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Опубликовано: 2 нояб. 2017 г. 8 848 656 просмотров

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  • Breeah N Hawkins
    Breeah N Hawkins 9 months ago Tik Tok is the literal plug for good songs I don’t know
  • Air_
    Air_ 8 months ago Breeah N Hawkins Now, go look on YouTube and listen to every song you see. You’ll find some gems that’ll inevitably be on TikTok. Found this song that way.
  • DragonPhantom 13
    DragonPhantom 13 8 months ago I- yes
  • pizza vro
    pizza vro 7 months ago Breeah N Hawkins actually
  • Absofacto
    Absofacto 7 months ago @Breeah n Hawkins happy you found it :)
  • Breeah N Hawkins
    Breeah N Hawkins 7 months ago Absofacto I’m glad you made it 😭
  • Terrence Martin
    Terrence Martin 7 months ago I mean... I guess
  • Princess Moonlight
    Princess Moonlight 7 months ago No one wants to admit it but tiktok shares bops tbh
  • Rae Cline
    Rae Cline 7 months ago I literally have a playlist of songs from Tik Tok. "Songs from Tik Tok"
  • minugiy
    minugiy 6 months ago Unpopular opinion: You find good ass songs from tik tok it’s just that no one wants to admit it plus theirs tons of aesthetic songs their so 🤷🏻‍♀️ I really don’t care if they “steal” it or it’s “free real estate” I’m glad they did cuz I wouldn’t have heard of any of the songs they have
  • jellybee
    jellybee 6 months ago yep its kinda sad rlly
  • 妻 Dr. Tsuma
    妻 Dr. Tsuma 6 months ago Breeah N Hawkins tru
  • Kåī dæmäńž
    Kåī dæmäńž 6 months ago Breeah N Hawkins ya
  • Mohamed Diaby
    Mohamed Diaby 6 months ago deep inhale wrong
  • Phagutte
    Phagutte 6 months ago Breeah N Hawkins they also pull the plug out
  • Eabbyanna
    Eabbyanna 6 months ago ooohh any recs?
  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord 6 months ago Honestly like damn
  • •Ussie • •
    •Ussie • • 6 months ago ikr
  • 妻 Dr. Tsuma
    妻 Dr. Tsuma 6 months ago Breeah N Hawkins ikr
  • 妻 Dr. Tsuma
    妻 Dr. Tsuma 6 months ago Absofacto omg YOU REPLIEES
  • Doctor Sunshine
    Doctor Sunshine 6 months ago 👌👄👌
    MCKENZIE MCNAMARA 5 months ago Breeah N Hawkins definitely
  • Kylie Beaumont
    Kylie Beaumont 5 months ago Breeah N Hawkins I know right!!!
  • Unknown29
    Unknown29 5 months ago I first heard this on Alt Nation actually
  • Lia Holm
    Lia Holm 5 months ago @minugiy i dont think this is unpopular
  • Cristina Pellerano
    Cristina Pellerano 5 months ago FRT
  • Avesy
    Avesy 5 months ago ikr!
  • iihyperz
    iihyperz 5 months ago sadッboi pReAcH sIs
  • Kåī dæmäńž
    Kåī dæmäńž 5 months ago Breeah N Hawkins ikr
  • Noriku 87
    Noriku 87 5 months ago Normally i would agree but the writer of this on Tik Tok .....sooooooooo
  • Natalie H
    Natalie H 4 months ago Yup lmao
  • Sean Playz
    Sean Playz 4 months ago Bro same what the heck
  • Garry Quick
    Garry Quick 4 months ago /CosmicGamerWolfie/ did you mean how
  • Sara Kunze
    Sara Kunze 4 months ago sam Exactly I don’t have Tik Tok, but all the compilations I watch on YouTube show some pretty good Tik Toks and I think people are to hard on it.
  • insane
    insane 3 months ago Ikr!?! Thanks to it I've found some of my favorites!
  • Hayvyn Smith
    Hayvyn Smith 3 months ago Breeah N Hawkins honestly
  • Ixcy Rezqn
    Ixcy Rezqn 3 months ago Yuh
  • Eunice Vargas
    Eunice Vargas 3 months ago Breeah N Hawkins facts
  • Will Sasscer
    Will Sasscer 3 months ago Facts
  • XxTropicalSmilesXx :]
    XxTropicalSmilesXx :] 3 months ago Breeah N Hawkins exactly and people complain “oh no tik tok found the song” BRO TIK TOK IS SHOWING IT TO OTHER PEOPLE WHICH WILL MAKE IT GET MORE VIEWS
  • Jillian VanKirk
    Jillian VanKirk 3 months ago Breeah N Hawkins lol ya
  • Broccoli Boi
    Broccoli Boi 3 months ago Honestly
  • deku and bakugo are best bois
    deku and bakugo are best bois 3 months ago @Rae Cline claps hands "Alien Boy" is a good song :)
  • Louise Clarke
    Louise Clarke 3 months ago Rae Cline same
  • Alex Wan
    Alex Wan 3 months ago Yes
  • トンプソン柳
    トンプソン柳 3 months ago your pfp gives me life
  • ILikeEatingCards Man
    ILikeEatingCards Man 3 months ago Breeah N Hawkins How can you say something so controversial yet so brave
  • Beautiful Lettuce
    Beautiful Lettuce 2 months ago And new trends😂
  • blue lemonade
    blue lemonade 2 months ago I used to be into all the now famous tik tok songs around middle school. It's cool to re-find them :)
  • no one ever
    no one ever 2 months ago Who said I came here from Tik Tok? :>
  • Inky Starr
    Inky Starr 2 months ago Mohamed Diaby so the songs aren’t good?
  • Onion
    Onion 2 months ago yes
    TTV ITZTRENTO 2 months ago Breeah N Hawkins 💯💯💯💯
  • SoulDog
    SoulDog 1 month ago Bratz
  • demon - loe
    demon - loe 1 month ago @Eabbyanna out of my league for sure
  • demon - loe
    demon - loe 1 month ago and people wonder how i find out these amazing songs
  • ·Gacha Toastii·
    ·Gacha Toastii· 1 month ago Why is it true tho
  • the up right vlogs
    the up right vlogs 1 month ago Breeah N Hawkins I found this on the radio i didnt know this song was on tiktok
  • Sara Riley
    Sara Riley 3 weeks ago agreed.
