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Скачать с ютуб $99 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs $1099 Note 10 Plus!

Опубликовано: 31 авг. 2019 г. 2 172 109 просмотров

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New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Clone!! Fake $99 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Real $999 Note 10 Plus. How Bad Can It Be?

New iPhone 11 Pro Clone:

  • Jack Johnston
    Jack Johnston 2 місяці тому buy 9 more of them and you have the same power as the note 10 STONKS
  • NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music
    NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music 2 місяці тому Haha
    KEN BEE 2 місяці тому Genius
  • John Adams
    John Adams 2 місяці тому However, it is an intensive quantity rather than an extensive quantity.
  • Marino Z
    Marino Z 2 місяці тому @KEN BEE ingenius
  • nwike ndulue
    nwike ndulue 2 місяці тому Big brain
  • gabsdegameboi
    gabsdegameboi 2 місяці тому Yeah and the same price
    MAD PEPI 2 місяці тому Very smart of you, but you misspelled “STOCKS”.
  • Mihailo Tomic
    Mihailo Tomic 2 місяці тому @MAD PEPI it's a meme u nob
  • yeet skeet
    yeet skeet 2 місяці тому @MAD PEPI u nob hecing rek lel xd
  • Manuel Rojo Garcia
    Manuel Rojo Garcia 2 місяці тому STONKS
  • George Hitch
    George Hitch 2 місяці тому @MAD PEPI your not the smartest of the bunch
  • DJ Madwaq Di_Boss
    DJ Madwaq Di_Boss 2 місяці тому @MAD PEPI r/whoosh
  • Torenzo Gregory
    Torenzo Gregory 2 місяці тому Nah a droid is a droid there the same to me
  • james melwani
    james melwani 2 місяці тому Jack Johnston yeah then just sellotape them together
  • TheSlowCuber
    TheSlowCuber 2 місяці тому @MAD PEPI r/whoosh
  • Music Guy
    Music Guy 2 місяці тому Modern problems require modern solutions
  • ༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻
    ༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻ 2 місяці тому but it's actually the same price, what's the point? having extra pockets in your pants probably!?
  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 2 місяці тому Buy 3 fakes sell on Facebook and buy real one and accessories. Free phone. Legit as fk.
  • Devin Nathanael
    Devin Nathanael 2 місяці тому @MAD PEPI r/whooosh
  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog 2 місяці тому STONKS
  • I want to die lol
    I want to die lol 2 місяці тому @MAD PEPI r/iamverysmart r/woooosh r/facepalm Lmao 3
  • Ender Playz
    Ender Playz 2 місяці тому But you'll pay the same price as the original not stonks
  • Hisham Abdul Hadi
    Hisham Abdul Hadi 2 місяці тому @KEN BEE G e n i u s
  • Horper De Hooman
    Horper De Hooman 2 місяці тому MAD PEPI are you trying to get r/woooshed
  • ZeldaLord
    ZeldaLord 2 місяці тому HOW TO TRADE STONKS 101
  • Zalaxci
    Zalaxci 2 місяці тому Or buy 1/10 of a note 10 to have it as cheap as this
  • Prince of random
    Prince of random 2 місяці тому But you could just with that money but the actuall phone
  • I like memes
    I like memes 1 місяць тому @Torenzo Gregory they're
  • I like memes
    I like memes 1 місяць тому This is big brain timr
  • The Donn
    The Donn 1 місяць тому (змінено) I bet ur brain is bigger than ma wife's butt
  • ritsugun 666
    ritsugun 666 1 місяць тому this is not the law of equivalent exchange
  • E Shock
    E Shock 1 місяць тому Jio Phone 2 with YouTube,WhatsApp and many more
    TITANIC SIA 1 місяць тому 😒
  • Crazy pilot
    Crazy pilot 1 місяць тому STOINKS
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music haha
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @KEN BEE genius
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @John Adams ok
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @Marino Z uno reverse card
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @KEN BEE uno reverse card
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @nwike ndulue i
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @nwike ndulue o
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @nwike ndulue k
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @nwike ndulue Yes, indeed.
