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Скачать с ютуб Dark Christmas Music - Carol of The Bells

Опубликовано: 1 дек. 2017 г. 1 921 617 просмотров

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December 1st, it's time to start thinking about Christmas... I've been listening to Christmas songs for about 2 weeks now though but now I won't get weird looks.

Art by Arthur Asa

I'm planning more dark xmas ones and I'm also planning on doing a 1 hour video of regular songs but Christmas versions of them like Hey There Delilah Christmas Version, Coldplay, Oasis etc.

I am not the artist of the artwork



  • sherif matt
    sherif matt 1 рік тому When you want to send a letter to Santa but you send it to Satan.
  • Smug Sadist
    Smug Sadist 1 рік тому I sure do hate it when that happens
  • PenelopeDinkledong S.
    PenelopeDinkledong S. 1 рік тому Damn that dyslexia!
  • YuuzahnDragon
    YuuzahnDragon 1 рік тому Except Satan answers your letters... hehehe evil growl
  • z0mbiehunter680 R6
    z0mbiehunter680 R6 1 рік тому Mix up the letters in Santa it spells satan
  • Waldemar Aquino
    Waldemar Aquino 1 рік тому Hilarious
  • Maribeth Shuman
    Maribeth Shuman 1 рік тому LMAO best comment xD
  • ExL_ forever
    ExL_ forever 1 рік тому That’s a vine kid accidentally wrote satan instead of Santa
  • Арман Потгитер
    Арман Потгитер 1 рік тому HEY common misconception, I also keep sending my letters to Santa instead of Satan.
  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle 1 рік тому YuuzahnDragon you get a ouji board for Halloween and a snorlax Blox your path while playing d&d... what do you do?
  • ExL_ forever
    ExL_ forever 1 рік тому U LIKE DND TOO?!?!?
  • ExL_ forever
    ExL_ forever 1 рік тому I grab my Excalibur blade and slice the snorlax
  • Gajah Wesi 888
    Gajah Wesi 888 1 рік тому You'll be part of Satan's Little Helpers!
  • Christine Bella
    Christine Bella 1 рік тому Oops
  • ZeldafanNr2
    ZeldafanNr2 1 рік тому Dyslexic kids be like:
  • DJFireHawk
    DJFireHawk 1 рік тому Ironically my like was number 666 lol
  • Rad Sad dad
    Rad Sad dad 1 рік тому I'm not gonna like this comment so it stays at 666
  • James Hally
    James Hally 1 рік тому Did you hear about the dyslexic devil-worshipper? He sold his soul to Santa
  • Kayla V
    Kayla V 1 рік тому Lmao
  • Mushy Pork
    Mushy Pork 1 рік тому Who, unlike Santa, does grant your wishes!
  • Joy Prince
    Joy Prince 1 рік тому #999th like
  • Toony Darlanne
    Toony Darlanne 1 рік тому @z0mbiehunter680 R6 Wow, who would've known.
  • Griffin Michael
    Griffin Michael 1 рік тому Krampus rather. He's the literal "Christmas Devil".
  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 11 місяців тому @Griffin Michael Satan is Krampus this time of year
  • Keno Reeves
    Keno Reeves 11 місяців тому sherif matt When you purposely want to send a letter to Satan but you sent it to Stan.
  • claimouth
    claimouth 11 місяців тому "Get the behind me santa!"
  • Strakos0
    Strakos0 11 місяців тому Okay cmon, but I have realized it just now. The same words
  • the light reveals the place
    the light reveals the place 11 місяців тому PenelopeDinkledong S. It's not dyslexia. Happy Saturnalia. Do some research.
  • Chrystal Aether
    Chrystal Aether 11 місяців тому (змінено) Santa is an anagram for satan who is also saturn. Old father time, the grim reaper, chronos who ate his children (time). Its all the same person....not a far off "mistake". Santa arrives at the end of year or the end of time in December when the season is in decline. Deca is also the number 10...say ten...say ten...say ten., Santa father Christmas is chronos old father time who reaped that which was ripe...the angel of death.
