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Скачать с ютуб Galaxy Fold - NEW Footage Shows Crease 💀

Опубликовано: 20 мар. 2019 г. 1 425 581 просмотр

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New Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on footage (alleged) has been published. It appears to show a Galaxy Fold exhibiting a crease (reflection) in the center of the display. Will a visible crease on the Samsung Galaxy Fold deter you from purchase?

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  • Peter Layer
    Peter Layer Год назад 2018: "Does it have a notch?" 2019: "Does it have a crease?"
  • Jt Munn
    Jt Munn Год назад You mean notch and crease right
  • Bojan Jovanovic
    Bojan Jovanovic Год назад Peti Piet fold has both
  • AvengerX250
    AvengerX250 Год назад 2020:Does it have a Sim?
  • Integra DIY
    Integra DIY Год назад 2016 was the year of the Dongle
  • Prashant Kafe
    Prashant Kafe Год назад 2020 whare is a screen
  • Chiarottide
    Chiarottide Год назад This one is so avant garde that it has both! In all seriousness, for me a crease is way less of an eye sore than a notch, and I was hyped about folding phones because you could have a notchless bezelless screen. I really hope the Mate X approach is the one that catches on
  • Brendan Wright
    Brendan Wright Год назад (изменено) No 2019 is the hole punch display
  • Khalil Subahi
    Khalil Subahi Год назад 2020: "Does it have a screen?"
  • Untainted One
    Untainted One Год назад 2020: Does it fold?
  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I Год назад 2021: Does it have a under display camera?
  • Brendan Wright
    Brendan Wright Год назад 2020: does it have a phone?
  • SomeAverage Human
    SomeAverage Human Год назад 2050: Does it have any atom ????
  • Brendan Wright
    Brendan Wright Год назад 2099: does it exist?
  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I Год назад 2500: Does it have a transparent 500K display?
  • Hema Sampath
    Hema Sampath Год назад Lmao
  • Mo
    Mo Год назад no cap 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Hema Sampath
    Hema Sampath Год назад 3019: where is the phone
  • Hugo Carroll
    Hugo Carroll Год назад Peti Piet lol
  • B D
    B D Год назад 2017: "Does it have the headphone jack ?"
    NOFOOD? Год назад 2025: Does it suck dick?
  • Bogdan Radu
    Bogdan Radu Год назад 2033 : does it have Metro on it ?
  • Salty Cheesy
    Salty Cheesy Год назад 2012: does it matter?
  • NoSkillz - RPG
    NoSkillz - RPG Год назад 2020: "Does it have a screen?"
  • Holo
    Holo Год назад 2023: Does it support AR?
  • Milen Nedkov
    Milen Nedkov Год назад 2017 : does it have a Jack?
  • Pietje Puk
    Pietje Puk Год назад dont see the problem...
  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen Год назад samsung has it both now :D
  • khgriffi
    khgriffi Год назад LMAO 🤣
    ỮŇҜŇØŴŇ Год назад @Brendan Wright Child. you must be gone
  • Mokal Momo
    Mokal Momo Год назад lol
  • Rahul Gahlawat
    Rahul Gahlawat Год назад It has both 😂
  • masterbrice
    masterbrice Год назад What about Bendgate?
  • Zak Sharaz
    Zak Sharaz Год назад (изменено) 2099: Does it have a base to start hold everything together?
  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi Год назад (Un)fortunately, the Galaxy Fold appears to have both a notch and a crease.
  • Tell Not to
    Tell Not to Год назад 2020 does it have a crotch
  • Andres Torres
    Andres Torres Год назад Does it have a C R O T C H
  • Vince
    Vince Год назад Samsung: both
  • Steven Vega
    Steven Vega Год назад 2079: does it have the new season of law and order svu?
  • Amaan Sajid Nalakath
    Amaan Sajid Nalakath Год назад 2016: does it NOT have a headphone jack 2017: does it have a notch? 2018: how big is the notch? 2019:does it have a crease ..... 20xx: does it have a selfie camera? Given that we are going bezelless
  • bassmasterbeatbox
    bassmasterbeatbox Год назад 2099: “Does it make phone calls?”
  • Denzel Dias
    Denzel Dias Год назад Peti Piet imagine how hard it’ll be to fake it in China
  • CrystalBros C.B.S
    CrystalBros C.B.S Год назад 2020: does it have bezels?
  • Ana Smith
    Ana Smith Год назад Does phone paid actor by China Huawei?
  • jjgohard
    jjgohard Год назад 2020: “does it have glass”
  • GadgetActivated GA
    GadgetActivated GA Год назад 2020: * BUT DOES IT STILL HAVE A HEADPHONE JACK?*
  • TryKnot !
    TryKnot ! Год назад " Every phone is a folding phone If you're strong enough !" - JerryRigEverything
  • JaysonSensei
    JaysonSensei Год назад MKBHD
  • rzeik
    rzeik Год назад “Does it make you less excited?” Me: I never was...
  • Monty P
    Monty P Год назад I heard Bop It! is making as phone.....
  • Ronaldo Vera
    Ronaldo Vera Год назад They charge extra money for the crease.
  • Cameron Clements
    Cameron Clements Год назад rzeik the only comment here that matters
  • Normsbruh
    Normsbruh Год назад rzeik nobody was
  • Joel Andrade
    Joel Andrade Год назад But yet you clicked on the video
  • Pauline Robyn Henson
    Pauline Robyn Henson Год назад Same
  • ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉
    ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ Год назад haha me neither... if i want something large like that i ll get a tablet... a smartphone must be small, slim and must weight max of 100-200 gr. like the ipod touch back then (2nd gen)
  • austindvarga9
    austindvarga9 Год назад rzeik Same
  • WickedRibbon
    WickedRibbon Год назад "Crease" is taking over from "Notch" as the smartphone watch-word for the next two years.
