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Скачать с ютуб Brave Men Prank Their Friend With A Dementia Potion

Опубликовано: 20 янв. 2019 г. 1 517 877 просмотров

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This is the greatest potion of All Time

  • Jacob Sheldon
    Jacob Sheldon 9 months ago "Hello, Dark Web, I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions."
  • Luke MASTERS
    Luke MASTERS 4 months ago A shipment will come tomorriw
  • Nordic
    Nordic 4 months ago “You can’t handle my strongest potions”
  • krepnata kadara
    krepnata kadara 3 months ago Unfortunately that's December specialty, may I suggest potion to killed yourself even without you touch or even bought it?
  • b0nel3ss
    b0nel3ss 3 months ago You are a real one
  • xXnoregretzxXzzZ
    xXnoregretzxXzzZ 2 months ago Jacob Sheldon i got a bottle of GHB off of empiremarket does that count?
  • Sierra Ladnier
    Sierra Ladnier 1 month ago GOTTA GO WATCH THIS NOW
  • Lazyvicc
    Lazyvicc 3 weeks ago My potions would kill a dragon, let alone a man!
  • Vibe Check
    Vibe Check 3 weeks ago I have cram- laid out in the sun for two fortnites. It will only cost you fifty gold coins...
  • Mia Tychoniewicz
    Mia Tychoniewicz 3 months ago imagine a young child watching this then attempting to go on the dark web only to be literally kidnapped.
  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 3 months ago Mia Tychoniewicz - That’d be such a banger prank bro 🤙😂😂😂
  • Jean Marceaux
    Jean Marceaux 3 months ago MIKAELA! YOU CRAZY? YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!
  • Bicth
    Bicth 2 months ago I'd be impressed if a kid gullible enough for this could figure out how to do that
  • DatPisidukM :v
    DatPisidukM :v 2 months ago @Bicth you can literally find deep web stuff in the normal web, there are photo storage pages that have massive amounts of child porn, there are shopping pages that can sell guns and drugs. The internet is scary.
  • Bicth
    Bicth 2 months ago @DatPisidukM :v I thought deep web and dark web were two different things. dark web requires a special thingy like TOR or .onion to access?
  • DatPisidukM :v
    DatPisidukM :v 2 months ago @Bicth Yeah, that's right you need things like onion to go into the dark web.
  • pIayingwithmahwii
    pIayingwithmahwii 2 months ago they wouldn't know how to get on there. nor does the actual youtuber who says they go on the dark web.
  • EL Plagua
    EL Plagua 2 months ago Lmfaoooo idk why this made me laugh so much
  • Lil Chromie Bigfoot Slayer
    Lil Chromie Bigfoot Slayer 2 months ago (edited) Eh you have to go out of your way to get into the illegal shit on the dark web. The dark web isnt illegal. Tor defaults you to using duck duck go so you'd have to find a different search engine. It would be a bit challenging for a someone dumb enough to watch this guy's videos figure out how to even download Tor, let alone something as complicated as changing your search engine.
  • Lil Chromie Bigfoot Slayer
    Lil Chromie Bigfoot Slayer 2 months ago @DatPisidukM :v by default something considered deep web would require you to know the link. You'd have to get the link from someone. If you could just stumble on it then the pages would have been shut down
  • T0nic
    T0nic 2 months ago @Jean Marceaux hahaha
  • SSQUAD #2667
    SSQUAD #2667 2 months ago @DatPisidukM :v its called tor the extention of it is .onion
  • name patchwork
    name patchwork 1 month ago @DatPisidukM :v true I have seen beastality porn like this
  • Cortex Auth
    Cortex Auth 1 month ago That aside, even when I was 12, I had enough intelligence that I can't even fool much people this way. Not sure of kids, but I find these people more stupid lmao
  • Not Kevin Durant
    Not Kevin Durant 1 month ago Dark web = limewire
  • boiled egg
    boiled egg 1 month ago @Some Guy lmao
  • Retardus lardus
    Retardus lardus 3 weeks ago Billy are you downloading tor again?
