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Опубликовано: 16 июн. 2017 г. 9 218 327 просмотров

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e3 сборка стыда 2017
бог благословил. этот год был отличным.

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Joe Capo:

  • 43ver 2005
    43ver 2005 2 роки тому England is my planet
  • ItzFranciiYT
    ItzFranciiYT 2 роки тому 43ver 2005 lmao!!
  • Ghost Reaper
    Ghost Reaper 2 роки тому 43ver 2005 england is my city😂😂😂😂😂*nick crompton*
  • Serenity Hates You
    Serenity Hates You 2 роки тому (змінено) France is my solar system
  • Ryann Lewis
    Ryann Lewis 2 роки тому Africa is my universe
  • Howards.Frosted.Flakes
    Howards.Frosted.Flakes 2 роки тому America is my state
  • Ben curtis
    Ben curtis 2 роки тому 43ver 2005 America is my intergalactic system of galaxys!
  • Mr Fumflr
    Mr Fumflr 2 роки тому Mars is my country
  • Levi
    Levi 2 роки тому Uranus is my dog
  • Yahya K
    Yahya K 2 роки тому thats a contient ediotz
  • StevemStevenson
    StevemStevenson 2 роки тому You are all wrong. England is a province in Northern Siberia which is located on an island at the DMZ. The DMZ, of course, between Russia and Ukraine. And all of that is located on a planet called KFC.
  • Andrew Alexander
    Andrew Alexander 2 роки тому And my moon is not from Compton
  • Jonathan Persson
    Jonathan Persson 2 роки тому Stevemsteven inside s simulation of a simulation...
  • psychosis
    psychosis 2 роки тому english is my country
  • pastel tears
    pastel tears 2 роки тому Jupiter is my continent
  • Daan M
    Daan M 2 роки тому earth is my city
  • Average Toad
    Average Toad 2 роки тому 43ver 2005 australia is my universe
  • Marc Pabel
    Marc Pabel 2 роки тому Trump beleves North Korea is the capitel of London XD
  • Mister Yu
    Mister Yu 2 роки тому Cambodia is my Continent
  • Alexander Julio
    Alexander Julio 2 роки тому indonesia is my neighbor
  • Zoidy
    Zoidy 2 роки тому europe is my universe
  • Odim
    Odim 2 роки тому England is my god church
  • My BaG WhY
    My BaG WhY 2 роки тому Europe is my house
  • Lit Gaming
    Lit Gaming 2 роки тому 43ver 2005 china is my universe
  • Poop Man
    Poop Man 2 роки тому 43ver 2005 Korea is my security
  • Rayhan Shafi
    Rayhan Shafi 2 роки тому 43ver 2005 England is my galaxy
  • Rooster Cockburn
    Rooster Cockburn 2 роки тому 43ver 2005 I'm sorry
  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez 2 роки тому 🔥😂
  • Nanozine
    Nanozine 3 місяці тому Earth is my Solar System
  • Wasem Zahr
    Wasem Zahr 2 місяці тому Australia is my multi verse
  • Hagi
    Hagi 2 місяці тому England is my sister
  • Dragon King
    Dragon King 2 місяці тому 43ver 2005 England is the nearest to the sun and America is the middle of the solar sysmt
  • Dragon King
    Dragon King 2 місяці тому 43ver 2005 England is the nearest to the sun and America is the middle of the solar system
  • Z2ZProductions
    Z2ZProductions 1 місяць тому Lol like nick the mean pick from team 14 in 2019
  • Adz
    Adz 1 місяць тому London is my interstellar neighbourhood
  • Mr PuffinMuffin
    Mr PuffinMuffin 1 тиждень тому 43ver 2005 England is my galaxy
  • Extreme Titan2
    Extreme Titan2 1 тиждень тому South Africa is my universe
  • Leandro Diaz
    Leandro Diaz 1 рік тому here hyping try not to cringe: E3 2018 cringe edition
  • Henrique Gaspar
    Henrique Gaspar 1 рік тому Leandro Diaz im waiting too xD
  • Daniel Oranika
    Daniel Oranika 1 рік тому (змінено) The EA press conference supplied a lot of material
  • Leandro Diaz
    Leandro Diaz 1 рік тому Daniel Oranika really? didn 't see it. that 's some good news
  • Daniel Oranika
    Daniel Oranika 1 рік тому Leandro Diaz skip it. They literally showed no new gameplay except a shitty mobile game.
