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Скачать с ютуб $5 vs $500 MARKER ART | Cheap VS Expensive!! Which is WORTH IT?

Опубликовано: 31 окт. 2019 г. 1 745 735 просмотров

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Sometimes we just don't have the money, Can a cheap pack of Markers Compete with the leading brand?

Let's put them to the test!

Today's Bic Kids Markers Come in at the low price of $5 for 12 Markers. Making them a Great value for money.
Our Winsor and Newton Promarkers Come in at $500 but supply you a hefty 148 Markers.
Just over $2 per Marker.

We chose everyone's favourite hero, Spider-man to be our model as, he's just so cool!!

I really hope you found entertainment and enjoyment through today's video, I'm very excited to giveaway some products to aspiring artists. We ALL deserve a chance to get our hands on quality supplies!
So GOOD LUCK to you all!

I hope i'll see you in the comment section and the next video... It will be awesome!

Take care :)


  • Mine Knight10393
    Mine Knight10393 5 months ago I like the right side better because the blending is more smooth “Ducks are people too”
  • ADCArtAttack
    ADCArtAttack 4 months ago Hey, Just want to say a congratulations, You have been selected... Please shoot me a Message on Instagram or Twiter. I'll go through steps of confirming we get them to the right person. All the best, You were announced in the latest video. :)
  • Mine Knight10393
    Mine Knight10393 4 months ago I just messaged you on Instagram My username is @snehalbhagat_
  • Joseph Thom
    Joseph Thom 4 months ago @Mine Knight10393 congrats
  • Mine Knight10393
    Mine Knight10393 4 months ago Thanks
  • Kids Epic Tv
    Kids Epic Tv 4 months ago Mine knight10393 CONGRATS
  • Rafael Dolores
    Rafael Dolores 4 months ago Nice brother
  • Rider life
    Rider life 4 months ago Congrats
  • Segio Siea
    Segio Siea 4 months ago Mine Knight10393 hey congrats
  • Viper
    Viper 4 months ago Great job, my Jedi (xD)
  • Shyxd Nugget
    Shyxd Nugget 4 months ago Congrats
  • LeAK_ Demon
    LeAK_ Demon 4 months ago Mine Knight10393 did you get your pens yet
  • Unhoodedshadow LX
    Unhoodedshadow LX 4 months ago The ducks are people too thing sounds like something jazza would say
  • Dionne Preece
    Dionne Preece 4 months ago Mine Knight10393 you suck
  • laighton Jopling
    laighton Jopling 4 months ago @Dionne Preece lol why
  • Parker Virden
    Parker Virden 4 months ago @ADCArtAttack hey my sister is an artist in art school right now. And it would be really cool to give her one of the giveaway items when she comes home for Christmas.
  • Nuri Ht
    Nuri Ht 4 months ago But the a little. So the 500$ marker does not worth it.
  • Za-eemah Adams
    Za-eemah Adams 4 months ago I wunt it
  • Gai Conley
    Gai Conley 4 months ago @ADCArtAttack Hi my name is Gai Ripley and my email address is [email protected] I live at 14 Cobham Street, Yanderra. N.S.W. 2574 Australia. Thank you so very very much. Have a very Merry Christmas x
  • Gai Conley
    Gai Conley 4 months ago (edited) @ADCArtAttackHi I managed to msg you on Instagram. [email protected] Thanks again Gai Ripley nee Conley xx
  • Ahejiziz Mimil
    Ahejiziz Mimil 4 months ago Mine Knight10393 you don’t look happy ?
    IRTICU 3 months ago @Dionne Preece your so jealous!
    IRTICU 3 months ago ADC art attack why do you want to put the bad markers roughly on the paper and u spend 10 hours blending the pricey "WINSOR AND NEWTON" markers?
  • zaeemarendse
    zaeemarendse 3 months ago I wunt it I live in 26 gadn dale cresen
  • Christian Goode
    Christian Goode 3 months ago @ADCArtAttack twitter* lol
  • •Ь3thálluяing•
    •Ь3thálluяing• 2 months ago Mine Knight10393 ayyyye congrats
  • ToroMc Toro
    ToroMc Toro 2 months ago Parker Virden nope I don’t think so
  • ToroMc Toro
    ToroMc Toro 2 months ago Gai Conley u stupid
  • Toadmaster Films
    Toadmaster Films 2 months ago Nuri Ht 1st of all: Wut 😑2nd of all: it depends what type of blend or look you want!
  • Malciosic
    Malciosic 1 week ago Dionne Preece FUCK YOU
  • JoJoジョジョ_SV
    JoJoジョジョ_SV 4 months ago I hate that the black line is not completely centered.
  • 8 8
    8 8 4 months ago It is for the body, its just his head is slightly to the side which makes it more natural
  • david owen
    david owen 4 months ago The line is on an angle thats why
    CHILL 4 months ago Nothings perfect
  • Sébastien Langlais
    Sébastien Langlais 4 months ago I'm really not hating when I say this, I'm not even an artist or anything, but I can't get my head around this line. Why, oh why, would you draw it so off centered and angled?
  • the weirdest person you would ever meet
    the weirdest person you would ever meet 4 months ago Saaame
  • Hans Snah
    Hans Snah 4 months ago And the left eye is bigger than the right eye
  • Joss Baker
    Joss Baker 4 months ago Ohhh that gib me so much O.C.D