  • googlewolly
    googlewolly Год назад Except that no one cares if there's a notch. However, this crease does seem like something that could bug people. Sneaky Samsung... Using a black background lol.
  • LilyMyLolita
    LilyMyLolita Год назад Yeah, what a step backward, just as annoyting as the notch
  • iRewer
    iRewer Год назад I was going to write out right the same comment but you are the first, man 👍
  • ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉
    ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ Год назад (изменено) I dont know what will be next but after 10-20 years it ll be "screen"
  • Noble3781
    Noble3781 Год назад @googlewolly and with the fold you get both
  • googlewolly
    googlewolly Год назад @Noble3781 if they can get rid of the crease, it'd be awesome. Also, the price is stupid.
  • Sam Pomare
    Sam Pomare Год назад A lot of Samsung user where saying it was better than Huawei because of the crease. Now they care 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Area of Interest
    Area of Interest Год назад Just drop the price by half... Problem solved.. 😂😂😂
  • insert name here
    insert name here Год назад 🥁🥁 🥁
  • Livingston
    Livingston Год назад Then how are they supposed to make profit?
  • Brandon Espindola
    Brandon Espindola Год назад @Livingston oh they'll still make profit, a phone like that costs less than 100 bucks to make it
  • Livingston
    Livingston Год назад The oled display alone costs more than $200
  • Brandon Espindola
    Brandon Espindola Год назад @Livingston for normal people to buy it they buy stuff for 5% the price we pay
  • Member Berry
    Member Berry Год назад @Brandon Espindola You're forgetting about all the money that was invested to create the phone in the first place. They still need to take make that back first before they can really call it profit.
  • TimeSnake
    TimeSnake Год назад (изменено) @Brandon Espindola Yeah, but there's a little something called paying your engineers for all their hard work.
  • Sanjay Singh
    Sanjay Singh Год назад Government: Why is 40% of our population hungry U. T. : There is a goddammit crease in galaxy fold
  • Gerald Hilter
    Gerald Hilter Год назад (изменено) My theory is that the crease is a screen protector. I mean it does already have a case on.
  • Aureo VR
    Aureo VR Год назад true
  • Vivan
    Vivan Год назад far fetched, but i would love to believe it
  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi Год назад and the Galaxy S10 series includes a screen protector pre-installed…
  • Fred583
    Fred583 Год назад It's kinda tilted inwards if you see what I mean, so maybe it's good when it's flat?
  • コントロールベア
    コントロールベア Год назад I saw the real thing in their shop Galaxy Harajuku, Japan. There was a crease.
  • Why is?
    Why is? Год назад Just Iron it...duh
  • Glxy Zebra
    Glxy Zebra Год назад With a knock off Vietnamese iron
  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Год назад Good suggestion
  • Prince Singh
    Prince Singh Год назад Ikr like they don't even use their brains now
  • Jeremiah N.
    Jeremiah N. Год назад Ikr like ffs
  • Arpit Kourav
    Arpit Kourav Год назад 😅😅😅
  • MonkaS
    MonkaS Год назад plus use water spray for better efficiency
  • JOIZ
    JOIZ Год назад hair straightener for the fast result
  • Benjamin Goetz
    Benjamin Goetz Год назад No that would wreck the screen
  • HQBassBooster • HQBB
    HQBassBooster • HQBB Год назад Nice idea
  • Barney Stinson
    Barney Stinson Год назад Crease rate drops to 0%
  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Год назад @Benjamin Goetz Woosh
  • D B
    D B Год назад @Benjamin Goetz no it would work, just iron it and itll straighten.
  • Shinchan
    Shinchan Год назад 😂😂 dry cleaning too..
  • David that's me
    David that's me Год назад 😂😂
  • Mo
    Mo Год назад Plastic screen will be messed up.
  • DaveLand
    DaveLand Год назад I hate you😭😭
  • Hugo Carroll
    Hugo Carroll Год назад Why is? Lol
  • mrk107
    mrk107 Год назад Just download the iron app.
  • chana
    chana Год назад @Benjamin Goetz r/woooosh
  • Koh Hong Kai
    Koh Hong Kai Год назад Modern problem require modern solution
  • Cameron Bailey
    Cameron Bailey Год назад 😅🤣😅
  • alphasvara
    alphasvara Год назад give this man a medal
  • Cameron Bailey
    Cameron Bailey Год назад @alphasvara Facts. 😭😭😭
  • mrk107
    mrk107 Год назад It's Samsung's problem, let them iron it out.
  • Jason Georgiadis
    Jason Georgiadis Год назад @Benjamin Goetz omg you poor poor man.ITS A JOKE r/wooosh
  • Dead to Mankind
    Dead to Mankind Год назад Why is? 😂😂😂
  • CrystalBros C.B.S
    CrystalBros C.B.S Год назад This always work
  • SnapTrak
    SnapTrak Год назад Ikr all these idiots...
  • SuperNovaHeights
    SuperNovaHeights Год назад Why is? Yeah I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’d probably melt the screen🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  • Dzrian
    Dzrian Год назад Plot twist, it ends up working
  • bondesvick
    bondesvick Год назад epic
  • John Lester Cabading
    John Lester Cabading Год назад (изменено) If I have that money, I would buy a freaking Nintendo Switch and its best selling games. Happy with my Poco F1.
