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Скачать с ютуб Dark Piano - Sociopath

Опубликовано: 11 янв. 2018 г. 7 999 511 просмотров

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Art by Nicola Samori

Transcribed by Collin DeJoseph



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    Starkiller 2 тижні тому Fuck you
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    Gaming with Lexi 2 тижні тому @Starkiller no you
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    Yim Yum 2 тижні тому Cant wait!!!!!!!!
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    HMN Music 2 тижні тому Thank you @Gaming with Lexi and @Yim
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    Nick Slade 1 тиждень тому 🎶🎼 I subscribed. I have a channel too - I play all string instruments and drums mostly metal. But don't let any assholes out there make u feel wrong just bc they can't do it and want the world to stay as small as they are. Hopeless shit stains. Keep it up and let me know if u hear or come up w something I might can benefit. Collaboration is construct against degradation LoL 😂
  • Nick Slade
    Nick Slade 1 тиждень тому (змінено) @Starkiller why don't go 3d print a 9 ft dick and go fuck yourself w it u short sited shit stain that's tainting society w ur fucking negativity. At least come up w something funny u worthless piece of dried nerd jizz. 🖕
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    Gaming with Lexi 1 тиждень тому HMN Music 👍
  • goghtico
    goghtico 9 місяців тому no one: edgy teens: omg this song represents what i feel. i'm a sociopath, i'm insane. sometimes i wish kill every body. yesterday i killed an ant and i felt so cool. look at me. i'm unique. the joker it's literally me. 😞😞🤘🤘
  • ᴀɴɴᴏɴʏᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ ᴀꜱꜱʜᴏʟᴇ
    ᴀɴɴᴏɴʏᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ ᴀꜱꜱʜᴏʟᴇ 7 місяців тому Lmao- I'm just here for the music and the piano not the god damn tittle xD
  • The Rusted Fork
    The Rusted Fork 7 місяців тому Actual sociopaths don't realise that their sociopaths.
  • Zymred Raffque
    Zymred Raffque 7 місяців тому Snake eat mouse in jungle hint game 😂 u know it when snake enter in social life mouse nefeo take them neyola..stroy not finished yet..
  • George Phillips
    George Phillips 7 місяців тому (змінено) You could call me no one I might too but some wouldn't and sometimes I might not either. People think oh its this its that... oh look their its that... but their not looking anywhere... their repeating what they have been told. Do they want to be puppets? Do they know their like puppets? I doubt they want to be puppets... but sometimes a puppeteer can do good things for its living puppets. < ( O ) > Remember this if you can or me or both. I could tell you many things I could consider many things... what will you? I wish the best for all... Im having mine tho. Good things are good and valuable its important to understand and do the best with what you can. not enough is it? its enough to be good enough... what we have is already allot it took allot even tho its not enough. a bit disappointing but it can be better. People sometimes consider doing the worst things when they are in the most pain. Its broken bots that wish harm on things without valid reasons. and what if People are a special kind of bot?
  • The doctor Of plagues
    The doctor Of plagues 7 місяців тому Psychopaths are the ones who torture small animals
  • Jake ichan
    Jake ichan 7 місяців тому lol that got me alittle bit...... omg am i a sociopath!?
  • YouTube Channel
    YouTube Channel 7 місяців тому You've mixed up sociopath with psychopath. Sociopaths feel nothing for no one, only themself s.
  • Alanna Khaldi
    Alanna Khaldi 7 місяців тому The Legion Amen.
  • Blake H.
    Blake H. 7 місяців тому Often actual sociopaths are relatively normal people with the exception of having chronic boredom.
  • Blake H.
    Blake H. 7 місяців тому Most the edgelords who think they are sociopaths have some form of depression and are in denial.
  • Andrew Stinnett
    Andrew Stinnett 7 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork Some do. You'd be surprised. They hide and blend in well with the usual crowd.
  • SCP 999
    SCP 999 7 місяців тому Idk if I really am, but I feel insane sometimes.. The thoughts I have terrify me..
    SIZAH MILANÍ 7 місяців тому lmfaoooooo
  • Keter_2438
    Keter_2438 7 місяців тому "Killed an ant and feel so cool" Seriously
  • dennis kibrik
    dennis kibrik 7 місяців тому absolutely not a single thing ever: edgy teens: i kill and i am happy lol xd i am happy cause i kill wow i am god i am kill aaaa i am bad i am kill aaa i am god i am a joke i am so cool wow i kill wowowowowow
  • Wanda J Parson
    Wanda J Parson 7 місяців тому supreme vodka that couldn't be more true.
  • Vassili Zaitsev
    Vassili Zaitsev 7 місяців тому hahahaha i was literally that guy in middle school
  • Jojo Mojo
    Jojo Mojo 7 місяців тому O5-2 The Practitioner shut yo bitch Ass up
  • Norrix
    Norrix 6 місяців тому @SCP 999 the mind is naturally dark, we are dark creatures by nature. Don't worry bout it everyone has them
  • SCP 999
    SCP 999 6 місяців тому @Norrix That's comforting, I appreciate that.
