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Скачать с ютуб DRAWING FACES BASICS - How To Art #8

Опубликовано: 16 апр. 2015 г. 209 525 просмотров

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Here's some tips on drawing faces! We're just scratching the surface but hopefully you'll have a better understanding of guidelines and gesture drawings. DISCLAIMER: This is more of a guide than it is a bunch of drawing "rules". Don't feel like you have to get it "right". Anything you'd like to learn more about when it comes to drawing and painting? Leave a comment with a suggestion for future tutorials or with your questions. Thanks!



Thanks for watching!

  • eva t
    eva t 4 years ago Mary is a beatiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
  • Piccolo
    Piccolo 4 years ago Cinnamon apple is an even better compliment in my opinion...
  • Hannah
    Hannah 2 years ago Creepy
  • Thomas Bruinsma
    Thomas Bruinsma 4 years ago I have a huge crush on this woman..
  • central freerun
    central freerun 4 years ago I know
  • Borsucc
    Borsucc 4 years ago @Light Headed tell me about it
  • central freerun
    central freerun 4 years ago @Chloe Morales lucky son of a b**
  • A Robin's Music
    A Robin's Music 4 years ago At 00:12 The faceless old woman who secretly lives in your house?! Was that a Welcome to Nightvale reference?
  • Mary Doodles
    Mary Doodles 4 years ago @A Robin's Music I can't see her. But she's there.
  • Tsubasa Nome
    Tsubasa Nome 4 years ago I Stopped and Came down here to check if it's true. yay Mary! \o/
  • Filo2706
    Filo2706 4 years ago @Mary Doodles draw her! Would love to see how you imagine her to look like!
  • Tsubasa Nome
    Tsubasa Nome 4 years ago That could be neat to see her Rendition of Her. Though, WtNV uses abstract, inaccurate words on purpose. So, it's not really necessary.
  • Filo2706
    Filo2706 4 years ago What's wrong with drawing her? How would you imagine the scary woman in your closet to look like?! If you had the ability to draw her why not?!?  That's a way to share some personal stuff
  • Tsubasa Nome
    Tsubasa Nome 4 years ago Nothing in particular is wrong with it. I just think that maybe we should respect the authors original intent. Or at least what it might be. They don't provide any real descriptors to allow the human mind to make perfect hair perfect. Then, in all instances, that hair is perfect, where as, if you verbally or visually describe it, someone out there would think that it's not so perfect. By using minimal, vague descriptors you create things that are made of an idea, or a thought. Have you ever tried to do justice to the word "horror"? describing each individual facet in detail. It's actually really hard. Words are just clumsy tools used to try to convey complex emotions and thoughts. That said, I do think that the authors intent was to lay the ground work for you to create something. I just think that it's intentionally made to be impossible to convey correctly.
  • Abstract Moon
    Abstract Moon 4 years ago @A Robin's Music Maybe it's the scribble monster.
  • Julian Montes
    Julian Montes 4 years ago @Filo2706 I'd love to see a piece by Mary with the Faceless Old Woman That Secretly Lives In Your Home and Hiram McDaniels who is literally a 5 headed dragon. Maybe a campaign poster.
  • Travis Pundt
    Travis Pundt 4 years ago or was it a boggart harry potter referance!??
  • Timothy Robert
    Timothy Robert 4 years ago Thank you so much for this, I've apparently been lied to my whole life, I was taught purely to draw an oval, then the half way horizontal mark is the eye's, half of that is the nose, THEN half of that is were the mouth is. I'm so excited to work with jaw lines now, I've been trying to work with them more recently and it never really looked great because of the old way I was taught. Thank you, also thank you for the hand tutorial, I was sketching in my history class yesterday and, using observation and the tips you suggested, I finally drew a hand that actually looked like a hand, I was very proud of myself, so thank you.
  • Mary Doodles
    Mary Doodles 4 years ago @Timothy Robert The oval method works too, especially if thats the face shape you're going for. It's really about finding a technique that helps you get the results you want, so playing around with different ways of drawing guidelines is always a good practice. Hope this really does help out :)
  • Timothy Robert
    Timothy Robert 4 years ago @Mary Doodles thank you so much, it really does help. your awesome!
  • TalesofTim
    TalesofTim 4 years ago I have a good tip to share! Don't be afraid to start drawing faces. A lot of times I hear people say that they'd like to draw but they can't draw a specific part or anything at all. The thing is that everyone starts the same; talent has the least amount of influence in creating art. It's all about practice and building up the skill and knowledge needed. If you don't start drawing then you won't get anywhere. I started my art 2 years ago with stick figures and wiggly lines. Since then I've gained so much skill. I'm still learning how to draw people and faces, but the more I do it the better I'll get. I guess the tip is ... Draw faces if you want to draw faces well. Don't be afraid of failure.
