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Скачать с ютуб Bowser's military hierarchy | Unraveled

Опубликовано: 17 февр. 2019 г. 2 638 652 просмотра

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Bowser needs to organize his military or else he might be committing a war crime. Brian David Gilbert is here to help solve his hierarchy.

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  • Drakkenmensch Silverflare
    Drakkenmensch Silverflare 4 months ago Yoshi is JUST hatched out of an egg when Mario wrangles him as a mount. That's another child soldier to add to his war crimes.
  • That Bad BLU Spy
    That Bad BLU Spy 3 months ago But he does hatch in his adult form, suggesting that Yoshis experience childhood while still in their eggs.
  • zebezd
    zebezd 3 months ago @That Bad BLU Spy Some however need to be fed in order to mature, which I'm not entirely sure what that says about their metabolism and development.
  • That Bad BLU Spy
    That Bad BLU Spy 3 months ago @zebezd Possibly a subspecies, either that or they hatch in the early to mid pubescent stages of life and reach maturity shortly thereafter with a proper diet.
  • Pink
    Pink 3 months ago @That Bad BLU Spy Well in Smash Bros an egg is also Yoshi's shield, so maybe they can just form an egg around them for protection. (Given we are considering smash as canon)
  • Mattox Kurtz
    Mattox Kurtz 2 months ago Yoshi:This guy freed me from my egg! I can go home- Mario:LETS A-GO YOSHI!! Yoshi:how does he know my name? And why does he want to ride me?
  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 2 months ago Okay, but consider for a moment: there are no good sizes to this war. You know what Bowser always does with his castle? He puts giant red banners with his symbolism all over them. You know what other castle had giant red banners hanging throughout it? Castle Wolfenstein! So you essentially have an Italian partisan on one side, and Turtle Hitler on the other!
  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 2 months ago @That Bad BLU Spy Judging by the Smash Bros series, I think Yoshis can temporarily cocoon themselves in eggshells.
  • That Bad BLU Spy
    That Bad BLU Spy 2 months ago @Albert Nave That might be another subspecies, either that or a Yoshi capable of using magic.
  • Frindjinny6
    Frindjinny6 2 months ago what about those baby yoshi guys :/
  • Sall
    Sall 1 month ago I'm not 100% sure, but I think that in Super Mario World's "intro" -- the unskipable white text in a black background "block" -- it says that Bowser trapped the Yoshis in eggs or in egg-form, so they're all into helping Mario if he rescues them, to get revenge, I guess?
  • Frindjinny6
    Frindjinny6 1 month ago Saopo Mario sacrifices yoshis a lot
  • Sall
    Sall 1 month ago @Frindjinny6 True.
  • Giovanna Falconi
    Giovanna Falconi 1 month ago I was your 1000th like
  • Grongo Lawless
    Grongo Lawless 1 month ago That Bad BLU Spy how do you that’s adult form. And I am not sure if it is a war crime or just a normal crime but when you already have a yoshi and Find an egg it turns into an extra life I think that’s just the murder of a child
  • Krisosphere
    Krisosphere 4 weeks ago are we just going to glaze over the fact that mario hits yoshi to make him extend his tongue, and yoshi runs from mario when he is off of him. so maybe yoshi is a civillian hostage mario abuses hostages.
  • Henrique Pacheco
    Henrique Pacheco 3 weeks ago Yoshis are a race of soldiers enslaved to Mario's unending campaign of terror
  • Lysander xX
    Lysander xX 3 weeks ago @Grongo Lawless Or like eating veal.
  • Yummy Mustard Aka The Best Condiment
    Yummy Mustard Aka The Best Condiment 3 weeks ago @Krisosphere he runs if he gets hit
  • PackWolf 445
    PackWolf 445 1 week ago How about that they are sleeper cells waiting to "hatch", therefore, mario is a terrorist
  • Dan Hernandez
    Dan Hernandez 1 week ago ... he was forcefully turned into an egg.
  • Dan Hernandez
    Dan Hernandez 1 week ago @zebezd or the whole thing is fake.
  • kemmli
    kemmli 6 months ago “God has cursed me for my hubris, and my work is never finished” is such a good line
  • mistertadakichi
    mistertadakichi 2 months ago It’s basically the tag line for the entire Unraveled series
  • RJD1116
    RJD1116 1 month ago It reminds me of when Arin Hanson dropped the line “flowers are only beautiful because they wither” in an episode of Game Grumps out of fucking nowhere.
