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Опубликовано: 19 нояб. 2018 г. 1 034 675 просмотров

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Top 10 Rare Two-Headed Animals
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Are two heads really better than one? For this list, we’ll be looking at strange and fascinating two-headed and two-faced creatures captured on camera, from a special turtle, to an interesting looking bird and a strange porpoise! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Rare Two-Headed Animals.

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10. Turtle
9. Bird
8. Porpoise
7. Cow
6. Goat
5. Bearded Dragon
4. Lamb

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  • Ben Pulham
    Ben Pulham 1 year ago I feel really bad for these animals :(
  • T J
    T J 1 year ago Ben Pulham I don’t
  • Ben Pulham
    Ben Pulham 1 year ago @T J They're lives must suck. Like do they have 2 brains or just 1? If 2 then which one controls the body? Is only one head capable of consuming food etc
  • MattewJakes Jacksonville
    MattewJakes Jacksonville 1 year ago Sigh, the one about the goat getting trampled by its own mother really broke my heart :(
  • Cameron Sivret
    Cameron Sivret 1 year ago Ben Pulham yea me too.
  • Koala Gaming
    Koala Gaming 1 year ago Why they have a brother in a can
  • Omar Sanchez
    Omar Sanchez 1 year ago Ben Pulham theyre fine each animal is fine i dont its just you guys who think it lives suck plus life will always be hard
  • RobloxGamer 7279
    RobloxGamer 7279 9 months ago I wish they didn’t die when they are young
  • RobloxGamer 7279
    RobloxGamer 7279 9 months ago T J rude
  • MrDodo
    MrDodo 7 months ago This rare deformity only seems to work successfully on turtles and snakes because they are the only ones who actually gain multiple heads that are actually separated from one another attached to their own necks, the rest of their body seems remains normal and function perfectly fine. The Mammals Birds and Lizards get too fucked up by it through and end up getting multiple limbs and the heads aren’t really multiple heads at all and are more like just merged faces that don’t function properly. It’s just Suffering and they should just be put out of there misery.
  • #save Philip
    #save Philip 7 months ago Me to sometime I think they fight to go deffrint places
  • Gracinda Pinto
    Gracinda Pinto 7 months ago Sadly. Most of them die of huger due to fighting over food
  • Madore Family Adventures
    Madore Family Adventures 6 months ago HUMANS can live in the same bodies also 😖
  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando 6 months ago At least the cow died only knowing love and warmth.
  • アニメ好き :3
    アニメ好き :3 5 months ago Ben Pulham om
  • Precious 2D
    Precious 2D 5 months ago T J Rude
  • blue
    blue 5 months ago Same
  • Xx_Frostburn Playz_xX
    Xx_Frostburn Playz_xX 5 months ago Me too there just in one body isn't split bodies its just two heads
    LOURDESS MIKAELA 5 months ago ben pulham me to bc i love animals
  • A dozen of potatos and a fat cat smelling them
    A dozen of potatos and a fat cat smelling them 5 months ago there are people with these abnormalities too. If they enjoy they life, you don't have to feel bad
  • Raiñbøwwïg
    Raiñbøwwïg 5 months ago Me to ):
  • Raiñbøwwïg
    Raiñbøwwïg 5 months ago @T J would you like to have two heads?
  • Sayphanna Say
    Sayphanna Say 5 months ago (edited) @Ben PulhamEdited:They're twins that share a body, the twins can control the body, notb just one, god made them like that, my sister was born different so you can't just judge.
  • Sayphanna Say
    Sayphanna Say 5 months ago The fudge, I meant not.
  • Indigo Plays
    Indigo Plays 5 months ago Ikr but WTH IS WITH THE BIRD
  • Ariah Kyla
    Ariah Kyla 5 months ago Ben Pulham me two :(
  • Aaron Franklin
    Aaron Franklin 5 months ago @Diego Brando tru atleast he died a homie
  • Hafeez Khali
    Hafeez Khali 4 months ago Why?
  • Aaron Franklin
    Aaron Franklin 4 months ago @Hafeez Khali if i was a two headed snake it will be dope as fuck coz brothers4life
  • Tamarah Ford
    Tamarah Ford 4 months ago At Least Some Of Them Lived.
