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Скачать с ютуб Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump - The Graham Norton Show

Опубликовано: 20 нояб. 2015 г. 10 267 052 просмотра

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Tom discusses some of his classic characters, and talks about the origin of Forrest Gump.


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  • joe s
    joe s 4 years ago The fact that Hanks not only stays in touch with his child co-star and makes a point to pay tribute to him as a veteran says alot about the man's character.
  • Kien D Luu
    Kien D Luu 2 years ago joe s i know right? That was just pure class.
  • J G
    J G 2 years ago joe s Such a decent guy. Love him a lot lol.
  • Luke St. John
  • ekklesiast
    ekklesiast 1 year ago Yes, it says how he doesn't care in the slightest about the anti-war message of the movie he was in.
  • Daniel Appleton
    Daniel Appleton 1 year ago Kim Westwood A real person in a largely superficial industry.
  • Cᴜʀsᴇᴅ
    Cᴜʀsᴇᴅ 1 year ago @ekklesiast disliking war itself (& the people who cause wars) and respecting veterans aren't mutually exclusive. hate the game, not the player
  • flyhound97
    flyhound97 1 year ago Alot isn't a word.
  • Darkness
    Darkness 1 year ago Keep in mind, Tom was one of the writers and directors for Band of Brothers... and of course acting in Saving Private Ryan... he is very keen to acknowledge veterans and tell their stories.
  • h d
    h d 1 year ago Tom is no Hollywood outsider. He's a big player in the business, don't kid yourselves.
  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 9 months ago at no point did anyone say or suggest that he stays in contact with him
  • W. Russell
    W. Russell 8 months ago @Joe Casson If he wasn't in contact with him, how would he know he no longer speaks as he did during the movie and that he served in Afghanistan?
  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon 8 months ago He's known to be very supportive of veterans. He had a heavy hand in Band of Brothers and The Pacific specifically so their stories could be told.
  • fafase
    fafase 8 months ago For info, the kid was not even invited to the oscar that year. So much for caring innit?
  • anamitra das
    anamitra das 7 months ago the lengths you shitshows will go to try and discredit and smear Tom Hanks, one of the last bastions of pure greatness in Hollywood, really is mindboggling
  • Shendue
    Shendue 6 months ago @Nadda VEGAN Nope, he's not. Fake news spreaded by conspiracy theorists.
  • Propjoe10
    Propjoe10 6 months ago Tom Hanks is very close to the top of the list of people I'd love to have a beer with. An absolute gent and an incredible actor.
  • Nadda VEGAN
    Nadda VEGAN 6 months ago @Propjoe10 keep your small kids away.
  • Page-Hendryx
    Page-Hendryx 5 months ago Big deal; he made an offhand comment about the kid being grown up, e.g., he served in Afghanistan. I wouldn't read too much into it....
  • RcUniverseGuy
    RcUniverseGuy 5 months ago @W. Russell google?
  • Higher-self
    Higher-self 4 months ago fafase you know this for a fact or was he invited and couldn’t go?
  • Tony Trần
    Tony Trần 4 months ago Nada VEGAN and where is the source of that information? If there's no actual evidence then it's just purely your imagination
  • Timothy House
    Timothy House 2 months ago @Nadda VEGAN thanks for proving the Dunning Kruger Effect. Morons like you are an example of why stupidity should hurt.
  • Hearth Stone
    Hearth Stone 1 month ago 5000th like yay
  • Geoff Nason
    Geoff Nason 1 month ago Yep he's done some pretty slimy things himself
  • Andy C
    Andy C 1 month ago Who said he stays in touch? One of his peers could of mentioned to him in passing that the actor was now a war veteran - doesn’t mean Tom keeps in touch with him.
  • Hu Chay
    Hu Chay 1 month ago No it doesn't
  • T C
    T C 1 month ago joe s it was sweet how he pointed out that he was a vet...he’s obviously very proud!
  • Amilio
    Amilio 2 weeks ago A global treasure
  • Richard Hostetler
    Richard Hostetler 2 weeks ago Tom Hanks LIKES little kids that's why he stays in TOUCH with them....
  • Rodney Pratt
    Rodney Pratt 2 weeks ago That blew me away. Love the shout-out. He is a true renaissance man mister Hanks
  • Rodney Pratt
    Rodney Pratt 2 weeks ago @h d yes but he is no superficial fool let's say like Arnold Schwarzenegger, marries a republican impregnates the maid, truly a republican move... Democrats like Robin Williams marries the babysitter
  • James Shride
    James Shride 1 year ago "Run Wilson, we have a problem!"
