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Скачать с ютуб THE MAGICAL MJ5 PERFORMING AT THE ITA AWARDS | Reaction by Jaby & Alazay!

Опубликовано: 22 окт. 2019 г. 647 272 просмотра

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Veerendra Chowdary created the opening animation.
Twitter: @NameisVeeru

Moosa Raza created additional background animation.
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Twitter: @MoosaRaza27


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  • Monimala Mandal
    Monimala Mandal 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Was waiting for the moment Jaby's going to realise why they are named MJ5
  • Archit Jain
    Archit Jain 7 месяцев назад I was gonna say the same
  • Narayana Murthy Babu
    Narayana Murthy Babu 7 месяцев назад Exactly
  • Reca LN
    Reca LN 7 месяцев назад Right.. He had no idea eventhough the name is MJ not to add the 5
  • Ronit B
    Ronit B 7 месяцев назад Don't have high hopes when it comes to jaby🤣
  • Happy Bart Simpson xoxo
    Happy Bart Simpson xoxo 6 месяцев назад Michael Jackson for those who don’t know
  • charan chowdary
    charan chowdary 5 месяцев назад Omg me too
  • Yuvraj Tripathi
    Yuvraj Tripathi 7 месяцев назад Jaby: They are dressed like MJ, they move like MJ, I wonder why? ..
  • Sidra Maryam
    Sidra Maryam 7 месяцев назад Lol 😂
  • Thejas K R
    Thejas K R 7 месяцев назад (изменено) No one : Literally nobody : Alazay : Hey hey hey😀 Koay family : Aww
  • sonu fr
    sonu fr 7 месяцев назад no one : literally nobody : jaby koay: that is inspired by michael jackson
  • Thejas K R
    Thejas K R 7 месяцев назад @sonu fr no one : Literally no one : Jaby : That scene is so 300 inspired. Koay family : 😑😐🙄
  • Anoop Maurya
    Anoop Maurya 7 месяцев назад @sonu fr yes it is ... Their name is also.😂
  • Krunal Heruwala
    Krunal Heruwala 7 месяцев назад Seriously jebby.. Is that cool...? Or just.. Views makes it cool 😎
  • Prashant Pai
    Prashant Pai 7 месяцев назад Hehe gud 1..
  • Ishant Sahu
    Ishant Sahu 7 месяцев назад Yumi nagashima sent regards
  • Trishabh Vats
    Trishabh Vats 7 месяцев назад MJ in the MJ5 is Michael Jackson. They made this group as a tribute ♥️
  • Rashmi
    Rashmi 7 месяцев назад Trishabh Aaryan Roy Really 🙄 Do you think nobody knows that ? 🙄
  • Trishabh Vats
    Trishabh Vats 7 месяцев назад @Rashmi I put that comment when they were still watching the reaction. They read the comments so I thought I could help. Didn't know they figured it out later + Too many likes. Hope u understand ♥️
  • Rashmi
    Rashmi 7 месяцев назад Trishabh Aaryan Roy oh ok 👍🏼
  • Kangabam Leo singh
    Kangabam Leo singh 5 месяцев назад 😢😢😢but why???
  • JEET CR7
    JEET CR7 1 месяц назад But shraye khanna is left
  • Puneet Chaudhary
    Puneet Chaudhary 7 месяцев назад Jaby becomes SUNDAY mattress this HALLOWEEN!😂
  • Gowtham
    Gowtham 7 месяцев назад Copied comment 👎👎
    AVENGERS 7 месяцев назад Hey where's the middle man 😂🤣 😂😂 this time
  • Puneet Chaudhary
    Puneet Chaudhary 7 месяцев назад @AVENGERS Assemble! He was cut ☹️ saving us 30%
  • Royal Rajput
    Royal Rajput 7 месяцев назад (изменено) this is how he will earn ..this is his work ....why to make fun of it ....if you want to stop it sponsor him
  • Aravind Entertainment center
    Aravind Entertainment center 7 месяцев назад The dress those dancers are wearing reminds me of "Shakthiman " The indian superhero hero His costume is looks similar to their dress but not close
  • Anoop Maurya
    Anoop Maurya 7 месяцев назад There's no sunflower on the chest😂
  • Aravind Entertainment center
    Aravind Entertainment center 7 месяцев назад @Anoop Maurya Yes that sunflower is missing Other than that everything looks similar
  • Gaming Striker
    Gaming Striker 3 месяца назад Shaktimaan dress really bitch
  • Nadeem Patel
    Nadeem Patel 7 месяцев назад Jaby: "Jaby Koay and Alizay Rhyme" I see what you did there.😅😂
  • Vikas Galande
    Vikas Galande 7 месяцев назад After that.., Alizay : Hey hey hey ...! 😁
  • thomas kumar
    thomas kumar 7 месяцев назад Hey you could have react to there tnt version
  • Anoop Maurya
    Anoop Maurya 7 месяцев назад Its Al'a'zay not... Alizay!!!!
  • Siddharth sirsate
    Siddharth sirsate 7 месяцев назад (изменено) I liked the originals more, now they are divided.
