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Опубликовано: 2 нояб. 2016 г. 881 720 просмотров

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This is the greatest saying neighbor greeting of All Time

  • Worlds Okayest Gamer
    Worlds Okayest Gamer 3 years ago "Can you stop wasting apples there's starving children in the world that would love to eat these bear traps"
  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy 3 years ago This is the greatest quote of all time
  • Kitties Basement
    Kitties Basement 1 year ago Iron deficiency is a real problem
  • Prussian German soldier
    Prussian German soldier 9 months ago They had use In the first half not gonna lie
  • jøshler dunseph urie way iero Ross
    jøshler dunseph urie way iero Ross 5 months ago And you can fight me for an appel
  • takoyaki :]
    takoyaki :] 4 months ago 2:37
  • Blur
    Blur 3 years ago A million times better than all the screaming idiots playing this game
  • ᅚᅚ
    ᅚᅚ 3 years ago People scream at this game, or was that a joke?
  • kip
    kip 3 years ago +ᅚᅚ he's using 2012-2014 stereotypes
    DEADN8 MUSIC 3 years ago CyanBlurProductions fuck yeah it's better man! This guy is amazing
  • ᅚᅚ
    ᅚᅚ 3 years ago @Jzaper , I Eat Babies Raw That is sad. I'm a wuss when it comes to things, like horror movies and those types of games, but this doesn't resemble a horror movie at all.
    DEADN8 MUSIC 3 years ago ᅚᅚ yeah I agreed dude XD XD XD
  • TraXXXtar
    TraXXXtar 3 years ago their voices are almost as triggering as this game costing 30 dollars
  • Mr. Funny Hands-In-Your Pants
    Mr. Funny Hands-In-Your Pants 3 years ago TraXXXtar piratebay my friend or torrent since i know tpb
  • Sheshank Gaurr New Purchase Account people
    Sheshank Gaurr New Purchase Account people 3 years ago TraXXXtar hi
  • Charaf Metioui
    Charaf Metioui 3 years ago just let that poor man into you'r room so he can let you in hes house
  • Mera
    Mera 3 years ago Edgy
  • Mr. Funny Hands-In-Your Pants
    Mr. Funny Hands-In-Your Pants 3 years ago (edited) And did you hear the news today? Pewds got his google preferred and his youtube red scare pewdiepie season 2 pay-per-view cancelled. Also Disney cut ties with him after anti-Semitic vlogging.
  • Zachary Kretzer
    Zachary Kretzer 3 years ago Jake English i can never escape this god forbidden fandom can i
  • Isaac spohn
    Isaac spohn 3 years ago CyanBlurProductions you commented this on his tattletail video as well lol.
  • Sonic Mania
    Sonic Mania 1 year ago Blur while I do like people screaming and stuff. Critka makes games more entertaining & fun
  • crispy boi73
    crispy boi73 11 months ago So true lol
  • Kuro Styx
    Kuro Styx 9 months ago hey, do u have any art account?
  • Fʀᴇᴍᴛɪᴅᴇɴ
    Fʀᴇᴍᴛɪᴅᴇɴ 9 months ago The screamers who plau this game are the type of people who'd spread their ass cheeks for 5 vbucks on YouTube
  • Pacalakin
    Pacalakin 3 years ago I've been sitting here for three hours. He hasn't told me that the video is over so I don't know what to do.
  • Uros Milosevic
    Uros Milosevic 11 months ago You still sitting there?
  • Spongy
    Spongy 8 months ago its been 2 years bro u okay?
  • Super
    Super 8 months ago Pacalakin cmon man update us and tell us if your still sitting here
  • Bubblegum Bop
    Bubblegum Bop 7 months ago You still there my guy?
  • Broken King
    Broken King 6 months ago He ded
  • holy hecc
    holy hecc 4 months ago please come back. It’s been 3 years and we are all very worried about you.
  • samantha r
    samantha r 2 months ago it's been 3 years... are you still sitting there?
  • Nin ko
    Nin ko 2 months ago it's been 3 years have you ate anything?
  • Slimmy box
    Slimmy box 2 weeks ago Hey bro you need some rations?
  • LordeWhy
    LordeWhy 3 years ago I have one complaint about your channel... your videos are too short
  • tioscha0
    tioscha0 3 years ago Honestly I'd rather he stays within his comfort zone and continues to enjoy what he's doing.
