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Скачать с ютуб Jay-Z & Kanye West - NI**AS IN PARIS (ESH Remix) / BMW X5M vs ML63 AMG | LIMMA

Опубликовано: 20 мая 2018 г. 30 814 910 просмотров

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  • SugMadic
    SugMadic 9 месяцев назад (изменено) German Cars Russian Street American Song best video ever made
    TSURKIRO GACHA 9 месяцев назад Its a frensh street 😂
  • Deus Deorum est
    Deus Deorum est 9 месяцев назад TSURKIRO GACHA R u stupid?
    TSURKIRO GACHA 9 месяцев назад (изменено) @Deus Deorum est my house is in street
  • Marwan Walid
    Marwan Walid 9 месяцев назад @Deus Deorum est he is right they are French u are stupid
  • Deutscher Hüter
    Deutscher Hüter 9 месяцев назад German Cars > Russian Street > American Song > About France
  • SugMadic
    SugMadic 9 месяцев назад (изменено) @TSURKIRO GACHA look License plates they are from Russia
  • SHARK_ 20100
    SHARK_ 20100 9 месяцев назад @TSURKIRO GACHA tu essure que c' est en France ??
    TSURKIRO GACHA 9 месяцев назад @SHARK_ 20100 j'habite dans la rue même mais bon après il on peut-être juste repris un clip
  • François Champeix
    François Champeix 9 месяцев назад TSURKIRO GACHA c’est en Russie regarde 2:22
  • Super Maker
    Super Maker 9 месяцев назад Meme MaSter Idiots Russia drawers
  • zu wild neon
    zu wild neon 9 месяцев назад @SHARK_ 20100 in french but russian guys
  • Rodler
    Rodler 8 месяцев назад @TSURKIRO GACHA nigga look at the russian signs
  • Rodler
    Rodler 8 месяцев назад @Marwan Walid nigga looke at the russian signs
    PROGUSTA 8 месяцев назад Russian roads and Russian drivers (driving through the streets of Moscow) 🇷🇺😎🇷🇺
  • Qiesa Niessa
    Qiesa Niessa 8 месяцев назад Trending in Paris... Wait, what?
  • AleksTheCarGuy
    AleksTheCarGuy 8 месяцев назад @Deus Deorum est are u stupid is a french street search it up they just have russian plates
  • George Saade
    George Saade 8 месяцев назад I love you and I love BMW
  • GodFather 204
    GodFather 204 8 месяцев назад @Deutscher Hüter Ahja ein Deutscher :D
  • GodFather 204
    GodFather 204 8 месяцев назад German Cars - French/Russian Street - American Song - Russian Drivers
  • Tunio
    Tunio 8 месяцев назад Its Moscow not fucking france
  • Ambruk Studio
    Ambruk Studio 8 месяцев назад perfect
  • Hidde Vaatstra
    Hidde Vaatstra 8 месяцев назад @TSURKIRO GACHA its russian XD
  • Hidde Vaatstra
    Hidde Vaatstra 8 месяцев назад @TSURKIRO GACHA its russia stupid XD
  • Marwan Walid
    Marwan Walid 7 месяцев назад @Hidde Vaatstra its french and stop saying XD dumb fuck
  • Just Munch Here
    Just Munch Here 7 месяцев назад The song is called niggas in Paris because niggas were in Paris
  • AndY
    AndY 7 месяцев назад Против РУсских Что То Имеем??
  • Miguel Ángel Del
    Miguel Ángel Del 7 месяцев назад And like 555. What else could I expect?
  • sam bez ysov
    sam bez ysov 7 месяцев назад Dagestan Guys German Cars Moscow Street East Coast Song) It’s amazing!!
  • Егор Васильев
    Егор Васильев 7 месяцев назад Dishonored )
  • Norbert Banik
    Norbert Banik 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @AleksTheCarGuy yes and french has big sign megaphon in Russian alphabet on the roof , are you blind ?
  • Norbert Banik
    Norbert Banik 7 месяцев назад @Marwan Walid yes yes french has a Russian alphabet on the roofs of the buildings and on road sign , open your eyes please
  • Ömer
    Ömer 7 месяцев назад @TSURKIRO GACHA fuck you, look 1:21
  • -_Richie96 _-
    -_Richie96 _- 7 месяцев назад Commusists be like:
  • Fabio Da Silva
    Fabio Da Silva 7 месяцев назад true XD
  • Aze
    Aze 6 месяцев назад @TSURKIRO GACHA no its not
  • RUSlan MD
    RUSlan MD 6 месяцев назад @Marwan Walid they are russian street ( moscow) stupid child
  • Simone Summo
    Simone Summo 6 месяцев назад Guys... They clearly are in Honolulu, look at the beaches!!
  • Hidde Vaatstra
    Hidde Vaatstra 6 месяцев назад @Marwan Walid look at the signs its fucking russian you blind shit XD
  • Luka Makaveli
    Luka Makaveli 6 месяцев назад @TSURKIRO GACHA C'est en Russie qu'est ce que tu bave la , regarde bien les plaques d'immatriculation , et puis ou est ce que t'a vu une route comme ça en françe , t'es bête ou quoi ? observe bien et renseigne toi avant de dire quelque chose
  • sam bez ysov
    sam bez ysov 5 месяцев назад @BLOODY VENDETTA limma from Dagestan, look at their channel.
  • Beat Force
  • Red sn0w
    Red sn0w 5 месяцев назад Where the fuck did i land XD
  • Ich Bin Ich
    Ich Bin Ich 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @TSURKIRO GACHA Ah, cause if they get caught by speed cam, are there any of them?
  • Ich Bin Ich
    Ich Bin Ich 5 месяцев назад @Just Munch Here Are niggas russian?
  • Alessandro Aldeghi
    Alessandro Aldeghi 5 месяцев назад 2:23 ( up ) are that signs frech ? I don’t think so
  • Peťan
    Peťan 5 месяцев назад Jeees😍😍
  • Damian GT63
    Damian GT63 4 месяца назад @TSURKIRO GACHA Dumbass it's Russia, look at the plates and the government building
  • MsLampalampa
    MsLampalampa 4 месяца назад (изменено) Chechen, Dagestan or ingushetian drivers. This is caucasian style of driving.
