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Опубликовано: 23 окт. 2019 г. 461 349 просмотров

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Handcam Video:

Played on: Iphone 8plus

  • Nhã Trần
    Nhã Trần 5 months ago Rất hay anh em nào là fan và đã coi rồi thì cho một like nha.
  • Forex Technical Analysis
    Forex Technical Analysis 5 months ago xem rùi
  • Si Mê LQM
    Si Mê LQM 5 months ago 1 ngày ổng ra 1 vd, chán nên xem lại gần hết lượt nữa r
  • black sun
    black sun 5 months ago Xin loi chu thang loz takaz nay fake ip sang indo de gap gon ga,nhuc nhu con cho,
  • Nhật Thăng
    Nhật Thăng 5 months ago @black sun Sủa cc ji z con trai
  • Nguyen Nguyen
    Nguyen Nguyen 5 months ago @black sun Đến chính tả còn không đúng thì loại người như mày làm được cc gì cho đời.ghen ăn tức ở ha con trai
  • E_B_N_FR3ON ابن فرعون
    E_B_N_FR3ON ابن فرعون 5 months ago Nhã Trần
  • [H] Toàn
    [H] Toàn 5 months ago @black sun indo trình bắn hơn việt nam đó má,ở đông nam á v n bắn vẫn thua thái và indo🤣
  • Nhã Trần
    Nhã Trần 5 months ago @[H] Toàn ok
  • Rosie
    Rosie 5 months ago Này server asia hả
  • Andy vid
    Andy vid 5 months ago Hey tacaz I am here to tell you, that your going to hit millions soon, you are actually way better than those who plays at once/pmsc.....I luv u😆
  • cường anh
    cường anh 5 months ago present with your friend, ok bro
  • Lê Văn
    Lê Văn 5 months ago Is he better than sevou
  • cường anh
    cường anh 5 months ago @Lê Văn so sánh thế đíu nào được, mỗi ng mỗi vẻ mà
  • Phuong Cao Minh
    Phuong Cao Minh 5 months ago @Lê Văn sevou is good, but not that good
  • Please Suscribe Me
    Please Suscribe Me 5 months ago sevou and levino are good but they dont haave good movements and cannot play rush . i like who use peek and fire most. i play in iPhone 5s chexk and subscribe guys 😍
  • AXIS
    AXIS 5 months ago Hope you like my new PLAY LOAD MODE 😀 have a nice day
  • Mr G
    Mr G 5 months ago @Lê Văn Every player is good at their gameplay Dont compare each other
  • Tuan Krab
    Tuan Krab 5 months ago How to play in the tournament and in the usual classic mode is different bro,the pro player have very good strategies and skills.unlike ordinary players that you can beat should know that.
  • Suhail Ahmed
    Suhail Ahmed 5 months ago Levinho is better than him.....
  • E_B_N_FR3ON ابن فرعون
    E_B_N_FR3ON ابن فرعون 5 months ago Andy vid
  • Brahma Gaming
    Brahma Gaming 5 months ago Hiding rank low tier match
  • mobi Hoàng
    mobi Hoàng 5 months ago 14:30 best
  • entity wícked
    entity wícked 5 months ago He should be known as "SQUAD KILLER"
  • fusion gaming
    fusion gaming 5 months ago Hello may Chanel
  • Rehab يا حبيبي العب القيم
    Rehab يا حبيبي العب القيم 5 months ago ح
  • Renus Groblet
    Renus Groblet 2 months ago Tacaz, I’ve been watching your clips for quite some time now including some of the others (pros) out there, and hands down you are the fucking best!! Definitely my favorite, saying this as a pubg player myself.. your gameplay is insane and unmatched in my book! Can’t wait to see you break more records! Well done!!!
  • Gopala Krishnan
    Gopala Krishnan 5 months ago Don't make over editing for thumbnails
    VENOM GILL GAMING 5 months ago Ya right
  • entity wícked
    entity wícked 5 months ago Yes that's the only thing he needs to stop doing..
  • hepi s TV
    hepi s TV 5 months ago Nah
  • C4 11
    C4 11 5 months ago Want to know what graphics to use Why does the picture have bright colors like this?
  • PERO plaYER
    PERO plaYER 5 months ago C4 11 colorful
  • sritam jagadala
    sritam jagadala 5 months ago Bro .. i have watched many pubg youtubers..but your skills are amazing .. so OP u bro 😘
  • Phuong Cao Minh
    Phuong Cao Minh 5 months ago Bro check out Toska for another OP, he is superb but little known.
  • Sơn Tê
    Sơn Tê 5 months ago Tacaz idol :))
  • fusion gaming
    fusion gaming 5 months ago channel
  • 1 sultan
    1 sultan 5 months ago Nice game play asia Sarver?
  • fusion gaming
  • Prince Singh chandel
    Prince Singh chandel 4 months ago Tacaz no longer play in Asia coz he knows he can't have 20+ kills in solo vs squad there
  • DARKツ Umar
    DARKツ Umar 5 months ago Tacaz plz Pistol challenge Love from 🇵🇰🇵🇰
  • PraBeen. R
    PraBeen. R 5 months ago 16:55 rip ritika 😅
  • Mohamed Moumen
    Mohamed Moumen 5 months ago 20:45 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Anuj odari you
    Anuj odari you 2 weeks ago Aaj tak samachar
  • Hương Hoàng
    Hương Hoàng 5 months ago Kênh này cho ng nc ngoài ạ. Làm e tìm mãi bjo ms thấy :))))
  • The Thshjsjss
    The Thshjsjss 5 months ago Team "viet nam" 😁😁😁😁😀
  • YežZY ツ IźZø
    YežZY ツ IźZø 5 months ago Stupids say u cheaters .. Your amazing bro... Your the best professional player... Soon you get million im damn sure... All the very best ... And lots of love from here bro 🤗💖💜
  • AXIS
    AXIS 5 months ago (edited) RaZiQツ ClaZzY I did 29 kills gameplay 😃 can u support also? I have playload mode with helicopters and more as well 😊
  • YežZY ツ IźZø
    YežZY ツ IźZø 5 months ago (edited) @AXIS u too doin gr8 job bro... I watched your videos... 🤗💜
  • Rizan Ibrahim
    Rizan Ibrahim 5 months ago Yeah some idiots will always praise you.......
  • Xx-DΞΛDSH0T-xX
    Xx-DΞΛDSH0T-xX 5 months ago I knew it that you gonna Rock I am following you Since 648 subscribers I knew that you will have 100K subscribers soon and the 1M subscribers after
  • Max Musterman
    Max Musterman 4 months ago (edited) PLSS TELL ME HOW YOU KNOW WHERE WAS THE LAST ENEMI
  • Ak Bana
    Ak Bana 5 months ago 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🥰❤🙏⬅️✅
  • Hoàng Dương Lê
    Hoàng Dương Lê 5 months ago Cabdi kafi cabdu lahi 🇻🇳🇻🇳
  • Voploo
    Voploo 5 months ago Tacaz, let`s play together😉
  • fusion gaming