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Скачать с ютуб CGI Animated Short Film "Wakan" by ISART DIGITAL | CGMeetup

Опубликовано: 14 окт. 2017 г. 4 483 249 просмотров

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CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Wakan Short Film by ISART DIGITAL - Brenda Bulut, Thomas Campos, Théo Coriton, Marion Debrick, Nina Gannier, Antoine Gillet, Alix Putier and Clémentine Sergeant. Featured on

When the sun sets on a small native American village in the middle of a forest, two children, Aiyanna and her brother,Tawa, are playing hide and seek. From the edge of the village, the young girl is lured away by a furtive blue light into the mystical forest. To save his sister, Tawa must venture deep into the heart of the spirit world….

3D Animation: Brenda Bulut, Thomas Campos, Théo Coriton, Marion Debrick, Nina Gannier, Antoine Gillet, Alix Putier and Clémentine Sergeant

Music and Sound Design: Lou-Angel Bourdeaux, Vito Coquet, Alvynn Diagne, Rebecca Laubin and Elissa Mleiel

ISART DIGITAL, the video game and 3D animation / VFX School.

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CGI Animated Short Film "Wakan" by ISART DIGITAL | CGMeetup


  • Danica Alba
    Danica Alba 2 года назад OKAY! For all those people who are saying this story stole the "Will-o-Wisps" from Brave, the animator technically didn't steal them... If you watch SuperCarlinBrothers, you'd know that the will-o-wisps weren't created by Disney... They were originally an old folk tale thing that these blue orbs led people to their deaths.
  • Booh Trash
    Booh Trash Год назад Will-o-wisps, fairies and trolls, and so on, were never created by Disney, all they did was make the creatures nice. A lot of the original tales they turn into animated movies are gritty and dark.
  • Reem Adel
    Reem Adel Год назад Thanks for explaining them, that really helped explain the story
  • Tee Luv
    Tee Luv Год назад But so? I mean who tf cares? Its a bit of fun, mate. Lighten up!
  • Olivia Kennedy
    Olivia Kennedy Год назад You are immediately a ravenclaw
  • Umbra Deus
    Umbra Deus Год назад yeah... and if people wanna say they stole the wisp from Disney, then that would mean Disney stole them from Nintendos Zelda franchise.... hopefully Nintendont doesnt find out, theyll tell Disney to stop operations, steal the material, and resell it back to you for a premium.
  • possumguts
    possumguts Год назад Genesis does what Nintendon't.
  • Nicole S
    Nicole S Год назад Will-o'-the-wisps could also indicate the location of treasure or just be mischievous spirits/ fairies depending on which culture's folklore you look into
  • Satisfying Central HD
    Satisfying Central HD Год назад TO THERE DEATH?!😐
  • DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza
    DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza Год назад @Tee Luv, cymbols hiss
  • Yuri Plisetsky
    Yuri Plisetsky Год назад Will-o'-wisps are also known as "Jack-ó-lanter"!
  • Moon Rocks
    Moon Rocks Год назад I thought this crap was common knowledge, lol. Like the wisp mother in skyrim, references to wisps in music, their presence in the Sims and Zelda franchises.
  • ThatOneRose
    ThatOneRose Год назад So the whisps led Merida to her death? Ok.
  • Mathias Bachmann
    Mathias Bachmann Год назад In German they are either called "irrlicht", which has the meaning of ignis fatuus, or "moorlicht", which would translate to "swamplight". The proposed real background may be self-igniting swamp-gases that show of for short moments in swamp-areas. So stories of people that gone astry in forests makes sense when they finaly saw lights somewhere, and followed them in hope of finding a way out, while the swamplights only "led" them deeper and deeper into the swamp where they almost died. From people telling those stories that survived you may estimate that sometimes the swamplights may really have led real people into their death.
  • AlphaWolvesGamer
    AlphaWolvesGamer Год назад Question: Where there any Native American folklore which included the Will-o-wisp or something similar? I thought it was a Gealic/Celtic folklore thing.
  • Broadway Forever
    Broadway Forever Год назад Their death!? 😲
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium Год назад Exactly.♡
  • Kirsten Mary Sedigo Ortiz
    Kirsten Mary Sedigo Ortiz Год назад SuperCarlinBrothers!