  • Damian GT63
    Damian GT63 4 месяца назад @MsLampalampa No doubt it's probably the chechens
  • シCerkayy
    シCerkayy 4 месяца назад @TSURKIRO GACHA not french street 😗
  • Xotic l Skies
    Xotic l Skies 4 месяца назад Doesn’t the tittle say Paris ?!!!
  • Damian GT63
    Damian GT63 4 месяца назад @Xotic l Skies the song name is N*** in Paris
  • Mr_DanyL •
    Mr_DanyL • 3 месяца назад Y'all saying this is a french road, since when is Moscow University in france?
  • Damian GT63
    Damian GT63 3 месяца назад @sam bez ysov most likely chechens
  • Xotic l Skies
    Xotic l Skies 3 месяца назад Oi
  • sam bez ysov
    sam bez ysov 3 месяца назад @Damian GT63
  • sam bez ysov
    sam bez ysov 3 месяца назад Is Moscow so similar to Paris?)))
  • sam bez ysov
    sam bez ysov 3 месяца назад @Ich Bin Ich in Russia Caucasians are called black guys )))
  • Damian GT63
    Damian GT63 3 месяца назад @sam bez ysov Limma does videos all over the countries, he was in my hometown, kurchloy
  • sam bez ysov
    sam bez ysov 3 месяца назад @Damian GT63 maybe, but they live in makhachkala
  • German Kuznetsov
    German Kuznetsov 3 месяца назад Why would russian companies exist in French? 2:21
  • Tonmoys31
    Tonmoys31 3 месяца назад Dope beat and wicked remix
  • Quatro
    Quatro 2 месяца назад i am laughting so hard
  • Quatro
    Quatro 2 месяца назад @Deutscher Hüter its in russia u dumb
  • Ahmed abdelali Guellil
    Ahmed abdelali Guellil 2 месяца назад Best coment
  • Mestor Garin
    Mestor Garin 2 месяца назад @TSURKIRO GACHA no russian street,я из России.I m from Russia
  • Adolf Gustav III
    Adolf Gustav III 2 месяца назад @Deus Deorum est Shut up
  • Ігор Карпінський
    Ігор Карпінський 2 месяца назад Its Moscow i live at this street
  • v1161214
    v1161214 2 месяца назад понятно почему музыка говно
  • Petelka
    Petelka 2 месяца назад TSURKIRO GACHA no
  • Svenkooo Roguljic
    Svenkooo Roguljic 2 месяца назад HVZE_DE 😂😂😂😂
  • Enky
    Enky 2 месяца назад bouddiii MEGAFON advertise, it isn’t French
  • Kacper Brzóska
    Kacper Brzóska 2 месяца назад hotel trivago
  • Marvin Main
    Marvin Main 2 месяца назад BWM
  • Daimonic80
    Daimonic80 2 месяца назад im german lol
  • Next Level
    Next Level 2 месяца назад @AleksTheCarGuy Its Moscow not fucking france. You fuking idiot.
  • Prezydent Pieseł
    Prezydent Pieseł 2 месяца назад Hotel? Trivago
  • シPRD_Flex
    シPRD_Flex 2 месяца назад Deus Deorum est It’s French... it is above the title.
  • Omet nazir
    Omet nazir 2 месяца назад Its russia KAMAZ only in russia. 🤦‍♂️
  • Bubixon
    Bubixon 2 месяца назад @TSURKIRO GACHA Look on flag russia...
  • мαяк
    мαяк 2 месяца назад @AleksTheCarGuy are u actually that fucking dumb? All the street signs are in russian and there is a russian hotel with a russian flag displayed. Dumbass
  • David Meskhi
    David Meskhi 2 месяца назад @MsLampalampa no it's not, not all Caucasians drive like idiots
  • tahaka. disiswousiqosi
    tahaka. disiswousiqosi 2 месяца назад Russia forevo!!!!
  • Mert gacha
    Mert gacha 2 месяца назад Kinda world tour
  • The Echelon
    The Echelon 1 месяц назад TSURKIRO GACHA The Hotel they drove past had Russian flags, the street signs had Russian language...
  • The Echelon
    The Echelon 1 месяц назад Marwan Walid The Hotel they drove past had Russian flags, the street signs had Russian language...
  • Sasha Kravchuk
    Sasha Kravchuk 1 месяц назад BurakDasBörek_ 90% comment
  • Sasha Kravchuk
    Sasha Kravchuk 1 месяц назад zu wild neon no
  • z b
    z b 1 месяц назад TSURKIRO GACHA look at the plate of the cars and the brands writing on the building its like this ыдсотц
  • GodOfWar
    GodOfWar 1 месяц назад Gzuz oh man 😅
  • SugMadic
    SugMadic 1 месяц назад @GodOfWar naund ich fande das Bild ganz nice ich höre aber nicht umbedingt Deutschrap deswegen xD
  • GodOfWar
    GodOfWar 1 месяц назад @SugMadic ich fande das bild auch nice. Ich höre und mag sehr Deutschrap 😜👊
  • Andris Jefimovs
    Andris Jefimovs 4 недели назад Chinese Camera
  • Toxic ツ
    Toxic ツ 2 недели назад Paris streets but k
  • Ehab KO
    Ehab KO 2 недели назад Russian streets? You would change your mind if you have a car and live in Russia believe me 🤣
  • Ehab KO
    Ehab KO 2 недели назад @AleksTheCarGuy don't be stupid what France are you taking about .. it's Moscow .. Russian plates? What about the police car and the buildings?