  • Jeremiah Spicer
    Jeremiah Spicer 11 місяців тому Chrystal Aether Mind...Blown.
  • you'll never know
    you'll never know 11 місяців тому Hahahahahahaha
  • Jane Doe X
    Jane Doe X 11 місяців тому Yeah....and yet some don't pay attention to spelling and grammar, but yet complain if their cellar becomes haunted and all sort of things start flying around and shadows try to kill them....people this days....
  • Technoultimategaming
    Technoultimategaming 11 місяців тому Is that the joke? Because Santa is rearranged Satan?
  • Solaire
    Solaire 11 місяців тому Krampus
  • were are the dream team
    were are the dream team 11 місяців тому Oh Satan will be glad to take your soul to Bellaire in a heartbeat..
  • Valentina Jovanovic
    Valentina Jovanovic 10 місяців тому ●●● Omg yeah i know right then Satan kills you in your sleep °□° 😠
  • Valentina Jovanovic
    Valentina Jovanovic 10 місяців тому @Арман Потгитер wiw
  • Valentina Jovanovic
    Valentina Jovanovic 10 місяців тому @Арман Потгитер wow im ●●● speechless ●●●
  • Valentina Jovanovic
    Valentina Jovanovic 10 місяців тому Im liking my own comments.
  • Valentina Jovanovic
    Valentina Jovanovic 10 місяців тому @Арман Потгитер Christmas is so screwd bc of Krampus.
  • Valentina Jovanovic
    Valentina Jovanovic 10 місяців тому @Waldemar Aquino lol
  • were are the dream team
    were are the dream team 10 місяців тому (змінено) @Valentina Jovanovic oh yeah bitch ass demonic darkworlds have more power than most people think they do.And because of your sins you can open doors to the demonic realm from there bad things can happen to you even an untimely death..thanks god bless
  • Technoultimategaming
    Technoultimategaming 10 місяців тому Well done me I got the joke!
  • God of Bleach
    God of Bleach 10 місяців тому Both the same thing BUT........ Santa is Satan !!#
  • densch123
    densch123 3 місяці тому Satan has the better gifts anyways! >:-D
  • Gaeuvyen
    Gaeuvyen 3 місяці тому This is clearly Christmas as imagined by Krampus
  • HazelGreenEyes
    HazelGreenEyes 3 місяці тому sherif matt this comment made me literally laugh out loud. Thank you. 👍🏻😂
  • Jane Kay
    Jane Kay 2 місяці тому If only y'all knew...
  • ben trimble
    ben trimble 2 місяці тому That's the problem with "Santa" and "Satan": put the "N" in the wrong place and everything goes to hell in a hand basket. 😀
  • m a d d i e s t e i g e r w a l d
    m a d d i e s t e i g e r w a l d 2 місяці тому @PenelopeDinkledong S. I love this comment 😂
  • Phoenix Matthias
    Phoenix Matthias 2 місяці тому Auto-correct.
  • Al Ex
    Al Ex 2 місяці тому This is my favorite comment
  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad 2 місяці тому Love this comment 😂😂😂
  • Debora Carta Instagram deboracartax
    Debora Carta Instagram deboracartax 2 місяці тому 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Diary of a Grim Reaper
    Diary of a Grim Reaper 2 місяці тому They are the same. This world is Luciferian. Most of you are Satanists, and you don't even know it. You were never told that is what you are. You accuse, you oppress, you allow and support it. You choose Government Laws over GODS 10 COMMANDMENTS. Who do you think owns you? Police are Satanists. Government are Luciferians. You don't have to sacrifice a sheep in your back yard, while chanting scary words. You let the Satanists imprison human souls. That their entire existence is BASED OFF OF HUMAN SUFFERING. Taking from the people and keeping the people poor. That is EXACTLY what is going on whether you choose to accept it or not. And understanding what I have just said... Where do you think your soul is going? What part of Judge not lest ye be judged is not clear.... It means "Don't do it"... Satan IS SANTA. So you can maintain the appearance of the "good guy" while feeding off the life force of the weak and poor. There are only 10 commandments. Everything else is a Luciferian control power structure. God damn well knows who's been naughty and who's been nice. But he does not reward you for greed.