  • Leandro Diaz
    Leandro Diaz 1 рік тому Daniel Oranika well, it 's EA after all
  • WhisperFNV
    WhisperFNV 1 рік тому Jokes aside, I can’t wait to see Sony’s showcase. They confirmed to show The Last of Us Part II gameplay
  • Leandro Diaz
    Leandro Diaz 1 рік тому Whisper FNV hell yeah
  • WhisperFNV
    WhisperFNV 1 рік тому Leandro Diaz What’s your PSN boi?
  • Leandro Diaz
    Leandro Diaz 1 рік тому Whisper FNV thelostheaven
  • WhisperFNV
    WhisperFNV 1 рік тому Leandro Diaz I’ll add you. Do you play factions?
  • Leandro Diaz
    Leandro Diaz 1 рік тому Whisper FNV i used to, before college and exams and that stuff lol
  • WhisperFNV
    WhisperFNV 1 рік тому Leandro Diaz yeah, I get that lol. Do you have discord?
  • Imalijah
    Imalijah 1 рік тому Bethesdas was cringe, but cool. Can't wait for sony's and nintendos
  • RAD Lab
    RAD Lab 1 рік тому Me too lol
  • sophie
    sophie 1 рік тому Leandro Diaz the fucking host for ea was so stereotypical
  • Dillan McChicken
    Dillan McChicken 1 рік тому Same bro
  • NateHiBBers
    NateHiBBers 1 рік тому Bethesda's event was so painful i couldn't watch it
  • kartik TYAGI
    kartik TYAGI 1 рік тому Leandro Diaz it's out now..
    ILUZIONIST 1 рік тому tried, died
  • The Why Channel
    The Why Channel 3 місяці тому 2019 edition
  • Alejandro Pomés
    Alejandro Pomés 3 місяці тому Who is watching this after E3 2019?
  • Phantom Hunter
    Phantom Hunter 3 місяці тому Man, I miss the cringe
  • Dexter
    Dexter 3 місяці тому Who else is tired of comments like this?
  • Hero Bryant
    Hero Bryant 3 місяці тому Yeet
  • nasri mohmmed
    nasri mohmmed 2 місяці тому Xbone game ass
  • Potato Kracker
    Potato Kracker 1 місяць тому WhO ElSe WaNtS To DiE
  • NaitBait Gaming
    NaitBait Gaming 1 місяць тому Me
  • NaitBait Gaming
    NaitBait Gaming 1 місяць тому @Dexter Me.
  • Bryce Linnarz
    Bryce Linnarz 1 місяць тому Not me
    NIGHTMARE TOAD PRODUCTIONS 1 місяць тому Banjo in smash
  • Nik Naython
    Nik Naython 1 рік тому This is why Nintendo does scripted events now
  • lyisim
    lyisim 5 місяців тому (змінено) “Is that his boy Marcus?” ~Pewdiepie 2017
  • loloplopl
    loloplopl 2 роки тому i think Edgar went through puberty ,his voice has changed
  • LittleMsCatGirl
    LittleMsCatGirl 2 роки тому Yes indeed.
    I_ REUBEN 2 роки тому Techweet it's actually more better
  • Alexander DeWitt
    Alexander DeWitt 2 роки тому He turned into Kylo Ren
  • ZerBobonic
    ZerBobonic 2 роки тому The Emancipated Guardian a British kylo ren
  • HidingZebraTube
    HidingZebraTube 2 роки тому Yes, hit puberty and got W0ke af
  • jk
    jk 2 роки тому 1800th like xD
  • Suzuka Minazuki
    Suzuka Minazuki 2 роки тому Sivemorten
  • Fatlas
    Fatlas 2 роки тому Edgar also is woke. Respect to Edgar for speaking out about the problems of Europe!
  • Арина Тиунова
    Арина Тиунова 2 роки тому GamePowerXL цчччцччччч
  • R3K7
    R3K7 2 роки тому no he is just getting old :(
  • M Omar
    M Omar 2 роки тому pewediepie are you getting drugs
  • muan Tlau
    muan Tlau 1 рік тому Techweet definitely sive's voice
  • backup
    backup 9 місяців тому Edgar got redpilled.
  • genesis lozada
    genesis lozada 5 місяців тому What if edgar is actually talking? Hmmmm...? Think about that.
