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Скачать с ютуб JAY-Z - Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)...

Опубликовано: 16 июн. 2009 г. 26 680 192 просмотра

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Music video by Jay-Z performing Roc Boys (And The Winner Is).... (C) 2007 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC

  • mcgradyyy
    mcgradyyy 4 года назад This is probably how Barack felt during his first inauguration.
  • Mr. Theta
    Mr. Theta Год назад mcgradyyy Absolutely.
  • Barta Anett
    Barta Anett Год назад Roc boys in the building! :D
  • Kiz
    Kiz Год назад Like a drug dealer turned legit? lmaooo
  • Akym Rinkovsky
    Akym Rinkovsky 11 месяцев назад That' a great way of looking at it.
  • Curly Hair Messiah
    Curly Hair Messiah 6 месяцев назад Barta Anett Barack Boyz in the building
  • Will Walker
    Will Walker 4 месяца назад Word!😄
  • Erin Soriano
    Erin Soriano 3 месяца назад First
  • Erin Soriano
    Erin Soriano 3 месяца назад @Akym Rinkovsky yes
  • Tommy Reusse
    Tommy Reusse 2 месяца назад lol Jay probably feels just as good. Obamas networth 40 mil. Jigga is a billionaire now lol
  • Chris G
    Chris G 2 месяца назад 😉
  • I. S.
    I. S. 2 месяца назад And the loser is....Lucifer...and thus JayZ! Pray for him and his family Yeshua Coming Soon
  • Dave Khan
    Dave Khan 2 месяца назад @I. S. ?
  • Spencer Tracy
    Spencer Tracy 1 месяц назад Dope!
  • Jill Ames
    Jill Ames 1 месяц назад DUDE.
  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 1 месяц назад @Kiz we won ...........Lol 😂💞
  • samuel muiruri
    samuel muiruri 1 месяц назад tommy reusse barack is kinda better, kind of, $ 40 mil, president, havard, senate, professorship etc. nothing against rapping but still its not the white house if you see what i mean. anyway just my view.
  • david hutchinson
    david hutchinson 3 недели назад More like ghost before he got smoked
  • Eric maghanga
    Eric maghanga 6 месяцев назад Congrats HOVA to have made it as the 1st billionaire rapper.
  • Xid RK
    Xid RK 4 месяца назад Funny how these rappers name themselves god-like names. Jeezy Jehova etc. What message do they bring? Not so god-like
  • Clubbin Mag
    Clubbin Mag 4 месяца назад Xid RK read the Bible more. You’re supposed to treat yourself like the God that you are , or else you won’t be. Ye are all gods.. all sons of the most high. Remember that. They got mad at Jesus for saying the exact same thing.
  • Xid RK
    Xid RK 4 месяца назад @Clubbin Mag Where did Jesus say this? Please provide verses with numbers. Take your time.
  • Sophia ATN
    Sophia ATN 4 месяца назад @Clubbin Mag no you're not. The Bible explicitly states that that is idolatry, what are you talking about?
  • Sophia ATN
    Sophia ATN 4 месяца назад @Xid RK EXACTLY. This is why I struggle with listening to rap.
  • Clubbin Mag
    Clubbin Mag 4 месяца назад Xid RK psalm 82:6 John10:34-36 John 10:25-30
  • Clubbin Mag
    Clubbin Mag 4 месяца назад Sophia ATN the Bible clearly states that worshiping IDOLS is idolatry.. (get it?) when you are all God’s & gods ..
  • Adam Mack
    Adam Mack 4 месяца назад Diddy was 1st
  • koolmoe1971
    koolmoe1971 4 месяца назад But Dr. Dre is Raps first billionaire!!
  • Official Tru-Dru
    Official Tru-Dru 3 месяца назад And he of JAMAICAN Descent so much to brag about lmao without Daddy too.
  • Poet Evan
    Poet Evan 3 месяца назад it's fun watching Christians argue. lost ones
  • Mel Flynt
    Mel Flynt 1 месяц назад Dr Dre was first with the Beats sold
  • Official Tru-Dru
    Official Tru-Dru 1 месяц назад @Mel Flynt Jay-Z is the first Jamaican-American Rapper to do it.
  • Eric maghanga
    Eric maghanga 1 месяц назад @Mel Flynt nope,he had bills to settle & they split the money with his partner plus after tax it was no longer a billion😂😂
  • Eric maghanga
    Eric maghanga 1 месяц назад @koolmoe1971 nope,after tax & settling bills plus splitting the money with his partner he became number 2 by then.Not yet a billionaire
  • i Bee Amazin
    i Bee Amazin 3 недели назад @Poet Evan no different than watching kids argue over marvel or star wars lol. But iron man can beat the hulk hurr durr der
  • Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world
    Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world Неделю назад Official Tru-Dru jay ain’t Jamaican fam stop it
  • Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world
    Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world Неделю назад Mel Flynt Dre never got a billion That deal went through but he is never got a billion Jay is the first and only rapper who’s a billionaire
  • Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world
    Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world Неделю назад Adam Mack diddy never crossed a billion he not at 850 yet
  • Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world
    Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world Неделю назад koolmoe1971 Dre ain’t and he still no where near a billion
  • Wayne
    Wayne Год назад Rapping in a designer suit is next level. Way cooler than big chains and gucci jumpsuits.