  • Bug Eye
    Bug Eye 6 місяців тому 💀💀💀
  • Ividiak AJ
    Ividiak AJ 6 місяців тому I love how you're assuming this :)..
  • Hopjay
    Hopjay 6 місяців тому @SCP 999 we all can go insane with just one bad day, and what you people call sanity is just a prison in your mind, a prison that keeps you from realizing that you're just tiny little cogs in a giant absurd machine, wake up, why be a cog when you can run the machine.
  • Vic this channel is dead
    Vic this channel is dead 6 місяців тому idk if i should be offended or not. im not an attention seeker but i almost killed my bully he ended up in the hospital :v
  • Puritanical Satya
    Puritanical Satya 6 місяців тому ? are you ok?
  • Exilee Marks
    Exilee Marks 6 місяців тому No one: Comments like this😂
  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 6 місяців тому LOLLLLL!!! 😂😂😂
  • Adorkable Derp
    Adorkable Derp 6 місяців тому ᴀɴɴᴏɴʏᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ ᴀꜱꜱʜᴏʟᴇ legit same XD
  • Anna
    Anna 6 місяців тому @SCP 999 feeling insane is not the symptom of sociopathy and in psychology the actual name is Antisocial personality disorder. Symptoms include lack of EMPATHY, guilt,shame, remorse, are manipulative and use people like an objects. Impulsive, act before thinking. The only difference between psychopathy and sociopathy is psychopaths are born with different brain structure which shows decreased activity in areas where person feels empathy. Sociopath is made by traumas both psychological and physical. Sociopaths tend to be more aggresive than psychopaths.1
  • Plague
    Plague 6 місяців тому @The doctor Of plagues no, sadistic people might. Just because a person cannot feel does not mean he wants to hurt other beings as well
  • The doctor Of plagues
    The doctor Of plagues 6 місяців тому Vic this channel is dead you should feel proud
  • The doctor Of plagues
    The doctor Of plagues 6 місяців тому Plague but most of them are psychopaths, sociopaths are different, I know that anyone can be a killer and not everyone is
  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 6 місяців тому Killed an ant.. Yep. You're on your way to being crazy alright.
  • SCP 999
    SCP 999 6 місяців тому @Hopjay :)
  • SCP 999
    SCP 999 6 місяців тому @Anna Oh, yes. I know. I'm grateful that I'm not a sociopath.
  • ツYolkii
    ツYolkii 6 місяців тому One of my classmates pretend to twitch and I legit cringe for them x'D
  • RoachDoggJR /Raven
    RoachDoggJR /Raven 6 місяців тому I may be edgy, but that’s just too cringy for me.
  • 1 Esdras
    1 Esdras 6 місяців тому Hopjay Didn’t Jerome Valeska say this in Gotham lmfao
  • Arya Jaeger
    Arya Jaeger 6 місяців тому An ant? I remember when i was in the age of 14,i had a fight in my school and the dude i fight is dying,and im still remember the dude eye and mouth is full of blood,but i just....feel nothing,no regrets or even scared i just...feel...nothing an last thing,the dude i fight is not in this world anymore
    CLIFF EM ALL 6 місяців тому The Legion except Sherlock lpl
  • rae hunter
    rae hunter 6 місяців тому 💀💀💀
  • Astrophilx Cosplays
    Astrophilx Cosplays 6 місяців тому Lmfao
  • Rampaging Arsonist
    Rampaging Arsonist 6 місяців тому @Blake H. which results in severe apathy.
  • Buggie
    Buggie 6 місяців тому OMFG HAHAGA
  • test marker
    test marker 6 місяців тому @Ividiak AJ your just a loser bro if you took lsd you would realise your a normie
  • Edwin Slater
    Edwin Slater 6 місяців тому I have someone in my life im trying to avoid and he says exactly the same thing
  • DankCat McCat
    DankCat McCat 6 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork that's psychopaths* you wannabe therapist.
  • Mlle BT
    Mlle BT 6 місяців тому I'm a teenager girl and i'm here for the music, not to pretend i'm a sociopath. but you are right XD ! there is a lot of people telling this kind of shit in these comments...
  • Esa
    Esa 6 місяців тому either you were an edgy teen, or you will be an edgy teen at one point in your life, so why are you bitching on them?
  • Roberto Lobo Rosas
    Roberto Lobo Rosas 6 місяців тому XDDDD u mad
  • random videos
    random videos 6 місяців тому Ik fuck but like seriously I'm so depressed 😂😂
  • Yaretzi Nietzsche
    Yaretzi Nietzsche 6 місяців тому This just good music why would such beauty represent sociopaths
  • Time Traveler
    Time Traveler 6 місяців тому So tired of this style of comments on every video. I guess no one can just talk strait anymore gotta steal other people's shit.