  • Get Rekt
    Get Rekt Год назад You could buy a Switch, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and STILL have money left over for the price of this phone.
  • Akmal Danial
    Akmal Danial Год назад @Get Rekt Lol
  • One punch King.
    One punch King. Год назад I got the switch 😎
  • Akmal Danial
    Akmal Danial Год назад @One punch King. Nice
  • John Lester Cabading
    John Lester Cabading Год назад @One punch King. envy....
  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi Год назад Yeah, considering the Pocophone seems to have a decently large developer community, though I imagine you're just fine with the default Xiaomi software.
  • Parag Sarker
    Parag Sarker Год назад Typical dumb focofone trash user 😆😆
  • Rooprenu Shekhawat
    Rooprenu Shekhawat Год назад And I am happy with my galaxy grand... (Heart cracking) 😂
  • Maximus Joseppi
    Maximus Joseppi Год назад (изменено) I can't imagine any material not having or developing a crease after being folded tightly in half... The only way to avoid this would be to have a soft bend with an open circumference in the middle. It would increase the thickness when folded by .25" or so but that's the only way to avoid a crease. Not sure why they didn't think of that and just implement it.
  • Loca Senior
    Loca Senior Год назад You must mind the display
  • Big Homie Tank
    Big Homie Tank Год назад Maximus Joseppi it jus wouldn’t look right.. thats why i think they didn’t implement it
  • Yeezy Season
    Yeezy Season Год назад You smart.....
  • gordon
    gordon Год назад (изменено) no... it will have a larger crease if it was designed like that.... because you then have a larger folding area
  • Maximus Joseppi
    Maximus Joseppi Год назад @gordon you're an idiot. No it wouldn't.
  • Pedro Delgado Hernández
    Pedro Delgado Hernández Год назад manual lmao. You go to school?
  • CarsAndTechExclusive
    CarsAndTechExclusive Год назад manual stop it and get some help. Do you know what a crease is, and the physics behind it? That’s not how a crease works.
  • SuperNovaHeights
    SuperNovaHeights Год назад Maximus Joseppi I guarantee Apples ifold won’t have a crease
  • 》《
    》《 Год назад wow you are one of those ignorant people who thinks you knows better then others and the minute they tell you something you tell them Idiot ..
  • SuperNovaHeights
    SuperNovaHeights Год назад Tijs sjiT yes I do know better
  • 》《
    》《 Год назад @SuperNovaHeights my answer was to maximus no to you.
  • SuperNovaHeights
    SuperNovaHeights Год назад Tijs sjiT ok my bad
  • RandomSpicyPopcorn
    RandomSpicyPopcorn Год назад 2018 - Does it bend? 2019 - Can it get straight again?
  • Jack Le
    Jack Le Год назад It may just be on the random screen protector that they put on that wasn't tested to work with folding screens.
  • TechDove
    TechDove Год назад A folding plastic display creases? You don't say?!
  • Glxy Zebra
    Glxy Zebra Год назад Say don't you!?
  • Glxy Zebra
    Glxy Zebra Год назад DailyIsHere no, stop
  • Rudolph von stroheim
    Rudolph von stroheim Год назад I know, like what the fuck did they expect
  • TechDove
    TechDove Год назад @Rudolph von stroheim it really doesn't bother me. I'll still be grabbing one, that's gonna be a big ticket item
  • Zubair Ahmed
    Zubair Ahmed Год назад I would love to see someone take that Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 camera magnet mechanism to create a slide-scroll-scramble phone-tabloid-tablet-laptop thing. Somewhat like a Rubix Cube form-factor
  • Aness Khaled
    Aness Khaled Год назад Plastic displays also scratch easy. Not gonna pay that much for something that has the durability of a 2010 plastic lenovo phone
  • TechDove
    TechDove Год назад (изменено) @Can i get 100 subs with no videos??? actually I'm not. I typed my comment from my iPhone XS max, with my iPad pro 11 charging next to me as I watch netflix from my Apple TV 4k. I review tech, I am just making a statement on something obvious.
  • Rudolph von stroheim
    Rudolph von stroheim Год назад @TechDove I know, like it's a FUCKING folding smartphone ofcourse its not gonna be perfect
  • Pankaj Rajput
    Pankaj Rajput Год назад My ass also display crease.
  • Adobe King
    Adobe King Год назад For a continuous material folding doesn't always have to show creases. However in the middle the material reacts with light that does show a glare on camera.
  • shawty hoe.
    shawty hoe. Год назад (изменено) bruh yall defending a 2k $ item like it doesnt have to be perfect
  • Renato Pascoal
    Renato Pascoal Год назад Exactly. What to expect?? In which world people like him think they live?? Lol why did he feel like he needed to address this? Does he think all of us, his subs are dumbfucks!?? Come on people. I’m honestly shocked he made it sound like people were expecting something else from a plastic bending display... moving on to the next meaningless video
  • TheIzaiah
    TheIzaiah Год назад @shawty hoe. You also have to take into consideration that this is a first generation of this kind of folding phablet thing. And the first generation of anything always sucks, remember the gs6 edge? That shit was trash
  • WiiNV
    WiiNV Год назад 🕵😨 L😂L
  • too cool
    too cool Год назад @TechDove obviously you are showing that you are a dick lol
  • HQBassBooster • HQBB
    HQBassBooster • HQBB Год назад 👍
  • TechDove
    TechDove Год назад @too cool how so?
  • PiXeL _ArC
    PiXeL _ArC Год назад A 2000 Dollar phone with a plastic display and a crease?! Freaking not worth it to me!
