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Скачать с ютуб Nissan GT-R (r35) Crashes | Аварии Ниссан GT-R (r35) part 2

Опубликовано: 5 июл. 2015 г. 5 712 823 просмотра

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Nissan GT-R (r35) Crashes
Аварии Ниссан GT-R (r35)


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  • Wayne Geronimo
    Wayne Geronimo 3 years ago 2:35 idiot ferrari it wasnt the GTR's fault he was driving normallt but the ferrari isnt
  • Jordan Frankish
    Jordan Frankish 3 years ago It was both of their faults cause they were dicing
  • funkierfawn budgie
    funkierfawn budgie 3 years ago if i was that GT-R driver, i would've drove after that Ferrari and get his license plate.
  • Luxo087
    Luxo087 3 years ago the R35 driver was going WAY over the speed limit if he was passing other cars on the highway like that. Both drivers should be held accountable.
  • Luxo087
    Luxo087 3 years ago fleeing the scene of an accident. see ya in prison buddy
  • somed00d
    somed00d 11 months ago "Normally"
  • Rafael Garces
    Rafael Garces 10 months ago Fuck you idiot
  • Mark Woodstock
    Mark Woodstock 6 months ago he should have hit the Ferrari . Sad to see that Ferrari remain unscathed
  • yco67
    yco67 3 years ago 1:09 whats wrong with that guy?
  • Nikkos
    Nikkos 3 years ago +yco67 same question here
  • Jeeper
    Jeeper 3 years ago insurance fraud
  • Damian P.
    Damian P. 3 years ago More money than skill
  • Mr. Lince
    Mr. Lince 3 years ago stolen car :D hahahaha
  • salam95 midhat
    salam95 midhat 3 years ago every thing is wrong with him
  • Theshadowcar
    Theshadowcar 1 year ago (edited) @Damian P. Its for the insurance
  • Capt Patrick
    Capt Patrick 1 year ago Probably staring at the speedo and not the road
  • İlham Osmanov
    İlham Osmanov 1 year ago @Jeeper , ..
  • Idalina Costa
    Idalina Costa 1 year ago He was probably drunk
  • Rajdeep Singh
    Rajdeep Singh 11 months ago He didn’t saw that
  • dress2impress1000
    dress2impress1000 9 months ago Too much money they don’t know what to do with it. Smh
  • dress2impress1000
    dress2impress1000 9 months ago Probably a female
  • Инь Ян
    Инь Ян 8 months ago Wearing sunglasses in the night.
  • dress2impress1000
    dress2impress1000 8 months ago Jeeper that’s why they were laughing
  • kihiro oe
    kihiro oe 8 months ago お金じゃ買えないもの…それは技術さ!😼✨
  • Pitchplus Acht
    Pitchplus Acht 4 months ago The Driverseat was adjusted to deep. Thats the Ultracool Driverposition. To stupid that he couldnt even look over the steering wheel. :D:D:D
  • Niceeguyleo 12
    Niceeguyleo 12 4 months ago Control disconnect
  • Derek Ortiz jr
    Derek Ortiz jr 2 months ago I heard laughing
  • Corrie Shepard
    Corrie Shepard 4 months ago 2:33 was the Ferrari's fault!
  • JanusPrime
    JanusPrime 4 years ago Lesson learned , don't let morons drive cars with big engines.
  • JanusPrime
    JanusPrime 4 years ago @***** Exactly.
  • DevasionX
    DevasionX 4 years ago +Ian M a v6 with 500+ horsepower
  • Sum_Dätti702
    Sum_Dätti702 4 years ago +JanusPrime Its not big like a v8 or v12 but it is powerful which is what u should have said
  • JanusPrime
    JanusPrime 4 years ago @Al_isAtto702 It is big. It is a 500+ hp V6 engine mate..