  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 1 month ago @RJD1116 But, diamonds and gold are beautiful and they don't wither.
  • Od dacity
    Od dacity 4 weeks ago (edited) Tom Hill They’re beautiful because they’re unachievable to us
  • Rogther
    Rogther 3 weeks ago 2:27
  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 3 weeks ago @Od dacity I thought it was because they were shiny.
  • blizzardwolf 970
    blizzardwolf 970 2 weeks ago Tom Hill a ton of Metal are shiny, but you don’t see people admiring them as much. You want the true things you should admire? Try Bismuth Crystals, those squares are the best
  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 2 weeks ago @blizzardwolf 970 OOOH! Those are very pretty! I look em up after Bismuth showed up in , a show. I agree, very good looking.
  • The Great Muffin Train
    The Great Muffin Train 1 week ago @Tom Hill Diamonds are forever
  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 1 week ago @The Great Muffin Train Marketing spin. They last a long time but not forever. industrial drills use diamond tips but those do wear out.
  • ItzYaBoiOofy XD
    ItzYaBoiOofy XD 5 days ago I used it in my English assignment thank you Brian
  • Derek Robbins
    Derek Robbins 4 days ago Give this man an Oscar.
  • Madeline Carroll
    Madeline Carroll 7 months ago “And they were civilians!” oh my god they’re civilians
  • 김지웅
    김지웅 3 months ago (edited) "I think by 'Civilians' I think you mean 'Acceptable Causalities'." - Indian Pringle Monster
  • DJ Jeroen
    DJ Jeroen 3 months ago @김지웅 Yeah... but I mean the Geneva convention is a thing...
  • Harrison Lane
    Harrison Lane 3 months ago "civilians" Us generals: That word can't stop me because I can't read!
  • quiroz923
    quiroz923 3 months ago Harrison Lane Colombian generals and minister of defense: LOOOOL literally bombs children
  • booty_ hunter420
    booty_ hunter420 3 months ago I feel like not enough people know what this is referencing
  • JoGeronimusKer of ebblepub
    JoGeronimusKer of ebblepub 2 months ago @booty_ hunter420 oh my god, they were roommates?
  • Leopoldo Lorenzini
    Leopoldo Lorenzini 2 months ago 김지웅 fuking cyanide
  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 2 months ago @김지웅 I don't know who the Indian Pringle Monster is, and I'm afraid to ask.
  • WizardToby
    WizardToby 1 month ago Heck I've seen Bowser Jr. fire bullet bills at the Koopa civilians and kill them. This was in Super Mario Galaxy by the way.
  • Sinister Norimaki
    Sinister Norimaki 1 month ago @DJ Jeroen Just in Earth. Geneva convention has no power in Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Jessica Murtha
    Jessica Murtha 1 month ago Everyone in the comment “ big words “ Me : IS THAT A VINE REFERENCE?!?!?
  • Satan
    Satan 1 month ago (edited) Madeline Carroll haha. The funny vine man lives
  • Augustus Wohlschlegel
    Augustus Wohlschlegel 1 month ago And they were roomates
  • Magnesioferrite yeet
    Magnesioferrite yeet 4 weeks ago @Albert Nave the Indian war crime committing Pringle Monster is also know as Cyanide
  • Od dacity
    Od dacity 4 weeks ago 김지웅 It’s more like the entire ZF clan at this point
  • The Eternal Superstar *
    The Eternal Superstar * 3 weeks ago the Ironic part of all this is that in the rpg's the koopas are specifically stated to be military units. As well as he fact that Bowser's army has a more defined military structure. Also if you don't attack the koopas in every main series game besides 64, they'll kill you. I think in 64 the koopas would classify as deserters
  • yekta ağra
    yekta ağra 2 weeks ago "Remember, no civilians."
  • Jonah Tennill
    Jonah Tennill 2 weeks ago Mario’s bounty has reAched 1000000
  • Lonely Menace101
    Lonely Menace101 6 months ago (edited) “Oh my god, they’re civilians.” Sounds like it would be from a dark wartime movie.
  • AbsolX Guardian
    AbsolX Guardian 5 months ago Scout: Sir, the soldiers we just ordered and airstrike on- Protagonist: Yes? Scout: It's just, they're acting weird. Like they aren't all carrying weapons. And they have children with them. Really, they're just picking over the corpses. Protagonist: That sounds more like civilians than soldiers. Are you sure? Scout: Yes, sir! Protagonist: Oh my god, they're civilians.