  • Lester Falcon
    Lester Falcon Год назад 70's English TV
  • With Love
    With Love Год назад (изменено) That was my impression, that they were an original folk tale Disney used as a plot point. Holy cow! So much good information here!
  • Katja
    Katja 11 месяцев назад For me, the message of the movie was that the will o wisps wanted to be liberated, and were simply leading people to the point where they met their fate, but not with the intention to kill them, with the intention to find someone who can figure it out...
  • Javier Rosales
    Javier Rosales 11 месяцев назад No one don't give a 💩. ✌😈👀👀
  • Leah Ashton
    Leah Ashton 11 месяцев назад @AlphaWolvesGamer look into it. I think the native americans have creatures like the will o wisps and other supernatural beings
  • LinkSysRoute
    LinkSysRoute 11 месяцев назад @Satisfying Central HD I don't know if they based this on an actual Native American fairy tale, but something to remember is that fairy tales aren't nice . Because Disney has (had) the bad habit of making their stories feel-good / happy endings / etc., they hid away a lot of nasty stuff . Cinderella? Mutilation. Snow White? Torture. Sleeping Beauty? Original version before the Grimm Brothers made it nice had rape and cannibalism.
  • CT2
    CT2 10 месяцев назад You are right! they didn't rip those movies off.. they ripped off Moana!
  • CT2
    CT2 10 месяцев назад @possumguts YES!!!! I saw that commercial on youtube the other day.
  • Fox Girl
    Fox Girl 10 месяцев назад Yeh and interestingly enough almost every cultra one way or another has a very similar fire thing, spirit or demon
  • Genie Perez
    Genie Perez 9 месяцев назад Danica Alba old folk tales based on real life events just rewritten and renamed
  • SummerCloud
    SummerCloud 8 месяцев назад I love how you mentioned SuperCarlinBrothers👌Love their channel
  • Mentocthemindtaker
    Mentocthemindtaker 6 месяцев назад @Booh Trash Lol, Disney has created almost nothing. They're very good at "repurposing" things though.
  • SnowRabbitmck
    SnowRabbitmck 5 месяцев назад @Leah Ashton Yes the Native Americans do. They're called “Tei-Pai-Wankas.” They are spheres of light, and are similar to the will-o-wisp. They are victims of the Pukwudgie , which they use to lure unsuspecting humans to their deaths.
  • Ç Ř Ø Ņ Č H Man
    Ç Ř Ø Ņ Č H Man 3 месяца назад They are real too, sorta, they aint alive tho
  • [:]That1Candii[:] Mobile Gameplay
    [:]That1Candii[:] Mobile Gameplay 3 месяца назад Thank to the You
  • Akary Star Angel Angelique Katayama
    Akary Star Angel Angelique Katayama 2 месяца назад Yep
  • Nikki Cedrone
    Nikki Cedrone Неделю назад I don't give a crap who owns the concept, the fact is, they're okay with heading out to their deaths as long as they're together and there was zero relationship established. we only know he was keeping tabs on the girl then sacrificed himself. Crappy story.
  • theSwedishGal
    theSwedishGal Неделю назад It isn't just a tale, it's gasses that are released from under the mud in swamps that then light themselves on fire and burn for a few seconds with a blue flame, in nordic folklore they're called "irrbloss" and they were souls stuck in limbo.
  • Maelynn
    Maelynn 2 года назад (изменено) Well kids never leave home without an adult or you'll turn into a blue orb thing from Brave
  • Brandon Mendonca
    Brandon Mendonca 2 года назад Holy shit Skyrim was real then
  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray Год назад They're called corpse candles. Don't follow them, because they're more likely to lead you into a swamp than to your destiny....unless your destiny is to drown in the swamp, be transformed into a bog body and then be discovered thousands of years later and put in a glass case in a museum!
  • BeaToonz
    BeaToonz Год назад Sarah Gray Yes, if your destiny is to be a swamp baby. Do it
  • Arrivederci
    Arrivederci Год назад Maelynn Mer Ikr this was just like brave but she didn't die
  • scft yoongles
    scft yoongles Год назад It reminded me of Brave too😂
  • Roger Salandy
    Roger Salandy Год назад Maelynn Mer
  • Ruckmanite
    Ruckmanite Год назад Maelynn Mer it's brave but in native form and not in viking form haha
  • Dani Dani owo
    Dani Dani owo Год назад It's willow wisp I think
  • Shiva's Chimera
    Shiva's Chimera Год назад Whisp. Short for whisper. Inner light and intuition comes in the form of whispers. Whisp's have always been associated with guidance in troubled times. For one to be transformed into a whisp is the greatest blessing of love.
