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Скачать с ютуб BIG DIY SandBlaster Mods - Hydro Sandblaster & Work Safety

Опубликовано: 22 сент. 2013 г. 2 082 964 просмотра

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Two weeks of messing about with it, but our wet sandblaster is working much better. Most of the clogging problems are gone and clogs are much easier to locate and remove. We can now quickly recycle our sand, even when it is still soaking wet as larger stones are removed by an internal screen. ...Yeah, you read that right, "Work Safety".

  • Kevin Chamberlain
    Kevin Chamberlain 4 роки тому As a carpenter & joiner in civil engineering, my advice on dust is, "the more you breathe in, the less gets in your eyes".
  • R07
    R07 3 роки тому when you need to sandblast your sandblaster. lol
  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker 6 років тому I think it's the other way around. I saw a sign we need to get: "BEWARE OF THE DOG. The cat is shady fuck also."
  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker 6 років тому "Hmm, put his eye out he will."
    THUNDERBOLT 5 років тому "ironman 210" :D
  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker 6 років тому I'll need a stand under it when I get to blasting overhead. It's like holding a rocket motor when it's running.
  • manoman0
    manoman0 7 місяців тому This is the kind of man who built this world. Thank you.
  • devore1776
    devore1776 3 роки тому I love the first part of the video. it literally had me laughing so hard people were staring at me during lunch. great setup.
  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker 6 років тому "Safety Third!" we may hang a sign with that on the gate, along with, "It has been 0 days since our last injury" ....and we run an old 185 CFM @ 120 psi compressor at 100 psi, so maybe 150 CFM? I've wondered about putting objects behind and air boat anchored to the playa.
  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker 6 років тому Thank for adding the "hehehe", I've been chastised in earnest about the dog's safety so it's not always easy to separate the sarcasm from the sincerity. :)
  • dekonfrost7
    dekonfrost7 5 років тому man i really really like you i passed by your channel like 4 years ago when you were smelting lead..i watched all your vids they look gread
  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker 6 років тому Hey, I think I also had safety glasses on once in awhile. We're actually a long way from painting. I was blasting the rudder parts because we plan on painting the inside of it as we put it together. And yes, love the cooler weather.
  • Pat
    Pat 3 роки тому I wasted a lot of time at the eye hospital, and i had: a guard on the angle grinder, googles, face mask and gloves - reckon all that prevented me from dodging that little bit of grit which took me there!
  • Peter Cief
    Peter Cief 3 роки тому Finally somebody said it out loud. Thank you. Where all the adrenalin went in society
  • Jj Ash
    Jj Ash 5 років тому This guy rocks!!!
  • Dee Govang
    Dee Govang 6 років тому Whenever your safety glasses are out of reach, remember to use your safety-squint...
  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker 6 років тому I've cut a lot of aluminum on the table saw so I can imagine how horrible sheet metal would be. I think I'll stick with the plasma cutter. ...and Kay says thank you for excluding her.
  • SV Seeker
    SV Seeker 6 років тому I've got a bad heart so hang around. You can have two wives. Or one in each hemisphere.
  • Dwighte Check
    Dwighte Check 5 років тому I wish i could come hang out with you folks looks like a great life! God bless!