  • Jolly Jasher
    Jolly Jasher 1 week ago That’s sick bra! HAHAHAHA😂😂😱😂
  • christian thompson
    christian thompson 1 week ago Bicth the diff between them is that the deep web just provides services like teaching how to hack, bitcoin, art projects, etc, etc, and the dark web is where you find the illegal shit like child porn
  • christian thompson
    christian thompson 1 week ago pIayingwithmahwii some ordinary gamers goes to the deep web all the time
  • christian thompson
    christian thompson 1 week ago name patchwork there's animal porn on the regular web. just look up xnxxzoo
  • Marcus Saycon
    Marcus Saycon 6 days ago Mia Tiechoniewic r/whoosh
  • Ligma Ligma
    Ligma Ligma 5 days ago LMFAOOO
  • Jesse Collins
    Jesse Collins 21 hours ago Mia Tychoniewicz well that’s not these guy’s fault if that happens.
  • Jesse Collins
    Jesse Collins 21 hours ago DatPisidukM :v maybe that’s true. As long as it’s just a joke that somehow in anyways this would de the douche tubers fault... .just because you don’t like somebody does it mean you can blame their speech on other peoples actions especially if they’re not even calling or inciting the action directly or indirectly. Otherwise you could blame anybody speech on planet earth for anything anybody ever has done. And maybe everyone realizes that here but the majority of people I talk to you don’t realize that.
  • Jesse Collins
    Jesse Collins 21 hours ago DatPisidukM :v then why are you conflating the dark web and the deep web if we were talking about the deep web? Lol
  • Jesse Collins
    Jesse Collins 21 hours ago pIayingwithmahwii exactly. With the number of likes this comment got in certain there’s a handful of people that would blame these youtubers IF that ridiculous hypothetical scenario turned out just because they don’t like them personally. Something that is so unbelievably unlikely and still not their fault, they want to somehow say they’re being irresponsible about making this video. They’re just being annoying retards who are scamming people basically. Scamming is not the right word but they’re making awful content for a little kids who don’t know any better and they are awful I’m in so stupid and brain dissolving...
  • MinerBoyBP
    MinerBoyBP 9 months ago They say it like the deep weeb has a merch store and drops stuff weekly
  • bobby walsh
    bobby walsh 5 months ago MinerBoyBP uh u gotta know how to find shit new site new chat rooms new molester predator for children sites pop up trading pictures of missing children
  • Trygve Plaustrum
    Trygve Plaustrum 3 months ago "Deep weeb" Is one of the best unintentional plays on words ever.
  • nuromie uwu
    nuromie uwu 3 months ago Dark web potion loot crates lol
  • Easton
    Easton 7 months ago Jaystation gets black lung in an abandoned coal mine and dies!! (GONE WRONG)
  • Mr. Grizzly_Bur
    Mr. Grizzly_Bur 4 months ago (GONE SEXUAL)
  • Sunky
    Sunky 3 months ago (GONE TOTALLY NORMAL)
  • nuromie uwu
    nuromie uwu 3 months ago (YOUTUBE COMMUNITY PARTIES)
  • Jean Marceaux
    Jean Marceaux 3 months ago (GOOD RIDDANCE)
  • 00
    00 3 months ago (GONE RIGHT)
  • Spicy Boi
    Spicy Boi 2 months ago (GONE FINALLY)
  • SK G
    SK G 2 months ago (GONE TO HELL)
  • ernie woods
    ernie woods 2 months ago Gaystation
  • Raphael Zoom
    Raphael Zoom 1 month ago Gone right
  • The Meme Reposter
    The Meme Reposter 1 month ago (CREATED MUSTARD GAS BY ACCIDENT!)
  • Don Cheeto
    Don Cheeto 1 month ago (FUCKED TRUMP AND HAD A BABY)
  • mr. heartbeat
    mr. heartbeat 1 month ago (GONE GAY)
  • Furret
    Furret 1 month ago (edited) (HE SPANKED ME)
  • Sean Walker
    Sean Walker 2 weeks ago Yes plz
  • Cod Pl
    Cod Pl 1 week ago (GETTING FUCKED BY 15 YEARS OLD KID)
  • Jay Play
    Jay Play 1 week ago The only way it's GONE WRONG is if he lives.
