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Скачать с ютуб Hello Stranger - Barbara Lewis

Опубликовано: 10 сент. 2011 г. 16 236 328 просмотров

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  • Glenda Sparkman
    Glenda Sparkman 2 years ago I was in such a hurry to grow up only to find out being an adult is highly - overrated
  • strictlynorton
    strictlynorton 1 year ago Wise words... highly overrated and that's a natural fact (says the 61 year old Brit) peace to you sister Sparkman
  • david houck
    david houck 1 year ago Remember, you couldn't wait until you got out of school an get to working...LOL! Glenda Sparkman, your post is so right!
  • El Gato Gordo
    El Gato Gordo 1 year ago Absolutely! I used to tell my kids when they were young in the 90s to take their time growing up. Now in their late 20s, they understand what I meant. It's the cycle of life...
  • Andy Farrugia
    Andy Farrugia 1 year ago So true
  • steve brown
    steve brown 1 year ago Yep. Seems like I went from 18 to 65 overnight.
  • christopher unfus
    christopher unfus 1 year ago Isn't everybody in a hurry to grow up?
  • M Hartung
    M Hartung 1 year ago I thought growing old would take longer...........
  • Breanna Almazan
    Breanna Almazan 1 year ago Memories ❤💫
  • JCB
    JCB 1 year ago So true...I remember my mama telling me " it will happen soon enough and you're not going to like it"🤔😂
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 1 year ago Sure is
  • reydaboss45 caca
    reydaboss45 caca 11 months ago Facts
  • reydaboss45 caca
    reydaboss45 caca 11 months ago Couldnt wait to grow hair now a nikka gray haired crying but grateful to the GOD
  • Lisa Lentile
    Lisa Lentile 10 months ago Yes it is
  • Justine Marshall
    Justine Marshall 10 months ago God aint that the truth 😥
  • a little red dot in a sea of blue
    a little red dot in a sea of blue 9 months ago Ain't that the truth though.
  • Frank Rigelwood Sr.
    Frank Rigelwood Sr. 7 months ago That's why we have the second childhood. So we can have fun again.
  • Dave Dawson
  • steve brown
    steve brown 5 months ago You are so right Glenda. Wishing my young life away and now I am 65 and old. Where did the years go. Now I am wishing I was young again. Life is certainly strange.
  • R McCoy
    R McCoy 4 months ago I second your words Glenda, Slow down and enjoy life as it comes.
  • Door Kicker
    Door Kicker 4 months ago God you got that right.
  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island 4 months ago 1:06!
  • James Porter
    James Porter 2 months ago I hear you me too!!
  • Renee Dillard
    Renee Dillard 2 months ago Ikr
  • Eugene Ward
    Eugene Ward 1 month ago It was a trap. LOL
  • Terry Marsh
    Terry Marsh 1 month ago Ya it takes min
  • Ed Lutz
    Ed Lutz 1 week ago @steve brown so true
  • J. CJr
    J. CJr 3 days ago Love this #FACTS
  • Jesse Burns
    Jesse Burns 2 years ago I'm 67 now. And this song still gets to me as it did when I was 14.
  • Franco Calderon
    Franco Calderon 1 year ago (edited) These songs are timeless.
  • Jeanette F
    Jeanette F 1 year ago I just turned 66. Wow, brings back memories of Coney Island beach. I worked there when I was 14.
  • Franchii Gallegos
    Franchii Gallegos 1 year ago Wow I bet those were the good ol days.
  • Jerry Cincinnati
    Jerry Cincinnati 1 year ago I bet it was I was a long
  • Big Smoke Guitar
    Big Smoke Guitar 1 year ago It does the same at 63
  • Joanna Roe
    Joanna Roe 1 year ago I remember going to frat dances and this playing
  • Dorth Whillier
    Dorth Whillier 1 year ago Me too
  • langdon kellogg
    langdon kellogg 1 year ago Me too at 69 years young! These were definitive songs for that era.