  • everything yet nothing
    everything yet nothing Год назад dude theyre called wisps
  • Belsnickel
    Belsnickel Год назад Maelynn Mer it’s a will o whisp alright! Get your facts straight😂
  • Belsnickel
    Belsnickel Год назад Sarah Gray god gosh Sarah. Way to be morbid😬😂
  • Zoe Beth Parent
    Zoe Beth Parent Год назад Hahaha
  • C 3005
    C 3005 Год назад Sarah Gray there real things?
  • QueenieKalisa Froggy
    QueenieKalisa Froggy Год назад Lmao I legit though this was brave all over again, the vibes got me 😂😂😂
  • Olivia Kennedy
    Olivia Kennedy Год назад They're called will-o the wisps
  • Lindsey B
    Lindsey B Год назад Meh, I like “blue orb thing” better lol😉
  • Nathalia Silva Anjos
    Nathalia Silva Anjos Год назад Maelynn Mer UAUÚUUU!!
  • AR1NUM [αя]
    AR1NUM [αя] Год назад Will o wisp isnt from Brave
  • ilikekittys_2019
    ilikekittys_2019 Год назад Yeah no kidding
  • Kj27 Wolf
    Kj27 Wolf Год назад (изменено) "You know, some say that Willo the Wisps can lead you to your fate." -Queen Elinor Yes there was a Willo the Wisp in Merida but it is also Folklorean Legend
  • MystiqueHorizon
    MystiqueHorizon Год назад @AR1NUM [αя] they ARE in Brave, they just called them Whisps,, they are the same thing.
  • MystiqueHorizon
    MystiqueHorizon Год назад @Ruckmanite Scottish you mean,, lol
  • 『接吻』『ひまわり』
    『接吻』『ひまわり』 Год назад Hahahahaha 😂😂
  • Self proclaimed queen lazy
    Self proclaimed queen lazy Год назад Its called a wisp
  • half Queen demonest
    half Queen demonest Год назад Lol
  • jaded
    jaded Год назад they're called will-of-the-wisps
  • The Awakening Of Johnny Newsome
    The Awakening Of Johnny Newsome Год назад U MEAN A WISP
  • Isis Curd
    Isis Curd Год назад a wisp its called a wisp plus they are the spirits of people who once lived before you they guide you to things
  • MaskedMan66
    MaskedMan66 Год назад The "blue orb things" are will-o'-the-wisps, which have been part of many mythologies for thousands of years. Disney/Pixar didn't invent everything.
  • Giraffe Longneck
    Giraffe Longneck Год назад Its called a whisp
  • MaskedMan66
    MaskedMan66 Год назад +Maria Batnag No, it's called a will-o'-the-wisp.
  • Adeline Lie
    Adeline Lie Год назад It's called da will-o' wisps
  • MaskedMan66
    MaskedMan66 Год назад
  • Smol Zahk
    Smol Zahk Год назад It's Sein from Ori
  • Maya
    Maya Год назад You mean will o wisp?
  • dragonkingofthestars
    dragonkingofthestars Год назад Will-wisp
  • salim bh
    salim bh Год назад J
  • Funtime Freddy Fan
    Funtime Freddy Fan Год назад Its called a "Wisp"
  • Sweetiebell G
    Sweetiebell G Год назад Sofia Braham there called wisps
  • dmlp103
    dmlp103 11 месяцев назад Will o the whisp or whisps, many peoples the world over have tales of spirit orbs that lead travelers or children estray
  • Lillilillil lililil
    Lillilillil lililil 11 месяцев назад You know, those are actually real things from swamp, just more imaginative+ dramatic details in movies
  • dmlp103
    dmlp103 11 месяцев назад @Lillilillil lililil swamp gases emitting light right?
  • Wynona Honeylove
    Wynona Honeylove 11 месяцев назад It is called a wisp
  • Regan Chard
    Regan Chard 10 месяцев назад its a whisp
  • Ritche Datuin
    Ritche Datuin 10 месяцев назад It's a whisp
  • hdhdh xsvipotsst995s
    hdhdh xsvipotsst995s 10 месяцев назад Wow im proud
    KEILA A BAUZA-CORREA 7 месяцев назад skyrim reference intensifies
  • ローズ
    ローズ 4 месяца назад A whisp?