  • Aaron Franklin
    Aaron Franklin 4 months ago @Tamarah Ford yh i wouldve been amazed if i had one of these animals
  • A. Garcia
    A. Garcia 4 months ago you shouldn't be because they are special because of that, if they could speak, they probobaly wouldn't want you to pity them
  • Aaron Franklin
    Aaron Franklin 4 months ago @A. Garcia true words
  • laprill gromoll
    laprill gromoll 4 months ago Ben Pulham I dont
  • Carlos Xavier Lique
    Carlos Xavier Lique 1 month ago Animals are kind
  • xZoëx
    xZoëx 1 year ago *sees thumbnail* nahhh they’re not rare. I go to school with half of those!
  • Brianjoni Budiono
    Brianjoni Budiono 1 year ago Yeah two-headed snake is common. Two-headed cat are the rarest
  • Cats Cats
    Cats Cats 10 months ago Snakes and cats are cute
  • miguel rivera
    miguel rivera 5 months ago Cats suck
  • Hannah Lowe
    Hannah Lowe 5 months ago I get it
  • • Loven Sailor •
    • Loven Sailor • 5 months ago @miguel rivera nah, you suck
  • Bonnie Samuelson
    Bonnie Samuelson 5 months ago WHAT???
  • Serina Wong
    Serina Wong 5 months ago which ones have you seen in person? Asides from the snake. There's many of those
  • French Vanilla
    French Vanilla 5 months ago @miguel rivera no u
  • miguel rivera
    miguel rivera 5 months ago @• Loven Sailor • shut up cat lover
  • miguel rivera
    miguel rivera 5 months ago @French Vanilla boi you need some milk you suck like trash cat lover
  • single pringle
    single pringle 5 months ago @miguel rivera I wish a dog would bite you and a snapping turtle bite your eyes and a cat scratches you
  • the EmeraldDiamond God 47
    the EmeraldDiamond God 47 5 months ago Same
  • Hafeez Khali
    Hafeez Khali 4 months ago So true
  • Karen Hysaw
    Karen Hysaw 4 months ago @miguel rivera yourmean
  • Karen Hysaw
    Karen Hysaw 4 months ago @• Loven Sailor • thanks a lot of people hate cats but their cute
  • Karen Hysaw
    Karen Hysaw 4 months ago @single pringle yeah
  • Sparsh Bansal
    Sparsh Bansal 4 months ago Damnnnn that's deep.
  • justmexavier
    justmexavier 3 months ago 2 faced Kids
  • Axel Castillo
    Axel Castillo 1 year ago I’m still waiting for the legendary three headed blue eyes white dragon...
  • issa foye
    issa foye 1 year ago Axel Castillo you mean the blue eyes Ultimate Dragon
  • leonid Gam1ng
    leonid Gam1ng 1 year ago Do you mean the Hydra?
  • RXR Zack
    RXR Zack 1 year ago @leonid Gam1ng hydra is I think a 9 headed giant snake
  • leonid Gam1ng
    leonid Gam1ng 1 year ago @RXR Zack The Èl Hydra is a 3 headed reptile.
  • RXR Zack
    RXR Zack 1 year ago @leonid Gam1ng oh, Right sorry
  • Varkolak2020
    Varkolak2020 1 year ago there is a two headed snake monster in Yugioh GX used by Viper against Jaden Yuki, anyone saw that?
  • leonid Gam1ng
    leonid Gam1ng 1 year ago @Varkolak2020 nope
  • KoolWind Leffeur
    KoolWind Leffeur 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Derwin Gamer
    Derwin Gamer 8 months ago I’m waiting for ghidorah
  • Hidzyx -
    Hidzyx - 8 months ago GIDORAH
  • Sara Joung
    Sara Joung 6 months ago leonid Gam1ng no he means the monster from the anime yugioh
  • Frin Gaming
    Frin Gaming 6 months ago (edited) Did you mean king ghidorah
  • Sara Joung
    Sara Joung 6 months ago No he meant the yugioh anime monster!!!!!!