  • Ligma Ligma
    Ligma Ligma 5 days ago (Gone right)
  • Dancing Emo Parker
    Dancing Emo Parker 3 days ago (GOT CAUGHT)
  • Dancing Emo Parker
    Dancing Emo Parker 3 days ago (RAID SHADOW LEGENDS)
  • Jolt
    Jolt 15 hours ago Easton that sounds like it went perfectly
  • Daniel Derevinsky
    Daniel Derevinsky 9 months ago Was expecting him to forget how to breathe. So disappointed
  • hectorgotbandzz
    hectorgotbandzz 4 months ago I wish he went into the ocean
  • sly
    sly 2 months ago 😂😂💀
  • Old Joseph Joestar
    Old Joseph Joestar 2 months ago 1k like
  • official sbrMILITIA
    official sbrMILITIA 1 month ago This comment made my day. I drank energy potion this morning and I’m crashing hard.
  • - Blackemperor-
    - Blackemperor- 1 month ago Ultra lmao.
  • GHooney Official
    GHooney Official 1 week ago Daniel Derevinsky 😂😂😂
  • The Cheese
    The Cheese 3 days ago I have it on good authority (Randy Quaid) a memory loss potion also makes you piss your pants I’m calling shenanigans...
  • Planet Purgatory
    Planet Purgatory 7 months ago :: purposely poisons friends drink :: "Jay, we're not here to hurt you, calm down"
  • Scott Swingle
    Scott Swingle 3 months ago Good point
  • The No.1 Guy
    The No.1 Guy 1 month ago cause all their friends are like they make bank off this fucking dumbass content....think of their fans....all their viewers....the numbers are staggering for the kind of demented cognition that enjoys this its understandable that they have dimwitted friends that actually like their dumbass pranks that might use Jackass and Viva La Bam to justify their detached identities. Rich idiots. Who got richer via their idiocy. It's the people that make it possible...the only people dumber than them.
  • SixForSeven
    SixForSeven 1 month ago @The No.1 Guy What has this to do with the comment?
  • Jolly Jasher
    Jolly Jasher 1 week ago Planet Purgatory you sound like my care takers at the asylum trying to bring me back to bed
  • Cora Swan
    Cora Swan 2 months ago Jay: loses his memory Also Jay: his first instinct is to kill his friends
  • WlanKabel
    WlanKabel 2 months ago Sounds totally reasonable to me with that face of his
  • Alice Aspen
    Alice Aspen 2 months ago He's a werewolf
  • Aaron Enix
    Aaron Enix 4 months ago their pupils tell me they're on some sort of an amphetamine.
  • A Matichuk
    A Matichuk 4 months ago Aaron Enix Yes! And the way they were moving at the beginning...definitely the meth ants in the pants dance.
  • 句丹句句と 尺ヨ尸卞丹尺
    句丹句句と 尺ヨ尸卞丹尺 2 months ago (edited) Just some more teenagers getting fed vyvance by mommy and the doctor 3 times a day. That or another stimulant. Went to high school with millions of kids like that in the suburbs.
  • AshVsTheDeadite
    AshVsTheDeadite 2 months ago I'm not saying your wrong, but most junkies I know would not allow a camera in there face, let alone jump in front of one willingly.
  • huskypro1
    huskypro1 2 months ago AshVsTheDeadite That may be accurate when it comes to a homeless methhead. Thousands of kids abuse Adderall on camera just to show how "cool" they are.
  • AshVsTheDeadite
    AshVsTheDeadite 2 months ago @huskypro1 lol I don't know any homeless meth heads they have homes (unmanaged for the most part). But yeah I get ya kids are fucking dumb.
  • AshVsTheDeadite
    AshVsTheDeadite 2 months ago @huskypro1 homeless meth heads don't give a shit about cameras lol remember bum fights? Well they were probably alcoholic
  • Geoffrey
    Geoffrey 1 month ago @AshVsTheDeadite yea, my meth head friends will go insane if ur phone light blinks... If u try to record them it's fisticuffs
  • AshVsTheDeadite
    AshVsTheDeadite 1 month ago @Geoffrey lmao. Right? I was at a party once underage and someone took a pick of me and a friend he wasn't tweeking at the time, but he got in the guys face and told him to delete it or there was gonna be a brawl.
  • Tallon Qsack
    Tallon Qsack 3 weeks ago @句丹句句と 尺ヨ尸卞丹尺 they're not teenagers
  • Tallon Qsack
    Tallon Qsack 3 weeks ago @AshVsTheDeadite junkies do junk (heroin) not meth. Those are called tweakers.
  • AshVsTheDeadite
    AshVsTheDeadite 3 weeks ago @Tallon Qsack I live in Arkansas.. I know the term tweeker. Your arguing over semantics..
