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Скачать с ютуб 5 Unexpectedly Cool Gadgets Under $30

Опубликовано: 3 мар. 2019 г. 3 504 866 просмотров

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Here are some of the latest cool gadget arrivals at Unbox Therapy headquarters. Seems like Willy Du is doing his job.

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  • Skiiman
    Skiiman 9 місяців тому My Mac power brick always looks like it’s about to fall off the wall. Half the time I’m not even sure it’s charging.
  • Naits
    Naits 9 місяців тому u.s. outlets sucks. right?
  • Nigward Spongegar
    Nigward Spongegar 9 місяців тому Naits no it’s the plugs that companies make that suck. Although us outlets are very dangerous for small kids idk about other worldwide plugs
  • Daniel
    Daniel 9 місяців тому Nigward Spongegar 3 pin plugs like here in the UK are very safe in comparison. Very difficult to shock yourself. Lots of videos on YouTube going into further detail :)
  • LemonBubble 79
    LemonBubble 79 9 місяців тому @Nigward Spongegar in Korea they are quite dangerous
  • None17555
    None17555 9 місяців тому @Naits the word is receptacle, and no. most anything else you plug in sits just fine. it's apple's engineers choosing form over function, like they always do.
  • J Silver
    J Silver 9 місяців тому Apple made it that way on purpose..LOL
  • noahsmessages
    noahsmessages 9 місяців тому Almost every modern day plug is 3 pins in the United States. @Daniel
  • NetRat Studio
    NetRat Studio 9 місяців тому I don't even use my macbook power brick directly like that. I use it with its extension cable, so it's around +6 feet long and the power brick is just chilling on the floor or desk. They don't give extansion to it in the US or what?
  • SY2007
    SY2007 9 місяців тому @NetRat Studio what about ini the meeting room with the socket on the table in front of you? Do you still use the extension?
  • Terry Rodecker
    Terry Rodecker 9 місяців тому @SY2007 Yep. I didn't even know my MBP charger had an option other than the extension cord.
  • Ghostwalker CIA
    Ghostwalker CIA 9 місяців тому @Naits what does that have to do with the power brick itself? It doesn't. Sure it's a safety hazard but the fact that this thing sticks out of the wall inconveniently which would easily be broken off is what we are focusing on and how this product solves the problem that macbook users have.
  • Alejandro S.
    Alejandro S. 9 місяців тому It’s got a fucking extension cable, use your brain
  • Gadget Addict
    Gadget Addict 9 місяців тому I think they made it that way so you can fit it into an extension bar without blocking all the other sockets. But this sideways approach does make it more secure on a single wall socket.
  • girlsdrinkfeck
    girlsdrinkfeck 9 місяців тому that plug thing looks dangerous and not safe ,where is the earth pin ? hope that shit is never sold in the UK itll be illegal to sell
  • girlsdrinkfeck
    girlsdrinkfeck 9 місяців тому @noahsmessages but still not as safe as UKs standards ( altho usa is only 110volts anyway )
  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth 9 місяців тому That power brick looks like it came with the Apple II or something, holy crap.
  • Leonel Morales
    Leonel Morales 9 місяців тому This sounds like a infomercial from the sham-wow guy
  • sangeeta p
    sangeeta p 9 місяців тому EXACTLY
  • NetRat Studio
    NetRat Studio 9 місяців тому @SY2007 I don't have anything like that in my life.
  • 8D MUSIC
    8D MUSIC 9 місяців тому Hmm
  • Neil Jensen
    Neil Jensen 9 місяців тому That's what you deserve for butting from Jewpple.
  • Krzysztof Skowronek
    Krzysztof Skowronek 9 місяців тому @NetRat Studio so basically, you have yo buy a cable to have the power cable work like in EVERY SINGLE OTHER LAPTOP? :P great... I can't think of a single good argument in defense of putting the brick directly onto a wall/extension/socket.
  • NetRat Studio
    NetRat Studio 9 місяців тому @Krzysztof Skowronek Have to buy? No. You get the macbook with an extansion cable. It's in the package with the brick itself and that original little plug that sucks as we see it in the video.
