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Опубликовано: 19 дек. 2018 г. 1 310 559 просмотров

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Trying more interesting and amazing street food found in Melaka Malaysia

This is definitely not a place to visit when you are on a diet!

Malacca City

  • Angela
    Angela 10 months ago Anyone else have anxiety watching him make that tall ice cream cone?... 😖😣
  • Cosmic Tranquility
    Cosmic Tranquility 3 months ago nah i was having anxiety watching that one guy touch the beef patties with the spatula and then afterwards cut the other burger with it after its been on a raw patty.
  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 3 months ago That is way more ice cream than any one person should eat in one sitting!
  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 3 months ago @Cosmic Tranquility yeah, I caught that too...
  • 晓薇Dorika Time
    晓薇Dorika Time 1 month ago Me
  • Kira
    Kira 1 month ago maybe he's counting how many layers he could do hehe
  • Scotty Totty
    Scotty Totty 2 months ago this old woman breaks my heart to have to work at her age.🥺😭😭
  • Hani
    Hani 1 month ago yeah ikr.But i think that old lady is the restaurant owner.
  • bloomi chan
    bloomi chan 2 weeks ago you made me laugh, thank you for brightening my day.
    SAM JUN HEI Moe 1 week ago They are everywhere in Malaysia.believe me when I say everywhere
  • HotCrazyCatLady Me
    HotCrazyCatLady Me 1 day ago (edited) Who's to say she has to work? It's been found that people who keep working live significantly longer than people who retire. Often times people retire and then die shortly after. Some people just take pride in their work and want to keep working. Especially if they have their own business.
  • Stonr2k Eh
    Stonr2k Eh 10 months ago cutting cooked burgers with the raw meat spatula not cool man
  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 7 months ago i am just watching this and just saw that....umm, sure hope no one got sick. that was gross!
  • Jovan Lee
    Jovan Lee 5 months ago Ah. No. It's not raw. The party is already half cooked and it's literally frozen. What problem could that be?
  • jerungbiru55
    jerungbiru55 5 months ago @Carl Johnson I never got sick eating it
  • Lol Pop
    Lol Pop 2 months ago Stfu you not being here. Gross your ass
  • debi davis
    debi davis 1 month ago Carl Johnson I take it you’ve never ate at a McDonald’s?
  • Kira
    Kira 1 month ago lol all the food you eat will get mixed in your stomach is that cool or not cool?
  • Autumnn Wind
    Autumnn Wind 2 weeks ago I saw that too..I was like ...oh no u didn't!
  • Jacob Her
    Jacob Her 5 days ago Its beef. I think you can eat beef raw, i don't know where I heard that from, all I know is that beef and fish are one of the few meats you can eat raw and be okay.
  • Jdm Love
    Jdm Love 1 year ago Malaysian ✅ Watching food on youtube 1am✅ Empty stomach ✅ Lazy to cook ✅ Mee Wan Tan soup enthusiast ✅
  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin 1 year ago You're cute
  • ahmad mie
    ahmad mie 1 year ago got gastrik lmao
  • Fadlan Fadillah
    Fadlan Fadillah 1 year ago @Pumpkin bikin siomay ikan
  • Steve Thorn
    Steve Thorn 10 months ago Jdm Love Try sex.
  • Novie Novera
    Novie Novera 9 months ago (edited) Were actually same I'm freakin hungry right now and it's 1 am too lol
  • connor jones
    connor jones 7 months ago I always watch at 1am with empty stomach
  • Melissa Gingerich
    Melissa Gingerich 1 year ago I can’t believe he blew out the fire. I hope his spit tasted good!
  • Makross82
    Makross82 9 months ago Seen that.. I was no thanks 😂
  • dzung1969YT
    dzung1969YT 9 months ago Delicious yummy
  • Deeah
    Deeah 2 months ago look disgusting
  • Chee hwee Ong
    Chee hwee Ong 2 months ago You wont see it in singapore ! So unhygiene!
  • badger305
    badger305 1 month ago Gimme a order of chicken, hold the spit and slobber.
  • Elara Fay
    Elara Fay 1 month ago @Chee hwee Ong really? So proud of your Singapore thingy thing while you guys roaming around JB, Malacca, Ipoh, and Penang to buy and eat better food than Singapork.