  • Sierra Strongheart
    Sierra Strongheart 3 weeks ago Yee haw
  • TajiWolf
    TajiWolf 1 week ago My opinion (I have to write “my opinion” because people forget others have different opinions from the majority or them): I’m sure people only listen to them once, comment on the song on YouTube, leave, and never listen to it again. I’ve been noticing that pattern with other songs (don’t ask which ones because I ain’t responding).
  • Leeda Rudolph
    Leeda Rudolph 1 day ago Don’t bully TikTok
  • mayoi neko
    mayoi neko 1 day ago i have to say no
  • CatCactus
    CatCactus 3 months ago Comments: “I wish this song was more popular” *Tiktok makes this song popular* Comments: “I wish this song was our secret hidden gem”
  • Joan
    Joan 3 months ago every song ever rn.
  • Rat_kuma
    Rat_kuma 3 months ago IKR like don’t be a hypocrite
  • Bit_of_a_Boof Productions
    Bit_of_a_Boof Productions 2 months ago Yeonsel, What?
  • NewtFlavouredPopcorn
    NewtFlavouredPopcorn 2 months ago i love when songs are secretish to a small group of people who find them
  • Ajiacool
    Ajiacool 2 months ago that's gatekeeping my friends!
  • Live And let live
    Live And let live 2 months ago The best. . . .. . . . In a long line . . .
  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 2 months ago I must say. I hate had this with a singer. 'I wish she would earn lots of money with the stuff he loves'...2 years after he became big, like from 0 to 100 percent. I still love his songs xD but have wierd feelings like 'I don't want everyone to know of this mastermind, they don't get his msg anyway' stupid right.... Well anyway. I have nothing to cry about. He is still himself. His music is still genius and he didn't change at all even after he became famous. Now I'm a little fan jealous for reasons I don't even understand.
  • Toony Darlanne
    Toony Darlanne 2 months ago @Day Dreamer it's called g a t e k e e p i n g darling
  • yevi Coulson
    yevi Coulson 2 months ago (edited) @Joan lmao every good song. don't even let me start with jack Stauber
  • Riley Jackson
    Riley Jackson 1 month ago Welcome to the flow of popular interest and opinion- the social form of supply and demand
  • It's Kermit
    It's Kermit 1 month ago Finally, someone who recognizes that it's okay to find songs through different methods
  • Chicken Tendere
    Chicken Tendere 1 month ago @JOHN DOE good to know
  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 1 month ago 😄true
  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye 1 month ago That’s just lofi hip hop
  • Graymin
    Graymin 1 month ago TikTok popularized it? Guess I can't like it anymore.
  • Oh no
    Oh no 1 month ago @Graymin oh, grow the fuck up
  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker 1 month ago I just randomly found this on youtube, so thanks TikTok for making this popular on the algorithm.
  • Twilight Sparkle
    Twilight Sparkle 1 month ago @Oh no oh learn to read a joke bud :p
  • Oh no
    Oh no 1 month ago @Twilight SparkleIt sure didn't sounds like a joke
  • Twilight Sparkle
    Twilight Sparkle 1 month ago @Oh no sarcasm is a hard thing to convey over text.
  • Oh no
    Oh no 1 month ago @Twilight Sparkle well then dont blame me for not getting it!
  • Firediamonds 101
    Firediamonds 101 1 month ago Oh no I mean just calm down I guess???? You know it’s a joke so just chill.
  • Foley Grenades
    Foley Grenades 4 weeks ago Tik tok are not worthy to use this song
  • I like trees
    I like trees 3 weeks ago shh, let them stroke their tiny egos in peace!
  • Bagel
    Bagel 2 weeks ago CatCactus I wish this song was popular for more than ten seconds of the lyrics so people don’t act like they know this song because of like 8 words from Tik tok.
  • Basicly Basic
    Basicly Basic 4 days ago Every song dude. We just live in a society. Thats all
  • HalfHazardous
    HalfHazardous 1 year ago Songs like these make you wish they got the attention they deserved.. but at the same time, you secretly hope it wont.
  • Holy Waluigi Pinball
    Holy Waluigi Pinball 1 year ago I completely agree. You want for other people to experience the same feeling of bliss, but you also want to keep to yourself because it’s that special <3
  • unbroken 7
    unbroken 7 9 months ago Yeah if it gets popular then tiktok is coming for it
  • Tom Lightfoot
    Tom Lightfoot 9 months ago @unbroken 7 too late lol
  • Tom Lightfoot
    Tom Lightfoot 9 months ago @unbroken 7 its how i found the song
    RELEASEtheRHYS 9 months ago I dont want it to get popular because then it would be too overplayed and would lose its effecct of amazingness
  • Azalea the Flowerfawn
    Azalea the Flowerfawn 8 months ago @RELEASEtheRHYS precisely
  • Mop Head12
    Mop Head12 7 months ago HalfHazardous tbh
  • tea spilled
    tea spilled 7 months ago too late tik tok found it 😩
  • JT Presents
    JT Presents 5 months ago This has aged poorly
  • I Eat Children cx
    I Eat Children cx 5 months ago Too bad 😂
  • some mindless crackhead
    some mindless crackhead 4 months ago AND THEN TIK TOK COMES AND RUINS EVERYTHING-
  • My dog is great
    My dog is great 4 months ago No not really '-'
  • Dweeberr likes chocolate
    Dweeberr likes chocolate 4 months ago @HalfHazardous songs you want more people to see but it goes too far because of Tik Tok-
  • N00DLES
    N00DLES 4 months ago or you just dont want it to disappear bc you want to be quirky for "knowing about it before it was popular"
  • Lolol_Axx
    Lolol_Axx 4 months ago T i k t o k
  • Maxoman
    Maxoman 1 month ago holy shit you called it
  • Zis July .3.
    Zis July .3. 1 month ago And then there’s Tik Tok
  • Zis July .3.
