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This was another video with the friends and family, without any real budget. Thanks again to Rick for letting us take over his house, and to everyone involved for helping on such short notice. As always, I really appreciate it.

For those wondering: We used a rock as a stunt double for the fish. We did not put a fresh water fish in the ocean.


The Mute - Myla Hubbard
The Dad - Rick Colado
The Mom - Robin Rütenberg

Written and edited by Ben Cooper
Concept by Ben and Emeral Cooper
Footage by Destyn Patera, Mark Hubbard and Laura Bearl
Costume, clothing and props by Brittany, Diana and Emeral Cooper, and Laura Bearl

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Tom, the Neighbor, never told Victoria how he truly felt. Instead, he married a woman that “made sense for him” and they had a son. The son could not speak, and Tom did not know how to handle him. He often felt his son's muteness was a punishment for loving another woman. Phillip, The Mute, eventually runs away.