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Скачать с ютуб Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts - Full Game Walkthrough - No Commentary Longplay

Опубликовано: 24 нояб. 2019 г. 360 785 просмотров

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Altai Mountains 2:14
Kolchak Harbor 39:36
Beketov Valley 1:29:29
Arakcheyev Fortress 2:16:38
Sibirskaya-7 Junction 3:05:07
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This is my playthrough of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts for PS4 console. This walkthrough includes all main missions of the game and ending. Played on Normal difficulty.

  • Azam Musa
    Azam Musa 2 days ago Sniper ghost warrior contracts video game 2019
  • Jason Borne
    Jason Borne 3 months ago (edited) Thank you for the great video, I just finished this good game, however, this game will be even better, if it is not full of bugs or glitches, you name it, hopefully the next one will be done properly and little longer.
  • Will Morse
    Will Morse 5 days ago (edited) Ive bought every Ghost warrior made so far. This game is loaded with glitches.  I also got hosed on the disc. It has a spot that it wont let me by. Ive pulled it and reset it and played from the beginning 3 times and it just kind of stops.
  • Wolf_Boy
    Wolf_Boy 2 weeks ago This game remind me of the old Project IGI 2 :D
  • Ali Gheni
    Ali Gheni 2 weeks ago yesssssss
  • Sod 'em!
    Sod 'em! 3 months ago Was this set at Simple Simon level? The enemy seemed deaf and blind? :)
  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian 2 months ago I must be on worst bad guy ever level.
  • Nyakiamo Gregory
    Nyakiamo Gregory 10 hours ago (edited) The voice intro is just epic!!!!
  • Sam Sutherland
    Sam Sutherland 2 weeks ago i know I'm not the first and maybe not the last, but why are you wasting so many rounds - reloading a ten-round clip after one shot?
  • Elmer Salonga
    Elmer Salonga 2 weeks ago I wish they made this game a 3rd person shooter like Sniper Elite.
  • Audie Murphy
    Audie Murphy 3 months ago Thank God I didn't spend money on this game. I'm only out of time for watching this video, and my wallet isn't empty from buying this 'game'.
  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - 3 months ago (edited) Nice to see Ghost Warrior finally get past it's Call of Duty wannabe psychosis, yeesh. But I'm gonna wait for a GOTY with all the DLC - 4 hours long just isn't enough for me
  • aliboy357
    aliboy357 2 months ago There are still challenges he didn't do plus this looks like it was done on the "easier" difficulty since the guards should have spooted him a couple of times. Additionally he was n't looking for any of the collectibles which provide you with tokens that go towards getting better weapons, ugrades for you mak, upgrades for your suit and upgrades to your equipment/inventory as well as unlocking special ammunition types like AP, EMP or DARPA rounds for the rifles. On harder difficulties it'll take you longer because you have to be more careful as guards alert more easily, see you from farther away, are more accurate and are generally quicker to catch on to the fact that there's someone hunting them along with your general direction.
  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 2 months ago @aliboy357 Even if it was played on "NORMAL" setting it will a challenge for players who enjoy shooter games to play. I'm a big shooter game player and I play the normal setting in every game I play, this will allow me to use the skills of the shooter I'm playing. And getting all available targets and upgrades is part of the mission if you ask me, you should always look at upgrading your gear and weapons to give yourself and advantage over the enemy because that is just basic common knowledge for survival. I also noticed he rushed a ton of his shots in this game, being a retired army and having many friends who were snipers you never fire a rush shot like that. You find good cover, find your target , control your breathing, pull the trigger, target goes down. The same goes with assault weapons as well when playing, I use semi - auto for better control and placement of shots on the target.
  • aliboy357
    aliboy357 2 months ago @Joseph Brown the normal setting on this game is indeed somewhat challenging. I find the game has a tendency of hiding enemy snipers out of sight though the real problems I find come if you get caught, drones spotting you out of nowhere and getting swarmed by enemies.
  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 2 months ago @aliboy357 Yeah the drones are a problem even in real combat situations. They can spot just about anything these days with the tech they carry. As for enemy soldiers finding good cover that will allow you a good view and firing position will help but it also depends on if you take out enemy mortor teams first. Then you have to deal with RPG and heavy machine gun's, plus snipers that you may have not seen that now have you pegged in.
  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 2 months ago @aliboy357 did you also notice he used his sniper rifle mostly. When and enemy is that close why! Pull your pistol that is silenced and pump 2 rounds into the enemy and continue the search.
  • Zubair Nisar
    Zubair Nisar 3 months ago AMAZING G A M E.
  • legunncat
    legunncat 4 months ago I'm not sure how you got through the first mission having alerted the soldiers (the red color), and not triggering the alarm, which causes troops to swarm on you.
  • Jim A
    Jim A 3 months ago all you have to do is run away and hide for a bit
  • legunncat
    legunncat 3 months ago @Jim A Yah, I figured the game out now. thanks!
  • Jake Noel
    Jake Noel 3 months ago (edited) get em fast enough they dont reach for their radio, plus, the dude you've known for however long was just talking to you, you might even reach for your gun first like around 11:10 or yell out for their fellow soldiers like around 14:35 , even if you're a soldier that'll shock you half a second, then you reach for the radio, and boom, out like a light.
  • Paul. A
    Paul. A 3 months ago (edited) The game looks easy, did u play in a normal level or something?
  • juST_4_ fun
    juST_4_ fun 3 months ago it was easy mode I guess,the game evolved so fast
  • Three Cats
    Three Cats 3 months ago (edited) HowLongToBeat has this game between 9 to 36 hours. How Aberukun do this in 4 hours.
    THE QUAIL 2 months ago I think they meant a normal play through, as in unlocking most things and learning as you go
  • Austin Rooks
    Austin Rooks 1 month ago (edited) 1:01:26 you missed me
  • Amiya Kumar Dhir
    Amiya Kumar Dhir 1 month ago Why almost every villian is from russia or ussr 😂🤣
  • Metal Boss
    Metal Boss 1 month ago "They have no regard for human life and they are all out son of bitches,barbarians and chronic drunks." -General Patton
  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 4 weeks ago China and North Korean: Are we jokes to you?
  • Amado Leon
    Amado Leon 3 months ago one thing is true power corrupts just like the demon rats
  • homosapien zzz
    homosapien zzz 2 months ago How to upload a 4 hrs video mate?
  • Aberukun
    Aberukun 2 months ago You need to verify your account
  • VeilSide_
    VeilSide_ 1 month ago Another 2019 game that was total waste of time. Absolutely nothing similar with previous games.
  • Excelsior
    Excelsior 1 month ago You wanted the same thing?
  • VeilSide_
    VeilSide_ 1 month ago @Excelsior I expected something more deep in the story and the gameplay as it was in 1 and 2. This is just short work of 5 trashy anarchic missions, bugs and bad work, just to fill their pocket... The game is so hasty done that even russians speak english between. I honestly don't see future in this game anymore.
  • Excelsior
    Excelsior 1 month ago VeilSide_ my issue with this game is that the AI is so stupid.
  • Ashen Live Gaming
    Ashen Live Gaming 4 months ago I also playing this game ..
  • NiklasK
    NiklasK 3 months ago Me too