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Скачать с ютуб Zoom - (The full rare uncut version) By The Commodores

Опубликовано: 24 янв. 2018 г. 6 267 411 просмотров

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Taken from Lionel Ritchie's Definitive Collection 2 CD set in 2003. Only the first few contained a 3rd limited CD with this version of Zoom.

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  • Jeremy Rodgers
    Jeremy Rodgers 2 months ago Its 2020 who's still here? Turn that thumbs up blue!!
  • Yudha Ferdiana
    Yudha Ferdiana 1 month ago 26th feb it is
  • Elaine Brown-Howard
    Elaine Brown-Howard 1 week ago March 2020
  • Rickey Mastin
    Rickey Mastin 1 week ago 3/22/2020
  • Jeremy Rodgers
    Jeremy Rodgers 1 week ago @Rickey Mastin my birthday!!!
    NLRM OLDW 5 days ago @ Jeremy Rodgers Just got here. Was just passing by and just had to stop in and stay for a few. Had no choice. Great song by a great group. Zoom baby!
  • M.C Watts
    M.C Watts 3 days ago Jeremy Rodgers #¥€$=#COV!D19:THURROCK:LOCKDOWN Hope everyone $A£3💃🏼💙
  • Jerry Samuel
    Jerry Samuel 2 days ago I'm here
  • steven gordon
    steven gordon 1 day ago Been in the house for a few days everything closed almost...... I'm glad I graduated in the 70's. It's all f..... now. But this some good music.
  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H 9 months ago When life was less stressful families were united and breaking bread was a thing amongst neighbors, and friends! How those times meant the most to us! 🙏🏽
  • Selina Davis
    Selina Davis 9 months ago Yes indeed many Beautiful how I miss those days😁
  • Big Daddy Peoples
    Big Daddy Peoples 9 months ago Hi
  • Angela Neely
    Angela Neely 9 months ago .
  • Big Daddy Peoples
    Big Daddy Peoples 9 months ago Hi have a blessed day
  • Paulette Little
    Paulette Little 9 months ago Cynthia H well I came from a extremely bad broken home in 53 years old African American but I use 2 love this song as a teenager I really wanted 2 fly away back then the song was a uplifter!😂😂😂
  • Tommy Robinson
    Tommy Robinson 9 months ago Right I love music old school
  • Paulette Little
    Paulette Little 9 months ago Tommy Robinson me 2 !😆😄😄😂😃😀
  • dman T
    dman T 9 months ago Those days were much slower..
  • Khulekani Austin Khumalo
    Khulekani Austin Khumalo 9 months ago Cynthia H ❤😍eeeish people have changed
  • Montrell Byers
    Montrell Byers 9 months ago Cynthia H true
  • Dexter Jackson
    Dexter Jackson 9 months ago Baby how true that is your comment sent me there
  • Khulekani Austin Khumalo
    Khulekani Austin Khumalo 9 months ago Dexter Jackson, it is true Dexter, I play this kinda music
  • Rascal Rollins
    Rascal Rollins 9 months ago Cynthia H ......Tell it sista✊🏾
  • Rascal Rollins
    Rascal Rollins 9 months ago Tuskegee Institute
  • Jake 333
    Jake 333 9 months ago Please baby girl why can't we all go back to them days let's just start doing it like we used to you dig
  • Dorothy Henderson
    Dorothy Henderson 9 months ago @Jake 333 yes those was the best day have house party from house to house and have a good time
  • George Burns
    George Burns 9 months ago Cynthia H yessssir
  • William Alford
    William Alford 8 months ago So true
  • Christopher Richardson
    Christopher Richardson 8 months ago Makes ya heart and soul smile...the air was different....
  • Emma Gardner
    Emma Gardner 8 months ago @Christopher Richardson yes it did,why can't we smile again
  • Christopher Richardson
    Christopher Richardson 8 months ago @Emma Gardner hello lady and thank you for responding to the alarm that caused a response lol..but was just speaking of how lovely your heart must be to have engaged in such a time as this?and yes I am one in whom the son smiles through always encouraging and allowing him to go first...would love to meet this dear soul that loves so deeply reclining others to wanna live life...🌹for you Darin...
  • Emma Gardner
    Emma Gardner 8 months ago Thanx for the sentiment be blessed enjoy your weekend and we never know when paths make cros[email protected] Richardson
  • Jeanine Rose
    Jeanine Rose 8 months ago AMEN.