    Zis July .3. 1 month ago And then tik tok was born
  • Sprite Cranberri
    Sprite Cranberri 3 weeks ago G a t e k e e p i n g my dear
  • roxy 48336
    roxy 48336 11 hours ago @some mindless crackhead fr shut up lmao, people find music in different ways, this includes tik tok. Sure there are some people who may have used it in weird ways but they didnt fucking ruin it lmao. Be happy that your favorite music or creator is getting attention so they can continue to create beautiful things like this.
  • roxy 48336
    roxy 48336 11 hours ago @Zis July .3. fr shut up lmao, people find music in different ways, this includes tik tok. Sure there are some people who may have used it in weird ways but they didnt fucking ruin it lmao. Be happy that your favorite music or creator is getting attention so they can continue to create beautiful things like this.
  • An Accident
    An Accident 9 months ago I thought we were safe...but tik tok found this song too Also who else isn't from tik tok?
  • Diana
    Diana 9 months ago Flower Baee me akkajs i found this song two years ago
  • An Accident
    An Accident 9 months ago @Diana samee
  • Xo xo
    Xo xo 9 months ago This was in my recommends , but when I saw people from tik toc I was like 😐
  • Clair MERP
    Clair MERP 9 months ago NOT MEH...
  • MinNin
    MinNin 9 months ago Im not
  • Clair MERP
    Clair MERP 9 months ago @MinNin GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
  • MinNin
    MinNin 9 months ago @Clair MERP i just found this on the internet
  • Air_
    Air_ 8 months ago We all found this about 2-3 years ago and ended up going to the comments and seeing TikTok comments
  • Kenny I.
    Kenny I. 8 months ago same
  • James Brightman
    James Brightman 8 months ago im just here bc its related to jack stauber
  • truth
    truth 7 months ago I found this song thanks to a random tik tok video, i mean, tik tok its a trash app , but actually it has good songs
  • Trouble Boy
    Trouble Boy 7 months ago (edited) ignores question don't you hate it when you can't like because it's at 69
  • Don’t Worry About iT
    Don’t Worry About iT 7 months ago A meme page brought me here
  • Anthony Cotto
    Anthony Cotto 7 months ago Someone told me about this song
  • a million dreams . ๑*。
    a million dreams . ๑*。 7 months ago My friend was listening to this song and I thought it was nice-
  • Man's Not gay
    Man's Not gay 7 months ago Tiktok is a cancer that must be stopped before it consumes every good song in existence
  • Rodolfo Bassetto
    Rodolfo Bassetto 7 months ago My friend Chopin told me about
  • Macie Leigh
    Macie Leigh 7 months ago An Accident not meee
  • Princess Moonlight
    Princess Moonlight 7 months ago I came from an edit
  • Genevieve Morton
    Genevieve Morton 7 months ago me
  • Hazel Rodriquez
    Hazel Rodriquez 7 months ago Me, I am actually from a friends insta story😂😂
  • GenezA
    GenezA 7 months ago found it years ago, it was in some type of animation or speedpaint. Saved it to my Spotify until it changed like Marble Soda.
  • EsTTTa Ted
    EsTTTa Ted 7 months ago @James Brightman bro same
  • Dayton Michael Schmidt
    Dayton Michael Schmidt 7 months ago I found it on pandora
  • Amma M.
    Amma M. 6 months ago An Accident Y’all superiority complex is so toxic to the band and the fan base. It’s clear you guys don’t actually care about the success of the band by being hostile and hateful towards arbitrary things like how people find their music. Mess.
  • G l i c k
    G l i c k 6 months ago @James Brightman Same here.Good taste in music,by the way.
  • G l i c k
    G l i c k 6 months ago @Man's Not gay Tbh TikTok isn't that bad anymore.Not something I use or enjoy,but there is some good stuff on there.
  • G l i c k
    G l i c k 6 months ago @Amma M. You seem to be taking this all a bit too seriously.
  • Man's Not gay
    Man's Not gay 6 months ago @G l i c k some of the memes are funny, but other wise its horrible
  • G l i c k
    G l i c k 6 months ago @Man's Not gay Agreed
  • Rook Birdy
    Rook Birdy 6 months ago Popped up in my mix a year ago, you ain't alone mate
  • Tori In the red hoodie
    Tori In the red hoodie 6 months ago An Accident I am
  • evespresso
    evespresso 6 months ago me!!
  • Kaiden Carey
    Kaiden Carey 6 months ago I kinda just saw it in my up next XD
  • Neptune *
    Neptune * 6 months ago An Accident me, tIk tok ruins songs in my opinion
  • Lolzerous Aja
    Lolzerous Aja 6 months ago I'm actually here after seeing a Flipnote animation of the song
  • Psÿçhøtïç Ambítìøn
    Psÿçhøtïç Ambítìøn 6 months ago I'm from my youtube mix
  • Retard
    Retard 6 months ago An Accident heard it on my city’s alternative station and loved it
  • Rebecca Tovar
    Rebecca Tovar 6 months ago I'm not
  • Persephanie Hunter
    Persephanie Hunter 6 months ago for real man everytime i find a great new song tik tok comes hoppin in stealing it
  • sumiko subliminals
    sumiko subliminals 6 months ago me
  • Ethan Nagan
    Ethan Nagan 6 months ago I HATE TIK TOK!!! They always take away our rights to secretely enjoy favorite songs, and turn em to the cheap meme songs...
  • Dannyfour
    Dannyfour 6 months ago Im not
    BILLE CHILD 6 months ago REE
  • Sheila Truffa
    Sheila Truffa 6 months ago M e
  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 6 months ago Me
  • _3ric_
    _3ric_ 6 months ago I heard it from Instagram stories
  • ChocoCrumpets
    ChocoCrumpets 6 months ago An Accident just found it on soudcloud and Inloved
  • Møtiønless.In.My.Disguise
    Møtiønless.In.My.Disguise 6 months ago An Accident I’m not
  • Atrium
    Atrium 6 months ago flipnote
  • iiClockwork_Fox
    iiClockwork_Fox 6 months ago meh .-.