  • Anthony Sainty
    Anthony Sainty 5 месяцев назад Worth the ride baby
  • DJ SHaKa
    DJ SHaKa 1 месяц назад Definitely a class act! 🔥
  • Andrés Lopez
    Andrés Lopez 1 месяц назад The dress is designed by sometype of a brand of italy and the watch and the cliptie have diamonds...
  • Far Sean
    Far Sean 1 месяц назад 💯💯💯
  • IvanBeatz
    IvanBeatz 2 недели назад Eric B and Rakim follow the leader watch that video
  • chilldaonly 1
    chilldaonly 1 2 недели назад That's old school tho it started in the 80's these young ain't doing shit new
  • Arthur Donnietello
    Arthur Donnietello 11 месяцев назад 10 years later... Jay z still best Rapper alive... Who was watching 2019
  • darkskinned chic
    darkskinned chic 10 месяцев назад It's actually TWELVE years later......!!!
  • electro magnetism
    electro magnetism 10 месяцев назад It's actually EMINEM
  • decetbow
    decetbow 10 месяцев назад Roc boys in the building!
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 10 месяцев назад Eminem and Snoop eat Jay-Z alive
  • Tommy Strong
    Tommy Strong 10 месяцев назад (изменено) wish there was a video for meet the parents, one of the best stories told....
  • Arthur Donnietello
    Arthur Donnietello 10 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 even snoop won't agree with you
  • Arthur Donnietello
    Arthur Donnietello 10 месяцев назад @darkskinned chic oh yes, thanks for the correction
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 10 месяцев назад (изменено) @Arthur Donnietello in freestyle improvised, snoop is really the best of all time you should watch some of his freestyles, nobody can have the same inspiration as him, neither jayz nor Eminem. Snopp is really the best rapper in freestyle, Eminem the best in written lyrics, Jay-Z does not have their level. It's not for nothing that Snoop Dogg is one of the only rappers to have a star in Hollywood with and Ice Cube
  • Arthur Donnietello
    Arthur Donnietello 10 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 you are saying Eminem is a better writer than Jay z.. Well I guess that's your opinion
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 10 месяцев назад (изменено) @Arthur Donnietello Jay-Z is a good really lyricist, he is not at the same level as Eminem. Infinite, the song of his first album can prove it. and I can give you other songs to prove it you want
  • Arthur Donnietello
    Arthur Donnietello 10 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 sure give me other songs, I am student of the game
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 10 месяцев назад @Arthur Donnietello go look the video : " Eminem's Infinite REACTION!! BREAKDOWN! ANALYSIS! " You will see it by yourself, Jay-Z is not at the same level as Eminem
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 10 месяцев назад @Arthur Donnietello there's too many songs, his verse in forgot about dre, drop the World, just dont give a Fuck, Lose yourself, sing for the moment, not afraid, the ringer.... Even Kendrick Lamar is better than Jay-Z haha
  • Deanna Johnson
    Deanna Johnson 10 месяцев назад Mee I love hov
  • Deanna Johnson
    Deanna Johnson 10 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 you dont like Hov Fine!! It will cost u nothing to pay him no mind..... #Hov
  • Deanna Johnson
    Deanna Johnson 10 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 that video old is shit
  • Deanna Johnson
    Deanna Johnson 10 месяцев назад 12 years to be ezxact ..... but telling these ppl that...They will never understand they job is to Hate....
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 10 месяцев назад @Deanna Johnson I never said I did not like Jay-Z, I just say he's not the best rapper, and that's true.
  • Alexis Small
    Alexis Small 10 месяцев назад Facts
  • John Lee
    John Lee 10 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 hell nah
  • Kay
    Kay 10 месяцев назад Arthur Donnietello shit here I am 10 years later still waiting for the to be continued part at the end😂😂😂
  • Delvinthedude
    Delvinthedude 9 месяцев назад Nas is actually
  • Samuel Miranda
    Samuel Miranda 9 месяцев назад Arthur Donnietello feb 2019
    RCG TONE 9 месяцев назад Number 2
  • zlistcelebrity
    zlistcelebrity 9 месяцев назад Chicken HEAD Jay-Z walks around with a million verses in his head all day long, with double, triple and even quadruple entendres left and right. Unorthodox rhyme schemes and a non linear flow. Eminem just says a bunch of shit that rhymes. Lmao
  • Cocoa Femme
    Cocoa Femme 8 месяцев назад @Arthur Donnietello: Glad to do it.