  • Sunny Days
    Sunny Days 2 weeks ago meth
  • John
    John 2 weeks ago peen
  • Unorthodox
    Unorthodox 1 week ago ADDERAL!
  • Ťeam KP
    Ťeam KP 6 days ago @Tallon Qsack yes, they are teenagers. At the time of this Jay Hills was 17 and Stromedy was 18. Jaystation on the other hand was like close to 30.. which just adds to his weirdness the fact that he's friends with a bunch of teenagers 😬
  • Ťeam KP
    Ťeam KP 6 days ago @Geoffrey wait... you have meth head friends? 🙊
  • Ligma Ligma
    Ligma Ligma 5 days ago @Ťeam KP dude once you find a life outside of the internet you realize that everyone is on some type of drug at one point or another
  • boop bap
    boop bap 7 months ago Me when Charlie pronounces Alzheimer's "Alltimers" : 😑
  • PracticalSavant
    PracticalSavant 6 months ago Oldtimers
  • boop bap
    boop bap 6 months ago @PracticalSavant EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH
  • Mikester N
    Mikester N 2 months ago Was looking for this.
  • Lacarnum Inflammari
    Lacarnum Inflammari 1 month ago Lmao
  • Vips Vipsa
    Vips Vipsa 1 month ago I hate peaple that say alltimers
  • White Horse
    White Horse 3 weeks ago @Vips Vipsa Peple
  • Jesse Stinson
    Jesse Stinson 2 weeks ago @Vips Vipsa sheeple
  • ぽんかつポンコ
    ぽんかつポンコ 1 week ago Vips Vipsa I haet peaple whu cant spel
  • unicorn power
    unicorn power 1 day ago ぽんかつポンコ yeh I now thyerr so anoying
  • ClainBill
    ClainBill 12 hours ago boop bap the use of emoji forces me to not like your almost satisfactory comment
  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man 9 months ago “The dark web seems to be adding new types of potions every single week” OH MY CRINGE
  • Yaa Boi
    Yaa Boi 9 months ago Kool-Aid Man yeah but they still haven’t added a kool aid man face potion. I wanna be like Kevin
  • Foreskin Man
    Foreskin Man 9 months ago All they need is a brewing stand
  • Le Dolphin
    Le Dolphin 8 months ago Don't forget the nether wart
  • Bailey Green
    Bailey Green 8 months ago Usually said “potions” are used by creepy-desperate men at a bar/home parties. Maybe that’s why Jaystation was kicked out of Disneyland, he was caught selling or coercing others with “Dementia Potions”
  • Teddy Fresh
    Teddy Fresh 8 months ago Excellent I wish they to purchsse the big dick power potion
  • A Random Grammar Communist
    A Random Grammar Communist 8 months ago Don't talk shit too the Dark Web potion market, they'll break into your house and force you too drink a "Make Shitty YT Videos on Potions" Potion.
  • Vaki Smithy
    Vaki Smithy 6 months ago They could have said someone I met on the dark web made some more potions and it would make infinitely more sense
  • DrSlee
    DrSlee 4 months ago Kool-Aid Man loads aa-12 stop
  • nuromie uwu
    nuromie uwu 3 months ago @DrSlee Shoot me please
  • DrSlee
    DrSlee 3 months ago nuromie uwu nah going for the knee caps
  • Don’t Call Me Ryan
    Don’t Call Me Ryan 3 months ago Kool-Aid Man just like fortnite
  • Drakkenmensch Silverflare
    Drakkenmensch Silverflare 3 weeks ago And by potions, I assume they mean "flavored meth"
  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger 3 weeks ago I prefer going to a professional potion seller..
  • Paul Leonard
    Paul Leonard 2 weeks ago Only the strongest potions
  • Darkfurr L4D
    Darkfurr L4D 3 days ago @A Random Grammar Communist oh god no anything but that
  • James Newton
    James Newton 2 months ago No one: Dark Web: Everything's for sale, everything. If I had a sister I'd sell her in a second.
  • Quentin Newton
    Quentin Newton 2 months ago Gang
  • Living Being
    Living Being 1 month ago A Skyrim character said that right?
  • IlNordFiero
    IlNordFiero 1 month ago Belethor, you Old fuck
  • Atoy 1234 ihrs
    Atoy 1234 ihrs 2 weeks ago I mean, in reality, thats not far off.