  • beboppinnow
    beboppinnow 1 year ago 67 here too. Were we really only 14? Seems like last week, not a mighty long time. . . sigh
  • Suze Rainer
    Suze Rainer 1 year ago How lucky we were to have grown up in a time when the music was so very magical !!
  • iammsone
    iammsone 1 year ago 66. But one of my all time favorites.
  • Sundance7055
    Sundance7055 1 year ago 70 here love it
  • althea stortz
    althea stortz 1 year ago Jesse Burns I am 67 myself and music like this brings back beautiful memories and for sure is timeless
  • john doe
    john doe 1 year ago 24
  • Angelica Acosta
    Angelica Acosta 1 year ago Yea
  • Rahsun Shabazz
    Rahsun Shabazz 1 year ago GO YOUNG UNN"!!!
  • Elizabeth Wilson
    Elizabeth Wilson 1 year ago Me too..I'm 67
  • S. J
    S. J 1 year ago If only we could turn back the clock!
  • Arnetta Crawford
    Arnetta Crawford 1 year ago i get girl... i'm 70 and still love it.
  • Juanita White
    Juanita White 11 months ago I love old school....the best.
  • Noah Hernandez
    Noah Hernandez 11 months ago 19 here I’m glad my parents put me on this growing up
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Suze Rainer yes we are sure miss those days do you remember Tony Clarke he sang The Entertainer
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Elizabeth Wilson and never get tired of this music it's like all we have
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Arnetta Crawford okay never get tired of it
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Juanita White I wouldn't have it no other way
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Juanita White I listen to it all the time I love finding songs i have forgotten about
  • Elizabeth Wilson
    Elizabeth Wilson 11 months ago @Carolyn Allen it's what keeps me going
  • Julie Braun
    Julie Braun 11 months ago Barbara's voice, beautiful.. The Background vocals, second to none, other than the Beach Boys. Spellbinding!
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Elizabeth Wilson how well do I know that feeling such a sad world we are living anymore I often wonder what's the purpose of it all
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago A couple if weeks ago I found a blast from the past Tony Clarke - The Entertainer
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Arnetta Crawford I found another Blast from The past Tony Clarke - The Entertainer
  • slappabitch 144
    slappabitch 144 10 months ago 🙂
  • Rita Campbell
    Rita Campbell 10 months ago Jesse Burns no kidding, huh? These were beautiful songs!
  • Rita Campbell
    Rita Campbell 10 months ago beboppinnow 70 here. You are right. Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday and that’s the truth. It seems like no time at all.
  • Rita Campbell
    Rita Campbell 10 months ago Carolyn Allen me too! Absolutely. These songs were such a happier time. It isn’t just that we were young. Those really were better times to be alive. I’m so sad for this old earth today and the bad people running it. I feel so sorry for the young people!
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 10 months ago Rita Campbell I found another Blast from the The Entertainer by TONY CLARKE
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 10 months ago Look up( the Entertainer) by TONY CLARKE
  • Peggi Breen
    Peggi Breen 7 months ago Know how you feel I'm 66 and feel the same heard it when was 15 and had to buy it - but this song has so much meaning .. I use to call my oldest every Saturday and play this sing on the phone in a voice mail as left home at 24 and how I was so sad but knew he was growing up but still missed his teasing, funny stories we were so close at one time. But our kids have grown learn take adventures and move on it's the parents that don't - but I'm so glad when to see him again and his beautiful family he has blessed us with, his wife the girl of his dreams. My precious granddaughter and only precious grandson. They are little loves. So today still sing this song Hello Stranger it seems like a mighty long time. How I love and if I love you do it with all my heart. xxx always be kind and always be safe your mom loves you. xxx
  • abraham t
    abraham t 7 months ago 54 years ago
  • Samieyra Standish
    Samieyra Standish 7 months ago 64 still loving timeless takes me back to when I had feelings to strong
  • Kee kee Hawke
    Kee kee Hawke 6 months ago Me too Jessie. I'm 68. Wish i could ho back to that time. It was the happiest of my life. Go back to it and STAY. lol
  • Kee kee Hawke
    Kee kee Hawke 6 months ago @john doe 6 you young whipper snapper. Can't be too young not to feel these awesome tunes. They're like all of us... timeless. God bless you all with your sweet memories. Who knows? We may get to relive those golden days, of slow moving, contentment with full hearts and the energy of youth.