  • Jonas Sekhoto
    Jonas Sekhoto 8 месяцев назад Arthur Donnietello am still listening to kind of music no one has to judge.
  • Jonas Sekhoto
    Jonas Sekhoto 8 месяцев назад Arthur Donnietello girls girls girls cry song
  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 8 месяцев назад Can't fault the guy, He's got sick business sense and has got an astute business head on his shoulders, He done it himself and worked hard for it and as for his missus thighs BOOOOMM good on him lucky bugger
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 wrong try again!😂
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад Big daddy Kane and Biggie are better rappers period!
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @Thomas 2pac is better than biggie, and Eminem is better than Jay
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 Pac is a legend but I prefer Kane or Biggie. You really can't go wrong with any of them.
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад @Thomas why biggie is better than 2pac
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 because that is my opinion.
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад @Thomas Okay, but if you tell me that's your opinion, then I could say lil pump is better than Jay-Z .. Biggie had a good style, good rhymes and metaphors, but what told was always the same: money, whore, weed ..., like the mumble rappers of today. 2pac went further than that
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 you can't be serious??! I mentioned two people Kane and Biggie. So clearly you did not listen to all of biggie songs or understand his greatness. The comparison you made is a joke!
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад @Thomas give me some evidence, biggie did only one album during his career, I listened to it, I liked it, but apart from saying that he's a playa, a gangster, a guy who was broke and became rich, he says nothing else. 2pac did 5 album, and he talked about several problems of society: baby do not cry, wonda why they call you bitch, dear mama, they do not give a fuck about us, changes .... he motivated people: better dayz, keep ya head up, life goes on .. This is the only rapper who had the courage to denounce  the powerful of this world, to fight for the people: ambitionz az a ridah, hail mary, they dont give fuck about us .... Certainly, in some of his music, 2pac was talking about bitches and money, but it was not just that. No one can compare 2pac to anyone, the content of his music, his fight, his courage, nobody was like him in hip-hop
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 so Biggie only did one album??? You cannot be serious and need to do some research. SMFH!
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад @Thomas yes two albums sorry, I forgot life after death .. But you can not contradict what I said in the previous comment, you can not compare biggie and PAC,
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Chicken head you keep trying to put Biggie down and don't even know how many albums the man did and what about Kane. You keep repeating your Biggie b.s. and I can tell already you were either too young. When both of them were alive or not even born!
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 you lost me and you're credibility is weak on at best. I bet you had to Google real quick how many albums Biggie did real fast. SMFH 😂😂😂😂
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @Thomas I've got those two Album in my phone, so i ain't got to Google it. at least try to contradict what I said about 2pac with arguments, instead of telling me that I do not know the album of biggie
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @PeekABoo 300 whatever man and do some research next time. This is hilarious and you sound like a broken record. 😂
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад @Thomas That's what I thought, you can not contradict what I said. Pac and Biggie are two rappers who do not tell the same thing in their texts, we could compare the content of Biggie's rap to that of Offset or Chris Brown, they are exactly the same
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @PeekABoo 300 you are too young and don't know shit! I will let you keep embarrassing yourself. It's amazing how you keep talking and can't get basic facts straight. GTFOH
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад @Thomas I am too young? How can you know you're stupid or what? Stop defending biggie like he was your father, . Biggie is just a mumble rapper of the 90's
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 you keep repeating the same stupid points and clueless as usual. So you were not even alive and have nothing!✋😂
  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 месяцев назад @PeekABoo 300 you actually gave it away dumbass. This is hilarious and you are pathetic!😂😂😂✋
  • PeekABoo 300
    PeekABoo 300 6 месяцев назад @Thomas I was alive when these albums were out. And even if I was not alive, I could have listened to them later. I was not alive during the 70s and 80s yet I know the discography of Kool and The Gang. Answer my previous arguments with real arguments and stop saying ridiculous things, otherwise shut up
  • Big Freddy
    Big Freddy 6 месяцев назад 💯💯
  • lusiano749
    lusiano749 6 месяцев назад Nas is better than jay
  • Dennis Robinson
    Dennis Robinson 5 месяцев назад Um Arthur Donnietello that's an invalid statement.
  • Jason Cadua
    Jason Cadua 5 месяцев назад How disrespectful is this comment? Yall only giving Jay 10-12 yrs? Yall not gonna count his other 10 years or so in the game?
  • Jay Waller
    Jay Waller 4 месяца назад Jay z been in the game since 96 it's been way longer then 10 reasonable doubt first album go listen see when that one came out
  • Dammy B
    Dammy B 4 месяца назад Nas all day. Best rapper alive.
  • Dammy B
    Dammy B 4 месяца назад I will still choose Rakim over Jay-Z all day.
  • Ad P
    Ad P 4 месяца назад That would be Nas
  • Rashid Sualah
    Rashid Sualah 2 месяца назад If nas exists...