  • Krzysztof Skowronek
    Krzysztof Skowronek 9 місяців тому @NetRat Studio oh, that doesn't suck then :P
  • Naits
    Naits 9 місяців тому @Ghostwalker CIA Yup. But not that big of a problem with EU outlets. It fits more secure in the wall.
  • Naits
    Naits 9 місяців тому @Nigward Spongegar Partly. With EU outlets, it's not that big of a problem with Mac-chargers.
  • Naits
    Naits 9 місяців тому @None17555 Okay, but I'd never had a problem like this with EU-outlets :P
  • Dario Coletto
    Dario Coletto 9 місяців тому @NetRat Studio you probably have an old macbook. Extension cord is not provided anymore since 2016 iirc (2017 for sure)
  • NetRat Studio
    NetRat Studio 9 місяців тому @Dario Coletto I have a 2017 Macbook Air. So no.
  • NetRat Studio
    NetRat Studio 9 місяців тому @Dario Coletto Maybe it is not provided for the US models. But I have an EU model.
  • Dario Coletto
    Dario Coletto 9 місяців тому @NetRat Studio well in my mbp 2017 I only have the small adapter. It's from Italy. And I know a lot of italian people with 2017 mbp without the extension cord. Macbook air have the old charger iirc, not the type c. So maybe they removed extension cord with type c charger
  • NetRat Studio
    NetRat Studio 9 місяців тому @Dario Coletto Interesting. Yes, maybe that's the case.
  • epiphonesg007
    epiphonesg007 9 місяців тому @girlsdrinkfeck Double insulated means it doesn't need a earth pin.
  • Blake Lindstrom
    Blake Lindstrom 9 місяців тому Look at the led light
  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly 9 місяців тому Off the wall design
  • treasure wuji
    treasure wuji 9 місяців тому @Nigward Spongegar They all look like they are hundres of years old.
  • treasure wuji
    treasure wuji 9 місяців тому @None17555 I doubt it is the engineers. I tend to believe it is the "artistic product development" guy.
  • eythn russo
    eythn russo 7 місяців тому @girlsdrinkfeck %vvvþtiioiiooourf Es.. D
  • Ed Gob
    Ed Gob 4 місяці тому but one of those like extension cables that has like 6 more outlets on it get it at staples for like 5.99 and just put the Mac charger connected downward towards the grownd and then put the extension cable on the side of your work station your good to go Clean Set up =]
  • charles turner
    charles turner 4 місяці тому laughs in British plug
    JKS _SAVAGE 9 місяців тому Still can't afford it
  • Meta Enix
    Meta Enix 9 місяців тому Your cat can probably afford it if he feline like it
  • G
    G 9 місяців тому @Meta Enix I can't even begin to tail you how much I appreciate your comment.
  • CheyTDMartinez
    CheyTDMartinez 9 місяців тому @G get a room.
  • Destiny Legend
    Destiny Legend 9 місяців тому Purr...fection
  • violet uwu
    violet uwu 9 місяців тому I can hardly afford to sleep.
  • Denzel RJ
    Denzel RJ 9 місяців тому Same
  • a m
    a m 9 місяців тому Peasants
    XXXBALJEET GAMING 9 місяців тому Three hours of your time at 10 an hour at any typical fast food restaurant.
  • Pako
    Pako 9 місяців тому Is this some peasant joke that I'm too rich to understand?
  • a m
    a m 9 місяців тому @Pako yes *sips da Hong pao tea (most expensive tea) in cup from the Ming Dynasty's Chenghua Emperor (have to be rich to understand)
  • a m
    a m 9 місяців тому @XXXBALJEET GAMING their is a minimum age
    XXXBALJEET GAMING 9 місяців тому (змінено) @a m Instead of playing fortnite they can go outside ask there neighbors if the can shovel their snow, mow the lawn or wash their car for like 10 bucks save up and buy things. That's how it was back in the day.
    JKS _SAVAGE 9 місяців тому @XXXBALJEET GAMING says instead of playing fortnite while having a fortnite video on their YouTube...