  • Ehab KO
    Ehab KO 2 недели назад @Just Munch Here bro this is Moscow .. i live here and i know that it's Moscow . Buildings police car everything shows you that it's foooookin Moscow
  • Ehab KO
    Ehab KO 2 недели назад @Norbert Banik bro let me explain to him .. حبيبي هذي موسكو انا عايش هنا واضحه وضوح الشمس من المباني والعلامات والشرطه ببدايه الفديو .. مافي شرطه بسياره لادا الا بروسيا وبعدين قدامك مباني مشهوره ومعروفه انها بموسكو .. Всё бро 🤣
  • TheSimpleOne
    TheSimpleOne 2 недели назад @シPRD_Flex this is the original video even in the tittle there is Russians capital
  • Святослав Саденьев
    Святослав Саденьев Неделю назад а ты нахуй идешь or get the fuck off
  • Horizon Ops
    Horizon Ops Неделю назад Its russian street cuz i seen the russian flag
  • Gerald
    Gerald 4 дня назад delicious 😋
  • Aljaž Strojanšek
    Aljaž Strojanšek 2 месяца назад I just wish one day i will have this exact same car and driving real fast with the exact same music. who else
  • video1
    video1 1 месяц назад Aljaz Is Stoned
  • Bud Sorin
    Bud Sorin 1 месяц назад I have it
  • raimonds matusevics
    raimonds matusevics 1 месяц назад An wish also hope not to die from speeding🙌😄
  • YT GAMING :{
    YT GAMING :{ 3 недели назад (изменено) There is no way to drive like this in my country roads
  • SRee HAri Rb
    SRee HAri Rb 2 недели назад Same 😍
  • Jerry XD
    Jerry XD Неделю назад You can drive but don't speed Because when you crash someone's parents, that was sad
  • ɦiɱɑɳรɦu ʝɑyรwɑʆ
    ɦiɱɑɳรɦu ʝɑyรwɑʆ Неделю назад 😍😍😍
  • Константин Иванов
    Константин Иванов Неделю назад same bro im 18 and hope to get soon my license so i can do this 💯🔥🔥🔥👍
  • 杜品贤
    杜品贤 Неделю назад Aljaž Strojanšek facts
  • Jerry XD
    Jerry XD Неделю назад @Константин Иванов I don't think speed in road is a good chance
  • Константин Иванов
    Константин Иванов Неделю назад @Jerry XD bro i know wht to do so 👍✌️
  • The Uknown
    The Uknown Неделю назад Jerry XD Cant tell people what to do
  • Константин Иванов
    Константин Иванов Неделю назад @The Uknown true thx dude 👊🙂
  • Jerry XD
    Jerry XD Неделю назад @The Uknowndon't speed in road,but you can speed in race way
  • w9s9
    w9s9 6 дней назад The car yes, speed no because it’s dangerous and stupid.
  • Aljaž Strojanšek
    Aljaž Strojanšek 6 дней назад @w9s9 YOLO
  • Gerald
    Gerald 4 дня назад me too but slow , I love my life 😅
  • cavid Talibov
    cavid Talibov 4 дня назад @Bud Sorin əь
  • Pramad Raveendran
    Pramad Raveendran 3 дня назад Me tooo
  • Rome McCrea
    Rome McCrea 2 дня назад Don't drive SUVs and wagon fast
  • Robert K
    Robert K Год назад only slavic guys can drive like this
  • ElektrzyczneBokserki
    ElektrzyczneBokserki Год назад that's true B|
  • • LPFREAKY •
    • LPFREAKY • Год назад Cheeki breeki
  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Год назад Hey not ture, I drive like this after a few drinks (:
  • Dan Frati
    Dan Frati Год назад We know to drive, we make this without Any school or course, this lins of droving is in pur wains
  • Nikos Drak
    Nikos Drak Год назад Maybe you don't know about greeks🔫🔫
  • what up
    what up Год назад do NOT forget about Azerbaijan, bro
  • Waseem Malibari
    Waseem Malibari Год назад شكلك ما جيت السعودية 😂💔
  • Jami
    Jami Год назад So this video should be named ''slavs in paris''?
  • Domenico Cusati
    Domenico Cusati Год назад With 'this' you mean like shit
  • agaabe
    agaabe Год назад Thats right, only slavic
  • Teekay285
    Teekay285 Год назад No just Germans bc of the Autobahn
  • Tobi 1327
    Tobi 1327 Год назад And arabs
  • Ted
    Ted Год назад Robert K Both german cars but K ...
  • N. Mel
    N. Mel Год назад Nope!
  • Delgeree Deegii
    Delgeree Deegii Год назад Lol it is EZ
  • Akwardness
    Akwardness Год назад (изменено) But slavic guys cant make such good cars :D. No hate
  • Pirinax
    Pirinax Год назад I drive like this normally
  • Evren Vurur
    Evren Vurur Год назад turks fuck your all!
  • Arni Baki
    Arni Baki Год назад Don't drink and drive guys
  • Mert Seckin
    Mert Seckin Год назад Write makas show to youtube you can see turkish drivers
  • Lola Kavka
    Lola Kavka Год назад Prawda
  • Tornado tornado
    Tornado tornado Год назад @Freezorizer Your mother drives like that
  • xCiastuhh
    xCiastuhh Год назад In russia even 12yo boy can drive with manual transmission.
  • emir kırkan
    emir kırkan Год назад Everybody learned how to drive like this from TURKISH people so stfu you all
  • Robert K
    Robert K Год назад @Ted and? U r german? Do the same in berlin ;)
  • Emirhan
    Emirhan Год назад emir kırkan dogru söyledin
  • Michelle Supra JZ
    Michelle Supra JZ Год назад I'm a French girl. Can do it too.
  • Юра Матвиенко
    Юра Матвиенко Год назад Ха-ха, ты прав)
  • grey21hunter
    grey21hunter Год назад @Jami why? the video has nothing to do with the music. its a remix anyway
  • Sergej Tanchek
    Sergej Tanchek Год назад Онли долбаёб так ездиет самолюбимая шкура
  • Emre Abdullah Karal
    Emre Abdullah Karal Год назад DONT FORGET TURKISH DRIVERS IN BMW
  • Emperor -The Senate- Palpatine
    Emperor -The Senate- Palpatine Год назад only idiots drive like this, and then end up getting their face scoopd off a wall or the road... and thats fine with me, they should die cuz they too stupid to live anyway. my problem is when an innocent person die cuz YOU IDIOTS wanna show off your car cuz your DICK too SMALL to show off !