  • The real deal
    The real deal 2 недели назад its the white boi that's the g.o.a.t eminem
  • Jimmy Marciano
    Jimmy Marciano 2 недели назад I like his music but Kanye is better .
  • The real deal
    The real deal 2 недели назад @Jimmy Marciano haha kanye isnt even top 50 he cant rap without auto tune and il give him this his a good beat maker rapper naaaaaaa cuz lol
  • Davonte' Austin
    Davonte' Austin 6 месяцев назад “Take what the Forbes figured, then figure more. They forgot to account what I did with the raw.” 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Bazin Awoke
    Bazin Awoke 5 месяцев назад Davonte' Austin what’s the raw mean
  • 3Star General 3rdPott
    3Star General 3rdPott 5 месяцев назад GAWD MC
  • Emiel de Ruijter
    Emiel de Ruijter 5 месяцев назад Crack
  • Matt Adot
    Matt Adot 5 месяцев назад @Bazin Awoke money from drugs
  • Dee
    Dee 5 месяцев назад Bars!!
  • DatoneGuy
    DatoneGuy 5 месяцев назад @Bazin Awoke cocaine
  • roc k
    roc k 5 месяцев назад @Dee yepper
  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 4 месяца назад Hov a bad man! 🔥
  • luis pacheco
    luis pacheco 3 месяца назад my favorite verse on this song!
  • Oshawn James
    Oshawn James 3 недели назад Coke,Crack,Herion ,Dope...Raw as in Drugs period ‼️
  • George Hernandez
    George Hernandez 2 недели назад Raw means the purest of drugs no cut
  • James B
    James B Неделю назад My fucking head exploded
  • Rhythmic Entertainment Slu
    Rhythmic Entertainment Slu 4 года назад love the sax on this song anyone w/me?
  • oscar navejar
    oscar navejar 4 года назад the sax i think makes the stands out the horns
  • A. Schutte
    A. Schutte 4 года назад +Marshall scout it makes the song feel classy as fuck.
  • Eni ma
    Eni ma 4 года назад +Marshall scout it's the fucking best!
  • One Life One Love
    One Life One Love 4 года назад +Marshall scout you like the horns...yeah.. he likes the horns (peter griffin whispering voice)
  • Unforgiven311
    Unforgiven311 4 года назад +Marshall scout The sax made the whole song!!!
  • BobTerje
    BobTerje 4 года назад +Marshall scout It's a sample of Menahan Street Band - Make the Road By Walking
  • Trin200
    Trin200 4 года назад me
  • Demonblade777
    Demonblade777 4 года назад +Marshall scout we with ya bro makes the song
  • Pragmatic1 Ultramagnetic
    Pragmatic1 Ultramagnetic 3 года назад +Marshall scout It's magic.
  • satnav1980
    satnav1980 3 года назад hell yea man
  • Opa Locka Dolphin fan
    Opa Locka Dolphin fan 3 года назад all day
  • Gunslinger205
    Gunslinger205 3 года назад it'd from the Manhattan street band ... banging sample those whole shabang is fire
  • Battle Rifle
    Battle Rifle 2 года назад You mean the trumpets?
  • Luis Castro
    Luis Castro 2 года назад Menahan street band killing it!
  • Dee Hubb
    Dee Hubb 2 года назад Battle Rifle saxes and trumpets
  • Al3xand3rDaGr81 ADG1
    Al3xand3rDaGr81 ADG1 2 года назад Marshall scout facts🔥😱
  • Al3xand3rDaGr81 ADG1
    Al3xand3rDaGr81 ADG1 2 года назад 💯
  • ymcgill62
    ymcgill62 2 года назад The one in the middle is my cousin!!! LOVE YOU FAM #Harrolds
  • Brian Dortelus
    Brian Dortelus 2 года назад ymcgill62 yeah!!
    R BROOKS 2 года назад hard choice between this and the horns in outcast spottieottie
  • Jonathan Montes De Oca
    Jonathan Montes De Oca 2 года назад thanks to ye!
  • PrincessIfe01
    PrincessIfe01 2 года назад Its a sample of a nigerian past artist fela kuti
  • E Dub
    E Dub 2 года назад you mean the keyboard with sax effect
  • Richard Mcgroom
    Richard Mcgroom 2 года назад yea ya Right!!!! this is that black super hero music!!!! LOL😁
  • Anthony Marchesano
    Anthony Marchesano 2 года назад +E Dub dub to be home by the
  • JayoJay
    JayoJay Год назад That's Fela Kuti if you're Nigerian you know
  • Thee Real One
    Thee Real One Год назад Yasss! Here for it.
  • Henry Ijeoma
    Henry Ijeoma Год назад JayoJay I'm Nigerian and I know that's not Fela Kuti lol
  • trinidivine
    trinidivine Год назад It's a Trumpet! I listen to the instrumental just to hear it. Beautiful. Ole school Jayz made great music. Now he and beyonce both suck. Time for new skilled talents.
