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Скачать с ютуб Mechstermination Force // All Bosses

Дата премьеры: 4 сент. 2019 г. 3 163 436 просмотров

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They don't lie when they say this game is a mix of Contra and Shadow of the Colossus. And it's awesome !


All Bosses :

Playstation 4 Playlist :

XBox 360 Playlist :

Turbografx-16/PC-Engine Playlist :
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  • percy1991games You remember for f**k NIGGA
    percy1991games You remember for f**k NIGGA 1 month ago Forcey: (°.°)
  • AnthraX Poisonillious
    AnthraX Poisonillious 5 months ago Me: thinks i finished first boss First boss: POSE
  • Your next line is
    Your next line is 4 months ago Ayayayayay
  • Mộng Ảo
    Mộng Ảo 2 months ago 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Quiet Yuki
    Quiet Yuki 2 months ago This is gonna be a new Jojo villan
  • Quiet Yuki
    Quiet Yuki 2 months ago The way you destroy the bosses in this game little by little is so satisfying.. And seeing them transform into different forms, is pretty interesting!
  • alpaca_boy
    alpaca_boy 6 months ago 26:20 ???: 옹~~~기~~~~보옷~~~~~~
  • Кирилл Храпов
    Кирилл Храпов 1 month ago alpaca_boy 8ф@я
  • DM U
    DM U 2 weeks ago Itu ga ngetri
  • Endertronic inc.
    Endertronic inc. 6 months ago Taking things to the mech-streme I see
  • Matthias
    Matthias 5 months ago Looks funny Beat That Boss, for which system was this game released, thank you for this video. Greetings from Germany
  • Cthulu1985
    Cthulu1985 5 months ago Showcase of Final Bosses: Mario: I have a Fire-breathing turtle-dragon with superstrenght and dark magical powers. Zelda: I have a dark magician king with access to divine powers God of War: I have the literal Supreme Deity Mechstermination Foce: I have a newly hatched duckling. O_o
  • Thư Nguyễn
    Thư Nguyễn 3 months ago The final boss is s chicken invaden refrence lol
  • Bradley Grosholz
    Bradley Grosholz 2 months ago Mario and Zelda: WHAT? WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  • Matteo Mascaro Pennacchi
    Matteo Mascaro Pennacchi 3 months ago This duck is so cute even Boss he became
  • Aaron Umetani
    Aaron Umetani 5 months ago Dude I LOVE how the music is an homage to the theme songs from old giant robot animes.
  • Руслан Юмагулов
    Руслан Юмагулов 2 months ago first boss (tank) his tracks from metal slug
  • Ominous Pigeon Master
    Ominous Pigeon Master 5 months ago I don't know if the music really suits the high stake action, but the game itself looks amazing.
  • 山崎克彦
    山崎克彦 1 day ago やってみたい
  • Frank W Saks
    Frank W Saks 6 months ago (edited) The mechastrophy snakes remind of a game where the main goal is to kill 15 serpents, it was called sky serpent slayer or something like that, I also like how the final boss is made out of the previous bosses and had a chicken invaders easter egg too.
  • jimboy de juan
    jimboy de juan 6 months ago you know that heard about played sky serpent slayer is it's nitrome?
  • Frank W Saks
    Frank W Saks 6 months ago @jimboy de juan what?
  • jimboy de juan
    jimboy de juan 6 months ago @Frank W Saks Yes that past game in years ago.
  • Dan Eyal
    Dan Eyal 4 months ago Where are the Zeo Rangers when you need them!?!?!?
  • Ramal wahS
    Ramal wahS 5 months ago I love the combining mechanic
  • Tai Lee Zadravec
    Tai Lee Zadravec 2 months ago This Game is cool OMG!
  • Jackson Gamble
    Jackson Gamble 6 months ago Leaked footage of budget cut Pacific Rim
  • Alexander Syubaev
    Alexander Syubaev 1 month ago Jackson Gamble more like evangelion
  • Quiet Yuki
    Quiet Yuki 2 months ago (edited) The music reminds me of the old Gundam anime osts!
  • erika takashi
    erika takashi 2 months ago 超級機器人
  • 琳齊勇
    琳齊勇 2 months ago 汪達與巨像+魂斗羅 開眼界嚕