    DECAY RACING 4 years ago +JanusPrime v6 twin turbo lots of power! hand built motors everything is done by hand that's why it's so expensive
  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 4 years ago Gtr engine is not big dont base it off how much horsepower it has what about a 900hp sr20 thats only a little 2 litre would you call that big no 3.8 litre is not big
  • Saúl Obelleiro
    Saúl Obelleiro 4 years ago +JanusPrime me and a friend end up having same discussion, I don't know why everytime u wanna drive a bike with bigger engine u need a new license but you can switch from a 100 hp car to a 500 hp car without taking any lessons. It puts everyone of us in danger just because someone has money to buy a supercar.
  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 4 years ago @Saúl Obelleiro you are exactly right.
  • 123benitezm
    123benitezm 3 years ago V6 ain't big.
  • GSHeverything _27
    GSHeverything _27 3 years ago +123benitezm think again
  • Green Back
    Green Back 3 years ago V6 GT-R:500-550 i think but if it's modded can reach 1000hp
  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 3 years ago @Green Back modded rb can get 1000whp. vr can get like 2000hp
  • Jay Son Wong
    Jay Son Wong 1 year ago JanusPrime those idiots should bang walls instead of innocent drivers. 1 idiot GTR almost slam on my car today trying to overtake from emergency lane. I would for sure beat him till he's handicapped if he bang just now
  • hakdog
    hakdog 1 year ago Human eror dude
  • Brutus big bone
    Brutus big bone 1 year ago Great cars make morons better drivers :-)
  • Bruce Leroy
    Bruce Leroy 1 year ago Stop street racing!
  • damon henry
    damon henry 1 year ago JanusPrime not a big engine at all. But, yeah don’t let idiots drive fast cars.
  • damon henry
    damon henry 1 year ago JanusPrime it’s a 3.8l v6. Just because it makes big power don’t mean it’s big.
  • white vanilla
    white vanilla 1 year ago It's a mid sized engine
  • Vali N.
    Vali N. 1 year ago Bitches its a 3.8L v6 that aint that big tbh...
  • David Onorato
    David Onorato 1 year ago Why not? Then we won't be able to enjoy videos such as this one.
  • Maybe Live
    Maybe Live 1 year ago @JanusPrime how to you consider the qualities of something "big"? If its by actual size, the 3.8L V6 is relatively small compared to other cars of its class.. If its based on weight you would be wrong again... If you consider an engine's power as "big" then you forget that it has nothing to do with the engine if the power is "big". You could have a K making around the same horsepower as a GTR and the engine is so much smaller... You could never seriously call it "big". Just admit you're wrong and switch the word big with powerful.
  • Maybe Live
    Maybe Live 1 year ago @Jesse Smith so much is wrong with those hp figures... Like I could get 4000hp out of my K but that doesnt mean its feasable... You watch too many videos go to the forums..
  • Shock Wave
    Shock Wave 4 weeks ago @Jesse Smith It has aerodynamics to provide down force better than any other shitty car
  • Shock Wave
    Shock Wave 4 weeks ago @123benitezm aerodynamics
  • Shock Wave
    Shock Wave 4 weeks ago @Vali N. anyways you cant afford even a 1.0L engine car
  • mazza 1up
    mazza 1up 3 weeks ago @Shock Wave lol
  • WolfzG4ming
    WolfzG4ming 4 years ago 2:05 I know that place! It's near where I live. Lol
  • wtf?
    wtf? 2 years ago When the car is smarter than the driver.
  • youngmin47
    youngmin47 4 years ago 1:09 let me drift, hold my beer
  • k A
    k A 1 year ago 1:08 こいつなにしとん?
  • Chieko Watson
    Chieko Watson 3 years ago So, Russians and GTR's dont get along well it seems
  • Envyus74
    Envyus74 3 years ago Russians and any car you mean?
  • Николай Гр.
    Николай Гр. 1 year ago Чо ты там пукаешь, чудик?
  • FarukTTA
    FarukTTA 11 months ago With wich fact you say it's russian asshole?