  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 8 months ago umm idk if life was less stressful (civil rights, segregated parts of america, ...) but at least the family was still intact. The attack on the black american family has destroyed us to the core. Even touching something as far-reaching as the quality of our music. Now we have mumble rap, drugs, violence and the promotion of homosexuality, prominent in "our" music. Let alone, non of them can sing or COMPOSE music to this level of quality. Sad
  • Brenda Rose
    Brenda Rose 8 months ago I miss those days so much. What happened to the Black Family. We have more but the love for your neighbor is gone. I try to make a difference in my corner of the world.
  • Just Devine
    Just Devine 8 months ago Amen!
  • Kevin Holifield
    Kevin Holifield 8 months ago @Paulette Little ;I know exactly where u coming some of my most confusing moments was these kind of song that gave me a breath of fresh air..
  • Patricia Johnson-Platt
    Patricia Johnson-Platt 7 months ago Amen☝
  • Stephanie Anderson
    Stephanie Anderson 7 months ago Sista you ain't lying. Now that I'm older I now know that mom & dad was right. It takes time for the kids to understand. Because we think we have it all figured out but we don't.
  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes 7 months ago Cynthia H ❤️
  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes 7 months ago Selina Davis ❤️
  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes 7 months ago Paulette Little life is good 💕
  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes 7 months ago Tommy Robinson throw back 💕
  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes 7 months ago Montrell Byers we still here 💕
  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes 7 months ago Jake 333 we r there in our heart ❤️
  • Lawrence Fernandez
    Lawrence Fernandez 7 months ago Cynthia H. My family tries hard to stay united, stay close. That used to be a given, it used to be easier (like a Sunday morning). But than life happens. Not so easy any more but we stay in touch, keep planning, and keep inviting everyone and they make it when they CAN but one of the key players, one steady we can ALWAYS count on is this old school music. Just like a family member, ALWAYS present at ALL the good functions. Don't give up my friend stay connected . XXXOOO
  • Cheryl M. Goggans
    Cheryl M. Goggans 7 months ago Definitely my joint when I wanted to escape the day to day madness back in the day. Peace Light and Love to all 💞
  • Michelle Bishop
    Michelle Bishop 7 months ago I agree with you Cynthia, it brought me back to Saturday mornings cleaning and watching soul train 🚂 or lying in bed with my windows open and feeling that night time summer breeze blowing across my face....such beautiful memories 🦋🦋🦋
  • donald jackson
    donald jackson 7 months ago Yes indeed😎🇺🇸✌💯
  • Alan Gray
    Alan Gray 6 months ago Wify
  • love pbossx love pbossx
    love pbossx love pbossx 6 months ago Love this song..tears in my eyes
  • Willie Watkins Jr
    Willie Watkins Jr 5 months ago 🙏🙏🙏
  • Ty Hawkins
    Ty Hawkins 5 months ago Yes beautiful said
  • Dorothy Aguilar
    Dorothy Aguilar 5 months ago Those were the best times remembering Family & Friends when everyone got along and we're United. Miss those days when you knew how to respect one another. 🌿🌾🌿
  • louis mendez
    louis mendez 5 months ago You so right I remember when family was family friends where friends for life man life was easy then
  • Rosalie Mcghee
    Rosalie Mcghee 5 months ago Cynthia H YES YES YES YES YES
  • Eunice Mumbit Trill
    Eunice Mumbit Trill 5 months ago @Tommy Robinson you need to change that name, unless you are that nasty racist pig of a man that mouth peice is out there causing distress, islamophobia racism. Anti immigrant. Naaa you can't be him, he wouldn't have class enough to be here listening to cool people tracks! My bad if your not him!
  • Gary Campbell
    Gary Campbell 4 months ago On point!! Miss the era
  • Carla Williams
    Carla Williams 4 months ago Amen"" on that note'
  • Carla Williams
    Carla Williams 4 months ago Amen to what u r saying ""
  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 4 months ago May I be your family love?