  • Arwen Adamson
    Arwen Adamson Год назад Menahand street band
  • zlistcelebrity
    zlistcelebrity Год назад I think you mean the horns And it’s funny you say that because as the story goes, the beat was pretty basic. The sample does have horns in it, but Diddy is the one who came in and told them to add live horns and thus, a whole new feel was born. That’s the different between being a producer and a beatmaker. A producer can hear what a record needs to take it to the next level.
  • Samuel Huggins
    Samuel Huggins Год назад Marshall makes you wanna create an alliance and take these uppity ass people for everything they got
  • Ibidapo Bisi
    Ibidapo Bisi Год назад if u wish, i'd send u d original song...its Fela. You must be the only one in denial. Same thing with J-Cole's song "let nas down"
  • Chris G
    Chris G Год назад Hell yeah.I love them horns too.
  • Robert Goines
    Robert Goines Год назад Love it, I love this LP, got a old school feel with the horns
  • alaias perkins
    alaias perkins Год назад Definitely
  • Emah Bright
    Emah Bright 8 месяцев назад @BobTerje no its fela kuti saxophone bar
  • Chris G
    Chris G 2 месяца назад You got damn right. I love the brass too. ✊🏿✊🏿
  • rvsp89
    rvsp89 1 месяц назад I had no idea that was a real saxophone
  • Dee Money
    Dee Money 3 недели назад Played it in 🏫...loved it
  • Gigi T
    Gigi T 6 дней назад 😆🙌🏼🙌🏼
  • jambajoby32
    jambajoby32 5 дней назад Brass! There’s trumpet & trombones in on it too 🎺🤓
  • Steven Mlotshwa
    Steven Mlotshwa Год назад (изменено) Perfect track to play when you touch a million...
  • Mogale Boikanyo
    Mogale Boikanyo 11 месяцев назад Or 10...
  • gogetta80
    gogetta80 8 месяцев назад Steven Mlotshwa 300k vc on 2k! Living life!
  • Donte Taylor
    Donte Taylor 4 месяца назад More like when you reach Billionaire status, which is officially reality right now for Jay-Z. Crazy!
  • Steven Edwards
    Steven Edwards 2 месяца назад Steven Mlotshwa A dollar gotta start sumwhere Geee
  • holy ghost
    holy ghost 1 месяц назад This track plus a few lines of blow
  • Salvador Allende
    Salvador Allende 3 недели назад when you touch you fist million
  • Master Anderson
    Master Anderson 1 день назад Nas appears in a video that begins "the winner is HOV"...let that sink in.
  • MTNT 05
    MTNT 05 6 месяцев назад This song is so fitting for Jay-z's current success!!!!! Congrats Mr. Carter !!!!
  • Bac King
    Bac King 5 месяцев назад American gangster is his finest album imo. He described the movie so well
  • Clubbin Mag
    Clubbin Mag 4 месяца назад Exactly!
  • jose cosculluela
    jose cosculluela Год назад (изменено) Jay Z best motivational rappper ever the goat 🐐
  • Jennie Elizabeth Easter
    Jennie Elizabeth Easter 4 месяца назад goat.
    JOEL KAHIGA 3 недели назад He's a father figure to any rapper/hustler. A teacher. Eminem is also motivational but Jay z is more accomplished.
  • Joshua Stephens
    Joshua Stephens Год назад At the height of black excellence, Memphis Bleek still wearing a du-rag
  • Ngm Mngw
    Ngm Mngw Год назад never forget your roots i guess
  • Adrian Campbell
    Adrian Campbell 11 месяцев назад SMDH
  • beastafc
    beastafc 11 месяцев назад Joshua Stephens good
  • Name your channel
    Name your channel 9 месяцев назад 😂😂😂
  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion 8 месяцев назад Number 13 foh
  • Curly Hair Messiah
    Curly Hair Messiah 6 месяцев назад Never forget your roots😂😂that Du-Rag is a part of black excellence
  • JaMias Hoffler
    JaMias Hoffler 5 месяцев назад (изменено) LoL
  • Teenage Jezus
    Teenage Jezus 5 месяцев назад Never forget your waves
  • coolwaterz
    coolwaterz 4 месяца назад "bleek could be one hit away his whole career" lol
    KING SHAKE 3 месяца назад @Curly Hair Messiah gotta keep them spinners under hibernation!
  • Oshawn James
    Oshawn James 3 недели назад He’s bald think about it he wore hats and rocked a goatee his whole career....That Durag was too hide his hairline and baldness now he just wear hats with the baldie
  • J Black
    J Black Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • J Black
    J Black Неделю назад coolwaterz 😂😂
  • Curly Hair Messiah
    Curly Hair Messiah 6 месяцев назад He’s every drug dealer Inspiration
  • saboteur57
    saboteur57 2 недели назад Curly Hair Messiah he’s every black mans inspiration. This can be achieved through legal ventures as well.