  • Fanime Productions T.V.
    Fanime Productions T.V. 6 місяців тому @RoachDoggJR /Raven cringe
  • Fanime Productions T.V.
    Fanime Productions T.V. 6 місяців тому @Arya Jaeger lmao nobody cares wannabe psychopath
  • Amber Dorket
    Amber Dorket 6 місяців тому I killed an ant lol
  • Arya Jaeger
    Arya Jaeger 6 місяців тому @Fanime Productions T.V. piss off mate
  • Arya Jaeger
    Arya Jaeger 6 місяців тому @Fanime Productions T.V. i know nobody cares cuz im not trying to get attention from anyone you dickhead
  • chelseailluminated
    chelseailluminated 6 місяців тому saintan me when I was five
  • Jade
    Jade 6 місяців тому @The doctor Of plagues Damn, you got me
  • Clementyne
    Clementyne 6 місяців тому 😞🤘
  • Hopjay
    Hopjay 6 місяців тому @The doctor Of plagues anyone can hold a gun up, but who is brave enough to shoot
  • Hopjay
    Hopjay 6 місяців тому @1 Esdras yes, yes he did lol
  • Zellig
    Zellig 6 місяців тому They're so unique! Just like... Every One Else
  • Zellig
    Zellig 6 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork Some probably do, particularly when they end up getting a full-blown ASPD (or whatever the equvalent in the new DMV is) diagnosis.
  • Zellig
    Zellig 6 місяців тому @Jake ichan No it means that you have sociopathic ideation. Maybe it's because you think that it will empower you somehow, but I regret to inform you, if you do think this way, you are mistaken. To willingly become a sociopath is to go down a dark road all by yourself and never again permit your brain to feel certain sensations that people find... beautiful... If you question if you're a sociopath or not with a bit of worry, you probably are not. A sociopath will not care if they are a sociopath or not. They may know what they are and doing and want, and just not care.
  • Dead End
    Dead End 6 місяців тому Are you projecting, dear?
  • Zellig
    Zellig 6 місяців тому @Dead End If I was, why would you even believe my answer?
  • Hawk Eye
    Hawk Eye 6 місяців тому @ᴀɴɴᴏɴʏᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ ᴀꜱꜱʜᴏʟᴇ me too
  • Jake ichan
    Jake ichan 6 місяців тому I regret replying
  • DeMoN-ReaPeR
    DeMoN-ReaPeR 6 місяців тому (змінено) Funny you should say that... I'm a sociopath! Well atleast that's what I tell girls to avoid a serious relationship... no but seriously, jokes aside. It works. They think I'm a weirdo and ta-dah... mission success I'm sure you can figure the moral of the story Great song though. Reminds me of movie trailer music. I must say. I find it amazing how you can conjure up your own story from just these sounds without any words simply through how It makes you feel💯
  • kurogami
    kurogami 6 місяців тому i like trains
  • Just Scream
    Just Scream 6 місяців тому Come on killing an ant?
  • Legatus Vesupius the Swift
    Legatus Vesupius the Swift 6 місяців тому One could argue Sociopathic tendencies aren't technically a disease someone is born with. Most sociopaths, such as Hitler, have developed traits one could consider to be sociopathic due to his isolated and tragic upbringing. The only people born with sociopathic tendencies because they are literally sociopathic to the degree that they not only realize it but live by it, are Zionist Jews. Same as they always have been lol.
  • Legatus Vesupius the Swift
    Legatus Vesupius the Swift 6 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork That just isn't true at all lol, what world are you living in? There are PLENTY of cases of people who have committed atrocious acts knowingly. Fuck outta here real nigga shit niggaaaaa lmfao.
  • Legatus Vesupius the Swift
    Legatus Vesupius the Swift 6 місяців тому @YouTube Channel Then I am most definitely a sociopath lmfao
  • Legatus Vesupius the Swift
    Legatus Vesupius the Swift 6 місяців тому @chelseailluminated WoW u ReAlLy cAn sEe tHe LiGhT Must've taken a nigga dick or something
  • Legatus Vesupius the Swift
    Legatus Vesupius the Swift 6 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork lookammee I'm a real Legionnaire. Hail Caesar, we wuz KaNgZ n ShEiT
  • Blake H.
    Blake H. 6 місяців тому (змінено) Gaul Actually, chronic boredom is a symptom of antisocial personality disorder, which encompasses psychopaths, sociopaths, and borderlines. The boredom they experience is derived from being emotionally detached. Boredom can be a driving factor for a person with ASPD to act on their impulses so I think it has a little more to do with the condition than you realize. Edit: The sociopaths I was describing in my very 1st comment are of the high-functioning variety, which possess enough intelligence to compensate for most of the condition’s symptoms.