  • Elara Fay
    Elara Fay 1 month ago @Chee hwee Ong you complaint so much.. Look into this video in Singapore.. most of them also do not using hand gloves.
  • Big Dogg
    Big Dogg 1 year ago (edited) Cook cut the completed burgers with the spatula he was cooking raw burgers with, ah [email protected] 14:26
  • Josh B
    Josh B 1 year ago Just noticed that!
  • Jay’s Corner
    Jay’s Corner 1 year ago that guy is nasty....
  • Jestir66
    Jestir66 11 months ago lol and then he uses a knife thats right there to cut the bread lol
  • The Baobabs
    The Baobabs 11 months ago (edited) Big Dogg Maybe he got nervous of the camera!
  • lory peterson
    lory peterson 10 months ago Cross cam. Is no joke!
  • lory peterson
    lory peterson 10 months ago Add in a little raw egg and meat! Its a party!
  • EatNuke TV
    EatNuke TV 10 months ago Why not? It's food anyway. Raw or cooked
  • Gripit L
    Gripit L 9 months ago van deanvar Get really bad food poisoning and see if you feel the same way.
  • Lo Li
    Lo Li 9 months ago Banyak bunyi aih..selama ni makan tak penah plak kena krcunan mknn uh..taknak makan sudh😴
  • Rain Juice
    Rain Juice 9 months ago ahh i thought he was cooking rocks by how they sounded
  • central 055
    central 055 7 months ago Hi..i eat many street food..n eat street ramly burger malaysia many time n still never get food poisoning..smh
  • Rain Juice
    Rain Juice 7 months ago @central 055 the worms in your stomach are eating the food hs
  • Lo Li
    Lo Li 7 months ago Rain Juice its better okay than u guys eat pig
  • Jovan Lee
    Jovan Lee 5 months ago @Jay’s Corner no. You are stupid
  • Jovan Lee
    Jovan Lee 5 months ago @Gripit L never got one. Only get once at a restaurant which was certified to be clean
  • Jovan Lee
    Jovan Lee 5 months ago @Rain Juice if there are really worms he should have noticed it when he shits. Keep your own stupidity to yourself
  • Bouya
    Bouya 5 months ago Rain Juice worms my ass. only sissy would get sick from that. lol
  • Alip Allif
    Alip Allif 4 months ago Damn son.I am 45 and never got diarrhea after eating burger!lol
  • FlyinVJs30RR
    FlyinVJs30RR 4 months ago @Lo Li just standard lain kut..banyak street food kat luar lebih hygienic bro
  • Cosmic Tranquility
    Cosmic Tranquility 3 months ago yep i was just commenting about how horrible that is. How do these people not get sick?
  • Nerdindahouse
    Nerdindahouse 3 months ago @Cosmic Tranquility good immune systems. They're probably exposed to this food at a very young age so their stomachs and immune system know what it is and how to digest it and get rid of bacteria
  • Nerdindahouse
    Nerdindahouse 3 months ago @Alip Allif 1. You're not 45 you look about 11-12 2. Yes you don't get food poisoning often if not at all living in a first world country where there are inspections and strict regulations
  • Cosmic Tranquility
    Cosmic Tranquility 3 months ago @Nerdindahouse that's true!
  • Cup 666
    Cup 666 2 months ago It’s flavor
  • Diogo Silva
    Diogo Silva 2 months ago i noticed that shit to Fucking salmonela and shit, the burrgers are probably from pork
  • Elara Fay
    Elara Fay 1 month ago @Diogo Silva We don't eat pork. Only Chinese. Thar burger is with beef patty.
  • Elara Fay
    Elara Fay 1 month ago @Lo Li dorang sembang jer nih tapi berak pon cuci pakai tissue ajer pastuh duduk kat umah tinggal sekali dengan hanjing2 dorang yang bawak kutu dan bacteria.. masuk rumah pakai kasut dok bawak taik anjing masuk dalam rumah.. tpi bila bab pasal orang lain punya cara, bukan main dorang nih... first world problem.
  • Brandy777
    Brandy777 1 month ago I just typed the same thing I didn't know if anyone else noticed that!