  • Alex Campos
    Alex Campos Год назад "iT fOlDs WhAt DiD yOu ExPeCt" not for 2000 dollars you fucks
  • Kaiser24
    Kaiser24 Год назад @shawty hoe. It doesn't...They are innovating, which is often expensive.
  • Raze playz
    Raze playz Год назад I say
  • MVD
    MVD Год назад You say that but a lot of people said samsung fold was better than the huawei phone because the huawei phone had a crease and the fold didn't (appear to).
  • Xeric
    Xeric Год назад It's not that we're shocked that there's a crease, it's that they first showed it as having no crease when clearly it does. They make it look like they've developed a screen that finally doesn't have it so that we choose them over the competition and so this video is to spread awareness. Pat on the back for having known there would be a crease already, now shut up and let the people who aren't so tech savvy be informed...
  • Sezer
    Sezer Год назад TechDove I found the Samsung fanboy
  • Mahmodur Rahman
    Mahmodur Rahman Год назад There are dumb people out there this reviewer included
  • ravindra thagunna
    ravindra thagunna Год назад @TechDove Yes, it should be obvious, but Samsung didn't show the crease themselves while the crease on Huawei Mate X was people started to jump to conclusion that the Samsung display is better than Mate X. That is why this revelation is a big deal. I don't care as well, coz I can't afford any of those devices. Just wanted to clear the confusion.
  • TechDove
    TechDove Год назад (изменено) @Sezer not even close. I prefer HTC, nice try though. If pointing out the obvious makes me a fanboy, then this is a sad world.
  • TechDove
    TechDove Год назад @Mahmodur Rahman that was incredibly harsh for no reason.
  • Rahul Benjamin Dhinakaran
    Rahul Benjamin Dhinakaran Год назад It looks like he has installed a Matte finish screen protector!! The crease looks like that it's from the screen protector
  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi Год назад Samsung pre-installs screen protectors on the Galaxy S10 series, so I'm assuming they're doing the same thing with the Fold, and I predict they'll pre-install a special screen protector with a paper-like texture (when used with the pen) on the Note10.
  • Milos Vucinic
    Milos Vucinic Год назад Lew, I have been following your channel for more then two tears now, and I have noticed something I do not like. You are trying very hard to make lots of hype and hysteria over nothing. Your unnecessary over exaggerated comments over the simplest things, acting like you are some kind of drama queen mixed with the click bait titles are not what this channel is about. You had and still have a great show, great channel, great community, but I have a feeling that you are slipping to some kind of Teenage Tabloid trash where instead of persons we have these tech companies and products. I hope this trend changes, as I miss the old Lew.. Especially when I watch some even older videos you made..
  • wild poker
    wild poker Год назад Yes I agree
  • KG
    KG Год назад (изменено) yup, the crease is also supposedly because the device shown did not have the final display, but Lew really tried to dramatize it.
  • Son4ta
    Son4ta Год назад I second that...i miss unboxing... I don't care about new missing the feeling of unboxing unknown new things and him trying...i hope he can make those videos...on top of whatever he is doing now which he feels is the direction
  • Mitchell Rivera
    Mitchell Rivera Год назад You sound like a butt hurt Samsung fanboy..
  • Год назад Milos Vucinic Listen to this, Lew
  • Bilal Siddiqui
    Bilal Siddiqui Год назад Well, someone said it for me!
  • Woofer Cooker
    Woofer Cooker Год назад He’s been like this since the iPhone 6 bend test.
  • Bulent Gercek
    Bulent Gercek Год назад @Milos I've been following him for years. I can't see any side of these videos that contradicts general Lew style. I'm sorry, but your comment is extremely stupid.
  • hare-boy
    hare-boy Год назад hes been like this for years. unsubscribed from him because of that exact reason
  • canna cultivator
    canna cultivator Год назад Milos Vucinic exactly why I unfollowed his page, it’s obvious all his videos are basically paid sponsorships for high dollar products no one actually will buy or want. Lew your channel has gone to shit, glad to see money did the same thing to you, as it does with most others
  • kiss peter
    kiss peter Год назад he's been like this for a long time , but usually the products made more sense 3-4 years ago , now it's just loud mumbo jumbo , with some good content still .
  • Abdullah Safarullah
    Abdullah Safarullah Год назад Word man 🔥 he needs to stop these boring videos and get back to good old unboxing.
  • Lucavi Pain
    Lucavi Pain Год назад Well i hope he'll see THIS comment ! true shit
  • googlewolly
    googlewolly Год назад @Mitchell Rivera I don't necessarily agree with the OP, as the crease could be a big issue. However, you're a fucking little kid. He provided a well-written and planned comment, and you simple call him a Samsung fanboy. Try harder, son.
  • 感恩
    感恩 Год назад @Mitchell Rivera IKR? I think this channel is pretty cool, fair and trust able channel.
  • B Gonzalez
    B Gonzalez Год назад Hater detected.
  • googlewolly
    googlewolly Год назад @B Gonzalez lazy fuck detected. Try actually debating him.
  • yeshua we shall be saved , jesus is my answer
    yeshua we shall be saved , jesus is my answer Год назад The whole industry Is fake now we just wait without freaking out
  • Fwerdi Datz
    Fwerdi Datz Год назад i like the drama :'<
  • weeks weeks
    weeks weeks Год назад HEY WILLY DOO, MAKE LEW READ THIS !