    DIVINITY 6 місяців тому 💀💀💀💀💀
  • Ava Razor-Harrison
    Ava Razor-Harrison 6 місяців тому I dont wanna be edgy or what-not, but thinking about killing others or torturing and stuff is having instructive thoughts, I get them. I guess I'm edgy😳😜🙈 No but fr it is the worst thing ever and it disrupts everything
  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 6 місяців тому Jah
  • Ezekial Steele
    Ezekial Steele 6 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork It's not that you wouldn't realize you're a sociopath, it's that you would feel indifferent about it. Objective thinking.
  • Sargent Miller
    Sargent Miller 6 місяців тому 14 yo girls: 😢😢😭😭
  • Tįmíkø Högå
    Tįmíkø Högå 6 місяців тому saintan I choked my cousin really bad that it felt good.... tbh 💪😂
  • Frien Do
    Frien Do 6 місяців тому saintan we need more people like you man Finally someone spoke up to their cringe and dumbness They are constantly acting as if they were depressed just because of listening to a goddamn song
  • Fur Rei
    Fur Rei 6 місяців тому Lol I actually laughed at this 😂
  • TavinAlpha Gaming
    TavinAlpha Gaming 6 місяців тому (змінено) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling empathy, acceptance, love etc. Psychopaths have a very weak connection to reality; the slang word "psycho" was made to describe psychopaths; people that are truly inhumane and unpredictable. Psychology is a great thing to learn
  • You Know My Name
    You Know My Name 6 місяців тому CE_2438 Me I felt Sad.
  • Galactic Creativity
    Galactic Creativity 6 місяців тому These edgelord don’t actually know how awful it is to feel everything youve ever felt slip through your fingers and all your emotions slipping away. That shit fucks you up then they go and pretend they are something they’re not. Like bitch no you DONT want to be this way. You just don’t.
  • Clark Anzara
    Clark Anzara 6 місяців тому Blake H. I’m chronically bored, but I ain’t no sociopath. I will literally feel so bad if someone attacks a poor little animal
  • Prince Royce
    Prince Royce 6 місяців тому @The Rusted Forkhighly Agree 😶😶
  • Jeb McCready
    Jeb McCready 6 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork unless you're Sherlock Holmes
  • Kalliope Veyron
    Kalliope Veyron 5 місяців тому YouTube Channel You’re wrong. Sociopaths have more empathy and emotion overall than Psychopaths. Psychopaths are born, sociopaths become
  • Evan XXIII
    Evan XXIII 5 місяців тому (змінено) Zymred Raffque have you ever lived with a sociopath? An actual diagnosed one since childhood? He knew. And he used it to his advantage. Anytime the police would come by he’d act like a perfect citizen and he would make them believe I was the crazy one. He knew flat out what he is. And he’s use it to manipulate people. I remember telling the police “ he’s a diagnosed sociopath don’t listen to him he’s lying” then they laughed at me and said “ what a lie”. You know fuck all about sociopaths. None of you do. That’s not even the actual diagnostic name for it. A lot of them know exactly what they are so they pretend to be as normal and “appropriate” to other people as they can so they can manipulate them into all sorts of shit. Lmfao it’s funny watching you people act like you aren’t also the edgy teens. Try actually living and being in a relationship with a sociopath as he abuses you and try’s to get you put in jail for his actions.
  • Kitri A
    Kitri A 5 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork We unfortunately do sometimes, and if we're the one to make the realization slowly, it hurts us most. We realise how little empathy we show, we see how we're not at all happy when we're not the winners, the best, the ones on top. It hurts when you see those you actually can love be affected by it, and those you hide it from you feel are betraying you for not knowing. It hurts. It really does.
  • Kitri A
    Kitri A 5 місяців тому @YouTube Channel actually no. Sociopaths DO display affection, love (but rarely), caring, and everything they need to. Sociopaths cry and find it normal, but Psychopaths find absolutely no love in others. Their word goes and that's it.
  • Kitri A
    Kitri A 5 місяців тому From what I've read so far, not a single person in this group is yet a Sociopath.. maybe except for those who quite subtly put it in your face that they have something special about themselves. Those are sociopaths, we love our attention and once we're like "Oh, we're sociopaths" without realizing all the meaning behind it, all the missed opportunities in your future due to this sickening disease, we think "hey, let's brag about being a sociopath!"
  • Nolan Beatrolyn
    Nolan Beatrolyn 5 місяців тому I like to write poetry in the dark*...*
  • iInfinARMY Hearteu
    iInfinARMY Hearteu 5 місяців тому The Legion let alone admit it and brag about it
  • iInfinARMY Hearteu
    iInfinARMY Hearteu 5 місяців тому Yea ok like you know them all and everyone’s issues and thoughts. I don’t see a single “edgy” comment also most likely means they are not given correct attention and crave it and seek it in obvious ways in the ring situations
  • iInfinARMY Hearteu
    iInfinARMY Hearteu 5 місяців тому Only an edgy teen would write this comment bc it’s a trendy meme
  • DAPW Productions
    DAPW Productions 5 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork true
  • Apasche Raider
    Apasche Raider 5 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork there has been instances, they knew about it. It's not a sickness, it's a skill with pros and cons.