  • Yusuf Gündüz
    Yusuf Gündüz Год назад Ahhahah turks drive crazyer than this this is afternoon driver turkish guys are crazy as fuck
    QIUPENG YAO Год назад drive after drank tons of vodkas
  • Shubhangi Surve
    Shubhangi Surve Год назад @Adam Smith HD vvg
  • Kristian Willis
    Kristian Willis Год назад False I drive like this everywhere I go
  • Wolfgang porsche
    Wolfgang porsche 11 месяцев назад You mean chechens. Many riches are muslims in russia
  • J D
    J D 11 месяцев назад pn;y slavic ? pff, watch georgians driving on bmw
    M7MD NOOR 11 месяцев назад Only arab guys can drift on +200km/h speed, check them out on YouTube
  • nightfall1st
    nightfall1st 11 месяцев назад (изменено) looks like you havent seen the turks yet ;)
  • Socalguy007
    Socalguy007 11 месяцев назад Lol little that you know the BMW driver is a Canadian lol and Mercedes driver was a German
  • Ten Bulvič
    Ten Bulvič 10 месяцев назад @Teekay285 But slavs don't need authobahn to drive fastly
  • Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος
    Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος 10 месяцев назад Come to Greece
  • Sir Ducklord
    Sir Ducklord 10 месяцев назад because you miss half ur brain
  • Ahmed Diab
    Ahmed Diab 10 месяцев назад Dude I drive like this everyday
  • Юрген Клоп
    Юрген Клоп 10 месяцев назад Robert K Slayvivc)))??
  • Юрген Клоп
    Юрген Клоп 10 месяцев назад They are two chechens driving !! Ask the guy who filmed this)))
    JUST DO IT 10 месяцев назад Robert K come to Tunisia and see haw we drive hahahaha
  • Amir Hossainzadeh
    Amir Hossainzadeh 9 месяцев назад Arabs?
  • Die 2 Gamer bros 11
    Die 2 Gamer bros 11 9 месяцев назад @Robert K hier is ein Berliner 😂
  • Madalin George
    Madalin George 9 месяцев назад Let say Balcanik and est European boy's
  • mranonimous 1
    mranonimous 1 9 месяцев назад Only balkan people!
  • Ardit Zaimi
    Ardit Zaimi 9 месяцев назад What; you have see albanian and greek drivers...
  • AleksTheCarGuy
    AleksTheCarGuy 8 месяцев назад I can drive better than that
    DVACH 8 месяцев назад That's true). Так и есть) [tak I yest']
  • SugMadic
    SugMadic 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Slavs and Germans are the best in driving
  • Jsks s
    Jsks s 7 месяцев назад Robert K yeah. They cant even drive.
  • Andrei Cristian Darie
    Andrei Cristian Darie 7 месяцев назад The best drivers are Romanian
  • 5R4Y
    5R4Y 7 месяцев назад yesssss
  • Rafael Schmale
    Rafael Schmale 6 месяцев назад Nah im swiss and i drive like that too sometimes✌
  • Imty
    Imty 5 месяцев назад Just check out saudi drift and tell me who else can drive like that.
  • Muse Absolution
    Muse Absolution 5 месяцев назад @Adam Smith slavic guys are born drunk
  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 5 месяцев назад @Muse Absolution ohh ok, now I see the difference
  • Ice Cool
    Ice Cool 4 месяца назад Like pricks?
  • Drift Nation
    Drift Nation 4 месяца назад Spierdalaj!
  • ozgur toplar
    ozgur toplar 4 месяца назад @Nikos Drak greeks lmao they're a joke
  • Tufan Nennioglu
    Tufan Nennioglu 4 месяца назад Yav hee he
  • Abdullah Awan
    Abdullah Awan 4 месяца назад Come to Saudi Arabia
  • lp700
    lp700 3 месяца назад This shit driving is common in lawless india... So st fu pu say American
  • дима
    дима 3 месяца назад @Emperor -The Senate- Palpatine they just driving fast
  • Enlighten Yourself
    Enlighten Yourself 3 месяца назад I've seen niggas who are high drive crazier than this
  • ilyasoghlu
    ilyasoghlu 2 месяца назад Come to Azerbaijan and i can drive for you🤫
  • TurkishboyMLT
    TurkishboyMLT 2 месяца назад TURK'S would take all of you bitch ass drivers go to the middle of the Bosphorus Bridge and gangbang all of y'all in between the continents Asia&Europe. 😂😂😂
  • Dragos Virlan
    Dragos Virlan 2 месяца назад Robert K my dad’s not slavic and he can drive like this
  • BmwF07 Boy
    BmwF07 Boy 2 месяца назад Serbia
  • ́ ́
    ́ ́ 2 месяца назад POLACY ! ! !
  • Droop
    Droop 2 месяца назад مشاهدة الرجال سباق السوبر الشارع السوبر السيارات
  • SolorasPwns
    SolorasPwns 2 месяца назад An Irish ginger on coke can do this.. Ez
  • Raghav Kapoor
    Raghav Kapoor 2 месяца назад Visit India
  • Garage Builed
    Garage Builed 2 месяца назад You havent met turkish drivers yet
  • Saeed Ali
    Saeed Ali 2 месяца назад @Waseem Malibari من زين السواقة عاد بس المواتر جبارة
  • james the handsome
    james the handsome 2 месяца назад Tsss ASIA
  • Cristy
    Cristy 2 месяца назад @Arni Baki Îs not drinking , its passion and cars. Cherse
    DEVARA 2 месяца назад bruh i can with the side mirror closed
  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 2 месяца назад Not true " I've driven like this when I was running alil late to work
  • Jonas F
    Jonas F 2 месяца назад Weird that there is no slavic f1 driver
  • Jonas F
    Jonas F 2 месяца назад No we Germans do this on our way to work lol Why do you think we build the best cars.
  • Dark Amour
    Dark Amour 2 месяца назад Waseem Malibari loool factss 😉
  • Гасым Нияазов
    Гасым Нияазов 2 месяца назад nope those are georgian and azerbaijani
  • Nasib Karimov
    Nasib Karimov 2 месяца назад And Azerbaijanian guys😊
  • stan1ee
    stan1ee 2 месяца назад I am slavic guy. Only IDIOTS can drive like this
  • Damian
    Damian 2 месяца назад Actually true
  • Himanshu Gulwani
    Himanshu Gulwani 1 месяц назад ElektrzyczneBokserki you haven’t seen saudi/emaratis driving then xD
  • AGENT 47
    AGENT 47 1 месяц назад U don't see Arabs kids lol😅
    HALAL BOI 1 месяц назад Better come to South India mate!
  • shaiq butt
    shaiq butt 1 месяц назад (изменено) I can drive like this at 200+ km/h
  • video1
    video1 1 месяц назад Robert K
  • Святослав Саденьев
    Святослав Саденьев 1 месяц назад руские здесь с нами волк 🐺👆
  • Jean Pierre Bernard
    Jean Pierre Bernard 2 недели назад They are caucasian probably.