  • 32 BOY
    32 BOY 6 months ago Jesse Burns was going to give you a thumbs up but it is on 420 and I’ve been dancing and smoking on a Sunday morning and this my shit I’m 35 been listening to this since like 12 years old strong......... Real Personalities don’t die we just step to the side and slide in by
  • Maria Oliva
    Maria Oliva 6 months ago Me too and Im 70......
  • David Bazan
    David Bazan 6 months ago Jesse Burns glad we share a mutual feeling even with the age gap I’m 18 and I love listening to this song going to college
  • Carmen Brooks
    Carmen Brooks 6 months ago Cool
  • Carmen Brooks
    Carmen Brooks 6 months ago @Franco Calderon si
  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island 3 months ago @beboppinnow Great comment!
  • Daniel Peterson
    Daniel Peterson 3 months ago Hello Stranger, the music that helped define my life.
  • Yvette Farias
    Yvette Farias 2 months ago I just turned 55 and Lowrider Oldies are the best, bring back such great memories.
  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 1 month ago OH YEAH I AM 75 AND IT MAKES ME CRY
  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 2 weeks ago Same here such a cool song with a awesome beat, wouldnt it have ben great to be sittingin a chair in the recording studio
  • Monique Macias
    Monique Macias 1 year ago Who's here cus u grew up with this music 😍😭
  • Shirley Butler
    Shirley Butler 1 year ago Monique Macias Oh please don't leave me out I was so lucky to be born to experience that awesome era and some Monique a trip down memory lane good old days 4SURE! !
  • Sadie lynn
    Sadie lynn 1 year ago Monique Macias I grew up with my daddy enjoying good music while bbqing.. I love these oldies brings me back to a good time and place and remember all the happy beautiful memories.. And my daddy smiling and laughing and loving life..
  • Rosemary Hatter
    Rosemary Hatter 1 year ago Funky Town Ft.Worth is in the house!! December 2018!!
  • Joeldell57
    Joeldell57 1 year ago Oldie but a goody
  • Joeldell57
    Joeldell57 1 year ago Im oldie but a goodie Monique
  • Heavenly Warrior
    Heavenly Warrior 1 year ago Hello stranger...yes mija I did..good old times. 🙏
  • John Spencer
    John Spencer 1 year ago I was 13 when the record was released (1963). Sounds as beautiful today as it did back then.
  • george robinson
    george robinson 1 year ago 1 was a senior in high school when this song came out
  • Kelvin Williams
    Kelvin Williams 1 year ago I was 12 when this came out.
  • Kelvin Williams
    Kelvin Williams 1 year ago I'm 67 years old. Wow!
  • george robinson
    george robinson 1 year ago i was in high school, with the Vietnam War waiting for me, was drafed a couple of years later, and that was when music was music
  • jorge rosas
    jorge rosas 1 year ago All day everyday PSSJ EHP 4th
  • Brenda Wells
    Brenda Wells 1 year ago Monique Macias thanks for the update
  • Brenda Wells
    Brenda Wells 1 year ago Joeldell57. Good thanks
  • Brenda Wells
    Brenda Wells 1 year ago jorge rosas thankful
  • Nite Shadow
    Nite Shadow 1 year ago Grand Theft Auto brought me here LOL. Chale, I grew up listening to this in Chiques, Califas!
  • Jeff Escobedo
    Jeff Escobedo 1 year ago I love the oldies until the day i the way u r beautiful my lady
  • Jeff Escobedo
    Jeff Escobedo 1 year ago I miss having a mexican woman
  • Peter DiCostanzo
    Peter DiCostanzo 1 year ago This music is simply the best! Fantastic arrangements, fantastic lyrics. Performed with so much feeling. What else could anyone want in music?
