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Опубликовано: 7 февр. 2011 г. 6 912 просмотров

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Here's a little ditty I wrote this morning. If I was smarter I would have written it last night. Then you'll find me blabbin' on and on about this:

NICE PETER Live in Chicago
(This already happened. It sold out and it was awesome.)

-- | |

I follow most my friends
to where the sidewalk never ends.
It's too soon to believe it now
Are you in tune to believe it?
Oh, it's too true to believe it.

And if they all were ghosts
it'd be what I've known the most
It's too true to believe it now.
Are you in tune to believe it?
Oh, it's too soon to believe it.

(Horn Section) bah bah bah bah

Have you fallen far behind with all the sad things on your mind?
It's too soon to believe them now.
They're the truth if you believe 'em.
It's too soon to believe them now
if you're in tune to believe 'em.

I follow most my friends
to where the sidewalk never ends...

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  • TehCabbinator
    TehCabbinator 9 years ago at :50 i was expecting an "i'm lovin it"
  • Battle Bard
    Battle Bard 9 years ago Man! I keep hearing about you and Peter coming to Chicago! I wish I had a ride to come in! I'm only an hour away in Northern IL. Damn! But I hope you guys have a great time! I'm sure it'll be a blast! :)
  • caldwaj
    caldwaj 9 years ago The tab for this would make me immensely happy ... great song. Love from England.
  • Bella Z
    Bella Z 9 years ago So, sometimes I just like to shut my eyes and listen to your music. You are so talented. It's like... fabulously amazing. :)
  • Give Me Motion
    Give Me Motion 8 years ago @leofrancocrespo Tab and play your heart out, friend.
  • Give Me Motion
    Give Me Motion 9 years ago @wallisnz Actually, "Since I've Been Loving You" is one of my favorite songs ever.
  • MorganPaigeLoves
    MorganPaigeLoves 9 years ago Oh- And although this isn't a Give Me Moments video, I felt could share. My moment is when I stopped. Stopped all of the lying, hatred and self harm and opened my eyes to see the beauty I had always ignored. I found strength and started smiling, loving and living. :)
  • Haley Ruiz
    Haley Ruiz 9 years ago This is my favorite song ever!!!! put it on your website, pleasee? <3 C:
  • Give Me Motion
    Give Me Motion 9 years ago @BrotherKFH thanks, brother. Really glad I put it together in time.
  • ShakespearesChin
    ShakespearesChin 9 years ago Great stuff! Wishing you both the very best of luck with the show. Would love to come along but alas i'm not too local, but hope you can share some clips of it on here x.
  • Alex Bennett
    Alex Bennett 9 years ago Is there anyway you can make another uke tutorial for this? I love the song.
  • wallisnz
    wallisnz 9 years ago @givememotion Yeah they're probably my favourite band. I'm just used to seeing guys with mullets and ripped jeans wearing Led Zeppelin t-shirts.
  • waynesgarth
    waynesgarth 9 years ago your light melodic tunes always make me happy, i always watch one of your videos before i go to sleep to get stuff off my mind, thanks man for being you
  • Josuel Rosario
    Josuel Rosario 9 years ago I'm so jealous of your skills... >.>
  • Give Me Motion
    Give Me Motion 8 years ago @vampireweekendsnl aw, thanks.
  • wallisnz
    wallisnz 9 years ago Led Zeppelin! I wouldn't have guessed that.
  • BootyPriori
    BootyPriori 9 years ago I wish I could buy that song :P
  • Give Me Motion
    Give Me Motion 6 years ago Thanks for digging deep!
  • radiofame
    radiofame 8 years ago Your voice makes me feel so peaceful. Thankyou so much for sharing it with us :)
  • chelseaoklahoma
    chelseaoklahoma 9 years ago this was lovely. thanks.