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Скачать с ютуб Going AFK while Trading My Nocturno! | *INSANE* Experiment | Fortnite Save the World

Опубликовано: 9 апр. 2018 г. 11 724 557 просмотров

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I was Trading Scammers and then went AFK to see if they'd Scam me! Lets see if they try to take my Nocturno in Fortnite Save the World!



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My names Jake but channel name JAKRS, i upload and live stream Fortnite gameplay, such as llama openings, big new exclusive updayes like free fortnite skins to get all the latest items to showcase to the viewers you guys watching!

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  • Ria Dhonsi
  • charles 1425
    charles 1425 2 months ago Should have said no homo
  • Ethan Paglione
    Ethan Paglione 1 year ago 2015 social experiments: see if people steal your stuff 2018 social experiments: seeing if people steal your gun in fortnite
  • Laura C Williams
    Laura C Williams 1 year ago Perrfect 😂 👌
  • Mode
    Mode 1 year ago Ethan Paglione the joke of the day
  • Nep So2
    Nep So2 1 year ago 2018: United States Declared the WW3 to Russia In Fortnite
  • Laura C Williams
    Laura C Williams 1 year ago FLUFFKING Even more amazing!
  • James Baker
    James Baker 1 year ago Lol
  • Eric A
    Eric A 1 year ago So true lmao
  • Unkown Soilder
    Unkown Soilder 1 year ago (edited) 2018 I won a game of fortnite on mobile in school. AHEM FAZE KAY AHEM JARVIS
  • Booki Chan
    Booki Chan 1 year ago Ethan Paglione I
  • amir abu ata
    amir abu ata 1 year ago FLUFFKING U.S is all 'bout them oils
  • C L
    C L 1 year ago Ethan Paglione u made my day P.S. I'm a boy
  • dusty
    dusty 1 year ago Social
  • Thegoldenemerald
    Thegoldenemerald 1 year ago Scar for lmg trade or chug jug for 1k ar bullets
  • Fanboy Potion
  • morella bonita
    morella bonita 1 year ago +Thegoldenemerald in stw?
  • cant win died in fortnite
    cant win died in fortnite 7 months ago 2019
  • Colon Komaden
    Colon Komaden 1 year ago The second guy just wanted to look at power level and stuff jeez
  • Adrian2828 _
    Adrian2828 _ 11 months ago I agree
  • UnSunny
    UnSunny 10 months ago That's how I trade
  • flame runner
    flame runner 9 months ago yeah he could have easily took it
  • Jacob Extine
    Jacob Extine 9 months ago Nnoooooo he said he tried t o scam
  • Jolan
    Jolan 8 months ago Jacob Extine your so dumb he already said he was mistaken idiot
  • Pinto Perfect
    Pinto Perfect 8 months ago Read the pinned comment
  • Nick NoLimits
    Nick NoLimits 8 months ago Yea
  • poop doop
    poop doop 7 months ago @Jolan why are people like you on the internet.
  • ikonik legend
    ikonik legend 5 months ago I agree
  • ikonik legend
    ikonik legend 5 months ago he probably made the kid say that
  • Jack C123
    Jack C123 2 months ago I know I would of done hat too
  • Therealfordo
    Therealfordo 1 year ago 7 ads In 15 mins. He definitely doesn't do it for the money
  • Xanify
    Xanify 1 year ago Realize_Random so wat if he does
  • GamerPro Epic
    GamerPro Epic 11 months ago I got none ads
  • CheeseDED
    CheeseDED 11 months ago I got none too
  • lllllllllllll
    lllllllllllll 11 months ago I got to 0 ads
  • DecidueyeUltra
    DecidueyeUltra 9 months ago I don't really think he'd be doing much of YouTube if he wasn't trying to get money. Although 7 ads is a bit excessive.
  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 8 months ago I got none also
  • ClipzSZN-
    ClipzSZN- 8 months ago Mr.CloutManz bro sure he does it’s his job dumbass he need to get money too right?
  • jkgaming101
    jkgaming101 7 months ago IKR
  • SaoFan
    SaoFan 2 months ago I got no ads lmaooo
  • Logan Weber2
    Logan Weber2 5 days ago I love making vids even tho barely anyone watches them and I have no ads
  • Logan Weber2
    Logan Weber2 5 days ago ClipzSZN- only the worst YouTubers do YouTube for money dumbass
  • Viviana PMG
    Viviana PMG 1 year ago Why do all kids in Fortnite sound the same?! Hahahah
  • ダチのパトリック
    ダチのパトリック 1 year ago ikr
    ONE ASSASIN 09 1 year ago Don't try to spread hate dumbass ur the people to go to hell fire
  • Dre_ xD
    Dre_ xD 1 year ago oneAssasin 09 that’s not hate it’s just saying that they sound the same
  • Swift
    Swift 1 year ago oneAssasin 09 you’re dumb
  • Candace Garcia
    Candace Garcia 1 year ago Viviana PMG yeah they just like IMA PLAY FORTNITE! SCAMMER GET SCAMMED!!! PLEASE JUST 20 MORE MINS IMA WIN A GAME!!!