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @MAD PEPI RSTACKS X
  • gon #gon_archery_
    gon #gon_archery_ 1 місяць тому @༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻ r/wooosh
  • gon #gon_archery_
    gon #gon_archery_ 1 місяць тому @Prince of random r/wooosh
  • ༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻
    ༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻ 1 місяць тому @gon #gon_archery_ i know it's a joke but a joke should be realistic don't act like nerd kid
  • Amanullah
    Amanullah 1 місяць тому @MAD PEPI r/woosh
  • Torts the Tortillia
    Torts the Tortillia 1 місяць тому Yeah, this is Big Brain Time
  • Gabriel Neel Thayil
    Gabriel Neel Thayil 1 місяць тому Big brain Time
  • pluvillion
    pluvillion 1 місяць тому I legit spat my coffee. thanks for the laugh 🤣
  • Torts the Tortillia
    Torts the Tortillia 1 місяць тому Its always the comments tho😂😆😆
  • Jeremy Chu
    Jeremy Chu 1 місяць тому 100000000000000*10power 9 childs cannot make an iphone 6s
  • Youdie Lin
    Youdie Lin 1 місяць тому BIG BRAIIIN!!
  • Sean mas
    Sean mas 1 місяць тому lol they are not actually that bad ,i got mine from
  • RealTime Fun
    RealTime Fun 4 тижні тому You mean 10 more? The Note10+ is $1100, and the clone is $100, and 1100 divided by 100 is 11. He already has 1, so 11-1=10, which is how many more he needs.
  • Toronto Muscle
    Toronto Muscle 2 тижні тому Plus*
  • Andy S
    Andy S 2 місяці тому If this clone was launched 10 years ago it would be revolutionary !!
  • Lurr17
    Lurr17 1 місяць тому Steve Jobs would've burned it for the screen scratching stylus though ;)
  • Reece Crawford
    Reece Crawford 1 місяць тому @Lurr17 is that an issue with the notes?
  • King Godzilla
    King Godzilla 1 місяць тому @Reece Crawford no
  • Flippy Flip
    Flippy Flip 1 місяць тому @Reece Crawford nah they scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7 so it's good.
  • Lay Patel
    Lay Patel 1 місяць тому If it were 10 years ago, it wouldn't be a clone😂
  • Llyod Garmadon
    Llyod Garmadon 1 місяць тому @Flippy Flip i understood that reference
  • Mr. Irfan
    Mr. Irfan 1 місяць тому @Flippy Flip jerry
  • the doggystarful
    the doggystarful 1 місяць тому F**k off
  • Ms. X
    Ms. X 1 місяць тому the doggystarful nou fuck off
  • Rapha Duo
    Rapha Duo 1 місяць тому This make sense.
  • Nunu Junior
    Nunu Junior 1 місяць тому @Flippy Flip 😂😂😂Jerry Rig Everything
  • kosmo seedo
    kosmo seedo 1 місяць тому Facts
  • PooPooPlater58
    PooPooPlater58 1 місяць тому @Flippy Flip jerry xD
  • Dr. Etzor
    Dr. Etzor 1 місяць тому This clone would also cost like 5000 bucks if it was launched 10 years ago. lmao.
  • Alex H
    Alex H 1 місяць тому @Reece Crawford just with the clones
  • Janelle Grant
    Janelle Grant 3 тижні тому Where can you buy the clone? There's no affliate link. Please provide .
  • Rebecca Alexander
    Rebecca Alexander 2 тижні тому @Janelle Grant looking for that info as well
  • Janelle Grant
    Janelle Grant 2 тижні тому @Rebecca Alexander Here's what I found on searching google....2019 New 6.5 Inch S10+Smartphone Face/Fingerprint Unlock 6GB+128GB Android Octa Core Dual SIM Cards Support T Card Dual Rear Free DHL Shipping From Xiongna, $110.56 | DHgate.Com|GMC|pla|911480847|43142548502|482237597|aud-396898547886:pla-364032378437|011013023|US|xiongna|m|2|#pd-011
  • Naj THE Drawl GOD
    Naj THE Drawl GOD 2 тижні тому @Flippy Flip LOL I KNOW WHERE U GOT HAT FROM
  • Rundown Galaxy
    Rundown Galaxy 6 днів тому No Shit.
  • Ethan Matthew Lubguban
    Ethan Matthew Lubguban 1 місяць тому Channel Name: EverythingApplePro unboxes a Samsung phone
  • croissant juan 666
    croissant juan 666 1 місяць тому @Cris-P-Bacon Yeet no it's a
  • Jenny Jerome
    Jenny Jerome 1 місяць тому @Cris-P-Bacon Yeet Go back to school for basic grammar starting with vowels a e i o u .