  • Neva Theless
    Neva Theless 3 months ago Run Houston, we have a Wilson!
  • The gravedigger's cave
    The gravedigger's cave 2 months ago I´m the captain now!
  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray 3 weeks ago Wilson problem. Run have a we
  • ARCtrooperblueleader
    ARCtrooperblueleader 2 weeks ago @James Shride - LOL
  • Vrushabh Bhaskar
    Vrushabh Bhaskar 1 week ago We all have to go to Khrakhozia
  • Fred Mann
    Fred Mann 6 days ago Please God someone yell this at him.
  • drY B
    drY B 14 hours ago Oh man. That is priceless. Thank you.
  • John G
    John G 2 years ago I swear, The Graham Norton Show blows away anything we have in the States. He gets all of the best actors and he is able to get the best out of them.
  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley 1 year ago Unlike Leno or Letterman, both of whom I liked very much, Graham doesn't feel the need to jabber over everyone all the time. I can't even speak to the current crop of US hosts since I don't watch TV any more.
  • jackanaples
    jackanaples 1 year ago You are so right. Even notoriously difficult to interview celebrities like Harrison Ford come out of their shell a bit on The Graham Norton Show. It's pretty great.
  • Marie Williams
    Marie Williams 1 year ago John G Agreed. Alcohol helps a lot lol
  • bilogskii22
    bilogskii22 1 year ago It's because he lets people talk plain and simple. Just watch Kimmel and Fallon and they interrupt their guest like every 10 seconds.
  • jackanaples
    jackanaples 1 year ago bilogskii22 And like Marie said, the alcohol helps.
  • Frank Rojas
    Frank Rojas 1 year ago Conan O'Brian is pretty good.
  • Tonio Potonio
    Tonio Potonio 1 year ago I think that in England nobody talks that much. So if an American comes on he’ll explain his entire life storie
  • goodgirl,uhuge
    goodgirl,uhuge 1 year ago European TV is just generally better, Hollywood is just flashier
  • Jamma Jane
    Jamma Jane 9 months ago next best would be Craig Ferguson.. bring back Craig! ... then again.. that Scottish thang.. Yup across the pond.. breeds some great hosts.
  • oswaldobautista
    oswaldobautista 8 months ago James Corden is hilarious
  • Greer
    Greer 8 months ago Norton is honestly my favorite, I have Conan right behind because I always seem to chuckle with him. He interrupts like Kimmel and Fallon, but at least Conan is over the top and makes it entertaining.
  • H R
    H R 8 months ago Jamma Jane Craig and Conan have great back and forth banter with their guests
  • Dennis van den Tillaart
    Dennis van den Tillaart 8 months ago I got you up to 666 upvotes, my man!
  • Silver Star
    Silver Star 7 months ago It’s the one place actors don’t seem to mind talking about their iconic roles and characters from decades past. You can tell they avoid that on US shows
  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername 7 months ago easy reason why=he rarely gets poiltics involved (aside from the time he hade Hitlery Cunton on) and doesnt go on and on and on and on about "hurr durr, Trump iz so dumb amIrite?" like most American talk show hosts...except mayb Conan. If I had to watch 1 episode of an American show it would b him.
  • Oldschool1973
    Oldschool1973 7 months ago take notes he is real not a emty bag of air
  • Jude Eschete
    Jude Eschete 6 months ago We have hot ones lol
  • Shivin Wason
    Shivin Wason 4 months ago It’s cause they’re all usually wasted when they come on 😂
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 1 month ago The American late night show comes from a slightly different tradition. More like a variety show.
  • Fraser Webster
    Fraser Webster 1 month ago Most people over here want the BBC gone, but they forget it doesn’t ever have to say ‘well we’ve heard 2 minutes of someone speaking now so let’s have a quick commercial break’. 🙈
  • Jared Haught
    Jared Haught 1 month ago I like Conan a little more but Graham is a close second imo
  • Bainsworth
    Bainsworth 1 month ago his jew schtick is all about his guttural laugh
  • ARCtrooperblueleader
    ARCtrooperblueleader 2 weeks ago @John G - Agreed. The only person I would say that rivals him is Conan.
  • Matt Gregorowicz
    Matt Gregorowicz 1 month ago Tom Hanks is a literal national treasure. It’s impossible to dislike him.