  • Char The gamer
    Char The gamer 6 months ago I found it while playing rage 2 and listening to YouTube music
  • Shen
    Shen 6 months ago NO ONE IS SAFE
  • Erin H
    Erin H 6 months ago I'm not I found this like a year ago. So sad tik tok snatched it 😔
  • Moth Lad
    Moth Lad 6 months ago I’m not
  • BlueBerry
    BlueBerry 6 months ago (edited) tik tok brought me to this song, but in a good way. i didn't know this song existed, until tik tok showed me, and i love this song now. and yes i know this is for non tik tok finders but, i found this on a tik tok comp for anyone asking.
  • diana rosillo
    diana rosillo 6 months ago i’m not
  • bruh moments#9
    bruh moments#9 6 months ago Right here soldier
  • Lark The Weeb
    Lark The Weeb 6 months ago Me!! I never watch Tik Tok lol
  • zxiia
    zxiia 6 months ago An Accident me
  • just another youtuber with 5k subscribers
    just another youtuber with 5k subscribers 6 months ago I HATE HOW TIK TOK RUINS SONGS!!
  • Sorrowful Meaning
    Sorrowful Meaning 5 months ago oh buster
  • Realistic Trash
    Realistic Trash 5 months ago I can from the aesthetic edits
  • lemon juice
    lemon juice 5 months ago Me lmao. This appeared in my radio on YouTube Music 😂
  • Thomas The meme engine
    Thomas The meme engine 5 months ago Found this in Spotify’s weekly
  • Toaster.
    Toaster. 5 months ago I've known this song for so long and I didn't even know it was from tik tok. I best keep up with my tik toks lol
  • sheliie
    sheliie 5 months ago i just found it on a video that was the background music 🤷‍♀️
  • Aristor
    Aristor 5 months ago Me I just clicked on this randomly
  • Shadz 64
    Shadz 64 5 months ago me, lol i dont even use tiktok
  • Dorian Mejias
    Dorian Mejias 5 months ago @James Brightman the only thing that matters is jack stauber
  • akirablossom
    akirablossom 5 months ago An Accident tiktok ruins every good song
  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 5 months ago Me I found this song a year ago
  • Toby Rodgers
    Toby Rodgers 5 months ago Me
  • NahImQuenched
    NahImQuenched 5 months ago An Accident Hey sis 💃
  • soulja_scoob
    soulja_scoob 5 months ago Me
  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 5 months ago @James Brightman Me 2
  • A_Confused_Cat
    A_Confused_Cat 5 months ago i just found this randomly (the cover looked cool) so hi I guess
  • PYXA
    PYXA 5 months ago me =I
  • darknigrises
    darknigrises 5 months ago Og fans aren't from tik tok
  • Sweatypyes
    Sweatypyes 5 months ago I was here before tik tok found it
  • sweet snacc
    sweet snacc 5 months ago I found this on a Jack Stauber mix
  • Skellyjellyy
    Skellyjellyy 5 months ago your username is "an accident" so it seems like you did come from tik tok
  • CriiUxicorn
    CriiUxicorn 5 months ago Me
  • ohbandit the loyal boi
    ohbandit the loyal boi 5 months ago Me nigha
  • just A cold
    just A cold 5 months ago Me tho
  • just A cold
    just A cold 5 months ago Lol I don't even use tik tok
  • S M Geezus
    S M Geezus 5 months ago Just found this song by searching through animation compilations and loving the sound of this from a 37 second clip.
  • Matt Murdog
    Matt Murdog 5 months ago Im not. My girl said i should try it out. Its not bad i guess but it aint going in the playlist
  • Xander Benlemonade
    Xander Benlemonade 5 months ago Whats tik tok
  • The Mascorsop
    The Mascorsop 5 months ago Me
  • Blue w0rm
    Blue w0rm 5 months ago Do you peeps ever get like annoyed because you know a song and then other people think they know it coz they did or saw a tit tok thing. Just me lol sos
  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 months ago I found this song through through Endless Summer
  • Mica Mirage
    Mica Mirage 5 months ago I'm here from Instagram 👽👽👽 @todayyearsold brought me here
  • Km2 Darkgamerapex
    Km2 Darkgamerapex 5 months ago An Accident I’m from tik tok
  • Kiwi Bird
    Kiwi Bird 5 months ago I'm sorry siblings, for it has found me
  • 2D
    2D 5 months ago Biggie Smalls. We've tapped to some phones, and he's not safe.
  • Shy Star
    Shy Star 4 months ago The intergalactic space demons sent me here
  • Grey Baka
    Grey Baka 4 months ago I came here from edits hhh
  • Sarah Ouais
    Sarah Ouais 4 months ago An Accident At least it gives the song more visibility, it’s cool, y’all are just idiots « it RUinS tHe SOng » lmao
  • Marcos Rosales
    Marcos Rosales 4 months ago I’m sorry I’m from tik tok
  • Lea von der Lieth
    Lea von der Lieth 4 months ago This randomly popped up in my recommended... ^^'
  • Ryen Quilty
    Ryen Quilty 4 months ago Me. I dont like tik tok for many reasons😂
  • quynh hates tomatoes
    quynh hates tomatoes 4 months ago An Accident I’m here from Alt Radio <3
  • ebby
    ebby 4 months ago I'm from the editing community😂
  • Memerz
    Memerz 4 months ago Can ya'll "wHo iSn'T FrOm TiK TaK" just CHILL!
  • S A
    S A 4 months ago i found it before that tic-tac-toe thing did..
  • Peepee
    Peepee 4 months ago Here from soundcloud
    LIL UMBRA 4 months ago My best friend showed me this
  • eridanis d'juvienne
    eridanis d'juvienne 4 months ago i found this song long ago when i was just on youtube but i was scrolling thru the explore page on my instagram and saw this in a tiktok meme and now i feel weird listening to it
  • Marissa Fiorino
    Marissa Fiorino 4 months ago MEEE
  • An android
    An android 4 months ago Not from tiktok, never will be. Vine FOREVER
  • GoobyGlob
    GoobyGlob 4 months ago An Accident This video came up in my recommended but even if I did come from tick tock I don’t see why it matters it just means more people listening to the music
  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 4 months ago Me
  • Whistler
    Whistler 4 months ago Me bro
  • Whistler
    Whistler 4 months ago @Moonchild Good.