  • Kevin Ambler
    Kevin Ambler 5 months ago Reminds me of Spec Ops: The Line and dropping white phosphorus on civilians
  • eduardo Soares
    eduardo Soares 3 months ago M U L A N
  • Koala
    Koala 1 month ago As a representative of the Arma 3 community. Its only a warcrime when you can hear the screaming over the anthem.
  • Dean Eggs And Sam
    Dean Eggs And Sam 1 month ago That actually is word-for-word a line from Homestuck
  • Wisemankugel Memicus
    Wisemankugel Memicus 1 month ago @Koala As a representative of Verdun and Red Orchestra - medics are fair game
  • Koala
    Koala 1 month ago @Wisemankugel Memicus Glad to hear!
  • Wisemankugel Memicus
    Wisemankugel Memicus 3 weeks ago @Koala It is better when you drop rocket artillery on the little commie bastards.
  • Professor Pulsar
    Professor Pulsar 3 weeks ago @Koala "we can tick mass genocide off our to-do list" - Edberg
  • AnythingIFeelLike
    AnythingIFeelLike 3 weeks ago “And they were civilians” “Oh my god they were civilians”
  • Professor Pulsar
    Professor Pulsar 3 weeks ago @AnythingIFeelLike stolen
  • Joseph Delahunty
    Joseph Delahunty 1 year ago “So I’ll loosely base it on the US military.”
  • Stephen Reed
    Stephen Reed 10 months ago “He’s not wrong”
  • Dragon Raptor22
    Dragon Raptor22 10 months ago I like Prussia's military government is pretty good. Here's a good Quote. "While other states have an army, Prussia's Army has a State."
  • Alex H.
    Alex H. 10 months ago @Dragon Raptor22 That would be incredibly dumb if it were true.
  • Cup face
    Cup face 9 months ago @Dragon Raptor22 extra credits?
  • Dragon Raptor22
    Dragon Raptor22 9 months ago @Cup face Yes, that Bismarck Series is my favorite.
  • Kami Lee
    Kami Lee 8 months ago That part had me cackling.
  • Hirocheeto
    Hirocheeto 8 months ago @Alex H. Heh, my guy they were the greatest military power in Europe. Worked pretty well for them.
  • Alex H.
    Alex H. 7 months ago @Hirocheeto Heh, my guy if you don't see anything inherently wrong with "an army having a state" then I really can't do anything more for you.
  • 21st Century Schizoid Man
    21st Century Schizoid Man 7 months ago (edited) @Alex H. I’m sure that he was making a jokey statement (and Prussia being “military first” was probably the only way they could unify into Germany, so there’s some truth).
  • Hirocheeto
    Hirocheeto 7 months ago @Alex H. The term is a hyperbole for how incredibly militarized the Prussian state was. I was making a joke.
  • Alex H.
    Alex H. 7 months ago @Hirocheeto Hence why I said "if it (that obviously hyperbolic statement) were true". Now for your reply, didn't seem like a joke to me. Thought you were trying to defend it.
  • Hirocheeto
    Hirocheeto 7 months ago @Alex H. Nah, just adding to the joke
  • Romanian Székely
    Romanian Székely 7 months ago I think NK is a better example.
  • Jonah Amos Buzzard-Roberts
    Jonah Amos Buzzard-Roberts 6 months ago Dinosaur Comics hellyeah
  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 6 months ago """""""loosely"""""""
  • Bri Fitz
    Bri Fitz 6 months ago Funniest long pause of all time.
  • Ryan Sellers
    Ryan Sellers 6 months ago (edited) @Cup face “Where some states possess an army, the Prussian Army possesses a state.”-Voltaire (Mentor and friend of Fredrick the Great)
  • AzizidarkReborn
    AzizidarkReborn 6 months ago 2013: Mario is a psychopath. 2019: Mario has committed at least 5 war crimes.
  • Gabriel Mota
    Gabriel Mota 2 months ago Just the natural progression of things
  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 2 months ago Don't forget Mario is a communist.
  • The Orange guy
    The Orange guy 1 month ago Man matpat sure researches everything and taught me that sibling rivalry is the same as arson or murder
  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 1 month ago @The Orange guy Boy that MatPat sure screws up a lot. Remember when he thought Sans was Ness? I don't even hate the idea but, how did he miss that bone is organic?