  • weeks weeks
    weeks weeks Год назад Also, linus tech tips is changing to be more mature and non-kids targetted. I actually get interesting technological information from watchin LTT. He still bitches about the small things but he has defintely grown up
  • Axels Mayo
    Axels Mayo Год назад You gotta understand there is no old lew anymore, whether you like it or not this is what he enjoys doing and thats why hes doing it. If anything your the one with "exaggerated comments" because your trying to creare hysteria right here in the comment section. Channels grew and evolve for better or for worse like people. Now its up to you do you wanna stick for the whole ride and see the sunset. Or do you wanna jump ship now and never see the end. I dont know about you but im sticking along
  • weeks weeks
    weeks weeks Год назад @Axels Mayo I understand your point but isn't this what makes YouTube different from traditional media? When was the last time your comment on the Avengers is read by RDJ? What's the point of lew saying "let me know down in the comments" if he doesn't care about a significant amount of the comments (not specifically in this video). The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference. One day when we stop posting our critisims, then maybe he'll realise we're gone.
  • Akash Darwin
    Akash Darwin Год назад You're just picky over him critisizing Samsung you fucking PLEB
  • Jood7 the God
    Jood7 the God Год назад @Mitchell Rivera hater
  • Jood7 the God
    Jood7 the God Год назад what
  • J. E. R
    J. E. R Год назад True but at the end of the day is all about $ and what he is doing makes money.
  • joshua hildebrandt
    joshua hildebrandt Год назад I actually have to agree... I found this out starting with the pocophone widevine problem and not getting HD on Netflix... it's line he made it just for the views . Also again for the iPhone xs about the outrageous price and not to buy it... ppl are going to buy it bc is the latest and greatest.. I think Lou makes a good stand about getting ripped off but yea, a little over dramatic videos being posted.
  • Abdul Samad
    Abdul Samad Год назад Yeah bro we miss the old real unboxing things not just talking about another video
  • choozu
    choozu Год назад You’re right and he’s not alone in this... I was a huge Linus Tech Tips fan back in the day but the a couple years back something started that I couldn’t stand. His assistants acting to test the products but doing so as caged chimps. In fact those might be better actors than these probably unpaid interns were. And that just took me out of a great PC enthusiast channel. And now they have these god awful thumbnails for every video in which Linus acts as if he’s been told by a doctor that he’s got hemmorhoids! Unbox Therapy was a channel about... It’s actually in the name. And now it’s anything but.
  • Isaac Gonzalez
    Isaac Gonzalez Год назад I came for the fun stuff
  • Aphro
    Aphro Год назад Milos Vucinic damn ten whole tears? Were you cutting onions
  • Samuel Avery-Quinn
    Samuel Avery-Quinn Год назад Sadly, there's a direct correlation between "panicky Lew" and how many people view the video...
  • Trenton Dykes
    Trenton Dykes Год назад (изменено) No.
  • Tylor Collins
    Tylor Collins Год назад I love this channel. He creates excellent, exceptional content for the masses and he does an EXCELLENT job at getting to the points. He has a great personality and good tech perspective. I learn a SHIT TON from this one channel alone. I think you don't like change but what you don't see is, Lew loves what he does. He has 14M subscribers. If you don't love this channel for what it is and Lew, then you could leave? Don't force your fixations on unusual gadgets because he has broadened his channel for his viewership.
  • Abel Casanova
    Abel Casanova Год назад Milos Vucinic 😂
  • Mustafa Majeed
    Mustafa Majeed Год назад even if there is no crease i won't spend 2000 dollars on this 🤔
  • Untitled 1
    Untitled 1 Год назад (изменено) "That's a S T R O N G crease" 😂😂😂😂
  • PE V
    PE V Год назад WAIT! Something that folds will have a crease?! NO WAY?!
  • Jacker cracker Snackers pugson
    Jacker cracker Snackers pugson Год назад Well then why even bother Samsung is garbage nobody wants a giant crease in their screen the whole point of having a foldable phone is that it doesn't damage the screen that's why it's taking so long for the technology to come out Samsung doesn't even have the technology they're just trying to capitalize on the market garbage cheap phones what else did you expect just wait until Apple does it they'll do it right
  • Adrijus THE POOP MAN!!!!
    Adrijus THE POOP MAN!!!! Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson i call isheep
  • WyldeGi
    WyldeGi Год назад enrique velasquez I bet youre that kid who ripped on Hauwei for their crease
  • WyldeGi
    WyldeGi Год назад SALTY BIG MAD bronsexuals LECHOKE is GARBAGE true man
  • It's Not Time To Stop
    It's Not Time To Stop Год назад Why would they go through such lengths to hide it if it was so obvious to the general public?
  • Elinam Anansi
    Elinam Anansi Год назад Ikr wow
  • TornadoTanTan
    TornadoTanTan Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson hehe you do know that Samsung makes alot of components used in Apple devices right? Processors, batteries, screens etc.
  • Mugammad Benjamin
    Mugammad Benjamin Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson You basically admitted that apple is going to copy Samsungs product.
  • Jacker cracker Snackers pugson
    Jacker cracker Snackers pugson Год назад @i22367 Samsung is garbage and trash why do you think your phone's burnout within the first three months of purchasing sorry but my iPhone screen will last 10 years your LCD will burn out within 6 months it's only a matter of time before you start seeing that display turn 10 permanently to your phone only Samsung's do it it's because they're cheap s*** garbage phones
  • FBI
    FBI Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson You're so ignorant.
  • mohammad mirza
    mohammad mirza Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson wtf are you on about isheep? Yall are making up so much shit to back up your overpriced phones😂😂
  • mohammad mirza
    mohammad mirza Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson which dickead has a lcd screen in 2019? Lmfao do you know anything about phones? And you do know that the screens for Iphone X were all made by samsung, so dont come here and chat about samsung screens are shit when apple uses them.