  • Its Complicated
    Its Complicated 4 months ago Na i knew this long time ago
  • super flavored pineapples
    super flavored pineapples 4 months ago I already loved absofacto. I feel u man
  • Elesten Moonshadows
    Elesten Moonshadows 4 months ago An Accident me
  • leafylare
    leafylare 4 months ago randomly stumbled upon this
  • It’sYaBoi Breezy
    It’sYaBoi Breezy 4 months ago An Accident it doesn’t matter where we came from just enjoy the music
  • Itz Rocky
    Itz Rocky 4 months ago I did from Tic Tok I WAS WATCHING ART OK?! On Youtube
  • mvartist
    mvartist 4 months ago me
  • Toby Rodgers
    Toby Rodgers 4 months ago Me
  • Toby Rodgers
    Toby Rodgers 4 months ago Heard this at baskin robins
  • o̶l̶l̶i̶e̶ k̶i̶n̶g̶
    o̶l̶l̶i̶e̶ k̶i̶n̶g̶ 4 months ago An Accident me XD
  • Carne Lobo
    Carne Lobo 4 months ago Will you shut the fuck up? It's a good song. Jesus you gatekeeping douchebags. Whether someone came from an epic quest in which they had to fight Blackwater and the Russian Mafia and lost many friends along the way to be rewarded with a USB of this song downloaded at the end of it all or came from TikTok it's a good song. Yeah I get if people said "YOO ANYONE COME FROM THE BRANDON PAUL TIKTOK? 😂 😂 😂 #BRANGAG REP REP DAB ON THE HATERZ 💯💯💯" sure call them useless morons but it's not like the song should be any shittier because more people silently enjoy and aappreciate it. At that point you're just a fucking hipster "I listened before it was cool"
  • MyLifeIsFadingAway
    MyLifeIsFadingAway 4 months ago Nah I found it off pinterest but not suprised its from tik tok.
  • Andrea Borchers
    Andrea Borchers 4 months ago I’m from Tik tok and I have no shame
  • Aggressive Pie
    Aggressive Pie 4 months ago I'm from Pandora
  • sTaR_GazE
    sTaR_GazE 4 months ago Hah, me.....
  • lyriq
    lyriq 4 months ago From Instagram 😂
  • Pluppers
    Pluppers 4 months ago Me, I found this on spotify when it randomly popped up in my playlist
  • ¿Najayla?
    ¿Najayla? 4 months ago I gotta tell the truth
  • Renato Serafim
    Renato Serafim 4 months ago Hi
  • The Pinto Brothers
    The Pinto Brothers 4 months ago Me
  • Alli Killion
    Alli Killion 4 months ago I’m here from Alt Nation
  • AyUDaaaAAaaAa a
    AyUDaaaAAaaAa a 4 months ago tongue tied i think
  • klowN MOB
    klowN MOB 4 months ago Instagram here 😂🤟
  • RandomlyNamed 88
    RandomlyNamed 88 4 months ago Im not! I heard this song on the radio and loved it!
  • yevi Coulson
    yevi Coulson 4 months ago I'm here from YouTube recommended
  • yevi Coulson
    yevi Coulson 4 months ago @Xo xo ikr
  • yevi Coulson
    yevi Coulson 4 months ago @James Brightman jack stauber is it's own genre of music and this may actually fall under that genre
  • Back Pain
    Back Pain 4 months ago tik tok is literally an App full of predetor’s
  • Toby Rodgers
    Toby Rodgers 4 months ago Me
  • woof
    woof 3 months ago me
  • Kaitlyn Jourdain
    Kaitlyn Jourdain 3 months ago i ain't from tiktok, but i found this song through a lot of adorable edits a year or so ago
  • Flawless Malus
    Flawless Malus 3 months ago Fuck tik tok
  • I C H Ø
    I C H Ø 3 months ago Meee
  • Ocean Blaize
    Ocean Blaize 3 months ago An Accident I heard this on the radio
  • Frvity
    Frvity 3 months ago me-
  • Mentally ill kid who thinks sirens are music
    Mentally ill kid who thinks sirens are music 3 months ago Me
  • Nakhyla Duncan
    Nakhyla Duncan 3 months ago I wish I wasn't, but at least I discovered a great song :)
  • Jarcl
    Jarcl 3 months ago *raises hand*
  • ꧁its nai꧂
    ꧁its nai꧂ 3 months ago How can Tik Tok ruin this song? 1, They use this song for painting tik Toks. and 2, many people found these songs like this one thanks to Tik Tok.
  • rosy flores
    rosy flores 3 months ago me
  • Dolly The potato
    Dolly The potato 3 months ago @James Brightman same ;-;
  • Jarcl
    Jarcl 3 months ago @꧁its nai꧂ They.. took it without permission and the song artist tried taking it back but failed, they steal songs
  • Rex Hendrix
    Rex Hendrix 3 months ago we all know not you
  • Owly Plays
    Owly Plays 3 months ago Me
  • Life With Faith
    Life With Faith 3 months ago I been liked this song
  • Dolly The potato
    Dolly The potato 3 months ago @Rex Hendrix thats rude...
  • DriftBoy
    DriftBoy 3 months ago me
  • Trump_2020 Yeet
    Trump_2020 Yeet 3 months ago I really don't think anyone cares. Its just music. Stop playing victim.
  • Made In Hell
    Made In Hell 3 months ago right here!
  • Babyygurlll
    Babyygurlll 3 months ago An Accident why yall mad tf its helping the artist be notice like a few hours ago i heard two tik tok songs on the radio
  • RealDeal
    RealDeal 3 months ago I'm from an Instagram jujitsu montage lol.
  • Thomas James Met
    Thomas James Met 3 months ago me!!
  • Mearoa
    Mearoa 3 months ago Raises hand MEEEE
  • zoe the grape
    zoe the grape 3 months ago Do you want a medal or something?