  • Mad Bill Dully
    Mad Bill Dully 5 місяців тому @saintan i think you dont really know how to be a sociopath. I dont like a sociopath but i am one. I was diagnosed. But really, i cant really feel anything. I am not a fake, i am real. Please, thats a disorder. Its a real disorder, for normal people its hard to understand.
  • Univac
    Univac 5 місяців тому Literally Billy Ellish fans.
  • Mainak Basu
    Mainak Basu 5 місяців тому (змінено) I know what you tried to say there. That edgy people who think they are so tough and psychopathic for torturing innocent, harmless, small and weak animals are actually pussies. But society and people like you pick on them too. They feel just like the ant. Feel good that we torture ants and not you.
  • nads
    nads 5 місяців тому why is everyone taking this joke really seriously?
  • : Espeon :
    : Espeon : 5 місяців тому @ᴀɴɴᴏɴʏᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ ᴀꜱꜱʜᴏʟᴇ ikr??? It's just like, I saw piano. I click. It is darkly themed. Even better. But I'm not gonna be like "I diagnose myself with insanity because it's cool even though people can suffer from it."
  • PhaZe Derp
    PhaZe Derp 5 місяців тому Weirdo
  • Zoey Auer
    Zoey Auer 5 місяців тому I have been told I’m a sociopath or I’m just an edgy teen
  • : Espeon :
    : Espeon : 5 місяців тому @Zoey Auer If you were told by a professional, then yeah. It's valid. But if it's just some friend or family member with no experience, not valid. Like, you never know. You could be bipolar and people with no experience say the worst. So, it would just be safer and better to see a professional. This was meant to sound rude but I feel like it does. So I'm sorry.
  • Maddie *
    Maddie * 5 місяців тому My therapist considers my a sociopath, honestly I’m quite offended. I’m not a sociopath?
  • Týr
    Týr 5 місяців тому Bitch STFU i just slaughtered a mosquito jesterday and i can kill you to you no good pice of shite
  • スーパーマンSoragami
    スーパーマンSoragami 5 місяців тому Cringe
  • Le Memestar
    Le Memestar 5 місяців тому Real shit brother
  • Midnight Cookie
    Midnight Cookie 5 місяців тому I CANT-
  • Inês Machado
    Inês Machado 5 місяців тому And you are saying....ok~~....
  • Lilly T.
    Lilly T. 5 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork they're**
  • iInfinARMY Hearteu
    iInfinARMY Hearteu 5 місяців тому Only some are violent it just depends some never hurt anything physically. They all destroy everyone mentally
  • John Nihil
    John Nihil 5 місяців тому Liar is a better piece. Nobody wants to admit that they're a liar either. Also, Joker is a schizophrenic psychopath, not a sociopath.
  • John Nihil
    John Nihil 5 місяців тому Dennis Reynolds is a sociopath D.E.N.N.I.S. SYSTEM
  • Riley Holding
    Riley Holding 5 місяців тому Sociopaths can feel love but psychopaths can't. Or that might be the other way round.
  • Lovely Love
    Lovely Love 5 місяців тому LMFAO I read that in a voice bro you really humored me on that one, "if I do say so myself,"
  • _ COOP
    _ COOP 5 місяців тому George Phillips bruh for the love of god it’s THEY’RE**
  • Sumayya
    Sumayya 5 місяців тому LMAO
  • jade
    jade 5 місяців тому edgy teens: oh i’m so depressed and i have anxiety ohhhh nooo some teens actually do have depression (like me but i am diagnosed and yak medication for it, i also go to therapy) while some teens just want to be depressed because they’re so edgy. it’s nothing to joke about
  • *gay panic*
    *gay panic* 5 місяців тому @The Rusted Fork that is so true for some reason
  • Jannis
    Jannis 5 місяців тому @Hopjay I got that reference
  • Yunus Turna
    Yunus Turna 5 місяців тому I SAW THAT PEOPLE IN MY CLASS
  • Shirley Estrada
    Shirley Estrada 5 місяців тому Actually, Psychopaths AND Sociopaths have a few things in common, one of which being the thing where they lack empathy, so to speak. Although, they are without empathy for different reasons. A sociopath has to have gone through someone (more commonly abuse), to have a lack of empathy. Psychopaths, on the other hand, are born without the things that make them human. They are, infact, born without empathy. Also, no, sociopaths don't feel empathy for others, not even themselves. They aren't some kind of narcissist, where they pity themselves and all.