  • Dapper squirrel
  • tommy macneish
    tommy macneish 5 months ago Charlie bends you down, firmly placing you in a downward doggy position. "Are you ready?" His deep manly voice soothes your wet flaps. He gets on both knees, and plants both of his palms on your butt cheeks, spreading them wide. He then proceeds to 0:55
  • Scott Swingle
    Scott Swingle 3 months ago Jesus stop this now
  • Doodle Noodles
    Doodle Noodles 3 months ago Bro I ain't gay but that was hot
  • M e m e c h i l d
    M e m e c h i l d 3 months ago What in this entire fucking world would ever provoke you to say that
  • Amer Mohammed
    Amer Mohammed 2 months ago Gold
  • Jose Dreamz
    Jose Dreamz 2 months ago This is comedy
  • The Lukanator
    The Lukanator 1 month ago I came. Hi from India
  • Furret
    Furret 1 month ago @Doodle Noodles it was
  • Chloressa Wren
    Chloressa Wren 3 weeks ago Sounds lovely
  • UtaJoule
    UtaJoule 2 weeks ago why my pp hard 😢
  • Nikita mishra
    Nikita mishra 4 days ago @The Lukanator I'm obese retarded narcissist. Hi from aMURiCa🤠
  • Josh
    Josh 6 months ago “Dancing potion” molly water
  • Sad kid
    Sad kid 1 month ago Liquid ex
  • my pp is small, but
    my pp is small, but 1 month ago A Pranker Starterpack: - Shout when you talk - Keep. On. Moving. Around. - Say words like "Yo", "Guys", "Like" and "Bro" - "Smash the subscribe button!" And most important of all: Clickbait!
  • jeff shackleford
    jeff shackleford 2 days ago (edited) You forgot finger guns
  • - caperino
    - caperino 9 months ago my mum must have pranked my dad epic gamer style style because he hasn’t come bag after buying a pack of cigarettes 25 years ago
  • kartikeya chitranshi
    kartikeya chitranshi 3 weeks ago Oof
  • Habu
    Habu 2 months ago its so funny that this guy is literally glorifying going on the dark web, with a premature audience obviously oblivious to what kinda shit it can get them into
  • Furret
    Furret 1 month ago Bro that tasted like D E M E N T I A
  • Raymond Griffin
    Raymond Griffin 4 months ago My favorite thing about this is that their fingers are all stained with the “potion”. Kool aid? Soy sauce? Necrotic jizz? The world may never know.
  • a green parrot
    a green parrot 2 weeks ago Actually they were giving the kool aid man handjobs
  • Great value brand Mother Russia
    Great value brand Mother Russia 4 days ago a green parrot OH YEAH
  • Vladimir G
    Vladimir G 8 months ago His hands were literally red due to the die used in the epic potion
  • Erobuns
    Erobuns 1 year ago ThE DaRk WeB SeeMs tO bE aDDinG NeW poTioN EVerY WeEk
  • C ow
    C ow 1 year ago If you subscribe to the dark web supply drops then you get potions weekly !
  • Jacob
    Jacob 1 year ago @C ow lolol
  • Aditya Kamal Sharma
    Aditya Kamal Sharma 1 year ago Don't forget to press the bell icon
  • Zetsubou
    Zetsubou 1 year ago Khajit has wares if you have coin
  • Plushypony 94
    Plushypony 94 1 year ago I never realized how m a g i c a l the dark web is.
  • TheJediSonic
    TheJediSonic 1 year ago CaN wE mEeT hArRy PoTtEr On ThE dArK wEb?
  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 1 year ago Potion seller I need your strongest potions
  • The Only Jelly I Would Put In My Belly
    The Only Jelly I Would Put In My Belly 1 year ago By HiTiNg tHe BeLl bUTtOn PotioNs aRe PeRSonALLy sHovEd Up Ur AnAL CaVITy
  • Sandvich Man
    Sandvich Man 1 year ago Repping dark web merch
  • Lordius T
    Lordius T 1 year ago Just asking for a friend. Is there a penis enlargement potion? Just asking for a friend
  • Tilen Kerin
    Tilen Kerin 10 months ago I want a friend potion😢
  • Joshua Moynihan
    Joshua Moynihan 3 months ago “We drugged our friend with a random deliriant from the dark web🤣epic prank <{GONE WRONG}>!!!!😱😱”