    XXXBALJEET GAMING 9 місяців тому @JKS _SAVAGE Thanks for checking my channel out lol. I'm 18 and mowed lawns when I was 9 for $10. I sometimes bought my own video games with the money I made.
    JKS _SAVAGE 9 місяців тому @XXXBALJEET GAMINGI live in the UK and its a bit weird here doing that sort of stuff
  • campkira
    campkira 9 місяців тому 30 buck for them still to expensive for what a dollar store product that selling in higher price.
  • Noah K
    Noah K 7 місяців тому JKS _SAVAGE what was that? I don’t speak broke
  • WaxP3
    WaxP3 1 місяць тому Get a job
  • Grey Lawson
    Grey Lawson 9 місяців тому How are you not gonna link all the products below?
  • High Thoughts
    High Thoughts 9 місяців тому Haha How are you jpt gonna have the will power to google the products you want in another tab
  • Logan Bailey
    Logan Bailey 9 місяців тому The Side Kick is on Kickstarter. Just Google "The Side Kick Kickstarter" 👍🏼
  • jezusmylord
    jezusmylord 9 місяців тому They didnt got money to do it, so they wont. Youtubers anno domini 2000 fucking 19
  • jaydee francisco
    jaydee francisco 9 місяців тому @Martha Meza fuck you
  • Paul Hoemmelmeyer
    Paul Hoemmelmeyer 7 місяців тому Cheers
  • Benka
    Benka 7 місяців тому That's like playing Black Ops 4 and not linking the local game store link to it for people to buy... he said the products name, stop being lazy and go to google and search it yourself... people in the generation man, they aren't going to survive
  • Grey Lawson
    Grey Lawson 7 місяців тому Benka that’s just an awful comparison, he’s literally reviewing and suggesting items that he likes, so if he’s going to show us some items he suggests we buy, then at least throw links down in the description like every other YouTuber. It’s not being lazy, it’s called providing incentivizing your audience by giving them an easy way to buy the product(s) you just mentioned.
  • TheLegendaryBlueBeast
    TheLegendaryBlueBeast 4 місяці тому WHY?
  • Owen Kovacs
    Owen Kovacs 3 місяці тому Why is no one here speaking English?
  • Feadds
    Feadds 2 місяці тому 🤣 why y'all bashing my man's for spitting str8 fax
  • ritual301
    ritual301 9 місяців тому Hell yeah, love the Nardwuar reference
  • Maight
    Maight 9 місяців тому He should have ended it on that one. Minute long stare. You know how it is.
  • Tanner Neberz
    Tanner Neberz 7 місяців тому legendary move by lou
  • ripsalsa
    ripsalsa 7 місяців тому i don't think the coaster x cable management combination is good... imagine lifting your phone and accidentally tipping the cup over
  • nemesissi
    nemesissi 2 місяці тому Yeah that's the one from the bunch that was 100% crap.
  • Yogendra Pathak
    Yogendra Pathak 9 місяців тому 2 days ago: plying apex on a 12000$ pc Today : gadgets under 30$ Wow
    VOISART 9 місяців тому (змінено) 🅱roke
  • XtremeMAX
    XtremeMAX 9 місяців тому Ran out of money
  • Fiske
    Fiske 9 місяців тому how the mighty have fallen
  • Livid
    Livid 9 місяців тому That’s the beauty of this channel, it’s everything in one place.
  • Yogendra Pathak
    Yogendra Pathak 9 місяців тому @577AllWell no chance at all he is not like that
  • Zacharia
    Zacharia 2 місяці тому 100 to a 0
  • Mike Lindell
    Mike Lindell 2 місяці тому Yogendra Pathak lmao ‘plying apex’
  • Isaac Ray
    Isaac Ray 9 місяців тому We need a willy du earbud wrap tutorial video
  • Lost? Son of the Sun
    Lost? Son of the Sun 2 місяці тому when he did nardwaur funny asf lol
  • Vidit Deshpande
    Vidit Deshpande 9 місяців тому Inbox therapy is going mad! U must probably marry now
  • thundrmundr
    thundrmundr 9 місяців тому 4:30 my English teacher when we read a book
  • Praharsh Bhatt
    Praharsh Bhatt 9 місяців тому "5 unexpectedly cool gadgets" Whips out a mug stand
  • José Maria Ramos Roa
    José Maria Ramos Roa 9 місяців тому 4:37 That's one of the most Canadian things I've ever seen, Lou doing a Nardwar impression !!