  • The Original Aboriginal
    The Original Aboriginal 3 weeks ago It's not impossible for Conan O'Brien lol
  • Michael Belcher
    Michael Belcher 3 weeks ago Matt Gregorowicz only thing was his disgust at Gervais’ speech indicated some things to me. But really other than that he seems wonderful.
  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray 3 weeks ago *international treasure
  • Clown
    Clown 3 weeks ago He might die so thank you for jinxing it idiot! 🙄
  • The Hermanator and Spurgle
    The Hermanator and Spurgle 2 weeks ago He should keep his politics to himself. I personally don't care to hear politics from any celebrities. Left,center or right.
  • brooke
    brooke 2 weeks ago The Hermanator and Spurgle same people who say stuff like this are the ones going around about how freedom of speech is a universal right. He can speak about politics whenever, wherever he wants. If you don’t like it then don’t listen. Pretty simple.
  • The Hermanator and Spurgle
    The Hermanator and Spurgle 1 week ago @brooke Guess what? I DON'T listen. Or watch his movies. Or tell others to watch. Now all of us have used our 1st amendment right to free speech. Now shut your face.
  • FuckinLibertine
    FuckinLibertine 1 week ago No
  • skyblaze23
    skyblaze23 3 months ago Did anyone else notice how he knew that kid became a veteran and served. That right there shows how genuine he is
  • susan hartmann
    susan hartmann 2 years ago If I ever meet him, I'm going to yell "Lieutenant Dan"!!
  • It's Jay/ Jenna
    It's Jay/ Jenna 2 years ago (edited) susan hartmann an ice cream, Lieutenant Dan!!
  • bry4L
    bry4L 8 months ago Lieutenant Dan you got new legs
  • Jonathan Fleetwood
    Jonathan Fleetwood 6 months ago Dang*
  • Angelsfury
    Angelsfury 5 months ago But he ain't Lieutenant Dan!
  • Martin Štajer
    Martin Štajer 4 months ago @Angelsfury he ain´t Wilson either!
  • Danny Richmond
    Danny Richmond 3 months ago (edited) Sorry i ruined your new years party Lieutenant Dan.. she smelled like cigarettes
  • Ralph Lopez
    Ralph Lopez 3 months ago Jennay
  • DoofusTron9000
    DoofusTron9000 2 months ago I'd scream " Run Forrest, run!"
  • Anita Bonghit
    Anita Bonghit 2 months ago "I wanna be big!"
  • Walter ManyBallz
    Walter ManyBallz 1 month ago If we ever meet on a boat I'm gonna say "I figured I'd try out my sea legs." And hope he responds properly.
  • Lic. Esme
    Lic. Esme 4 weeks ago I loved it when he said that...
  • ljvjr2011
    ljvjr2011 2 days ago "But u ain't got no legs lieutenant Dan!"
  • Brittany Alyssa
    Brittany Alyssa 7 months ago The fact that Tom Hanks can pull out his Forest Gump voice flawlessly still, makes me so happy its insane
  • Unwanted Foreskin
    Unwanted Foreskin 3 weeks ago I hope he and his wife as well as everybody else recovers from Coronavirus. Godbless us all
  • AlphaBidz 86
    AlphaBidz 86 1 week ago Your name eew
  • Unwanted Foreskin
    Unwanted Foreskin 1 week ago @AlphaBidz 86 ur life eww
  • Miqomon l 1v1er
    Miqomon l 1v1er 1 week ago theres no god
  • Niall Harrington
    Niall Harrington 1 day ago @AlphaBidz 86 whats wrong with his username
  • Okky Handayani
    Okky Handayani 3 months ago Imagine having your childhood quirks preserved in form of a movie character.. by TOM HANKS.
  • Mekki
    Mekki 1 month ago yeah thats quite impressive.
  • Diana Lewis
    Diana Lewis 2 weeks ago He’s that way as adult, so not just childhood quirks. We were in the same brigade in the Army - looks and sounds exactly the same.
  • Mike Talley
    Mike Talley 3 years ago Tom just took the time to say that he is a veteran. Tom is an incredible guy.
  • Viktor
    Viktor 3 years ago Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are top notch people. They've always supported us veterans and their support is greatly appreciated.
  • rbeck3200tb40
    rbeck3200tb40 3 years ago They both have houses next door to each other in Naples Florida
  • silveradofilms
    silveradofilms 3 years ago cause they are so rich. My neighbour is not Hanks or Speilberg but a horrible poor Jamaican.