  • Yubi K.
    Yubi K. 2 місяці тому sherif matt 😂
  • JIN
    JIN 2 місяці тому Super late but there’s a fantastic creepy pasta about this topic. I think Mr. Creeps read it on his channel? Super good and worth a listen if anyone is interested.
  • C0D3NAM3W01F
    C0D3NAM3W01F 2 місяці тому There’s actually a creepy pasta based on this
  • Melody Young
    Melody Young 2 місяці тому 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
    DAVID REYES 2 місяці тому @z0mbiehunter680 R6 well didn't Santa kill JESUS? On his birthday? EVERY kid loves Santa more than JESUS.
  • ayjfr88
    ayjfr88 1 місяць тому Wait I thought I was Krampus
  • Saltiest Satan
    Saltiest Satan 1 місяць тому ;)
  • Jattitax :P
    Jattitax :P 1 місяць тому I vet satan would sent you what you wanted 😂
  • Saltiest Satan
    Saltiest Satan 1 місяць тому Jattitax :P yes, I would
  • wattiskath pi
    wattiskath pi 1 місяць тому we are getting somewhere: the house of mirrors : evil live lived devil thats a blockchain massacre in the system
  • CuckooCuck
    CuckooCuck 1 місяць тому are you like a fetus
  • Ryan Palermo
    Ryan Palermo 1 місяць тому Only the bad kids have to worry about that.
  • MS MMS
    MS MMS 1 місяць тому Nah, Satan gives you all the stuff on your list, even the impossible stuff, but also takes your soul in exchange
  • The President of the United States Of America
    The President of the United States Of America 1 місяць тому @z0mbiehunter680 R6 wow
  • CD/DVD Dd
    CD/DVD Dd 3 тижні тому It’s the same letters ...😏
  • Lazy Jesus
    Lazy Jesus 2 тижні тому sherif matt Satan can’t read he’s thick as shit and can’t even use Google.
  • Travis j
    Travis j 2 тижні тому Same person so......
  • Nasra Kuti
    Nasra Kuti 1 тиждень тому Happens to the best of us...
  • Kelly Liles
    Kelly Liles 4 дні тому Oof
  • Иоан ಠ_ಠ
    Иоан ಠ_ಠ 9 годин тому Ahh relatable
  • jon Dougherty
    jon Dougherty 1 рік тому Don't show this to Tim Burton he'll go all krampus on us
  • Jaydien Oscar
    Jaydien Oscar 1 рік тому jon Dougherty 😂😂😂
  • Julie Wesley
    Julie Wesley 1 рік тому LMAO, yeah Tim would, be interesting to see
  • hurricaneace143
    hurricaneace143 1 рік тому Wait, that's a bad thing?😅
  • I Put the Tiny in Destiny
    I Put the Tiny in Destiny 1 рік тому I wanna see this
  • AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair
    AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair 1 рік тому My thoughts! 😂😁
  • iilucydacat ;P
    iilucydacat ;P 1 рік тому jon Dougherty He actually would
  • Dragonrider1227
    Dragonrider1227 1 рік тому actually, show this to Tim Burton. I want to see that.
  • DVSM
    DVSM 1 рік тому Why do you know what a Krampus is? I am Tyrolean, thats why I ask.
  • Dakota Foster
    Dakota Foster 1 рік тому @DVSMthere is a semi popular movie about him in the us I think
  • Laura Gieger
    Laura Gieger 11 місяців тому @DVSM Yup, but I'm from Styria soo 😂
  • EyeShotFirst
    EyeShotFirst 11 місяців тому Didn't Tim Burton kinda already make a dark Christmas movie?
  • Finlay Fells
    Finlay Fells 11 місяців тому @EyeShotFirst do you mean "nightmare before Christmas " ?
  • Extra Spooky
    Extra Spooky 11 місяців тому That makes no sense dumbass. Burton didnt produce/write that movie, Micheal Dougherty did.
