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Скачать с ютуб How To Make Any Laptop Touch Screen!

Опубликовано: 8 дек. 2016 г. 5 518 818 просмотров

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -

Neonode Airbar (USA Link) -
Neonode Airbar (International) -

This cool contraption can turn any laptop into a touchscreen. Results are better in Windows but it also sort of works on Mac OS.

More info from the manufacturer -

Air bar gives your PC touchscreen capabilities. The sleek, lightweight device emits an in visible light field over a PC screen that senses touch from any finger, stylus, paintbrush, etc. Air bar enables touch for Chromebooks PCs running Windows 8 or Windows 10.

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  • envi z
    envi z Год назад (изменено) I thought this was gonna be another CLICKBAIT but dang this is legit And also it's sad that I'm two years late
  • Muhammad Taha
    Muhammad Taha Год назад Same here
  • Bansuk M
    Bansuk M Год назад Same lok
  • angga septian
    angga septian Год назад same haha
  • Johan Høck
    Johan Høck Год назад loke is a gooooood
  • Zeal
    Zeal Год назад (изменено) sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but I'm using a touch screen already :(
  • Anitai
    Anitai Год назад Lel
  • ThriquinoX
    ThriquinoX Год назад Same.
  • julien melero
    julien melero Год назад Same!
  • Jaron Loar
    Jaron Loar Год назад Same
  • Penny Wilson
    Penny Wilson Год назад LOL ME TOO
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    안상국 Год назад lol same don't even know why this just got recommended
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    karel van de belastingdienst Год назад lol same
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    Lightning 1 Год назад This is in my recommendation
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    Gameneuling2 Год назад same
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    michkanm Год назад Same here 😂😂😂
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    Randel Carpio Год назад Same.
  • Quinn McGinley
    Quinn McGinley Год назад Same
  • SuperAwesomeSebs
    SuperAwesomeSebs Год назад sam here
  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay Год назад They have them for TVs as well
  • m1st
    m1st Год назад Same
  • DarkManCze
    DarkManCze Год назад Same m8
  • Abhay H
    Abhay H Год назад Roughly 400 likes in 5 days. Gotta be impressed
  • Kate Brinfour
    Kate Brinfour Год назад same
  • DEathstrike
    DEathstrike Год назад Same...mi rass...they had this?
  • Golden.
    Golden. Год назад same
  • BluMac.
    BluMac. Год назад envi z lol same
  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje 11 месяцев назад I'm even later here 🤣
  • Roblox Master
    Roblox Master 11 месяцев назад Ya I am the latest tho
  • Evan Peterson
    Evan Peterson 11 месяцев назад I'm happy, it means the price probably went down
  • Kim Song
    Kim Song 10 месяцев назад MOOD
  • Ori Hagever
    Ori Hagever 8 месяцев назад never too late
  • muhammed abbas
    muhammed abbas 7 месяцев назад I was late as well, but, no, i didn't expect this to be a clickbait ... but i thought, the product will be a transparent digitizer layer with a usb port, well, this is better than my expectation and useful in some cases, but still nothing super new here.
  • Chris Liddiard
    Chris Liddiard 7 месяцев назад it was click bait, doesn't work with ANY laptop.
  • S Beck
    S Beck 6 месяцев назад same
  • ApexRB - ROBLOX
    ApexRB - ROBLOX 6 месяцев назад 7 months after you lol
    LAIRDO 6 месяцев назад Me too! On the other hand, I like my screen to be clean.
  • Lauren Gee
    Lauren Gee 5 месяцев назад Sameee
  • EshPlayz
    EshPlayz 4 месяца назад I’m wayyyy later (by 9 months) the future is cool
  • Connor Bavedas
    Connor Bavedas 4 месяца назад envi z i thought this video was clickbait for 2 years
  • jorge Marun Platon
    jorge Marun Platon 3 месяца назад envi z I am 3 years later
  • Kunal Kumar
    Kunal Kumar 2 месяца назад i'm 3 years late hahaha
  • jorge Marun Platon
    jorge Marun Platon 2 месяца назад Kunal Kumar 2019?