  • M Hartung
    M Hartung 1 year ago Many found memories with this particular song. Very sexy and beautiful....
  • Violent Rebel 713
    Violent Rebel 713 1 year ago Monique Macias Damm I remember back in the days when I was with my homies and we used to cruise that avenue and we were a clicka you know tu sabes Como los tiempos pasan Damm memories live on always just like oldies live forever we used to jam this song all the time me acuerdo
  • Anthony Gutierrez
    Anthony Gutierrez 1 year ago Hi
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 1 year ago Me
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago I am glad to have been raised in this era and miss it very much and the people
  • Luis Ontiveros
    Luis Ontiveros 11 months ago Monique Macias lets cruise
  • Tommy Wayne
    Tommy Wayne 11 months ago (edited) Not really grew up with it...found it in my late teens early 20s because my supervisor at my 1st job( rip Ronnie Dragu ) always played 1 of Milwaukee's oldies stations and it introduced to some of the best 🎶 music ive ever heard. And its funny how you don't know it then but you will look back one day amd realize how great you really had it, heartbreaks aside, You realize it was 👍...and how good you really had it. I know it was redundant...but becasue im a bit smashed ill type this drawn out explanation no bodys gonna fuckn read any way... Oh thats right trump outlawed the internet....can anyone even see this...anyone anyone... Hello?
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Tommy Wayne hey Tommy I read it and I understand where you are coming from and it was the best, I lived my best life back then, if I could only turn back the hands of time
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Tommy Wayne 😆 ru sober yet
  • Tommy Wayne
    Tommy Wayne 11 months ago @Carolyn Allen 😵
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Tommy Wayne does that mean we are feeling better
  • Susan Lain
    Susan Lain 11 months ago Me.....I grew up with all thesesongs, plus we shag danced Myrtle Beach style to many of them. The Shag is the state dance of South Carolina!
  • Tommy Wayne
    Tommy Wayne 11 months ago (edited) @Carolyn Allen yea now....thanks for asking. Is there anything better than these type songs when your getting 4 inches of snow in mid april and the city kind of slows and eventually shuts down? Having a few hits of medical grade marijuana or a few shots? Edit: I should mention i am still kinda down about a break was 6 months ago now but we were together 17 years...and she has already married the guy she left me for! Either way this music...just sooths the soul.... This particular song will always remind me of my dog Clancy...idk why but...he was the best. My current dog is also the best...but Clancy came in my life right when i needed him...and my current dog is also like my best friend-it just sucks that my ex ditched both of us for a new guy and new dog... I was given the choice to move into our old apartment which is too expensive and also too big...but the only place i could have the dog with my credit. But if i didnt move in here. She was gonna put our dog down....unreal. I feel like i never knew her now. I helped her thru the hardest time of her life and she left me during mine.
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Tommy Wayne Damn I'm sorry to hear this you have the right to be down in the dumbs right about now but you have got to get up and pull yourself together it's hard right now but you can do it she are no one else can keep a good man down so get up find else to do because is just around the corner not to be wishing bad luck on her but things will work out for the better for you I wish you well
  • Tommy Wayne
    Tommy Wayne 11 months ago @Carolyn Allen thank you! you are very right.
  • Diablo Tupadre
    Diablo Tupadre 11 months ago Whose here cuz u think u a G but in reality you just a PUTO
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago @Diablo Tupadre what where u up tripping on Diablo
  • Robert Cruz
    Robert Cruz 10 months ago Aye i grew up on this like my jefitas home cooking. i was in jr high when oldies cought my attention they had always been there but now they ment something and it was becausecause of a girl. Wacha music had never gotten a hold on me until then. Her name was claudia and she was so fine, batty eyelashes, long hair, smoth skin and round lips. I don't even have to tell you the rest. But my heart was set since then and my school days where dedicated to finding time to talk to her on the hallway or at her locker. Lucky for me i had one foot in the door since we where cool. You know just as friends, i had my work cut out for me fam.