  • Xjay - Roblox & More
    Xjay - Roblox & More 5 місяців тому im your 1k like lol
  • fire Eyes
    fire Eyes 5 місяців тому XD
  • ShyWolfGirl
    ShyWolfGirl 3 місяці тому xD lol
  • peridot ,
    peridot , 3 місяці тому Yes
  • Sinister Sara
    Sinister Sara 2 місяці тому @Extra Spooky Tim wrote the poem that the movie was based off of. It is widely known that he had a strong influence & a big hand in the creating of Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Angela Kartolína Luntian
    Angela Kartolína Luntian 2 місяці тому @EyeShotFirst ye, edward scissorhands
  • Fangirl #28
  • Hero of Mobius
    Hero of Mobius 2 місяці тому I’d watch it.
  • ayjfr88
    ayjfr88 1 місяць тому I love Tim Burton such an inspiration have u watched his movie big eyes
  • human With internet access
    human With internet access 2 тижні тому HARDER DADDY KRAMPUS
  • Laser Sly Marbo
    Laser Sly Marbo 1 тиждень тому It’s ok, I know an elf that listens to this on the holidays
  • Grimm Kitty
    Grimm Kitty 1 тиждень тому @DVSM I took German for two years in high school, we learned about Krampus. There is also a movie.
  • Nick Kurtz
    Nick Kurtz 1 тиждень тому Tim Burton’s “Krampus” starring Winona Ryder, John Ryhs-Davis And Michael Keaton.
  • Ivanperez 128
    Ivanperez 128 1 тиждень тому jon Dougherty Tim Burton’s is a manufactured product owned by Disney
  • k lawrence
    k lawrence 4 дні тому @EyeShotFirst yeah. It was called Batman Returns 😂. Nightmare before Christmas isnt a movie I'd dub dark. It's still a kids movie, but its definately darker than the usual xmas offerings.
  • stelzi290888
    stelzi290888 1 день тому jon Doughterty your comment adresses also another Tim Burton by accident. The youtuber Shmee150 (aka Tim Burton) bought a McLaren Senna last year around christmas and had this playing while unwrapping it.
  • Gooogle Cooper
    Gooogle Cooper 2 тижні тому When its Christmas time but you’re not ready to leave Halloween
  • Eleanor H
    Eleanor H 1 тиждень тому Gooogle Cooper Perfect description
  • Ivanperez 128
    Ivanperez 128 1 тиждень тому Gooogle Cooper Christmas has more horror movies and was actually originally a scary holiday as the parts of Europe that celebrated it believed monsters would be out in the dark cold months.
  • Nasra Kuti
    Nasra Kuti 1 тиждень тому That's me af
  • lili Va
    lili Va 6 днів тому @Ivanperez 128 some parts of Europe didn't really celebrate Christmas the way we now do cuz then there wasn't a Santa Claus cuz it was All about Jesus birthday so a Christmas without a present but they used and still celebrate Sinterklaas waar they get present there's also a history behind Sinterklaas it's pretty interesting.
  • lili Va
    lili Va 6 днів тому @Ivanperez 128 after Santa got created Germany made up Krampus to make sure kids wouldn't be naughty.
  • Whizzy
    Whizzy 6 днів тому I just don’t like happy Christmas music
  • Mónica Mendoza-Castrejón
    Mónica Mendoza-Castrejón 1 рік тому Sounds like it would have come from Harry Potter or Tim Burton's films!
  • soyeon idle
    soyeon idle 1 рік тому Deff Tim Burton
  • Amara  Jordan
    Amara Jordan 1 рік тому At first I thought maybe John Williams too! Like if he and Tim Burton had a brainchild. Lovely.
  • amy harrington
    amy harrington 11 місяців тому Dark Santa steps out of the Mirror of Erised....
  • brasschick42
    brasschick42 11 місяців тому Dark Santa - arrives via Floo...
  • KlingonCaptain
    KlingonCaptain 8 місяців тому A Hellraiser movie set at Christmas...
