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Скачать с ютуб Graphic Skinz Design Studio Playset!

Опубликовано: 17 февр. 2016 г. 2 210 773 просмотра

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  • Madeline Emory
    Madeline Emory 3 years ago She has the prettiest hands I've ever seen
  • be in music
    be in music 3 years ago I don't think so
  • Ronald Cook
    Ronald Cook 3 years ago Yeah same I don,t think so
  • MrDonniebizzle87
    MrDonniebizzle87 3 years ago Madeline Emory is the
  • Rambhavani Lenka
    Rambhavani Lenka 2 years ago I would love to have that
  • kurito hekusa
    kurito hekusa 3 years ago 4:34 I love how she still didn't manage to assemble the machine correctly. the left post is only touching the upper cap.
  • Maka Soba
    Maka Soba 2 years ago The fact that she didn't close the top all the way drove me insane
  • Sara Swinerton
    Sara Swinerton 1 year ago Maka Soba 🙄
  • Gretchen Hager
    Gretchen Hager 1 year ago Thx I got one for Christmas and I needed a tutorial
  • Roberto cartagena
    Roberto cartagena 3 years ago I like this vidoe and that was amazing butifil hart i love it lol
  • Maddie
    Maddie 3 years ago Me: 😨😍
  • Kimberly Terwilliger
    Kimberly Terwilliger 2 years ago you wait 10 seconds before taking it out how I know is I had it
  • Nital Mahajan
    Nital Mahajan 3 years ago I would also wrap my pencils
  • Charlene Randall
    Charlene Randall 3 years ago my name is Morgan meek
  • Charlene Randall
    Charlene Randall 3 years ago Nital Mahajan
  • Decaysha Darkmoore
    Decaysha Darkmoore 3 years ago 8:56 WOW thats a beautiful piece
    GRACE LEI 3 years ago YOU did good:) I want one to.
  • Mehak Chetwani
    Mehak Chetwani 3 years ago second part of this video
  • Demetria Porterfield
    Demetria Porterfield 3 years ago I would warp a fake nail
  • cadie
    cadie 3 years ago That is a really good idea! 💕😘
  • anne tran
    anne tran 3 years ago 😍it's so cute
  • Mary_ friesen24
    Mary_ friesen24 3 years ago I LOVE her voice💕💕💕💕💕 it's so soothing😄💗💗💗
  • Tiffy Phammie
    Tiffy Phammie 1 year ago I was so confused how to build it thanks to this video....NOW I KNOW
  • purple Dosh
    purple Dosh 3 years ago that was amazing
  • Reality TV
    Reality TV 3 years ago Hey can I have the rest
  • Delores Smith
    Delores Smith 3 years ago where do you get the those
  • Dead Blood Pool
    Dead Blood Pool 3 years ago You sound like the guy when he pauses in every sentence