  • GroundThing
    GroundThing 4 weeks ago ​@Albert Nave I mean, sure, no one is saying Mario doesn't have some points in his favor, but I feel like him being a war criminal outweighs those good aspects.
  • BoredomIsAnUnderstatement
    BoredomIsAnUnderstatement 4 weeks ago @GroundThing *We mean *we feel
  • Máté Antal
    Máté Antal 3 weeks ago @Tom Hill oh my god, how did I not realize that, I still remember the gist of the theory and I still didn't think for a moment that bones would also be rejected by the machine
  • MV96
    MV96 3 weeks ago Tom Hill Well, after death only the mineral part remains, the living tissue is the marrow.
  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 3 weeks ago @MV96 Hmm. I hadn't considered that. Hold on. OK, according to Wikipedia bone is only partly mineral. Collagen is an important part of the structural integrity of bone. It says collagen is made of ossein. If I understand correctly, without this collagen the bones would collapse. Leaving nothing but a pile of calcium and salt it it's wake.
  • fugy fruit
    fugy fruit 2 weeks ago The Mushroom kingdom never signed the Geneva convention
  • lindsey the spy
    lindsey the spy 2 weeks ago 2020: Mario needs to retire
  • Animated Introvert
    Animated Introvert 2 weeks ago the virgin matpat vs. the chad BDG
  • Sir Steam
    Sir Steam 1 week ago @Tom Hill Remember the For Honor video the history You tubers do
  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 1 week ago @Sir Steam I.....don't think I watched that one.
  • Sir Steam
    Sir Steam 1 week ago @Tom Hill if you look it up there will probably be several response videos it's very inaccurate
  • Connor King
    Connor King 6 months ago "Steal their hats" -- Sun Tzu
  • Dipstikk
  • Nat
    Nat 4 months ago @Dipstikk he invented the art of hat theft?
  • Mr. Original
    Mr. Original 4 months ago @Nat TF2 bruv
  • Nat
    Nat 4 months ago @Mr. Original oh, I apologize, I'm a normie :(
  • Pink
  • knuxtoast
  • Wesshock 8
  • Emory Daniel
    Emory Daniel 1 month ago You're miles ahead of me posting this comment, and I tip my hat to you. Please don't steal it
  • Briggs Baltzell
    Briggs Baltzell 1 month ago Sun Stu
  • Garyyl Calhoun
    Garyyl Calhoun 6 months ago Correction: The horrors of war should never be exposed to Bowser’s Fursonas
  • End Cat
    End Cat 5 months ago Hit me harder daddy
  • LargeHippo
    LargeHippo 3 months ago @End Cat i will steal your teeth
  • End Cat
    End Cat 3 months ago LargeHippo Not if I eat them all first
  • Hoozelfitz Brown
    Hoozelfitz Brown 3 months ago How high are all of you??
  • LargeHippo
    LargeHippo 3 months ago @Hoozelfitz Brown YES
  • End Cat
    End Cat 3 months ago LargeHippo 5”2
  • Rune Doom
    Rune Doom 1 month ago @Hoozelfitz Brown 103 degrees
  • Alexander Boyer
    Alexander Boyer 1 month ago @Rune Doom I don't know what measurement you are using but that number scares me
  • Od dacity
    Od dacity 4 weeks ago Rune Doom Better be celsius or else those bodies won’t burn
  • Rune Doom
    Rune Doom 4 weeks ago (edited) @Od dacity actually, it'd freeze the bodies, as it's in Kelvin, so it's -170 Celsius.
  • Emiliano Villagrán
    Emiliano Villagrán 1 week ago @Rune Doom but Kelvin aren't degrees
  • Marsha Enderheart
    Marsha Enderheart 1 day ago @Emiliano Villagrán yes...... yes it is.... Kelvin is a "degree" measurement Temperature, not angle, but still degrees
  • GlitchyPSI
    GlitchyPSI 6 months ago "Oh my god, they're civilians" I came to the same conclusion seconds after you said that line and I just stared as blankfaced as you
  • ZanraiKid
    ZanraiKid 11 months ago (edited) Game Theory: Mario is a sociopath, OMG! BDG: Mario has indelibly violated the Geneva Convention on multiple accounts and should be held accountable for his reign of terror.