  • Rene Valleramos
    Rene Valleramos 1 місяць тому Must change its name
  • croissant juan 666
    croissant juan 666 1 місяць тому Comment deleted lmao
  • sathya moorthy
    sathya moorthy 1 місяць тому that's the power of android
  • ꧁༺Ꭷʝᥙ ᗩᖇᙢƳცlᎥᥒк༻꧂
    ꧁༺Ꭷʝᥙ ᗩᖇᙢƳცlᎥᥒк༻꧂ 1 місяць тому And calls it the best phone in the world Oof
  • Dr. Etzor
    Dr. Etzor 1 місяць тому Are you suggesting that whenever he reviews a phone he renames his channel to go with the unboxing's manufacturer? EverythingOnePlusPro, EverythingSamsungPro, EverythingMotorolaPro, EverythingBluPro, EverythingEnergizerPro
    VIKTOR BIHAR 1 місяць тому It's just a review, and he does like Samsung's Galaxy flag ships, but ofcourse he has is own personal preference, which I don't mind because, after all, he does to comparisons. Both companies are good nonetheless, Its the people who have tried Samsung before and left it thinking their will be no change, well, that's wrong, and those are the people who shouldn't be talking. Apple is great, it has a smooth interface being that's it's a closed system, unlike Android. But, Samsing has stepped up, their interface has become increasingly smoother, and you could do more. So, it really comes to one's preference, do you want seamless, and smooth or, do you want smooth, and feature rich?
  • Dr. Etzor
    Dr. Etzor 1 місяць тому @VIKTOR BIHAR Tbh, i'd say the Android "variant" of iPhone would be more likely OnePlus rather than Samsung, but yeah, Samsung and Apple are the big bois.
  • Unknown ShotzZ
    Unknown ShotzZ 1 місяць тому Ethan Matthew Lubguban yeah he likes to eat apples jeez stop the disrespect mate
  • Aleksi Roth
    Aleksi Roth 3 тижні тому It is like taking a look what Apple will copy for their next model.
  • Vigilant Sky648
    Vigilant Sky648 1 тиждень тому Ethan Matthew Lubguban u just made me rethink life
  • Unknown ShotzZ
    Unknown ShotzZ 1 тиждень тому Dr. Etzor 😂
  • John Wai
    John Wai 1 місяць тому You review a phone but not check if it could make calls ?
  • Paul de Koning
    Paul de Koning 1 місяць тому I haven't called in ages
  • Tíattah is Cupcakecandy, Kätänäh
    Tíattah is Cupcakecandy, Kätänäh 1 місяць тому You can't make calls on counterfeit phones because it illegal and a crime like downloading pirated music online
  • Sebfofun
    Sebfofun 1 місяць тому Tíattah is Cupcakecandy, Kätänäh you think he cares he bought a contraband ripoff
  • Botts King
    Botts King 1 місяць тому Ofc you can make calls
  • Mario Milano
    Mario Milano 1 місяць тому Go to any phone review and nobody do a phone call 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Sasidhran Selvadurai
    Sasidhran Selvadurai 1 місяць тому I dont think they do that in phone review videos man.
    TheKNIGHTELFMOHAWK 1 місяць тому I haven't heard anyone mention phone call quality in phone reviews in a long time
  • Regin Lamson
    Regin Lamson 1 місяць тому It can only make calls to China.
  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres 1 місяць тому @Tíattah is Cupcakecandy, Kätänäh I think you can, you can just buy the sim card and get a number, it will work the same way. What you can't use, is a stolen phone, the IMEI will and can be traced
  • Taron Muradov
    Taron Muradov 1 місяць тому Its not difficult at all to make a fake phone to make calls. I am 99% sure it can
  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres 1 місяць тому @Taron Muradov You just need the parts like a SIM reader and that is pretty much it. Yes of course some Cell companied like Claro and Movistar, or Verizon or whatever it is in one's country, will probably say no if you bring them your phone, but you can always buy a SIM card on a store and just put it in whatev' phone you want. Even Rooted and custom OS phones can make calls
  • Dr. Etzor
    Dr. Etzor 1 місяць тому That's why they call it a SMARTphone, the smart part is more important than the phone part.
  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres 1 місяць тому @Dr. Etzor But, it still had a Phone part, shouldn't be neglected. At the very least, they should say if the phone can be in other countries
  • Federico Tamburini
    Federico Tamburini 1 місяць тому Was it a phone review? Bhà...
  • Dr. Etzor
    Dr. Etzor 1 місяць тому @Niop Tres Well... the fact does a phone work in other countries is all up to your service provider, they usually work everywhere but it costs shitload, for example someone talked like 30 hours in Switzerland and got like 2000 bill for it alone. But... Yeah, a phone is a phone, it's supposed to work like a phone, the reason why most don't focus on the phone part is the fact that it's a fucking phone, what did you expect, harry potter? If phone was all that mattered to people, everyone would be buying ~30 dollar nokias still, smartphones wouldn't even exist.