  • Crzy Supreme
    Crzy Supreme 1 year ago Viviana PMG lol
  • That Greek Guy
    That Greek Guy 1 year ago XDDDDDDDD😂😂😂😂😂😂👌
  • IHuffPaint
    IHuffPaint 1 year ago Because the videos are fake
  • That Greek Guy
    That Greek Guy 1 year ago @IHuffPaint okey
  • TheM4
    TheM4 1 year ago American kids ye lol
  • thegolden kantana
    thegolden kantana 1 year ago @IHuffPaint you hater if you don't like him why do you watch him?
  • IHuffPaint
    IHuffPaint 1 year ago thegolden kantana first of all kid look at those mid roll adds there are 7 of them in a 15 minute video and yes the videos are fake I watch this video because it shows up in my recommend because I play the game and watch the good youtubers that play the game!
  • FireFrenzy YT
    FireFrenzy YT 1 year ago Raygun574 like you
  • IHuffPaint
    IHuffPaint 1 year ago RagingInferno YT what do you mean when you say “like you?”
  • Carlos Paredes
    Carlos Paredes 1 year ago oneAssasin 09 what? He’s just saying they should the same
  • Carlos Paredes
    Carlos Paredes 1 year ago RagingInferno YT what is that supposed to mean
  • Diamond Feline
    Diamond Feline 1 year ago (edited) I dont. People find it so weird that a girl is walking around with a grave digger. Edit: My point is im a girl so I dont sound the same
  • MyMainGotBanned_Not
    MyMainGotBanned_Not 1 year ago because most buy the same 5 dollar mic from ebay
  • Bxndit
    Bxndit 1 year ago Theyre all defaults
  • T1P
    T1P 1 year ago Cause majority of people who play Fortnite are kids
    THE LEGEND 1 year ago Stfu stupid birch
    THE LEGEND 1 year ago Bitch
  • Jace Gray
    Jace Gray 1 year ago they're all 9 year olds playing fortnite and they all nut whenever they see ninja (that was a joke)
  • K.J
    K.J 1 year ago Fr
  • Payten Bushee
    Payten Bushee 1 year ago Ikr
  • stickmanimate
    stickmanimate 1 year ago Staged
  • Beau H
    Beau H 10 months ago Because it's fake...
  • TurboCarter
    TurboCarter 4 months ago Viviana PMG it’s the region they play on. Like if you play on Middle East you would hear like people from Africa or something idk
  • Shoddyyy
    Shoddyyy 4 months ago Viviana PMG their mic
  • gamerdude123
    gamerdude123 2 months ago ONE ASSASIN 09 shut up ur the dumbass
  • Cup_cake _army
    Cup_cake _army 1 year ago The second dude was not a scammer
  • The Talking Puppet
    The Talking Puppet 11 months ago Cup_cake _army check the pinned comment
  • Unaluzenmicamino Athens
    Unaluzenmicamino Athens 5 months ago Am I late?
  • Kumi S.
    Kumi S. 1 year ago 6 ads, who’s the real one getting scammed
  • EnforcersBTW
    EnforcersBTW 1 year ago Kumi S. Me lol ikr
  • Soaking Pompano
    Soaking Pompano 1 year ago Kumi S. UR MOM HAH ROASTED MY 🅱
  • Kenny
    Kenny 1 year ago the people who bought save the world are the real ones getting scammed
  • HUDSON__04__ Mobley
    HUDSON__04__ Mobley 1 year ago Lol
  • Mouto
    Mouto 1 year ago ssecretgamer :D how, they get free v bucks for battle royale
  • TwistedBear
    TwistedBear 1 year ago Kumi S. Haha I have one😂
  • nogosa nog
    nogosa nog 1 year ago soaking can u not. atleasthehasamumcough
  • Ally
    Ally 1 year ago ssecretgamer :D You get free vbucks when you complete quests thats why i think im gonna buy it
  • Flakyy R6
    Flakyy R6 1 year ago I mean u gotta put food on the table some how.... 🤷🏽‍♂️.
  • Shea McManus
    Shea McManus 1 year ago xd samuel or why not just buy vbucks?