  • i22367
    i22367 Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson my phone is perfect and ive had it for like 2 years or something and apple's latest phones are the same and trash go fuck your self with your dead company, it died with steve jobs and your phone is probably broken like shit go fuck your self piece of shit
  • Trainer Grim
    Trainer Grim Год назад why would you want a foldable phone? lol. You could buy tablet and phone for cheaper
  • Gokor
    Gokor Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson don't talk shit unless u come up with a solution yourself.
  • Gokor
    Gokor Год назад @Trainer Grim mobility
  • pie worm Worm pie
    pie worm Worm pie Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson Apple is ass
  • Samuel Lee
    Samuel Lee Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson you are so ignorant lmao.
  • SplitChaWig
    SplitChaWig Год назад @mohammad mirza over priced?!?!?!? Who wants to pay 1 thousand!!!! Dollars!! On a phone that would crack all over the place in one drop!?
  • Fallen Olympian
    Fallen Olympian Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson ummmmmmmm Samsung has the highest resolution screen not a LCD.
  • SplitChaWig
    SplitChaWig Год назад Plus all of you are stupid as fuck, there are people that are already selling fake Samsung folds, this person does not show any proof that the cellular device is real!, so stop the stupid phone yappering about witch phone company os better, nobody know what company would really become successful in the future, stop this nonsense and just wait till you see Samsung release a full "real" video of the cell phone.
  • Christopher Marius
    Christopher Marius Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson the whole point is not about protecting the screen it's just about the style. There's no real practically to a folding phone.
  • Spirer
    Spirer Год назад Nice meme. If Apple it's gonna make a foldable they will buy the technology from Samsung. Remember that Apple is currently buying displays from Samsung for their IPhones
  • SimonJM
    SimonJM Год назад C'mon guys. What can you expect from a first generation foldable device? Perfect? SMH.
  • 宽油是一种爱
    宽油是一种爱 Год назад Wtf.that's double standard.
  • Julio Rosado
    Julio Rosado Год назад Lmao, did you know that Apple has been buying Samsung displays for all their phones since the iPhone 8?
  • Stince Wilson
    Stince Wilson Год назад SALTY BIG MAD bronsexuals LECHOKE is GARBAGE Isheep
  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean Год назад considering this is a flagship samsung device for 2 thousand dollars there better not be any fucking crease on my display
  • D H Z
    D H Z Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson did you even know that apple's iphone X's display is from Samsung?
  • Mark
    Mark Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson what a fucking fanboy I mean, apple is good and all, but their phones are WAYYYY too overpriced. Its such a ripoff. You can get plenty of better phones with better quality and more features for less.
  • NoToRiOuS
    NoToRiOuS Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson seems like you pissed everyone off son. Dont talk next time, might help you looking less of a dumbfuck than you are.
  • Vaibhav Verma
    Vaibhav Verma Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson your iPhone display screen is manfuctured by Samsung.Ignorant fool
  • KraZie KX
    KraZie KX Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson hahahah.. im an iphone user.. but most apple fan r dumb.. makes me feel bad about using apple gadget.. i use both ios n android and never have I need to blatantly disrespect each other brand... only idiots that bashes a company without any knowledge
  • Daniel McCusker
    Daniel McCusker Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson dude my galaxy s7 in in tip-top shape, while I see you say a biased unproven or backed up point
  • as d
    as d Год назад IT ppl have no idea about physics lmaooooo I bet it's impossible not to have a cease. No matter how many generations it passes
  • Daniel McCusker
    Daniel McCusker Год назад @Trainer Grim portability
  • Daniel McCusker
    Daniel McCusker Год назад @as d Bet on that, ill see you in 5- 20 years
  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean Год назад @Daniel McCusker good meme but come on dude lets be realistic. do you really want a crease on your display? is that really not annoying to you? or are you defending it because its samsung?
  • Daniel McCusker
    Daniel McCusker Год назад @Killer Bean to be honest i dont care too much about a crease because with light displays it would barely be noticable
  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean Год назад @Daniel McCusker you're paying 2k for a flagship phone and youre really ok with a defect in the folding of the display? it isnt the slightest bit annoying? i really feel like youre ok with it only because samsung made it.
  • Sampoerna Dianto
    Sampoerna Dianto Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson it seems like you want attention. Here, I'll give you some. Satisfied now?
  • Italiano Dio
    Italiano Dio Год назад @TornadoTanTan I was with you until you said processors. Lol. No...not anymore.
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson WTF are you talking about, I've still got an old Samsung Galaxy S2 (which I bought in 2012)that doesn't have any screen issues or burn in.
  • Futuristic Bot
    Futuristic Bot Год назад TornadoTanTan boi wut? Samsung makes processors for apple? *facepalm*
  • Gonzalez Sax
    Gonzalez Sax Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson apple buys their screens from samsung you fucking failed abortion
  • TornadoTanTan
    TornadoTanTan Год назад @Italiano Dio they did tho
  • Samarth Kikkeri
    Samarth Kikkeri Год назад Mabey it is just a prototype
  • Samarth Kikkeri
    Samarth Kikkeri Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson you dumbass all Samsung phones including cheap phones have amoled screens which is way more advanced than oled screens. Apple has oled screens only on the iPhone x,xs and xs max the rest are led. Apple buys screens from samsung so how do you thing iPhone screens are better than samsung's
  • Ashley Sheeder
    Ashley Sheeder Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson fuck Apple's version; and I like Apple. It will just take time for this to get better. It would not surprise me if Apple doesn't do this at all.