  • Fair Game
    Fair Game 1 місяць тому Phone call? 🙄🙄🙄
  • excalibur1812
    excalibur1812 3 тижні тому @Tíattah is Cupcakecandy, Kätänäh Of course you can make calls on a counterfeit phone. I had a Note 3 clone and used it for a year. Made phone calls for a year on it and didn't have to get a data plan from AT&T.
  • Maine Prophetic
    Maine Prophetic 3 тижні тому Riight! But who makes ACTUAL phone calls in this generation lol!
  • excalibur1812
    excalibur1812 3 тижні тому @Maine Prophetic most of the civilized societies.
  • Vishal Shetty
    Vishal Shetty 3 тижні тому Nobody does a phone call in a phone review
  • X - Force
    X - Force 2 тижні тому @Maine Prophetic Billions of people.. all day .. every day.
  • Ice Vencedora
    Ice Vencedora 5 днів тому John Wai 👀
  • Nico Fritz
    Nico Fritz 2 місяці тому Just imagine what kind of phone they could make for 1000 bucks
  • 127 127
    127 127 1 місяць тому No u dumb fuck
  • mark struck
    mark struck 1 місяць тому Lmao your right
  • LowerJaw
    LowerJaw 1 місяць тому They could make the real thing
  • Elder Lich
    Elder Lich 1 місяць тому OnePlus or Pocophone
  • HiTèN
    HiTèN 1 місяць тому @Elder Lich 😅😅😅
  • fanaticz666
    fanaticz666 1 місяць тому @LowerJaw not even the real one would cost 1000 to make
  • Richard Cunningham
    Richard Cunningham 1 місяць тому I was imagining eight when I read your post lol it would be so nice it would be invisible. why haven't they made a google glass clone yet
  • Omar S
    Omar S 1 місяць тому It will be the same shit
  • EcoJoe22
    EcoJoe22 1 місяць тому You are right. With 10x the money get 10x the phone.
  • I Love Arrma
    I Love Arrma 1 місяць тому @127 127 you're dumb, that's why his comment has more likes than yours.
    SHAWN MARCS 1 місяць тому flying phone
  • 0BRAN0
    0BRAN0 2 тижні тому None of these companies are making phones for 1000 bucks. they are making them for roughly 300 and then ripping yall off with the band names.
  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 тижні тому @Elder Lich ooooll
  • Lord
    Lord 2 тижні тому @0BRAN0 you have no idea what he even said
  • 0BRAN0
    0BRAN0 2 тижні тому @Lord I do actually. "just imagine what kind of phone they could make for 1000 bucks"
  • Lord
    Lord 2 тижні тому @0BRAN0 ok but you obviously don't understand it, because he obviously knew that they aren't making it for a grand, he was just saying imagine if they made a 1000 dollar phone, because the phones they make are petty cheap but yet are pretty good compared to the real thing, and in good i mean for its price, so if one of these clones made a 1000 dollar phone it would probably be legendary. Also they are not 300 dollars either, because 300 dollars is the price to make a normal phone, the cheap knockoffs probably cost about 40 to 50 bucks to make them.
  • AbstracT Yt
    AbstracT Yt 1 тиждень тому LowerJaw they can make the real thing for ~400$
  • Ren Noir Suzugamori
    Ren Noir Suzugamori 2 місяці тому Sad part this fake phone still peforms better than my current android lol
  • Hi Me
    Hi Me 2 місяці тому Lmao what do you have
  • Sebolatan Akinlosotu
    Sebolatan Akinlosotu 1 місяць тому Do you use TECNO M3 series 😂😂😂😂
  • Ren Noir Suzugamori
    Ren Noir Suzugamori 1 місяць тому Vivo Y91
  • Sebolatan Akinlosotu
    Sebolatan Akinlosotu 1 місяць тому @Ren Noir Suzugamori It looks just like my samsung A10 lmao.. I'm too broke to get these flagships.
  • Sebolatan Akinlosotu
    Sebolatan Akinlosotu 1 місяць тому @Ren Noir Suzugamori I'm saving really slowly for the note 10+ or s10+ lol
  • Rj Kumar
    Rj Kumar 1 місяць тому my phone actually does perform better than this fake phone, and my phone only costed $89, j7 crown lmfao
  • Saurabh Karki's secondary account.