  • GiantRisky Panda
    GiantRisky Panda 6 months ago While you just talk magician oof
  • Doomscizor4719 Roblox
    Doomscizor4719 Roblox 6 months ago There is one the blue eyes ultimate dragon
  • eduardo arantes
    eduardo arantes 5 months ago And im waiting for that dragon alien which has three heads and can shoot gravity beams out of his mouth
  • eduardo arantes
    eduardo arantes 5 months ago @Derwin Gamer Me as well
  • Breeze E
    Breeze E 5 months ago SaraTheGACHA Potato PlayZ no he meant the crazycraft dragon
  • 89kiralee
    89kiralee 5 months ago Every time you cut off a hydras head it grows a new one two new ones
  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams 5 months ago THE GOLDEN DEMISE
  • Shannon Gordon
    Shannon Gordon 5 months ago I use to collect uh ge oh
  • Warriorkitti Animates
    Warriorkitti Animates 5 months ago ULTRA INSTINCT Zack a hydra is a 3 headed snake, sometimes old time snake. Hlegged)
  • 『 L ø v ē 』 :D
    『 L ø v ē 』 :D 5 months ago This makes me think of the Pokémon white kyrem..
  • Gaming with kary
    Gaming with kary 5 months ago Nice one and I'm ur 300th like
  • kazemizu
    kazemizu 4 months ago With a mammoth’s skull in it’s torso
  • Peter Wojewodzki
    Peter Wojewodzki 1 year ago Why do people think it's so rare for animals to have 2 heads. Men everywhere have two functioning heads and it's no big deal.
  • Matej Bukovec
    Matej Bukovec 5 months ago I have 2 heads, but only one is mostly functioning. The smaller one. The bigger one just goes for it, doesn't care, it just does what the smaller head tells her to.
  • Karena R. Magee
    Karena R. Magee 5 months ago Omg are you ok
  • Karena R. Magee
    Karena R. Magee 5 months ago Wow hi
  • Compost King
    Compost King 5 months ago I prefer to think with my lower head
  • Party Petusum
    Party Petusum 5 months ago Oh god i got that joke
  • Marie Chee
    Marie Chee 4 months ago @Matej Bukovec You went from from speaking in first person to going third person hmmmmm
  • Colin Ledoux
    Colin Ledoux 1 year ago If two headed animals are frekey there's a two headed human being.
  • Project: J-ko
    Project: J-ko 1 year ago I was legit expecting those girls to be number one.
  • RXR Zack
    RXR Zack 1 year ago WELLLL NAHHHHHHHH
  • Muhammad Rafi Ghifari
    Muhammad Rafi Ghifari 9 months ago Literally and figuratively, seriously look it up
  • Patricia B.
    Patricia B. 8 months ago Yup. Its KaraMia
  • Serina Wong
    Serina Wong 5 months ago there actually is. They're still living and they have a job as a teacher In an interview on head controls the left side while the other controls the right side of the body Driving takes a lot of communication
  • Anya Quezada
    Anya Quezada 5 months ago WHERE?????????? TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Serina Wong
    Serina Wong 5 months ago @Anya Quezada where? Just Google two headed human. And you'll see them. I can't remember what town they live in.
  • Christy D
    Christy D 4 months ago I love you
  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 4 months ago You’re spelling is Freaky
  • lisa verano
    lisa verano 1 month ago Project: J-ko I love how everyone knows who you’re talking about lol
  • A Wedo
    A Wedo 1 year ago This is so sad as most of these don’t normally live long lives...... 🙁
  • Oma'am Igbo
    Oma'am Igbo 1 year ago Sad, but absolutely Correct 😥😕
  • Jim B.
    Jim B. 1 year ago Can't tell what's nature's cruellest joke: this or progeria.
  • Your Choice
    Your Choice 1 year ago Does Squirtle know water gun?
  • Yes! Yes!
    Yes! Yes! 1 year ago Yes
  • Pokémon trainer Sun
    Pokémon trainer Sun 6 months ago Here is a water stone to make it evolve into wartortle
  • Gillian Backhouse
    Gillian Backhouse 5 months ago @Pokémon trainer Sun It evolves by leveling up.
  • undertale/anime trash lover 123
    undertale/anime trash lover 123 5 months ago Can it learn 12 moves!!!??? Also it should've been squirtle wartortle and blastoise
  • Steve the gamer
    Steve the gamer 5 months ago You forgot the hydra Only he or she has more than two heads
  • Leela M
    Leela M 10 months ago My brother got bit by a copper head snake just a few weeks after we moved.. He survived luckily! We have been here for around 5 years! 😃
  • Kerry Ann
    Kerry Ann 1 year ago Wow..I'd seen a few of these before but there's a lot I hadn't. Absolutely fascinating!!
  • ravenlorans
    ravenlorans 1 year ago Well, this IS WatchReuns after all.... I mean WatchMojo, so you Will see them Again and Again and Again in Different Edits of this same video.