  • Rafaelutzul
    Rafaelutzul 2 месяца назад 3
  • Brando_
    Brando_ 1 месяц назад im three years late :(
  • AEn Mo
    AEn Mo 1 месяц назад me 3 years late
  • Luis I
    Luis I 1 месяц назад im three years late lmao
  • itsmaria15
    itsmaria15 Неделю назад im 3 years late lol
  • Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan 6 месяцев назад I'm 2.5 years late for this video 😢😢
  • Aljun Reyes
    Aljun Reyes 6 месяцев назад you're not alone 😃
  • Future_ADZ
    Future_ADZ 6 месяцев назад dwl so am i but it still got my thumbs up👍
  • Yaseen Chaudhray
    Yaseen Chaudhray 6 месяцев назад Im Also. 😉😁
  • Gerydome
    Gerydome 5 месяцев назад Yeah
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    Domestic Content 5 месяцев назад 👋
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    Chndler2007 3 месяца назад Same...
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    BigPPcommie 2 месяца назад ok ok i am 2.9 years late
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    DED_Memes 2 месяца назад You have 666 likes!
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    Castor Chua 1 месяц назад It only got recommended to me today - go youtube!
  • Aikyu
    Aikyu 1 месяц назад I am 3 :/
  • Kaden Animations
    Kaden Animations 1 месяц назад Shahid Khan no your not
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 1 месяц назад 3 years late here
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    shreya khosla 1 месяц назад same here
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    Luqman fuad muhashad 3 недели назад well,im 3 years late
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    HardwareNews 2 недели назад Well now it´s 3.
  • Ed Must
    Ed Must 6 месяцев назад i'm officially almost 3 years late for this technology. Impressive
  • Shigra Kumar
    Shigra Kumar 6 месяцев назад no dude it was uploaded in december
  • KAS
    KAS 5 месяцев назад Why is everyone saying this was two years ago?
  • Remite
    Remite 4 месяца назад @KAS On youtube it's saying "2 years ago"
  • Good Music bro
    Good Music bro 3 месяца назад And it says made in 2016 December
  • Jia Hajime
    Jia Hajime 2 месяца назад Better if it has pressure sensivity
  • Ryuuske Suke
    Ryuuske Suke 2 месяца назад Ikr daaaaaaaaaaang
  • Memeboi
    Memeboi 2 часа назад And I'm officially exactly 3 years late
  • ranjitha roberts
    ranjitha roberts 2 года назад Why am I watching this if a already Have a touch screen laptop? :D
  • MPG187
    MPG187 2 года назад I do too, but it's still interesting
  • MPG187
    MPG187 2 года назад I see people asking about this for desktop, that would be cool since my tablet laptop is only one screen and my desktop has dual monitors but no touch :(
  • Konorami Kontaky
    Konorami Kontaky Год назад ranjitha roberts ,because you have a fake touch screen laptop?
  • Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays Год назад turn ur touch screen into a normal laptop with the Earthbar. inception
  • Mukesh Gupta
    Mukesh Gupta Год назад LOL!!
  • x CrustyRoachRat89 x
    x CrustyRoachRat89 x Год назад Same!
  • Kacper Xxx
    Kacper Xxx Год назад Why not
  • Kacper Xxx
    Kacper Xxx Год назад Bruh
  • PikArnau24🎬
    PikArnau24🎬 Год назад This with an already touch screen
    KAKOLI PILLAI 11 месяцев назад ranjitha roberts you suck
  • Bayu Adi
    Bayu Adi 10 месяцев назад Even RoG doesn't have any touch screen
  • nicole_ Ibardaloza
    nicole_ Ibardaloza 10 месяцев назад Are u bragging
  • Dreomi
    Dreomi 8 месяцев назад Weird Flex but Okay :)
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    Dodo Raslan 5 месяцев назад Same
  • Dodo Raslan
    Dodo Raslan 5 месяцев назад I have the hp pavillion x360 covertible 14 ba0xx
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    Harry 4 месяца назад ranjitha roberts because you clicked on it?