    Saurabh Karki's secondary account. 1 місяць тому @Rj Kumar I currently own an S9+.But,my phone a year back was 70$ worth and It performed worse than clone.😭😂
  • Rj Kumar
    Rj Kumar 1 місяць тому @Saurabh Karki's secondary account. same here, my other phone ran on android lollipop, but i now run on pie, btw, LG phones easily heat up, so i switched to samsung
  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres 1 місяць тому @Sebolatan Akinlosotu Pft, who needs a flagship when you can get pretty much the main necessary feature you will EVER use from a much much cheaper phone. Most flagships nowadays have useless features that only serve to make them seem new a nd shiny, but in reality, you'll rarely use
  • G-zuz
    G-zuz 1 місяць тому @Niop Tres You're argument is weak but I'll give it to you. Sure you might not use the features but you'll get a Premium Camera, Premium Processor with an insane speed, better display. You're just making excuses in order to not buy it; But to each their own. You surely don't need a premium phone to get by but in a day and age where we have people spending most of their time on their phone's it is important that the phone can run as smoothly as possible.
  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres 1 місяць тому @G-zuz It is just that that I do not believe there is much value in a super phone if the vast mauority of people are much more casual using it than most believe. The processor and camera are amazing, yes, but a great mayority do not really care about thise and in reality you hardly notice the difference in many cases. On top of that, if you do not have that much money to waste and you do not need super features, then why waste it? 2 Ram and a medium processor can be just as smooth in a budget phone as in a flagship if you know how to use the phone and if you are not demanding of it. Yes, people can use there phones a lot daily, but in much more urban and working places, say New York, the big metropolis with very heavy jobs that makes use of communication. But the truth is the great mayority of the entire poulation doesnt rely on the smart phone for their wirk, at most it is commodity, a luxury. In my country budget phones are the most sold, I could tell you most of my friends and even the company my dad works for (Smurfit Kappa) use budget phones. It is just more convenient. Very few have flagships and I have seen how little of the many features they actually use themselves
  • CJ Stewart
    CJ Stewart 4 тижні тому You must have a shit android then 😂my android runs smooth af
  • venkat raj
    venkat raj 4 тижні тому They also do better thn most of the iPhones
  • Vitor Souza
    Vitor Souza 2 тижні тому @Sebolatan Akinlosotu Man I get a Galaxy A50, it's pretty solid, very responsible. Not a top flagship but the overall is good
  • Egg with 10,000 subscribers
    Egg with 10,000 subscribers 2 тижні тому @Vitor Souza huh I'm saving for an a20
  • Basor011
    Basor011 1 тиждень тому Sebolatan Akinlosotu buy a70 instead much better price
  • Faith Hunter
    Faith Hunter 1 тиждень тому “It’s literally scratching the screen “ SCARTCHS AGAIN
  • Melon Baller
    Melon Baller 1 тиждень тому It's not like he's using the phone for anything.
  • Lecks Lecks
    Lecks Lecks 1 місяць тому I would get kicked out of a library using that fake stylus ! Sound like a rock tapping metal lmfao
  • Magical Drizzle
    Magical Drizzle 2 тижні тому Moral of the story: If you buy a knock off at a tenth of a price, just keep it on the table to show off. Don't try to be over-smart and start tapping and blow your own cover.
  • Creepy Waffles
    Creepy Waffles 2 тижні тому 😂
  • denislav stoyanov
    denislav stoyanov 1 місяць тому I'd love to use my 1% battery percentage to express my humble opinion about this video. The
  • thor odinson
    thor odinson 1 місяць тому Complete ur opinion dude
  • BlueWolf
    BlueWolf 1 місяць тому Charged your phone yet mate?
  • InlaidFir
    InlaidFir 1 місяць тому (змінено) Not sure if the comment wouldve posted,but you gonna finish your trash oppinion yet?or does your phone not know how to charge properly?and yes I do know its an unfunny joke
  • bb ww
    bb ww 1 місяць тому bunch of idiots not getting the joke
    ANGRY JERRY 1 місяць тому @InlaidFir you must be fun at parties
  • bmtkid00
    bmtkid00 1 місяць тому @bb ww its dumb idk why this sht is going around youtube
  • bb ww
    bb ww 1 місяць тому @bmtkid00 it ain't really funny but what hurts more to see is some 10yr olds not getting the joke and raging over it
  • InlaidFir
    InlaidFir 1 місяць тому @ANGRY JERRY i am,my friends say so,this is not a party though,its youtube
  • Erick Silva
    Erick Silva 1 місяць тому That's the only downside about apple bro.... is what I would say if I didnt know and/or realize how shitty apple products are
  • Project Human
    Project Human 3 тижні тому @InlaidFir No shit sherlock. So don't ruin Youtube too.
  • Ardi Q.