  • Richard
    Richard 3 месяца назад it never originated from brave neither was created by disney 🤷🏾 . its an old folk tale , stop saying shit you dont know anything about
  • Irina
    Irina 2 года назад the owl kinda reminds me of that owl in avatar with the library that is inside of that tower in the desert
  • Heather Henninger
    Heather Henninger 2 года назад Irina1999 same
  • Claire Davis
    Claire Davis Год назад that’s what i thought
  • FreezingTheMind
    FreezingTheMind Год назад I just finished watching Avatar/Korra and thought the same thing! Such a cool character and this cgi short did a good job of making a similar yet even more terrifying version of Wan Shi Tong.
  • ThatOneCubchoo
    ThatOneCubchoo Год назад I thought that was an owlbear
  • suleiny beltre
    suleiny beltre Год назад Yes ! My exact thoughts
  • Pansynthia2me
    Pansynthia2me Год назад Great Mystery.Spirit
  • James Ricker
    James Ricker Год назад That wasn't an owl, that was an Eye Killer.
  • FennecFoxGamer1
    FennecFoxGamer1 Год назад Same
  • Curlyhead Renaé
    Curlyhead Renaé Год назад OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST MEEEE
  • Wang Puppy
    Wang Puppy Год назад wang shi tong
  • Madmouse 101
    Madmouse 101 Год назад Omg YES
  • Isak Viklund
    Isak Viklund Год назад I also thought of Dormin from Shadow of the Colossus aswell as Kuro from Ori and the blind forest.
  • Alexandra Reveza
    Alexandra Reveza Год назад The girls out on a journey to reclaim her honour.
  • slytherelle
    slytherelle Год назад Omg IKR
  • Sarah Cannon
    Sarah Cannon Год назад Oh good, I'm not the only one.
  • Noon Sun
    Noon Sun 11 месяцев назад Irina1999 Reminds me of duolingo chasing you when you forgot to do your spanish lessons
  • galaxy and spirit studios
    galaxy and spirit studios 11 месяцев назад OMG THERE ARE FANS BESIDE ME LEFT
  • galaxy and spirit studios
    galaxy and spirit studios 11 месяцев назад @Noon Sun I haven't done my japanese lessons in a month
  • Spiritual Compass
    Spiritual Compass 8 месяцев назад (Owl) More like bohemian grove symbol...
  • Angel Iparraguirre
    Angel Iparraguirre 8 месяцев назад He who knows ten thousand things
  • Gamer Kids
    Gamer Kids 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Yes yes it does Yay people talking about Avatar :D
  • breasia pullum
    breasia pullum 5 месяцев назад im WATCHING IT NOW !🤣
  • Tobe
    Tobe 2 месяца назад Oml same!
    Janee DISTURBED 1 месяц назад Wan Shi Tong Wise one. Didn't they use him somewhere in Spirited Away?
  • Victoria Anderson
    Victoria Anderson 2 недели назад You mean Wan Shi Tong?
  • SnowRabbitmck
    SnowRabbitmck 5 месяцев назад The "Wakan" is based on a Native American (Wampanoag) lore. They're called “Tei-Pai-Wankas.” They are spheres of light, and are similar to the will-o-wisp. They are victims that the Pukwudgie have killed. The Pukwudgie then use the ghost of it's victims to lure other unsuspecting humans to their deaths.
  • DangerousDragoon Gahza
    DangerousDragoon Gahza 3 месяца назад Yeah, I thought it had to be some sort folk tale
  • #Readers23 MARVEL fan
    #Readers23 MARVEL fan 2 месяца назад The pukwugie is also in Harry Potter
  • Carmen Mendez
    Carmen Mendez 1 месяц назад WAOOOOOO😮😮😮😮😮
  • Claudia Venencia
    Claudia Venencia 1 месяц назад The MAPUCHES, a native people from the southern Andes, also believe in the spheres of light. There are two versions, one is mostly negative: "Anchimallén" and another much more positive, where they are not spirits but a kind of energy capsules that transmit the machis and toki.