  • YOUTUBE Controler
    YOUTUBE Controler 1 рік тому #E3CRINGE2018
  • marcelo barrios
    marcelo barrios 1 рік тому YOUTUBE Controler RAGE 2
  • Filthy Casual
    Filthy Casual 1 рік тому Nope actually so far, other than the trials thing but that was fixed fast
  • Lucas The Manga Boi
    Lucas The Manga Boi 3 місяці тому 2019
  • Connor Nolan
    Connor Nolan 8 місяців тому "Compassion is an important element of cringe" I hadn't thought of it that way before, but it's so true.
  • Ayush Kachhawa
    Ayush Kachhawa 1 рік тому At 10:58 you can hear some one fart
  • Rev
    Rev 11 місяців тому 😂 true
  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus 11 місяців тому EWWWWWW 🤢🤢🤢
  • DXS 5
    DXS 5 8 місяців тому @Tubby in the Tub Wtf
  • Kelsey Drummond
    Kelsey Drummond 7 місяців тому Bahahaha it's true.
  • Justine
    Justine 5 місяців тому Edgar is famously known for doing that behind the scenes 😂💕
  • Wellington Rodrigues
    Wellington Rodrigues 4 місяці тому (змінено) Hope to see E3 2019 Cringy moments in Cringe Tuesdays
  • L
    L 3 місяці тому Gues they learned
    SUBJECT TO CHANGE 2 роки тому Why are YouTubers being used as presenters at live events instead of comedians or other people who are used to hosting? YouTubers have no interaction with live audiences. Why anyone would assume that they would make good hosts is beyond me.
  • Pope Abibe
    Pope Abibe 2 роки тому E3 target audience is mostly teenagers. Teenagers watch youtubers more than they would watch comedians. Having Yotuubers= more views= more money
  • Andrew Crawford
    Andrew Crawford 2 роки тому subj3ctt0chang3 most major youtubers have plenty of experiences with live audiences through streaming????
  • RoyalGaming
    RoyalGaming 2 роки тому they did try to use a comedian before he was really cringey because comedians are bad when they're not just reciting their usual lines. The girl from archer was with ubisoft for 2 years and she was like the best
  • Kingsley
    Kingsley 2 роки тому oh you sweet child, video companies have brought in comedians and famous hosts to their conferences before. but they failed to understand the video games medium so fundamentally that they either came off as condescending or awkward. plus, their egos made them difficult to manage, so they just stuck to their own brands of humour on stage.
  • Byolomon Star
    Byolomon Star 2 роки тому Kingsley Thank you for that sweet explanation. . . hmm, what is slang?
  • Fisho D
    Fisho D 2 роки тому Exactly, most of them are good for ideas and certain personality/voice, however they are used to the camera and heavy editing, absolutely not good with live audiences and improv.
  • andres geronimo Campos
    andres geronimo Campos 2 роки тому subj3ctt0chang3 because last time they called a comedian, he came in drunk. Guess they keep trying
  • DA
    DA 2 роки тому +Andrew Crawford you seriously mistake what live audience means lmfao
  • InfernalLawyer
    InfernalLawyer 2 роки тому Because corporate CEOs found out that Youtubers were popular and wanted to use them, even though they had no idea how the fuck to do so effectively.
  • uhmz1212
    uhmz1212 2 роки тому subj3ctt0chang3 there wasnt something going wrong with the telepromter and timing.
  • Myne
    Myne 2 роки тому +Andrew Crawford they may be "live streaming", but that's certainly not the same as being on stage, in front of a live audience. +subj3tt0chang3 they should at least get the youtubers that have hosting experience. GameGrumps comes to mind...
  • Aidan
    Aidan 2 роки тому subj3ctt0chang3 promotion
  • MH
    MH 2 роки тому a lot of them do live events. they have no place at e3 though :P
  • Zapowl
    Zapowl 2 роки тому subj3ctt0chang3 going by your logic, no job should have ever hires you because there are people out there with experience. Lmfaooo use your head, buddy.
  • uhmz1212
    uhmz1212 2 роки тому Tristen Castañeda Like 🖒
  • noge
    noge 2 роки тому (змінено) +Jane Tris Except Jesse didn't rehearse his lines at all, or know a damn thing about what he was talking about. Being lazy screwed him up. One of those guys from Rooster Teeth did a vlog attending E3 and when he about Jesse was to talk at E3 he was like, ''Jesse doesn't game though?''