  • Gourav Taparia
    Gourav Taparia 7 месяцев назад Siddharth sirsate only one person separated lol and they still are good what are you talking about
  • Deepanshu Jhalani
    Deepanshu Jhalani 7 месяцев назад Shrae khanna🙈
  • Maina woo bin
    Maina woo bin 7 месяцев назад The best one left lol
  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 7 месяцев назад What?!!!! When?!!😲😲😭
  • Tech Riot
    Tech Riot 7 месяцев назад Yup the og Co flounder of the group and now they're tensions going on between both groups
  • Aroha P
    Aroha P 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Why my eyes are on all the ex couples of television in audience 😂
  • cray cray for tae tae
    cray cray for tae tae 7 месяцев назад Aroha P Ikr
  • Archana Malik
    Archana Malik 7 месяцев назад Like sameeee!!!! 🤣
  • Sush upadhyay
    Sush upadhyay 7 месяцев назад ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Tirth Shah
    Tirth Shah 7 месяцев назад I saw Siddharth Shukla from Bigg Boss.
  • S R
    S R 6 месяцев назад Jinny and karan
  • Uday Rathod
    Uday Rathod 7 месяцев назад I am wondering what mattress should I buy, hmmm......... Sleepwell maybe
  • Roopa Saryu
    Roopa Saryu 7 месяцев назад Uday Rathod , Jaby told you what to buy! Take the koay family discount and buy the mattress already! lol
  • Aamina Noorain
    Aamina Noorain 7 месяцев назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Anindita Banerjee
    Anindita Banerjee 7 месяцев назад How 'bout Kurlon? But seriously I've been using Sunday's 100% latex mattress for the past 16 months and it is amazing. But it is very heavy so if you have a storage bed that isn't hydraulic, then get the hydraulic set installed in it and then enjoy your Sunday sleep for years to come. My only regret is we did not get the Koay family discount.
  • Ayush Vashistha
    Ayush Vashistha 7 месяцев назад Video's title: MJ5 PERFORMANCE Jaby: (wondering this is inspired by Michael Jackson) 🙄
  • Manoj Perumbala
    Manoj Perumbala 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Does anyone remembered Shakthiman while seeing this outfit
  • Taran
    Taran 7 месяцев назад Most of the crowd scenes are edited. They must be seeing something else and their reaction to those events are edited and used here.
  • Chopstick mundane
    Chopstick mundane 7 месяцев назад and the cut transitions are also pretty irritating.
  • zafar samani
    zafar samani 7 месяцев назад No bro it's real audience present at real time
  • Alok Singh
    Alok Singh 7 месяцев назад This is true. A lot of post processing is done on such performance videos and celebs reactions bits are added to match the moments. Not a great job done on this one.
    ABHISHEK KASHYAP 7 месяцев назад they have the record for doing most innovative moon walks, hence the name MJ5
  • Sai Santosh
    Sai Santosh 7 месяцев назад MJ5: Own Choreography Point to be noted
  • The Lone Wolf
    The Lone Wolf 7 месяцев назад If you're looking forward to reacting more dance videos of them, they have a YouTube channel too. Plus you can react to dance by Faisal, Raghav, Prince, D-Dharmesh etc.
  • Jovian Thomas
    Jovian Thomas 7 месяцев назад Their dance routines are inspired by Michael Jackson; Michael Jackson 5 - MJ5
  • suraj_ 987
    suraj_ 987 7 месяцев назад MJ inspired??...Dude their name is literally 'MJ5' can't you get the clue 🤣🤣
  • Kapil Tyagi
    Kapil Tyagi 7 месяцев назад Give ur reaction on muqabala by mj5 in dance champions
  • Content Consuming Channel
    Content Consuming Channel 7 месяцев назад "Micheal Flatley Lord of the Dance" Guy 1 - "That Irish jig guy? 😮" Guy 2 - "His hands and legs are as independent as his body 😖" If you know the two guys who had this conversation u r awesome!!! I'm pretty sure Jaby knows 😁😁
  • Dinesh Sehgal
    Dinesh Sehgal 7 месяцев назад Chandler 😍
  • Akshat Anand
    Akshat Anand 7 месяцев назад *Guy 2: his hands and legs flail about as if independent from his body 😥😥
  • Content Consuming Channel
    Content Consuming Channel 7 месяцев назад @Akshat Anand yeahh my bad...thanks for correcting me bro 😁😁
  • Anurag Tyagi
    Anurag Tyagi 7 месяцев назад If someone doesn't knows this conversation then i cant be friends with him/her..
  • Content Consuming Channel
    Content Consuming Channel 7 месяцев назад Anurag Tyagi nice one 😉😉😉