  • геймер геймерович
    геймер геймерович 10 months ago Э чо вы там говорите?
  • SoundTouch ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ
    SoundTouch ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ 10 months ago Чида
  • Vladimir Elov
    Vladimir Elov 10 months ago @геймер геймерович в переводчик зайди
  • DJ
    DJ 3 years ago I've seen all the fast and furious movies 10 times each, so I'm basically an expert driver because of that. Plus I have more money than most people so I must be more talented as well, that means driving lessons aren't required. Now, watch how awesome I am in my fancy new car.
  • Damian P.
    Damian P. 3 years ago so true
  • Chuck Beef
    Chuck Beef 4 years ago Let that be a lesson to all GTR owners. Don't attempt to corner any faster than a pick up truck.
  • Ben Douz
    Ben Douz 4 years ago Tell that to @romanatwoodvlogs
  • Chuck Beef
    Chuck Beef 4 years ago @souhail bendouz Roman is a kid with new found money and cant drive, his last car was probably a Camry or some shit before he got money on youtube. There are 150 GTR owners on youtube that are much more skilled drivers and have there cars cranked to 1200+hp, still doesn't mean they can corner. Go home AWD, your drunk.
  • Long Live Pepe
    Long Live Pepe 4 years ago +C Genious 350z
  • Chuck Beef
    Chuck Beef 4 years ago @bobby bowman 350z are cool as hell, he should have just built that up.
  • Chuck Beef
    Chuck Beef 4 years ago @***** u mad bro? 
  • Rory Evans
    Rory Evans 4 years ago +C Genious Lesson, people need to learn to drive before they get in a car like that.
  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 4 years ago Wrong roman atwood took his gtr to a track day and did race lessons. I dont like roman atwood but do your research before you talk shit
  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 4 years ago @***** Just another douchebag who doesn't know shit.
  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 4 years ago @***** Cool story
  • Chaos Tade
    Chaos Tade 3 years ago yeah cause a gtr can corner just like pick up truck right?
  • Tony Mbazi
    Tony Mbazi 2 years ago +a in road safety
  • 2016健乐
    2016健乐 2 years ago O
  • Marko Ajduk
    Marko Ajduk 1 year ago @Chuck Beef Well gtrs are awsome at cornering (track)....
  • thebadjoker
    thebadjoker 4 months ago arre you fucking stupid, you do know that the GTR has a crazy cornering ability, i dont think you know shit aboit cars you idiot
  • けーちゃんけーちゃん
    けーちゃんけーちゃん 10 months ago 車が可哀想 無謀な運転をする道具じゃないですよ 腕がないのに危険運転しないで下さい
  • もやし炒め††
    もやし炒め†† 10 months ago 腕があっても公道ではダメ!
  • Chaos Tade
    Chaos Tade 3 years ago 1:08. wtf? is he blind?
  • Callum Evans
    Callum Evans 1 year ago All the poor innocent people getting hit by these arseholes. Risking lives. There's a time and a place !!
  • tarek midnite
    tarek midnite 1 year ago I fkn hate this nasty sounding/looking/driving car now
  • トテチテカーン!!
    トテチテカーン!! 1 year ago 信じられんくらい全員ド下手。
  • takesi nakazato
    takesi nakazato 11 months ago 羽がないのに空飛ぼうとする35多過ぎw
  • ジーザス魔王
    ジーザス魔王 10 months ago I can fly Foooooooo‼︎…って勢いだよなw
  • Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way
    Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way 9 months ago Respect the power of the car or it’ll break ya! 😆 High performance car needs high performance SKILLS.
  • Seiji Kojima
    Seiji Kojima 1 year ago GTR35オマエらにはもったいない
  • Otamasan
    Otamasan 1 year ago GT-Rは悪くない ドライバーが悪いだけ
  • Jamal Millsapp
    Jamal Millsapp 1 year ago I watch these to keep me humble behind the wheel of my GTR.