  • Jellal Gaming
    Jellal Gaming 2 роки тому because if you didnt pay attention to the polygon article, youtube has a lot of influence and people who play games are more likely to know pewdiepie then some random comedian who doesnt like games
  • uhmz1212
    uhmz1212 2 роки тому Jellal Fernandes I havent read it yet it makes sense. I think jesse did a good job people watched his faill more then anything else even pewpew made this video and mentioned it. need 4 speed got enough publicity 🤗
  • sev
    sev 2 роки тому I prefer to have these cringe videos, thank you very much.
  • Arturo Cesena
    Arturo Cesena 2 роки тому Comidians are more expensive than you tubers
  • Savinho Slijngard
    Savinho Slijngard 2 роки тому kingfoorthwal uhm, example, markiplier did improv show, live
  • Martin Linder
    Martin Linder 2 роки тому L
  • unknown hunter
    unknown hunter 2 роки тому He takes improv class so its easier for him
  • I Am Crispy
    I Am Crispy 2 роки тому subj3ctt0chang3 YOU MAKE A VERY VALID POINT MY GOOD SIR OR MAAM. typing in caps so you Notice Me Senpai.
  • BeyondSideshow
    BeyondSideshow 5 місяців тому because these compilations are pure gold
  • Draconıc 0
    Draconıc 0 4 місяці тому CRINGE RINGE INGE NGE GE E E3
  • Fezii
    Fezii 1 рік тому 11:06 Muselk Muselk Muselk... MOOSELK
  • picolete
    picolete 1 рік тому The face he makes
  • Cassandra Chan-Day
    Cassandra Chan-Day 1 рік тому He looks almost offended XD
  • PouletFredo
    PouletFredo 3 місяці тому Lmao Muselk face
  • caoimhin gutierrez
    caoimhin gutierrez 1 місяць тому Lannan Lannan Lannan
  • ͔
    ͔ 1 місяць тому He deserved it for playing fortnite
  • Dr. Weird
    Dr. Weird 1 рік тому (((coincidence)))
  • Perennial Cookie
  • backup
    backup 9 місяців тому @Perennial Cookie OY FUCKING VEY BAD GOY
  • Anti Everything
    Anti Everything 8 місяців тому DONT YA FOGET THE 666 GORRILLION LAMPSHADES NOW, GOYS!
  • lotfi b
    lotfi b 7 місяців тому Shut the hell up goym it was real in my mind
  • Truth Grace
    Truth Grace 2 тижні тому PewDiePie: games are for nerds Also PewDiePie: reaches a hundred million subs by playing Minecraft
  • Adam Davidson
    Adam Davidson 2 роки тому "THIS DOESN'T FIT MY NARRATAAAAAAAV" hahahahaha
  • Angel Oz
    Angel Oz 2 роки тому Adam Davidson lol i love that part
  • iman yolu
    iman yolu 2 роки тому türk yokmu
  • MrReddragon543
    MrReddragon543 2 роки тому every sjw and feminist ever lol
  • Crystal Dee
    Crystal Dee 2 роки тому I guess he's erasing himself from the narrative...
  • FalseShepherd
    FalseShepherd 2 роки тому Adam Davidson dayum pewds is one of the few people on youtube that is not scared to hit everyone with facts.
  • Angus leeson
    Angus leeson 2 роки тому Crystal Dee future historians will wonder how he reacted
  • Cora
    Cora 1 рік тому MrReddragon543 also every alt-right Fox news lover ever lmao
  • Seth Mixon
    Seth Mixon 6 місяців тому (змінено) @MrReddragon543 Every racist, and braindead misogynist ever.
  • A A
    A A 3 місяці тому Set*
  • MasterTJ
    MasterTJ 1 рік тому I think it's pretty fucking hilarious when old people try to be hip and cool to relate to there young audience I die inside every time I see it. 🙃☺️
  • Gaming Hypebeast
    Gaming Hypebeast 3 місяці тому Anyone here from e3 2019
  • Combatiant
    Combatiant 1 місяць тому Yess
  • Haru Kaze
    Haru Kaze 1 рік тому waiting for the 2018 version
  • FlyingSchweenies
    FlyingSchweenies 1 рік тому Haru Kaze it’s here!
    DEBO AND NIKHIL ENTERTAINMENT 1 рік тому FlyingSchweenies oo yeeahh it's out
  • Caden Stringer
    Caden Stringer 1 рік тому Haru Kaze we had better cringe last year
  • Bottomless Coffee
    Bottomless Coffee 1 день тому Came here for the cringe. Stayed for the Redpill.