  • Pjoter
    Pjoter Неделю назад Cause we have it in blood 😂😂
  • Pjoter
    Pjoter Неделю назад @Akwardness What do u mean? Lada is the best car on the world fam xDDDDDD
  • Dragos Dobra
    Dragos Dobra 6 дней назад Just come în Romania for one week
  • Tudor Odagiu
    Tudor Odagiu 4 дня назад Oh, you haven't been thru Romania...
  • elena hilser
    elena hilser 1 день назад With german cars.
  • elena hilser
    elena hilser 1 день назад @Teekay285 you right bro, we are the only ones!!!!!! The Germans just can drive and make cars.
  • elena hilser
    elena hilser 1 день назад @emir kırkan yes you don't even have cars to drive your mom to work😂😂😂
  • elena hilser
    elena hilser 1 день назад After all the Germans are the best drivers have the Autobahn and make the best cars.
  • Rast Must
    Rast Must 12 часов назад You: only slavic drivers drives like this Moscow taxi drivers: hold my beer Tajik drivers: lol)
  • Kevin Daniëls
    Kevin Daniëls Год назад 2:04 that guy riding with no lights is realy dangerous!
  • Måns Nyberg
    Måns Nyberg Год назад but these guys driving for like 150 mp/h throughtout the whole video aren't dangerous at all
  • Kevin Daniëls
    Kevin Daniëls Год назад @Måns Nyberg How do you know thy are driving fast? Maybe everyone was driving realy slow that day and it looked like thy where driving fast. Still, driving slow with no lights is also a big nono..
  • Måns Nyberg
    Måns Nyberg Год назад yeah 100% all of the drivers in paris just randomly drove very slow this day so that they could record the video. you are very stupid my friend
  • Kevin Daniëls
    Kevin Daniëls Год назад (изменено) @Måns Nyberg If you think i was serious, than you are very stupid
  • Sione Oliveti
    Sione Oliveti Год назад @Måns Nyberg How the fuck did you not get this joke
  • Sethy
    Sethy Год назад @Måns Nyberg its russia
  • Nɪne Iota d r e a m i n g
    Nɪne Iota d r e a m i n g Год назад That's what we called non car guy
  • NaRyTa LiFe.
    NaRyTa LiFe. Год назад @Kevin Daniëls to
  • J R M
    J R M Год назад Måns Nyberg you dont know what sarcasm means i guess.
  • Mr_DanyL •
    Mr_DanyL • 11 месяцев назад @Måns Nyberg This was recorded in Moscow, you can see the Moscow University in there
  • Down2Win
    Down2Win 11 месяцев назад Måns Nyberg FP this name of song that Russia FP
  • TheHedgehog YT
    TheHedgehog YT 10 месяцев назад Lol
  • Nick Maserati
    Nick Maserati 10 месяцев назад Måns Nyberg r/woosh
  • Pilotul 99
    Pilotul 99 10 месяцев назад Dacia Logan😂
  • Mahnoor. 666999
    Mahnoor. 666999 9 месяцев назад Sione Oliveti ifkr😂😂💀
  • Roma Quess
    Roma Quess 9 месяцев назад Kevin Daniëls welcome tu Russia
    UGLY BISH IN YOUR DM'S 9 месяцев назад (изменено) 0:29 And this isnt?
  • AgentOsiol
    AgentOsiol 8 месяцев назад Hes a idiot they didn’t even see him or her that could have ended the whole clip 😕
  • SweixNOR
    SweixNOR 8 месяцев назад Måns Nyberg Sarcasm ain’t your strong side.
  • Der Eidgenosse
    Der Eidgenosse 6 месяцев назад @Måns Nyberg it's russian street
  • Muse Absolution
    Muse Absolution 5 месяцев назад When the guy with BMW is there nothing is actually safe
  • Muse Absolution
    Muse Absolution 5 месяцев назад @Måns Nyberg thats russia btw not paris
  • Alibek Omurzakov
    Alibek Omurzakov 5 месяцев назад It's normal in Russia)
  • Ich Bin Ich
    Ich Bin Ich 5 месяцев назад @Måns Nyberg Paris, u need to be fcking kidding me....
  • Michael Grigoryan
    Michael Grigoryan 5 месяцев назад Kevin Daniëls 😂😂😂
  • Daniel Vortex
    Daniel Vortex 4 месяца назад i dont know whats scarier: - the people not getting the joke - the people didnt see its speed up a littebit. (the 150mph guy) even to 150 mph(retarded unit) compared this is slow. - the people thinking its Paris, with russian licence plates and russian road signs, building signs.
  • Beat Force
    Beat Force 3 месяца назад Slav)
  • AijArt
    AijArt 3 месяца назад Måns Nyberg how did that joke go over your head?
  • SCP
    SCP 2 месяца назад @Måns Nyberg looks like you were little pussy to reply back since you know how stupid you are right now
  • Lenderek Official
    Lenderek Official 2 месяца назад wtf woow !
  • james the handsome
    james the handsome 2 месяца назад Lol pussy ASIAN here permanent night vision eyes
  • Layne Coleman
    Layne Coleman 2 месяца назад at least he's in a white car
  • nixnet
    nixnet 2 месяца назад he is riding on bycicle
  • ᖫTjᖭ Veͥccͣhͫio
    ᖫTjᖭ Veͥccͣhͫio 2 месяца назад gta mode om
  • motiКa
    motiКa 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Måns Nyberg it's 180kmh and they have 777 plates which is for the government (i think), they are allowed to do anything. In Russia you can drift on the street if you keep it in the lane and in the speed limit
  • Aadi
    Aadi 2 года назад I'm 101% sure that these 2 cars are owned by Russian Mafia.
  • Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf
    Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf 2 года назад Only russian mafia have the money to buy that cars... in russia...
  • Ian Collins
    Ian Collins 2 года назад Wow great detective work captain obvious
  • Kenan Nuhanovic
    Kenan Nuhanovic Год назад Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf no bro not only
  • filgueira
    filgueira Год назад Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf are you sure about that?
  • Aadi
    Aadi Год назад лол
  • jobany_vrot
    jobany_vrot Год назад 😂👌🏽
  • world best cars
    world best cars Год назад Нет идиота😅😅😅
  • Андрей Синдеев
    Андрей Синдеев Год назад Да не два дебила пижона, которых жизнь ещё не проучила.
