehe.. I like it ❤
  • jasmine COMODA
    jasmine COMODA 1 week ago love.❤❤❤
  • Antonio Baynosa
    Antonio Baynosa 6 days ago ❤❤❤
  • Jheck roxas
    Jheck roxas 4 months ago A beautiful love song 💗