    Ardi Q. 2 тижні тому @ANGRY JERRY i agree with him im tired of these trash jokes. If he hasnt got anything smart to say he can just like the video and shut up. (I mean fo the comment not replies)
  • Jones Parker
    Jones Parker 2 тижні тому Are you aware that you didnt finish the next sentance?! It only contains "The"
  • Project Human
    Project Human 2 тижні тому @Jones Parker I don't know for sure whether I should r/woooosh you or not.. :/
  • Jones Parker
    Jones Parker 2 тижні тому Project Human What do you mean by woosh? Im so tired of people not typing correctly on the internet and seing someone not even finishing their sentance crossed the line for me.
  • Lord
    Lord 2 тижні тому @Jones Parker sentence*
  • Project Human
    Project Human 2 тижні тому @Jones Parker Dude. r/woooosh x2 for you xD
  • •Sunflower•
    •Sunflower• 2 тижні тому InlaidFir You really hate jokes don’t you
  • •Sunflower•
    •Sunflower• 2 тижні тому Jones Parker The joke is that he had very low battery thus could only say one word before his phone died.
  • DxnIe Wee
    DxnIe Wee 6 днів тому how do u press th send button if ur phone dies lol
  • ato mic
    ato mic 2 місяці тому It has the same camera that everyone uses to film or take pictures of Ufos and Bigfoot.
    MR SKULL GAMING 2 місяці тому 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
  • RodChe 06
    RodChe 06 2 місяці тому And leaked phones
  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 2 місяці тому 😂😂😂😂
  • Kaushik Assagur
    Kaushik Assagur 2 місяці тому Lol Nuke's Top 5😂😂😂
  • The Comment
    The Comment 2 місяці тому Lmao you mean laptop camera quality?
  • Sjn
    Sjn 2 місяці тому And literally every security cameras ever!
  • anirudh sharma
    anirudh sharma 2 місяці тому You deserve more likes.
  • mohannad ahmed
    mohannad ahmed 2 місяці тому I'm the like number 300
  • E3 Studios
    E3 Studios 2 місяці тому Cool
  • badass huh
    badass huh 1 місяць тому Lmaoooooooo
  • E3 Studios
    E3 Studios 1 місяць тому huh, neat
  • Alistair Maclean
    Alistair Maclean 1 місяць тому That was brilliant!
  • Kiwi YT
    Kiwi YT 1 місяць тому @anirudh sharma n9wownwwiwwniwnwowiwueysye7s wiwjw
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    bkmbkmbkm12 1 місяць тому hahahahahahahjajkahhahjkakjajkajk
  • Cess Phenor
    Cess Phenor 1 місяць тому 🤣🤣🤣
  • Christian Zubak
    Christian Zubak 1 місяць тому The phone actually has a great camera that's why apple is taking Samsung night mode on the camra
  • Christian Zubak
    Christian Zubak 1 місяць тому Unless your talking about the fake note10 then yes bad camera
  • Diddy mohd
    Diddy mohd 1 місяць тому ikr
  • telinaattacc
    telinaattacc 1 місяць тому Ikr 😂😂😂
  • James van Es
    James van Es 1 місяць тому And youre profile
  • Enetale Abuya
    Enetale Abuya 3 тижні тому Just take a look at the original Samsung, man! No matter what you pay for it, it worth it
  • Deivid CM2 ツ
    Deivid CM2 ツ 2 тижні тому Best comment ever xD
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    AMEER Almaliky 2 тижні тому 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    datedstar 1 тиждень тому 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    4rzm izdkh 1 тиждень тому Lmfao
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    Steven Nguyen 1 тиждень тому And lochness monsters
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    jenlovesdogs 19 годин тому ato mic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Smiley
    Smiley 1 місяць тому lol this is 99 dollars? This is better than a iphone 7 for 99 DOLLARS
  • Shibe Doggo
    Shibe Doggo 1 місяць тому The iphone 7 is much better than this...
  • Poofesure Army
    Poofesure Army 1 місяць тому You must have lost a lot of your brain cells by watching lil moseys cypher to think that 😂I phone 7 is actually my favorite iPhone
  • LightningSFM
    LightningSFM 1 місяць тому Anything is better than an iPhone. ;) JK don't kill me
  • Jakob Malki
    Jakob Malki 1 місяць тому @LightningSFM not a joke, its true
  • Adriel Gamer :V
    Adriel Gamer :V 1 місяць тому Jakob Malki lol right
  • AsianX
    AsianX 1 місяць тому @LightningSFM a potato is better than an iphone
  • Kristian Pirnes
    Kristian Pirnes 1 місяць тому AsianX i smell broke here
  • AsianX
    AsianX 1 місяць тому @Kristian Pirnes it must be your broken iphone 7
  • - niightmare
    - niightmare 1 місяць тому @AsianX DAMNNNNNNNN
  • Israel andersonHOME
    Israel andersonHOME 1 місяць тому The iPhone 7 is a shit phone, but not that bad.