  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 3 years ago Why do you have to make it anything to do with wealth? Not one single person in this thread of replies made any reference to wealth. Only rbeck mentioned they live next door to eachother in Florida. Why the embittered suggestion that we think only rich people are good and poor people horrible?
  • Pranit Jain
    Pranit Jain 3 years ago Be like Tom.
  • Suppressor
    Suppressor 3 years ago @Pranit Jain Be like me. Be sitting on toilet. Be reading comments
  • Jolly
    Jolly 3 years ago Tom has been my favorite actor since I was a small child. Aside from being a top notch actor, he's simply a top notch person. One of the biggest stars on the planet, yet as down to earth as can be. So many accounts from people who have met him, and stated how nice he is in person.
  • Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen
    Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen 3 years ago Mike Talley he really is.
  • Adrian Zilla
    Adrian Zilla 2 years ago and the fact he knows this probably means hes kept in touch
  • Donald duck is the best donald
    Donald duck is the best donald 2 years ago silveradofilms 😂😂😂
  • MyCoolMac
    MyCoolMac 2 years ago So he mentions support for people who kill people and he is great? 1.8K upvotes? Sad times.
  • ekklesiast
    ekklesiast 1 year ago The movie was explicitly anti-war, anti-Vietnam specifically, and now he mentions being a veteran in a similar war like something respectable? So the movie meant nothing at all? It was just a pointless play? Such a hypocrisy, just wow.
  • mukor galaxies
    mukor galaxies 1 year ago Being anti-war and pro-veteran are not mutual exclusive positions to take. Some would say there's a great synergy between the two positions.
  • Hylaeosaurus
    Hylaeosaurus 1 year ago There's a difference between war and veterans. I haven't served as a member of the armed forces and don't agree with several wars yet can respect veterans.The difference is similar to venomous snakes and non venomous snakes, there is a difference but its not immediately obvious.
  • gary ribbink
    gary ribbink 1 year ago No Tom is NOT a VETERAN
  • Hylaeosaurus
    Hylaeosaurus 1 year ago Would you care to provide a source or evidence for your statement?If not I shall presume that it has about as much substance as hot air.
  • Dustyn Tienter
    Dustyn Tienter 11 months ago @MyCoolMac sad times are actually you making enuendoms about not respecting or having empathy, care or compassion for those who support our nation which is also "your nation"..... Our men and women serving our country are not cold blooded assassins as some would blindly accuse and serve for us all so "some" approximately 95 percent will never do......... just saying........ and of course our nation and veterans do what they do so you can be you and do you, because I am gonna be myself as well because I can like you do.....
  • Mulawarman
    Mulawarman 10 months ago Irl he is charm, kind and amazing person.
  • Real World Warrior lowen
    Real World Warrior lowen 10 months ago Sure seens to be but no one really knows
  • Harv72b
    Harv72b 10 months ago @ekklesiast People like you are why we can't have an unregulated internet.
  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 10 months ago Yeah now we know the boy loves to be a pawn for his government. Bravo?
  • Kori Hoornstra
    Kori Hoornstra 9 months ago @Hank Hill "GOD DAMNIT DALE"
  • John Conway
    John Conway 7 months ago ekkleslast, I STRONGLY disagree.  Forrest Gump was not explicitly anything.  If anything, it allowed the viewers to see the world and historical events through the innocent (and dare I say,  least delusional) eyes of the protagonist.  If anything, the war protestors come across as violent hypocrites and a uniformed, decorated Forrest is there to deliver a righteous beating -- after which he apologizes for interrupting "your Black Panther Party."
  • MrHeepspo
    MrHeepspo 5 months ago Thanks for the nauseating celebrity worship. Get a life
  • Righteous Freedom USA 1776
    Righteous Freedom USA 1776 1 month ago TOM served. TOM is the top notch guy.
  • Henry Goodwin
    Henry Goodwin 2 years ago An Englishman, an Irishman, a Scotsman, and a Yank walk into a studio...
  • Johannes Bridges
    Johannes Bridges 9 months ago The Irishman says to the Englishman, "Have you been to the Oscars?"
  • Junior Zablosky
    Junior Zablosky 9 months ago The yank says "WWIIILLSSOONN!"