  • Ally
    Ally 1 year ago Shea McManus Well i have but it costs so much so by grinding on save the world i save alot of money. :) unlike you (prob) im not very spoiled and cant afford it alot of the time
  • gavitron 77
    gavitron 77 1 year ago Kumi S. For me there 1
  • ItzFrosty
    ItzFrosty 1 year ago Your too much hahhahahaha
  • Big Boomer
    Big Boomer 1 year ago A d b l o c k
  • MrTornado
    MrTornado 1 year ago you and your the one giving him money for it just download adblock so you dont have to worry about that
  • PEDR0MADG0D C.O.D. plays
    PEDR0MADG0D C.O.D. plays 1 year ago Kumi S. He still didnt beat ali a
  • Куно Михайлов
    Куно Михайлов 1 year ago I HAVE 8
  • Shard X99
    Shard X99 1 year ago Ad block exists
  • cardell208
    cardell208 1 year ago Lol
  • UnNeatDev
    UnNeatDev 1 year ago adblock ;)
  • Roken Ssj3
    Roken Ssj3 1 year ago I don’t get ads I’ve got YouTube premium
  • Bryden Brayden
    Bryden Brayden 1 year ago TotallyNotMarked Sparked they earn them from challenges and daily rewards
  • Izzy P
    Izzy P 1 year ago Soaking Pompano i want to play with you because you just said that.
  • Shea McManus
    Shea McManus 1 year ago xd samuel hahaha unfortunately i am not spoiled i earn my money and spend it how i wish. I buy the battle pass and if i see a skin i like I’ll buy it nothing crazy
  • TheGaming Panda
    TheGaming Panda 1 year ago lol bro
  • soggy biscuit
    soggy biscuit 1 year ago Kumi S. lmao
  • jakko
    jakko 1 year ago i commend you for your service to this country
  • Rifleman-Lagacy Gaming channel
    Rifleman-Lagacy Gaming channel 7 months ago Kumi S. I got none
  • DK Broman
    DK Broman 1 year ago Wait either way at the end the person gets the gun If they scam you they get it If they don't scam you, you'll give it to them
  • Magnetrox
    Magnetrox 1 year ago That's what I was thinking XD
  • Gundham Tanaka
    Gundham Tanaka 1 year ago Yeah but they get a better gun if they don't scam
  • LittleThunder
    LittleThunder 1 year ago (edited) 🤨 hmmmm... I wunder
  • Kyte YouTube
    Kyte YouTube 1 year ago No cause he picks the gun up before the scammer gets it
  • DK Broman
    DK Broman 1 year ago @Kyte YouTube not true because one guy actually got the gun
  • Froze Vulcan
    Froze Vulcan 1 year ago He gets the gun before the scammer because he doesn’t actually go
  • DK Broman
    DK Broman 1 year ago @Froze Vulcan did you not see the guy scam him
    PUMPZ BTW 1 year ago Not twine cheeks
  • Lian Greenaway
    Lian Greenaway 1 year ago Ohhhh yyyyeeeeaaaah
  • Austin Gooch
    Austin Gooch 1 year ago They will get exposed if they do
  • Charlie Brewer
    Charlie Brewer 7 months ago @Gundham Tanaka but they didnt
  • Kaswi85
    Kaswi85 10 months ago 10:00 he wasn't scamming 100% and if he was he would of say'd his guns are like 82 or 106
  • Logan Weber2
    Logan Weber2 5 days ago 9:37 it looked like he truly did just aim at it
  • Blight
    Blight 1 year ago Why do you and these kids sound so dead inside 😂
  • jkgaming101
    jkgaming101 7 months ago Because this is a giant grind
  • Ephemeral
    Ephemeral 1 year ago (edited) Trader 1 is 100% not going to hell Edited ver: Trader 1 is best man
  • Madara21 lol
    Madara21 lol 1 year ago ZR5 5FY lol
  • Coz -
    Coz - 1 year ago I don't think there is a hell
  • I love 3PT
    I love 3PT 1 year ago Coz think.
  • Theoddballguy
    Theoddballguy 1 year ago Yea
  • Theoddballguy
    Theoddballguy 1 year ago That’s your opinion. You won’t know till you die.
  • Coz -
    Coz - 1 year ago TheOddBallMaster i never said that there isnt one
  • Coz -
    Coz - 1 year ago 3PT the Hooper about?
  • XO
    XO 1 year ago ZR5 5FY yea cause a shitty ass game is gonna determine your afterlife
  • dumb cont
    dumb cont 1 year ago ZR5 5FY why would some go to hell for scamming in a game
  • MrMarioSuperFan101
    MrMarioSuperFan101 1 year ago Adrian Nava WTF?!!??