  • Lisa Lentile
    Lisa Lentile 10 months ago Me
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 10 months ago Takes me back to yesterday years where I would like to go back and stay 😆
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 10 months ago @Lisa Lentile the wonder Years and how time flys
  • Lisa Lentile
    Lisa Lentile 10 months ago @Carolyn Allen so true
  • oldude979
    oldude979 8 months ago Took a bath in this music everyday
  • Danny Hatfield
    Danny Hatfield 8 months ago There's no other music like it anymore anywhere !
  • Barbara Leszczynski
    Barbara Leszczynski 7 months ago Sadie lynn I'm here..still alive...and lovin this sweet soul music forever! Nothin gonna let me go of this sound...never, never!
  • John Gonzales
    John Gonzales 7 months ago This is Johnny Gonzalez from Stockton I'm just listening to music that I grew up on
  • Barbara Leszczynski
    Barbara Leszczynski 7 months ago bet..I am a teenager of the sixties.....a child of era that will never again be replicated. How lucky I am to have been born in the era that produced these beautiful meaningful love songs by soul groups that are so appreciated by me today. How I miss the wonderfull groups and sounds of the past. Never will see those times again...thank God I at least have the memories! Thank you motown!
  • zekeboots
    zekeboots 7 months ago I was in the Navy in 1963. A long way from home, sitting in the gedunk alone.
  • Robert McAllister
    Robert McAllister 6 months ago Same here
  • Adriana Michelle Acosta corona
    Adriana Michelle Acosta corona 6 months ago Thoes were the days oldies Jr high and high school
  • kemp ison
    kemp ison 6 months ago A baby-boomer here (1952) actually wondered why I wasn't born 8 years earlier so as to grow up with doo wop music! But the late 50s until late 70s was great!
  • Sam Saul
    Sam Saul 4 months ago How u doin Monique I remember this wen I was 10 yrs on the first time I heard it in 1972 u r such a gorgeous woman
  • Ray Candelaria
    Ray Candelaria 4 months ago That's right momma for real
  • J L
    J L 4 months ago Me....
  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island 4 months ago (edited) ☺️0:39
  • Lee Schappell
    Lee Schappell 3 months ago Nineteen years old, I cruised all Summer long that year. Fell in love a half-dozen times - and finally grew up when I was 48! God love you, girl!
  • Dj Mando Live Chicago
    Dj Mando Live Chicago 2 months ago check this out
  • Teresa Brown
  • Roberto Cerrato
    Roberto Cerrato 1 month ago Corazón💝💝🎓🎓🔢🔢🐧🐽📷🎐
  • David Mancillas
    David Mancillas 3 weeks ago i grew up with the rolas and ill die with the rolas oldies 😎
  • Peter Macias
    Peter Macias 1 week ago (edited) Here 👍💪 By the way, nice last name.
  • TheBennyman89
    TheBennyman89 4 days ago All the oooriginals lol
  • Jose Silvas
    Jose Silvas 2 years ago This song got 1k dislikes... who thinks they trippin?
  • Mary Wagner
    Mary Wagner 1 year ago Jose Silvas oldie but goodie
  • Jessica Moya
    Jessica Moya 7 months ago me
  • Barbara Leszczynski
    Barbara Leszczynski 7 months ago They crazy!
  • Ray Gomez
    Ray Gomez 7 months ago Whoever disliked this song u don't know shit about this classic song
  • David Hall
    David Hall 5 months ago got to be
  • Zara Dimple
    Zara Dimple 5 months ago It's okay, they are deaf, if not dead.
  • Regina Ramz
    Regina Ramz 5 months ago Exactly!!!!
  • Brooklyn Rocks
    Brooklyn Rocks 5 months ago (edited) One of my FAVORITE songs.
  • Mauro
    Mauro 5 months ago They tha youngstas *said a youngsta * (Me) Lol
  • Anthony Chavez
    Anthony Chavez 4 months ago People who can't translate chu-bot, chu-bot.