  • tyraleighs
    tyraleighs 3 months ago real ones came from vine first ;)
  • Positivity
    Positivity 3 months ago Honestly I would have never have listened to this song if it wasnt for tik tok so idk I you think that new people are listening to this I dont want to be right
  • kylie
    kylie 3 months ago An Accident me 😅
  • louisa
    louisa 3 months ago Lol, I’m not from Tiktok I saw this in My For You and I watched it and It’s awesome 😎👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Rosey Tribe
    Rosey Tribe 3 months ago I found this song before seeing it on tiktok it was a favorite
  • NCT127taeyongyutaBTSjungkookjimin NCTtaeyongnipple
    NCT127taeyongyutaBTSjungkookjimin NCTtaeyongnipple 3 months ago I found this from TikTok but I liked your comment
  • ღтerιтerιღ
    ღтerιтerιღ 3 months ago Me. I found this song from a Minecraft video random on Instagram AHAHAHHA
  • Vicky La Humana
    Vicky La Humana 3 months ago Lol, i don't even have a tik tok account My phone broke.
  • MiTcHeLl
    MiTcHeLl 3 months ago I found it on the radio and I shazamed it two years ago. Still my favourite song.
  • Mikaila Sin
    Mikaila Sin 3 months ago i’m from flipnote hatena
  • Lavendale Trauma
    Lavendale Trauma 3 months ago Animation meme community
  • Comrade Sarunes
    Comrade Sarunes 3 months ago Me heard this on the radio a year or so ago and and thought it was catchy and tried to find it gave up the second day then tik tok ruined the song just like lalala
  • Mason Treviño
    Mason Treviño 2 months ago YouTube recommended this song to me forever ago and then I heard it on the radio the other day!
  • Creeperzøne 1808
    Creeperzøne 1808 2 months ago Me
  • urmumsmelllike butterandtoes42069360
    urmumsmelllike butterandtoes42069360 2 months ago Who gives a shit
  • CTG_AverageJoe
    CTG_AverageJoe 2 months ago This was just kind of in the recommended list while I was listening to do it all the time by idkhbtfm
  • Jordan Laney
    Jordan Laney 2 months ago I was just on Youtube and the song was recommended...
  • lasagna
    lasagna 2 months ago I'm not from tik tok. I'm from an edit
  • Rāê Rãë
    Rāê Rãë 2 months ago Does it count if I looked up Tiktok songs?
  • Lilly64 hi
    Lilly64 hi 2 months ago 🙌 im not from tik tok
  • Digby y
    Digby y 2 months ago I found this recently from my mix playlist. Didn't know it was on tik tok
  • crissy4445
    crissy4445 2 months ago An Accident You’re a sad person.
  • Walker #33898
    Walker #33898 2 months ago Me I didn't even know what it was called before tik tok
  • Lauren Pinkie Pie
    Lauren Pinkie Pie 2 months ago i came from a tik tok comp months ago but im only here now cuz i love absfacto
  • Tackbackwards
    Tackbackwards 2 months ago not from tik tok
  • Inky Starr
    Inky Starr 2 months ago An Accident tbh it’s annoying seeing these on every song tik tok has used, it’s gotten to the point that it’s like the comments that say “wHoS hErE iN 2019!!!😠😠😩😩🧐😩🥳😭🤯😕😒🤨😠😟🤯🙁🥵”
  • Miasma
    Miasma 2 months ago Who cares if I came from tiktok? I liked the song, and I'm now a big fan, that's all that matters, not where I found the song?? Tf wrong with yall??
  • Inky Starr
    Inky Starr 2 months ago Ethan Nagan But then theres you guys who complain about it not being popular. So what if it’s a meme song for some people, doesn’t affect you.
  • Inky Starr
    Inky Starr 2 months ago Marcos Rosales don’t be sorry it’s just people getting mad because an app found a song. Which if stupid because no one complained when musically did it.
  • Riley Towe
    Riley Towe 2 months ago Me
  • Disastrous Dreamer
    Disastrous Dreamer 2 months ago Minecraft edit on insta
  • logic fan
    logic fan 2 months ago Me
  • Emma Zimmer :D
    Emma Zimmer :D 1 month ago An Accident I HATE tick tok
  • It's Kermit
    It's Kermit 1 month ago Bro how about you let people enjoy the song
  • SadieCat
    SadieCat 1 month ago Is it bad to come from tik tok? Aren't y'all always saying how much you wish these songs were popular? Yeah tik tok can be cringe but it's a way for good songs like these to get out there and be popular
  • crucial Viktic
    crucial Viktic 1 month ago Im here from Soloflow
  • Gay Rice
    Gay Rice 1 month ago Minecraft edit on insta
  • Mia C.S
    Mia C.S 1 month ago M e ✋🏽
  • Kira Boyle-Vella
    Kira Boyle-Vella 1 month ago im definitely not from tik tok lol
  • ☆Sapphire Winters☆
    ☆Sapphire Winters☆ 1 month ago Here from Alt Nation
  • Tepes
    Tepes 1 month ago Don't have a TikTok account, so I guess me. Usually I just click on random vids until I come across ones I like, i.e. this
  • Christine DeBellis
    Christine DeBellis 1 month ago I came here from and Invader Zim tumblr post!