  • LordeWhy
    LordeWhy 3 years ago tioscha0 true didn't see it like that
  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 3 years ago always leave the audience wanting more.
  • Helton Gutzeit
    Helton Gutzeit 3 years ago +tioscha0 | Yeah, i'm always kind of afraid that one day he'll suddenly change and become shite, its like an eldritch nightmare. For now though, i ain't disapoit.
  • LordeWhy
    LordeWhy 3 years ago Helton Gutzeit like smosh?
  • Nick Glow
    Nick Glow 3 years ago Lordecai good things can't last forever or else they would be nothing special
  • James Glass
    James Glass 3 years ago Cr1tiKal has had top quality content for quite a while now
  • Praveen Sharma
    Praveen Sharma 3 years ago so is your dick
  • UGA FuMeZ
    UGA FuMeZ 3 years ago Lordecai ur just not sucking in all of his entertainment, use your time wisely
  • LordeWhy
    LordeWhy 3 years ago UGA FuMeZ wym bro?
  • Commando Metal
    Commando Metal 2 years ago if critical replied to this he'd say shut up and suck it, in his usuall unemotional voice.
  • LordeWhy
    LordeWhy 2 years ago Deadpool :)
  • CR Buck
    CR Buck 2 years ago Lordekai ikr XD
  • Tracy Jacks
    Tracy Jacks 2 years ago Helton Gutzeit I know I'm a year late, but if that ever does happen his old videos will still be here.
  • Luke Burrito
    Luke Burrito 2 years ago Lordekai xd
  • Nexk
    Nexk 1 year ago i kinda like the fact that his videos are short imo. but if you guys want to see more of him i can't complain i could watch him endlessly say funny wierd shit till the day i die.
  • NightQuart
    NightQuart 1 year ago LordePanda true
  • Sonic Mania
    Sonic Mania 1 year ago LordeKai his videos are slighty longer nowadays but he’s still funny & entertaining now
  • King Rosario
    King Rosario 10 months ago Helton Gutzeit he hasn’t changed
  • moony
    moony 8 months ago @Praveen Sharma how do you know what it looks like
  • dylan t
    dylan t 8 months ago LordeKai 1k
  • name patchwork
    name patchwork 2 months ago just like him
  • anton brown
    anton brown 3 years ago Since You forgot to say it this time... I got you bro. "Well thats the end of this video. Remember to rate the video, comment the video and subscribe if you wanna see videos similar to this one. See ya."
  • KMilz
    KMilz 3 years ago Spot on thumbs up
  • MythicalBlondie
    MythicalBlondie 3 years ago anton brown
  • My Name Is Jeff
    My Name Is Jeff 3 years ago good outro
  • Timbo Slice
    Timbo Slice 3 years ago thanks man i felt a bit empty inside after not hearing that
  • Spicyboy
    Spicyboy 3 years ago anton brown He's said it enough times and is done now that he's got all his cash money and viewers
  • anton brown
    anton brown 3 years ago Sip of the Nut never speak so ill of daddy. ever again.
  • Charles Anthony
    Charles Anthony 3 years ago (edited) Sip of the Nut: He donates the money to charity you troglodyte.
  • Yeeter Eater /
    Yeeter Eater / 3 years ago Sip of the Nut he doesn't keep a cent from YouTube
  • pineapple
    pineapple 2 years ago Sip of the Nut sipsaannut
  • Sebastian Flores
    Sebastian Flores 2 years ago Starving Venom Fuccboi Dragon 🐉 was
  • Jt Rampage
    Jt Rampage 2 years ago Sip of the Nut fuck you bitch
  • thugnificent210
    thugnificent210 2 years ago (edited) Jt Rampage wow am I the only one noticing that it's a joke? he's essentially saying that he's so successful he doesn't need to say it anymore smh
  • Mr. TacTown
    Mr. TacTown 1 year ago @thugnificent210 it's not a joke (wasn't ment to be a joke by whoever made that comment). What that's saying is now that Charlie's got enough viewers and is so successful that he switched up and doesn't care about his subscriber's anymore thinks he's better then that now like sitting on his high horse or something but that's not the case. It gets fucken annoying for a person to have to keep saying the same thing over and over every time especially when people expect you to say it and get all fucken upset or disappointed when he doesn't say it so fuck that faggot punk Bitch whoever made that comment! Plus like many people already mentioned he donates the money he makes from doing this.
