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Скачать с ютуб Dark Christmas Music - Silent Night

Опубликовано: 5 дек. 2017 г. 207 377 просмотров

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My dark version of Silent Neet

I am not the artist of the artwork



  • Mr.Meeseeks Piano
    Mr.Meeseeks Piano 2 years ago not even Christmas can escape the darkness of Lucas King
  • Bunny Girl
    Bunny Girl 2 years ago
  • Phantom Pheonix
    Phantom Pheonix 2 years ago Mr.Meeseeks Piano sadly I think there’s a reason for that AKA he has crippling depression that was kind of a joke and not at the same time if you were curious
  • Vera I.
    Vera I. 1 year ago must watch the movie Krampus. is in there too.
  • Teddy
    Teddy 1 year ago HEY MESEEKS!
  • Jakub Owadowski
    Jakub Owadowski 1 year ago Can you teach me how to play golf?
  • Jesus Christus
    Jesus Christus 9 months ago Incredible, just incredible!
  • Evan Kurasu
    Evan Kurasu 4 weeks ago the 666th like is MINE
  • cloudsoflilac
    cloudsoflilac 1 week ago Mr.Meeseeks Piano ITS MR MEESEEKS
  • IonNirvana
    IonNirvana 2 years ago You must be fun at parties
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 2 years ago I wouldn't know, I don't get invited to them =(
  • Darkness
    Darkness 2 years ago So instead you create amazing music 24/7, wow, how sad that you couldn't waste your time going to parties instead xDD
  • Vedanth Ganesh
    Vedanth Ganesh 1 year ago You can come to my parties any day, holy crap would that be lit. Love the music, keep up the awesome work Mr. King.
  • 77ranko
    77ranko 4 months ago "at the **right** parties", as it was said once in Star Trek TNG
  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ 2 years ago (edited) Not all darkness is there for you to be afraid of. Although it may be there lurking and hidden in the forms of shadows; darkness is what allows light to seep through, without darkness there is no light. Darkness simmers underneath your skin, ready to be released; but darkness is only ever bad if you choose it to be. You make darkness what it is, whether is is bad or good, only you choose what you do with it...
  • Al
    Al 1 year ago Light burns and blinds, and reveals you to the monsters. Not all light is good. Not all darkness bad.
  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ 1 year ago (edited) Al Well said.
  • Al
    Al 1 year ago Thank you; I do try.
  • Nicholas Chen
    Nicholas Chen 1 year ago Did you actually write all of that?
  • Ciclopea2
    Ciclopea2 1 year ago Someone out there understands me.
  • Lily Me
    Lily Me 1 year ago I find it comforting and soothing. Like being wrapped in a black velvet blanket.
  • NyauBlue
    NyauBlue 1 year ago Many knowing so little say so much, a man of many words will surely swallow many of his own, he is a fool that the masses deem as a genius.
  • Joey G
    Joey G 3 months ago I just like darkness.
  • Marš _
    Marš _ 3 months ago this comment was definitely written by the vashta nerada
  • Krazy0ManMan
    Krazy0ManMan 3 weeks ago Darkness is the only thing faster than light, wherever light goes in the universe, it finds darkness is already there waiting for it.
  • Stormwatcher
    Stormwatcher 17 hours ago Very well said.
  • MidnaDarkwings
    MidnaDarkwings 2 years ago Here's a silent night The winds shall blow But not as to cause pain Though lift the fallen snow Powdered fog of white The moon wears as a veil As her crown of rainbow shines Blessing those below with beauty Especially those buried with eternal sleep In this fiercely cold snow covered forest
  • MidnaDarkwings
    MidnaDarkwings 2 years ago Very beautiful, thank you for the link. But why
  • Jackie Perks - Classical Jams Piano
    Jackie Perks - Classical Jams Piano 2 years ago (edited) Lucas, the master of dark piano rises again and even Santa can't get away this time! Fantastic work again here dear Lucas and loved the orchestration!! Perfectly creepy! Bravo! ~Jackie