  • Unspecific Things
    Unspecific Things 1 month ago Diana same
  • Ray Hernandez
    Ray Hernandez 1 month ago What's tiktok
  • Alyssa ono
    Alyssa ono 1 month ago me, found it in my youtube mix
  • kk kk
    kk kk 1 month ago Actually found this from a league play list about a month ago
  • David Johansson
    David Johansson 1 month ago I mean, am i technically from tiktok or not since i have heard it on tiktok but i just randomly found this without looking for it
  • Rozlyn Adkins
    Rozlyn Adkins 1 month ago Me hwy
  • Grayconol
    Grayconol 1 month ago me I don't have tiktok installed :D
  • Mr. tlyn
    Mr. tlyn 1 month ago I'm not but I did find this song because alot more people listened to this song and so it showed up on my recommendation
  • Tristin Miller
    Tristin Miller 1 month ago I'm not from tiktok
  • Keyanna_hll
    Keyanna_hll 1 month ago Tik Tok actually supplied me with songs that helped me get out of a depression so, im actually kind of thankful for the songs I find from there
  • Enigma
    Enigma 1 month ago Me
  • HaruDraws
    HaruDraws 1 month ago @An Accident I found it from a TikTok video, BUT it was from an ironic TikTok compilation so it's okay, right?? ;w;
  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 1 month ago Saw it in my recommended
  • Angelica Sanchez garcia
    Angelica Sanchez garcia 1 month ago I mostly use tik tok to find good music because they do have good taste in music. And now I get to listen to amazing songs 😊
  • Anime Lover09
    Anime Lover09 1 month ago I came from a Instagram edit
  • Kauknex 33
    Kauknex 33 1 month ago i just found this song a year ago and I still hear it
  • C.L Was Here
    C.L Was Here 1 month ago I was letting autoplay guide me and I was like w h o a this is g o o d
  • • Coral The SU fan ;-; •
    • Coral The SU fan ;-; • 1 month ago I was just listening so steven universe remixes and found this-
  • Savitri Stewart
    Savitri Stewart 1 month ago Listen i get that TikTok is cringeworthy or whatever but you have to admit it gave credit to the music and made it popular so that others could enjoy it and share it around so don’t just criticize.
  • Evan Dinosaur
    Evan Dinosaur 1 month ago I found this on accident, but I think it was worth it!
    STLKR 1 month ago Why do it matter? Ppl come and start enjoying songs, singers etc through things like tiktok. Yeah the app is shit but you're gaining fellow fans Where's the issue? And if you say little kids I mean I get that but like, ignore them,,?
  • JuStAsAuCePaN
    JuStAsAuCePaN 1 month ago im here from a homestuck animatic i saw
  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 1 month ago Me
  • spook juice
    spook juice 1 month ago I heard this on our alternative radio station >:)
  • Olive
    Olive 1 month ago I found it by mistake just now and only then realised it's from tiktok so I suppose I'm not?
  • Grace McGregor
    Grace McGregor 1 month ago (edited) i got here from musical. ly
  • rat rat
    rat rat 1 month ago @An Accident literally nobody cares if you're not from tik tok. Do you want a fucking cookie or something?
  • LilMizzGoddess x
    LilMizzGoddess x 1 month ago me me I'm not from that bad world.
  • heartbrvken
    heartbrvken 3 weeks ago me smh
  • Helena Rosno
    Helena Rosno 3 weeks ago I would think that Tik Tok making this awesome song popular was a good thing😂
  • Corado 99
    Corado 99 3 weeks ago O found this song randomly on yt
  • mrturtles !
    mrturtles ! 3 weeks ago I found this gem from musically alonggg time ago
  • jpta162
    jpta162 3 weeks ago YouTube recommendations. I don't touch TikTok, but if people come here from there, it's cool I guess
  • sophiafarias
    sophiafarias 2 weeks ago ok losers 😉
  • Angel Gay
    Angel Gay 2 weeks ago My sister showed me it first :P
  • Angel Gay
    Angel Gay 2 weeks ago I didnt even know this was a tiktok song
  • LoKey
    LoKey 2 weeks ago me, i have been listening to this song since late 2017 im glad it got more popular tho, I wasnt looking at the views explode
  • Gamer Kai
    Gamer Kai 2 weeks ago I’m not,my friend sent it to me-
  • Raisin Bran
    Raisin Bran 2 weeks ago why are yall so afraid of other people finding this song through tiktok??? dont you want more peeps to find this?
  • Andre' Johnson
    Andre' Johnson 2 weeks ago Yours truly is one!
  • Kyanna Jk
    Kyanna Jk 2 weeks ago An Accident knew this since musically lol
  • inkloxillo ÓvÒ
    inkloxillo ÓvÒ 1 week ago I hate tik tok :-)
  • Madeline Evans
    Madeline Evans 1 week ago I found this song on an Apple Music radio channel
  • Anapaula Ochoa
    Anapaula Ochoa 1 week ago An Accident me !!
  • no_soul
    no_soul 1 week ago An Accident I found this in my recommended
  • RoomTempuratureHotpocket
    RoomTempuratureHotpocket 1 week ago Me. Just clicked on it because the name sounded familiar.
  • Hut Fuzzer
    Hut Fuzzer 1 week ago I found out about this song on the radio
  • Shellany A
    Shellany A 1 week ago david dobriks vlogs send me here
  • jah niggah
    jah niggah 1 week ago I'm from IG
  • Random Alien
    Random Alien 1 week ago me
  • Toasty Salads
    Toasty Salads 1 week ago TikTok also helped the creator get more fame and not to mention more fans and supporters. So is it really that bad?
  • TheonlyDrDerk
    TheonlyDrDerk 1 week ago I'm nooooooot, but I wish I found it sooner
  • Jasmine Ferrer
    Jasmine Ferrer 6 days ago @James Brightman oMgggggg me tooo lol
  • Uxlyy Katz
    Uxlyy Katz 5 days ago An Accident TikTok literally makes songs that didn’t go unnoticed like this one noticed if anything be happy that this song gets more viewers than before
  • Mike 5481
    Mike 5481 3 days ago I heard this on an alternative radio station
  • Loading Screen
    Loading Screen 2 days ago I found this I think a year ago? I remember putting random music on shuffle and I found this :)
  • Oscar Vega
    Oscar Vega 1 day ago Jack staubers next
  • roxy 48336
    roxy 48336 1 day ago fr shut up lmao, people find songs in different ways, even its from tik tok/ Dont be so fucking rude about your favorite creator is getting more attention, really you should be happy for them no matter where the fans came from.
  • Oicua
    Oicua 1 day ago Who's TIk Tok?