  • jacky yo
    jacky yo Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson it a tiny crease way better than the Huawei one
  • slerion
    slerion Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson Look I wont call you an Isheap but it is a fact thet you pay less for a samsung device and that is because you pay for the name with appel And that is not a problem but dont say that samsung sucks or that Iphone will do a better job. Because you and I wont know.
  • Daniel McCusker
    Daniel McCusker Год назад @Killer Bean A. I'm not buying the phone B. No one is forcing you to buy the phone C. Its has more ram and storage than an iPhone D. Pros DESTROY the cons of this device E. I have use only one samsung product, and I am not biased to Samsung, i have experience with other cell phones and the other devices are nowhere near as good as my S7 F. There is a huge chance this footage is fake, for the camera was not very high quality and the folding phone displayed could be easily be a fake. G. The crease is not a defect it is just how its made, with that logic I could call your hairline a defect. H. This is, like I said, the first flagship folding touch screen device. J. Even if the crease was a defect, what is it going to do? I. The product hasn't even been realesed yet so don't make snap judgments. K. Nice try, iSheep
  • Samarth Kikkeri
    Samarth Kikkeri Год назад @Killer Bean buy the second generation one
  • Samarth Kikkeri
    Samarth Kikkeri Год назад @Daniel McCusker wowow chill
  • McFeti182
    McFeti182 Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugsonand then they'll call it revolutionary and charge 4k
  • Samarth Kikkeri
    Samarth Kikkeri Год назад @Killer Bean everything you fold will have a crease it's physics
  • Samarth Kikkeri
    Samarth Kikkeri Год назад @Italiano Dio Samsung used to make processors for apple before iPhone 6
  • Daniel McCusker
    Daniel McCusker Год назад @Samarth Kikkeri thanks
  • Daniel McCusker
    Daniel McCusker Год назад @Samarth Kikkeri lmfao
  • Aidan Parris
    Aidan Parris Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson umm samsung makes apples screen.👌
  • Aziz Aja
    Aziz Aja Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson I see your sarcastic comment there... 🙂
  • Floor ____
    Floor ____ Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson I believe Apple already made the folding phone, I think it was called the iPhone 6
  • Cittle Ketchup
    Cittle Ketchup Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson Until Apple Copies a different Manufacturer and Claims it as "New"
  • Sharp Eyes
    Sharp Eyes Год назад @Daniel McCusker Facts
  • Daniel McCusker
    Daniel McCusker Год назад @Sharp Eyes Thank you
  • DJ162
    DJ162 Год назад SALTY BIG MAD bronsexuals LECHOKE is GARBAGE you are such an arrogant piece of shit. Who do you think is providing competition? Samsung introduced the concept of a foldable phone since 2013 and had been one of the only companies to push it forward since. Without Samsung, we probably won’t even see it in the next 20 years since apple is very resistant to change and would only take a step forward if they know a competitor is even one step ahead.
  • L Leyton
    L Leyton Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson I wouldn't call a 2000 dollars phone "cheap"
  • Henrick Espiritu
    Henrick Espiritu Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson You do know that iPhone OLED Screens was manufactured by Samsung right and all Samsung phones uses OLED screens too and I still have my Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 fully functioning and I still use it as my main phone.
  • advancedlamb
    advancedlamb Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson Lol bro they have the technology it just isn't perfect yet. You are an iDiot.
  • advancedlamb
    advancedlamb Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson This guy is probably trolling, no one can be so stupid.
  • dk nc
    dk nc Год назад Samsung will then entice the next version, the Galaxy Scroll.
  • L Leyton
    L Leyton Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson big ass notches and late wireless charging devices speak their own. Sorry, I cant handle delay phone owners lmao
  • spyman359
    spyman359 Год назад At least Samsung is trying
  • Captain Feather
    Captain Feather Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson apple already showed their design and it folds from the top down in 3 pieces meaning its gonna have 2 creases and still gonna charge 5 times more than its worth. to my knowledge, screen technology isnt good enough to not have a crease. just stop being an apple fanboy and keep an open eye to other products.
  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean Год назад @Samarth Kikkeri yeah but after a certain time. It shouldnt be creasing after just a few folds. Should last a couple hundred thousand folds before there are noticable effects. it might need stronger materials.
  • Gel Vincent
    Gel Vincent Год назад Surprise Surprise! 😂
  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000 Год назад regardless. I am impressed with both designs. This is the new edge of technology. Every engineered technology, that has ever been folded. Whether it be LCD screens motherboards. None of them were perfect first designs. People are expecting iPhone style quality for new technology. Sorry, the original iPhone wasn't perfect either. But it satisfied peoples desires long enough to look past the flaws.
  • Jack Goff
    Jack Goff Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson take apple's dick out of your ass. Dumbass fanboy.
  • Hax Gaming
    Hax Gaming Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson If any phone company is trash its apple Samsung is way better
  • Rojo Reyes
    Rojo Reyes Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson Stupid isheep
    YI HSING LEE Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson dude you're an ignorant iSheep and you know NOTHING about phone. Apple is overpriced as fuck while cutting corners on hardware and do you know why they can do this? Because of ignorant fuck like you keep purchasing the phone and make the company arrogant and don't care about what customers think. Oh you want to talk about screen? Samsung makes the BEST display in the whole industry, this is an undeniable truth and your crap Apple needs to buy their displays from Samsung. I do not hate Apple and I'm not a blind Samsung supporter, but you words are full of craps I can't stop myself from dissing you.