  • Reinaldo Fields
    Reinaldo Fields 5 місяців тому Best comment. It is absolutely funny shit reading these comments lmao. I bet well over 3/4 of you would shit your pants being around a sociopath or psychopath.
  • Boogie Spadina
    Boogie Spadina 5 місяців тому The sad part is that's not what it actually feels like. Why would I feel like I want positively kill someone? I just don't feel much if I do need to hurt someone
  • SpottedStripe
    SpottedStripe 5 місяців тому I...I just like dark music. I'm an optimist I believe happiness is a choice but damn if this music ain't good.
  • Niyazi Fatihhan Yılmaz
    Niyazi Fatihhan Yılmaz 5 місяців тому [You are not normal ]
  • Dolce Scarlett
    Dolce Scarlett 5 місяців тому A Sociopath can't feel anything, even positive emotions, so they can't conect with art like music.
  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 місяці тому Lol that got me
  • The Husain
    The Husain 4 місяці тому If you think killing an ant is so cool then you must be so unbelievably boring and shallow of a person to think killing such an easy prey that takes little to no effort to kill to be something you're proud of. It makes sense and might work in the edgyness you're trying to portray if you kill a cat or something else that most people can't even think about doing like strangling a dog or better yet killing a person etc, that would work and makes you sound more like a sociopath but you trying so pathetically hard to seem edgy is just so fucking cringy. What are you like 12 years old or something that would explain a lot. Either that or you're pathetically stupid.
  • The Husain
    The Husain 4 місяці тому @Dolce Scarlett Well sociopaths can feel positive emotions but on smaller levels and sometimes intense levels. Positive emotions such as joy, happiness, love they can feel but it is shortlived and less intense. They can however feel an extreme sense of joy and pleasure when doing what they really love doing for example a sadistic sociopath hurting and killing another human being. Or a power hungry sociopathic ceo just eliminating a rival business. Its like their drug they're addicted that kind of feeling because they rarely feel. Some things make their dopamine flow go overload. Fun fact, sociopaths produce more dopamine than normal human beings.
  • Dolce Scarlett
    Dolce Scarlett 4 місяці тому @The Husain Thank you for you're answer, Different Psycologists said that Sychopaths Can't feel or have positive emotions.
  • McCockiner
    McCockiner 4 місяці тому ahahahhhahahahhah
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    Shaqfuturedj 4 місяці тому Arya _Jaeger good your learning next time just kill him and be done with it child
  • Bermuda Lives
    Bermuda Lives 4 місяці тому Exactly i just listen to the music cause it gets me in my feels 👌
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    Satan 4 місяці тому LMAOOO
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    The gaming Channel 4 місяці тому God bless u
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    Jack 4 місяці тому Lol yall bad jokes
  • Nathan Wolf
    Nathan Wolf 4 місяці тому Arya _Jaeger So you’re saying that you should go to jail, right? I mean, you murdered someone, so from a purely logical standpoint, jail is the place that you should go to. You should go to jail, try to act tough in jail, and probably get killed in jail. Because you’re criminally sociopathic. Either that, or you’re just lying.
  • Angelo ma
    Angelo ma 4 місяці тому @The doctor Of plagues nope
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    James Wilkinson 4 місяці тому @Keter_2438 Hes mocking the teen edgelords
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    Keter_2438 4 місяці тому @James Wilkinson I know
  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson 4 місяці тому @Keter_2438 I accept your apology just dont contract the big gay again
  • Keter_2438
    Keter_2438 4 місяці тому @James Wilkinson What apology?
  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson 4 місяці тому @Keter_2438 Its a joke you weeb
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    Nathan unknown 4 місяці тому AYYYYLAMO.
  • Fresh Afro
    Fresh Afro 4 місяці тому Seems like you got more problems then the "edgy teens" people who put more thought into others than themselves are usually the most destructive.
  • Weird Guy
    Weird Guy 4 місяці тому Hopjay lol you read the killing joke didn’t you, you edgelord
  • Weird Guy
    Weird Guy 4 місяці тому God this place is full of edgelords
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    Weird Guy 4 місяці тому Arya _Jaeger edgelord
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    int 2 4 місяці тому edgy teens LORDS*
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    Luis Rosales 4 місяці тому Like number 4200. Wow
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    James Wilkinson 4 місяці тому @Fresh Afro I dont understand, get the noose off from your throat than talk
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    Ravenwolf 4 місяці тому I CAN'T OMGZ
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    Maniac From the Doomed Realm 4 місяці тому And I'm batman. I'm here to kick your ass. :)
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    Absolute EdgeLord 4 місяці тому @YouTube Channel Seems u too got a little mixed up lol
  • deg1studios
    deg1studios 4 місяці тому @The Rusted Fork Alot of them do. And this thesis you are putting forwards is impossible to support. Cause if even they don't know they are sociopaths, no one does. It's impossible to know how many sociopaths there are that don't know they are sociopaths, it could be 90% of the sociopaths or 2% of the sociopaths. Unless you have some sort of mind powers that points out all the sociopaths in the crowd.
