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Flamenco dancer Maria Avila explores the act of creating within the confines of the pandemic in this short film. “Flamenco is typically performed with a group that includes a guitarist, percussionist, singer and dancer. Left in isolation from others, what could be possible? This led me to create my own musical score and explore voice. I found myself changing roles of dancer to singer to percussionist, decomposing and reconstructing the elements of flamenco. My aim was to encapsulate my current reality of being an artist in the COVID era. Choreography was generated through feelings of loneliness, appreciation, anger, boredom and repetition.”

Choreographer and dancer: Maria Avila

Videographer: Clint Mazo

Music: Maria Avila and Clint Mazo

Part of The Dance Centre's Digital Dance series.

Licensed to Play through SOCAN: # 05063114-00-06

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