  • Dávid Peter
    Dávid Peter Год назад there are 3 fast cars....2 racing...okay....but...who recorded HQ ? Full house of mafia :)
  • AMN3S1A
    AMN3S1A Год назад (изменено) We do not live in the 90s, there is no mafia
  • 2much
    2much Год назад No hard bass, not russian
  • trampo trix
    trampo trix Год назад Aditya Sharma true
  • denis savin
    denis savin Год назад Of course, the car plates are russian 🇷🇺
  • Shabine Begum
    Shabine Begum Год назад But I think it's only the bmw but still Mercedes are upping their game to bmw
  • ZnerkGames
    ZnerkGames Год назад 100% accurate
  • eXuma 3D
    eXuma 3D Год назад Many people have these cars in Russia. Russia is rich. God bless Putin!)))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • Bich plz
    Bich plz Год назад In every slav country is Like that
  • D A N N Y
    D A N N Y Год назад Youd be 100% correct
  • Александр Лосев
    Александр Лосев Год назад X5 In Russia bought for 6000 a year
  • BendyToe 56
    BendyToe 56 Год назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf these cars aren't actually that expensive because my dad and mum owned the Mercedes-Benz ml before my mum crashed it and then my dad bought a bmw x5m but after a while bought an audi q7 so then sold the bmw
  • Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf
    Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf Год назад @BendyToe 56 but with normal jops in Russia you cant buy this cars... in germany you can
  • BendyToe 56
    BendyToe 56 Год назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorfowwwwwwwwwww ok👍.(also I don't live in Germany)
  • Anyja Snow
    Anyja Snow Год назад @AMN3S1A dumb to think that :)
  • Ovyx
    Ovyx Год назад haha
  • Tsar
    Tsar Год назад They are not Russian mafias, as a matter of fact they are young boys around 25yrs old, they have their own Youtube channel too, they are just car enthusiasts
  • Tsar
    Tsar Год назад There are no Mafia's in Russia anymore, Putin siezed all their properties and gave it to the state.. most Mafia's are doing legit businesses now, nobody can drive on the street as these guys without getting thousands of ticket the next morning.. there is camera in all angles in Moscow
  • John Landry
    John Landry Год назад (изменено) I know they make money because they smash up brand new sport SUV on prepuces cars and laugh about it . They not going anywhere anytime they work for the president
  • Vito Matešić
    Vito Matešić Год назад Hahah yea
  • Sk1z0 ఌ
    Sk1z0 ఌ Год назад Are you sure? I have an X5M and I am not from Russia.
  • Mihai Andrei Potoceanu
    Mihai Andrei Potoceanu Год назад Aditya Sharma Romanian*
  • Иисус Христос
    Иисус Христос Год назад Mafia? 2018?!
  • Da Da
    Da Da Год назад ты о ней не знаешь просто
  • cavidan baxishev
    cavidan baxishev Год назад (изменено) есть...она просто замаскирована....
  • 100,000 subscribers with no Videos
    100,000 subscribers with no Videos Год назад (изменено) It's in pairs lolo
  • ukramms
    ukramms Год назад диктатор Путин захвативший власть 20 лет назад со своим кооперативом озеро Вротенбергами итд не мафия ?
  • Marius Ala Smcher Marius
    Marius Ala Smcher Marius Год назад nope is france
  • MashaGorgeous
    MashaGorgeous Год назад I'm 101% sure that these cars are owned by children of some moscow politics.
  • AJ K
    AJ K Год назад (изменено) Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf Absolute nonsense! There is lots of billionaires and millionaires in Russia.
  • Gabriel Dragomir
    Gabriel Dragomir Год назад if all windows are black yep
  • Eric Svensson Sö6
    Eric Svensson Sö6 Год назад (изменено) It's Russian license plates, dumbo. It's even filmed in Russia.
  • Человек Человеков
    Человек Человеков Год назад No, its 2 cars are owned by rich kids
  • nesnaica
    nesnaica Год назад Хах
  • Marty Harris
    Marty Harris Год назад I'm 102% bro
  • Marty Harris
    Marty Harris Год назад Autobahn
  • Tiki HD
    Tiki HD Год назад @2much wrong answer
  • PENDOSS 228
    PENDOSS 228 Год назад Как вы нас раскрыли?
  • 2301.w8
    2301.w8 Год назад Yup
  • DarkRoom 5000
    DarkRoom 5000 Год назад @Tomasz Peczak yea that's true I agree
  • Ellon Mulusk
    Ellon Mulusk Год назад Yeah not expensive? huh? In Finland X5 costs about 100 000 euros=115 000 dollars.
  • Ellon Mulusk
    Ellon Mulusk Год назад You have to earn about 300 000 euros per year if you want to buy it in one year because of the high taxes...
  • Angela Merkel
    Angela Merkel Год назад RUSSIA IS POOR !!!!HAHA
  • Muhammed Ali Yılmaz
    Muhammed Ali Yılmaz Год назад Why not ?
  • sunlollyice
    sunlollyice Год назад russian ppl cant afford those cars xD
  • Cassie Smith
    Cassie Smith Год назад Aditya Sharma 100% true
  • Phantom Racing
    Phantom Racing Год назад @BendyToe 56 i dont think they realize that those arent "premium" cars anywhere but over here stateside, those are everyday cars for you guys 😂 im sure any US car that has to be imported is expensive
  • FranklinProductions57
    FranklinProductions57 Год назад yep lol
    W CAMP ZAM Год назад @李上尉第二排 All well and good to say that in the comfort of your house
  • Egor Randomize
    Egor Randomize Год назад ​@Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf you has actually wrong opinion about russians. There are a lot works in big cityes, which has nice pay. Also people can rent car, or buy it on credit.
    ᏴᎾᎾᏚᎢY ᏴᎾᏆ Год назад Aditya Sharma Yes They are. The Bmw is my Uncles car.
  • Maelstrom
    Maelstrom Год назад I think you are 4000% right
  • madfisss
    madfisss Год назад @Razer хз, хз бро
  • Sharatrox
    Sharatrox Год назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf but this video is in Germany!