  • Vision
    Vision 1 місяць тому @Israel andersonHOME yeah it's a good phone. iPhone isn't that bad but any Android phone is cheaper with the same bang for buck. It's because apple thinks people want a phone for style. Most people nowadays buys it for camera quality and tools. Note 10 has 10 times more tool functionality than iPhone 11 and Samsung S10 had three cameras before the iPhone 11 giving Samsung the edge in camera Hell I know like 4 Android phones that have 6 cameras all with like insane megapixel wide ultra lens. But still. If you want a nice looking phone and iPhone beats it there
  • Abizai
    Abizai 1 місяць тому where me buy ???
  • Califa's Balls
    Califa's Balls 1 місяць тому I wouldn't say that much
  • arshiya maqbool
    arshiya maqbool 1 місяць тому @AsianX it's the fastest phone to the day don't say it potato Samsung were having potatoes many potato version if u check on Amazon iPhone is best as it always has best processor and camera
  • Micaiah Scott
    Micaiah Scott 1 місяць тому @@arshiya maqbool ya might look again at them facts on the googles. just read the second article on how it lost to the note in speed. also, like vision was saying, there are android phones that are basically built around a professional camera array. Iphones are not bad phones but i wouldn't describe them as cutting edge anymore.
  • D- Nguyen
    D- Nguyen 1 місяць тому Smiley you can be a hater but you got to be smarter
  • InlaidFir
    InlaidFir 1 місяць тому @Vision the only reason people buy iphones is because they want to look rich
  • InlaidFir
    InlaidFir 1 місяць тому @arshiya maqbool maybe fix your grammar and spelling then come and argue,maybe then you might get people to pay attention to you sheep
  • Vision
    Vision 1 місяць тому @InlaidFir exactly what I mean by style. People think an iPhone makes them look good. But id rather have a faster and smarter phone then something that looks nice. I don't care if my Android is a plastic box with a display I'd rather have the better item.
  • InlaidFir
    InlaidFir 1 місяць тому @Vision iphones are bought purely for the price not looks,its how the iphone 11 is being bought by anyone
  • Vision
    Vision 1 місяць тому @InlaidFir nah everyone I know buys them because they are stylish. And I'm ngl they are. If I could have a pure rose gold in the back of my S10 I would cry.
  • InlaidFir
    InlaidFir 1 місяць тому @Vision i guess peoples sense of style is not very good nowadays then
  • Vision
    Vision 1 місяць тому @InlaidFir I guess so
  • Zenkai 100
    Zenkai 100 1 місяць тому @Kristian Pirnes it doesn't have to do with being broke lmao there are just smart people who don't buy mediocre tech for a high price you probably arent even that wealthy anyway
  • G-zuz
    G-zuz 1 місяць тому @Vision Flagship androids are almost the same price, or literally the same price as the latest iPhones. Don't compare shit cheap phones to the premium one's
  • Vision
    Vision 1 місяць тому (змінено) @G-zuz Samsung S10 600$. iPhone X 700$ iPhone 11 pro 1000$ sorry but Samsung is way cheaper
  • KJ Armstrong
    KJ Armstrong 1 місяць тому The fake is still probably better than the iPhone x
  • Masoud Afzali
    Masoud Afzali 1 місяць тому @Kristian Pirnes thats the thing headless sheeps with money that they dont care about buy iphones for the name
  • Masoud Afzali
    Masoud Afzali 1 місяць тому (змінено) @G-zuz yeah iphone 11 (128gb) with the specs of iphone 7 for only and mean ONLY 900$ is premium lets see how much the best and fastest phone of 2019 costs with double the specs and new features the one plus 7 pro at just 750$ with fucking 256gb and 12gb ram not only that the best screen with 90hz refresh rate the funny thing is iphone 11 max pro has 60hz refresh rate do you know how much it costs ? 1300$ for 64 gb but iphone do have good cameras (the latest versions) but not for that kinda price Edit: this prices are in norway btw
  • ITechI GD
    ITechI GD 3 тижні тому @Shibe Doggo woooosh
  • Shibe Doggo
    Shibe Doggo 3 тижні тому @ITechI GD haha yes woosh funny
  • Huwuba
    Huwuba 3 тижні тому @ITechI GD r/nohesbeingfuckingseriousApplefuckingsucks
  • squiDZ
    squiDZ 3 тижні тому The iphone is absolute shit, most of the value comes from the brand logo itself. The specs are low grade and can be easily beaten by cheaper android phones
  • XxxnoonexxX
    XxxnoonexxX 2 тижні тому Smiley get rich kid Jk
  • Arkinori Zanderski
    Arkinori Zanderski 2 тижні тому Dang what did Apple do
  • •Sunflower•
    •Sunflower• 2 тижні тому This comment second reeks of broke people
  • Khoa Tran
    Khoa Tran 2 тижні тому AsianX Hahahaha
  • G-zuz
    G-zuz 1 тиждень тому @Vision im talking about MSRP, not the price dictated by the market after the phone releases. MSRP is almost the same for both Apple and Samsung flagships.. You can't compare the price of a recently released phone to a the price of an older model phone because the outcome is obvious. To top it off, iPhone's retain more value compared to their counterparts (samsung, google, lg, etc.) so that's why they appear more expensive, but they're really not.
