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Скачать с ютуб Star Wars Episode 9 Theory: Rey Was Created by Palpatine?

Опубликовано: 18 нояб. 2018 г. 91 220 просмотров

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This IS the Rey theory you're looking for! Considering the rumors that Palpatine will be in Star Wars Episode 9, I wanted to talk about this theory I've had that Rey, just like Anakin Skywalker, was created by Palpatine. She's the new Darth Vader!!

#StarWars #DarthVader #Rey

  • Dad's Tool Rescue and Adoption
    Dad's Tool Rescue and Adoption 11 months ago (edited) Rey was cloned from Luke's hand. That's how the lightsaber " called to her".
  • Ayyo S
    Ayyo S 11 months ago Humm 🤔
  • iZaIaH_16
    iZaIaH_16 11 months ago Anybody else come here after hearing the Emperor’s laugh???...
  • tremapar
    tremapar 11 months ago The confirmation that Palpatine is somehow involved definitely lends more credence to this theory
  • Joshua Chillemi
    Joshua Chillemi 11 months ago I predicted this theory aswell
  • John Irons
    John Irons 11 months ago Rey has the power of feminism.
  • Bryn Stuart Jones
    Bryn Stuart Jones 1 year ago Its no accident that Lor San Tekka was on Jakku .He was watching over Rey Kenobi style .Shes not Luke’s daughter but she is a descendant of a Jedi or Sith.
  • jim lennon
    jim lennon 1 year ago Hey, nice new bumper man. I actually think Aquaman looks really good in regards to cinematography. The tone feels like Thor: Ragnorok so I am pretty interested in this film at this point. Im in the rare camp of really digging MOS and BVS so I wont be surprised if I dig this.
  • c3tr4
    c3tr4 1 year ago oh a clone, or a creation of snoke just as anakin was created by palpatine.
  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 1 year ago She IS a Skywalker - you guys all yourselves fans? TFA trailer #2 told you who she is.
  • Random Person
    Random Person 11 months ago @c3tr4 I never knew ANakin was created by Palpatine.
  • Christopher Duke
    Christopher Duke 8 months ago @Random Person he wasn't
  • Christopher Duke
    Christopher Duke 8 months ago Keep taking the tablets.
  • Flying BolTz
    Flying BolTz 5 months ago And we all speculate that..
  • D G
    D G 1 year ago I like your enthusiasm, but you’re missing a huge point right off the bat. Anakin has tons of potential and had to be trained by Obi-wan from an incredibly young age. You get to see Anakin developing over time so his power isn’t confusing to us. It’s like we met Rey and 3 days later she’s beating Luke. How? How? HOW??
  • dj rozzer
    dj rozzer 1 year ago D G Well she was created a whole two generations after Anakin, so is kind of like an Anakin 2.0
  • Link The Alchemist
    Link The Alchemist 1 year ago I dont know what movie you watched but she never beat Luke.
  • ÆRational
    ÆRational 1 year ago The way he says "I think a lot of butthurt fanboys would instantly get over it if they knew she was just like Darth Vader..." makes me think this dude is a full on shill.
  • Ted Eckerman
    Ted Eckerman 1 year ago luke had a stick and rey a lightsaber, plus she is way younger
  • Link The Alchemist
    Link The Alchemist 1 year ago @Ted Eckerman Exactly, what movie did they watch?
  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 1 year ago She beat Kylo although to be fair Kylo got shot but Chewbacca and got his arm slashed by Finn. Even then she shouldn't master it so quickly. Made me think she was engineered, designed to be a weapon and she forgot her memory or something.
  • Link The Alchemist
    Link The Alchemist 1 year ago @Jason Smith what movie did you watch? She never "mastered" anything, the only unbelievable feat she pulled off in that fight was overpowering Kylo, which is unbelievable because Kylo is built af and men are naturally stronger than women to begin with.
  • Mike Hearn
    Mike Hearn 11 months ago According to this guy that makes you a "butt hurt fanboy." :(
  • warriorherb
    warriorherb 11 months ago But that is just the problem with this video and many others boasting the same. When you have to theory craft why something is because there is no logical explanation for it, it is BAD storytelling. Two movies down and we still have no explanation and no heroes journey for Rey. You just can't be. Everything has a reason, even if this theory was correct on some level, there would have been kernels dropped showing this to the audience through small memories coming back...something. However, we have nothing, except a character that comes off too fan derivative instead of properly fleshed out and realized
  • Eric Friedman
    Eric Friedman 11 months ago If she is a reincarnation though then it would explain why there was some "muscle memory". Also it would explain why Anakin's force ghost never appeared before Kylo, because the force needed the Chosen one to bring balance to the force once again. Especially if Palpatine is back.
  • Eric Friedman
    Eric Friedman 11 months ago Also it would be a continuation of the heros story. Palpatine somehow cheated death and balance was once again upset.
  • Dorian Saunders
    Dorian Saunders 11 months ago (edited) Luke wasn't trying to beat her at that moment. You saw what he did at the end of the movie. Though she is powerful, Luke could've killed her at any time.