  • Zapper
    Zapper 1 year ago anton brown wrong it’s “so yeah, see ya”
  • word burst
    word burst 3 years ago What should i do if i wanna see other videos similar to this one?
  • Sri Charan
    Sri Charan 3 years ago Subscribe.
  • Okami Amaterasu
    Okami Amaterasu 3 years ago Click on his channel.
  • glassofwater
    glassofwater 3 years ago The only people who replied didn't get the joke. Rip.
  • Sri Charan
    Sri Charan 3 years ago @glassofwater We got the joke, don't worry about us. :) Un-RIP.
  • word burst
    word burst 3 years ago youre the only one here with a deficiency in brain cells mate, think before you type.
  • word burst
    word burst 3 years ago yes
  • John Bennett
    John Bennett 3 years ago Fuck Google+ I would ask why he is racist now, but that is a hole I don't necessarily want to dig myself in
  • Binomi89
    Binomi89 3 years ago word burst I like your name :)
  • Callum Oscalade
    Callum Oscalade 3 years ago Subscribe and then smash that mfing bell.
  • faux
    faux 3 years ago You should remember to rate the video, comment the video, and subscribe if you wanna see videos similar to this one.
  • The Eloquent Elephant
    The Eloquent Elephant 2 years ago See ya.
  • Skinny Penis
    Skinny Penis 1 year ago Fuck Google+ lmao u didn't get the joke dumbcunt
  • random channel of eevee
    random channel of eevee 8 months ago @John Bennett You do realize you need a google plus account to watch youtube In fact for evry account you make on google you will need to make a google plus account
  • Jovan Malojcic
    Jovan Malojcic 6 months ago L I K E A N D S U B S C R I-
  • ivace
    ivace 1 month ago @random channel of eevee not anymore
  • Chandler McCook
    Chandler McCook 3 years ago I don't know why i actually find this scary
  • The nobody shit isn't fucking funny
    The nobody shit isn't fucking funny 3 years ago Being hunted and chased is a pretty scary concept when compared to "Oh no, a spook suddenly appeared before me and didn't do anything. "
  • Rezuaq
    Rezuaq 3 years ago it's scary to be caught doing something you know you're not supposed to be doing
  • jaymella thomas
    jaymella thomas 3 years ago Green Sanic +1 sub be because of your profile picture.
  • Yeast Films TM
    Yeast Films TM 3 years ago Probably the art design, it's very Halloween esque
  • nicolasmauser
    nicolasmauser 3 years ago This somehow looks alot like "lovely bones"
  • Andy
    Andy 3 years ago for real i feel ashamed
  • Way Lawn
    Way Lawn 3 years ago Chandler McCook Five Nights at Freddy's 5 Alpha
  • Hannah A
    Hannah A 3 years ago Chandler McCook stoned
  • Seemingly Friendly Creature
    Seemingly Friendly Creature 3 years ago (edited) +dam15034 exactly! its that simple
  • Mera
    Mera 3 years ago Chandler McCook the sound effect probably
  • Garet Peyton
    Garet Peyton 3 years ago Like playing a shitty game not worth 30 dollars.
  • Yoseph Bailey
    Yoseph Bailey 2 years ago probably because it's a horror game.
  • bazinga
    bazinga 2 years ago the music, and being chased is fucken terrifying.
  • themelonn
    themelonn 1 year ago TheYoYoItsJ he also never talk.
  • Sinpain
    Sinpain 1 year ago Rezuaq yeah pretty sure that’s it lol
  • CSTorres
    CSTorres 3 years ago Nothing quenches my thirst than a new video that daddy made
  • Adam Riley
    Adam Riley 3 years ago COSMIC_ Tortilla you need jesus n igga
  • Jovial Jab
    Jovial Jab 3 years ago Will you be my Miiverse Mommy?
  • [JN] Ziekoss
    [JN] Ziekoss 10 months ago gay
  • Hit
    Hit 3 years ago Funny how I was imitating your "What's up everybody it's Cr1tikal" and received the notification of you uploading this lol
  • LotusGramarye
    LotusGramarye 3 years ago You called, he came. All over your subscription box.