  • squigglewacks
    squigglewacks 8 місяців тому And reppin Queen Video!
  • Adrian
    Adrian 7 місяців тому NARDWUAR
  • Noah Zork
    Noah Zork 8 місяців тому number 3 is definitely just a piece of tile... those grooves are probably for mortar.... genius...
  • Just A Dude
    Just A Dude 7 місяців тому Yeah. Cheap tile at that. At $15, that's probably 500% markup over cost even if you include the cost of having the packaging printed and the labor for boxing it.
  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown 2 дні тому I love how chill du is
  • kk_force
    kk_force 9 місяців тому Finally something we broke fellas can afford.
  • OmarJalilati
    OmarJalilati 9 місяців тому give me a high five
  • অসমীয়া জমণি ভিডিও
    অসমীয়া জমণি ভিডিও 9 місяців тому Nah still can't. Need to start a Kickstarter campaign to buy this accessories.
  • alstonmiller212
    alstonmiller212 9 місяців тому But you will need a MacBook for most of these product though
  • pronabol
    pronabol 9 місяців тому All of them together are not worth $30
  • Brandon Phillips
    Brandon Phillips 9 місяців тому I dont even have 1 dollar in my pocket
  • Soundpulsee
    Soundpulsee 9 місяців тому @Brandon Phillips King of the Broke Boiz
  • vivek sahu
    vivek sahu 9 місяців тому @OmarJalilati you guys have money? :0
  • MoongdalFN
    MoongdalFN 9 місяців тому @vivek sahu what's money?
  • vivek sahu
    vivek sahu 9 місяців тому @MoongdalFN dont know, never saw it, i think its a mythical thing and nothing else 😑😬
  • OmarJalilati
    OmarJalilati 9 місяців тому @vivek sahu whats that?
  • vivek sahu
    vivek sahu 9 місяців тому i heard rich people have it
  • MoongdalFN
    MoongdalFN 9 місяців тому (змінено) @vivek sahu must be something extremely precious and valuable
  • john puttick
    john puttick 9 місяців тому Theres one of my favourite pieces of tech I just got under $30 it's called a travel smart adapter, it's plug which has all the plug out puts for different countries so UK plus it's got the EU, US, and a few others as well as 4 USB ports and a locking button. It's actually pretty cool and useful especially if you go to different countries like me
  • Normadic N
    Normadic N 9 місяців тому I can't afford a mac book so don't need these
  • Urban Noize Music
    Urban Noize Music 9 місяців тому Unashamed to be apart of the broke bois. lol
  • Kiyotaka Ayanokōji
    Kiyotaka Ayanokōji 9 місяців тому Lol y'all broke 😂😂😂
  • Bitter Sweet Truth
    Bitter Sweet Truth 9 місяців тому Gtfo if y'all can afford a damn MacBook (which most of the things are used for) than y'all ain't broke, unless your mommy and daddy bought you a Mac then y'all just spoiled brats who's parents aren't broke lol
  • Funkleberry Finn
    Funkleberry Finn 2 місяці тому Love the Nardwuar reference <3
  • nchia
    nchia 9 місяців тому That piece of tile (ahem, “coaster”) is hilarious.
  • Rosshan Mulla
    Rosshan Mulla 9 місяців тому Unbox Therapy, it's an accessory for an 'Apple' device, it has to be expensive!
  • Overloader7
    Overloader7 6 місяців тому It's made not by apple so no
  • Allen Boesl
    Allen Boesl 9 місяців тому "i'm a pretty cool guy" - willy du
  • Sander V
    Sander V 2 місяці тому 4:45....dude...the macbook charger comes with things for the cable to wrap around lol