  • Kira
    Kira 1 month ago @Jay’s Corner you're nastier
  • mrmanifesto
    mrmanifesto 4 weeks ago @EatNuke TV that's how food poisoning works. cutting cooked food with a utensil used to deal with raw food spreads bacteria. i've worked in food service for years and that's a huge issue. not to mention those burgers are barely cooked anyway. really rolling the dice eating from that stall.
  • Autumnn Wind
    Autumnn Wind 2 weeks ago @Cosmic Tranquility immunity .. diarrhea after a while then ur body get used to it. I can't eat street food ..😩
  • Sierra Marie
    Sierra Marie 1 week ago welcome to malaysia
  • Kira Xiller
    Kira Xiller 8 months ago they are just selling street food, not fancy restaurant to be hygenic 100%
  • deborah DeborahR
    deborah DeborahR 8 months ago Kira Xiller, What they are selling is cross-contaminated meat.
  • FlyinVJs30RR
    FlyinVJs30RR 4 months ago the thing is many places the street food is quite hygienic
  • Graphik Dezigns
    Graphik Dezigns 1 month ago As if selling it on the street is a reason not to use proper hygiene? Hell, that's MORE of a reason, seeing how it's already exposed to the outdoors, with bugs, sick people passing by, car fumes, etc...
  • 晓薇Dorika Time
    晓薇Dorika Time 1 month ago But I thought less hygiene street food tastes better than a 3star restaurant does. Just an opinion
  • Kira
    Kira 1 month ago some chefs in the restaurant also don't use gloves and not 100% hygenic
  • Kira
    Kira 1 month ago @Graphik Dezigns its called STREET FOOD, you know it is supposed to be exposed to the outdoors.
  • FlyinVJs30RR
    FlyinVJs30RR 1 month ago @Kira Yup but many countries street food adhere to certain minimum standards so its not an excuse.
  • Kira
    Kira 1 month ago @FlyinVJs30RR I see you like the jackson RR, I like it too but I can only afford the kelly JS32T
  • FlyinVJs30RR
    FlyinVJs30RR 1 month ago @Kira woah i didnt realize there is a gtr pic on ur display haha Mine is also kinda like the low end model but Jackson low end models are mine in of the best gtrs money wise.
  • FlyinVJs30RR
    FlyinVJs30RR 1 month ago @Kira anyway I love them all..RR to King V to Kelly
  • Cats
    Cats 10 months ago Man making food: wears glove only on one hand Me: WHAT'S THE POINT?
  • angeliqué
    angeliqué 10 months ago Because he's grabbing ingredients with the hand, 0:21
  • Cats
    Cats 10 months ago @angeliqué yeah and then he'll handle money with the ungloved hand that he'll use to fold the wrap.
  • angeliqué
    angeliqué 10 months ago @Cats what i want to say is that he's wearing the glove to avoid the ingredients from sticking to his hand.
  • Cats
    Cats 10 months ago ​@angeliqué I would hope that it's more important to wear a glove for food hygiene but each to their own.
  • angeliqué
    angeliqué 10 months ago (edited) @Cats Well, can't expect much hygiene in Malaysia even though the majority are Muslims... it sucks.
  • Alex Undiscovery
    Alex Undiscovery 8 months ago that's what make the food a little bit of flavor, after the guy is scratching his butt
  • Villager Get Rekt
    Villager Get Rekt 7 months ago To keep the ingredient save and clean
  • Jovan Lee
    Jovan Lee 5 months ago @Cats you realise if it is once check to be unhygienic, that guy wouldn't be there for decades now. Why is he still there? Because there's no fucking problem with that. Geez you guys are fucking idiots
  • Jofa Rasi
    Jofa Rasi 5 months ago @angeliqué you sucks!!! Bitch!!! Leave from malaysia
  • Raja Zaidah
    Raja Zaidah 4 months ago Haizzzz again with this issue. Don't u guys watch well known chef cook? They actually do touch their cook and uncooked ingredients like meat and fish with their hand!
