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Скачать с ютуб Dogo Argentino Best Moments 2019

Опубликовано: 27 дек. 2018 г. 12 877 284 просмотра

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Dogo Argentino Mejores Momentos 2019

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The Dogo Argentino is also called the Argentinian Mastiff or Argentine Dogo. It is a large, well-muscled dog. Dogo is a loyal dog who makes a great guardian of the home and family.Highly intelligent and powerful.

Music by Phantom Power
Composer: Vivien Chebbah
Track: Overpowered

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  • rajendra prasad
    rajendra prasad 10 months ago A good dog in the wrong hands
  • Darren Keen
    Darren Keen 3 months ago Don't you mean claws buddy. Evil batards
  • penmart127
    penmart127 3 months ago I think they should be reported
  • ACE. 92
    ACE. 92 1 month ago You're Exactly Right. Also why are Tigers locked up in a Fiithy rusty cage? They should be in the wild running freely not in Prison. I would like to throw that piece of human waste in that Filthy cage,among other things.
  • Leo Arias
    Leo Arias 2 months ago This video should be removed ...every clip has to do with dog fighting !!
  • C k8
    C k8 2 months ago Not really the dogs have big chains for weight to build muscle 100% this dog breed is used for fighting but most of these videos are just of guard dogs
  • Fish keeper Peace
    Fish keeper Peace 2 months ago Leo Arias salty kid
  • Джеймс Бонд
    Джеймс Бонд 3 months ago Что, за дебильный китаец, с алюминиевой цепью?
  • Tobias Aguirre
    Tobias Aguirre 1 year ago El dogo Argentino !. Quiero conocerlo. Inpresionante!!!!
  • valeria carolina torres
    valeria carolina torres 11 months ago (edited) En algunos pueblos de Córdoba Argentina los crían sueltos desde cachorros para que se acostumbre a los niños, doy fé que en esos pueblos la gente humilde duerme tranquila porque no hay robos. Saludos desde Argentina.
  • Juan Castro Appiolaza
    Juan Castro Appiolaza 9 months ago Es un super perro.
  • saurabh patel
    saurabh patel 6 months ago 1:34 no matter which breed u r that tiger will rip that dog apart
  • King ofIllyria
    King ofIllyria 6 months ago Of course..he can eat a hyena and not count a breed
  • Don Kurilion
    Don Kurilion 5 months ago True but you must appreciate that dogs courage. No dogs stand against a tiger or lion.
  • Jay Dutta
    Jay Dutta 4 months ago @Don Kurilion Pitbull does stand against a Lion. But they've no chance against any big cats.
  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 2 months ago @Jay Dutta A pitbull has no chance against a mountain lion, let alone a lion. No dog does.
  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 2 months ago @Don Kurilion Exactly, that dogo is fearless. Would lay its life down without a thought.
  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz 2 months ago (edited) @Jay Dutta Clearly your an idiot if you think ANY DOG has a chance against a Lion or a Tiger. 1 bite will fatality wound any dog
  • Jay Dutta
    Jay Dutta 2 months ago @Cloud Dawn I didn't said "Tiger", I said they might have a chance against a lone lion, but definitely not against a Tiger the strongest cat on earth. Though I agree with your opinion by the way.
  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 2 months ago @Jay Dutta No dog has a chance against either.
  • Jamaicaz89
    Jamaicaz89 2 months ago A pack of certain breed dogs can hunter big cats
  • Golden State Warriors
    Golden State Warriors 2 months ago @Jay Dutta I wanna ask you something, Siberian tiger vs grizzly bear.
  • skunk ass
    skunk ass 1 month ago Golden State Warriors always hands down on the apex predator 🐻💪🏻
  • C k8
    C k8 1 month ago @Jimmy Nich these dogs are used to hunt mountain lions and will try to fight anything, it has no chance against either of them on it's own but there sent in packs and even 2 of these dogs that are trained to hunt would probably take down a tiger or a lion, bearing in mind these dogs hunt bulls and boars in other parts of the world so there used to huning bigger things than big cats
  • Robert Browning
    Robert Browning 3 weeks ago @Golden State Warriors tiger I would think, but I really don't know. Thoughts?
  • Danny
    Danny 9 months ago For a minute I thought the first one was a polar bear
  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 7 months ago A mini popar bear
  • luckey mistry
    luckey mistry 3 months ago Or mini Barking bear
  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 1 month ago @luckey mistry 😂😭😂
  • Gerardo Arias
    Gerardo Arias 1 year ago Que Hermoso animal el tigre como brillan sus ojos 1:45 .. Y que chino mas feo el que sujeta al dogo con las cadenas :V
  • Henry Gomez
    Henry Gomez 7 months ago Ese tigre se almuerza ese perro caliente
  • Aar
    Aar 6 months ago @Henry Gomez Claro, ningun perro le puede ganar a un tigre.
  • catena
    catena 1 year ago (edited) il grande dogo che è tornato dal bosco con 100 punti di sutura,l'unico che cattura il cinghiale è il lupo.
