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Eminem has made it no secret that he's had a pretty troubled life, revealing every detail of his troubled upbringing and marriage in his song lyrics and in interviews, much of it serving as inspiration for the man born as Marshall Mathers. Often, revealing those hard truths has subsequently hurt those around him, but Mathers has always insisted on honesty, and that every word he's spoken is true.

So, which difficult life events had the largest impact on Slim Shady? Here are some tragic details about Eminem.

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A rough childhood | 0:00
Sued by his mom | 1:23
Growing up without his father | 2:33
Suicide in the family | 3:31
Trouble with his ex | 4:33
Eminem's rap sheet | 5:40
Drug addiction | 6:43
Losing a best friend | 7:52
Did Eminiem date Brittany Murphy? | 8:58
A home intruder | 10:00

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