    HI, MY NAME'S CATRINA 1 day ago @Xo xo same
  • Shmol Kc
    Shmol Kc 1 day ago me
  • turtle master
    turtle master 1 hour ago I'm from yt recommended
  • Xen Mitchell
    Xen Mitchell 1 year ago Amazing song wish it was more popular
  • yachi
    yachi 1 year ago didn't expect someone with my art as their icon to be on here.... glad to see a coolyori fan likes my type of music too :o
  • Xen Mitchell
    Xen Mitchell 1 year ago thelowradio ey you know it. Cool sayori is my all time favorite meme to come out of ddlc. Hats off to you
  • Carmen Cruzado
    Carmen Cruzado 1 year ago Same
  • _Celina_
    _Celina_ 9 months ago Tiktok make it true lol
  • iron can
    iron can 9 months ago Agreed
  • pxiince
    pxiince 9 months ago h m
  • Joe FloMoe
    Joe FloMoe 9 months ago Tik tok: say no more
  • A Apple
    A Apple 9 months ago Your wish has been granted.
  • cristian valdez
    cristian valdez 9 months ago Alright dickens
  • Austin Knox
    Austin Knox 9 months ago Wish is granted
  • Sophi Qu
    Sophi Qu 9 months ago Tik too brought me here and will bring other people too. Love the song so soothing ❤️
  • The Pansexual potato
    The Pansexual potato 8 months ago Welp tic tok both crushed and made that dream
  • jose vazquez
    jose vazquez 8 months ago Tik Tok: Hold my beer...
  • Absofacto
    Absofacto 7 months ago @Xen Mitchell thanks for rooting for me <3
  • Vixen Dais
    Vixen Dais 7 months ago Tik tok: deep laughing
  • Raven Wolf
    Raven Wolf 7 months ago Oh look here comes TikTok........
  • Orion Rae
    Orion Rae 6 months ago Thank Tik Tok
  • Josh Dun
    Josh Dun 6 months ago (edited) 2.2 million views
  • Recklessone 98
    Recklessone 98 6 months ago you got your wish
  • Just some Playlists
    Just some Playlists 6 months ago This aged well
  • Junkman Junior
    Junkman Junior 6 months ago why do you need the song to be more popular? just enjoy whether other people do or not.
  • Holle Marcel
    Holle Marcel 6 months ago looks like your wish came true,, anna oop-
  • Skull Feathers
    Skull Feathers 6 months ago Say hello to tic tok
  • CakenMochi
    CakenMochi 6 months ago Dw Tik Tok has it covered
  • Linda Bustamante
    Linda Bustamante 6 months ago It’s practically popular on TikTok I’ve heard this song so many times on that app
  • corgi suns
    corgi suns 6 months ago You've got a big storm coming honey
  • ghostess •
    ghostess • 6 months ago this comment: wish it were more popular A year later.. Tik tok: YOU GOT YER WISH BISH-
  • Joyful Thoughts
    Joyful Thoughts 5 months ago (edited) uh, Xen Mitchell what is your icon..?
  • [SKHI]MadPatStreaming
    [SKHI]MadPatStreaming 5 months ago Popular now motherfucker
  • Lazy Cookie
    Lazy Cookie 5 months ago And that’s were TikTok comes in
  • Avery sai Ross
    Avery sai Ross 5 months ago And a year later...
  • Izi Hani
    Izi Hani 5 months ago himawarinohata tik tok: got ur back
  • Taetae is baebae
    Taetae is baebae 5 months ago Thanks to tiktok that dream is a reality
  • Sasha Velazquez-Morales
    Sasha Velazquez-Morales 5 months ago Badda bing Badda boom Tic tok made it come true!
  • Creativekitty yawn
    Creativekitty yawn 4 months ago tiktok has entered the chat
  • Macy Alred
    Macy Alred 4 months ago be careful what you wish for
  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold 4 months ago Dude u totally jinxed it
  • daddy longlegs
    daddy longlegs 4 months ago Xen Mitchell no you don’t.
  • Nate Maldonado
    Nate Maldonado 4 months ago I agree with u bc I have TikTok I here the music all the time so I love this music my favorite
  • sofia grasso
    sofia grasso 4 months ago your wish is tiktoks command
  • Yandere Azalea
    Yandere Azalea 4 months ago Close your legs sayori
  • nicole
    nicole 4 months ago be careful for what you wish for
  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher 4 months ago your wish came true
  • Zachary Burgess
    Zachary Burgess 4 months ago Be careful what you wish for
  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 4 months ago Don't worry bro, TikTok can solve that problem
  • Decco The DEMIGOD
    Decco The DEMIGOD 4 months ago Now it is
  • angelica montileaux
    angelica montileaux 3 months ago Oh boy. It is now
  • Zerg
    Zerg 3 months ago Xen Mitchell you got what you wished for
  • Duhlayna
    Duhlayna 3 months ago be careful what you wish for
  • Cutest Savage
    Cutest Savage 3 months ago the acoustic is even more amazing!!!!!
  • that one stock photo
    that one stock photo 3 months ago I don’t
  • ZyeTheGuy 1
    ZyeTheGuy 1 2 months ago This didn’t age well.
  • Larry
    Larry 2 months ago was it worth it
  • Anthony Roman
    Anthony Roman 2 months ago Tik Tok happened
  • Anonymous Pancakes
    Anonymous Pancakes 2 months ago Little did you know
  • Ren
    Ren 2 months ago (edited) Tik Tok has entered the chat
  • Emily Lewis
    Emily Lewis 2 months ago Xen Mitchell buckle up
  • xGalaxyHD
    xGalaxyHD 2 months ago TIK TOK ENTERS CHAT
  • Ava Schlauch
    Ava Schlauch 1 month ago tik tok has entered the chat
  • K Baker
    K Baker 1 month ago got what you wanted, eh?
  • Taesguccicollection
    Taesguccicollection 1 month ago Now it is🤪
  • C.L Was Here
    C.L Was Here 1 month ago your wish has been granted
  • Elijah Alford
    Elijah Alford 3 weeks ago Tiktok: Now this looks like a job for me The internet: for God's sake no
  • Gravel789
    Gravel789 3 weeks ago Now look what you did...
  • AbsoluteIrony
    AbsoluteIrony 3 weeks ago PSYCHIC
  • confused_cat
    confused_cat 2 weeks ago youd bE SURPRISED-
  • A place called Kitleburn
    A place called Kitleburn 5 days ago Dream come true now