  • Clara Hickerson
    Clara Hickerson 3 months ago One of the greatest songs in my era
  • Efren Ortigoza
    Efren Ortigoza 3 months ago reggatoneros they don't like this type of music
  • Shalawn Dillon
    Shalawn Dillon 3 months ago Although I was born in 1974. I love this classic and the 70s version. Thanks to my parents!
  • Brenda Lujan
    Brenda Lujan 3 months ago Colorado
  • christopher unfus
    christopher unfus 2 months ago They're deaf.
  • doneatta
    doneatta 1 month ago Tripin and flippin...they have no taste or understanding of legendary music.
  • Lj Hendrickson
    Lj Hendrickson 1 month ago +++Jose..3.7 k March 2020. WHAT??!!?? Some people. NO excuse..they are the ones losing out!!
  • Deb 7
    Deb 7 2 years ago This is when singers could SING!!!
  • katsujinkin60
    katsujinkin60 1 year ago They didn't need machines to keep them in tune, and they didn't have to display T&A in order to distract from their voices (or lack there of)!
  • Thor Christoffersen
    Thor Christoffersen 11 months ago there are many singers right now who can still sing, its just, you probably can't find them cause you only look at mainstream pop music.
  • Daniel Peterson
    Daniel Peterson 2 weeks ago BRAVO......BRAVO. !
  • Mxll 94
    Mxll 94 2 days ago All vocals no engineering
  • Winter Blue
    Winter Blue 2 years ago I can play this a million times and its never enough... Great post!!!
  • A. E. Sheats Jr.
    A. E. Sheats Jr. 1 year ago Me too! never gets old to me. so many memories of a great time in my life.
  • samuel saul
    samuel saul 1 year ago Winter Blue i hear it jus sounds better the more u listen to it this song is so beautiful the first time i heard it was in 73 i was 11 yrs old my fav song
  • Julie Braun
    Julie Braun 11 months ago Barbara's voice, beautiful.. The Background vocals, second to none, other than the Beach Boys. Spellbinding!
  • Windy Cindy
    Windy Cindy 10 months ago Never enough. When I don't tune it in, I'm humming and singing it to myself! For days, them earworms. I'm so gladd it's a song I love. <3
  • William Crosthwaite
    William Crosthwaite 4 months ago I thought it was only me listening to this song over and over
  • Lia Pagan
    Lia Pagan 3 weeks ago Was a young girl when I heard my Mom sing this song. She sounded so beautiful! She’s gone now, one year and a half today. I can play this song and see her in spirit! ❤️ you mom🥀🌹
  • Lia Pagan
    Lia Pagan 3 weeks ago Winter Blue I totally relate! I play it over and over.! I’m connected to Mom through music. She sang this so beautifully. RIP Mama 🌹
  • Irmajean Heaton
    Irmajean Heaton 1 year ago My mom opened my bedroom door one day and asked me, " why don't you listen to music your age"? Mom said, " you weren't even born yet "! I told my mom that I liked the music that I was playing and she just closed my door and left me listening to this awesome, beautiful music! They don't make music like this anymore... Mom said that I have an old soul....♥️💜🤘
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 11 months ago And she right lol enjoy the old skool if you want to 😆
  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 10 months ago She right pretty much and that's a good thing
  • Gilbert Vidana
    Gilbert Vidana 7 months ago She's right for doing that, feels good inside, just wait for the magic to happen!.............. I am 67 Now, I remember this song watching my cousin putting on her curlers, getting ready for a date! I was 7.... Like it was yesterday. I Love you (Kika).
  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island 2 months ago Mom, hold on na, I'm listenin to my jamz. Sshhhhh....
  • Laurine Ark
    Laurine Ark 2 years ago Shoo Bop Shoo Bop, My baby, ohhh
  • Antonio Vazquez
    Antonio Vazquez 1 week ago Oh uh oh, I my, my, m.....I m so glad
  • Angela Green
    Angela Green 1 year ago My hubby always sings "chewbacca's wife...had a baby " when they sing shoo bob shoo bop my baby. 🤣 he's a dork.