  • Nae Rae
    Nae Rae 4 years ago Amen.
  • jules
    jules 4 years ago Really? You started with stick figures? That's really inspiring. I'm horrible at art so I never draw. One of my best friends is an amazing artist so I never think I can do as well as her at drawing...but I'd like to thank you for this comment. Lately I've been watching lots of art videos and I really want to get into art. This comment just helps me want it even more.
  • TalesofTim
    TalesofTim 4 years ago Yeah, I did. Its all up on You Tube if you want to see. In fact I just did an At growth test so you can see the difference.
  • doumkatek Z
    doumkatek Z 4 years ago +Lia Marie R Just do it. It's okay if it sucks. Don't worry about doing as well as your friend. You have to keep doing it even if you are 'horrible' at it, as it's the only way to get better. I think it also helps if you are always looking around going, would I draw this? Where are the shadows? where is the reflected light, or, I know the thing is red, but what color of paint or pencil would you really need to make it look the way you see it.
  • doumkatek Z
    doumkatek Z 4 years ago +TalesofTim I went to your page, that's some excellent stuff. And creepy.
  • Alma Vela
    Alma Vela 1 year ago It took me so much time to really believe that drawing is more practice than talent. The worst part is realizing that by believing only gifted people can be good artists I was minimizing their effort.
  • Zahra Chaudhary
    Zahra Chaudhary 4 years ago At 3:08, the face at the bottom left is the face I make when I'm watching Mary's videos. :3
  • lastimosa
    lastimosa 4 years ago "The human face is the window to the .. face!"
  • Meowcaster
    Meowcaster 2 years ago • Skeletøn With A Pen • I
  • EmpressDerpy
    EmpressDerpy 4 years ago Or you Could Just Draw Slendy and Not worry about the Face :P
  • Piccolo
    Piccolo 4 years ago She is the perfect art teacher you could ask for. I would learn 3 or 5x from her rather than my average art teachers.
  • lastimosa
    lastimosa 4 years ago I've needed this for so long.
  • Misan Graphics
    Misan Graphics 4 years ago please do a tree morphing into person please!!!
  • jennawirtz
    jennawirtz 4 years ago Great idea!
  • ophe teufel
    ophe teufel 4 years ago @Misan Graphics wtf
  • Cece Gonzalez
    Cece Gonzalez 4 years ago lol she did that
  • Alice Lim
    Alice Lim 4 years ago When her gesture drawings are better than your actual drawings 😅
  • million zeros
    million zeros 2 years ago This is literally what started me drawing faces. Two years later and I’m in an advanced art class...
  • Cross Gamer
    Cross Gamer 4 years ago One thing that help me get better is doing gesture drawing and having a certain time limit like 2 min and as time went by the time limit would get smaller and smaller until it was about 10 seconds. This not only helps with faces but the whole body.
  • Mary Doodles
    Mary Doodles 4 years ago @Cross Gamer YEAH!
  • Camila Foltran
    Camila Foltran 4 years ago This was really helpful! I lived seeing your gesture drawings... I had never heard of them, but I think they are fantastic! I would love to learn more about them!
  • Karla Kaye
    Karla Kaye 4 years ago as an artist, one of my favorite things to do is set up a 30 second timer on my phone and draw subjects i have problems with (for me, those are hands and vehicles.) only having 30 seconds makes me reduce the details to basic shapes. i tend to worry about details before i have the big picture figured out, so this helps me force myself to focus on the not details.
  • Nessie
    Nessie 4 years ago Mary!! Please do a How To Art: Mouths/Teeth/Tongues! I have suuuch a hard time drawing people and you've helped me immensely! I really would like to practice drawing mouths with different expressions!
  • Matthew Neala
    Matthew Neala 3 years ago "The human face is the window to the face" OMG HAHAHHA
  • mankz103
    mankz103 4 years ago Correction: corners of mouth line up with pupils
  • Melancholy Meatball
    Melancholy Meatball 4 years ago +mankz103 naw ur pupils ain't gunna be in the same place errytime and dayum thats one wide mouth lol
  • mankz103
    mankz103 4 years ago mouths are wider than you think
  • Melancholy Meatball
    Melancholy Meatball 4 years ago Ill just leave it at that because you like tyler
  • Cynthia IgnisDivine
    Cynthia IgnisDivine 4 years ago yeah in all the art classes I took we always learned that the very ends of the lips usually lign up with the pupils when looking straight ahead.
  • Cynthia IgnisDivine
    Cynthia IgnisDivine 4 years ago But I mean they do vary a lot and she does mention that
  • Anna P
    Anna P 4 years ago Great tips! But the mouth generally extends to the middle of the eye, although in cartoons, you can draw it however fits your style.