  • Toxin
    Toxin 3 years ago Alex Peralta Lol it's like Thor who always comes to the rescue if the Gods just scream 'THOR!!' (not the Marvel Thor, the original mythic Thor)
  • Stormcloak Nord
    Stormcloak Nord 3 years ago You performed the Cr1tikal ritual and summoned him
  • neighb0r
    neighb0r 3 years ago Thanks for summoning this video
  • UnBR0k3enAngel
    UnBR0k3enAngel 3 years ago Alex Peralta Remember to like this summon, comment, and subscribe if you want to see summons similar to this one. Later, queefs.
  • HeroicToaster
    HeroicToaster 3 years ago A boy, but with all the powers of a full grown man? Does such a powerful individual truly exist?
  • rockah12
    rockah12 3 years ago Pygmies with shotguns?
  • K Ziad
    K Ziad 3 years ago Boyman. He can do taxes.
  • TheObeyWeegee
    TheObeyWeegee 3 years ago a manchild
  • Corbin
    Corbin 3 years ago pewdiepie is a full grown man with the capability of a child
  • K Ziad
    K Ziad 3 years ago @Kumori edgy.
  • Der dasMann
    Der dasMann 3 years ago I guess Dio?
  • Lurker Numbers
    Lurker Numbers 3 years ago Aren't you an original piece of shit, Kumori?
  • Geoff Rey
    Geoff Rey 3 years ago HeroicToaster trump
  • faux
    faux 3 years ago Kumori PewDiePie is more self aware now. More like Markiplier.
  • Mr. Doge
    Mr. Doge 3 years ago (edited) TheUltimateRiku in what universe?
  • Lurker Numbers
    Lurker Numbers 3 years ago @Mr. Doge In his channel of 2016
  • faux
    faux 3 years ago @Mr. Doge In the universe where a lot of his content is sketches as opposed to gameplay shit.
  • Tracy Jacks
    Tracy Jacks 2 years ago rockah12 Ah yes, that's my favorite Gorillaz song. Pygmy Kids with Shotguns.
  • Austin Styer
    Austin Styer 2 years ago Shazam
  • dick chappy
    dick chappy 3 years ago This game is the perfect embodiment of the mr wilson rap
  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson 3 years ago Holy fuck, you're right.
  • ain't nobody like warm milk
    ain't nobody like warm milk 3 years ago dick chappy what're u doing in my basement
  • Nintendo 65
    Nintendo 65 3 years ago They both want you to stay away from their basements.
  • HorseDX
    HorseDX 3 years ago dick chappy GET OUTTA HERE
  • Kostka
    Kostka 2 years ago My name is mister Wilson and I'm here to say, I'm gonna smack your ass in a major, what are ya doin in my basement, get outta here, GET OUTTA HERE
  • Aurora
  • Javi Though
    Javi Though 3 years ago Nothing says "hey I just moved into your neighborhood" quite like trying to steal your new neighbors stuff.
  • Javi Though
    Javi Though 3 years ago Haha, you right.
  • Tailslover13
    Tailslover13 3 years ago (edited) Oh, good, he's playing the older version instead of the newer one! Good, I like this one more; it's just a lot funnier and simplistic, which I like. While Mark and Jack freak out over sharks and try to solve puzzles and figure things out, out good friend Cr1tikal is just having fun trolling his neighbor. Gotta love it. Also, he didn't say his outro! How many times has he honestly not said it before?
  • JoaquizzleTwizzle
    JoaquizzleTwizzle 3 years ago It's become pretty frequent actually. And remember when all his video titles were followed with "Gameplay and Commentary"? I miss those. Classic Crit.
  • nilleftw
    nilleftw 3 years ago I'm pretty sure his outro is just a sound clip. It would just be insane if he managed to sound exactly the same in so many outros.
  • LuizKun
    LuizKun 3 years ago I think it isn't, it was noticeable bc he changed mics over the years
  • Brownay
    Brownay 3 years ago It's not. Remember that one time during his outro, he dropped his green tea?
  • AKS62
    AKS62 3 years ago who the fuck is mark and jack
  • frog9898
    frog9898 3 years ago AKS62 I wish I could say the same
  • flabberjiggles
    flabberjiggles 3 years ago And dashie finds a glitch accidentally
  • nilleftw
    nilleftw 3 years ago @LuizKun Maybe he used some CSI magic enhancement? lol, maybe you're right! Critikal is a weirdo after all
  • OuroborosWorm
    OuroborosWorm 3 years ago Our friend is referring to Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, and is therefore a horrible bastard.