  • American Redcoat
    American Redcoat 10 months ago This is why BDG is so much better than Game Theory.
  • abbf26 -_-
    abbf26 -_- 9 months ago @Emilio Pena mathew pathrew wishes he had half the braincells bdg uses to sneeze
  • Nicky Walcott
    Nicky Walcott 9 months ago Why not both?
  • Mandy Berry
    Mandy Berry 9 months ago @Nicky Walcott Exactly! The sociopathy explains why Mario is so willing to commit war crimes lol
  • American Redcoat
    American Redcoat 9 months ago @Emilio Pena I'm just saying that BDG is far more entertaining.
  • Martha Smith
    Martha Smith 9 months ago I think BDG and MatPat appeal to different age groups. Game Theory, for the most part, seems to target a younger demographic.
  • Leokun
    Leokun 8 months ago @Martha Smith much younger...
  • A Brain
    A Brain 8 months ago @Martha Smith Younger demographic? Don't you mean "non-existent audience"?
  • Martha Smith
    Martha Smith 8 months ago @A Brain There are, and will always be, edgy 13 year olds who need everything to be dark and gritty, but still easily digestable. They wouldn't like "Mario is a war criminal" based on real world laws. But "Mario is a sociopath" based on in game events taken out of context? Hell yeah
  • Dannie Hopkins
    Dannie Hopkins 8 months ago Why aren't you focusing on the main point of this??? Princess peach is just as guilty, if not more guilty of these crimes!
  • Therese Rm
    Therese Rm 8 months ago I appreciate both of their styles loll The way they deliver humour and their info is just super different so it makes sense to like one a lot more over the other
  • Sage Sanderson
    Sage Sanderson 8 months ago @A Brain Ya cause 11 million subscribers is "non-existent"
  • A Brain
    A Brain 8 months ago @Sage Sanderson Sounds like the joke went over your fucking head there, bro.
  • Minumer
    Minumer 8 months ago @Emilio Pena Game Theory does a perfectly fine job of disrespecting itself with how retarded Matpat is.
  • Minumer
    Minumer 8 months ago @Martha Smith Game Theory (Ages 4 to 14)
  • Sage Sanderson
    Sage Sanderson 7 months ago A Brain I thought jokes were supposed to be funny
  • folks,
    folks, 7 months ago Emilio Pena if you think Matt can rival bdg I have some bad news for you bud, and even I like Matt :”)
  • bucca2
    bucca2 7 months ago Samuel McFarland why can’t we just. You know. Compliment people without slagging off others. Both MatPat and BDG put a lot of research into their work
  • your local rat
    your local rat 7 months ago @Nicky Walcott matrick patrick steals art, doesn't give credit to the games he livestreams, falsely advertised a game as an undertale sequel, contributes to the demonization of mental illness with his "x character is insane omg!" theories, and has said some pretty transphobic things in the past. That's why not.
  • Vampyire Gutz
    Vampyire Gutz 7 months ago bucca2 except matpat doesnt research at all and when he does it is extremely lazy and is the bare minimum
  • Woahwoahwoah Thiccboi
    Woahwoahwoah Thiccboi 7 months ago your local corvid see, while he did do these things, he understood the mistakes he made and learned from them, and since has never made these mistakes. Have you never made mistakes and wanted to be apologized?
  • Woahwoahwoah Thiccboi
    Woahwoahwoah Thiccboi 7 months ago Vampyire Gutz Give five examples
  • Madara Līva Brigmane
    Madara Līva Brigmane 7 months ago Well i just watch and like both channels...
  • CSG
    CSG 7 months ago So I’m the only one who doesn’t think all of MatPat's theories are terrible, and is willing to say maybe he had some good ones?
  • solaire of astora
    solaire of astora 6 months ago ZanraiKid Mario is the villain bowser did nothing wrong and peach is not innocent
  • Xenia Renée
    Xenia Renée 6 months ago I honestly go to BDG before I go to Game Theory. I feel like I get more out of these videos, than Mat Pat's, but hey that's just a theory, a Geek Theory 😂
  • Luscious Locks
    Luscious Locks 6 months ago MatPat 🤝 BDG “oh my fucking god mario needs to be arrested”
  • Isaac Karr
    Isaac Karr 6 months ago Don't forget Princesses hostile take over of the mushroom kingdom the goombas are refugees
  • Ian Brooks
    Ian Brooks 6 months ago @Emilio Pena cope
  • Robot Rabbit
    Robot Rabbit 6 months ago @Emilio Pena Game theory sucks.