  • deg1studios
    deg1studios 4 місяці тому @Hopjay A slightly paraphrased version of Jerome Valeska's speach in the TV series Gotham, season 2. Along with the one bad day Joker thing from The Killing Joke. What a poetic genius you are for taking two Joker quotes and taping them together, then pretending that they are your words
  • deg1studios
    deg1studios 4 місяці тому @Arya Jaeger "i know nobody cares cuz im not trying to get attention from anyone you dickhead". is that why you confessed to manslaughter on the internet and added two clearly enraged comments when someone calls your bullshit. let me educate you. real sadists don't share info of their crimes in youtube comment sections. all you want is attention, you'd probably sooner kill yourself than anyone else, all for attention.
  • Hopjay
    Hopjay 4 місяці тому @deg1studios I'm not pretending they're my words, but the joker and Jerome are the poetic geniuses
  • deg1studios
    deg1studios 4 місяці тому @Hopjay no, they are characters. And if you're gonna copy paste multiple lines of anything, you put quotation marks and source, otherwise you are implying that you did not copy paste it
  • Autumn Joy
    Autumn Joy 4 місяці тому •A r i a n a• excellent answer
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    OtiliaLeFey 4 місяці тому The sad thing is there is not only teens :))))
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    y0semite 4 місяці тому @Arya Jaeger hahahaha, virgin
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    sfsfewrewsdafs 4 місяці тому let's get together and start a group. You say you want to kill everybody?? i'm in!! let's get the process of evolution going
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    Survivor Inc. 4 місяці тому @George Phillips their....they're...there. There's a difference
  • Survivor Inc.
    Survivor Inc. 4 місяці тому @_ COOP right!
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    Mr Saucer 4 місяці тому Literally everyone: nO oNE:
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    lSporky 4 місяці тому Lmaooo 💀💀💀 I'm here for Lucas king he is a genius
  • Liamii
    Liamii 4 місяці тому Gaul I agree and the way you are raised sometimes doesn't help
  • Mr. Izaku
    Mr. Izaku 4 місяці тому @Nathan Wolf valid point. I've seen this sort of behavior cus of done it 2 back in elementary. Like you just know when the person is lying. xD
  • Nathan Wolf
    Nathan Wolf 4 місяці тому kurogami Amen.
  • Tame Impaler
    Tame Impaler 4 місяці тому @Keter_2438 *cold
  • Imperfect
    Imperfect 4 місяці тому Did you know not all sociopaths are murderers?
  • DustyIcedTea78
    DustyIcedTea78 4 місяці тому Surprisingly acurate
  • Séabella Lena Alexanderia Matthew's
    Séabella Lena Alexanderia Matthew's 4 місяці тому @ᴀɴɴᴏɴʏᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ ᴀꜱꜱʜᴏʟᴇ omg you just described my brother
  • 永田利ょ他
    永田利ょ他 4 місяці тому Actually this song doesn't represent any feeling
  • Spencer Steele
    Spencer Steele 4 місяці тому @Blake H. not true
  • the_official _Lexicon
    the_official _Lexicon 4 місяці тому @YouTube Channel your talking about psychopaths. Psychopaths don't feel much emotion not sociopaths.
  • RiSe AnD sHiNe
    RiSe AnD sHiNe 4 місяці тому This made me laugh out loud I’m wheezing 💀
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    Mileena Cut 4 місяці тому Hahaha haha 🤣👋
  • sky djdjfj
    sky djdjfj 4 місяці тому The doctor Of plagues one time i go pissed at my dog so when she was alone i grabbed a knife and pet her with it to warn her... but i didn’t kill her. she’s died 3 days ago and i didn’t shed one tear
  • Warren Armstrong
    Warren Armstrong 4 місяці тому It was two ants and I am the joker😡
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    Dan M 4 місяці тому The Legion uhhh... 😂
  • viraj gcp
    viraj gcp 4 місяці тому But likes will keep you calm
  • 2 subscribers with 0 videos
    2 subscribers with 0 videos 4 місяці тому @The Rusted Fork ascended sociopaths are aware of their extra weighted shoulders and use their powers for good
  • TheMasterOfWow
    TheMasterOfWow 4 місяці тому Lmao yeah, i hate when people fake depression n shit for attention. I just came here for the music and i see all these eDgY girls acting like they're psycho
  • Den_ Maverick
    Den_ Maverick 4 місяці тому HAHAHAH I LOVE YOU
    SLICKEST 4 місяці тому Omg literally ever girl I know tho 😂😂💀💀
  • BethAlice - HealingMyscars
    BethAlice - HealingMyscars 4 місяці тому Glibness and Superficial Charm. Manipulative and Conning. They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. ... Grandiose Sense of Self. ... Pathological Lying. ... Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. ... Shallow Emotions. ... Incapacity for Love. Need for Stimulation
  • Junior Zachary
    Junior Zachary 4 місяці тому lol😂😂 Im not even like that, Im not edgy Im very social and straight, also I love my life...