  • Carlota Bolognani
    Carlota Bolognani 1 year ago This beast men show us what they do with a dog, I think that men must have in jail for many, many years.
  • Rahul Raj
    Rahul Raj 10 months ago Bolognani में अप्रोच रज
  • King ofIllyria
    King ofIllyria 8 months ago What are they doing?
  • Michael Black
    Michael Black 4 months ago How do I get a Argentino ?
  • Bâtlan Cornel
    Bâtlan Cornel 2 months ago Wow . Tare . Nu puteti sa nu dati like.Este chiar 💼
    SupeRoX82 CACCIA-HUNTING 5 months ago Goood 👍👍👍
  • Filippos Lazaridis
    Filippos Lazaridis 1 year ago Stupid people forcing dogs to become aggressive. Dogs are pure love and dogo is amazing as well! So beautiful dog and not a criminal or a gangster. Wake up.
  • PillowR6
    PillowR6 8 months ago J C I know this is old, but I have rescued a dogo. and it’s a beautiful dog that loves. it’s a shame people like this are making the dog illegal in certain states, and the UK
  • Jay Simons
    Jay Simons 8 months ago @J C That aggression is reserved for Hunting Boar and Puma, the rest of the time they are affectionate, loyal and defensive of their family...they work, for the safety of their family... The people in this video are true dipshits....And keeping a tiger like that is VERY illegal.
  • A Wyverd
    A Wyverd 8 months ago Ok, pussy.
  • King ofIllyria
    King ofIllyria 8 months ago You greeks are more sensible that it needed..they are not forcing a bunny to be agressive but a beast
  • Stanley Goldsby Jr
    Stanley Goldsby Jr 8 months ago The dogo is a working dog animal aggressiveness and drive were bred into them
  • Archie Danesh
    Archie Danesh 4 months ago Filippos Lazaridis if their pure love then why do some dogs attack random people for no reason, like attacking delivery guys. I got bitten while delivering food to a customer, his dog squeezed himself out in between his owners legs and the door, got behind me and bit my thigh as I was getting the food out of the hot bag for his owner.
  • oh lus
    oh lus 3 months ago You slow?this ancient face ass bodybuilder dog was made for the likes of hunting and killing not not being socially active.
  • Apna Tube
    Apna Tube 2 months ago Filippos Lazaridis Cats And Their Acts . Why People Love Cats Watch This 👇
  • axel_ferdz
    axel_ferdz 2 months ago No te entendí ni verga nose ingles
  • Donald Stephens
    Donald Stephens 2 months ago There are a category of dog breeds bandogg and pitbulls any mastiff mix with pitbull they were breed for big game hunting the Dogo Argentino is part of that group and so is the Bully kutta Neo Mastiff French Mastiff and number goes on fighting dogs is wrong but its not wrong if one is testing his dogs guarding instincts when you are going away from your home you want to reassure that that dog will protect your family at any calls so you dont have to have one of these breed they have other breeds such as shepherds husky Labrador but if you have one of these breeds you have to respect their history they are the ultimate guard dog know if but or maybe.
  • looseyourzlf
    looseyourzlf 2 months ago @oh lus for defensive purposes too so don't direct the subject to the way you want it and make it far from truth.
  • boy Afrika
    boy Afrika 1 month ago Come on man I love dogs but don’t try to label them with softness. A dog was meant to guard or warn the human in case there was a danger and the man in return would feed it. For those little things like chihuahua white girls carry in bags are just overgrown rats
  • Xzavieyan cool tv _
    Xzavieyan cool tv _ 1 month ago Filippos Lazaridis they can love and protect
  • Isabel Catani
    Isabel Catani 1 year ago (edited) Pobres animales no entiendoporque tenerlos asi.hacerlos malos encadenados Uruguay Montevideo
  • Tony Burkhart
    Tony Burkhart 11 months ago The people who treat these beautiful animals in this fashion are revolting.
  • Oscar Moreira
    Oscar Moreira 10 months ago Orgullo de ser ARGENTINO.🌅💎
  • R I
    R I 6 months ago 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
  • Annie Jackson
    Annie Jackson 1 year ago Una raza preciosa, pero ..... encadenados? Enfurecidos? Les meten el diablo humano dentro. 👎
  • lucyfer
    lucyfer 1 year ago Annie Jackson son cadenas de mentira
  • Mercedes Quirozgkhh
    Mercedes Quirozgkhh 1 year ago Para ver los. Animales. Mas. Raro. En. El. Nundo
  • Mercedes Quirozgkhh
    Mercedes Quirozgkhh 1 year ago Para. Ver. Los. Animales. Mas. Raro. Como las. Culubras
  • Jose Cuellar
    Jose Cuellar 1 year ago @lucyfer Tas pendejo esos Cabrones si estan fuerte Alv.........
  • Orlando Moncada
    Orlando Moncada 1 year ago Jajajaja se ve impresionante el dogo... Pues como no si el oriental mide 70 Cms....
  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 1 year ago The Chinese guy in beginning looks like me!
  • ٢٠١٩ 2019
    ٢٠١٩ 2019 10 months ago مشاء الله
  • Pomocny Lamusika
    Pomocny Lamusika 2 months ago 0:45 czy to były walki psów?
  • ouuv
    ouuv 2 months ago Tak