  • Alex Link
    Alex Link 1 year ago Actually, if there isn't a hell, you won't know that when you die
  • Yin
    Yin 1 year ago It doesn’t matter of what you do in a game and such, either way, you’re doing something -_-
  • Nolan Davis
    Nolan Davis 1 year ago ZR5 5FY i
  • jay vlogs
    jay vlogs 1 year ago Ok I'm not a scammwe
  • Roblox Manic
    Roblox Manic 1 year ago Jazukigato Uchiha
    SUPER LEN25 1 year ago ZR5 5FY be an opportunity where you don’t want your money for that matter if you’re interested please call him tomorrow morning or Tuesday night
  • Endlessly Higher
    Endlessly Higher 1 year ago I have a new idea for a YouTube channel. Epic Rap Battles of Fiction, inspired by ERB. Heaven vs Hell God vs Devil
  • Veteran VZN
    Veteran VZN 1 year ago ZR5 5FY who goes to hell for taking a gun in a video game😂
  • Marie Norris
    Marie Norris 1 year ago Bp
  • Deo_G
    Deo_G 1 year ago Theoddballguy well i know that there is no hell
  • Aidan Bernie
    Aidan Bernie 1 year ago ZR5 5FY I agree
  • Gacha Larry
    Gacha Larry 1 year ago ZR5 5FY don’t forget this He’s still a kid When he grows up He might bring Suffering and pain UPON US
  • Lil Val
    Lil Val 1 year ago Expose more scammers! Cant stand them!
  • Sonja Colognori
    Sonja Colognori 1 year ago ZR5 5FY yea
  • h i
    h i 1 year ago I know becausebhes scamming in a game
  • Lacrosse is the best
    Lacrosse is the best 1 year ago You would not got to hell for doing what number 2 did....
  • Tyler Wells
    Tyler Wells 9 months ago Aleks no your authenticity and integrity and honesty of a human being determines the type of person you are and who you will grow up to be
  • baby_yoda
    baby_yoda 9 months ago 9:37 dude he just aimed at it he didn’t take it dude , really
  • Raiz.
    Raiz. 7 months ago Andy yeah and also he just said he was a scammer because he wanted the gun
  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 months ago Sorry u died
  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 1 year ago (edited) Can someone help me report this 30 old Troller “ElderKight0331” and his friend “OGAcidBeast” him and friend trolled me fo 30 min straight I could’ve left the game but I was going to see if he was going to stop he didn’t BTW.
  • Chazzb B
    Chazzb B 1 year ago “ yeah this is it,well actually this this isn’t it”
  • TrueStarGaming
    TrueStarGaming 1 year ago That was not fair on 2, he is just a kid man, lay off
  • I have no idea what to name this channel
    I have no idea what to name this channel 1 year ago He wasn't even an actual scammer
  • Soar Tojo
    Soar Tojo 1 year ago TrueStar ya
  • Tinny Chef
    Tinny Chef 1 year ago He emitted to trying to scam him tho
  • Fritz
    Fritz 1 year ago And...
  • Hypethtran Jason Tran
    Hypethtran Jason Tran 1 year ago They should make a real trading system like if you agree
  • Human Bean
    Human Bean 1 year ago Jason The Hung Tran HTHT I agree, but I'm not going to like.
  • bebello alex
    bebello alex 1 year ago Jason The Hung Tran HTHT i was thinking of the
  • hey there kid want some lettuce?
    hey there kid want some lettuce? 1 year ago I'm not liking but yes good idea
  • Zakky boi
    Zakky boi 1 year ago Jason The Hung Tran HTHT sadly they said thst they won't. . BUT hope they change their mind..
  • Hassan Bin Zubair
    Hassan Bin Zubair 1 year ago Agree
  • Drippy ModZ
    Drippy ModZ 1 year ago Jason The Hung Tran HTHT there will still be scammers
  • shibe drill
    shibe drill 1 year ago Jason The Hung Tran HTHT yes that is a great idea
  • TheStuntdude12
    TheStuntdude12 1 year ago Jason The Hung Tran HTHT Like if people should play the game and earn it themselves
  • The Museum’s Artist
    The Museum’s Artist 1 year ago They are too busy with battle royale mode :v
  • lilspaz SoundCloud
    lilspaz SoundCloud 1 year ago Omg the second one is my best friend just realized lmao
  • Ion D-worth Animations
    Ion D-worth Animations 1 year ago (edited) 3:01 That sounds just like my sister when she laughs.
  • Fort Hydra
    Fort Hydra 1 year ago My pathfinder Jess just said “oof” 😂 lol
  • XxJoHnWiCkXx
    XxJoHnWiCkXx 6 months ago oh nooo roblox?????/!!!!!!
  • angel729100
    angel729100 3 months ago Same here