  • Miri _ 305
    Miri _ 305 6 днів тому I literally came to this somg from a Harry Potter edit haha😂
  • Kyle the Neko
    Kyle the Neko 5 днів тому Definitely would fit Tim Burton's Batman Returns
  • Elizabeth Zelaya
    Elizabeth Zelaya 2 місяці тому Why did YouTube recommend this to me in September of 2019? 😆
  • hex warp
    hex warp 2 місяці тому Because Halloween season increased the satan santa algorithm.
  • Sprizys
    Sprizys 2 місяці тому Me too
  • dracuraptor
    dracuraptor 2 місяці тому Equally confused
  • Kaila Marsh
    Kaila Marsh 2 місяці тому Elizabeth Zelaya same
  • James Bozeman
    James Bozeman 2 місяці тому same here but I love this!
  • Rinus Onink
    Rinus Onink 2 місяці тому Here also and merry christmas, happy new year, happy easter, wonderful thanksgiving and all other holidays! 😉🤪
  • Muumis
    Muumis 2 місяці тому Idc i live him and music and omfg i got school tomorrow and my alarm is screming in one h but ...
  • James Bozeman
    James Bozeman 2 місяці тому @Muumis get some sleep kid, good luck with school
  • Rogan Hibbitts
    Rogan Hibbitts 2 місяці тому You too huh
  • ArcanFox
    ArcanFox 2 місяці тому Is it because there the movies dark Christmas ?
  • jcrtw Jcrtw
    jcrtw Jcrtw 2 місяці тому More to the point.... why could none of us resist listening to it?
  • matt nichols
    matt nichols 2 місяці тому October 6th 2019 lol
  • Sevu Vidramus
    Sevu Vidramus 2 місяці тому Elizabeth Zelaya to get you to prepare
  • elisabeth nerolk
    elisabeth nerolk 2 місяці тому october 2019 LOL
  • General Meyer
    General Meyer 1 місяць тому Get in the spirit b*tch 😜
  • Herbert VAughn
    Herbert VAughn 1 місяць тому October 14th 2019😆😆😆😆
  • Alejandro Carvajal Jimenez
    Alejandro Carvajal Jimenez 1 місяць тому I ready for Halloween and Christmas :b
  • Niemals verzagen
    Niemals verzagen 1 місяць тому Too here. WHY
  • Dj Arnold / The BOOGEYMAN
    Dj Arnold / The BOOGEYMAN 3 тижні тому November, d00de
  • Johanna Maria Rolf
    Johanna Maria Rolf 1 тиждень тому Because the Movie Trailer Of Black Christmas was published in September 2019
  • Val Woodside
    Val Woodside 1 рік тому If you unfocus your vision, it kind of looks like dark Santa is moving. It's really creepy; you should try it!
  • Lainy- Dee
    Lainy- Dee 1 рік тому No!!
  • maggie evans
    maggie evans 1 рік тому I've been trying to unfocus my eyes for like 3 repeats of the song but my stupid eyes just cross instead
  • Godslayer Kiran
    Godslayer Kiran 1 рік тому I'm staring at the thing and it's moving to me.
  • Danimalz86
    Danimalz86 1 рік тому I have done this and I am creeped indeed
  • Kristopher Lisowski
    Kristopher Lisowski 1 рік тому Wow. It does!
  • Black Cat
    Black Cat 1 рік тому Ok glad I’m not the only one who thought he was moving
  • The Frenchiest Fry
    The Frenchiest Fry 1 рік тому OH NAW I DON’T LIKE THAT
  • Dragonrider1227
    Dragonrider1227 1 рік тому It wasn't just me who noticed that XD
  • Adam Bohman
    Adam Bohman 11 місяців тому Homer Simpson scream
  • Alone wolf 400
    Alone wolf 400 8 місяців тому It does.... now l scared 😨😨😫😫😖😖
  • kskskskskskskski nig
    kskskskskskskski nig 5 місяців тому Wtf scary asf😰😰😰😰
  • Wolfblood X
    Wolfblood X 4 місяці тому It looked like he moved across my screen 😱😱😱😱
  • Broccoli Assassin
    Broccoli Assassin 3 місяці тому How do you even do that?
  • Batman The Dark Knight
    Batman The Dark Knight 3 місяці тому He’s responded to others saying he intentionally made it move just slightly.