  • Anthony
    Anthony 8 months ago Hanks the Yank
  • smashypeople
    smashypeople 6 months ago @Anthony and hank is the one who said that in cast away
  • JPPage
    JPPage 1 month ago and two have Oscars
  • S H
    S H 9 months ago At a certain point, Peter Capaldi realized that there was too much ragging on David Walliams for not having an Oscar, and even though Capaldi probably knew Hanks was (and is) a nice guy, he may have thought that Hanks' continued needling was too much, so he shifted to a self-deprecating story about himself, and shifted it again to pointing out Walliams' achievement for charity. In just a few words, Capaldi deftly managed to change the conversation, show his humility, and put the spotlight on someone else. To me that shows how much of a class act Capaldi is.
  • Paul Lloyd
    Paul Lloyd 5 months ago I love how Peter Capaldi tells Tom that David had swam the channel for charity and Tom can’t quite believe it. The three of them are great.
  • xtra
    xtra 2 days ago I didn’t even notice peter capaldi was there hahaa
  • chrisarbour
    chrisarbour 5 months ago (edited) I like when Graham asks about the specific accent, Tom remembers his name perfect, the stories and adds in there subtly that he's a veteran. How can you not love Tom Hanks? AND He says he still has the tapes of when he was talking with the boy to learn how to speak like him.
  • Zachary Ortiz
    Zachary Ortiz 1 year ago Tom Hanks is a great American. I hate that he is getting older. He's a good soul.
  • Alexzander
    Alexzander 3 months ago Dont hate time and age. Love the time you have with him here, and age with his memories when he is gone
  • Nehemiah Scudder
    Nehemiah Scudder 3 months ago As bad as you think "getting older" is, it beats the hell out of the only alternative available.
  • Kevin O'Donnell
    Kevin O'Donnell 3 weeks ago Seeing this after the recent coronavirus news is tough 😥
  • MrFurious65
    MrFurious65 2 weeks ago Why ?
  • MyKillerson
    MyKillerson 2 weeks ago @MrFurious65 Tom Hanks has it
  • KucklePuff
    KucklePuff 2 weeks ago MyKillerson why does that make it tough?
  • Tony Wuffles
    Tony Wuffles 3 days ago He announced that he and his wife got better and are home now isolated
  • Valerie24810
    Valerie24810 2 years ago "It was sort of orgasmic" LMAO OMG Peter why
  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi 2 months ago Valerie24810 😂
  • Peggyt1243
    Peggyt1243 3 weeks ago ... I do not know how it was for you LOLOL
  • Tee Mack
    Tee Mack 1 year ago "LIP-sticks" 😂😂
  • Mar10
    Mar10 3 years ago Tom Hanks, the closest thing to American Royalty.
  • Shay Sway
    Shay Sway 2 years ago Mar10 hes better than Royalty. He has charisma
  • Bilal Khalid
    Bilal Khalid 1 year ago He IS American royalty.
  • Shahaan G
    Shahaan G 10 months ago I mean, the Kennedy's are actual American royalty.
  • Elizabeth Reynolds
    Elizabeth Reynolds 9 months ago (edited) Tom is on the family tree of Abraham Lincoln. His relative, Nancy Hanks, whom was Abe's mother, is buried on the grounds of one of Lincoln's boyhood homes in Lincoln City, Indiana. So yes, you could say he is American royalty ;)
  • Zach Boebel
    Zach Boebel 9 months ago Elizabeth Reynolds if thats true tom hanks is my relative 😂
  • Ashley Mellor
    Ashley Mellor 9 months ago Mar10 So is Gary
  • A Very ETV Special
    A Very ETV Special 8 months ago Zach Boebel It is true. Rosemary & George Clooney and Miguel Ferrer too!
  • yeah buddy
    yeah buddy 8 months ago All the adrochrome
  • 8 months ago Don't forget Bill Murray
  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq 7 months ago I am the one that upgraded your comment from 2.2k to 2.3k
  • Ja Kooistra
    Ja Kooistra 7 months ago For all intents and purposes they basically elect a king every 4 years.
  • Ja Kooistra
    Ja Kooistra 7 months ago @jj62024 How about you stop over-using your ellipses. It makes you sound like you have brain damage.
  • Nesuno
    Nesuno 7 months ago Ahahah a-a-aamherican rho-rho-royalty? Hahahahaha i'm rolling on the floor right now...
  • Nadda VEGAN
    Nadda VEGAN 6 months ago A pedophile is royal? No fn way
  • Rikesh Patel
    Rikesh Patel 4 months ago @Elizabeth Reynolds American politicians aren't royalty though. They are public servants, which is the opposite of royalty. Servant vs Elitist.
  • FacelessDeviant
    FacelessDeviant 2 years ago "Have you ever won anything?" "Computer says nooooo."