  • McQueen Makeup
    McQueen Makeup 3 months ago I like the left side
  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 3 months ago It’s called ocd
  • technerdTV
    technerdTV 3 months ago He drew the line from the center of the legs, thus.
  • wierdunknown Person
    wierdunknown Person 3 months ago JoJoジョジョ_SV SAME
  • Watery Apple Juice
    Watery Apple Juice 3 months ago JoJoジョジョ_SV Sometimes giving critiques in Art helps the artist grow and gives them more of the motivation to do better, but in this case in a way you sort of disrespected the artist, and know that’ll lead to discouragement towards his art in total. No hate or anything, but if you are not an artist yourself it’s actually quite rude to give some major or a critique like that when you might not have any experience with art itself…
  • Hamster Apu
    Hamster Apu 3 months ago ok boomer
  • Shskiwi Kiwiz
    Shskiwi Kiwiz 2 months ago OCD
  • Mi ran
    Mi ran 2 months ago OH NO😱
  • Christopher Dunning
    Christopher Dunning 2 months ago I know I hate aswell wait you have OCD too?
  • Fantom Forces
    Fantom Forces 1 week ago @Hans Snah Spider man is like that
  • Hans Snah
    Hans Snah 1 week ago Fantom Forces ?
  • Gabe The Artist
    Gabe The Artist 5 days ago Same
  • thatjokerperson
    thatjokerperson 4 months ago "ill start off with red and blue" me: "holup when did i go color blind"
  • Savy Wolf
    Savy Wolf 3 months ago Hm? I don't understand
  • thatjokerperson
    thatjokerperson 3 months ago @Savy Wolf Damn bro sorry for your color blindness
  • accidentalness
    accidentalness 3 months ago Literally me ROFL
  • New Abyssinian Mapping
    New Abyssinian Mapping 3 months ago thatjokerperson OOF same
  • Nicholas Barrios
    Nicholas Barrios 4 months ago Imagine someone walking in and saying that pictures not half bad.
  • Monsters Rule
    Monsters Rule 2 months ago WHEEZE-
  • Vicente Romero
    Vicente Romero 1 week ago Lol
  • Mary McGrath
    Mary McGrath 1 week ago Right side is better. “Ducks are people too”
  • Dylan D
    Dylan D 3 months ago I haven't the faintest idea how he's doing any of this coloring, but it's beautiful to watch.
  • Benjamin Kordich
    Benjamin Kordich 4 months ago The left side contrast makes me feel happy inside “Ducks are people too”
  • Mark
    Mark 1 month ago Artists and illustrators amaze me. They have a third eye and drawing ability that just allows them to know when and where to draw/color. The shading, lighting, striations and symmetry etc. Amazing 👍 Meanwhile when I feel like drawing, the moment my pencil touches the paper I’ve already messed up 😬
  • Op Elrod
    Op Elrod 2 weeks ago Fr
  • Gewath
    Gewath 5 days ago Messing up is part of the process The more you mess up, the better you get.
  • Lex T.
    Lex T. 4 months ago its like PNG Vs Jpeg “Ducks are people too”
  • Mystery Mask
    Mystery Mask 4 months ago I like the right better “Ducks are people too”
  • PhotonShade
    PhotonShade 3 months ago Ducks are people too. “Ducks are people too.”
  • Sofia ; P
    Sofia ; P 3 months ago It’s not the markers it’s the artist
  • Mike C
    Mike C 4 months ago Amazing work!! “Ducks are people too!”
  • Kalyn Tmc
    Kalyn Tmc 4 months ago The right side looks smoother but both look awsome. "Ducks are people too."
  • ItzHans
    ItzHans 4 months ago Noone: Comment Section: Ducks are people too!
  • Vinicius Bessa
    Vinicius Bessa 4 months ago First vid I whatch of u “Ducks are people too”
  • EpicPokeMario
    EpicPokeMario 4 months ago 100% of comments: ”Ducks are people too” 0% of comments: nobody
  • Eric O'Grady
    Eric O'Grady 2 months ago 99%*
  • theepicwizard
    theepicwizard 4 months ago I see superiority in the rught but i dint see a 495$ difference. "Ducks are people to"
  • Gabz
    Gabz 4 months ago markers
  • Brandon Burrows
    Brandon Burrows 4 months ago Incremental improvements in traditional art are often exponential. If you buy a lot of art supplies, you'd say that was a $400+ improvement. It's a lot like hard alcohol. Is a $300 bottle of scotch such as Johnny Walker much better than a $40 bottle of cheap but palatable whiskey? Only to a moderate degree. McDonalds serves a pretty good egg McMuffin for a dollar. Or you go down to a local diner and pay 7 dollars for almost the same thing maybe with a free refill on coffee.
  • dave c
    dave c 4 months ago To what? Oh you mean TOO nvm
  • Picropideng
    Picropideng 2 months ago The Probrush markers cost around $2.50 individually. The $500 gets you a set of around 200, which is far more than most people would ever need.
  • Jose Altagracia
    Jose Altagracia 4 months ago Right is more complex, I like it better. “Ducks are people too”
  • Emperor Nova
    Emperor Nova 4 months ago The cheaper one is my kinda style. Its more rough around the edges and that makes it stand out "Ducks are people too"