    Janee DISTURBED 1 месяц назад They are the same thing, just a different name used by another culture of people.
  • Communist Alpha Male Banging Capitalist Beta males
    Communist Alpha Male Banging Capitalist Beta males 3 недели назад Lesson of the story: Leave beauty in nature untouched or else it shall die and take that which is precious from you.
  • Steven Lester
    Steven Lester 2 года назад Thank you for giving us back our hope at the end.  "The ending was so awful."  But it wasn't, actually.  In the end of all of our lives, transformation overtakes us and we are returned to what we were, but also changed because of what we knew here.  She was, at first, left behind because of his brave and selfless deed, even as he was, in loneliness, separated from her as the price of his sacrifice.  To repay him, she gave up all she had left, even as he had, so that they could be together again, always free, always together, and always joy-filled.  The ending was the best ending of all, and it is promised to all of us in every case eventually.
  • t bey
    t bey 2 года назад Steven Lester your right even if we die we will still come back
  • Sundae majic orange Sherbet
    Sundae majic orange Sherbet 2 года назад Steven Lester H
  • Alana Kelley
    Alana Kelley 2 года назад what do you mean by that
  • Alana Kelley
    Alana Kelley 2 года назад the ending is unrealistic
  • Stormi Winsett
    Stormi Winsett 2 года назад wut?
  • Midnight The black cat
    Midnight The black cat 2 года назад Steven Lester that was beautiful.
  • Lexi G
    Lexi G 2 года назад Steven Lester is
  • imie rose chavez
    imie rose chavez 2 года назад Steven Lester utgkpuyjp0
  • Mikmik Sulit
    Mikmik Sulit 2 года назад :D
  • Annie_bobannie
    Annie_bobannie 2 года назад Texas country i mean if you dont believe in reincarnation. Let me put it like this,people that believe in energy and we are beings of energy such as our own magnetic energy we are made of (neutrons .protons) gets sent back into the world when we die and turned into something else bc energy is not made nor destroyed it is constent.keep in mind this is all my theory on this take for it being logical. So u die your wnergy goes back into the world and can attach to someone and lets say a mom it connects with her,she has a kid it goes to the kid,there you go reincarnation. Ik it sounds silly but thats the best way for it to have any chance at being realistic
  • Pobble Bonk
    Pobble Bonk 2 года назад anna _ energy*
  • DawnStarLightning
    DawnStarLightning 2 года назад anna _ Interesting take on reincarnation. I'm still not really a believer but that's a logical/scientific way of looking at it. :)
  • Lamia Rahman
    Lamia Rahman 2 года назад Steven Lester
  • team10leader1
    team10leader1 2 года назад I like how you put this story into perspective: the ending isn't sad, but a hopeful testament of the afterlife.  In fact, part of the message here is that although our bodies don't last forever, it's our soul that counts most.  When the boy became a spirit, he fled fearing that the girl would not want to play with him, now that his form was no longer the same.  But after a while, the girl realized that being with the boy was important to her, even if it meant becoming a spirit too.
  • Cinthia Hernandez
    Cinthia Hernandez 2 года назад Steven Lester w w
  • Slowdown Sloth
    Slowdown Sloth 2 года назад Steven Lester ...brilliant
  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 2 года назад they copied it from brave
  • Summer Stride
    Summer Stride Год назад Not quite sure I agreed with the repayment. The boy gave his life for her, so that she could live. You don't repay that by going back there and giving your life, nullifying his sacrifice. You live on, no matter the burden. But then again, I liked the ending somewhat, it was sweet.
  • shawn crawford
    shawn crawford Год назад I hate u
  • Melody Acosta
    Melody Acosta Год назад Summer Stride Ikr I was thinking the same with the repayment thing
  • cathy Thomas
    cathy Thomas Год назад hi lpstiders
  • Nat the rat
    Nat the rat Год назад Steven Lester amen
  • Iron & Fitness
    Iron & Fitness Год назад It must be nice to believe something like that, not hating... Just jealous
  • T50K Aerys
    T50K Aerys Год назад Not the entire story, as the theme is a universal one, but the whole blue spirit-of-life/ball of energy/whatever it was INTENDED to be certainly was an aspect that I immediately associated with Brave. I think that's the main thing that bothered me...
  • T50K Aerys
    T50K Aerys Год назад Aside from a few of the other comments, of course :P