  • Uchiha_Shisui
    Uchiha_Shisui 4 months ago Stupid cats
  • Adnil Zaff
    Adnil Zaff 4 months ago @angeliqué the popiah guy are not muslim. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Siti Mrs
    Siti Mrs 3 months ago @angeliqué we dont need u annoying toxic
  • angeliqué
    angeliqué 3 months ago (edited) @Adnil Zaff yeah but if Muslims (especially among the authorities) were much stricter and aware of cleanliness , the citizens would have obeyed regardless of race, religion or culture . some of them at least .
  • angeliqué
    angeliqué 3 months ago @Siti Mrs i'm just stating my opinion . it just makes me sick watching people nowadays , especially the youngsters , like to throw rubbish away wherever they like . i love Malaysia but i just wish people there were more cooperative . btw sya org mlayu .
  • Adnil Zaff
    Adnil Zaff 3 months ago (edited) @angeliqué hmmm... bab buang sampah merata tu memang betullah. Tak boleh nak denied mmg melayu ramai pengotor. Tgk kawasan rumah pangsa atau pprt dah cukup. Tapi nak tunding youngster tu besar benar munafiknya. Tua muda pon sama saja pengotornya. Kita yg tunding orang ni pon belum tentu pembersih benar pon.
  • angeliqué
    angeliqué 3 months ago Adnil Zaff  Adnil Zaff  sya bkan nk maksudkan youngster lgi pengotor... tpi nk kta yg mak ayah tk bgi penekanan yg ckup utk kt mrka , sdih tgk . mak ayah boleh buat tk tau sja bile nmpk anak mrka buang smpah merata . iye btul sya pn tk sempurna bab kebersihan ni . maaf klau ada terkasar bhsa . sya skdar nk luahkan pendapat shj 😊
  • Siti Mrs
    Siti Mrs 3 months ago @angeliqué me too.. Hopefully our future generations will b better... All starts from home..
  • Nerdindahouse
    Nerdindahouse 3 months ago @Raja Zaidah they wash their hands first and after touching raw meat they wash their hands 🤦
  • LordZoth6292
    LordZoth6292 1 month ago @Raja Zaidah yeah but first world chefs have running water to wash their hands, not some van with a makeshift kitchen in the back.
  • Dake Liu
    Dake Liu 1 year ago 1:36 am hungry from Singapore ...
  • Cheonging101
    Cheonging101 1 year ago Dem's some good eatin'.
  • Lady Deadpool
    Lady Deadpool 2 days ago Did anyone realize the handsome guy who do the long ice cream cone 😍
  • Balasaravanan Palanirajh
    Balasaravanan Palanirajh 4 months ago 10:15 Dhodhol or dodol I love this sweet, I eat this every year on Vesak 😍😍 reminds me of grandma
  • Nurul Syamim
    Nurul Syamim 3 months ago Dodol.
  • Phillip Sharpe
    Phillip Sharpe 8 months ago Those burger's at 17 minute's no way they were cooked 😂🤣👍instant deli belly 😁
  • Autumnn Wind
    Autumnn Wind 2 weeks ago 😂😂😂
  • Nishy Ding
    Nishy Ding 1 year ago Melaka is lovely!!! The people we met were friendly and warm, the Grab drivers were eager to tell us more about the sights in Melaka, and the food was really good. The noodle shop serves delicious wanton noodles, and their dry mee hoon kuey is very good. Its just to the left of TheBlanc Boutiq Hotel, along Jonker St. Melaka is a must visit place! ♥️♥️♥️
  • ebonygentleman79
    ebonygentleman79 10 months ago 16:43 Burger guy taps a tune on the grill with his spatula: "Shave and a haircut, five cents!" 😂😂
  • deborah DeborahR
    deborah DeborahR 8 months ago ebonygentleman79, Two Bits
  • 晓薇Dorika Time
    晓薇Dorika Time 1 month ago XD
  • JesseLCH
    JesseLCH 1 year ago I am SALIVATING omgg and that watermelon "poem" nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • Yosafat Dhimas
    Yosafat Dhimas 9 months ago (edited) 9:14 look at this dodol snack, from Garut to Melaka
  • liz williams
    liz williams 2 months ago If I was a child, I would think I’d died and gone to Heaven. That is marvellous!!🇨🇦🇨🇦
  • 朝日
    朝日 1 year ago I loved everything! I'm so hungry now
  • c00kien0m
    c00kien0m 4 months ago the laser-like focus of that ice cream man is intense