  • JustSomeNobody 14
    JustSomeNobody 14 6 months ago Mary Dunn Do you refer to all 13 year olds or?
  • Xela Lluf The Kobold
    Xela Lluf The Kobold 6 months ago Spoiler alert: you don't have to fight over whether you like game theory, we can just like the stuff we like. Also I bet the person who made the original comment was joking
  • Catrizia Cat
    Catrizia Cat 6 months ago @Xela Lluf The Kobold I'm pretty sure the original comment was just showing how both channels hate Mario
  • Gigas0101
    Gigas0101 5 months ago Game theory hasn't been good for ages, and that's admitting it was clickbait from the start.
  • TheProcrastinatingWolf
    TheProcrastinatingWolf 5 months ago Imagine a BDG and MatPat collab though... Two theater twinks coming together to make videos about video games
  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man 5 months ago (edited) That moment when Mario gets mad at Luigi for calling the war criminal police on him so Mario kills luigi’s only brother Mario: get nae nae’d
  • Cornelius Hal.
    Cornelius Hal. 4 months ago Not only that, but he supports why Mario is a war criminal
    ALLEN WOLLESEN 4 months ago Game theory is the Lawful Neutral to Brian's Chaotic Neutral
  • Vicky Castillo
    Vicky Castillo 4 months ago Luscious Locks XD Honestly tho
  • Gus Block
    Gus Block 4 months ago @Martha Smith bdg is also self aware. The entire joke in these videos is him taking these games too seriously
  • Cat rock31
    Cat rock31 3 months ago BDG is Matt's unhinged brother
  • Cocopops
    Cocopops 3 days ago i think to so willingly violate the geneva convention in the way that mario did you'd need to be a sociopath as well, they are both correct
  • Cocopops
    Cocopops 3 days ago yall need to stop bashing on matpat just cuz yall dont like him lmao
  • Calvin Henes
    Calvin Henes 5 months ago Where's the pdf., Brian? Where is the pdf.
  • Stephen D
    Stephen D 3 weeks ago "Unfortunately, I couldn't find any real life examples of this" "So I'm loosely basing it on the US Military" I WAS DRINKING WHEN YOU SAID THAT JESUS CHRIS
  • Sebastian Hathfield
    Sebastian Hathfield 3 weeks ago It's canon that the bricks were actually civilians before being magicked into structures by Bowser's henchmen. Mario's not just commited war crimes. He's commited literal genocide.
  • Jane Scott
    Jane Scott 16 hours ago Actually according to the guide in the first Mario game only the question mark blocks were toads before Bowser magicked them up. That's why they give coins and power ups when you hit them. Hitting them rescues the Toads and they thank you with coins and mushrooms and stuff
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious Panda
    Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious Panda 6 months ago I seriously can't hear "Why do piranha plant have bone in it." Without dying
  • Maddened Jester
    Maddened Jester 3 weeks ago did you type this? ARE YOU A GHOST!?
  • Alex Baer
    Alex Baer 6 days ago It sounds like a line from griffin mcelroy
  • DPadGamer
    DPadGamer 1 year ago The real victim of this series is the printer Brian uses.
  • Jay G
    Jay G 1 year ago DPadGamer you have obviously never worked at a school. Printers are absolutely war criminals
  • maxb0t
    maxb0t 1 year ago @Jay G the one at my school has ptsd i think and it breaks down all the time poor guy
  • me myself and I I
    me myself and I I 1 year ago it has PTSD
  • Joyce Richardson
    Joyce Richardson 1 year ago agreed
  • CactusGuy 43
    CactusGuy 43 1 year ago Is the song in the background Manhattan beach march?
  • ☆Kats☆
    ☆Kats☆ 1 year ago I am the 2000th like I've never felt this power before
  • Yellow Bord
    Yellow Bord 11 months ago Omfg I love ur channel
  • Emilio Martínez
    Emilio Martínez 1 month ago “Now I need to figure out how to structure this hierarchy. I asked myself, is there an analogous military that is somewhat bloated, often antagonistic, and seems to be the only thing that the leadership cares about funding? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any real life examples of this.” (Brian pauses.) “So I’m loosely basing it on the US military.“ This is probably the best quote of unraveled and also the one that almost kill me laughing