  • Della links
    Della links Год назад (изменено) Who's listening to this in 2018 timeless music
  • Kelvin Nzioki Muema
    Kelvin Nzioki Muema Год назад me
  • Pretty Boy Cedd
    Pretty Boy Cedd Год назад Me
  • Newton Ali
    Newton Ali Год назад Yes I am.
  • Tito S
    Tito S Год назад ME
  • Bzy Beast
    Bzy Beast Год назад Roc boys in the building
  • Starlife_Asiak Asiak
    Starlife_Asiak Asiak Год назад Della links everyday I listen to this track... Wild tune
  • Bzy Beast
    Bzy Beast Год назад Roc boys in the building
  • Elias 77
    Elias 77 9 месяцев назад Your mother
  • zlistcelebrity
    zlistcelebrity 9 месяцев назад 2019
  • Loic-CDCST
    Loic-CDCST 8 месяцев назад me ! in 2019
  • TV Show Reviews
    TV Show Reviews 5 месяцев назад Your a idiot people will be listening to this 30 years from from now
  • kagisosalvier
    kagisosalvier 5 месяцев назад Me in 2019
  • Charles Kigs
    Charles Kigs 4 месяца назад Who's listening to this in 2019 🐐🔥🔥🔥🙌
  • owendavian
    owendavian 3 года назад (изменено) I love it how only by listening to Jay-Z I feel like I achieved success and have billions on my account xD
  • Christian Clarke
    Christian Clarke 3 года назад lmao true story tho
  • Abeso Ndjugu
    Abeso Ndjugu 2 года назад hehe!! white pplE always
  • Chris P
    Chris P 2 года назад Abeso Ndjugu hehe black ppl
  • xdecipherousx
    xdecipherousx 2 года назад Haha! Lol
  • Ba Bry Gassama
    Ba Bry Gassama 2 года назад xdecipherousx haha yea
  • Starla Briggs
    Starla Briggs 2 года назад owendavian lmao
  • Jocelyn Morales
    Jocelyn Morales Год назад It’s the knowledge that he spits
  • Ivan Dunn
    Ivan Dunn Год назад Jocelyn Morales “I don’t think you understand how intelligent Jay-Z is”
  • Dilip Tak
    Dilip Tak Год назад I feel the same
  • Kim Collins
    Kim Collins Год назад Achieved? Most billionaires can spell 2 syllable words with ease.
  • Honest Comment
    Honest Comment Год назад Not sure that Trump can. But, point well taken.
  • BeastMaster210
    BeastMaster210 Год назад owendavian LMMAO FAAAAACTS
  • Hazy300
    Hazy300 11 месяцев назад He’s a billionaire now. I’m next up
  • Kev’s Uploads
    Kev’s Uploads 11 месяцев назад owendavian lil Wayne too!
  • Nichole
    Nichole 11 месяцев назад Sad
  • Z
    Z 11 месяцев назад Same!
  • mm.
    mm. 10 месяцев назад (изменено) can't spell and you don't have billions. Real shit.
  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton 10 месяцев назад I though I was the only one
  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein 7 месяцев назад K.k.ok me
  • Mr. IOG
    Mr. IOG 7 месяцев назад So fucking true 😎
  • Murphy Montana
    Murphy Montana 7 месяцев назад Me too 😩😩😩
  • Major Success
    Major Success 6 месяцев назад Congrats JAY-Z FIRST BLACK BILLIONAIRE RAPPER
  • Reginald Morton
    Reginald Morton 6 месяцев назад I thought Dr, Dre is worth $3B?
  • busymike
    busymike 5 месяцев назад He’s not a billionaire. You people believe anything you read on the internet. 🙄
  • Major Success
    Major Success 5 месяцев назад busymike & people like you hate on the internet go reply to everyone else that said this also
  • Dynasty
    Dynasty 3 месяца назад So how many blacks did he have to backstab to get to that amount??? #imwithColin
  • Incredible Wash
    Incredible Wash 2 месяца назад @Reginald Morton He was close but, he wasn't the only investor in beats.
  • Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world
    Reggie aka Bklyn vs the world Неделю назад Dynasty stop it clown
  • Tevin Howell
    Tevin Howell 6 месяцев назад 2019 and still bumping it never gets old
  • Chris G
    Chris G 2 месяца назад ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
  • Far Sean
    Far Sean 1 месяц назад Never !
  • YawMoney
    YawMoney 5 месяцев назад 10 years later. Who here in 2019?
  • Dee
    Dee 2 месяца назад 12 years 😉
  • Blaque Excellence
    Blaque Excellence 6 дней назад DECEMBER 4TH 2019 HAPPY 50TH KING CARTER
  • Quaishaun Colbert
    Quaishaun Colbert 4 года назад Diddy + Jay Z + Nas = NY's Finest!
  • Aeddy35
    Aeddy35 4 года назад Biggie shits on diddy
  • Quaishaun Colbert
    Quaishaun Colbert 4 года назад @Aeddy35 What makes you say that?