  • Vision
    Vision 1 тиждень тому @G-zuz the launch of the s10+ was only 900 the launch of the iPhone 11 pro max is 1000. Plus the iPhone 11 was released around 12 months ago. The s10+ was released around 6. Not that much of a major difference in the stock market. Prices only went down around 100-200. Its still cheaper. And better.
  • Vision
    Vision 1 тиждень тому @G-zuz Samsung put better gear in their phone. It packs a 12mp x 12mp x 16 mp camera while the the iPhone 11 pro max is 12mp x 12 mp x 14 mp. The s10 is the first phone to ever introduce ultrasound fingerprints. It also still managed to have a headphone jack, charging port, and water proofing. It is almost all screen display with only one little hole punch design for the front camera. Which is way Bette than the front camera and notch on the 11. Its bigger, supports better components including better GPU,CPU, and almost more than 2 times the ram. It includes all this BETTER tech and still manages to be 100 dollars cheaper at literally every store besides amazon where its 200-300 dollars cheaper. it can also support more storage btw. The only thing it fails at is the back of the phone in which it doesn't look as cool. However like most people I use my phone as a tool not as some trash stylish piece of equipment. Its overall better in every way and still is cheaper than even the best version of the iPhone 11 (the pro max) and is still cheaper than all of them. All I see is a genuine company who isnt money thirsty like there competitors. I rest my case.
  • Bruce Wrigleys Gumchewz
    Bruce Wrigleys Gumchewz 1 тиждень тому @Sunflower.. So we're all supposed to be rich fucks just to own a decent mobile? The fuck is that shit? I swear it's almost ALWAYS the "elite" iPhone and Android sheep who must have the newest most expensive phones every 6 months .. and then act like douchebags and talk trash to the majority of people who can't afford flagships. Like as if you're some elitist just because you have wads of cash laying around ready to blow on yet another phone just because you can. It's one thing to buy whatever the fuck you want. It's another thing to brag about it and look down upon those who can't like some rich spoiled knob. 😏
  • Bruce Wrigleys Gumchewz
    Bruce Wrigleys Gumchewz 1 тиждень тому @Vision.. at least Galaxy S10 has a headphone jack AND SD card slot. Boasting about Note 10's amount of tools/functions is a joke when it doesn't even support 2 of the most sought after functions, yet costs more. They really love to imitate Apple.
    POWER MASTER 5 годин тому @AsianX lol roasted
  • sakuyabloodwing
    sakuyabloodwing 1 місяць тому honestly, at $99 there are people that would be thrilled. the $100 phones straight talk and prepaid services are selling are pretty far behind that fake.
  • Nikolas Gunadi
    Nikolas Gunadi 1 місяць тому Not really. Cheap phones are getting good
  • It doesn't matter what your name is
    It doesn't matter what your name is 4 тижні тому TBH I've had straight talk for 10 years now & NO complaints. I left Verizon to go to straight talk & I have been happier ever since. You can still have flagship phones such as Samsung Galaxy S10 plus or Note 10+ with straight talk & all the features work flawlessly, data is not slow. No issues watching movies or doing anything else. Only difference between having service through Straight Talk or service through Verizon, Sprint or any other big name cell provider is you throw a Ton of $$$ away having Verizon or other big name co. That you could've saved having Straight Talk... Not to mention you are not on a leash & constantly restrained & restricted by ridiculous contracts!
  • UGS4697
    UGS4697 3 тижні тому @It doesn't matter what your name is lol I'm on Verizon and I don't have contracts I buy my phones outright.
  • UGS4697
    UGS4697 3 тижні тому @It doesn't matter what your name is also best buy has a Samsung tablet on sale for Verizon at $125.99 retail price $250. Samsung Galaxy Tab a Verizon.
  • Teresa Williams
    Teresa Williams 3 тижні тому Straighttalk? How do I get one from Wal-Mart or online