  • not_Aka
    not_Aka 3 місяці тому OH DAMN, ITS ALIVE
  • Skyguy 4240
    Skyguy 4240 3 місяці тому EW! It’s like his hand is beckoning you to come closer
  • I-Need-Silence
    I-Need-Silence 3 місяці тому Woah that's weird
  • ShyWolfGirl
    ShyWolfGirl 2 місяці тому Val Woodside how do I unfocus my vision?
  • Heidi Brown
    Heidi Brown 2 місяці тому Lol. It does!
  • uhed01
    uhed01 2 місяці тому I did and I thought the eyes flashed red at me...
  • Niko Dimitriy Poletaiev
    Niko Dimitriy Poletaiev 2 місяці тому For some reasons it really does!
  • Niko Dimitriy Poletaiev
    Niko Dimitriy Poletaiev 2 місяці тому @maggie evans lol 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
  • Joshua Orton
    Joshua Orton 2 місяці тому If you squint he has a evil grin
  • Matthew Walton
    Matthew Walton 2 місяці тому @Broccoli Assassin Try focusing on something behind your screen. You will notice that your vision adjusts to the depth, but everything in the foreground becomes blurry. This happens to everyone, many without even realizing it. I've had it happen to me too many times when I'm reading and I get tired, or start daydreaming. Filmmakers will do this a lot in their movies as well, focusing on something happening in the foreground, background, or middleground and everything else is blurred out. Go watch any live-action movie, they seriously do this.
  • venture dreams
    venture dreams 2 місяці тому Drugs are bad mmmmmkay
  • Amaiya Walker
    Amaiya Walker 2 місяці тому Yeah
  • Matt
    Matt 1 місяць тому maggie evans He is moving for me, I am using my peripheral vision though instead of unfocusing my eyes
  • Sage Dragon
    Sage Dragon 1 місяць тому Slightly frightened now yikes
  • Mora Animations
    Mora Animations 1 місяць тому Ah FUC-
  • this boi
    this boi 4 тижні тому At the time of posting this reply, this comment has 666 likes. Fitting.
  • Flibbertigibbet6
    Flibbertigibbet6 3 тижні тому OMG! HE KEEPS EDGING SLOWLY FORWARD!
  • Sallee Collins
    Sallee Collins 1 тиждень тому @Alone wolf 400 How dare you point this out. now im scared
  • Senpai
    Senpai 1 тиждень тому Val Woodside thanks, I hate it
  • Myers31
    Myers31 1 тиждень тому Seeing him moving his hands.
  • Granny M
    Granny M 1 тиждень тому Holy Crap, you're right!!!
  • generic name
    generic name 4 дні тому It does as well
  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 3 місяці тому Youtube Recs 2017: Nah we got 25 days. 2018: Lmao we forgot twice now. We’ll wait till next year Sept 2019: Drop it bro it’s time
  • Krisforsigns
    Krisforsigns 2 місяці тому Basically YouTube's algorithm
  • emily Ramirez
    emily Ramirez 2 місяці тому Yup lol
  • Karma and Chaos
    Karma and Chaos 2 місяці тому Same man
  • Jonathan Heitman
    Jonathan Heitman 2 місяці тому Okay Fuck, too true
  • Benjamin O'Konski
    Benjamin O'Konski 2 місяці тому Well, I guess YT knows that PADORU is relevant again, and this is at least somewhat in the same field, so that’s a plus.
  • Backner Franco Espinoza Quispe
    Backner Franco Espinoza Quispe 1 тиждень тому 666 lol
  • Snowball The cat
    Snowball The cat 1 тиждень тому Fixed it lol
  • Samantha Lusher
    Samantha Lusher 1 рік тому Reminds me of Edward Scissor hands
  • Andres Macias
    Andres Macias 1 рік тому Samantha Lusher Jack Skeleton
  • Despair
    Despair 1 рік тому It has literally nothing to do with Scissor hands
  • Wolfman 19
    Wolfman 19 1 рік тому Esteban Aguayo Well, actually it does. There are a lot of parallels between Danny Elfman’s Edward Scissorhands soundtrack to this one. From the chimes of the bells to the harmony of the choir to the visual effects of the snowflakes on screen which incidentally mirrors the iconic snowing scene in the movie. I think Samantha nailed it with her comparison really.