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    ZangVlogz 2 месяца назад Idk, ask yourself.
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    Diamond Cupcakes 3 недели назад same lol
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    Carlos Carvalho 3 недели назад Dual touch screen power!
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    Anas Vlog 3 недели назад Same bro
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    Five10 2 года назад everything was fine until you said "a PC Laptop"
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    Wolfgrin Veracious 6 месяцев назад Lol
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    ZionHillCalling 5 месяцев назад It's a politically correct laptop bruh
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    AirPlaneLand 4 месяца назад Five10 😂😂😂
  • Jeff G.
    Jeff G. 2 месяца назад "IBM/PC compatible Notebook computer" is the genuine name of a PC laptop
  • Prisec
    Prisec 1 месяц назад @Jeff G. "personal computer laptop"? You good?
  • Lincoln Stanley
    Lincoln Stanley Неделю назад It works with desktop too
  • tr iera
    tr iera 6 месяцев назад Seeing this in 2019. Like this if you are too!
  • Alpha Beta Gamma
    Alpha Beta Gamma 6 месяцев назад (изменено) You dont have a windows laptop in the studio ... Reallly.... Why the hell youtube want me to watch this in 2019..
  • DrAbKaN
    DrAbKaN 6 месяцев назад Abhijith Ezhuthachan I’m asking the same question 😂😂😂
    ASWIN GAMER 6 месяцев назад For me the same complaint
  • Edwin Lugo
    Edwin Lugo 6 месяцев назад Same lmaoo out of the fuckin cut too
  • DapperTank
    DapperTank 5 месяцев назад Yeah
  • Russell Guinto
    Russell Guinto 4 месяца назад Content people
  • Shesh
    Shesh 3 недели назад He does have one though 😂😂
  • Ali Akhtari
    Ali Akhtari 6 месяцев назад you missed a huge test? Dose it support multi touch?
  • doomsday
    doomsday 6 месяцев назад It said "pinch to zoom" so yes it does have multi touch
  • AirPlaneLand
    AirPlaneLand 4 месяца назад doomsday ok
  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar 2 месяца назад @doomsday can I use pen to write something like other touch screen?
  • Blaze McTriggerFace
    Blaze McTriggerFace 2 месяца назад @Sandeep Kumar I’m assuming so? If it detects ANYTHING touching the screen (which it probably does) it’ll register. So if you are planning on getting a pen or something for it just get a cheap one that won’t scratch the PC screen. If you can find an officially certified one, I’d get that tho
  • Jeremiah N.
    Jeremiah N. 2 месяца назад @Blaze McTriggerFace you cant tap with fingers stacked on top of each other
  • Lakshith Rao R
    Lakshith Rao R 1 месяц назад @Sandeep Kumar he said even a brush work's 🤯 owsem
  • Zahid Shabir
    Zahid Shabir 1 месяц назад I think not full mult6i touch becaus of the way this seems to work the ONLY explanation I can come up with is that it shoots an invisible laser or something and when something interferes then it calculates where it thinks the touch is and all it does is activate a mouse click in that specific spot
  • Naxzed NU
    Naxzed NU 1 месяц назад @Blaze McTriggerFace IT SAID YOU COULD USE A PAINTBRUSH
  • robertas grigas
    robertas grigas 2 года назад if apple makes a car, will it have windows?
  • David Glotzbach
    David Glotzbach 2 года назад It'll have doors only.
  • Vasu Gupta
    Vasu Gupta 2 года назад robertas grigas you'll have to buy the windows separately for 3999.99$ and there will be a roof for 5999.99$ too and don't forget you'll also be able to get actual seats for 9999.99$, the car itself will be 39999999.99$ and of course the engine will run you about half a million dollars, and finally, tires... 79999.99$ each.