  • Franciszek Feliksiak
    Franciszek Feliksiak Год назад Paris Russia Poland
  • Vygantas Vaičekauskas
    Vygantas Vaičekauskas Год назад Iam from rusia there are mafias there pretty seriuos drive without license plates dont give a shit about police drift everywere
  • have noname
    have noname Год назад @AMN3S1A :Dd stupido
  • Samuel Smoljak
    Samuel Smoljak Год назад Hhahahaha i am serbian and i understand russian its funny
  • Aadi
    Aadi Год назад @Tomasz Peczak Я работаю в российской спецназной силе.
  • Sharingan _
    Sharingan _ Год назад No shit Sherlock
  • Светлана Газзаева
    Светлана Газзаева Год назад Yeeees!!!
  • Angela Merkel
    Angela Merkel Год назад NO. LIMMA GROUP
  • Okba Okba
    Okba Okba Год назад Watha fuck
  • Angela Merkel
  • Angela Merkel
    Angela Merkel Год назад @Sharatrox IN RUSSIA
  • Balázs Bevilagua
    Balázs Bevilagua Год назад @AMN3S1A :)
  • Never Quit
    Never Quit Год назад AMN3S1A no there’s russian mafia look it up
  • Angela Merkel
    Angela Merkel Год назад @Never Quit YOU'RE WRONG!! THIS TWO CARS ARE OWNED BY LIMMA!
  • X- Shatoyski
    X- Shatoyski Год назад Chechen mafia 😂
  • Monsti btw btw
    Monsti btw btw Год назад what tha fuck. MMafia still rules russia @AMN3S1A
    ITZLERMAN Год назад @AMN3S1A Well where did the mafia go? Oh right it became the government. You cant get rid of organizations with that amount of money. The mafia didnt go away it just evolved like the yakuza in to something more civilized.
  • HerMac
    HerMac Год назад Actually these 2 cars aren't from Mafia, the BMW one was driven by Russian youtuber and the Mercedes by his friend
  • Nikola Sinoracka
    Nikola Sinoracka Год назад ON
  • Boris The Blade
    Boris The Blade Год назад @Андрей Синдеев им можно, они подорожник в бардачке носят
  • Tortik Team
    Tortik Team Год назад да это я
  • Kevin Francisco
    Kevin Francisco Год назад Nope
  • Robin
    Robin Год назад Guys, now for real. The Mafia is real as hell there and those are people from said mafia. The cops won't bother them, they can be quite sure they'll be killed when they even try to stop one of those cars. Those are people you don't wanna interfere with, no matter who you are
  • n3s4r1
    n3s4r1 Год назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf 👌
  • Irgendein Typ
    Irgendein Typ Год назад @AMN3S1A Mafia will be in every single country idiot
  • SkyExecution
    SkyExecution Год назад @AMN3S1A 😂😂bruv
  • rifat Girgim
    rifat Girgim Год назад Yeey
  • rifat Girgim
    rifat Girgim Год назад Russian niga?
  • toxic.
    toxic. Год назад ахахахахах ор :D
  • maxime allard
    maxime allard Год назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf Limma est un préparateur de voiture de sport et de luxe rien a voir avec la Mafia qui eux roulent les 3/4 du temps en G63 brabus ;)
  • Anton Truveller
    Anton Truveller Год назад This is filmed in Moscow cuz the 777 numbers on the plates . And only Russians drive like that, f*** the police
  • Anton Truveller
    Anton Truveller Год назад ReZoW 123 Jheez downgrading cars like that
  • Dhjonis Tushe
    Dhjonis Tushe Год назад I have a ML 63 bro and i am from Albania
  • Dhjonis Tushe
    Dhjonis Tushe Год назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf i have ml 63 bro and i am from Albania
  • Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf
    Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf Год назад @Dhjonis Tushe Who ask you which car you drive ?
  • Dhjonis Tushe
    Dhjonis Tushe Год назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf my nigga
  • Quốc Bảo Nguyễn
    Quốc Bảo Nguyễn Год назад We have a same think :)))
  • Terkii Man
    Terkii Man Год назад By Russian gays.
  • Володимир Вафилюк
    Володимир Вафилюк Год назад No,this LIMMA
  • 1 2
    1 2 Год назад @AMN3S1A ok when you think😉
  • Khan_Shilki Volga Bulgaria
    Khan_Shilki Volga Bulgaria Год назад @Tsar я тебе больше скажу,это сейчас Путинская Мафия)
  • Yash Paranjpay
    Yash Paranjpay Год назад Nice cars tho
  • The Rock
    The Rock Год назад and the filmer was the police
  • Никита Белош
    Никита Белош Год назад Russian government))
  • MultyRYE X
    MultyRYE X Год назад (изменено) These Cars Are LIT!
  • Yasinetskiy
    Yasinetskiy Год назад These are two rich idiots who don`t care about people around. And the cars bought by parents
  • NoRiKo
    NoRiKo Год назад Лал
    BEKUCHI i Год назад it has russian numbers suka byet
  • Denni Driver
    Denni Driver Год назад А ты что думал?Тут все такие)
  • Viktoria
    Viktoria Год назад совсем наоборот, это дети чиновников и начальников силовых структур.
    BEKUCHI i Год назад you dont need to be in mafia. russian car license says everything in occupied countrys. so sad
  • Viktoria
    Viktoria Год назад @BEKUCHI i в оккупированных USA странах Российских автомобилей обычно не бывает.
  • VinSe 1337
    VinSe 1337 Год назад @李上尉第二排 Ба́ры деру́тся -- у холо́пов чубы́ треща́т.
  • Hello how are you?
    Hello how are you? Год назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf Cars in Russia are cheap
  • Hello how are you?
    Hello how are you? Год назад @BendyToe 56 Ok. Nice story thanks 4 sharing
  • _ Enjoy_
    _ Enjoy_ Год назад russia sucks
  • Gamer Mobile
    Gamer Mobile Год назад yeah becaus only russian mafia have the money to buy this car
  • Infinite Boost
    Infinite Boost 11 месяцев назад ​@AMN3S1A There is no mafia anymore. Its called politican/ successful businessman.