  • Akil K Musawwir
    Akil K Musawwir Год назад mohammad mirza what’s the price of the s10 again
  • Akil K Musawwir
    Akil K Musawwir Год назад Gokor don’t defend shit u ain’t making prophet from
  • Akil K Musawwir
    Akil K Musawwir Год назад Tbh who care long as I can call and text and watch YouTube keep the minuscule stuff to your selves iPhone or Samsung were all consumers at the end of the day arguing over which phone to spend money on SMH
  • my opinion
    my opinion Год назад Seriously, what else do people expect?
  • erich69
    erich69 Год назад SALTY BIG MAD bronsexuals LECHOKE is GARBAGE you’re a dumbass lmfaoooo
  • Treasure_Seeker
    Treasure_Seeker Год назад How is this funny to me 😂
  • Ethan Nelson
    Ethan Nelson Год назад Golden Exodus I agree with you but when talking about this folding phone it is what $2000
  • MrKooderna
    MrKooderna Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson um... Apple screens are made by Samsung...
  • MrKooderna
    MrKooderna Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugsonyou understand that Smasung sells iPhone their display correct? All iphone X and up are 100% smasung displays.....
  • XXXTentantacle
    XXXTentantacle Год назад enrique velasquez 😂 it’s literally common sense people just play dumb in 2019
  • Oscar Estrella
    Oscar Estrella Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson lol do you know who makes iphones screens buddy ? ignorant
  • XXXTentantacle
    XXXTentantacle Год назад WyldeGi hauwiwi made a new phone I haven’t seen them a lot recently the last time I saw their name was in a phone metro pcs gave my parents years ago
  • XXXTentantacle
    XXXTentantacle Год назад sukhampartap somal it’s called oled most companies have them now its really nothing to brag about 😂
  • XXXTentantacle
    XXXTentantacle Год назад Christopher Marius yea I was thinking you know if you fold something back and forth over and over it weakens and breaks won’t it be the same concept for this phone I guess only Time will tell
  • Jere w
    Jere w Год назад @WyldeGi it had wrinkles all over device not just the middle look again at least the seam is neat
  • But Bufarate The Mirror
    But Bufarate The Mirror Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson boi you getting rekt 😂
  • Daniel Mosch
    Daniel Mosch Год назад It folds out not in maybe thats why it not meant to have crease
  • J - Min
    J - Min Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson GTFO Apple fanboy you know nothing about technology
  • tre trash
    tre trash Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson You do understand that LCD displays are less susceptible to screen burn-ins right?
  • ChrisJ Fox
    ChrisJ Fox Год назад Are you really this dense?
  • Frince Cornista
    Frince Cornista Год назад Oh my gosh! The sarcasm is real!
  • Hej San
    Hej San Год назад Some of the most sheep comments I’ve seen are appearantly from Samsung fanboys
  • Jeremy Kitto
    Jeremy Kitto Год назад Good one my friend, so obvious most things that fold have creases. Lol.
  • Andy Cheng
    Andy Cheng Год назад Well when everyone said the fold was better than the huawei because they saw a crease on the huawei and not the Samsung, but now they both have a crease lol
  • Zak K
    Zak K Год назад SALTY BIG MAD bronsexuals LECHOKE is GARBAGE , you made my day 😂😂. Always love seeing some dumb af guy who is in love with a company that abuses the users with the pricing, but you still suck off Tim Cook because society says a iPhone is a good product. If you don’t like Samsung then fine but I mean iPhones are an absolute joke and cost an arm and a leg. If you think that your in some superior bracket bc what phone you have then your a disgrace to Steve Jobs dream and that dream died when he did.
  • 宽油是一种爱
    宽油是一种爱 Год назад @jacky yo wrong
  • jacky yo
    jacky yo Год назад @宽油是一种爱 have you seen the crease on the mate X? Samsung also has the better design too. Inward fold protects the plastic screen from scratching unlike the mate X
  • PoiseFFA
    PoiseFFA Год назад SALTY BIG MAD bronsexuals LECHOKE is GARBAGE samsung makes apples screens
  • MK
    MK Год назад lol everyone hates salty big mad etc. :D
  • Vatsal Goyal
    Vatsal Goyal Год назад Now I appreciate Huawei even more.
  • Dhruva Singh
    Dhruva Singh Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson r/woooooosh
  • Trapmoneybenny
    Trapmoneybenny Год назад (изменено) PoiseFFA Apple dominates everything like the top brand should, I'm thankful that Samsung makes our screens and will never beat Apple, Samsung is Apple's slave after all
  • Dhruva Singh
    Dhruva Singh Год назад @Trapmoneybenny Apple makes shitty overpriced phones with that dumb logo. The logo is essentially what you pay for. Samsung is love, Samsung is life
  • Ian Ackery
    Ian Ackery Год назад I'm shocked and waiting for the no crease non-folding version :)
  • infernopanda 03
    infernopanda 03 Год назад Samsung is fine people are being sooks iPhone better honestly go fuck your self Samsung is fine iPhone is fine stop being baby's
  • Trashest Ash
    Trashest Ash Год назад SALTY BIG MAD bronsexuals LECHOKE is GARBAGE Find a life, troll.
  • Dhruva Singh
    Dhruva Singh Год назад @Brandon your mom is a hooker
  • Mischievous_Goat
    Mischievous_Goat Год назад @Jacker cracker Snackers pugson Samsung is the most innovative smart phone brand
  • Italiano Dio
    Italiano Dio Год назад @Samarth Kikkeri I know.. What's your point?
  • SuperNovaHeights
    SuperNovaHeights Год назад enrique velasquez but if it was Apple things would be different right?