  • Michael Filippi
    Michael Filippi 2 года назад no but i think they will drive it to the amazon
  • xspringrose
    xspringrose 2 года назад Love this
  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
    xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx 2 года назад robertas grigas if apple make a house, will it have windows for ventilation?
  • Crow
    Crow 2 года назад It will have iGlass
  • Chris W.
    Chris W. 2 года назад Haha😒👏🏻...👏🏻...👏🏻
  • Bork The Doggo
    Bork The Doggo 2 года назад XDDDDDDDDDDD
  • woops old crap
    woops old crap 2 года назад with linux there are no (steve) jobs or (bill) gates
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    Resurekt 2 года назад robertas grigas LOL
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  • Iron
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  • Prius Driver
    Prius Driver 2 года назад robertas grigas Very original
  • Toxq Jam
    Toxq Jam 2 года назад it was the joke of summer '93. I remember like it was yesterday
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    Phantom Universe 2 года назад Vasu Gupta hahahhahahhah and you need to get the gas connecter to get gas for just about $999999999.99 lol
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  • thiruvetti
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  • Thresher Mcvv
    Thresher Mcvv 2 года назад I bitterly dislike Apple, because they make themselves sound so good but they're actually just the same as everyone else
  • BenTheTechGuy
    BenTheTechGuy 2 года назад no, and it won't have a headphone jack either :P
  • TagoNug
    TagoNug 2 года назад robertas grigas No, but it does have an overused and unoriginal joke.
  • Ashrafur Rahman
    Ashrafur Rahman 2 года назад Apple are bullshits as a product but cool for their technological advace.Chinese copy that and make it more functional and affordable.
  • Fjeld
    Fjeld 2 года назад LOL
  • P4PY
    P4PY 2 года назад nah
  • Баничка С Боза
    Баничка С Боза 2 года назад robertas grigas XD
  • Henrique Souza
    Henrique Souza 2 года назад robertas grigas yeah, but they'll call it Idoor. I'll be a innovation -_-
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    Cairo Murphy 2 года назад robertas grigas lmfao
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  • moien haider
    moien haider 2 года назад You'd have to install it separately Lol
  • Eilize Zila
    Eilize Zila 2 года назад apple making a car? i'm pretty sure they 'll put wheel on the car and say "it's a revolution !!! with these round thing, you can stop walking, and it's work everywhere, you can find women and lose your stepmother in the wood !!!" oh!!! and no windows of course , 'crosoft buy the right but you can hack it to put some if you want ^^
  • Wavy
    Wavy 2 года назад robertas grigas That is really cool how you said that
  • Richi V
    Richi V 2 года назад Dont worry there will be an app for that
  • Liam Gallagher
    Liam Gallagher 2 года назад nope
  • Razmuzen
    Razmuzen 2 года назад Will it have or will it has? :d
  • Jai Shetty
    Jai Shetty 2 года назад No, but they will let you dig one in to it  if you wish through a software (boot camp) that lets you install windows. apple cars will have LCD monitors to let you see outside , without anyone seeing you from there.
  • Omega Reapz
    Omega Reapz 2 года назад Ur welcome, for making it 666 likes, u unoriginal piece o’ shit
  • Razmuzen
    Razmuzen 2 года назад Got to Make it to 667 x)
  • Bhavik Patel
    Bhavik Patel 2 года назад You'd have to use bootcamp
  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 2 года назад Or the appropriate "drivers"
  • JC Robles
    JC Robles 2 года назад robertas grigas nah, it'll break the second it touches the ground
  • trumps butt
    trumps butt 2 года назад NOO THATS MY JOKEEEEEEE
  • UnderDubz
    UnderDubz 2 года назад Ahhhhhhh puns
  • Mi Rak
    Mi Rak 2 года назад why you compare steve to bill?,,,,,
  • doggo
    doggo 2 года назад lol
  • Praneesh A.K
    Praneesh A.K 2 года назад Great job coming up with that Sherlock
  • HellBoundDeadman
    HellBoundDeadman 2 года назад LOL
  • Shuncey Balba
    Shuncey Balba 2 года назад It would be gates resistant
  • THANKS Obama !
