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Скачать с ютуб 90's Hip Hop Mix #02 | Best of Old School Rap Songs | Throwback Rap Classics | Westcoast | Eastcoast

Опубликовано: 23 мар. 2019 г. 12 829 586 просмотров

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DJ Noize presents the best of 90's Hip Hop! Strictly Old School Rap Songs from the Eastcoast all the way to the Westcoast. Rap Classics by some of the greatest rappers of all time non-stop in the mix!
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  • Ænønymøußシ
    Ænønymøußシ 3 months ago (edited) I’m 13 and I think old school music is better than today’s era
  • ShootzSZN _
    ShootzSZN _ 1 month ago Îm Këń Ikr, I’m also 13 and I’d rather be old school than Songs In today’s generation
  • Nathaniel Crawshaw
    Nathaniel Crawshaw 1 month ago I'm 12 and British and want all hip hop to be around
  • KUBSON700
    KUBSON700 1 month ago oh yeah
  • Ænønymøußシ
    Ænønymøußシ 1 month ago KUBSON700 yee
  • scayer
    scayer 1 month ago Im 12
  • Ænønymøußシ
    Ænønymøußシ 1 month ago scayer word
  • JM G
    JM G 1 month ago Your a smart 13 year old
  • Jesus Vizcarra Castañeda
    Jesus Vizcarra Castañeda 1 month ago I'm 5 and Barney's songs is the shit
  • Matvey Hurynovich
    Matvey Hurynovich 1 month ago same.
  • RTT Robin
    RTT Robin 1 month ago Jesus Vizcarra Castañeda you know the good shit
  • Tyrese T.
    Tyrese T. 1 month ago Yes its so
  • jstmeknz87
    jstmeknz87 1 month ago Ænønymøußシ that means your smart sweetheart. Protect your head and change the world.♥️
  • Maki Gordon
    Maki Gordon 1 month ago me too lol and im 13 too
  • Bigg Boii
    Bigg Boii 1 month ago 12 and think the exact same
  • Ese Ábner
    Ese Ábner 1 month ago same dawg
  • lightbombs
    lightbombs 1 month ago wow ur so cool wow wow wow clap clap woooow
  • Lady gurl Rodriguez
    Lady gurl Rodriguez 1 month ago @lightbombs Thanks
  • lAzAr
    lAzAr 1 month ago Respect
  • Ænønymøußシ
    Ænønymøußシ 1 month ago (edited) KRIM I’m just glad that Ice cube and snoop are still alive.
  • BadLy
    BadLy 1 month ago @Ænønymøußシ same
    FROSTEDGFX 1 month ago im 11 and my mom plays old school songs in the car since i was little and I’ve been listening to them since i was very young i know most of these songs on here but i didn’t know the name so I couldn’t find them
  • Ænønymøußシ
    Ænønymøußシ 1 month ago FROSTEDGFX I respect that
  • Alisa Dubinina
    Alisa Dubinina 4 weeks ago Ænønymøußシ sooo true
  • Jasminecrafty309
    Jasminecrafty309 3 weeks ago I'm also 13 and I agree
  • Xerox
    Xerox 3 weeks ago (edited) "Old School" hip-hop and contemporary Rap both have value. You just have to find the good stuff. You kids just think music used to be better because nobody listens to the trash from previous eras anymore. There has always been garbage music and it's always been in the mainstream temporarily. There is a reason nobody under 45 knows who the monkees are lmao but they still got hella rich before they were cucked by the Beatles. Your kids will probably think that the shit you play them from now is way better than the shit that's out in 2040 or whatever too.
  • Mint Princess
    Mint Princess 3 weeks ago Congrats
  • Ænønymøußシ
    Ænønymøußシ 3 weeks ago (edited) Noah Cicero I’m putting the word out because people say “oh look at the dislikes they’re probably young souls” or just have negative things to say about people’s taste and verbally attack us younger ones, so I commented that to show that not every 13 year old or below has bad taste and seeing the likes I have shows that other people like it too
  • Lady gurl Rodriguez
    Lady gurl Rodriguez 3 weeks ago @lightbombs Thanks just here to make everyone laugh and show ppl it's okay to be laid back and not have drama and treat ppl wrong thanks for the love 🙏
  • Dinero *
    Dinero * 2 weeks ago Relatable
  • Welton Marshall
    Welton Marshall 2 weeks ago Facts music now days is trash I grew up in the 80's and 90"s
  • Ænønymøußシ
    Ænønymøußシ 2 weeks ago Welton Marshall word
  • Adam Posey
    Adam Posey 2 weeks ago Because you have good taste
  • Bob Jackson
    Bob Jackson 2 weeks ago Yes old school anyday
  • Tum Jackin
    Tum Jackin 2 weeks ago I’m 15 I love this music
  • Jaydis Waihua
    Jaydis Waihua 2 weeks ago I'm 80 an I'm still bangn this music suwoop
  • Tyrese Burger
    Tyrese Burger 2 weeks ago Me to
  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 1 week ago Today everybody uses autotune for music
  • mike mike
    mike mike 1 week ago Ænønymøußシ your generation doesn’t make music. They rhyme words making no sense just trying to focus on if it rhymes. That’s not music. Music tells a story and if you can’t understand what that story is then the art is lost. Like that time That pos MGK thought he could battle Em. Em rhymes every word and MGK rhymes one word per sentence maybe two at most.
  • Ænønymøußシ
    Ænønymøußシ 1 week ago mike mike true
  • thaveed
    thaveed 1 week ago little ass kids
  • thaveed
    thaveed 1 week ago im playing im 14 😂
  • thaveed
    thaveed 1 week ago mike mike chill old man 😂
  • Finnur Eðvarð Egilsson
    Finnur Eðvarð Egilsson 1 week ago yes
  • Renee Chapman
    Renee Chapman 1 week ago Your cool and don’t forget it , old skool 4 life
  • Mister Random
    Mister Random 1 week ago I'm 11
  • Doug Edgar
    Doug Edgar 6 days ago Majority of new school lacks creativity, substance, and dedication that was invested in old school hip hop/rap
  • Unknown sater
    Unknown sater 6 days ago Me too
  • jack
    jack 5 days ago I'm 13 and my mom still wipes my ass
  • Zak M
    Zak M 4 days ago wow. That just proves shit got middle class. ✌🏽
  • Curry Range
    Curry Range 4 days ago im 12 2007 7th grade
  • Miguel Angel Zavala Vega
    Miguel Angel Zavala Vega 3 days ago Realshit homeboy ●●●||
  • Prakash Budhu
    Prakash Budhu 3 days ago Your a smart kid
  • Youssef Makaveli7
    Youssef Makaveli7 3 days ago (edited) Ænønymøußシ yes , im 36 years i grow up with this music and i have childrens and im till playing it in my car with my kids , specially 2pac songs
  • Lukas Bierschenk
    Lukas Bierschenk 5 hours ago @Jesus Vizcarra Castañeda true old School <3
  • Celina Malin
    Celina Malin 2 hours ago Truee
  • bedde bedde
    bedde bedde 23 hours ago I’m 2 and I think old school music is better than today’s era... no but seriously, this mix is LIT!
  • Redman 2000
    Redman 2000 1 day ago I’m 42, and I know old school music is way better that this era!!!! 💯💯💯💯
  • rap veracruz jarocho veracruzano Mexico
    rap veracruz jarocho veracruzano Mexico 1 day ago I am 7 years old and i think old school it's better than today era