  • Rebel Y
    Rebel Y 3 years ago Jacksepticeye and Markiplier
  • Gabe Z
    Gabe Z 3 years ago Markiplier and Jack are literally unwatchable. The ear-piercing shrieks are enough to drive dogs to deafness.
  • The King
    The King 3 years ago did you know the neighbors car is a plymouth belvedere?
  • Bintang Purwaditya
    Bintang Purwaditya 3 years ago Tailslover13 disliked for even spend time to watchjacksepticeye and markiplier
  • Brownay
    Brownay 3 years ago There's a podcast episode with Jack now, but I haven't bothered to listen to it yet
    SEATTLEKID2o6 3 years ago Bingo, bango, bongo
  • Extreme miner
    Extreme miner 3 years ago Bish bash bosh
  • Peppermint
    Peppermint 3 years ago I'm so happy in the jungle,
  • The Professional Novice
    The Professional Novice 3 years ago oh no no no no no horns blare
  • Maxvolume123
    Maxvolume123 3 years ago I don't wanna leave the congo
  • chipchip
    chipchip 3 years ago sugar in the gas tank
  • Hazard
    Hazard 3 years ago Bingo, bangle, bungle
  • Vaporwave Dealer
    Vaporwave Dealer 3 years ago Maxvolume123 bingo bango bongo im so happy in the jungle i refuse to go
  • Ken
  • The Professional Novice
    The Professional Novice 3 years ago @ShamaLlama cause it's fun and catchy and most people know it from a popular video game (judging by your profile pic I shouldn't have to say which one). Also it's kinda that ol' timey racist, but in a funny way, not like a lynch mob, apartheid, horrific violation of civil rights kind of way. It's kinda like those old Disney cartoons that had blackface in em.
  • The Professional Novice
    The Professional Novice 3 years ago @amanoncrack "Each morning a missionary advertise with neon sign He tells the native population that civilization is fine And three educated savages holler from a bongo tree That civilization is a thing for me to see" "THREE EDUCATED SAVAGES HOLLER FROM A BONGO TREE" again, I'm not saying it's 'offensively' racist. But you're just being naive if you think something like this would be considered okay if it was made nowadays. It's still pretty funny though, and it is a catchy song.
  • JayNastyMods -
    JayNastyMods - 2 years ago i'll stay right here :D
  • hhNGn farttt ta bdull farat af arttfartt fart222
    hhNGn farttt ta bdull farat af arttfartt fart222 2 years ago Bingo
  • JayNastyMods -
    JayNastyMods - 2 years ago naaa nana na bingo bango bongo i'm so happy
  • Roastie Toaster
    Roastie Toaster 3 years ago I like this version of the game more.
  • Ludvig B.L.
    Ludvig B.L. 3 years ago DeadCore good to know
  • Sophisticated Fart
    Sophisticated Fart 3 years ago I saw your profile picture and name and I expected myself to be blessed and destined to read the funniest top notch comment. But alas, I was left openly weeping in disappointment.
  • random channel of eevee
    random channel of eevee 1 month ago This was when the AI was good and graphics were great
  • Zephyr Biscuit
    Zephyr Biscuit 3 years ago I want cr1tikal to announce the world series.
  • Oscar Monstah
    Oscar Monstah 3 years ago The only youtuber who didn't flinch even once during this game
  • vissova
    vissova 3 years ago 2:23 Hmm... This game looks pretty good, but I think it could use a little more bloom. My eyes haven't melted out of my skull yet.
  • Abdallah Marwan
    Abdallah Marwan 1 year ago Yeah, the shading is pretty unrealistic.
    HUUUUUURRRR 3 years ago LOL 02:55 "I just walk around with my hands on my hips, so I guess I'm the world's sassiest burglar"
  • Spethman Jones
    Spethman Jones 3 years ago I love how Crit goes from calling people "goofballs" to talking about dry cooter lips in the blink of an eye. You never know what you're gonna get :D
  • Jeff Millett
    Jeff Millett 3 years ago Cr1tikal is a box of chocolates.