  • Rose Amberzine
    Rose Amberzine 4 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Francisco Gonzalez Tellez
    Francisco Gonzalez Tellez 2 months ago Wow 😄😄😄😄
  • Dj Mando Live Chicago
    Dj Mando Live Chicago 2 months ago check this out
  • Rudy Carrillo
    Rudy Carrillo 1 month ago That made my day. Your man has it right! He makes you smile... That's all that matters. GOOD MAN CHEWY!
  • TobyDaMan
    TobyDaMan 1 week ago Angela Green got me doing it now. Lol
  • Jeremy Shitpost
    Jeremy Shitpost 2 years ago Any sad bois still here banging the oldies?
  • Rosann Sanchez
    Rosann Sanchez 1 year ago They are still in
  • Sal DiMarchese
    Sal DiMarchese 2 months ago yeah, and the music is great too
  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 1 month ago me 75 yrs old its pretty aint it ?
  • Masked Gam
    Masked Gam 1 month ago Sad girls too..
  • Miguel Sumo
    Miguel Sumo 1 week ago dont be sad bro just watch the beauty of the rotary engine ❤
  • Manitou Mani
    Manitou Mani 2 years ago Am I the only one who loves oldies music? 🤔
  • Sharon R Cooper
    Sharon R Cooper 1 year ago The One And Only Mani No I Love oldies my kids make of me what do they know right👍🙂🙂😊
  • Fernando Silva
    Fernando Silva 11 months ago Probably you and everyone else who liked the video
  • Pedro Jenking Ortega
    Pedro Jenking Ortega 6 months ago no, you are not
  • SeekerGoOn2013
    SeekerGoOn2013 6 months ago Manitou Mani Of course not!!
  • Barbara Leszczynski
    Barbara Leszczynski 5 months ago are definitely not alone....there are so many of us still around lovin and never forgetting this wonderful sound. A sound without all the hate or politics that is in the music today! Oh, how I miss the simpler days as a teen in the sixties!
  • J. Hernandez
    J. Hernandez 3 months ago Manitou Mani nope 😎
  • jane hyden
  • Anita Ortiz
    Anita Ortiz 1 year ago That's right very sexy song😎😉
  • Jc Cru
    Jc Cru 4 months ago that whats up
  • K. B. Beltran
    K. B. Beltran 3 years ago Chihuahua!!!! Why don't they make music this beautiful anymore???? Cruising to this...downtown at night....AHHHHHH! The good ol days when there was LOVE!
  • Evelyn Gilbert
    Evelyn Gilbert 3 years ago Karenina Beltran cause times has change thats why the only way u r going to hear them is only u played them
  • clayton swanson
    clayton swanson 3 years ago (edited) Yess, Music like this, cruising downtown, or anywhere, on a beautiful moonlit nite Is sooo good,. And there is nothing else like it, When there was LOVE in the air,,,Ooooh, the memories,and there was lots of them,,,, And we can keep the memories alive by playing music like this.
  • oldschool1503ify
    oldschool1503ify 1 year ago Memories of cruising Bristol Street in Santa Ana, Califas. Saludos from Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Samuel bAutista
    Samuel bAutista 1 year ago Or if you pass me wile im
  • Jerry Cincinnati
    Jerry Cincinnati 1 year ago @Samuel bAutista ok love
  • G. a.t.f
    G. a.t.f 1 year ago Karenina Beltran So true. . When there was love
  • Prince vegeta760
    Prince vegeta760 1 year ago Karenina Beltran still love, women are scared of love, i gots hella 2 give lol
  • Alejandro Jimenez
    Alejandro Jimenez 1 year ago Crusing to this on whitter blvd east la good ol days
  • Eric Williamson
    Eric Williamson 1 year ago Because black people have no control of their culture. We are amerikkka
  • Chuy1234 Cortes
    Chuy1234 Cortes 5 months ago Ke onda BB yo vivo en CD Juárez
  • Dj Mando Live Chicago
    Dj Mando Live Chicago 2 months ago check this out
  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island 2 months ago Gurl!