    ВСИЧКО Е ЛЮБОВ 11 месяцев назад All people here -77777brain cry poor people 😄😄😄😄
  • MZR Streams
    MZR Streams 10 месяцев назад Андрей Синдеев поверь,были бы у тебя бабки на такие машины.ты бы тоже так делал
    KOROZYFF 10 месяцев назад This cars are at Lima, not at the russian mafia
  • V S
    V S 10 месяцев назад Don’t mess whit Russian poeple bc Rey have guns and I’m Russian soo yeah we have guns too. 🖕good luck
  • Чёрный Пистолет
    Чёрный Пистолет 10 месяцев назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf No, there are a lot of cars like this in Russia
  • jo seph
    jo seph 10 месяцев назад Ian Collins shut up
  • sergerea
    sergerea 10 месяцев назад Duhhhh!!!
    AIRFOX AORUS 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf no its in Moscow so much guys there could buy these Cars
  • мαяк
    мαяк 10 месяцев назад Its actually 3 cars
  • Evolution series
    Evolution series 9 месяцев назад Yes, its Russian mafia
  • Max Furche
    Max Furche 9 месяцев назад @AMN3S1A lol there is haha
  • Ерен Русин
    Ерен Русин 9 месяцев назад Aditya Sharma ахахах
  • Стас
    Стас 9 месяцев назад Guys, it's LIMMA - russian car-bloggers
  • anri mchedlishvili
    anri mchedlishvili 9 месяцев назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf or people which lives in rublyovka
  • Officer Pulaski
    Officer Pulaski 8 месяцев назад these are FSO, so they are mafia
  • Magomed Magomedov
    Magomed Magomedov 7 месяцев назад 101% wrong. They have nothing related to mafia, just 💰. In Russia if you have money you can brake a lot of rules.
  • D-Fuse
    D-Fuse 6 месяцев назад 101% sure that these 2 cars are onwed by 2 idiots who bought cars stolen from germany
  • Paya depp
    Paya depp 6 месяцев назад @Tomasz Peczak 😂😂😂👌
  • Wer Ner
    Wer Ner 5 месяцев назад Просто 2 пидора .
  • Wer Ner
    Wer Ner 5 месяцев назад @eXuma 3D ТП.
  • T1ZER
    T1ZER 5 месяцев назад Русская мафия брат!(russian mafia brother!)
    BATLER 3 месяца назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf I'm not russian mafia, my dad not russian mafia
  • Бачата
    Бачата 2 месяца назад it is russian morons.
  • Jean Pierre Bernard
    Jean Pierre Bernard 2 недели назад Mafia is only in hollywood movies.
  • Jean Pierre Bernard
    Jean Pierre Bernard 2 недели назад @Paul Niendorf/Timmendorf joke?
  • Artur Adamian
    Artur Adamian 3 дня назад Oh no.. that's stupid kids who's parents are senators.. or smbody who had stolen enough money in 90-s.. its like their game - they do it regularly.. police all corrupt so they don't do anything even when the catch them.. sometimes they kill somebody in a car accident and get into troubles.. but only cuz their faces, and their parents are on TV.. but after a couple months when everyone forgets, they give some money to a judge.. maybe a victim and everything is back to `normal`
  • Jean Pierre Bernard
    Jean Pierre Bernard 3 дня назад @Artur Adamian they are chechens or dagestanis
  • Master Silence
    Master Silence 1 день назад AMN3S1A mafia still exist just not as much
  • Lamə İsmayılova.
    Lamə İsmayılova. 3 дня назад (изменено) İ don't understand anything, but i'm still listening😉 The car is also full song👌
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    Bass Boss 1 день назад Imagine having a metal ball to drive like that in streets.
  • András Kormos
    András Kormos 11 месяцев назад (изменено) All dislikes are from police department Edit: WOW somebody found my comment under this video. Thanks for the first like
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    Eray Games Год назад Nobody: 14 year olds: its russian mafia on 170%
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    мαяк 7 месяцев назад Ok “Eray Games” Go ahead and google who the Limma group is and maybe u will shut ur mouth
  • Phedrisid
    Phedrisid 3 месяца назад it's russian degenerates
  • Putain D' Orange!
    Putain D' Orange! 2 месяца назад @мαяк I've Google it and now ? You don't have to be a gangster to wrap your car in black, tint your windows in black and drive fast. It's basically a norm in the car community to go full black with your BMW.
    DJ PARADOX 2 месяца назад @Putain D' Orange! if you look at the plate its 777 its only for goverenement so these cars belong to some dirty rats that do the dirty work for the high people (politicians,business owners..)
  • Putain D' Orange!
    Putain D' Orange! 2 месяца назад @DJ PARADOX Ok thanks I didn't know that, but the Mercedes didn't seems to had it tho.
    DJ PARADOX 2 месяца назад @Putain D' Orange! baisclly these people dont respect the laws there because the gov cant do anything to them not all of them have the 777 plate but most of them
  • Kroma Vortex
    Kroma Vortex 2 месяца назад @DJ PARADOX That's completely bullshit.
  • Kroma Vortex
    Kroma Vortex 2 месяца назад @Putain D' Orange! He is wrong. It doesn't mean anything.
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    Carlos Israel Lopez 2 месяца назад @Pavel Jevsejev pero la calidad que ofrece youtube para descarga es pésima solo 128 kbps y habemos quienes la necesitamos incluso en 1411 kbps. We need download this song on. WAV
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    Internet Explorer 2 месяца назад Driving Skills : 100/100 Song: 100/100 Bass: 100/100 BMW : 100/100 Mercedes : 100/100 Russia : 100/100 My ears : 09/100
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    Sephirth0000 1 месяц назад Driving skills more like 30/100 cuz of all that safety systems in cars. ASV,ABS, and so on
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    Jay Bro 2 недели назад Some people imitated this rip/100 or jail/100.
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    Manu Fokusu 1 месяц назад 0:58 Thats how My Friends and I drive when we sell some "drugs" in GTA V Online w/ a full filled Lobby 😂😂😂
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    Don Eladio Год назад when she says her parents aren t home
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    1337Skrjabin 2 месяца назад check the death rates on russian roads and compare it to any civilized western country and you'll get the picture
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    BASS CAR 9 месяцев назад I don't need to watch porn no more
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    Шынболат Жаксыбаев 2 месяца назад @Hmmm Yes, you are right! Смотрю остальные вообще про него не знает
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    andreitam33 Год назад I think that Notre-Dame cathedral caught fire because she listened to this
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    Logan Last name aint yer business 6 месяцев назад (изменено) When Karen and Catherine are late to their kids' soccar match
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