  • Lisandro Perez
    Lisandro Perez 4 года назад @Quaishaun Colbert diddy ain't shit if it wasn't for biggie dumbas
    D9INE LEGEND 4 года назад Roc boys in the building tonight!
  • Quaishaun Colbert
    Quaishaun Colbert 4 года назад @Lisandro Perez It ain't his fault he killed Biggie
  • DameAndThatGame
    DameAndThatGame 4 года назад @Quaishaun Colbert lol makaveli the don all day long!
  • Cretr
    Cretr 4 года назад @Quaishaun Colbert Big L...
  • Prince James
    Prince James 4 года назад And fabulous
  • Jagdhaixhabasj
    Jagdhaixhabasj 4 года назад P diddy haha smh 😂😂 naw bruh
  • Yared Tesfaye
    Yared Tesfaye 4 года назад and 50 cent!
  • Miguel Guerrero
    Miguel Guerrero 4 года назад +Yared Tesfaye word can't forget 50!
  • Smiles
    Smiles 4 года назад +Quaishaun Colbert (Shaun) Diddy? Please leave.
  • LilRayBans
    LilRayBans 4 года назад Real bosses!
  • jermaine h
    jermaine h 4 года назад +Smiles
  • Atom
    Atom 4 года назад +Quaishaun Colbert (Shaun) Big L + Nas + Biggie + Mobb Deep That's all you need.
  • Simphiwe Mthembu
    Simphiwe Mthembu 4 года назад +Quaishaun Colbert (Shaun) BIG NUZ + dj Tira = Durbans finest
  • King
    King 4 года назад +Lisandro Perez diddy helped biggie too
  • fake channel
    fake channel 4 года назад +Lisandro Perez and biggie wouldn't be shit if it weren't for biggie. i agree diddy is shit as a rapper and producer and just money hungry fake rapper like fat joe but he signed biggie to bad boy and without him you wouldn't know about biggie so be grateful
  • King Crimson
    King Crimson 4 года назад Replace Diddy with Ghostface and you're correct
  • Shawn Rios
    Shawn Rios 3 года назад Diddy is one of the Kings Of NY he's still around Bad Boy is still around He had the entire East Coast On Lock in the mid 90's. He's Got Ciroc and Still Tops The Forbes List.. I'm not a diddy fan but if you don't think his name is up there with a king status of NY your not from here or your a hater. Diddy was poppin before Biggie .. thus the reason Biggie wanted to go to bad boy if Diddy wasn't shit without him.. when big died is career would've tarnished BIG L is also not a king he passed before he even had his time
  • Shawn Rios
    Shawn Rios 3 года назад +fake channel Fat Joe is a " Money Hungry Fake Rapper " ? where the fuck are you from do you know who fat joe is or i should say the person he used to be? stfu
  • Kenny S
    Kenny S 3 года назад +Quaishaun Colbert (Shaun) Biggie and Nas lol..
  • fake channel
    fake channel 3 года назад +Shawn Rios of course fat joes a money hungry rapper. There's interviews of big puns wife saying she never received any royalties after pun died and fat joe made big pun write his lyrics and do all the shit and all fat joe did was release it and he received most the money. Didn't you see the dip in fat joes music after pun died and how he made songs like lean back and made terror squad a joke and a group just about money cash hoes. Fat Joe was responsible for the dip in hip hop music in the early 00's
  • fake channel
    fake channel 3 года назад +Shawn Rios I agree Diddy was a good businessman but he's a disgrace to hip hop. He never wrote good lyrics, He began firing up the east coast west coast feud and making more animosity in order to boost biggies sales and make more money. And not to mention as a producer he was shit. He sampled already famous songs and copied the idea of sampling juicy fruit for a song from Pete Rock. And he changes his name way too often and just sold out in general. And Bad Boy wasn't world renowned in order for biggie to want to join it. He just went to a local decent record label near where he lived in Brooklyn. If he wanted to sign for a big record label surely biggie wouldn't went to death row or travelled across the country rather than not even leaving his city.
  • Naszarine Rivera
    Naszarine Rivera 3 года назад +Quaishaun Colbert (Shaun) bro where's b.i.g.?
  • rmeddy1
    rmeddy1 3 года назад +Quaishaun Colbert (Shaun) just minus Diddy
  • Shawn Rios
    Shawn Rios 3 года назад @Naszarine Rivera Disgrace ? first off  Biggie/ Mario Winans/Black Rob/Loon/G-Dep was writing for diddy. He did'nt fire up the WestvEast feud that was the source magazine. Diddy was that nigga in 1992-94 he had the college festivals on LOCK. Big knew this and that's why he wanted to sign. Diddy had the Vision and Big had the dream.. i'm not a diddy fan and not that you sound like a hater. But i cant take nothing away from DIddy he's still around and  never fell off.. he did his artist dirty but he discovered at least 20+ artist in the game and they all had hits minus the BAND
  • Chris J Productionz
    Chris J Productionz 3 года назад Diddy+ Jay Z+ Nas+ Biggie+ Big L = NYs Finest
  • Kaizer-Man
    Kaizer-Man 3 года назад +Chris J Big Pun
  • kodiak wild
    kodiak wild 3 года назад +Simphiwe Mthembu durban? mwahah, durban in the building.