  • A T
    A T 4 місяці тому @YouTube Channel You're misinformed. Psychopathy is currently categorized as Factor 1 and Factor 2 (sociopathy). Sociopathy (Factor 2) is believed to be more nurtured and very often tied to ASPD (anti-social personality disorder), showcasing more explosive mood changes and behaviors, tied to chronic boredom, but also an ability to feel empathy. Psychopathy (Factor 1) is believed to be more of a nature thing. Psychopathy are the ones with a lot less empathy (although they can rationalize it). Take note it's a spectrum. It's also less explosive than sociopathy, so it's possible to have psychopathy but not ASPD, and thus why psychopathy is sub-clinical even if tied to the Dark Triad (Psychopathy, Narcissism and Machiavellism) Dr Grande's youtube channel has some info on this.
  • Grue Grozav
    Grue Grozav 4 місяці тому No you're not! I feel you bro!
  • Neckbreaker Mc
    Neckbreaker Mc 4 місяці тому You kids wanna be a sociopath? Better kill shit then fools
  • Neckbreaker Mc
    Neckbreaker Mc 4 місяці тому @Univac P U S S Y B O Y S A N D G I R L S
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    Resistance Now 4 місяці тому If you were a sociopath you wouldn't be so eager to spout it out. You are a little pissant is all you are who doesn't have the fucking balls to do a damn thing so you brag about killing an ant. Who in the fuck brags about being a sociopath? Get a life.
  • Resistance Now
    Resistance Now 4 місяці тому I can tell you from just reading your lame ass comment that you are the type a sociopath enjoys mindfucking.
  • miah Lopez
    miah Lopez 4 місяці тому saintan you are perfect.
  • ochinchin 69
    ochinchin 69 4 місяці тому How about the teens lik their life was full of sorrows death by love ones break up no one support you everybody looking down to you no friend that you can talk about your problems and then got fired and you don't know what you gonna do when you are trying to make the worst to be a little OK even you are tired both mental ang physical but still continues to live with a smile when facing someon or in the crowd but deep inside you know what i means i just can't help it I'm lonely
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    Yhadira P 4 місяці тому 0.0001% 😍👌👌👌👊😁
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    XxlimitbreakerxX -1 3 місяці тому Imagine getting killed by an ant oof
  • StarjustStar
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    kertdalandan 3 місяці тому Lmao kids these days are so fvking pathetic, weak shites
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    Oh Ok 3 місяці тому broooooooooo same
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    Kieran Draude 3 місяці тому ᴀɴɴᴏɴʏᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ ᴀꜱꜱʜᴏʟᴇ tittle
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    Zombie Squirrel 3 місяці тому Hahahahaha yessssss
  • giantmaknaelin Trash
    giantmaknaelin Trash 3 місяці тому I have a bunch of friends like this and its so annoying.... while there's me in a corner wondering what would happen if i happened to "accidently" push someone off the edge of a building
  • Hanabi - Chan
    Hanabi - Chan 3 місяці тому This comment is golden because of the edgy kid’s “I killed an ant and felt cool with it” part hahaha
  • Griffon Xddd
    Griffon Xddd 3 місяці тому As an edgy teen I can't say that the music represents me, because sociopaths have NO emotions and the music is melancholic , sad, and sadness is emotion. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Music Fan
    Music Fan 3 місяці тому saintan HAHAHAHAHHAHA I KILLED AN ANT
  • JustAboutEverything
    JustAboutEverything 3 місяці тому And then there is me, two suicide attempts that was a ''miracle'' that I survived due to paranoid psychosis that was induced by drug abuse, namely cannabis, ended at a mental hospital. Fast forward, I can not sleep, had I had access to guns like in the USA, I would had shot my ex and shot myself afterwards but I have the option to fix my life now, at first I kept thinking I was a sociopath, enjoying the idea of it, until I realized that I might be using it as an excuse to cover for my clinical depression? I dont know anymore, finally booked therapy after quiting it 3-4 months ago as I only want answers, if I dont get answers, this will end with someone being dead, for years I always accused my exs and my family for being a narcissist but as I remember my mother lifting me up with both of her hands while holding my ears as I cry in pain, I am starting to think that I might be the narcissist after all, interesting and lets add fun to it, narcissist with sociopathy traits, good shit, what a god damn twist it will be but I have a feeling its more simple and just good old depression, I hope.
  • Chande Lier
    Chande Lier 3 місяці тому (змінено) The Legion no, actual sociopaths are very aware they are different than others.