  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle 1 рік тому I appreciate the civility with which this comment thread has been in disagreement. it gives me hope. hope you all enjoy the wonderful 2018 Christmas season and, a marvelous 2019 to get here shortly.
  • Steven Shipman
    Steven Shipman 1 рік тому Samantha Lusher , yes, it’s very Danny Elfman-influenced
  • Tanner Jordan
    Tanner Jordan 1 рік тому I got a joker vibe
  • Amanda s.
    Amanda s. 1 рік тому I thought the same thing!
  • Matt Rose
    Matt Rose 1 рік тому @Despair And that is why she wrote 'reminds'.
  • Smurfette101
    Smurfette101 1 рік тому Samantha Lusher reminds me of pirates of the caribbean lol
  • DMHQ - Administration
    DMHQ - Administration 1 рік тому Totally! ☺
  • Sharon Marie
    Sharon Marie 11 місяців тому My first thought was Batman Returns... 😂
  • Dilip Kumar
    Dilip Kumar 11 місяців тому I was thinking of the same and I'm sure that's been the inspiration
  • Samuel Mayston
    Samuel Mayston 11 місяців тому @Wolfman 19 didn't see this comment Glad someone else notices it :3
  • Kyle the Neko
    Kyle the Neko 5 днів тому Reminds me of Tim Burton's Batman Returns
  • Kyle the Neko
    Kyle the Neko 5 днів тому @Sharon Marie Same! 🤣
  • Lex Vanguard
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    Anthony Manuel 1 рік тому strong Edward Scizzorhands Last Dance vibe
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    Miss Horton 1 рік тому Danny Elfman, actually
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    Ivanperez 128 1 тиждень тому Lex Vanguard Tim Burton is a product
  • Senshizelda Jeon
    Senshizelda Jeon 5 годин тому De hecho, suena como a Danny Elfman
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    Ady Stm 2 місяці тому When you want to listen to Christmas music but it's Halloween
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    Iron Spartan Productions 1 рік тому James Bagley Nevermore, oh wait, wrong poem
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    Pitiless Nightmare 1 рік тому Oh the bells! Of the bells, bells, bells, bells-- Bells, bells, bells-- To the moaning and the groaning of the bells.
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    Rebecca Joyner 11 місяців тому Oh yeah! Creepy!
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    DeForeest Wright 1 тиждень тому And their king it is who tolls As he rolls, rolls, rolls And his merry bosom swells As he dances and he yells Keeping time time time To the pean of the bells. . . Or whatever.
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    Amaya Allen 1 рік тому Dosent it look like the man's hands are moving?
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    THE EDOGGVERS HEROES AND LEGENDS 1 рік тому @Karissa Rasmussen yeah but it's fine its just a stupid picture
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    Matthias 2 роки тому And they call him.. Sandy.. Claws!
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    Jurassic Reptile 11 місяців тому the funny thing is that's a picture of Dracula from the Bram Stoker novel
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    wattiskath pi 1 місяць тому go to a simple farm wit small animals you know the ones mothers and fathers go to on a sunday afternoon to enjoy their schizofree time take a chicken and a male chicken and look how their foot is made its just like a human hand when you look at the part they walk on if you do not clip your fingernails its exactly a reptile foot you nails grow like the nails of a reptile curved an horrorfull creepy? 3reveil always said do not make me come back because the truth is more creepy than the worst horrormovies
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    broken bats 1 рік тому Star Wars Theory U tried to sexual solicit a 12year old girl by using graphic sexual assault and abuse
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    Panoskol 3 дні тому To all the people saying "sounds like Tim Burton": You mean Danny Elfman :)
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    Game addict 2 місяці тому "HE KNOWS WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPING... HE KNOWS WHEN YOU'RE AWAKE.."
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    Cameron Holt 2 місяці тому He knows when you’ve been bad....oh so bad....or when you’ve been much worse...
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