    THANKS Obama ! 2 года назад no ios disply hhee lol
  • MegaSunspark
    MegaSunspark 2 года назад Apple cars? God I hope not, they make computers and OSX and iOS bad enough.
  • Robyro Nz
    Robyro Nz 2 года назад When you scratch it will cost u 900000$ for repair
  • Rayan Abusidou
    Rayan Abusidou 2 года назад No it will have linux
  • filip
    filip 2 года назад If you make a joke, will it be original?
  • Crazy David
    Crazy David 2 года назад it wont run on petrol it will need io'ass'
  • Crazy David
    Crazy David 2 года назад no it will have io'ass'
  • SlimesCraftHD
    SlimesCraftHD Год назад Best joke ever 2k17... (Not)
  • Ian Beilfuss
    Ian Beilfuss Год назад No it probably won’t have a headphone jack either
  • Jacob the Lava Man
    Jacob the Lava Man Год назад Aravind Nadadur -__-
  • David Beckham
    David Beckham Год назад You guys missed his jokes...
    JULIAN GAMER X JULIANMATIONS Год назад Cameras and tvs for making safer
  • sargun benning
    sargun benning Год назад No
  • Dionicia Villaverde
    Dionicia Villaverde 11 месяцев назад @Vasu Gupta aww I miss you too baby girl I love it so far but I know I took it to the meeting tonight then we can go a long way to see what's up when we are there for I know that I have to go get a picture was the meeting about a week ago a few times but I just got a call that my dad to the gym and every one of you guys are there any updates on I know that is a good thing to see you guys and every day and every one I have is a good time to see the meeting tonight but yeah
  • ajay misri
    ajay misri 6 месяцев назад What you talking about, you'd have to buy the engine separately , they won't include it in the car
  • Isaiah Hughes
    Isaiah Hughes 5 месяцев назад Lol!
  • Harry
    Harry 4 месяца назад Vasu Gupta that’s ea
  • Alessio Berard
    Alessio Berard 4 месяца назад Nah
  • Bubblybearr x
    Bubblybearr x 1 месяц назад Stolen joke be original buddy
  • Musical Bean
    Musical Bean 1 месяц назад robertas grigas wow aha
  • jekuthiel nnamdi
    jekuthiel nnamdi 3 дня назад "...when you plug in, is it hard to miss?" I died at that point. 😂😭🤣😂😭🤣
  • Noah Sham Vlogs
    Noah Sham Vlogs 3 месяца назад Back when Lew’s sense of humor was.... out there 😅 Watching in 2019 🙌🏼
  • Aditya Roy
    Aditya Roy 7 месяцев назад My laptop once fell from my hand and believe me IT BECAME TOUCHSCREEN for a few seconds..
  • Aditya Roy
    Aditya Roy 7 месяцев назад @Fresh 107 you too
  • Aditya Roy
    Aditya Roy 7 месяцев назад @Fresh 107 ok I will check them out...
  • Lily Madigan
    Lily Madigan 4 месяца назад Such a terrible joke and yet I laughed
  • Aditya Roy
    Aditya Roy 4 месяца назад @Lily Madigan man it wasn't a joke it really happened😂
  • Charles Roberto
    Charles Roberto 3 месяца назад Lets all drop our laptops to get touch screen😉
  • Jeremiah N.
    Jeremiah N. 2 месяца назад What
  • L. MorningStar
    L. MorningStar 1 месяц назад Yeah happened with my old nail touch phone, Suddenly became finger touch phone for a week Then the screen died.