  • Kerry Ann
    Kerry Ann 1 year ago @ravenlorans no I have seen them in books and documentaries I mean. Not via Mojo. I'm pretty new to this channel.
  • ravenlorans
    ravenlorans 1 year ago @Kerry Ann I watch out of Sheer Determination or Self Loathing... But they don't even bother to do a Self Search of titles they already have Covered. So you will see them do the Same Subject with the Same Content Again and again and again but with different Edits or Bits and pieces from other videos they have already covered just to put out "New Content Everyday"... Up to 12 a day. Sometimes with in a month of each other.... So you will see this list Again but it will have a Different Title and Different Video Clips or Different Commentary but Same Content. Altime10's does the Same thing along with so many others. People keep pointing it out but they Don't Listen or Give a Damn.
  • Wesley Willian
    Wesley Willian 1 year ago Fascinating? You should be ashamed
  • Kerry Ann
    Kerry Ann 1 year ago @ravenlorans Ohh I see. As I say I am new but if that's the case that's really poor!!
  • Isha Cham
    Isha Cham 5 months ago Kerry Ann hi
  • Brian Du
    Brian Du 1 year ago (edited) I’m here for the two headed copperhead snake
  • BboyStunna
    BboyStunna 1 year ago What about humans being in top 10. Humans are mammals like any other mammal.
  • Jim B.
    Jim B. 1 year ago (edited) Yeah, there's a lot of them out there. Oh, wait. I'm thinking "two-FACED," not two-headed. Oops.
  • Reptisaurus King
    Reptisaurus King 1 year ago What about two-headed sharks 🦈
  • ravenlorans
    ravenlorans 1 year ago I believe they are called Lawyers and Politicians
  • 6-Point Carnage
    6-Point Carnage 1 year ago Hahahahahah
  • MarvinCacayan
    MarvinCacayan 6 months ago Lets pray for this animals🙏
  • Jdatboi
    Jdatboi 1 year ago This was my reaction after I saw the two headed kitten 0:24: "Oh God! Why? Why?"
  • Kerron Edwards
    Kerron Edwards 1 year ago Am I the only one that thinks that two headed 🐢 are cute or is it just me
  • Letlotlo Molise
    Letlotlo Molise 1 year ago U mean Rick and Morty
  • Vi Mean
    Vi Mean 1 year ago After watching this video, a question came to my brain is How Is This Possible?
  • Şafak ÖzBaY
    Şafak ÖzBaY 1 year ago It can be a DNA failure. Maybe Replikation or Chromosom failure
  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi 1 year ago Twins But Birth Complications.
  • mMm
    mMm 1 year ago @Şafak ÖzBaY it's not DNA that causes this. Pretty sure this is NOT inheritable. It's cause when the cells don't properly seperste themselves in Zygote state when in the mother
  • Donald Tusk
    Donald Tusk 1 year ago Same happens to humans
  • FaZe Villain 09
    FaZe Villain 09 1 year ago Kirito Swords that’s the way look at them also !!
  • FaZe Villain 09
    FaZe Villain 09 1 year ago Very sad period 😥😥😥
  • Omar Sanchez
    Omar Sanchez 1 year ago Vi Mean i dont know but theyre real
  • Deoix9877
    Deoix9877 6 months ago As far as I'm aware, is the same process that's responsable for identical twins. Except here they dont finish separating. The reason why they rarely live long is cause they are literally two bodies stuck together, and usually that tends to not work out
  • Kirby 79
    Kirby 79 1 year ago Hey, my ex-girlfriend isn't on here! Get it, cause she was two-faced?
  • IAMTHEONE 2300
    IAMTHEONE 2300 1 year ago Kirby 79 hhahhahahah nice joke I get it , it means she cheated on you by the way sorry for laughing it was just pretty funny
  • D-man the captain
    D-man the captain 6 months ago "Like the Batman villain!?"
  • popped panda
    popped panda 5 months ago (edited) Me playing pokemon: Two headed ostrich that must be rare . Oof its just a doduo :/
  • Hailey Lyles
    Hailey Lyles 5 months ago Dodos Are CoOl
  • Bimol Chandro Roy
    Bimol Chandro Roy 3 months ago They remind us that our nature is really amaging
  • Bimol Chandro Roy
    Bimol Chandro Roy 3 months ago yes