  • Connor Hardy
    Connor Hardy 3 года назад +Lisandro Perez he was just saying that they were together in this song and that's nice....dumbass
  • Derek Cave
    Derek Cave 3 года назад Do you like mobb deep?
  • Atom
    Atom 3 года назад @derrick miller Prodigy!!
  • Busy Bread
    Busy Bread 2 года назад Quaishaun Colbert dont forget Big L!!
  • Jarrel Ely
    Jarrel Ely 2 года назад Busy Bread Keith Murray, melle Mel and Eric b NY finest
  • Jarrel Ely
    Jarrel Ely 2 года назад @Chris J Productionz Kurtis blow, grandmaster caz, grandmaster melle Mel, the furious five, the lox and Busta rhymes and 2pac are NY finest. You can't go wrong with your list diddy,nas, Jay-z,big l and biggie held NY down. Also can't forget kool Moe Dee
  • Oladapo Agbelusi
    Oladapo Agbelusi 2 года назад Rap MVP
  • smittycool0121
    smittycool0121 2 года назад Nas+ biggie+PAC+mob deep+Big L =NY's Finest
  • E.G.I The King
    E.G.I The King 2 года назад Fuck diddy
    MONZAY 2 года назад Quaishaun Colbert mobb deep
  • Youth
    Youth 2 года назад Don't forget AZ!
  • joc smith
    joc smith 2 года назад Quaishaun Colbert u tripping u left out biggie and diddy aint the ny finest he barely even rap
  • Smarty Hardy
    Smarty Hardy 2 года назад Aeddy35 Biggie is dead he shits on nobody...
  • Daniel Dan
    Daniel Dan 2 года назад 50 cent shits on them.
  • Elliott Feaster
    Elliott Feaster 2 года назад Quaishaun Colbert fuck diddy
  • Jonathan coleman
    Jonathan coleman 2 года назад Quaishaun Colbert fuck you mean p diddy he ain't even a rapper
  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson 2 года назад Lisandro Perez And vice versa.
  • Marcus Johnson, Sr.
    Marcus Johnson, Sr. 2 года назад Shawn Rios Everybody wrote for Diddy bro... Jadakiss & 50 wrote for him as well as Royce DA 5'9... This ain't nothing new...
  • Trey Nino
    Trey Nino 2 года назад Quaishaun Colbert *Biggie
  • El Aye
    El Aye Год назад respect to your opinion Quas. I just firmly believe "diddy" or whatever he calls himself, has no place in the same sentence as Jay and Nas. Unless it's something like Jay saying "shut up diddy !! you ruin tracks!!!" NYC is deep. Diddy is garbage. Just my opinion. One*
    MRTUPAC28 Год назад +Quaishaun Colbert (Shaun) Who the fuck doesn't know that?
  • Shirley Nixon
    Shirley Nixon Год назад Quaishaun Colbert not a real big Diddy fan only a few songs that he made that I actually like but I have to give him props for what he's done for hip hop and turning himself into a self-made millionaire because without him the East Coast would have been forgotten about a long time ago
  • Youtube Technician
    Youtube Technician Год назад Lisandro Perez and biggie wouldn't be shit without Diddy goes both ways cuz
  • Royal Vibez
    Royal Vibez Год назад And biggie
  • Devaughn Morrison
    Devaughn Morrison Год назад DameAndThatGame NYC's finest, please read.
  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby Год назад how can you mention NY without MOBB DEEP
  • JBalshaw
    JBalshaw Год назад Quaishaun Colbert You mention Diddy and not Biggie? Are you insane!
    DSCGODFLOW Год назад Quaishaun Colbert Suge Knight prolly somewhere throwing darts 🎯 at all them niggas pics
  • Shahnawaz The_Knight
    Shahnawaz The_Knight Год назад 50 Cent + Jay Z + Nas + DMX = NY's Finest.
  • JBalshaw
    JBalshaw Год назад (изменено) Quaishaun Colbert Biggie and Mobb Deep?
  • Nikolla Gjoka
    Nikolla Gjoka Год назад still the mvps of NY are Biggie and Pac
  • Ricoo GzZ
    Ricoo GzZ Год назад Yared Tesfaye !!!!!!!!!!!!!! INDEED
  • Ballz Escobar
    Ballz Escobar Год назад You are clown and no nothing about good music
  • TripJay21
    TripJay21 Год назад 50 shoulda been in this too, but Nas and 50 was still kinda beefin in 07.
  • stefan x
    stefan x Год назад @DSCGODFLOW yeah in jail prolly