  • SuperLolMine
    SuperLolMine 2 месяца назад My laptop: Already has a touchscreen Me: Let's watch this anyways
  • MMJ
    MMJ 4 месяца назад I swear its gonna be 2075 and they gonna recomend videos from 2019 😂😂😂
  • ramin Artist
    ramin Artist 3 месяца назад That"s right bro
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    AstronomicFilth Год назад Just don't eat something greasy before
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    DatBoy Ata Год назад "When you plug in is hard to notice" (😂😂😂😂😂😱😱)
  • FishStick
    FishStick 3 года назад probably the coolest tech I've ever seen in 2016
  • Dev
    Dev 3 года назад I've seen these types of things floating around for some years now, but this one looks a tiny bit better than the previous attempts. Still much more worth it to use a proper touch screen and digitizer if you can, though.
  • TheMaan2008
    TheMaan2008 3 года назад Oh yes
  • JRLM
    JRLM 3 года назад touch screens already exist.. weirdo.
  • Boop Bop
    Boop Bop 3 года назад JRLM My laptop flips around into a tablet. It has touchscreen too!
  • Mansur estes
    Mansur estes 3 года назад JRLM ya but it is a stick that makes a regular screen touch screen without even putting a film or layer over it. it's pretty cool to me.
  • Boop Bop
    Boop Bop 3 года назад Mansur estes Yeah it actually is. When I first watched the video at first I was thinking I should really get one but then remembered I already had touchscreen. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Church
    Church 3 года назад easily 2016 mostly removed features from things xD
    RAHIED KHAN 2 года назад don't forget goatcase 😜😜😜
  • Rphad
    Rphad 2 года назад FishStick how does it work though ?
  • Mansur estes
    Mansur estes 2 года назад @Raphaël Deknop dunno that's why is purdy cool. 😏
  • GrayGooseShotter
    GrayGooseShotter 2 года назад based off of some kind of light like inferred where it detects when the light is disrupted.. similar to those projector touchscreens
  • Umut Akkaya
    Umut Akkaya 2 года назад this has been around for 2 years...
  • Umut Akkaya
    Umut Akkaya 2 года назад LeapMotion look it up :)
  • Levi.
    Levi. 2 года назад "I've ever seen... In 2016" lol
  • ThatSpookyMan
    ThatSpookyMan 2 года назад 2017*
    RAHIED KHAN 2 года назад ThatSpookyManTV you're late, actually 2 months late... 😂
  • Duy Văn Thành
    Duy Văn Thành 2 года назад you are in 2017 hut he was in 2016
  • Jakob Midtbø
    Jakob Midtbø 2 года назад fake, ur not dumb?
  • Willy z33
    Willy z33 2 года назад FishStick its 2017
  • Zenour
    Zenour 2 года назад Okay you fucknut this comment was made in 2016 and so was the video.
  • Air Shark
    Air Shark 2 года назад coolest tech ? its only to replace your mouse with your fingers :D i like the mouse its more accurate
  • Adithya Bhat
    Adithya Bhat Год назад Hell yea
  • Eloise O'leary
    Eloise O'leary Год назад JRLM how are they weird?
  • 2 1
    2 1 2 месяца назад (изменено) Its a pretty good product. Me realizing its 150$
  • OMAR D55
    OMAR D55 1 месяц назад Now it's 61$ on Amazon
  • 2 1
    2 1 1 месяц назад OMAR D55 Im from Canada and its now 80$ Still better price though
  • jv 3
    jv 3 2 года назад Who else cringed at the beginning??
    CPP GFB Год назад Jaden Vlotman me
  • Osmond Snurksnor
    Osmond Snurksnor Год назад because the tempo is to slow ?
  • underpicked
    underpicked Год назад no one because michael jackson is best
  • nini
    nini Год назад I cringed through the whole thing
  • ChuckIzChillin _
    ChuckIzChillin _ 8 месяцев назад I am the one